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    Class Guide by DannyAIC

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    Warning:  You may use this file for your own personal use, but to 
    claim that you wrote it...well just kind of sad that that's your life, 
    and you want recognition so badly that you have to steal FAQs from 
    other people and claim it as your own.  Anyhoo.... 
    This FAQ is designed solely for people who want a usefulness 
    breakdown of each character. It has a few spoilers on weapons and such
    so beware! The choice of race for each character is 
    purely my own opinion, not based on maxing stats or how quick they'll get 
    their personal skills.  Also the importance of stats is again my opinion. 
    I have also put a * next to the race, I think is best for each class.  Ok, 
    Here goes:
    UPDATE:  In this version I have included general adventuring tips that 
    I wanted to share with everyone.  I had to learn these myself (sometimes
    the hard way).  
    UPDATE 2: Added a little to the Development tips on Lord and Samurai and 
    changed the current party that I'm using.   
    UPDATE 3:  Added a little more to the ninja development tips and changed 
    opinion a bit on ninjas.
    Update 4:  Added a whole new section! Plus minor updates throughout the
    class section.  
    Section I: Classes
    Section II: Development Tips
    Section III: Party Creation
    Section IV: Vanilla and Chocolate
    Section V:  General Adventuring Tips
    Rating:  B+
    Special Abilities:  Berserk, Stamina Regeneration, May knock out 
    Spellbooks:  None
    Skill Bonus:  Close Combat
    Experience Requirement:  Light
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options for Race:
    * Dracon:  
    Extra points at creation: 60
    Obvious. Great starting attributes, and lots of extra points to distribute. 
    Low Senses and intelligence however, so you might not want to dual 
    wield with them before investing many points into senses. Also, they 
    have a slight penalty to divine and mental spells. This can be 
    troublesome when enemies are trying to make your fighter turncoat or 
    Extra points at creation: 40
    These are a good option too, they just start off with less speed than a 
    dracon or hobbit. However there's a great sword you can find in the 
    game, that only mooks can use, so think about that. Also they have 
    much better magic resists than a hobbit, and their senses and int are 
    higher, making them even better candidates than hobbits for dual 
    wielders. They'll get powerstrike two levels later than dracon though.
    Extra points at creation: 40
    Less points to distribute at startup, but if you want to dual wield with 
    your fighter, this is another good option. He starts with higher speed 
    than a mook, but a little less senses and int. He has more than a dracon 
    however. He also has the worst resists of all three.
    Some might think I'm crazy by not naming the lizardman, but his -10 
    to Mental AND Divine just makes me sick. He also has atrocious 
    starting Int and senses, making close combat rise even slower than a 
    dracon. Dwarf is an ok option, but less starting speed than the Dracon 
    and senses and intelligence are just as bad. Also less points to 
    Non biased Explanation:
    The fighter gets the most hit points, and can hit the hardest, just as one 
    would expect.  His berserk ability allows him to dish out huge amounts 
    of damage, even if it does mean less accuracy.  Cons:  The main 
    problem with this dude is his lack of spells.  You can't really do 
    anything with him except attack. By mid to late game, he starts getting 
    a little outclassed by his peers who can cast spells and what not. Also,
    and this is not a horrible con, but fighters generally dominate
    the killing in battles, esepcially by the end game, preventing hybrids 
    from training their much needed combat skills as well as they can.   
    Biased Explanation:
    He's great to have up front taking huge amounts of damage, as well as 
    dishing it out. He is equipment based, but that's ok, there's plenty of 
    stuff to go around. The lack of spells can sometimes be frustrating 
    though. Either way though, in my opinion he's the best guy to have up 
    front. (A valk is a close second though)
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Vit (Or dex if dual wielding)
    Dex (Or Sen if dual wielding)
    Spd (Or Vit if dual wielding)
    Sen (Or spd if dual wielding)
    Options of Skills to work on:
    Sword - Swords are generally the most powerful weapons in the game. 
    Keep in mind the best sword in the game (that's not randomized) 
    can only be used by a mook. 
    Axe - For a change of pace....can't dual wield or use shields with these 
    though. The good axes are two handed. 
    Mace and flail - The best secondary weapon in the game is a mace. If 
    you want to dual wield put points here.
    Dagger - Again for dual wielders. There are some decent daggers with 
    Kill % on them. However, mace and flail will allow you to use the best 
    secondary weapon in the game.  
    Close combat - More important if you're dual wielding different 
    weapons. Otherwise it's ok to go up by itself.
    Bow - A good ranged weapon for him because he has so much extra 
    strength, and will do good damage with bows.  
    Shield - for a tank.  Gives good armor bonuses.  Doesn't work well 
    with axes though.
    Dual Weapons - Um.....if you're dual wielding?
    Rating B- (B+ if you use the build in the tips section)
    Special Abilities:  Health Regeneration. 
    Spellbooks:  Divine
    Skill Bonus: Dual Weapons
    Experience Requirement:  Medium
    Difficulty to maintain: Medium/hard
    Choices of Race:
    * Human:  
    Extra points at creation: 20
    Hands down, look no further.  In order to utilize all his skills, a good 
    lord needs to have competent figures in every category. Humans have 
    the best stat distribution of all. 
    A dwarf has low senses and intelligence, meaning poor dual wielding
    and very slow raising of the realms and close combat. A Rawulf has low 
    int, causing realm skills and close combat to rise slowly.   
    Unbiased Explanation:
    Can wear most armor and use most weapons.  He can also equip 
    cursed items that deal damage to their wearer, and not take a single 
    point of damage from them which can be useful.  Dual wield bonus 
    allows him to use dual weapons more efficiently than most other 
    characters, especially in the beginning. Cons: It takes a looong time to 
    get him to be a great character. He doesn't have as many hit points as a 
    fighter. Plus the divinity spellbook, doesn't have too many options for 
    ranged attacks, so you either have to use make wounds, or try somehow to 
    give him a ranged weapon. That's difficult because he already has a lot of 
    skills to learn.  
    Biased Explanation:
    Hes most useful in a party that doesnt have a divinity caster, and 
    pretty useless in a ranged party.  To make up for his lack of strength 
    try dual wielding maces.  It gives him one less skill to worry about 
    raising (Sword and dagger, sword and mace etc.) and those usually 
    have KO percentages. See the tips section for more details. 
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of Skills to work on:
    Sword - Again, most powerful weapons in the game
    Dagger - You want to Dual wield with a Lord. There are some 
    interesting daggers.
    Mace and Flail - Again the best secondary weapon is a mace. 
    However, there are many good maces and flails with status ailments, 
    so it might be good for a lord to dual wield them, and avoid raising
    two different weapon skills. 
    Close combat - If you're dual wielding maces and flails, let it rise by 
    itself unless you have extra points.  Otherwise you might want to put 
    points here, at least until you unlock divinity.
    Dual Weapons - Put points here....otherwise you might as well take a 
    fighter. There is one build however that ignores this skill.  See
    the tips section.  
    Bow - If you want to shoot bows with him.  However, you should probably 
    just focus on divinity due to the amount of skills that need to be 
    Divinity - To get the priest spells on time. Lords should really focus on 
    combat, but there are builds that allow the lord to shine with both 
    priest spells and weapons. Plus you should be able to put a couple of 
    points here each level.  See below in the tips section.
    Realms - The lord has plenty of other stuff on his plate.  Let them rise 
    by themselves.
    Rating:  A+
    Special Abilities:  Cheat death.....come again???? Yes, I did say cheat 
    Spellbooks:  Divinity
    Skill Bonus:  Polearms
    Experience Requirement:  Medium
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options for race:
    Extra points at creation: 25
    They start with great strength and vitality. This allows them, to get 
    powerstrike faster than humans. Their senses and int will be low, so 
    you might put some initial points in Int. Senses are not as important, 
    because the only skill that will affect is their close and ranged combat 
    skills. Int affects those, but more importantly, realm skills as well. 
    Since Valks will not be using shields, a dwarf's damage resistance will 
    also come in handy.  
    * Dracon: 
    Extra Points at Creation: 25
    Same as Dwarf, with a slight difference. The dracon starts off with 
    more int, but less senses than a dwarf. But since we determined Int is 
    more important, this is actually a benefit. She'll be able to start on other 
    attributes earlier than a dwarf will. The dracon has decent Magic 
    resistances, even though they have a slight penalty to Mental and 
    divine spells. Still, it's better than dwarves.  What's good is that since 
    divinity doesn't have many offensive options, the dracon breath of the 
    dracon can REALLY come in handy. And you don't have to put a 
    point into it, allowing more points to be distributed to divinity, and 
    Extra points at creation: 25
    A good alternative. They are much more rounded in all their abilites, 
    making a balanced valk. However, they start off with less 
    strength and vitality, so they'll get powerstrike 2 levels later than a 
    dwarf or dracon will. Also no magic resists. But if you want them to 
    not have to waste points in int at startup, then they are a good 
    alternative to Dwarves or dracons. 
    Unbiased Explanation:
    The Valkyrie is a great fighter, coming close to the fighter himself.  
    She can take lots of damage, and you RARELY need to worry about 
    her dying. Her cheat death is AWESOME. Because she has so few 
    skills she needs to focus on, you can work on both her divinity, and a 
    ranged weapon skill if you so choose, and she'll be proficient at all of  
    them.  There are some nice polearms out there too, she'll do good 
    damage with them. Cons:  Pretty much limited to polearms seeing as 
    that's what she's best at. (There are nice polearms though). Also 
    Polearms are heavy, so you'll more than likely find her going last in a 
    fight. Also, as you get near the end of the game, the valk ends up
    falling behind the other hybrids who begin to really shine. 
    And you have to pick a female. 
    Biased explanation:
    The only reason I wouldn't make a valkyrie, is cause you find a VERY 
    good one early in the game. I could kiss her, if I wasn't worried she'd 
    stick me with a spear.  Cheat death is AMAZING. I can't count the 
    amount of times that ability has helped me through a tough battle. The 
    valkyrie has so few weaknesses that are relevant, that it makes me 
    wonder if the game designers didn't spend much time working on 
    them.  She was great in Wiz 7, and she's great in Wiz 8.  My favorite 
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Polearms - Weapon of choice.  Otherwise take a fighter or Lord.
    Close Combat - Not too important for her, but you'll probably have 
    extra points (At least before she unlocks her divine spells) so shove em 
    in there
    Divinity - Gets her those priest spells.  
    Realm skills - She has so few skills she need to focus on you can 
    throw some extra Points in here.  Water and divine most importantly.
    Bow - With her extra strength she'll do some decent damage with 
    these. I myself prefer to just use her priest spells though.....
    Rating:  C+ (B- for Modern Weapons users)
    Special Abilities:  Chance of Critical Kill at range, Able to 
    mix potions and powders together
    Spellbooks:  Alchemy
    Skill bonus:  Ranged Combat
    Experience Requirement:  Medium
    Difficulty to Maintain: Easy/Medium
    Options for race:
    * Human:  
    Extra points at creation: 25
    The human will have good stats in all categories, particularly piety. 
    Piety is important for hybrids, for 2 reasons; stamina and spell points. 
    The five extra speed that the hobbit has, and 5 extra starting points to 
    distribute in my mind does not make up for this. They will be terrible 
    casters as compared to a human. 
    Extra points at creation: 30
    Since the Ranger will most likely not be casting too often, you might 
    want to take a hobbit just for their extra speed and extra points to 
    distribute.  They also have a little better magic resistance than humans 
    (Not much though).
    Extra points at Creation: 40
    Some will claim the mook to be the best Ranger, and he does gets Eagle 
    eye the fastest. However, his piety and speed start off at an atrocious 
    level meaning poor initiative and spell points.  You'll have to put a 
    bunch of points in there or just say spells don't do anything for my
    ranger. It's only one level earlier.....please....
    Unbiased Explanation:
    He's the only one in the game who can scout...which really isn't that 
    important if you have a character with high senses. On the plus side, 
    he's great in a ranged party, especially with his critical kill ability.  
    Cons:  Limited armor selection, and little desire to use melee weapons 
    with him make him useless in a melee party.  Also, because bows are ranged, 
    you're very rarely going to use his alchemy skill, a shame because that's one 
    of the best spellbooks.  
    Biased explanation:
    You're gonna want to focus on Dex, spd, and Sen With him in the 
    beginning so str is out, making him do very weak damage with bows.  
    Scouting is not that important and he doesn't really do too many 
    criticals until much later in the game. Also, if you use modern weapons, 
    ammo is scarce. I'd skip this one unless I was creating a ranged party. 
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Str (Or spd if using modern weapons)
    Spd (Or int if using modern weapons)
    Options of skills to work on:
    Bow - If you want to use bows with him.  He'll start off with a bow so 
    that's usually A pretty good option.
    Modern Weapons - This is probably the better option for a ranger.  It 
    allows him to forgo any need for strength.  You don't get a modern 
    weapon for a while though....
    Ranged Combat - 3 POINTS A LEVEL!!!  This controls the amount of 
    criticals he gets.
    Scouting - CAN be useful, but you can also keep the search button on.  
    Put some initial points here if you want. It goes up pretty fast by itself.
    Alchemy - for casters.  Gets you them alchemy spells.  However, 
    you'll prob use the spells less than your bows....
    Realm skills - for most hybrids I say let em rise by themselves, but 
    since you'll be using Spells less with him, I say try to put a point into 
    Earth and water each level. 
    Polearms - Honestly.....these are not the melee guys, I wouldn't even 
    worry about putting points into this. If you do however, polearms are a 
    good choice, cause it allows them to stick to the backrows.  
    Rating:  B
    Special Abilities:  Critical Kill, Lightning Strike, immune to fear
    Spellbooks:  Wizardry
    Skill bonus:  Sword
    Experience Requirement:  Medium
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Options for race:  
    * Human: 
    Extra points at creation: 20
    Again, as with the ranger, the decent starting piety allows the Samurai
    a good amount of spell points for casting spells. Other than that, there's 
    not much else to say, he's the best for a true hybrid Samurai.  
    Extra points at creation: 25
    The hobbit starts of with more senses than the human.  He'll also have 
    more points to distribute at startup making him a great candidate for 
    Samurai. However, you will have to deal with the fact, that he'll be a 
    much poorer spellcaster than the human will be throughout the game. 
    You don't really want to put initial points into piety. 
    Unbiased Explanation:
    The Samurai is a good fighter, and he gets critical kills at melee.  He 
    CAN use bows, but where he really shines is his Melee plus wizardry 
    combo he has going on.  His lightning strike ability is cool 
    ESPECIALLY with a certain sword in his hand.  Cons?  You want to 
    focus a lot on Dex and spd early on so he won't be doing too much 
    damage.  This is offset by a certain weapon you can get early in the 
    game.  Still, he's not as good of a fighter as the fighter, and he can't 
    use as much armor as the fighter Valk or Lord.  Even so you want him 
    up front.  Take a human for a true hybrid, or a hobbit if you want a 
    combat specialist.  
    Biased Explanation:
    I would go for the true hybrid with the Samurai.  Making him a pure 
    fighter is like having a Diet-Fighter in the party.  It would be a spot 
    better suited for someone else.  He can deal death to many opponents, 
    and can freeze flesh, fireball, etc. Takes a little while, but he's
    a Very useful member to have around.
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Sword - Pretty obvious. You can also use staff and wand with him, but 
    with that build, you could take a monk. 
    Close combat - Let it rise by itself.  Maybe a couple of points before 
    you unlock Wizardry.
    Critical Strike - Please put points here.  Otherwise suck it up and take 
    a fighter
    Dual Weapons - If you want to use the secondary swords like an 
    enchanted wakizashi. The more swings the better. 
    Wizardry - Get them Wizardry spells!
    Realm skills - If you have a point or two left over, pump em into fire 
    and water.
    Bows - Honestly, use the wizardry....good support spells, and multi 
    damage attacks. Also Samurai won't really have good strength for a 
    while, thereby minimizing damage with bows.  
    Rating:  B- (A- if Faerie)
    Special Abilities:  Auto Penetrate Thrown weapons, Thrown and 
    melee Criticals, Able to mix potions and powders together
    Spellbooks:  Alchemy
    Skill bonus:  Critical Strike
    Experience Requirement:  Heavy
    Difficulty to maintain: Hard
    Options for race:  
    *  Faerie: 
    Extra points at creation: 5
    Faerie ninjas have terrible starting points, but they're the only 
    ones who can use the best weapon in the game. If you want to use it, 
    this is who you take. Keep in mind too that faeries are made very 
    difficult to kill. In combination with the nasty staff you'll be using, 
    you'll have an unstoppable force. Also, they have MUCH better magic 
    resistances than a hobbit.  However this build doesn't make use 
    of their auto penetrate ability...
    Extra points at creation: 30
    Normally piety kills the hobbits and hybrids, but not so much in the 
    ninja's case. This is because quite frankly, he'll rarely be using spells. 
    He already has auto penetrate, and good weapons to boot.  He's a 
    combat specialist.  
    Unbiased Explanation:
    Where do I begin?  A bonus to criticals is great, and while it takes a 
    while, the ninja will be a great death dealer.  His auto-penetrate with 
    thrown weapons is amazing, especially when that's combined with 
    thrown criticals.  Also, he has access to a lot of cheap weapons, with 
    kill% and KO percentage on them, so you'll want him to be dual 
    wielding at all times.  He can use slings: they won't auto penetrate, but 
    he can get criticals with them.  Cons:  He'll never do a lot of damage 
    until you pump his str. or use a special weapon. He's a very luck 
    based character, and he has so many skills to max to make him good, 
    that it takes an eternity to get him to that point.  His alchemy is wasted 
    considering you really need to focus on the other skills for a long time. 
    This can be offset by taking light and heal wounds early on and just 
    practicing them.  Also severely limited weapons and armor choices.  
    Faeries are only good with them for one specific reason...otherwise 
    take a hobbit.  
    Biased Explanation:  I write this with tears in my eyes (not really).  
    The main problem for the ninja besides all the skills that need to be 
    pumped, besides the heavy experience requirements...and besides 
    the fact that they are luck based...is the SEVERE lack of thrown 
    weapons.  Like seriously...what the hell??  This can be offset 
    by a certain thrown weapon later on, but you must go through an 
    INCREDIBLY difficult fight to get it. (Although to be fair, when I did 
    finally win that fight my ninja was the only one left standing. Then
    she said, "This is what happens when people like you are put in 
    charge!"). But still, this fight is nearly impossible to win until 
    you're at least level 16, or 17, and the fact remains is that these 
    weapons do little damage.  And if you're gonna go the martial arts 
    route, you may as well take a monk...at least he can consistently use 
    his psionics, and has less experience requirements.  But the lack of 
    thrown weapons, minimizes the ninja's special abilities. This is really
    why it's usually better to take a faerie, and exploit the best weapon
    in the game. Ninja's also take a loooong time to really develop. 
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Sen (Or spd if faerie)
    Spd (Or Sen if Faerie)
    Options of skills to work on:
    Staff and Wand - Faeries only.  Gets you the best weapon in the game
    Dagger -  Sai have kill % on them.  These are a good option for your 
    Mace and Flails - Nunchuka are cool, with 15% KO, and the ninja can 
    use the best Flails in the game. However they can't use diamond eyes,
    which is absolutely incredible, and if you want maces and flails, you 
    should really go with a priest switched to lord at level 2.  See tips 
    section below. 
    Martial Arts - If you don't want to use weapons.  But if you're gonna
    do that take a monk.  Less experience requirements, and a bonus to
    Martial arts to boot.  
    Close/Ranged combat - Yeah.....don't waste points here.  Let it rise.
    Stealth - Put points here, or train him by allowing weak enemies to attack 
    him. Either way get it up there.
    Throwing and sling - Auto penetrate is great, and thrown criticals are 
    fun. However if you're taking a faerie for the staff and wand, don't put 
    points here.  You'll regret it later on....
    Dual Weapons  - You're really missing out if you're not dual wielding 
    with a ninja. However there are builds that allow you to forgo putting 
    points here....see below in the tips section.
    Critical strike - The ONLY reason one takes a ninja. If you're not 
    putting points here, may god have mercy on your soul.....
    Alchemy - I'd love to tell you you're gonna have plenty of points to put 
    here, but most likely you won't. Hard work is what allows this to rise.  
    It's easier with a faerie ninja however, since you likely won't be putting 
    points into throwing, or using throwing too much. 
    Realm skills - DO NOT put points here until you've absolutely 
    finished everything else.
    Locks and Traps - I will murder you if you waste points here. Let a 
    gadgeteer or bard do it.  Or keep inspecting a trapped chest. (Set the 
    game on easy if you do that)
    Pickpocket - See above
    Rating:  B+
    Special Abilities:  Damage Resistance, Immune to Blind, May KO 
    opponents later on, Critical Strike
    Spellbooks:  Psionics
    Skills Bonus:  Martial Arts
    Experience Requirement:  Medium
    Difficulty to Maintain: Easy/Medium
    Options for Race:
    * Felpurr: 
    Extra points at creation: 25
    Felpurr have great starting speed. This is great for martial arts monks
    cause the damage from that rises as martial arts does. Since the 
    felpurrs have less strength, they are not as affected by it. Piety is not a 
    factor here cause monks already have a piety requirement.  They also 
    have great resists, which really tips the scales over the other races I 
    chose.  Their -15 to water can be countered by an item you get in 
    arnika early in the game.
    Extra points at creation: 25
    Humans have better starting strength and vitality than felpurr do. This 
    means more hit points, and better damage with weapons.  If you want 
    a staff and wand monk, he should be your man. He'll have better 
    damage earlier in the game than the felpurr. No resists brings him 
    down a bit though. 
    Extra points at creation: -15
    While a dwarf has a horrendous -15 points to start off with, they also 
    have damage resistance. This is VERY useful combined with the 
    monks own resistances.  However, they're probably better in a smaller 
    party since they won't be really kickass until the higher levels.
    Unbiased Explanation: 
    The monk's main weapon is martial arts, a very  powerful 
    skill to have.  While each hit won't do much damage, he gets a lot of 
    them eventually, and they increase in power as Martial arts goes up.  
    He's effectively dual wielding without needing to put a single point into
    the dual wield skill. He doesn't need expensive weapons or armor to make 
    him effective, which is also nice.  He is a luck based character to a 
    degree, but less so than the Ninja, and he requires less experience to do 
    so.  He can also use the best staffs in the game which may or may not be 
    useful to you. Cons:  Not as much damage as a Fighter and SEVERELY limited 
    armor choices.  These are offset by the stealth skill, and damage 
    resistance.  Also, he has lower hit points, which are also offset by these 
    skills. Very poor ranged fighter, must rely on psionics, which aren't 
    always useful in those situations.      
    Biased Explanation:   
    I LOVE martial arts fighters, always have, in any RPG.  Critical kills 
    will be good later on, and the monk gets the chance to swing many, 
    many times, thereby increasing the chance of those criticals.  While 
    Ninjas can do that too, monks have less of an experience requirement, 
    and less skills to worry about pumping (Martial, Stealth, Psionics and 
    Critical. That's it.)
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Dex (Or Str if using weapons)
    Str (Or Dex if using weapons)
    Options of skills to work on:
    Martial Arts - Weapon of choice.  They are bad boys with their fists.  
    Staff and wand - To use the second deadliest staff in the game (and use 
    it well)
    Close combat - Not too important for him, and plenty of other skills 
    to work on.  Let it rise.
    Stealth - Put points here, or train him by allowing roaches to attack 
    him. Either way get it up there.
    Critical Strike - Put points here please.
    Throwing and sling - You can setup your monk to use this.  However, 
    he doesn't auto penetrate like a ninja, or have thrown criticals.  You're 
    better off using Psionics.
    Psionics - Points here gets you psionic spells!
    Realm skills - Don't put points here until combat oriented skills are 
    finished. Mental and fire.  
    Rating:  B
    Special Abilities:  Backstabbing with Swords and Daggers
    Spellbooks:  None
    Skill Bonus:  Locks and Traps
    Experience Requirement:  Light
    Difficulty to maintain: Hard
    Options of races: 
    * Felpurr:
    Extra points at creation: 55
    As stated above, they have great resists. Their penalties to piety and 
    Vitality don't make a huge difference here, because with such high 
    speed and dex they will not be getting hit too often, and they don't cast 
    spells. Plenty of points to distribute at creation ensures good scores in 
    it's important attributes.  
    Extra points at creation: 60
    A little better starting vitality than a felpurr, but his lack of resists in 
    my opinion pulls him further down the totem pole. Plus you can 
    always distribute points to bring up a felpurrs vitality. Otherwise, very 
    comparable stats, and 5 extra starting points. 
    Unbiased Explanation:
    The rogue is good at dealing out lots of damage.  He can pick locks 
    well, pickpocket, dual wield, very little experience cost, and be 
    stealthy. This limits the needs for heavy armors. He can also backstab, 
    doing double damage, with NO hit penalty. Cons: There are just too 
    many skills for him to pump. Unlike a fighter, he needs to put points 
    into a skill to get good AC, tough cause you already want to be 
    pumping Swords Daggers, dual weapons, and a ranged weapon.  The 
    ranged weapon can be offset By making him a dracon and using breath 
    attack for ranged however. There's another build I've made, that will 
    allow you a ranged weapons. See below in the tips section. They are 
    also really limited to swords and daggers for melee weapons. His locks 
    and traps bonus is really wasted considering you're not going to want 
    to devote points to it.
    Biased Explanation:
    If you want a dual wielding combat specialist, this is your guy. He'll 
    deal more damage than a lord. However, it might be easier just to set 
    up a fighter to dual wield. The fighter does not need to put points into 
    a skill to have high AC. The Rogue WILL always backstab at no hit 
    penalty so that's nice. And he can use some very good weapons. Just 
    don't expect him to be everything at once. If you want to take him, 
    take a bard or gadgeteer along too, to do Locks and traps.     
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Sword - Put that in your primary weapon.  He'll do more damage with 
    these than with a second dagger.
    Dagger - For your secondary weapon.  
    Close combat - Will help him. however there are so many skills he 
    needs to work on, that it doesn't make sense to put points here. 
    Bow - He can use bows, and he'll be pumping strength so it's a good 
    option for him.
    Throwing and sling - You can dual wield knives and darts, and it will 
    allow your Dual weapons skill to rise as well.  Another good option for 
    him. Can't use shuriken however....
    Dual Weapons - This guy was made for this.  However, I've 
    constructed a build that allows you to forgo putting any points in this.  
    See below in the tips section.
    Stealth - You should put points here.  However rogues can use better 
    armor than monks or Ninjas, so they have more time to build it up.
    Lock and Traps - It' better to have a Gadgie or bard do it, but if you 
    don't have either (What is wrong with you!) this is your man. It will
    take away points from combat skills though...
    Pickpocket - I never used this but some people like it. Again, it will 
    take points away from combat skills. If you really want it, I would 
    suggest taking a bard and having him do it, or wait till you get myles
    or saxx.  
    Shield - If you don't want to dual wield with him. This will take 
    some killing potential away, but the merit to this build is that 
    he also won't have to raise dual weapons as well.  Plus swords 
    are the stronger weapon.  
    Rating:  B-
    Special Abilities:  Plays music.  When resting everyone regenerates 
    Spellbooks:  None
    Skill Bonus:  Communications
    Experience Requirement:  Light
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options of race: 
    * Hobbit: 
    Extra points at creation: 35
    The hobbit has a good amount of points to distribute at starting and a 
    GREAT score in dex.  This will be good for the bard, for it helps in 
    many of his key skills. You may want to put some initial points into 
    vitality though, as the hobbit has very poor piety.
    Unbiased Explanation:  
    The Bard has many instruments that allow him to cast spells at the cost 
    of a little stamina.  He can also take over locks and traps duties, and 
    pickpocketing as well, due to his lack of skills he needs to focus on.  
    His ability to help everyone regenerate quicker while sleeping is very 
    useful.  Cons?  Not very versatile.  He is a poor fighter, and is 
    marginally ok ranged fighter.  He can use bows, but won't do too 
    much damage due to his poor str.  Also, later on his instruments get 
    weaker compared to the gadgets that gadgeteers can make.  This 
    makes them even less useful.  Having an unlimited haste spell is nice 
    Biased Explanation:  
    The bard is boring. He'll be singing every round pretty much.
    Can be good so that you can work on those lesser used skills, like 
    artifacts, pickpocketing etc...However, I think a gadgie is better
    for locks and traps and spell "casting".  Both have heal all, and 
    the gadgie has stronger mass damage spells.
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Bows - If you want to use bows with your boy. 
    Throwing and sling - A generally inferior option for him, but it'll 
    let you throw some bombs around.  
    Music - Um....put points here??
    Locks and Traps - If you got no gadgie, he's your man. Won't start
    with any points here though...
    Pickpocket - Unlike the rogue, he has so few skills to work on that you 
    can put points here. However if you have the patch, don't. It's 
    absolutely useless.
    Communications - If you want.  It WILL go up very fast by itself 
    though. Plus I can't remember when this skill EVER helped me. 
    Staff and wand -  To use the second deadliest staff in the game.  Staff 
    and wand also allows him to stick to the backrows, and participate
    in melee.   
    Rating:  A-
    Special Abilities:  Only one who can use Omnigun, Makes Gadgets
    Spellbooks:  None
    Skill Bonus:  Modern Weapon
    Experience Requirement:  Light
    Difficulty to Maintain: Easy/Medium
    Options for Race:
    * Hobbit:  
    Extra points at creation: 30
    The hobbit has great stat distribution, and to make a good gadgeteer 
    you need good points in every category (except piety).  He starts off 
    with good speed, which takes him a major step above the other races 
    for this class. His low piety means you should put some points into 
    vitality initially though
    Extra points at creation: 25
    Decent piety ensures more stamina than either the mook or hobbit.  He has
    the same speed as a mook however, but other stats are comparable. 
    Mental and earth resistance are good too.  
    Extra points at creation: 30
    Good vitality and strength to start off with and great resists puts him 
    near the top for a gadgie. He has TERRIBLE piety, (low stamina) and 
    low speed however, so you'll find yourself putting points into speed 
    initially, and possible a bit into Vitality. But his resists really bring him 
    a step above the others except the hobbit.
    Unbiased Explanation:  
    On top of being able to create some pretty badass Gadgets, the 
    Gadgeteer can use the locks and traps skill and is pretty good  at it.  
    The major bonus is the omnigun, which can inflict all sorts of different 
    ailments on the enemies.  He'll never do great damage with it, but he 
    holds his own, and all it takes is the shot that KO's the opponents, 
    criticals, insanitizes him etc. I can't count the amount of times the 
    omnigun made a tough battle a cakewalk.  Cons.  From level 1-9 you'll 
    be cursing my name screaming why did I ever let him talk me into this 
    horrible character!! In the beginning, he'll have access to VERY few 
    gadgets, and poor ammunition for the omnigun.  Those are really the things 
    you want to focus on with him, so he'll be weak for a while.   Also he's 
    not the biggest damage dealer, relying more on either gadgets, or the 
    nasty effects of the omnigun.  Gadgets also don't come formed, you have 
    to figure out which pieces go where.  
    Biased Explanation:  
    It's worth the wait. Since he has very few skills that need to be 
    worked on, once he gets off the ground he soars.  The omnigun is 
    amazing, especially when he firing off nine shots a round.  By the end 
    of the game the bard's instruments pale to this guys gadgets.  It really 
    all depends on whether you're willing to wait or not.  But for me, he's 
    a requirement in any party I make. In my first ascension, my gadgeteer 
    led the group in kills. 
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Modern Weapons - Omnigun.  Period
    Engineering - Gadgets. Period.
    Locks and Traps - In my opinion, since he has so few skills to work on
    he's the best candidate for this skill. He also starts with points in it 
    unlike the bard.
    Ranged combat - Max Modern weapons first, then start working on 
    Sword - If you want him to get involved in melee he can use some 
    good swords. More than likely however, he will not.
    Shield - If you don't want to use your omnigun(Sniff!), or if you want 
    a sword and shield plus omnigun gadgeteer.  Please do me a favor and 
    take a fighter or ranger if you're gonna do that. Or at least don't tell 
    Rating:  D+ (C for a Battle Priest)
    Special Abilities:  Pray for miracle, Turn undead  
    Spellbooks:  Divinity
    Skill Bonus:  Divinity
    Experience Requirement:  Light/Medium
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options for race:
    Extra points at creation: 50
    The Rawulf is a natural priest, and gets a lot of points to distibute 
    initially. He also has great resists and decent starting dexterity, 
    speed and senses.  This means That he'll be able to fight well, but not 
    nearly as good as a lord or a Valk. You might want to put initial points 
    into intelligence however, cause he's dumb as a brick.
    Extra points at creation: 50
    Better strength, so if you're making a battle priest this is your guy. 
    HOWEVER; Horrendous scores in intelligence, Dex, spd, and sen 
    means you might want to put a bunch of points in those skills.  At least 
    Dex and int. Speed and senses can wait, unless you really need your 
    priest to have good initiative.
    * Human: Only take a human if you're planning to switch to a lord at 
    level 2. See below in the tips section.
    Unbiased Opinion:
    For a caster the priest can use some decent weapons and armor.  He'll 
    also get the Divine spells faster than any other class,  which can be 
    very useful because divinity has some very important spells. He can also 
    use some great staffs and maces as well.   Cons? Divinity has nearly 0 
    offensive options, it's all about defense.  Also, it's not so important 
    for a priest to get to spell level 7, all the best spells are in levels 
    1-5.  He'll be sitting around waiting to heal someone, while your other 
    characters are picking up his mess.  Turn undead is rarely useful and a 
    bishop has it as well.  I never used pray for a miracle.
    Biased Opinion:
    You can take a lord or a Valk, and get the important spells soon 
    enough.  Soul Shield, Superman, Rest all, Armorplate, Heal all, etc. And 
    ALL of those have gadgets or Instruments you can use to cast them!  
    Seriously, this dude is a waste of space.  I would only create him, to 
    change to a lord at level 2. See the tips section below.  
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Str (Or spd if you're going for a pure caster)
    Dex (Or Int if you're going for a pure caster)
    Options of skills to work on:
    Mace and Flail - The priest can use the best extended Maces and Flails 
    in the game. 
    Staff and wand - Can use the second deadliest staff in the game.
    Divinity - Why are you taking a priest again?  OH, that's right.
    Realms skills - you'll have points left over.  Put points into Water and 
    Shield - Mace and Flail users only.  If you want to tank with a priest.  
    Don't need to put TOO many points in here though...
    Rating:  B-
    Special Abilities:  Creates Potions while resting.  Can mix potions and 
    powders together to make new ones.  
    Spellbooks:  Alchemy
    Skill Bonus:  Alchemy
    Experience Requirement:  Light/Medium
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options for race:  
    * Elf:
    Extra points at creation: 45
    Less starting speed than the faerie, but MUCH better piety, important 
    to get more spell points. Also has a bit better vitality, meaning more 
    hit points which are always important.  Still, pump some extra points 
    into speed and bring up his initiative.
    Extra points at creation: 50
    Great starting speed allows her to go first in battle. She'll have a lot of 
    points to distribute at startup, but you'll need a lot of them to pour into 
    piety at startup for more spell points. Poor hit points too, you might 
    want to put some extra points into vitality as well. Great Magic resists 
    as well.  
    Unbiased Opinion:  Being able to mix potions and powders together is 
    a GREAT skill.  You can do this to make money, and it helps build 
    your alchemy skill.  He'll also get the best alchemy spells quickest, 
    which is great, because Alchemy spells are VERY powerful.  He also 
    starts with some points in throwing, making him an ideal choice to toss 
    some of those bombs around. Cons?  Limited armor selection, weak 
    hp.  Not a very big deal, cause you're not gonna be putting him on the 
    front lines.  Also, and the problem with all casters is that he has less 
    versatility than most other characters.  His throwing ability makes him 
    a step above the others, but not a huge one.  
    Biased Opinion:  I would rather have a bishop that casts alchemy 
    spells.  It leaves open spots that other, more versatile characters can fit 
    in.  On the other hand there's something nice to be said about getting 
    uber spells early on.
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Alchemy - Don't put points here.....see if I care.
    Realm skills - PLENTY of points left over.  Water and Earth
    Throwing and sling - He starts off with some points here, so he can 
    throw some bombs around if you want him too.  
    Rating:  A-
    Special Abilities:  Remove Curse, Turn Undead, Can mix powders and 
    Potions together.  
    Skill Bonus:  Artifacts
    Spellbooks:  All
    Experience Requirement:  Heavy
    Difficulty to maintain: Hard
    Options for race:
    * Faerie: 
    Extra points at creation: 25
    Again, great magic resists brings her far up the totem pole cause 
    bishops will more than likely only be damaged by magic. Great 
    starting speed assures her going pretty quickly in battle as well.  Their 
    low piety is not a factor here as bishops have a starting requirement in 
    it.  Also, they have great magic regeneration. Poor Vitality does not 
    ensure too many hit points however.
    Extra points at creation: 30
    Better vitality than a faerie. But the real factor is that elf bishops will 
    be able to wear much better armor than a faerie will. This can be good 
    in case the party gets surrounded.  Elves also get powercast a level 
    quicker than a faerie does.  Less Magical resists though.
    Unbiased Opinion:  As long as you pick a non-faerie, The bishop can 
    use decent armor and weapons for a caster, not that you'll be attacking 
    with him too much.  If you take faerie, he can't use them, but he will 
    have faster magic regeneration.  His remove curse ability can be very 
    useful, turn undead is all but useless.  Mixing powders and potions 
    together is another great skill for him to have.  His versatility with all 
    four spellbooks, will make him an important character to any team.  
    Cons? He's not going to be overly powerful for a while, and you really 
    shouldn't pick too many spells with him, saving all the choices for 
    level six and seven spells.  Purchasing a lot of books, can get VERY 
    expensive too.
    Biased Opinion:  You NEED one of these in any party.  They are such 
    a staple with their versatility of spells, forgoing the need for any other 
    specialty casters.  I'll go into more depth in the tips section.  
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Alchemy, Divinity, wizardry, Psionics - Pick three or four of these, 
    and stick with em.
    Realm Skills - Let them rise by themselves.  It's more important to put 
    points into the schools. 
    Artifacts - If you put points here, I will beat you over the head with a
    lead pipe.  Artifacts will rise fast by itself, and the spell Identify is 
    available very early on. No need to waste points here, even if you 
    really feel the need to use the scrolls you find. Again, it goes up fast 
    enough by itself.  
    Rating:  C-
    Special Abilities:  100% immune to mental ailments
    Spellbooks:  Psionic
    Skill Bonus:  Psionic
    Experience Requirement:  Light/Medium
    Difficulty to maintain: Easy
    Options for race:
    Extra points at creation: 45
    See Alchemist
    * Rawulf:  
    Extra points at creation: 25
    The Rawulf may not have as many points to distribute, but has MUCH 
    better vitality and piety than a faerie so he'll have more hit points and 
    more spell points. He does have lower speed, but it's not as big of a 
    deal, because they have a starting senses requirement, giving them 
    good initiative anyway. Still, you might want to put points in that 
    attribute at startup. They do have comparable resists to a faerie though. 
    It's a trade off. You want a lot more piety and vitality, and don't mind 
    getting Powercast two levels later, go with a Rawulf. For better speed, 
    and powercast two levels earlier, go with a faerie. 
    Unbiased Opinion:  He'll get psionic spells quicker than everyone else.  
    The 100% immunity to mental spells is useless.  Cons?  The 
    main problem here is that he's EXTREMELY weak in regards to hp, 
    and armors.  Also, as with all casters, he will not be very versatile by 
    the end of the game. all he can do are psionics.
    Biased opinion:  100% immunity to mental spells on a weak caster is useless.  
    Oh no he'll punch me when insane, ow!  I have never seen a caster 
    cast a spell when insane.  You're better off making a bishop and giving 
    him iron will. A monk can be an ok substitute too, but there are some 
    strong level 6 and 7 psionic spells that will be difficult for a hybrid to 
    get to.  
    Attributes to work on, in order of importance:
    Options of skills to work on:
    Psionics - And here I thought he'd be using axes....
    Realm skills - Lots of points should be left over.  Mental and fire.
    Rating: C+ (B- for Faerie Mage)
    Special Abilities:  +5% Resistance on all realms
    Spellbooks:  Wizardry
    Skill bonus:  Wizardry
    Experience Requirement:  Light/Medium
    Difficulty to Maintain: Easy
    Options for race:
    * Faerie: 
    Extra points at creation: 45
    See Alchemist.  Also the +5 Resistances on all realms, combined with 
    the Faeries own resistances make him an insane magic resistant, 
    speedy little guy. 
    Extra points at creation: 45    
    See Alchemist
    Unbiased Opinion:  The 5% resistance is a great feature to have, 
    especially because he has low hp.  Wizardry spells especially at their 
    highest levels can be very powerful, and the mage gets them the 
    quickest.  Cons?  Weak Hp and armor.  Also a lot of enemies become 
    very resistant to a lot of the mage spells later in the game, making him 
    a less important member of the team.  
    Biased Opinion:  Again, as with the other specialists, I would say 
    you're better off making a bishop.  The bishop can be just as powerful 
    as a mage, and is MUCH more Versatile, so he doesn't drop in 
    usefulness near the end of the game.  
    Options of skills to work on:
    Wizardry - Psssha, what does a mage need with Wizardry 
    anyway.....oh wait....
    Realms skills - Please put points into fire and water.  
    These are some tips for some of the trickier classes out there.  
    There are a couple of ways to develop an effective lord character, but 
    my favorite way is to have him dual wield maces.  First of all, 
    by dual wielding the same weapon, you're getting more swings with it, 
    therefore increasing it quicker.  Second, it's one less skill that you 
    need to worry about at level ups; instead of pumping Sword and 
    dagger, or sword and maces, you just pump mace.  Also, close combat 
    becomes less important, though you should still not completely ignore 
    it.  Third, Maces usually can inflict status ailments on the enemy, 
    and the lord needs all the help he can get. There are also some GREAT 
    maces out there, particularly one that's a secondary weapon.  My route is to 
    create a human priest. Build his stats so he'll be ready to switch to Lord 
    at level 2.  At creation put five points into Mace, Divinity, and whatever 
    Realms of your choice.  Pick 2 spells that you want, personally I'd take 
    heal wounds and stamina. Now he'll start with a mace, and have a GREAT 
    boost to divinity and maces and flails. Eventually, He'll be an effective 
    fighter, and spellcaster, making him a VERY useful character in your party.
    Another interesting build for the Lord is this.  There's an amazing staff
    that he can use that's cursed.  Normally this staff drains the hp of the 
    person equipped with it, but not so the Lord.  Create a human Priest, and 
    prep him to switch to Lord at Level 2.  Follow the build above, but instead
    of increasing Maces increase staff and wand.  With this build the lord will
    not make use of his dual weapons skill (The staff is two handed) which leaves
    a little extra room for increasing realms, making him an excellent caster and
    I did not come up with this build myself.  It was originally a post on 
    Jandrall's site, and can be found at this address: 
    Basically the point is to create a perfect hybrid of samurai, where he 
    can be an effective Caster and fighter at the same time.  I used this 
    build with my Samurai, and he's much more powerful than when I 
    only concentrated on his combat skills.  This is a great post by 
    AtlusSeven7, and if you want to know the exact build read it.  
    UPDATE:  It has come to my attention that this site is no longer up.  
    The key to this build is pumping Dex and Spd at first then Str and Int.
    In the beginning you would pump sword, Critical Strike, and Dual Weapons.  
    Then when Wizardry is unlocked, 3 points in to wizardry 2 into Fire and water 
    Realmsand 2 into critical strike.  Sword will go up fine by itself.  
    Ok, he's a little tricky.  First of all like I said before if you want a 
    martial arts master, you're really better off with a monk.  The key to 
    the ninja are his weapons. And when I say weapons, I really mean staff and 
    wand. If the ninja could use the really deadly swords (Fang) 
    then swords would be great, but he can't. Mace and flail would be awesome
    if he could use diamond eyes, but even if he could there's no kill % on 
    maces so his criticals aren't being exploited. Ninjas can't even use the
    best daggers in the game, but the ones he can use are pretty decent. 
    But staffs and wands are great with a faerie or non-faerie ninja. The 
    faerie ninja can use the best staff (and weapon) in the game. The 
    non faerie can use the second best staff in the game, but a monk can use it
    too however, and he takes less experience points, AND the staff is cursed
    so your auto penetrate ability goes to waste. So if you're gonna go the staff 
    and wand route, you might as well go faerie. If you really want him, 
    this is what I would suggest:
    Faeries are a double edged sword. You're trading off the great thrown 
    auto penetrate ability for the best melee weapon in the game. Why can't 
    I use both you make ask?  Good question. The melee weapon is cursed, which
    means you will not be able to switch between them in the middle of battle.
    Now this makes them easier to manage than hobbits, because they will not be 
    using throwing and sling but auto penetrate is a great ability. 
    Anyway, pump Dex and spd each level with a faerie. Dex controls most of the 
    important skills for a ninja and gets him the reflexion skill.  With speed, 
    the ninja will be getting more attacks. More attacks = More chances for a 
    critical. Start off by pumping Staff and wand, critical strike, dual weapons 
    and stealth. Once Alchemy is unlocked, you can quit putting points into 
    staff and wand because with the amount of attacks he'll get as he 
    levels, it will go up fast by itself. Pump alchemy, it will be his ranged 
    weapon. After Dex is at 100, and Spd at 90, work on Sen and Str. Also take 
    another faerie to get a second faerie stick for him so he/she can dual wield
    right from the start.
    For the hobbit, at level ups Dex and Sen, then Str and spd. As with the 
    faerie, you want to get dex to 100 asap. As far as skills go pump Melee 
    weapon, throwing, Criticals and stealth.  Why no dual weapons?  
    Because since you will be dual wielding ALL the time, dual weapons 
    will go up extremely fast. (You are dual wielding right???)  Also, 
    you're probably not going to want to put points in Alchemy for a 
    while, cause it will take points away from the important melee and thrown
    weapons. Because of auto penetrate, you will be using alchemy less as well. 
    During that time take light and heal wounds and cast them all the time.  
    Alchemy will go up slowly but surely, and once you max critical strike 
    you'll be able to start putting points into it.  
    Also, if you know you're going to use daggers, create him as a rogue, 
    and set up his attributes so that he can switch to ninja at level two.  
    He'll start off with points in daggers, stealth, and dual weapons.  At 
    creation pump Stealth, daggers, and dual weapons.  Then when you switch 
    him to ninja at level 2 he'll get five free points in Critical strike 
    and throwing and sling. He won't have the ninja garb though, so create a 
    bum non faerie ninja and then discard him in the beginning of the 
    game and take the character you really want. 
    In my opinion this is the best build for beginners who wanna try
    a ninja. This ninja will start off with 2 daggers.  Nunchuka are 
    great, and the ninja can use great flails but he'll start with no points 
    in maces or dual weapons, which means he'll get off to much slower footing 
    than a ninja using the dagger build. Also, you have to get lucky and get a 
    flail early on for him, or wait till arnika to get lucky and have antone sell 
    two nunchaka to you....Plus once you get either ninjato or sai, you're really 
    exploiting his critical kill ability. Both of those have 5% kill on them.     
    If you take this guy, stick with his combat abilities and let a bard or 
    gadgeteer do the lockpicking.  He really does excel at melee combat. 
    Here's a couple of things that might help.  At creation max out on str. 
    and dex, and split the remaining between speed and senses. Then, all 
    you need to do is put points into Sword, Dagger, Throwing, and stealth. 
    By pumping Str and Dex every level up, not only will you get reflexion 
    very quickly, but Dual weapons will SKYROCKET. You'll have such high 
    dex and senses it will seem like it's going up every level.  To make it 
    even easier, put a dagger or dart in each hand so he dual wields at 
    Range too. However, keep in mind rogues can't use shuriken.  You might
    wanna use bows with them, and suck it up, cause the best thrown weapon 
    in the game, (cause it never gets used up) is a shuriken. 
    This one requires a lot of patience but in the end will be VERY worth 
    it.  In the beginning, forget about initiative and work on Int and Pie.  
    Int will get power cast, and Piety for Iron will and more spell points.  
    Most of the time the Bishop will not be taking physical damage, but 
    will be taking magic damage.   Also, I would take these spells as spell 
    picks. Level 1 Heal wounds and Mind Stab.  Why mind stab?  Cause it 
    will start building the mental realm, which will be important if you 
    make your bishop any kind of psionicist.   Then pick missile shield and 
    Web, and DONE.  You'll get light and Stamina in two books early on, 
    thereby putting one spell in each realm.  I usually take 3 books, letting 
    my lord or Valk work on divinity, but if you want a 4th here's what I 
    would do.  I would put 3 into one book and 2 each into the others. 
    Then next level 3 into another book and 2 in the others.  And so on.  
    One final tip, don't put points ANYWHERE else.  Realms skills will 
    go up very well by themselves.  Just keep casting spells from each of 
    the different realms.  And forget artifacts, or any weapon. If you must 
    use weapons, let them rise by themselves.     
    There's a few things you should always keep in mind:
    1.  Have fun.  This is a more complicated subject than some people 
    realize.  There are definitely certain parties that will make the game 
    much more difficult and some that will make it easier. It all depends 
    on your playing style. Pick the characters you're gonna be happy with. 
    You'll be with them for a while....  
    2.  A fighter or a Valk up front can help you avoid a LOT of trouble. 
    Fighters have the best hit points and Valks cheat death.  They're both 
    very good for taking hits. 
    3.  Locks and Traps is very useful.  Make sure you have a dedicated 
    guy to this skill. Preferably a bard or a gadgie. It will help you open all 
    the chests, and some of the important locks are HARD.
    4.  You need at least one bishop or specialty caster.  It'll help you out a 
    lot, ESPECIALLY in the early game. You can use potions, but potions 
    aren't refillable.  Some one needs to be casting heal wounds. 
    5.  Although it's not necessary, giving each of your characters a ranged 
    weapon can help you avoid some trouble. Especially during mid to late 
    game when you're fighting Rapax and plants.  The ranged weapon can 
    be spells too.  
    6.  Make sure your hybrids (With the exception of the ninja) have at 
    least a 45 in intelligence and piety.  Intelligence allows their realm 
    skills to increase quicker, which is very helpful with hybrids, and piety 
    gives them more spell points.  
    7.  Characters that are good in the early game, are not necessarily good 
    in the late game, and vice versa. A perfect example is a bard. A bard 
    starts off strong and gets some good instruments early on. But by late 
    game, you won't be using too many of them except Haste, rest all and heal 
    all. By the time you get the real good ones, most enemies are resistant 
    to them. A Gadgeteer on the other hand, will be a little weak in the 
    early game, but a powerhouse by the middle and end when you can make the 
    higher level gadgets, and use the best ammo in your omnigun. The 
    gadgets he creates are very versatile, allowing you to damage all sorts 
    of enemies. Choose a balance between these characters. It will make 
    the whole game a lot easier.  And believe me, the very early game, and 
    the very late game can be VERY difficult. Especially if you're playing 
    on expert. 
    Good Early Game Characters:
    Good late game characters:
    Fighter (Lots of hit points and great damage dealing make up for lack 
    of spells)
    Valk (While her damage does taper off, she still hits hard, and can cast 
    great support spells)
    Rogue (Great damage dealing, and great AC make up for lack of 
    If you want to use alot of different items in the game, and have every 
    mode of attack...
    Dracon Fighter - Axe, Bow
    Human Priest/Lord level 2- Mace and Flail
    Felpurr Monk - Martial arts
    Hobbit Rogue - Sword, Dagger, Throwing 
    Mook Gadgeteer - Gadgets, Modern weapons 
    Faerie bishop 
    Vi - Polearms, Modern Weapons
    Saxx - Staff and Wand, Music
    If you're a beginner:
    Dracon Fighter
    Human Valkyrie
    Felpurr Monk
    Hobbit Bard
    Elf Alchemist
    Faerie Mage
    Vi - A good option.  She's easy to maintain, and stays with you most of 
    the game.
    RFS-1 - same as Vi. 
    If you want a party that'll be amazing by the end of the 
    game.....(Tough early game though)
    Human Samurai - Sword (Fang/Muramasa/Enchanted Wakizashi)
    Human Priest/Lord level 2 - Dual Wield Maces (Mauler/Diamond 
    Felpurr Monk - Staff and wand (Staff of Doom)
    Faerie Ninja - Staff and Wand (Cane of Corpus/Rod of sprites)
    Hobbit Gadgeteer - Omnigun, gadgets
    Elf Bishop 
    Vi - Polearms
    RFS-1 - Martial Arts
    My New party:
    Dracon Fighter  (Sword/Shield/Bows)
    Dwarf Valkyrie (Polearms/Divinity)
    Human Monk (Staff and Wand/Psionics)
    Hobbit Gadgeteer (Omnigun/Locks and Traps/Gadgets)
    Dwarf Priest (Staff and wand/Divinity)
    Elf bishop (Wizardry/Psionics/Alchemy)
    The vanilla game is pretty simple, but certain mods come with 
    twists that only experience will allow you to overcome.  
    1.  The Priest
    In the vanilla game this guy is just really unnecessary. 
    The vanilla game, even on expert doesn't push you so far
    to the brink early on that you can't survive without a 
    pure healer.  I can't speak for most mods, but if you've modded
    the game to Dodd's mod, you'll understand how vital having a 
    priest is.  Forget heal wounds, or stamina, having the cures
    magic screen and armorplate are all extremely vital.  
    This mod, esepcially on expert is brutal, that having a pure
    caster priest is essential.  You can even set him up to do
    some decent damage with Staffs and wands which will also
    allow him to stick to the backrows.  
    A bishop won't even cover it, because unless you're spending 
    hours training and sleeping, divinity won't go up fast enough to 
    help out, and with a bishop you don't wanna pick too many spells. 
    2.  Psionics and alchemists, Bards and Gadgeteers
    Psionics I've allready discussed how useless they are, but I 
    did toot the horn of the alchemist.  Now I'm gonna crush it too.
    Even in the vanilla game a bishop will satisfy your alchemists and 
    psionics if you so choose to have them.  But ever notice the spells 
    a gadgie gets?  Or a bard? This game does not do well with offensive 
    magic, preferring to rely on physical attackers instead.  Psionics 
    have one unique supporting spell, and that's haste, and a bard 
    (or saxx) gets that very spell. Insanity, another cool unique spell
    can also be cast by.....come on....you can guess it!.....the bard!
    The alchemist has some nasty damaging spells, but guess who can cast 
    a good amount of those?? the gadgeteer! If you have a Samurai in 
    your party, you can pretty much elminate the need for a bishop, and 
    take just a priest instead!  The alchemist has the curing spells, 
    but no major support spells like the magic screens, etc.  The only
    reason to take an alchemist character (Alchie, Ninja, etc.) is 
    to mix potions.  If that's not your thing, then forget it!
    3.  Tank man! Starring, The fighter as tank man, Valkyrie, 
    Ninja and monk!
    Having a high hit point, high ac dude right up front in the modded
    more difficult game, will help you avoid some pain. And I don't 
    mean a samurai....the fighter will be indispensible to have up 
    front with a shield and Iron Skin.  Take a dracon or lizzie too, 
    so they have the highest hit points possible. On the flanks you 
    can put a couple of valkyries or a monk with extended Staff and wands. 
    Valks can cheat death AND wear heavy armors, they're very much an 
    asset in these roles.  Monks and Ninjas can get VERY high AC between 
    Stealth and Reflexion. Monk is better, but if you like ninja, a ninja 
    with a staff of doom can be a powerhouse...
    4.  Ranger?
    Well, if you're used to the vanilla game, a ranger will DEF allow you to 
    spot things you might normally miss with their scouting ability.  Plus, 
    their instant kill will be cool in the late game.  Their alchemy 
    skill can help you substitute as a potion mixer, but quite frankly 
    so many better classes can handle ALL these things.  In short, unless
    you can't figure out a better class to put there, there's no point. 
    5.  The Rogue
    Hmmm....well, until you get his AC WAY up there, he's kind of a liability. 
    Unlike the fighter, or Valk, he can't use strong armors or have high 
    hit points, and unlike the monk or ninja, he's pretty inefficient with 
    extended weapons. Unfortunately, this Vanilla game powerhouse got punked 
    in these modded, more difficult and higher early pressure games. 
    6. Lords and Samurai 
    These two can be interesting if you can look past how they were designed,
    and focus on what they're able to do.  You don't want either up front 
    with a fighter, YET the game tells us that's where they're meant to be!
    I say NEIGH!....um....nay....sorry....
    Anyway, try letting them use staff and wands....WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?!!!
    That's right I said it.  Lords can use one of the deadliest staffs in 
    the game, and Samurais can use ALL the staffs in the game.  To even
    amplify that, Create a priest, then switch to a lord at level two.  
    Or for a Samurai create a mage (Hobbit is good) or a monk (human) 
    and switch to samurai at level 2.  For actual numbers:
    Priest-->Lord     Staff and Wand 14, divinity 14
    Mage---->Samurai  wizardry 14
    Monk---->Samurai  Critical Strike 12 Staff and Wand 14
    Put these guys in the center, away from the flanks and let them 
    whack away with extended weapons.  A Samurai changed from a mage 
    will also be able to replace having a mage in the party! Changed
    from a monk he can do the same, but it'll take quite a bit longer.
    7. Mage and bishop
    Mages have important spells like enchanted blade and missile shield. 
    I may be incorrect so please correct me if I'm wrong, but these 
    spells can only be replaced by scrolls.  Not very efficient.  
    Bishops are a great way to replace them, Cause not only are these
    spells not so urgently needed, but you can cast spells from the 
    other spellbooks as well.  Just because bards and gadgies get some
    of the critical spells, doesn't mean it's not fun to have all the 
    8.  Parties:
    The party I'm running right now is this:
    Dracon fighter
    Dwarf Valkyrie
    Human Monk
    Hobbit Gadgeteer
    Dwarf Priest
    Elf Bishop
    It's very simple and vanilla, but sometimes that's what you need
    in order to survive.  My fighter focuses on Str and Vit to get as 
    many hit points as possible. My valk is on str and dex for killing 
    potential, while my monk Dex and sen to focus on accuracy, critical 
    strike and stealth. They're both on the flanks with extended weapons, 
    while the fighter bravely tanks from the front. 
    I started and restarted many times, and while right now I'm satisfied 
    I may restart yet again lol.  You'll do the same.  But with these 
    guidelines, I hope your experience will be slightly easier. 
    1.  What's the key to winning a wizardry battle?  LOCATION
    LOCATION LOCATION!  Some battles in this game can seem almost 
    impossible if you're not sure how to use your environment. 
    For example:  A pack of 8 juggernauts; creatures with high AC
    High hit points and decent damage encounter you.  If they surround 
    your party, you might as well load from your last save cause 
    they're gonna trounce you. (I'm assuming you're not level 14 
    or above) However, if you can find a niche in the mountains to run 
    to you'll be able to fight these monstrosities one or two at a time. 
    As you can imagine, this makes the fight very long, but also, even 
    for a low level party, winnable. 
    2.  If a sorcerer can see you, he can cast things at you.  A quick
    rule with these things....kill them fast. Don't bother running up to
    them, slam em with your ranged weapons.  This is why I recommend 
    all characters to have ranged weaponry. (Well it also makes dealing 
    with plants easier too).  What if you can't?  Hide around a corner 
    where they can't get you. They WILL follow you, and then you slam em 
    with your ranged/melee attacks.  
    3. ALWAYS Utilize your positioning grid. A lot of people don't 
    know this but you can change your characters position in the middle 
    of a ROUND of battle.  It won't take effect till the next round, but 
    at least you don't have to waste another round to do it.  It's good 
    for protecting hurt characters, taking them out of action until they're 
    healed. It's also good for getting characters in melee range of the 
    4. There are certain areas you shouldn't go to until you are at least 
    a certain level.  Unless you're looking for a big challenge, 
    (or are suicidal) you should follow these loose guidelines:
    Lower Monastery:  Level 1 Obviously. Wouldn't take on Gregor till at 
    least 4 or 5 though.
    Upper Monastery:  Level 5
    Arnika Road:  LEVEL 5!!!!  Until you make it to Arnika, DO NOT raise
    your characters levels before this road.  It can make the trip nearly 
    Arnika:  Level 6 or 7
    Northern Wilderness: Level 8.  But see note Below.
    Arnika-Trynton Road: Level 8
    Trynton: Level 10 
    Swamp: Level 11 
    Marten's Bluff:  Level 13
    Mines:  Level 13
    Southeast Wilderness: Level 12 or 13.  But see note below.
    Wilderness Clearing/Rapax Away Camp:  Level 13 and Level 17 respectively.
    Mountain Wilderness: Level 13
    Mt. Gigas Caves:  Level 16
    Bayjin:  Level 16
    Bayjin Shallows: Level 17
    Sea Caves:  Level 17 
    Rapax: Level 17
    Ascension Peak:  Level 19 (You can go here earlier, but until you get
    certain items there's really no point)  Also there's a boss here that's
    EXTREMELY difficult.
    5.  A point on the Northern Wilderness and Souteast Wilderness.  
    a.  The northern Wilderness is easy enough, BUT, watch out for a cave 
    with a hogar guarding it.  That is a battering hogar, and will trounce 
    a low level party. Wait till at Least Level 10 or 11 before attempting 
    to kill it. You'll be rewarded with some nice loot.
    b.  In the southeast wilderness, you might come across a temple.
    If you do, DO NOT ENTER! Until you're at LEAST level 16, and 
    preferably higher, I wouldn't go in there to fight.  You're 
    battling 6 cultists, A sorceress queen and two Death knights 
    (or whatever they're called).  HOWEVER, if you have a gadgeteer, you 
    should try to sneak in there unseen and grab the metal belt and the 
    Lazarus stone, two items that when combined with electrodes make 
    gadgets that cast Superman and Heal All Respectively. Your reward for 
    winning this fight is AWESOME.....especially if you have a Non Faerie 
    Ninja or Samurai in your party.
    6.  Once you get them, ALWAYS have Missile Shield, Armorplate, 
    Enchanted Blade etc. cast and at full power.  They make a huge 
    difference.  Hogars are very difficult....until you have armorplate. 
    Siges are annoying as hell....until you have magic screen, or 
    element/soul shield. And so on. you never know what's gonna pop up 
    around the corner and surprise you. You don't want your casters wasting 
    a turn casting these buffs when they don't have to. Also X-Ray is 
    VERY useful for knowing where your enemies are at all times.  
    7.  Certain enemies can seem unbearable....until you figure out the key
    to stop their attacks. This is why spells like Insanity, Web, Freeze
    flesh and psionic lure can help A LOT during the early to mid game.  A 
    group of Tanto wasps can be a real pain in the ass to a low level party. 
    But cast insanity and those wasps will be a bigger pain to themselves. 
    Every battle is beatable, just a matter of figuring out the enemies 
    weakness. Or getting in the right position.
    8.  If you hide around the corner from a group of enemies, you can click 
    on the sword icon, and then run into melee range with them.  This allows 
    you to start the fight, and not have to waste a round running up to them.   
    9.  Enjoy the greatest RPG of all time!
    Hope you enjoyed this!  Any further questions, email me at 

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