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    Unit FAQ by DarthMarth

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    Empire Earth for PC 
    Unit FAQ
    Written by DarthMarth
    Version 1.0
    Started: Friday, December 13, 2002
    Last Updated:
    Hello and welcome to my Unit FAQ for Empire Earth one of the best real-time 
    strategy games of all time. With an assortment of units spanning from 
    prehistoric times to the future, you'll be glad to have all the help you can 
    get understanding them!
    2......Table of Contents
    3......Game Controls
    4......Unit Guide
    5......Legal Information
    Any veteran of real-time strategy games should have no trouble with the basic 
    controls, but Empire Earth offers quite a few advanced controls not found in 
    many other games.
    View Controls
    Arrow Keys: Scroll
    Right/Left Bracket: Zoom in/out
    Period: Follow selected unit
    F2: Toggle through zoom modes
    F5: Toggle through hidden units modes
    F9: Take a screenshot
    Ctrl-F9: Take a low-resolution screenshot of entire map
    Alt-F9: Take a high-resolution screenshot of entire map
    Selection Controls
    Tab: Select Idle Citizen
    Comma: Select Idle Military Unit
    A: Select Idle Atomic Bomber
    B: Select Idle Bomber
    D: Select Idle Fighter/Bomber
    F: Select Idle Fighter
    Ctrl-#: Create group # out of selected units
    Shift-#: Add selected unit to group #
    Alt-#/##: Select and center group #
    #: Select group #
    Game/AI Controls
    Numpad +: Increase game speed
    Numpad -: Decrease game speed
    Enter: Chat mode
    F1: Return to Scenario Editor when in test mode
    F3: Pause
    F4: Quick Save
    Shift-F4: Quick Load
    Ctrl-F4: Auto save load
    F10: Game options
    Alt-F: Flare Mode
    Page Up: Display previous messages
    Ctrl-Shift-Z: "Banzai" all-out computer attack-allied players will assist you
    Ctrl-Alt-Z: "Banzai" all-out computer attack-allied players will not assist you
    Here it is-the purpose of this FAQ. There are many different unit categories in 
    Empire Earth, each containing several units and meant to fulfill a purpose. 
    Empire Earth uses a rock-paper-scissors system, meaning that each unit in weak 
    to something.
    Includes: Club Man, Mace Man, Short Sword, Long Sword
    Strength: Archers
    Weakness: Spear (Pierce)
    Produced At: Barracks
    These are your basic melee infantry units, useful until the Renaissance. Their 
    armor makes them handy for taking on archers. Watch out for spear infantry, 
    Includes: Spear Man, Phalanx, Pike Man, Halberdier
    Strength: Shock infantry, Cavalry
    Weakness: Archers, Gun Infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    Good for engaging shock infantry and all types of cavalry. Halberdiers are 
    powerful and can be used even up to the Industrial age. Best when mixed with 
    shock infantry.
    Includes: Slinger, Simple Bowman, Composite Bow, Long Bow
    Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry
    Weakness: Shock Infantry
    Produced At: Archery Range
    Before the Renaissance, these units should be your staple ranged combat support 
    units. Protect them from harm with melee units like Spear Infantry. Archers can 
    be deadly against unarmored or slow targets.
    Includes: Arqebus, Musketeer, Grenadier, Doughboy, Marine, Sentinal, Guardian
    Strength: Spear(Pierce) Infantry, Gun Cavalry, Anti-Tank (AT), Zeus Cyber, 
    Anti-Air (AA)
    Weakness: Sword Cavalry, Field Cannon, Tank, Artillery, Pandora Cyber, Bombers, 
    Helicopter Gunship
    Produced At: Barracks
    As soon as possible, make these your main infantry force. They can have great 
    range when upgraded, do excellent damage, and are not expensive. They have as 
    many weaknesses as strengths, so protect them with other units.
    Includes: Hand Cannoneer, Trench Mortar, Heavy Mortar
    Strength: Buildings, Gun Infantry
    Weakness: Sword Cavalry
    Produced At: Barracks
    These guys replace archers as combat support units. Their shots do decent 
    damage against buildings and their area of effect makes them powerful against 
    massed infantry. Put them behind ranged infantry.
    Includes: Elite Guard, Machine Gun
    Strength: Infantry
    Weakness: Other Anti-infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    These two ranged units are built to mow down scores of infantry units. Their 
    range is not that of the Gun Infantry, but they are still powerful.
    Includes: Grenade Launcher, Bazooka
    Strength: Tanks
    Weakness: Anti-infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    These units can make shorts work of tanks. Their rockets even work against 
    buildings. These units should be included in every atomic age infantry squad.
    Includes: Sharpshooter, Sniper
    Strength: Infantry
    Weakness: Anti-infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    These two units are great for combat support. Their stealthiness means that 
    they are invisible unless an enemy unit gets too close. Their shots, while very 
    slow, are highly damaging and almost always one-shot-one-kill against infantry.
    Includes: Medic-Imperial, Atomic, and Digital
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anti-infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    Medics are obviously used for healing units. They will automatically heal any 
    nearby units. A must-have for every army.
    Includes: Javelin Thrower, Pilum
    Strength: Shock Infantry
    Weakness: Other archers
    Produced At: Archery Range
    Unlike other archers, Javelin Throwers and Pilums have piercing attack like 
    Pikemen, giving them different strengths and weaknesses.
    Includes: Chariot Archer, Cavalry Archer
    Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry
    Weakness: Shock Infantry
    Produced At: Archery Range
    These are basically fast, agile archers. Nothing else special, except that they 
    take 2 population instead of 1.
    Includes: Horseman, Catraphact, Curassier, Imperial Curassier
    Strength: Archers, Gun Infantry, Field Cannon
    Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry, Gun Cavalry
    Produced At: Stables
    These units are basically very fast, tough Shock Infantry. They also take 2 
    Includes: Bronze Cavalry, Knight
    Strength: Shock Infantry, Shock Cavalry
    Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry
    Produced At: Stables
    These cavalry units, with Piercing attacks, are faster, tougher Spear Infantry. 
    Like all cavalry, they take 2 population units.
    Includes: Carabineer, Dragoon
    Strength: Sword Cavalry
    Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry, Gun Infantry
    Produced At: Stables
    Though their range is not as great as Gun Infantry, Gun Cavalry are much faster 
    and tougher. Unfortunately, they take 2 population.
    Includes: Rock Thrower, Sampson, Barbarian, Viking, Partisan, Flame Thrower, 
    Stinger Soldier
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: Anti-Infantry
    Produced At: Barracks
    There are a number of un-upgradable infantry units. Many of them are very 
    powerful and should not be ignored. The Rock Throwers are very basic, short-
    ranged infantry units accessible from the Prehistoric Age. Sampsons swing 
    massive tree trunks and excel at demolition. Barbarians are melee units that 
    can walk right through forests. Vikings have the stealth ability of the Stealth 
    Infantry but are melee units. Partisans can also walk through trees but are 
    ranged and can attack air units. Flame Throwers have fast attacks that can 
    quickly raze buildings. And last but definitely not least, Stinger Soldiers are 
    powerful infantry units against air units.
    Includes: Elephant Archer, Crossbow
    Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry
    Weakness: Shock Infantry
    Produced At: Archery Range
    There are not nearly as many miscellaneous archers as there are infantry. 
    Elephant Archers, although slow and using 2 population, are very tough to kill 
    and have the second most powerful arrow attack in the game, second only to 
    Crossbow, early non-stealthy Snipers that fire deadly bolts.
    Includes: War Elephant, Persian Cavalry
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry
    Produced At: Stables
    The War Elephants are nonranged versions of Elephants Archer: tough, slow, and 
    hungry for an extra population unit. The Persian Cavalry, on the other hand, is 
    made up of very light, fast, and piercing units, also taking 2 population and 
    having a short ranged attack.
    Includes: A7V, Panzer, Leopard
    Strength: Tanks, Infantry, Artillery
    Weakness: Minotaur Cyber, Anti-Tank
    Produced At: Tank Factory
    Armor Piercing Tanks can be used against infantry or buildings, but fighting 
    other tanks and heavily armored vehicles is what they do best.
    Includes: MkV, Sherman, M1, Gladiator, Centurion
    Strength: Infantry, Artillery
    Weakness: Minotaur Cyber, Anti-Tank
    Produced At: Tank Factory
    These tanks are made for fighting unarmored infantry and other light units. 
    They are not as heavily armored or tough themselves, though.
    Includes: Flak Halftrack, Skywatcher AA
    Strength: Air Units
    Weakness: Minotaur Cyber, Anti-Tank
    Produced At: Tank Factory
    These units are not quite as important as the other two types of tanks. They 
    can only attack air and are not as strong as Armor-piercing tanks. They should 
    still be included in a successful army, though.
    Includes: Stone Thrower, Ballista
    Strength: Infantry
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    That's right, these artillery units are strong against and weak to infantry. 
    Keep them behind the lines so they can attack massed enemy units.
    Includes: Siege Tower, Heavy Siege Tower
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    Unlike other Siege Units, Siege Tower do not attack. Instead they allow units 
    to cross over enemy walls. I personally prefer to simply knock the wall down 
    Includes: Catapult, Trebuchet
    Strength: Buildings
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    These are your basic building-wreckers. They have enough range to get past 
    towers unharmed and do heavy damage to buildings. Use some of these whenever 
    attacking a base.
    Includes: Ram, Heavy Ram
    Strength: Buildings
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    These are the only melee siege weapons, with the possible exception of Sampson. 
    They can weather heavy fire from towers because of their tough armor, so they 
    must be countered with infantry.
    Includes: Bombard, Artillery, Colossus Artillery
    Strength: Massed units, buildings
    Weakness: Tanks, Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    These units are very inaccurate against moving targets because of the way in 
    which they fire their shots high up into the air. They are good for the back 
    lines, killing multiple clumps of units. The shots are powerful enough to 
    attack buildings and have an area effect.
    Includes: Culverin Cannon, Bronze Cannon
    Strength: Infantry
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    These cannons carry field weapons like Bombards, but the shots are weaker, 
    faster, and have a smaller area of effect. Replace Bombards with these if you 
    value accuracy.
    Includes: 57mm AT Gun, 120mm AT Gun, Thor At Gun, Hercules AT Gun
    Strength: Tanks
    Weakness: Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    These units, though not as useful as anti-building artillery, should still be 
    put into most armies that face tanks.
    Includes: Basilisk Cannon, Serpentine Cannon, Howitzer Cannon, Paladin Cannon
    Strength: Buildings
    Weakness: Tanks, Infantry
    Produced At: Siege Factory
    Bring these along whenever assaulting buildings. The shots can be used against 
    infantry, but do very high amounts of damage to building. It only takes a few 
    to bring a base to the ground.
    Includes: Priest
    Strengths: None
    Weakness: None
    Produced At: Temple
    Priests are not as useful as military units, but are still powerful because of 
    their ability to convert enemies over to your side. While the conversion 
    process takes time, cannot be used near a University, and must be recharged, 
    the ability to control enemy units is a very powerful one.
    Includes: Prophet
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: None
    Produced At: Temple
    Unlike many false ones, these prophets have the power to bring the end as well 
    as predict it. They can summon a variety of calamities that can devastate an 
    enemy base after charging up enough, as long as the target is not near a 
    Temple, but take up 5 population.
    Faith Used: 60
    Target: Enemy building
    The Earthquake obviously causes the ground underneath the target to tremble and 
    quake, as well as wreak havoc among buildings. Just be sure not to use it near 
    friendly buildings.
    Faith Used: 75
    Target: Open ground
    When summoned, a volcano will indiscriminately fire chunks of burning rock all 
    over the place, damaging friends and foes alike. Because of this, try to use it 
    where your own army is not near. Consider using it as a parting gift if your 
    army is forced to retreat.
    Fire Storm
    Faith Used: 75
    Target: Enemy building
    The Fire Storm is a huge fire that can burn down buildings and ships, even 
    spreading to adjacent targets.
    Faith Used: 100
    Target: Open water
    The Hurricane inflicts heavy damage upon all sea units caught within it. It can 
    even somehow be controlled just like a normal unit.
    Faith Used: 100
    Target: Enemy units
    This contagious disease infects all units near the target and can even spread. 
    It cannot kill units, however.
    Faith Used: 100
    Target: Enemy units
    This calamity is much like the previous one, but unlike Malaria, it can be 
    fatal. Like Malaria, it is contagious.
    Includes: Male and female Citizens
    Strength: Hunting game
    Weakness: Everything else
    Produced At: Town Center/Capitol
    Citizens are the basic workers of Empire Earth. They can hunt, fish, gather 
    resources, and build buildings. Never think of using them for combat, though.
    Includes: Canine Scout, Hot Air Balloon, Observation Balloon
    Strength: None
    Weakness Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Town Center/Capitol
    These unarmed units are highly mobile and made for scouting. The Canine Scouts, 
    though groundbound, are very fast. The Hot Air and Observation Balloons are 
    available in ages 9 and 10, and can fly.
    Includes: Sargon of Akkad, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, William the 
    Conquerer, Isabella, Elizabeth I, Otto von Bismarck, Givan De Verran, Erwin 
    Rommel, RW Bresdan, Alexi Septimus, Molly Ryan
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: None
    Produced At: Town Center/Capitol
    Strategist Heroes are made to command, not fight. They can heal units like 
    Medics and their Battle Cry demoralizes enemy units. Use them behind the lines 
    as combat support units and be aware that each side can only have one hero at a 
    time, Strategist or Warrior.
    Includes: Gilgamesh, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Richard the Lionheart, Henry V, 
    Oliver Cromwell, Napolean, Manfred von Richthofen (Red Baron), Travis 
    Shackelford, Dennis St. Albans, Sergei Molotov, Cyborg Molotov
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: None
    Produced At: Town Center/Capitol
    Unlike Strategist heroes, Warriors are made to lead from the thick of the 
    battle, not the back lines. They are strong fighters and provide morale to 
    friendly troops near them.
    Includes: Fishing Raft, Fishing Boat-Bronze, Imperial, Trawler, Digital
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anything that attacks water
    Produced At: Dock
    As if Forage Patches and farms were not enough, Fishing Boats allow you to 
    harvest the sea's bounty. Just select them and right click on a school of fish 
    to have them get started. Be sure to protect them though; they are very weak to 
    Includes: Transport Raft, Transport-Copper, Bronze, Imperial, Atomic, Gargantua
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anything that attacks water
    Produced At: Dock
    Before you get Transport Helicopters, and even after, Transports are valuable 
    in that they can ferry large numbers of units across water, including units 
    Helicopters cannot carry, like Siege Weapons, Tanks, and Cybers.
    Includes: War Raft, Frigate-Copper, Bronze, Byzantine, Middle, Renaissance, 
    Imperial, Royal, Good Hope, Warrington, Juggernaut
    Strength: Galley/Galleon, Submarines
    Weakness: Battleship
    Produced At: Dock
    Frigates are the first warships produced, and for good reason; they can take on 
    any sea units, especially submarines; besides the Sea King, they are the only 
    units that can see them. The Frigate fire accurate, long-ranged cannon (and in 
    the Digital age, laser) which makes them an essential part of any navy. They 
    can also bombard land, but this is best left to Battleships and Nuclear 
    Includes: Battleship-Copper, Bronze, Byzantine, Middle, Renaissance, Imperial, 
    Royal, Dreadnought, Bismarck, Leviathan
    Strength: Frigates, land units and buildings
    Weakness: Submarines, Galley/Galleon
    Produced At: Dock
    The Battleships are some of the toughest units in the game-they have unmatched 
    HP and armor, and do huge amounts of damage. Battleships fire huge cannonballs 
    that can devastate just about any sea or land unit at long range. 
    Unfortunately, the Battleships cannot hit moving targets. Use them as naval 
    support units or early Nuclear Submarines.
    Includes: Galley-Copper, Bronze, Byzantine, Middle, Galleon-Renaissance, 
    Imperial, Royal
    Strength: Battleship, land units and buildings
    Weakness: Frigate, Submarines
    Produced At: Dock
    Although they become obsolete in the Atomic age, Galleys and Galleons are 
    powerful while they last. While their flaming missiles are weaker than other 
    ships, they are fired at an extraordinary rate, making them devastating to any 
    sea units they can hit and buildings.
    Includes: Gunboat, Dardo, Saggitarian
    Strength: Air Units
    Weakness: Sea units
    Produced At: Dock
    Cruisers are the ideal unit for naval commanders constantly assaulted by air 
    units. Cruisers are deadly against air units, but must be heavily protected, 
    because air units are all they attack.
    Includes: U-Boat, Nautilus, Hammerhead
    Strength: Battleship, Cruiser, Nuclear Submarine
    Weakness: Frigate, Sea King Helicopter
    Produced At: Naval Yard
    Attack Submarines are built to strike unseen, which they do well; only Frigates 
    and Sea Kings can spot them. Their torpedoes are deadly against all sea units, 
    but flank them with Battleship to protect from Frigates.
    Includes: Enterprise, Nexus
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anything that attacks water
    Produced At: Naval Yard
    Aircraft Carriers are floating airports that can build, launch, and repair 
    their own personal Fighter/Bombers. While not as strong as regular 
    Fighter/Bomber, these aircraft can pack a punch in numbers. Even a few fully 
    loaded Aircraft Carriers can be a powerful force, especially when accompanied 
    by other sea units.
    Includes: Trident, Triton
    Strength: Land units, buildings
    Weakness: Attack submarine, Sea King helicopter, Frigate
    Produced At: Naval Yard
    Nuclear Submarines take over the job of bombarding land from the Battleships 
    starting in the Modern Age. Their missiles do huge amounts of damage, have the 
    longest range of any attack, and home in, allowing Nuclear Subs to attack 
    anything on land with deadly accuracy and power. Unfortunately, they have a 
    VERY slow rate of fire and cannot attack sea units, so they must be protected 
    at all costs. Even despite their shortcomings, they are very valuable, even a 
    few can lay waste to an unprepared base.
    Includes: Fokker, ME 109, ME 262, F-117, Talon, Phoenix
    Strength: Bombers, Helicopters
    Weakness: Fighter, Anti-Air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    The Fighter/Bombers are the mainstay of any air force. They are able to attack 
    land, air, or sea but do not especially excel at any of these. Still, 
    Fighter/Bombers are some of the most versatile units in the game and should not 
    be ignored.
    Includes: Sopwith, Spitfire, P-51, F-15, Jackal, Nebula
    Strength: Air Units
    Weakness: Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    Fighters are considerably more specialized than Fighter/Bombers, and do their 
    narrow line of work, engaging other air units, considerably better. Since 
    Fighter/Bombers can also attacks air, field large numbers of these only if your 
    opponent has a huge population of air units.
    Includes: Gotha, HE 111, B-17, B-2, B-111 Wyvern
    Strength: Land units, sea units, buildings
    Weakness: Fighter, Fighter/Bomber, Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    Bombers are made to attack ground, and they do their job very well. Even the 
    early Gotha does good damage and has a large area of effect. Bombers can 
    significantly damage or even destroy everything near their target, including 
    their target, but they must return to refuel after 1 run.
    Includes: B-29, B-52, Titan
    Strength: Land units, sea units, buildings
    Weakness: Fighter, Fighter/Bomber, Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    Atomic Bombers are the big daddy of Bombers. While incredibly weak and 
    unarmored, their atomic bombs are the most powerful weapons in the game; only 
    heavily fortified buildings withstand its assault. On a typical run, the Atomic 
    Bomber can completely annihilate everything within its considerable blast 
    radius. Each bomber only carried one bomb, so aim for heavily populated or 
    developed areas.
    Includes: Typhoon, A-10
    Strength: Tanks
    Weakness: Fighter, Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    While Helicopter Anti-tanks are more versatile because of their ability to 
    hover and not refuel, Anti-tanks are armed with damaging machine guns that can 
    do at least as much damage. Not to mention that they are slightly faster.
    Includes: Helicopter Transport, Pegasus Transport
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Fighter, Fighter/Bomber Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    The Helicopter Transport takes the sea Transport a step up-it can cross any 
    terrain and is very quick. Like all other helicopters, Transports have infinite 
    fuel and can hover. Unfortunately, it can only carry infantry and has less 
    capacity than sea Transports. Still, they are very good, so use them when you 
    Includes: Sea King, Sea King II
    Strength: Submarines
    Weakness: Fighter Bomber, Fighter/Bomber Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    Sea Kings are specialized units, like Cruisers. They can only attack 
    Submarines, and excel at it. While they must be heavily protected, they provide 
    a viable alternative to Frigates.
    Includes: Helicopter Gunship, Reaper Gunship
    Strength: Infantry
    Weakness: Fighter Bomber, Fighter/Bomber Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    Helicopter Gunships provide valuable combat support, sporting machine guns and 
    later lasers capable of mowing down scores of infantry. They do not fare well 
    against armor, though.
    Includes: Helicopter Anti-Tank, Spectre AT
    Strength: Tanks
    Weakness: Fighter Bomber, Fighter/Bomber Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Airport
    The Helicopter AT fires missiles that can lay waste to tanks, and can even do 
    damage to buildings, ships, and artillery. Not much else, just try comboing 
    them with Gunships.
    Includes: Ares I and II, Pandora I and II, Hyperion I and II, Minotaur I and 
    II, Zeus
    Strength: Various
    Weakness: Anti-Tank, Zeus
    Produced At: Cyber Factory
    Combat Cybers are the soldiers of the future; obedient, single-minded, and 
    covered in blinking lights. Each Combat Cyber has a different strength. The 
    Ares Cybers have a weak but quick attack, are flying, non-refueling units and 
    can heal themselves. Hyperion Cybers are almost flying, as they can walk under 
    water and over cliffs. They have the most Hit Points of any Combat Cyber and, 
    except for Zeus, the highest attack. Pandora Cybers have the second-weakest 
    attack and the lowest hit points, But are very effective at killing infantry 
    because their homing attacks do decent splash damage. Minotaurs are very 
    effective at dealing with tanks, and the Zeus Cybers, who have the highest 
    attack and second highest Hit Points of any Combat Cyber, are effective at 
    killing other Cybers. Also be aware that all Cybers take 2 population units.
    Includes: Apollo
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anti-air (AA)
    Produced At: Cyber Lab
    The Apollo Cybers make excellent Combat support units. They fly, can heal other 
    Cybers, and have two special abilities. The Diffraction Shield creates a force 
    field around the target that reduces the damage to it, and the Ion Pulse 
    temporarily increases the damage done to all units in its blast radius.
    Includes: Fury
    Strength: Buildings
    Weakness: Zeus Cyber, Anti-tank
    Produced At: Cyber Lab
    Furies are melee Cybers that do good damage, especially against buildings. They 
    are very fast and have one special ability: Self Destruct. It causes the Fury 
    to detonate itself. The ability can be used any time, and is automatically used 
    when the Fury dies.
    Includes: Tempest
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anti-Tank, Zeus Cyber
    Produced At: Cyber Lab
    Tempest Cyber attack with high-tech swords that do moderate damage to all armor 
    types. They are even faster than Furies, making them very mobile. Their two 
    special abilities are Resonator, which does damage to all units in its area of 
    effect proportional to their attack strength, and Antimatter Storm. This 
    flashing pink storm is like the Prophet's Hurricane, but does damage to air 
    units and can still be controlled like the Hurricane.
    Includes: Hades
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anti-Tank, Zeus Cyber
    Produced At: Cyber Lab
    Hades Cybers are the most advanced Cyber in the game. Although they cannot 
    attack, they have 3 powerful abilities that make them excellent combat support 
    units. Their Time Warp ability transports a target unit into the future, 
    removing it from the game for several minutes. Teleport can move the Hades 
    anywhere on the map, although it removes some of the Cyber's HP. Nano Virus 
    works like the Prophet's Plague only on Cybers. It slowly damages Cybers and 
    can spread.
    Includes: Poseidon
    Strength: None
    Weakness: Anti-Tank, Zeus Cyber
    Produced At: Cyber Lab
    Poseidons are best made to combat other Cybers, but can be useful anywhere. 
    They can travel underwater like the Hyperion Cyber (though not over cliffs) and 
    have a Refractive Cloak ability the makes all units around them except other 
    Poseidons invisible. Their Assimilate allows them to convert other Cybers, 
    given time.
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