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    German Campaign FAQ/Walkthrough by Cersad

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    version 1.10
    A. Overview
       1. Scenario Description
       2. How to Decipher this FAQ
       3. General Tips, Hints, and FAQ’s
       4. Civilization Building
    B. Walkthroughs
       1. Cavalry of the Sky
       2. Supply and Demand
       3. The Red Baron
       4. The Somme
       5. Lightning Warfare
       6. Preparations for Invasion
       7. Operation ‘Sea Lion’
    C. Legal Stuff and Credits
       1. Disclaimer
       2. Credits
       3. Contact Information
    A. Overview
    Scenario Description
      “The independent German states united in the late 19th Century to form
       the most powerful single nation in Europe.  During the first half of
       the following century, Germany's unparalleled armed forces were
       barely kept in check by the combined might of opposing alliances.  
       Lead the forces of Germany through some of the most destructive yet 
       historically significant years in world history.”
      The German campaign will take you through two World Wars.  It 
      simulates them rather well--almost too well!  The stalemates of WWI 
      will drag on for you as they did for Germany.  This campaign will 
      challenge you, but is also very likely to drive you to insanity.  My
      longest mission of the entire game happened in the German campaign, 
      totaling a whopping seven and a half hours, stretched over three or 
      four days!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    How to Decipher this FAQ
       At the start of each mission, I have listed something that looks like
    MISSION 1: The Sample Overview       <-- This is where I tell the
      Year 2005 AD                           scenario you’re reading.
    EPOCHS: Atomic Age – Modern          <-- This should be self-explanatory
    [Scenario Description]
    COLORS:        Blue   (Civilization Name)  <-- Here I list the colors
                   Orange                          of each player in the
                   Green                           scenario.  I always list
                   Red    (Civilization Name)      your color first.
    SPECIAL UNITS: Hero1 (Hero1’s stats that have been changed shown here)
                   Hero2 (If a unit uses a different unit’s sprite, I point
                          it out here as well)
                   Unit3 (I point out units that only appear in scenarios)
    WONDERS:       If you are able to build Wonders, I mention them here
    CIV POINTS AVALIABLE: ##             <-- This should be self-explanatory
    OBJECTIVES:                          <-- Here I list all the objectives
                                             assigned to you throughout the
    - Objective 1                            mission.  If the objective has
                                             a dash next to it, you have it
    - Objective 2                            from the start of the scenario.
    + Objective 3                            Objectives marked by a ‘+’ are
                                            added as the mission progresses.
    + Objective 4
    + Objective 5
    Below this is the walkthrough.  In my walkthroughs, I tell you where the
    new objectives are added, when you can get Civ Points, and (of course)
    how to go about doing your mission.
     .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
    General Tips, Hints, and FAQ’s
    - Play a Random Map game on Easy in the Atomic epochs if you aren’t used
      to the ages yet.  It will help, but you can still win without it. It 
      just won’t be as easy.
    - You have several special units in this campaign.  Make full use of
    - German Infantry and German Machine Gun units are as strong as the WWII
      infantry and machine gun units.  During the first World War, they will
      be slightly stronger than normal infantry units.
    - German Officers should be used in place of Medics.  They last longer,
      heal faster, Battle Cry (okay, that’s not as useful in this era), and 
      can attack. Where your Medics will be easily taken out, your Officers 
      will be able to pull back and recover.
    - Engineers, even if you dislike the structures they build, are still 
      good to have near the front lines to build regular structures.  Order
      your Citizen back at your base to build a building on the front lines,
      then order the Citizen to do another task.  Right-click the Engineer
      on the newly-placed foundation.  With their higher Hit Points, the
      Engineers will last much longer building structures in or near the
    - The computer will NOT directly attack Barbed Wire, with almost no
      exceptions!  The only way your Barbed Wire will be damaged is 
      through splash damage taken from Artillery and Bombers aiming at a 
      nearby target.  You can actually wall in your units and leave the
      only opening blocked by your army as you advance.
    - Pillboxes are quite effective, despite their seemingly low attack of
    - The Red Baron is a GOD.  Use him.  He can take out two Nano Age
      Nebula Fighters.  He can certainly take out everything World War I
      has to put in front of you.
    No FAQ’s come to mind.  Remember, you cannot cheat in campaigns without
    trainers.  If you want to know where to get some, well, don’t ask me.
     .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
    Civilization Building
      You’ve got those Civ Points, but what to do with them?  Below I’ve
    listed the bonuses you can get and my opinion of how useful they are.
     A ‘*’ next to an upgrade means I highly recommend it.
     A ‘+’ next to an upgrade means it helps, but not as much.
     An unmarked upgrade can be useful, but not worth the points.
     A ‘-‘ means you’re probably better off without it.
     A ‘X’ means the upgrade is completely useless.
     X 50% Conversion Resistance – No priests will oppose you.  Ever.
     - Mountain Combat Bonus     - Fighting uphill is rare in this campaign.
     * 15% Pop Cap Increase      - A must.  Some scenarios will give you
                                    uncomfortably low pop caps that you will 
                                    want to increase.
     - Farming              - You will often have an overabundance of food,
                               as food is the most accessible resource in 
                               this campaign.
     X Fishing              - No fishing will ever be significant.  I say
                               you shouldn’t waste your time.
       Gold Mining          - This can be useful if you want to mine faster.
                               Bear in mind your opportunities to mine are
                               limited in this campaign, but you’ll likely
                               be buying more gold-based units early on than
                               near the end.
     X Hunting and Foraging – Why hunt when you can farm?  It’s not worth it.
       Iron Mining          - This can be useful if you want to mine faster.
                               Tanks, Siege Equipment, and basic Infantry all
                               come from these mines, but remember you won’t
                               have that many chances to mine.
     - Stone Mining         - Not much opportunity to use this at all.  Even
                               if you love Pillboxes, they’re cheap enough
                               to not require extra bonuses,
       Wood Cutting         - Wood is not that low in supply, but it will be
                               very high in demand for some naval-based
                               levels.  Your need for this depends on your
                               ability to manage fleets of boats.
    All of these are based off of how often you use these.  Obviously, they
    won’t get an ‘X’ unless you never get them.
     + Aircraft – Bombers        You will get several campaigns where you
                                  can use bombers to soften up the enemy
                                  ground troops.
     * Aircraft – Fighters       Your enemies will incessantly pound you
                                  from above; you will need air cover.
                                  Very useful.
     X Aircraft - Helicopters
     X Archers – Foot            
     - Cavalry – Ranged          Dragoons (“Prussian Heavy Cavalry”) will be
                                  usable in the first and third mission. 
                                  You’d better be willing to invest early;
                                  they won’t stick around long.
     X Cavalry – Pierce (Melee)  
     - Cavalry – Shock  (Sword)  Again, this is only useful in the first and
                                  third missions.  Not very useful, I say.
     - Citizen / Fishing Boat    Your citizens will only play a few active
                                  roles in this campaign.  If you use the
                                  Citizen-Engineer switchoff that I describe
                                  later, you’ll hardly need citizens to come
                                  into the fray.
       Buildings, Walls, etc.    Most of your buildings are already made for
                                  you in these levels.  Building a line of
                                  towers and AA guns is also more trouble
                                  than it is worth.  If you wish an upgrade
                                  here, Hit Points might be the best
     X Cybers – Combat
     X Cybers – Ultra
     + Field Cannon & Anti-Tank  AT guns are, as the name implies, good
                                  against tanks.  Bear in mind, however, that
                                  the only tanks you can use are armor
                                  piercing by nature – so they, too, are good
                                  against enemy tanks.
     + Infantry – Ranged         Gunners will be your front line of infantry
                                  later on.  You can benefit incredibly from
                                  bonuses here.
     X Infantry – Spear (Melee)  
     X Infantry – Shock (Sword)  
     X Religion – Priests        
     X Religion – Prophets      
     + Ships – Battleships and   You use Battleships a lot in your naval
               Carriers           missions.  In one specific mission, these
                                  stat increases will give a certain special
                                  unit godly capabilities.
       Ships – Frigates and      Cruisers are the only useful part of this
               Cruisers           upgrade.  The enemy doesn’t have subs
                                  to attack with, so your Frigates are only
                                  good for clearing out naval mines.
     * Ships – Galleys, Trans-   You definitely want to rely heavily on
               ports, and Subs    your submarines – the enemy is overly fond
                                  of battleships, which cannot shoot subs.
                                  Highly recommendable for naval levels.
     * Siege Weapons/Mobile AA   With airplanes coming into play, mobile AA
                                  will be very important to escort your army,
                                  and the amount of building siege you will
                                  be performing assures you this isn’t a
     * Tanks                     Although nonexistent in the first levels,
                                  your Panzers and A7V’s will be incredibly
                                  powerful against both infantry and other
              MISSION 1   25
              MISSION 2   25
              MISSION 3   25
              MISSION 4   25
              MISSION 5   25
              MISSION 6   25
              MISSION 7   50
                  TOTAL  200 
    B: Walkthroughs
    MISSION 1: Cavalry of the Sky
      Summer 1915  
    EPOCH: Industrial Age
    Germany is at war with Russia.  At the same time, airplanes have taken
    to the skies.  One German Air Force member, Manfred von Richthofen, and
    his pilot, Count Holck, have been sent on an aerial reconnaissance 
    mission over Russian ground.  However, they are shot out of the sky and
    crash-land deep in Russian territory.  They must find a way through 
    Russian troops back to the German front lines, and somehow salvage their
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Orange  Russia   Enemy
                   Yellow  Poland   Ally
                   Gray    Germans  Ally
    SPECIAL UNITS: Manfred von Richthofen (Warrior Hero, 2540 HP)
                   Count Holck (Renamed German Officer, 0 Attack)
                   German Infantry
                   German Machine Gun
                   Prussian Hvy Cavalry (Renamed Dragoon)
                   Prussian Lt Cavalry  (Renamed Imperial Cuirassier)
    - Richthofen and his pilot, Count Holck, must travel to the west, where
      they can be rescued by advancing German troops.
    - Both Richthofen and Holck must survive.
    + Help Jozef by saving his wife, Zofia, from the Russians.
    + Explore the sector and photograph a total of 4 Russian outposts.  Most
      of these outposts contain Barracks, so be careful.
    + Use the German troops to make a breach in the Russians’ front lines,
      then bring Richthofen and Count Holck to the Headquarters Tent.
    - Richthofen and his pilot, Count Holck, must travel to the west, where
      they can be rescued by advancing German troops.
    - Both Richthofen and Holck must survive.
    After the opening cinema, Manfred von Richthofen and Count Holck are 
    found next to their wrecked plane, somewhere in the woods.  They cannot
    travel west just yet, because there are trees in the way.
    Now, Richthofen has actually been weakened in this scenario. As opposed 
    to the 4740 HP he should have, his life maxes out at 2540, as I pointed
    out above.  His morale effect (he IS a Warrior Hero, after all) has been
    removed.  Holck, on the other hand, has his stats the same as a German 
    Officer (mass-produced Strategist Heroes).  To dumb him down, the
    programmers have taken away his healing ability.
    Send your two Heroes east, which is the only direction they can go.  You
    will quickly see another cinematic, followed by a new objective:
    + Help Jozef by saving his wife, Zofia, from the Russians.
    An interesting trick the programmers have thrown in:  If you click on
    one of the three Citizens, you will notice the unit name changes between
    Jozef, Andrzej, and Stanislaw.  This only works until you’ve traveled
    past the trees to the west.
    Now follow the path north to see a quick scene, and then kill the two
    Doughboys that follow.  Watch out, their attack has been juiced up (only
    for these two, though) by some 50 extra points.
    Once they are dead, the woman will be set free and Manfred will announce
    that his pistol is empty.
     MANFRED von RICHTHOFEN’S attack power is set to zero.
    Come back the way you came for another quick pseudo-movie sequence, and
    take control of the three brothers.  Send them to the tree line to the 
    west. See the two trees in the middle with only 25 wood?  Chop one of 
    those down and send your heroes through the gap.  The brothers will now
    leave you.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon passage through the woods.
    Travel north up the path.  Richthofen will see a Russian Siege Factory
    and make a brief comment, giving you a new objective:
    + Explore the sector and photograph a total of 4 Russian outposts.  Most
      of these outposts contain Barracks, so be careful.
    There are Russian patrols about, but they have been given a shorter line
    of sight.  Be careful to avoid them right now, as you can’t fight back
    There are six outposts, in this order:
            5  SMP 4      2       SMP – the swamp.  Avoid it.
             6     3    1 
    You have just seen outpost #1.  Send Richthofen up next to it.  The site
    will be photographed.
    Now, three of the outposts contain special bonuses for you.  These are
    outposts #2, #4, and #6.  To make it even better, outposts #2 and #4 are 
    unguarded.  Below I will list all the outposts and what they give you:
    Outpost #1 – Gives you your new mission objective.
    Outpost #2 – Reveals all six Russian outposts on your map. 
    Outpost #3 – No bonus
    Outpost #4 – Gives Ammo.  Sets Richthofen’s AND Holck’s attacks to 150.
                 This is a must.
    Outpost #5 – No bonus
    Outpost #6 – Puts a Hospital under your ally’s control (The AI Germany)
                 that will heal your men without any risk of the Hospital
                 being attacked.
    Be careful to avoid the swamp in the northern area of the map.  If you
    venture into the center, your Heroes will be stricken with Malaria.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon photographing of two outposts.
    Once you’ve taken four photos (and hopefully found the Ammo), the camera
    will center in on a new area:  You now have the German front lines under
    your control, and 10000 of each resource.  A new objective is issued:
    + Use the German troops to make a breach in the Russians’ front lines,
      then bring Richthofen and Count Holck to the Headquarters Tent.
    Begin by mass-producing German Infantry, German Machine Gun, and 
    Prussian Heavy Cavalry.  Also build a few Paladin Cannons and Artillery.
    While you are waiting, send Richthofen and Holck northwest.  When you
    see Russian Pillboxes, have them both attack the Pillboxes.  They should
    be able to destoy the Pillboxes and occasional Russian units easily.
    What you are doing here is scouting out the back end of the Russian
    army.  However, you will encounter some artillery that can be a thorn in
    your side.  There is, luckily, a way to take them out without so much
    as a scratch.  How?
    Attack the Artillery as normal until the artillery fires.  There is a
    significant time delay between the moment the artillery fires and the
    moment the shell hits the ground; during this time, send Richthofen and
    Holck safely out of the shell’s trajectory.
    Once you see Russian Barracks, don’t go any farther.  This is where your
    army from the other side will work its magic
    Send your army up to the Barbed Wire that you can see between your army
    and your heroes.  Use Paladin Cannons to take out the buildings.  Your
    Cavalry and Infantry will pack a massive punch.  Your only real threat
    will be the infamous Artillery, with its massive splash damage. 
    Once a hole is punched through the Russian lines, send Richthofen and
    Holck through to the northwest corner of the map to meet with their
    Prince.  Enjoy the victory sequence.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon victory.
    MISSION 2: Supply and Demand
      Winter 1915-1916
    EPOCHS: Atomic Age – WW1
    Great Britain has blockaded the German waters and prevented any cargo
    from arriving at her ports.  Germany is now feeling the strain of this
    blockade, and now seeks to break the blockade long enough for a few more
    shipments to arrive, or else their campaign will be forfeit.
    COLORS:        Grey    Germany (Germans)
                   Red     Grand Fleet  (British Navy)
                   Red     British Navy (British Navy)
                   Aqua    Denmark
                   Yellow  German Supplies
                   Yellow  German Ports
                   Red     British Flyers
    SPECIAL UNITS: Manfred von Richthofen (aka Red Baron, airplane hero)
                   Spy (Scenario-only unit)
                   German Officer (Mass-produced Strategist Hero)
    WONDERS:       Stadium    (aka Coliseum)
                   Lighthouse (Scenario-only building)
    - After you construct a Dock or Navy Yard, German Supply Transports will
      start to arrive at the Northern and Southern Route entry points. 
      Northern ships will head for the German Ports at Kiel and Rostock,
      Southern ships will head for Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven.  You must
      ensure that a total of 20 Transports make it to port safely.
    - You may find it useful to trade with Denmark.  Denmark will give you
      Gold for Food and Iron for Wood.  To make a trade, use the Alliances &
      Tributes screen to give the resources to Denmark.  They will accept
      lots of 500 only, and you will get 250 back.
    + The Red Baron must survive.
    + Bring a U-Boat to a British Dock or Navy Yard to signal the Spy wait-
      ing in Britain.
    + Bring the Spy to the British Capitol to shut down their air power.
    - After you construct a Dock or Navy Yard[...] You must ensure that a
      total of 20 Transports make it to port safely.
    - You may find it useful to trade with Denmark.
    Watch the opening cinema and then survey your base.  You have your Cap-
    itol and Town Centers in four different locations, spread from east to
    The easternmost Town Center has a large forest due south.  This is your
    wood harvesting area, and will probably never be attacked.  The Town
    Center west of that one rests due north of three Stone Mines.  You will
    want to build a Settlement down there and harvest the Stone.
    Your Capitol rests north of a Gold Mine and an Iron Mine.  Between the
    Gold and Iron is a large empty space where you can build a Granary.
    Your westernmost Town Center is where you will encounter the most fight-
    ing, so I generally fortify it and move my Citizens away.
    Your first action should be to build a Naval Yard at your westernmost
    Town Center.  This will start the supply transports coming in.  If you
    do it quickly, you may not have to worry about the rest of the mission;
    Britain will not be able to set up the blockade fast enough.
    Also build an Airport.  Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, and his
    accompanying planes will join you.  You get a new objective:
    + The Red Baron must survive.
    The Red Baron is practically immortal.  He can shoot down tons of planes
    and inflict decent pain on ships and land units.  If you purchase any
    Fighter Aircraft bonuses in the Civ Builder, they also apply to him.
    Use your Airport to set Fighter and Bomber rally points and flex your
    new-found muscle.
    Now set up your base as I described earlier, and don’t delay.  Seven
    minutes into the game, the British Fleet will be granted an unlimited
    amount of resources for building ships to blockade your ports and attack
    your base.  Hopefully, you’ll still get a good number of shipments in.
    When you get six shipments in port, you get a side-quest:
    + Bring a U-Boat to a British Dock or Navy Yard to signal the Spy wait-
      ing in Britain.
    This is a worthy little task to undertake – not only because it makes
    this mission easier, but for its comical value and Civ Points.  First,
    build an Observation Balloon and send it west to Britain, and find a
    Naval Yard or Docks.
    You will need to build multiple U-Boats.  A squad of three can be sunk
    by British Frigates.  I also recommend building a few Battleships to
    accompany your U-Boats to draw fire and sink enemy Frigates.  Don’t go
    overboard, just build enough to get one U-boat to a dock alive.  Also
    don’t build Frigates, as they are for the most part useless for this
    suicide run.
    Planes will come from above to fire on your Battleships and/or Frigates,
    while the occasional ship or U-Boat will fire on you as well.  Send your
    U-boats on a beeline to the Docks you found earlier.  Once they arrive,
    you get control of the Spy in Britain.  Now get your remaining ships the
    heck out of there.
    + Bring the Spy to the British Capitol to shut down their air power.
    The spy starts in the northern end of Britain, and the Capitol is in the
    South.  There is a Pillbox in between, as well as the risk of airplanes
    firing on your spy.  Send him straight to the Capitol – with 5235 HP, he
    should not die if he moves fast.
    Now watch the movie that follows.  When control is restored to you,
    take a look at the enemy planes as they all spontaneously fall out of the
    sky in sync.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon successful use of the Spy.
    With no airplanes in the way, Britain becomes a pushover.  Build the
    Lighthouse to see where the British ships are blockading you – the
    blockades are not very large.  You can bomb them or send the ships you 
    have left over from your mad rush to get the Spy in Britain.   If you 
    build the Stadium, you will hear a short speech about the Olympics.  
    When the ships are gone, your supplies will come in very quickly, and 
    you’ll win before you know it.
     +15 CIV POINTS on victory.
    MISSION 3: The Red Baron
      Spring 1916
    EPOCH: Atomic Age - WWI
    The Battle of Verdun has lasted three months thus far.  Early offensives
    from the Germans have failed, and now nearly one hundred thousand men
    have fallen dead or wounded.  Luckily, the German High Command has dis-
    covered a weakness in one sector, and seeks to end this bloody stale-
    mate.  In order to do so, the Germans must raze three French strongholds.
    Strong air support has been sent to the front lines.
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Blue    French Forts
                   Yellow  French Towns
                   Blue    French Army
                   Blue    French Flyers
    SPECIAL UNITS: Red Baron (scenario-only Warrior Hero aircraft unit)
                   German Officer (mass-produced Strategist Heroes)
                   Artillery Spotter Balloon (renamed Observation Balloon,
                                             1400 HP)
                   German Infantry
                   German Machine Gun
                   Prussian Lt Cavalry  (renamed Imperial Cuirassier)
                   Prussian Hvy Cavalry (renamed Dragoon)
                   Engineer (scenario-only builder unit)
    ENGINEERED:    Pillbox (25 Stone, 19 Atk, 900 HP.  Attacks land units)
                   Barbed Wire (4 Wood/tile)
    - The French have three heavily defended forts in this sector:
      Douaumont, Vaux, and Souville.  Destroy everything within the walls of
      these forts.
    - The Red Baron must survive.
    + Shoot down all aircraft belonging to the “Anti-Richthofen Squad”.
    - The French have three heavily defended forts in this sector:
      Douaumont, Vaux, and Souville.  Destroy everything within the walls of
      these forts.
    - The Red Baron must survive.
    Welcome to the bloody stalemates of World War I.  You start out in a
    tough spot – your base extends across the northeastern part of the map.
    Your resources are scarcely adequate to cover your costs, so your first
    priority is to gather resources and prepare your defenses.  Resources
    can be found in the middle of your base.  I recommend you upgrade your
    Settlement and Granary to give you more resources with fewer citizens. 
    You’ll need the space in your pop cap.
    The map is arranged roughly like this:
    \              \   Your Base   |
    /               ‘~------.      |
    \                        \     |
    /                         \____|
    \                              |
    /       Douaumont              |
    \                      Vaux    |
    /                              |
    \                              |
    /           Seville            |
    All of that empty space on my ‘map’ is riddled and dotted with French
    Barbed Wire, AA Guns, Pillboxes, Artillery, more Towers, and the occas-
    ional military building for the French Army.  They will attack you from
    the west more often, so this means that your northwest area will quickly
    find itself under attack.
    Luckily, you have plenty of military buildings to take advantage of. 
    Build your army in the northwest fast – your starting army in
    the east side of your base will cover your flank well.
    Start churning out Infantry and Machine gun with AT gun support.  Also
    try and get a Hospital in the area to heal your men.   Build an Engineer
    and start fencing off your base with Barbed Wire.
    The interesting thing about Barbed Wire is how ill-equipped the AI is to
    deal with it.  The only time I’ve seen it directly attack Barbed Wire
    was when it was trying to attack my base, and I was completely fenced
    in.  Given the choice, the AI will go around the Barbed Wire, or maybe
    not even approach the area at all.  Use this to your advantage – create
    a chokepoint! Leave a small funnel-shaped opening in the fence and the 
    enemy will send all his troops through it.  The enemy is much easier to 
    defeat when you control the direction it attacks from.  Bear in mind,
    however, that Artillery can ruin your day.  Since the shells they fire
    damage everything in a certain radius, your barbed wire may be an
    extra casualty that can open your flank.
    Also set up Pillboxes – for the stone they cost, they are a bargain. 
    They are very effective for taking out troops and can be built
    Once the initial ground attack subsides, you will soon find yourself 
    attacked from the air.  There is a problem here: You have no AA tanks,
    cannot build more AA guns, and the Red Baron can only guard the sky
    for so long, and only so much area can be covered.  With this said, what
    is to be your anti-air in this mission?
    Partisan Infantry.  With maxed out Range and Attack, they can gun down 
    planes with incredible efficiency in large groups.  The drawback 
    is their bad habit of tending to die, and a certain weakness when 
    Artillery and Bombers fire into the mass of them.  You’ll want 
    to keep them near a Hospital in your base, or bring German Officers 
    along for healing.
    Once you’ve firmly established your control over your own base, double-
    check your resource sites.  Also build Barbed Wire in the shallow water
    south of the mines, as a French attack here will expose your soft under-
    belly and destroy your resource production.
    While building up your army, NEVER waste money on Medics.  Use German
    Officers instead – for the extra time and money, you get healers that
    may very well survive the entire mission.  Also bring an Engineer
    along.  As you move your army, use the Engineer to build Barbed Wire
    fences alongside your forces (this will prevent you from being flanked).
    In fact, if you read nothing more of this mission, just remember these
    two things: German Officers and Barbed Wire.  They will save your
                                \  ATTACKING VAUX  /
    With your base secure, it’s time to see some action.  I recommend moving
    in on Vaux first: it is the fort due south of your Capitol and Airport.
    Build up a large force.  If you want to use tanks, then make sure to
    produce all ten at once--they will last longer in a large group like
    that.  When the tenth tank is built, your Tank production will be dis-
    abled, leaving you with Cargo Trucks as the only producible units at
    your Tank Factory.  A good alternative to Tanks are Dragoons (Prussian
    Hvy Cavalry)--they are fast and pack a good punch, and they
    can be healed by German Officers and Medics for extra longevity.
    Use the Red Baron and your other aircraft to provide air cover and 
    harass any French that come near.  Do not bring them too close to Vaux,
    however, or they will be shot down by AA guns.
    Send your army across the River and approach the north gate.  Use How-
    itzer Cannons or Artillery to bring down the gate, while using other 
    units to raze Towers and AA guns.  Also beware of any Artillery that may
    fire on you.  The Red Baron is the best counter you have to enemy
    When the gate falls, send your army inside and promptly begin to raze
    the buildings.  The inside of the fort is rather poorly defended.  Just
    let your units loose on the buildings.  Once Vaux falls, pull back into
    your base and listen to the words of praise.  Then get your men back to
    base quickly to protect your buildings.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon razing of the first French Fort.
                              \  ATTACKING DOUAUMONT  /
    Next on your list of targets should be Douaumont – the French Fort in 
    the north central area of the map.  For this attack, you will want to
    pull the majority of your forces to the northwest area of your base.
    Reassign the Red Baron and your planes to an aerodrome (airport) in
    the northwest; if there is no aerodrome there, build one!
    Rebuild your army.  At this point, I typically leave the Cavalry 
    behind in favor of Infantry.  Bring 7-10 Partisans, 2 or 3 Officers,
    and a large mass of German Infantry and Machine Gunners.  The Engineer
    should tag along with (at least) a pair of Howitzer Cannons and a couple
    of Artillery.  
    This time, as you move south from your base to Douaumont, build Barbed
    Wire fences to the west of your men, connecting with the northern walls
    of Douaumont.  This will force the French Army’s units to walk all the 
    way around their own city before attacking you.  Use the Red Baron to
    scout out the area, and be sure to check for Artillery piled up on the
    cliffs.  The AI likes massing its Artillery near Douaumont, and nothing
    hurts worse than all your Partisans being killed by a shell and leaving
    you open to air attacks.  The Red Baron can take care of errant 
    Artillery guns easily.
    As you approach the fort, raze the Towers and other structures in your
    way.  Make sure your units are hotkeyed, especially your Partisans and
    AT guns to deal with planes and tanks, respectively.  You should wind up
    facing the north wall of the fort.  The only problem is, the gates are
    on the East and West sides of the fort.  But who needs gates?  Bust a
    hole in the north wall with your Howitzers and let yourself in.
    Securing this fort will be a bit harder – the ‘French Flyers’ will have
    become a large thorn in your side, and French Artillery will enjoy
    shooting over the walls into the fort and killing your units en masse.
    The Red Baron should be very busy running air cover for your men.
    Now raze the buildings.  You will get even more praise.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon razing of the second fort.
    Douaumont is actually the perfect place to establish a base for the
    attack on Seville, but Citizens are far too weak to build what you need.
    Instead, use your engineers.  Once there is a break in enemy fire, make
    sure your Engineer is still alive and then scroll back to your base and
    select a random Citizen.  Now order that Citizen to build a Barracks, 
    Aerodrome, Hospital, and Siege Factory within the walls of Douaumont.
    Once he starts walking towards the foundations, turn him right back to
    harvesting resources.  All your citizens should be busy harvesting.
    Now hit the Tab key.  You should be sent automatically to the Engineer.
    Right-click him onto a foundation and he will build the buildings your
    Citizen mapped out, even though he cannot naturally create them himself.  
    This will prove very useful, since he is already in the fray and has 
    higher Hit Points than a Citizen.
    One big downside to this fort is that the French have gates that they
    can use, and you can’t.  Instead of wasting time destroying these gates
    and leaving yourself more vulnerable, build Barbed Wire fences around
    both gates to prevent the French from walking in on you.
                             \  ATTACKING SEVILLE  /
    Send the Red Baron and the other planes to the Aerodrome you erected in
    Douaumont.  They will play a much more active role in your assault on
    the final fort, Seville.
    Order up a mass of Partisans and use siege equipment to bust a hole in 
    the South wall of the fort.  Build a barrier of Barbed Wire in the area
    between your original base and Douaumont in order to force the French
    into the small hole you’ve opened to the south.  The barbed wire should
    essentially take the form of a tunnel, with no side entrances or exits.
    Now use the Red Baron to scout out Seville.  Between your base and your
    target lies two Barracks and a few Towers and AA guns.  Make sure your
    ground forces can handle whatever the French throw at you (Tanks, 
    Artillery, and aircraft), and send Gotha Bombers to begin clearing the 
    path between Douaumont and Seville of AA guns.  Use the Red Baron to
    escort these bombers for air defense.
    Your prime target for aerial bombardment is the AA guns and the Barracks
    nearby.  Once they are razed (it won’t take long), go to the original
    Airport you had (it’s near your Capitol), and find the Artillery Spotter
    Balloon.  Send it to Douamont, but be careful that it does not get shot
    down on the way.  Let the balloon repair at Douaumont’s airport, and 
    check to make sure the path to Seville is clear of any AA guns or enemy
    This is the fun part.  Send the balloon south into the fort, and then
    select (left-click) any building in the fort.  Watch the entertaining
    barrage and enjoy seeing the fort come crashing to the ground. Easy, no?
    + Shoot down all aircraft belonging to the “Anti-Richthofen Squad”.
    It’s not over yet!  The “Anti R. Squad” consists of about seven fighter
    planes with unlimited flight time and only one target: the Red Baron.
    This is what your Partisans are for.  Wait and the Squad will come from
    the Northwest.  The Red Baron could probably take them all out single-
    handedly, but that would take a long time of boring aerial dogfighting.
    Instead, lure the Squad into your base at Douaumont, and let your 
    Partisans open fire on each plane.
    Once all the planes named “Anti R. Squad” are out of commission, you’ve
     +15 CIV POINTS on victory.
    MISSION 4: The Somme
      1918 AD
    EPOCHS: Atomic Age – WWI
    Russia has withdrawn from the war, but now America has become a looming
    threat. The German High Command recognized the danger and has decided to
    launch a massive assault on one of the Allies’ weak points: the Somme 
    River Valley.  They hope to crush the Allies before America enters the
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Red     Great Britain
                   Yellow  French Town
                   Gray    Germany
                   Red     British Flyers
                   Cream   Unguarded Building
                   Blue    Roye Defenders
                   Blue    Montdidier Defenders
    SPECIAL UNITS: The Red Baron
                   German Officer
                   German Infantry
                   German Machine Gun
    - Build the largest invasion force you can without being detected.
      Prepare quickly – once the battle has been joined, resources will be
      scarce.  If anyone blunders across your troops, they must be caught
      and killed before they reach their superiors with the news.
    - Destory the enemy town centers at Peronne, Roye, and Montdidier.
      Build a Barracks on each site.
    - Build the largest invasion force you can without being detected.
      Prepare quickly – once the battle has been joined, resources will be
      scarce.  If anyone blunders across your troops, they must be caught
      and killed before they reach their superiors with the news.
    - Destory the enemy town centers at Peronne, Roye, and Montdidier.
      Build a Barracks on each site.
    You start the game with a town center, a few houses, an Airport, a Siege
    Factory, a Tank Factory, two Barracks, and more resources than you could
    ever need.  You also have a few citizens hanging around.  Do not start
    collecting resources yet; any resources you gather in this time period
    will be wasted once your army is built.  Instead, set up some buildings
    you will need once your resources disappear – Granaries, AA guns, extra
    Town Centers near other resource nodes, or whatever else suits your
    To keep these resources of yours, you must prevent yourself from being
    discovered by the enemy.  The game gives you a three game-minute grace
    period to let you build up your army.  After that, the AI will send
    individual Doughboy infantry or Sopwith planes that will “discover” your
    base.  You will have to chase down and kill these units before they 
    return their base.  Fortunately, they will have a long way to go before
    they return with the news – the bases they go to are near the western
    edge of the map, although some planes will fly straight to Peronne
    across the southern river.
    Anyhow, to deal with these bunglers who will stumble across your base,
    the best counter is to send the Red Baron and the other Fokker airplanes
    to chase down the doughboy/Sopwith that discovered you.  You might also
    find snipers (upgraded range) useful to handle doughboys and massed
    Partisans or AA guns to shoot down the Sopwiths.  
    Now let’s get down to business.  Build yourself an army.  Be sure to 
    balance it out, with tanks, infantry, and AT guns in decent proportions.
    If you want to bring medics, think again.  You have more than enough
    resources and time to invest in a large number of German Officers who
    can heal better and last longer.  I also advise bringing a few Engineers
    along for building, and Partisans to help take out the bombers you are
    going to meet along the way.
    Build your forces up to the population limit and avoid being discovered.
    Make sure you have some AA guns to defend your home base, as the British
    will send planes to harass your citizens.  If you are discovered early,
    you’ll have to start collecting all your resources from nothing.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon completion of army.
     +1000 FOOD GIVEN after resources set to zero
                               \  ATTACKING PERONNE  /
    WARNING! -- Any buildings you build (except, oddly enough, Barbed Wire
                and AA guns) outside of your initial base must be guarded
                by your troops.  If your troops desert a building, it
                will be handed over to a neutral computer player until your
                troops return to reclaim it.
    BUG WARNING! – I have noticed when only one unit is left behind to
                   guard an airport, it will sometimes switch over to the
                   neutral control for a split second.  Although it
                   immediately switches back into your hands, all aircraft
                   inside/landing on the airport will be destroyed.  The
                   easiest remedy is to have two guards instead of one.
    There is a large river to the south that you will need to cross to get
    to Peronne.  As you don’t have the resources or space in your population
    limit to build transports, you will have to go around to the west.
    Send your army out the southern exit from your base and head due west.
    Your army will come across a bridge near the far western edge of the
    map; across this bridge your army will have its first exercise in target
    practice.  The British stationed here consist of several Doughboys and
    about a half dozen Artillery, so lead the charge with infantry and
    tanks, and take out the Artillery first.  Then allow your Officers to
    heal your infantry.  Your men will also be destroying the British (red)
    buildings in the city from which these troops came.
    There is a British airport north of this city that you could destroy,
    but it isn’t really a threat.  Instead, heal up and prepare to move
    south.  A Tank Factory waits immediately across the bridge, guarded by
    a huge load of tanks and a couple of Doughboys.  Lead the charge with
    your AT guns, and keep your Officers right behind them for healing. I
    advise using snipers to take out the Doughboys supporting the tanks, as
    they can’t be seen by the enemy units except at close range.
    As you head east to Peronne, you will be assaulted by British planes
    from every direction (but most notably the south).  You will need to
    keep your Partisans constantly vigilant for the huge Gotha Bombers.  One
    volley from these guys can really ruin your day.  Your Officers will be
    very busy healing if one of these guys manages to hit your men.  Since
    the British Flyers have an infinite amount of resources, they can pretty
    much churn out fresh airplanes nonstop.  Your odds are better just 
    making a dash for Peronne instead of taking it slow and cautiously – at
    least moving targets are harder for planes to hit!
    If you were hoping to send your own planes south across the forest to
    strike the British planes at their source – the airports – think again.
    The forest to the south has “high winds,” and any attempt to fly across
    these trees will automatically defuel your planes (ouch), leaving them
    vulnerable to British planes that can pick them off very easily.
    Peronne’s biggest threat to your army is the airport next to its Town
    Center.  Your Howitzers, Mortars, and Artillery should immediately take
    it out; you will have enough trouble with airplanes as is.  Raze all the
    buildings ASAP.  The ground forces should be either weak or nonexistent
    if you move quickly.
    Now you are faced with a choice.  You are directed to build a Barracks
    at the site of Peronne’s Town Center.  However, once you do this, you
    will lose the Red Baron and Jasta 11, which means you will no longer be
    able to produce Fokker airplanes – the only hybrid fighter/bomber planes
    you get.  Therefore, I highly recommend delaying the building of a
    Barracks for some time – at least until you’ve gotten to Roye, as the
    next push southward will cost you much time and money.  I hope your
    citizens back home are harvesting all the resources you can get.
    Once you are ready to say good-bye to the Red Baron, or if you allowed
    the Red Baron to be shot down earlier in the mission, order a citizen
    from your home base to build a Barracks on the colored ground.  Once you
    see the roped-off foundation, send the citizen back to harvesting more
    resources and order one of your Engineers to build the Barracks instead.
     +1000 of all resources upon capture of Peronne.
                                 \  ATTACKING ROYE  /
    During this time period, blue troops called “Roye Defenders” will walk
    around and attack with isolated groups of Doughboys.  They may even
    reach your home base – but a single pillbox can deal with them well 
    Before you even think of moving south, I advise that you regroup your
    men at Peronne, which you just destroyed.  Use the Citizen-Engineer
    trick I described above to build yourself a base.  Especially important
    will be the building of an airport, as you will need as much air cover
    as you can get; the computer will continually spawn planes to harass
    you.  To bring the planes you already own in your home base, you will
    first need to clear out the AA guns between your initial base and
    Peronne – four tanks are more than strong enough to clear out the guns
    and the random Doughboys guarding.  Bring your planes to the new
    airport for closer and quicker air cover.
    In case you’ve forgotten, scroll back up and read the bug warning
    above.  Always leave two guards near your airports or the Red Baron
    goes bye-bye.
    Now rebuild your forces and stock the base with AA guns (again, via
    Citizen-Engineer switchovers).  Then send the Red Baron south to scope
    out the path you will take to Roye.  There will be Artillery staked out
    on the cliffs on both sides of the path-- have the Red Baron destroy
    them.  There will also be a group of British land units standing by a 
    wall of barbed wire, behind which lays the city you’re after.  All of
    these guys are valid targets to destroy.  Since the Red Baron is 
    virtually immortal, being shot down shouldn’t be too big of a worry.
    In the Red Baron’s flight, you may have noticed some “French Towns”
    (yellow buildings) in the forest in the east central region of the map.
    Use an engineer to build a wall of barbed wire around the entire forest, 
    stretching from just north of the northernmost house to the southern 
    cliffs.  There will be a flanking ambush that will come from this forest
    later, but the barbed wire will effectively trap it in.  Of course, you
    will first want to make sure that your engineer can safely wall the area
    off – you may want to wait until your army is at Roye, and still bring
    a tank or couple of Machine Guns as escort, as Doughboys like to spawn
    in that forest.
    Anyways, once the artillery were removed and the infantry at the barbed
    wire wall eliminated, send your army on a straight run to the barbed
    wire and use artillery and howitzers to eliminate the barrier.  Again,
    you will be bombarded by Gotha Bombers, so the faster you move, the
    easier this part will be.  If you cleared the path right, it will be
    an open run to Roye right behind the barbed wire.
    When attacking the city, take down the airports ASAP!  Since there are
    four airports total that are still in service at this point of the game, 
    destroying these two will halve the potency of the British Flyers.  Also
    note the barracks – blue and red alike are threats, and should be taken
    down ASAP.  Once this town has been razed, I would consider it a safe
    time to build a barracks on both Peronne and Roye, as the Red Baron is
    not so useful for the final attack.  You also get enough cash to rebuild.
    (Bug warning: Build the barracks on Peronne first.  I have trouble with
     my mission objectives when I do it the other way around – hopefully you
     won’t, but it pays to be safe.)
     +5 CIV POINTS upon capture of Roye.
     +500 of each resource awarded.
                              \  ATTACKING MONTDIDIER  /
    It’s an open run to Montdidier.  However, halfway there, you will be
    notified that your forces are being cut in two – you are getting 
    ambushed from the forest in the east central area of the map, and the
    AI is heading straight for Peronne (actually, they are sent to any spot
    on the map you have expanded into, but Peronne is most likely to be 
    attacked).  Did you build the barbed wire fence I told you to?  The AI
    here is not equipped to be cut off in such a manner – and all it can hit
    you with might be a couple of artillery volleys, depending on how close 
    to your bases you built the fence.
    If you didn’t build the fence but still wish to avoid the ambush, you
    can try to walk around the invisible tripwire.  If all of your units
    hug the cliffs on the north side of the path, you may be able to slip
    by.  However, as the tripwire is invisible, you run a good risk of 
    hitting it anyways – it only takes two ground units in the wrong place
    to set off the ambush! 
    Now destroy Montdider with extreme prejudice, after the same fashion
    you destroyed the first two towns – but this time you won’t have to
    worry about rebuilding afterwards.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon victory.
    MISSION 5: Lightning Warfare
      1939-1940 AD
    EPOCHS: Atomic Age - WWII
    Germany has built its forces up in spite of the Treaty of Versailles.
    Taking an example from the Spanish Civil War, it is ready to initiate
    the Blitzkrieg, by applying massive force at incredible speeds.
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Red     Great Britain
                   Blue    France & the Benelux
                   Cream   Poland
                   Aqua    Denmark & Norway
                   Maroon  Soviet Union
    SPECIAL UNITS: German Officer
                   Reichstag (Building)
                   German Infantry
                   German Machine Gun
    WONDERS:       Coliseum
    - When you are ready to fight each country, use the Alliances & Tributes
      on Poland, Norway & Denmark, and France & the Benelux in turn.  To 
      win, you must destroy the Capitol of each of these groups and replace
      it with a Town Center or Capitol of your own.  You can win with only
      Town Centers, but Capitols will give you a greater reward.
    - Do not let the Reichstag be destroyed or Germany will be forced to
    - Europe must be seized with all speed. If victory is not achieved before
      Fall of 1940, an American-Russian alliance will make victory
      impossible, spelling Germany’s defeat.  Until then, the German-Russian
      Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 will prevent hostilities between these
      two nations.  The Reichstag is able to keep you up to date on the
      passage of time.
    - When you are ready to fight each country, use the Alliances & Tributes
      on Poland, Norway & Denmark, and France & the Benelux in turn. [...] 
    - Do not let the Reichstag be destroyed or Germany will be forced to
    - Europe must be seized with all speed. [...]
    This can either be a very easy game, or a very difficult level.  You
    can choose.  The situation seems simple:  Take over three neighboring
    territories in 80 minutes.  You are initially blocked off from your
    opponents by huge walls of Barbed Wire, but once you declare war, you
    can cross a nation’s borders and destroy its capitol.  However, you might
    find taking France to be problematic – the ridiculous fortifications
    along the border might stop you, or the planes.  Or perhaps Denmark’s
    battleships make crossing the sea difficult, and you waste your time
    trying to rebuild another attack force and lose.
    Well, there is an easier way.  You are barricaded by land from your
    enemies, but not by sea.  Amusingly enough, you can instead
    send your troops by boat around the barricade and set up a town center
    literally right next to the enemy Capitol.  After that it’s a simple
    matter to have six or seven Howitzer Cannons lined up and ready to raze
    the other capitol as soon as you declare war.  Within thirty seconds,
    you have the country defeated.
    A word of warning for you cheapskates out there:  Even if the AI player
    is defeated, any units left alive will still attack you if you get too
    close; therefore, it’s still a good idea to send some troops to accompany
    your Citizens and Cannons to clear the opposition.
    Whether you choose to win cheap or honorably, the first country you 
    should attack is Poland, to your east.  It has resources you will need.
    Note:  Sometimes doing it the cheap and easy way may result in bugs in
           the game.  For example, you might cut off the newscaster guy’s
           speech and not gain Civ points.  Beware.
                                \  ATTACKING POLAND  /
    You start out with the basic unit production buildings and the Reichstag.
    Build a Granary and get some Citizens harvesting wood.  Now use the
    resources you have to build yourself a strike force.  A few tanks will
    be able to handle Poland’s backwards technology – they still have
    cavalry units in use!  Bring some Flakpanzer AA tanks to counter
    their planes, and plenty of Howitzers for building demolition.  If you
    do this the cheap way, that small force will be all you need.  If not,
    you won’t need much larger – Poland is a pushover, regardless of how you 
    choose to do it.  Declare war and plow straight to the capitol.  Your
    Panzer tanks will demolish their weaker tanks.
    45 (in-game) seconds later, Britain will declare war on you.  The Brits
    will harass you with airplanes and ships from the northwest corner of
    the map.  There’s no point in attacking them; they can’t be killed, and
    would waste your time.
    Now use the resources east of the former Polish capitol to harvest more
    Gold and Iron.  Also train ten extra citizens to populate the Town
    Center built and make your Polish Town Center a Capitol.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon construction of first German Capitol.
                                \  ATTACKING DENMARK  /
    Now turn your interests northward.  Denmark will be a pain, with an
    excessive number of battleships able to pick off your land troops.  Do
    NOT try to move north to the capitol by land – if you do, these 
    battleships will kill your army as it crosses the shallow water. 
    Instead, send your men across the ocean on the eastern side of Denmark.
    You will want plenty of Howitzers to deal with the battleships (they
    are good anti-ship as well as anti-building cannons), and bring a well
    rounded force.  Try to stay as far away from the shore as possible to
    prevent the Battleships from firing on you and giving Denmark and
    Norway and unfair advantage.
    Once it is safe, try upgrading to a Capitol for the Civ point bonus.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon construction of second German Capitol.
                                \  ATTACKING FRANCE  /
    France might be tough.  The Maginot Line (those rows of towers and Pill-
    boxes due west of your buildings) will be tough to breach, and heading
    north means British planes and ships may fire on you.  Move quickly
    through France to the capitol – bring plenty of AA tanks for air defense.
    It’ll be a bloody last push, but so long as you get the town center built
    quickly, you should be able to pull through and bring the rest of Europe
    under your heel.  You might have to load a few saves to do it, though.
    (You can’t build another Capitol, though).
     +15 CIV POINTS upon victory.
    MISSION 6: Preparations for Invasion
      1940 AD
    EPOCH: Atomic Age - WWII
    Britain is now reliant on supply transports from the U.S. Cut off their
    ports and prevent them from getting more supplies, then destroy the
    powerful Home Fleet to allow Germany an express path to invasion.
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Red     Great Britain
                   Red     British Convoys
                   Maroon  Home Fleet
                   Yellow  Iceland
                   Yellow  Ireland
                   Red     Home Guard
    SPECIAL UNITS: Ship Under Construction (Immobilized Battleship: Bismarck)
                   Bismarck (14 speed, +800 bonus to Attack, +3400 HP bonus,
                             +4 Range bonus)
                   Lighthouse (Building: Illuminates water)
                   Espionage Center (Reveals enemy buildings)
    - Weaken the British by sinking their Transports.  Each enemy Transport
      sunk will provide you with additional resources and remove resources
      from the British.
    - Destroy all British Docks located in Britain.  Each time a Transport
      gets through, the British will be able to rebuild their docks.
    - Destroy all ships belonging to Britain’s Home Fleet.
    - Weaken the British by sinking their Transports.  Each enemy Transport
      sunk will provide you with additional resources and remove resources
      from the British.
    - Destroy all British Docks located in Britain.  Each time a Transport
      gets through, the British will be able to rebuild their docks.
    This level can be a pain.  You have a low population limit (50), low
    resources, and an enemy who continually re-spawns units ad infinitum.
    This is not a mission that is won by patience and gradually wearing
    down your enemy – if your forces are broken for even a short period of
    time, your rival Britain will be able to recover as good as new.
    Your job is simple:  Keep all of the supply convoys from reaching the
    British Docks.  Each convoy you sink will give you 250 of each resource;
    each convoy that slips through will raise Britain’s resources by 1000
    of each, to a maximum of 3000.  There are five distinct convoy units
    that come from the far west of the map towards Britain, and when a
    convoy either is destroyed or makes it to Britain, it will have a 33%
    chance of respawning every ten seconds until it does.  In other words,
    they will never stop coming.
    The starting cinematic sequence will get you oriented.  You’ve got a few
    Frigates and Cruisers by the Docks in the middle city, citizens and 
    resources at the bottom, and two Naval Yards and the “Ship under
    Construction” at the top, plus your three submarines that you saw sink
    the “convoy.” 
    Try to move fast – it could prove much easier if you start early.  Get
    a few citizens to build a Granary at first, but since the only thing
    you will need to spend food on is other citizens, don’t go overboard.
    Also get to work immediately on harvesting stone, gold, iron, and wood –
    especially iron and wood.  You want to build U-boats, as Britain will
    mainly strike with Battleships – but keep battleships of your own nearby
    to counter any stray Frigates you may meet.  Also try to build the
    Espionage Center quickly so you can identify where the British Docks are
    and destroy them.  Try to move fast because after one half-hour, game 
    time, the convoys get a lot stronger.  Also, build a Lighthouse on the
    far western peninsula of your home territory – being able to see the
    convoys approaching will prove invaluable.
    The “Ship under construction” should be quietly repairing in the north.
    Soon you will get the Bismarck given to you.  Upgrade his range and 
    speed, since his attack and health is already ludicrously high; he will
    help settle any disputes you have quickly.  With increased range, he
    will also be able to fire deadly shells from a good distance, and speed
    should help him flee the fray to live another day.  With such ludicrous
    attack, he is the ideal for dock destruction.  Keep him alive – this
    mission becomes much harder without him!
    (I saw an interesting documentary saying the captain of the Bismarck
     insisted that the great ship be referred to as “he” instead of a “she”
     in the normal fashion.  Had something to do with the power of the ship)
     +5 CIV POINTS upon successful construction of the Bismarck.
    30 minutes into the game, convoys will become better defended, and will
    be accompanied by larger fleets that include Frigates – which can
    fearlessly counter your U-boats.  To remedy this, focus on the enemy
    Transports that you see – once the transport is destroyed, the warships
    that accompany them will turn back and disappear.
    You should be regularly sinking convoys.  After sinking eight of them,
    a German officer will comment on your skill.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon sinking of eight convoys.
    Mass a fleet of Battleships and U-boats – frigates are rather point-
    less here - and of course don’t neglect the Bismarck. Head up Britain’s 
    west coast.  Destroy all Docks you cross and reduce the number
    of places the Convoys can go. Until you sink one, the British
    Citizens will keep rebuilding.  Leave one U-boat at each of your home
    Docks, however, as Britain is fond of producing Battleships and sending
    them after your buildings en masse.  Once one convoy is sunk, keep an
    eye on the minimap for any more red units coming from the sea (you’d
    better have the Lighthouse by now).  Start taking out docks system-
    atically – use your Espionage Center to keep track.
    Once you’re established, two good points to blockade would be the north
    side of Ireland (there is a neutral Dock there that can heal your boats)
    and the entry to the English Channel.  If you destroyed the northernmost
    Docks, most convoys should come by those two paths.  If one or two slips
    by, don’t worry too much – you should have some naval dominance in the
    area, plus a large number of resources from your effective U-boat
    blockade.  Be constantly alert, checking for new docks and new convoys
    coming in, and always destroy the Docks on the western side of Britain
    first, then the northern ones, and lastly the ones in the English
    Channel, that way you will be able to have the easiest blockade against
    the British Convoys.
    Once all the Docks are destroyed, you may not even get notified that
    you have crippled Britain.  The supply convoys will stop coming, and the
    hardest part of the level is over.  All that remains is the Home fleet.
    - Destroy all ships belonging to Britain’s Home Fleet.
    Use the quiet time to rebuild and repair.  Let your ships recover by
    some Docks, and send a lone airplane out to scout for Britain’s Home
    Fleet somewhere in the Atlantic.  Its size depends on how long you let
    the British build ships, as the Battleships Great Britain has produced
    will have occasionally joined the Home Fleet.  However, there is an
    Aircraft Carrier – the HMS Arbiter – at the center of the fleet, so you
    might want to respond with your own.  Besides that, lean heavily to
    building Battleships and U-boats.  Britain has no U-boats of her own, so
    this fleet will actually prove quite strong – in my own game, I had
    around ten U-boats and three battleships (plus the Bismarck) and an
    Aircraft Carrier, and the Home fleet hardly stood a chance.  If you’re
    low on resources, you should be able to get away with sending much less
    against the Home Fleet.  Anyways, move your fleet to Britain’s when you
    are ready.
    On your first run, it might be a good idea to sink the HMS Arbiter. The
    Arbiter is ordered to move north and south, and the rest of the fleet
    simply follows the Arbiter, so sinking the Arbiter will keep the Home
    Fleet in one place.  Go in guns-a-blazing and sink as much as you can.
    If you built an all-Battleship and U-boat fleet with Aircraft Carrier
    backup, you should be able to smash the fleet in one blow.  You don’t
    have to sink all of the ships, just most of them; once a certain amount
    of ships are sunk, you have defeated the fleet.
    Of course, there is no law requiring you to attack the Home Fleet AFTER
    destroying the Docks.  You could try to destroy it first, but I think
    it would be harder.
     +5 CIV POINTS upon destruction of most of the Home Fleet
     +10 CIV POINTS upon victory.
    MISSION 7: Operation ‘Sea Lion’
      1941 AD
    EPOCHS: Atomic Age - WWII
    This is it – the final assault against Britain.  You finally have the
    chance to avenge yourself against that island nation which has antagon-
    ized you for so long!  The Luftwaffe is ready to clear a landing zone
    for your men, and soldiers have been brought to France from all across
    Europe to invade.  Although Operation “Sea Lion” never became a reality
    (the British planes destroyed the Luftwaffe), you have a chance to
    do it right.
    COLORS:        Gray    Germany (Germans)
                   Red     Great Britain
                   Cream   France
                   Green   United States
                   Blue    Free French
                   Red     RAF
                   Green   8th Fleet
    SPECIAL UNITS: Erwin Rommel (Strategist Hero, +5000 HP bonus)
                   Drop Plane (Renamed C-47 Cargo Plane scenario-only unit)
                   Flakpanzer (Renamed Flak Halftrack)
                   Paratroop  (Renamed Sniper)
                   Reconnaissance Plane (Renamed Sopwith Triplane
                                         +300 Flight Time bonus
                                         50% Line of Sight bonus)
    - Build Transports to ferry your units to England.  You will not be able
      to buy any other military units, so use the rest of your resources to
      improve your forces.
    - Use the Luftwaffe to clear a landing site for the invasion force.
    - Destroy Buckingham Palace, one of the symbols of English defiance, and
      build a Town Center or Capitol on the site.
    + Destroy any buildings the Americans manage to produce in England.
    + Use spies to infiltrate buildings in England.  Barracks, Tank & Seige
      Factories, Airports, and Docks can be captured to produce units in
      England.  Hospitals can be captured to provide healing.  Town Centers
      and Capitals provide additional Gold and Iron.
    + To infiltrate a building, move a Spy next to it an select a building.
      Each infiltration removes on Spy.
    - Build Transports to ferry your units to England.  You will not be able
      to buy any other military units, so use the rest of your resources to
      improve your forces.
    - Use the Luftwaffe to clear a landing site for the invasion force.
    This map starts out seeming a bit disorienting.  Your Luftwaffe, which 
    is your air forces, is spread across continental Europe.  The best
    thing to do first is to find the small green Reconnaissance Planes and
    use them for what their names imply – get recon of Britain’s shoreline.
    They have outrageous amounts of fuel, and might be able to fly for a
    longer period of time than it will take for them to be shot down.  On
    your aerial surveillance, keep a sharp eye out for any RADAR stations
    on Britain’s mainland.  These will have to come down if you are to lead
    a ground invasion of Britain.  Also try to find Buckingham Palace, and
    scope out the area to the east of Buckingham.  You will find there is a
    strait of water chock full of land mines in the sea east of Britain, but
    should you destroy it, you will have one potential route to invade that
    should not hinder your landing too badly.  You will also find nice
    open areas in the central and west areas of Britain’s shore, although it
    is still pockmarked with RADAR stations.  You want to take these out,
    but as you do, be sure to send fighters to escort your bombers – your
    bombers WILL be attacked.
    Your ground forces will be arriving at this time.  It takes 14 game
    minutes for all your troops to arrive, and General Rommel is with the
    last batch.  Now back to the task at hand – destroying the RADAR.
    The reason these RADAR stations are so threatening is that as long as
    Britain has 5 or more of these buildings standing, the enemy forces will
    be able to see your planes and ships as they cross the Channel.  Any
    bombers you send will be attacked by a few fighters, and ships will be
    bombed by the RAF.  Britain has somewhere in the realm of 8-10 RADAR
    stations, but you will know once the grid is no longer potent.  General
    Rommel will notify you himself.
     +10 CIV POINTS upon disabling Britain’s RADAR grid.
    While you are disabling the RADAR grid, you will occasionally be warned:
    “The French Resistance has staged an ambush!” These piddly blue troopers
    pose no threat to your army at all; however, if they find some citizens
    or unguarded buildings to pick on, it might be slightly unpleasant.  Be
    prepared for attacks in any of your bases on the mainland.
    - Destroy Buckingham Palace, one of the symbols of English defiance, and
      build a Town Center or Capitol on the site.
    Once the RADAR is down, your bombers and transports should be attacked
    less by the RAF, although the enemy will still attack your shores.  Now 
    comes the time to clear yourself a landing spot.  I personally prefer 
    going to the northeast edge of the map, past the naval mines (Hint: it
    helps to shoot them first) and in the backside, as British forces won’t 
    be able to respond as effectively.  Of course, there are some British
    Artillery on the southwestern peninsula of Britain that might fire on
    you as your Frigates are destroying mines.
    Once you’ve picked a good landing zone, run another brief recon run to
    find any enemies near your destination area.  You don’t want your troops
    to be smacked around by six Artillery shells while they’re still unload-
    ing, so make another few bombing runs on the enemy units you deign a
    threat.  If that RAF Airport bothers you, smash it into rubble.  If you
    don’t like the look on the face of those British Machine Gunners, bomb
    You’ve had your fun, now load the transports – you’ll find it takes a
    lot of them to get your entire army across.  A bit of advice – load the
    Artillery, mortar, and AA tanks first, as a French ambush would find
    these sorts of units ill prepared to defend itself.  Cross the channel
    and unload at a decent location; your men will almost immediately get
    involved in a skirmish.  Don’t forget about the “Drop Planes” that are
    waiting in the northeast base.  They will drop “Paratroopers” (snipers) 
    that can help out your invasion. 45 seconds after your land units have
    landed in England, you will be notified that you have “established a
     +20 CIV POINTS upon German forces establishing a foothold in England.
    Move to Buckingham palace.  So long as your recon was good and your
    troops usage efficient, you should be able to reach it.  If not, you
    might have picked a bad landing zone.  As you move in, your Flakpanzers
    will prove invaluable to take out the RAF bombers.  Sooner or later,
    you will be surprised by a sudden cinematic sequence.
    + Destroy any buildings the Americans manage to produce in England.
    Why did these Americans come?  There are four actions you can take to
    trigger their arrival:  
    -Your troops saw their ships (they stay near western Britain)
    -You have destroyed ALL of the RAF’s airports
    -Your army is approaching Buckingham Palace
    -Buckingham Palace is destroyed
    All this means is that the aircraft carrier you see here will launch
    some Fighter/Bombers of its own to hassle you.
    Maintain your siege on Buckingham Palace.  For all its AA guns, it won’t
    stand long against a few Artillery and Tank shells being launched into
    its rear.  Once the palace falls, you get five Spies and a speech.
    Once a Settlement is built, you also get free citizens.
     + 500 of every resource upon razing of Buckingham Palace
    + Use spies to infiltrate buildings in England.  [...]
    + To infiltrate a building, move a Spy next to it an select a building.
      Each infiltration removes on Spy.
    Now is the time to bring a few citizens across the English Channel,
    accompanied by your Spies, and set up that Town Center you needed.  Also
    scope out London’s buildings and pick your targets for infiltration.
    Note that Siege Factories will ONLY allow construction of AT guns, so
    you can’t build more Artillery to destroy America’s buildings.  I like
    the idea of infiltrating a Hospital, personally--the healing is much
    You should be able to see some of the US buildings already.  Move your
    forces to destroy them.  The RAF and the US aircraft carrier’s aircraft
    will be a large threat here, so it would be wise to keep your Flak-
    panzers around.
    This part is deceptively easy, actually.  Just raze the buildings you
    see, keep your Flakpanzers on constant air watch (try Ctrl+Right Click
    to have them automatically attack any air units they see), and you might
    find you have won rather quickly.
    However, should you choose to sink the Carrier sitting there...
     +20 CIV POINTS upon sinking of the Carrier-Enterprise.
    C. Legal Stuff and Credits
    This guide is copyright 2004-2006 to me, Tyler Gibson.  Do NOT copy it
    and try to use it as your own.  If you want to use it, or parts of it, 
    contact me and I may grant you permission by posting your domain name in 
    this section.  The most recent version will always be found at GameFAQs.
    This FAQ should only be found at:
    http://www.gamespot.com (due to an agreement with GameFAQs)
    Any alternative system provided by Gamespot.com, for the same reason.
    If you see this FAQ on any network other than those listed above, please
    contact me.  If you had to pay to access this FAQ in any way, shape, or 
    form (nit-pickers: paying for internet service doesn’t count), contact
    both myself, a lawyer, and whichever party charged you.  This walk-
    through is meant for free distribution ONLY.
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sierra, for making this game.
    My friend TJ, for helping me with EE by playing it online.
    All regular posters on the GameFAQs message board, just because.
    (Also to the non-regular posters seeking help desperately for the game)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    You can E-mail me at cersad@netscape.net.  When you send me e-mails,
    please bear in mind that it has been five years (as of 2006) since I
    played these campaigns devotedly.  I may not be able to answer any 
    questions you may have.
    However, I will still accept any contributions you may wish to offer
    to my walkthroughs. Send me your strategy and the name or alias you
    wish me to refer to you as, so that I can give you full and proper
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