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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Samy

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/15/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤* THE AMERZONE Walkthrough *¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*|
    |                                                                      |
    | L'Amerzone                                                           |
    | Author : Samy                                                        |
    | E-mail : samy171@hotmail.com                                         |
    | Country : Greece                                                     |
    |                                                                      |
    | Version : 0.5                                                        |
    | Publisher / Développer : Microids                                    |
    | Systems : PlayStation / PC(My Walkthrough is made for the PSX but it |
    |                         is exactly the same for the PC version)      |
    | Players : One                                                        |
    | Memory Card : 1 bloc                                                 |
    | Number of CDs : 2                                                    |
    | Style / Genre : Adventure                                            |
    | Origin : France                                                      |
    |                                                                      |
    | • This walkthrough is made upon the European version of the game •   |
    |                                                                      |
    | This Walkhtrough can be found at :-www.gamefaqs.com                  |
    |                                   -www.vgstrategies.com              | 
    | www.gamesdomain.com and www.cheatcc.com CANNOT post it. If you find  | 
    | this walkthrough elsewhere please E-mail me...                       |                
    |                                                                      |
    ( • Table of contents                                                  )
    • Introduction...
    • About me...
     • The controls...
     • The walkthrough...
      • Disc One :
       • Chapter I
       • Chapter II
       • Chapter III
      • Disc Two :
       • Chapter IV
       • Chapter V
       • Chapter VI
       • Chapter VII
    • Game Review...
    • Version Info...
    • Thanks to...
    • Disclaimer...
    ( • Introduction                                                       )
       Do you now "The last report" ? Well it's also a game from microids but it 
    was a totally crap game... So when I saw that this game was made by Microids I 
    wondered if it was going to be the same crap thing...
       I've only played the game for two days but I can tell you that Microids 
    definitevely made a FANTASTIC game... So here is the walkthrough this game 
    earns and I'll manage to update it as I progress in the game...
    ( • About Me...                                                        )
       This is my second ( third if you count the Spyro 2 walkthrough I'm working 
    on with Dim ) overall Walkthrough... The first one was on Toy Story 2 and was 
    quite big... I really try to go in depth in my walkthroughs and searching 
    infos on it on the net... If you have any comment, criticism, or just need 
    help on a point where I'm not really clear then E-mail me (see above)...
       I'm counting on doing a contribution page so this section shouldn't be 
    updated anymore... 'till then, I must say I've just started an OverBlood 2 
    walkthrough for the PSX. I know I have to complete it, but I must admit that 
    this game is boring. I want to write another walkthrough but I have no clue as 
    to witch game I should. E-mail me for any proposition. I'll really appreciate 
    your recommendations. Thanks again for the support. Thanks...
    ( • The Controls...                                                    )
       Microids done a very good job on the controls... They are simple and easy 
    to start with... Oh, if you have a mouse the game will take another dimension 
    as it is MORE easy to controll the camera with it... So here are the basics 
    for the standard pad...
       •D-pad > Moves the camera (you) all around you at 360°... If you have an 
    analog pad (dual shock maybe) you can use one stick to move slowly and both to 
    speed up the movement...
       • The X button is used to perform an action this can be :
    -Take something... A hand will appear if you can take an object or a book...
    -Open a door... A hand with a bar will appear if you can push/open a door...
    -If the cursor changes into some craved wheels then this door can be opened 
    only mechanically...
       • The O button will bring up the inventory screen... In this screen you can 
    click on the objects on the right to take/read them... If you click on a book 
    you can turn a page by clicking the down-right side of the page and close the 
    book by pressing the down-left side of the book/page... You can also get back 
    one page by clicking the center of the page...
        To get out of the inventory screen simply click on the left hand side 
       • The start button will bring the load/ save/ new game option screen...
    -Load... Click here to load a saved game file...
    -Save... Click here to save/ Overwrite a saved game file...
    -New Game... Click here if you think you've got it all wrong...
       The controls with the mouse are better (talking about the ORIGINAL SONY 
    mouse of course...). Here are the controls for the Mouse :
       • Left button : Action (see above for more).
       • Right button : Inventory (see above).
       • Left and Right buttons at the same time : Pause menu (Again see above for 
    more info).
    ( • The Walkthrough                                                  )
    ( • Disc 1                                                           )
    ( - Chapter I                                                        )
       The game starts as you see a postman on a road... He stops and talks to you 
    about an old man in the lighthouse and asks you to go there...
       Now you take control of the reporter and you aim for the lighthouse... Go 
    straight ahead and, if you want, you can go to your left and see some birds in 
    the viewer there...
       Once in front of the gate take the letter and read it... Now push the door 
    and get in the lighthouse... Take the hammer to your left and go up the 
    stairs... There talk to the old man to see another awesome cinematic...
       After he dies (I presume) search for a phone and compose the number you'll 
    find in the letter... A French guy will talk to you in... Well, French... 
    Examine the drawer to his left and take the letter there... Also look at the 
    picture of a woman there if you want... Use the stairs and go up... Here you 
    can take a very beautiful book and see some photos of the same woman as 
    downstairs... Use the wall-ladder to go up and take another sheet of paper... 
    It's pointless to tell you that you have to read ALL of these papers 'cause 
    they'll greatly help you in the game...
       Now use the other stairs to go up... Open the T.V set to see a "info" on 
    what's going on in the Amerzone... Look at the paper on the table and make 
    note where you insert the discs in the Hydroflot... Now open the door to go 
    outside and use another wall-stairs to go at the very top of the lighthouse... 
    Here, I spended a lot of time trying to find the right combinaison : 145 this 
    is the magic number... I'll tell you later how I found it but I made you open 
    this as it will save you some time...
       Now go back down at the very bottom of the lighthouse and open the wood 
    door on the ground... Push the lever to your right to open up the light... 
    Continue right ahead and go down some stairs... Here, go straight ahead until 
    you find some stairs leading down... DON'T go down yet instead turn right to 
    enter a new room... Push the two switches there to open the computer... On the 
    desk is a floppy disc... Take it, open the computer (push the switch on the 
    screen) and click on the screen... Here you'll be asked to enter a password... 
    Have you noticed that this password is made like a date... A birthdate 
    maybe... Ok take a look at your papers and you'll find that the birthdate of 
    the old man is : 28 / 06 / 04 so enter this and then enter the floppy... Bingo 
    the door is open... Get out of this room and go to your right... BEFORE 
    entering in the elevator take something like a bar to your right... DON'T use 
    the elevator yet... I've spent a lot of time in this section but I managed to 
    come to a solution... Go in your inventory and take the bar you've just 
    collected... At the bottom right side wall of the elevator is a crack... Use 
    the bar there and push the switch... After the elevator stops use the hammer 
    on the wall and follow the path 'till you find the egg... Push the lever there 
    to make it go down...
        Go back to the elevator and push the switch again... Take back your bar 
    and push the switch... You'll now go down to the -2 floor where the hydroflot 
    is... Go down and -if you want- you can see a map of the submarine base in the 
    little house there...
        Behind a pillar in front and to the left of the hydroflot are some 
    stairs... Use them and push the lever there to move the egg... Now go back 
    down and aim for the hydroflot... NOTE : If you want to know how I found the 
    code at the top of the lighthouse as well as the coordinates of the Amerzone 
    continue the path next to the hydroflot... AT the end should be an elevator... 
    Use it to go up one level and get out... Take a look at the viewer there and 
    you'll find a number with a different color... 140 in red... Ok but why 145 
    then ...? Well if you open the illustrated book (where you found the age of 
    the old man) and open it to the page where the hydroflot's plans are you'll 
    see in the upper right corner some birds and an island... There is an 
    indication there...+ 5° so 140° + 5° = 145... Bingo...
       Go back to the hydroflot and get in... Take the floppy in your inventory 
    and use it on the opening below the screen... Here choose load... Plane... And 
    at the coordinates enter 145... Bingo see the awesome cinematic and go for 
    chapter 2...
    ( - Chapter II                                                         )
       Before doing ANYTHNG save your game... You're out of fuel right...? So 
    click on the screen and choose SAILING... Then choose the SUBMARINE option and 
    you'll be in the Amerzone shores... Talk to the old man there and he says he 
    is in a "Bad mood" because a whale is entrapped underwater... Continue to the 
    "Boat-house" and take the "Scaphandre"(don't really know what it's called) on 
    the furthest table and the knife on the furthest wall...
       Go out and continue on the shore... Pass the wind thing and continue until 
    you reach the hangar... In there you have to take a red "box" and a "key" 
    (well don't know what it's also called...Sorry ^_^) Go back out and use the 
    "box" on the Gas thing outside the hangar... Now go back to the hydroflot and 
    get in... Use the fuel on the opening in the back (where the egg is) and to 
    the left... Use the computer again and choose the GRAPNEL option... If you 
    read the green book (Page 3) you'll find that the lever to use it is just 
    right of the screen... Press it once...
       Go back to the "wind" thing you passed by before and examine the front ( 
    magnifying Lens ) and push the lever there... Now go on there (arrow)... Here 
    use the "Scaphandre" on the shortest pipe... Push the lever and examine the 
    wheel on the left... Turn it... Now use the "key" at the end of the longest 
    pipe (the one that goes in the water).
       Now you should be able to pick the "Scaphandre" and by this mean go in the 
    water... Here go forward once and use the knife on the thing there... You'll 
    now see an _awesome_ cinematic... Once you're here move around and try to find 
    the old hydroflot... Once there click on the grapnel... Now go out of the 
    water and go see the old fisherman again... He'll give you a key that unlocks, 
    he says, a chest... Get on the hydroflot and press the grapnel lever again... 
    Now go to where the hangar was and continue past the broken plane and past the 
    rocks... You'll arrive at a dead end with a broken ship (Why all is broken in 
    this level ?) well inside is a chest... Guess what ? This is the chest the 
    fisherman told you about (duh...) Well use the key on it and take the floppy 
       Go back to the wind thing and in the water... Go to where the old hydroflot 
    was and get in... Examine the screen and you'll find a code : 227.
       Jump in the hydroflot and use the floppy... Then choose the "Helicopter" 
    option and enter the coordinates as 227... Bingo another chapter finished (and 
    another beautifull cinematic earned...)...
    |                                                                 |
    |    You can see 2 bonus cinematics here but first save the game  |
    | before... So take the end level numero 1 and then load back to  |
    | when you're in the hydroflot... Now select the plane option and |
    | you'll see bonus cinematic number one... And now choose the     |
    | helicopter option and see the bonus cinematic numero 2...       |
    | Enjoy...                                                        |
    |                                                                 |
    ( - Chapter III                                                     )
       This is a "fun" and easy level... Enjoy...
       Once again you're out of fuel so use the "Sailing" option to make it to the 
    other level...
       Get out of the hydroflot and go right towards the cemetery... Talk to the 
    priest there and he'll give you a key (Examine the tomb... It's Yekoumani... 
    The woman on the pictures in the lighthouse...). Go back to the hydroflot but 
    now go forward toward the locked gates... Use the key and go in the village... 
    Here, you can examine everything BUT you won't get anything... Go to the end 
    of the village and a FAT military will knock you down...
       DON'T RESET... That's what I would do as I thought that I forgot to do 
    something (Broken Sword influence) but in fact the game wants you to be in 
       Here comes the Fun part... Take the glass lying around somewhere and use it 
    on the insect in the upper left corner of the wall where the door is... Now 
    look in the opening at the bottom of the door and use the "glass-insect" on 
    the bottle of techilla (or whisky)... The guard will take it and drop down 
    dead (Man everybody who encounter you dies...Maybe you should check your 
    breath...^_^)... Take his keys and use them on the door...
       Go to the Jeep (on your right) and take the rope and the fuel...
       In the center of the town is a well. Use the rope on it and get down... 
    Always go forward (take note of the door in the left side) until you reach 
    some stairs... Get up and talk to the priest a the end of the church... This 
    man will ALSO die (humm... You haven't done your check breath, have you?)... 
    Look at the "holy-bible" book and you'll find a key... Use the key at the end 
    of the church ( some sort of stand ) and take the letter and the 3rd floppy... 
    Now use the stairs to go back down and go where the door I told you to note 
    was ( you should have found a sword somewhere before reaching the door - 2nd 
    screen from the stairs  near a wall if I remember right - ).
       At the opposite side of the door is a statue... Give him your sword and 
    then press it to open it... This path will bring you were the priest first 
    was... (I can't manage to find out WHY they made this path as you can go back 
    simply by using the rope again...)Well, go back to the hydroflot and use the 
    fuel on the opening near the egg... Enter the floppy and choose the "glider" 
    option... You've now finished the Disc 1 ...
    |                                                                 |
    |   You can see one bonus cinematic movie if you go back to the   |
    | village and in the bar before taking the hydroflot on to        |
    | chapter 4...                                                    |
    |                                                                 |
    ( • Disc 2                                                             )
    ( - Chapter IV                                                         )
       Get out of the hydroflot... Ignore the house to your left but continue to 
    the jungle... On a rock to the right side is an animal (a magnifying lens will 
    appear) if you click on it you'll see a bonus mini-cinematic... Go in the 
    other house by the jungle where you'll find some fuel and a sheet of paper... 
    Take both and go back to the hydroflot... You know what you have to do with 
    the fuel right ? So refuel and push the Start lever...
       After another cinematic you'll be blocked by some strange animals... Here 
    you CAN'T DO ANYTHING but one single thing... So push the klaxon (under the 
    start lever) and you're off...
       Another "small" cinematic... Move toward the other animals and they'll 
    break your engine... Now move to the left and choose the "grapnel" mode... A 
    grapnel will appear... Here click between the two big rocks (the grapnel will 
    not disappear but the position will be in the memory) so just press the lever 
    to move...
       In the other screen do the same thing (aim between the two rocks...)and in 
    the other screen aim the rock in front of you... Then aim the little -what 
    seems at first- rock in front of you... In fact it is an animal that will 
    guide you to the shore...
       Follow the line and you'll find him... You'll find an opening in the left 
    that goes in the forest... It's very perturbing as you don't know where you 
    are and can easily get lost but you have to go in there and search for some 
    kind of stick that you can pick up... Now go back outside of the forest and 
    press the action button on the animal (If you don't have the weapon you'll see 
    a bonus cinematic...). Well if you press the action button you'll fire 
    something at him... Take the grapling out of him and go back to the 
       Use the arrow to move to the right and the grapling on the rock to move 
    forward... Then on another rock far in the distance... And then far-far in 
    front of you... Exactly in front of you...
       Get down of the hydroflot and move to the right... Move forward until you 
    can go no further... A wood is lying down here somewhere... To the right of 
    the wood is a little stick... Take it and use it on the wood to do a fire... 
    The animals that were blocking you before are now gone... So go back to the 
    hydroflot and use the grapling at the rock in front and nearest to you... 
    Again use the grapling in front of you but far-far in the distance...
       Here is a tricky part... You have to use the grapling on a little tiny rock 
    IN FRONT OF YOU just between the water and the right side of the big triangle 
    rock... Good luck...
       All the other rocks are in front of you so the end of the level is easy... 
    Remember... Right in front of you...
    ( - Chapter V                                                          )
       I'll try to make a map for this level as it's pretty confusing...
                     | |        Village Map :                                                             
                     |3|          _______                                                   
                     | |          |(A)   |                                           
                     | |          |____  |   ___                                            
                     |2|    ___  /       \  |   |                                            
                     | |___/   \/         \_|(B)|                                          
                     |1 ___    (E)   O     _____|                                       
                     | |   \___/\          ¯|                                               
                     | |      /¯         /  |                                             
                    /(T)\     |(W)||S|¯|___|¯                                                  
                    |   |      ¯¯¯ | \   ¯                                          
                    \___/           \ \         __/ /                                 
                                     \ \_______/ __/                                          
       I must confess that this is my first map so please be indulgent...
       Ok so you start this level in the hydroflot (H) before doing anything take 
    THE EGG... Now go left until you reach the village (S)... Here, you'll hear 
    some strange laughs (Silent Hill like...) but you can't see nobody... Continue 
    and enter the first door you encounter to the left (E)... In this room you'll 
    find a graphic of some strange machine... JUST UNDERNEATH IT is a drawer... 
    Open it and take the floppy inside... Pass through the opposite door and walk 
    until you reach an intersection (1) where you have to go either left or 
    right... Here look down and take the black insect there (this insect WON'T be 
    used... Yep that's right it's just there so you can see/ pick it up... If you 
    want you can try and see at witch insect it correspond in the illustrated 
    book...)... Go left and to your right you should see a tree (T)... Touch it 
    and get the fruit... Go back to the intersection and walk 2 screens (2) ... 
    There look to your left and take the plant... Move 3 screens (3) and in the 
    cave you should find a red insect at your feet's...
       Continue the cave and climb the ladder... Follow the path until you reach a 
    wheel... Turn it and go back in the village...
       You'll hear a very annoying noise in the village... This is the valve 
    you've just opened who turns a bird in the center of the village (O)... Go to 
    the next room to the left (A) and use the plant you collected at the back of 
    the machine... Take the bowl and get to the other room (B)... Here, use the 
    fruit on the back of the machine... Take another bowl and go see the woman 
    near the exit (W) ...
       Give it your egg, the two bowls and the red insect in that order...
       Now go back to the hydroflot and one screen to the right (G)... Click on 
    the snake and see a beautiful cinematic...
       Go back in the hydroflot and let the egg where it originally was... Use the 
    floppy and choose BOAT... Now push the action lever and the hydroflot will 
       When it stops look to your right and push the lever outside... Do this 
    again when you stop and go on for chapter numero 6...
    ( - Chapter VI                                                         )
       You're now at 30 min 'till the end of the game... Yep that's right the two 
    last levels are easy and short...
       After your hydroflot sank go forward once and search for the egg... Then 
    aim for the house on the tree... Inside you'll find a vital item to finish the 
    game... Go back outside and go toward the black "tree" with something like a 
    trumpet at the end (right of the hydroflot) and use the item on the bottom/ 
    Lowest hole of the tree...
       You'll see an animal coming out of the wood... Go were it appeared and 
    continue until you reach another tree/ trumpet like thing... This time use 
    your item on the middle hole and yet another animal will appear...
       Go back to the clear area and go left... Here you have to be VERY CAREFULL 
    'cause you can easily get lost and turn back to where the hydroflot was... 
    Hint : NEVER look behind and ALWAYS go forward... You maw need to go a little 
    right but don't look around... Anyway you don't have anything to pick up 
    anymore in this level...
       At the end you should find another trumpet like tree next to a wood 
    machine... Use the item again but this time on the upest hole... The animals 
    will now come to you... Jump on the middle one and ride it...
       You'll arrive at a tree with some stairs on it... Get at the top and cross 
    the bridge to finish this level...
    ( - Chapter VII                                                       )
       Go forward and enter the temple... Approach the commandant and wait 'till 
    he dies too... Take his medals and turn the wheel to the left... Go outside 
    and down the stairs... Turn around and you should see an opening in the 
    stairs... Get in and down on the left... Turn the wheel near the lava full 
    thing and put the medals in the bowl... Take the key that will appear and 
    search the left hand side wall for a keyhole... Enter the key and turn it 5/6 
    times to the right... Then go back upstairs and touch the white wings to see a 
    cinematic (NOTE : You can see another cinematic showing you not taking off if 
    you don't do all this -key-)...
       You'll land next to the lava... Now walk 2/3 screens to the right (not 
    clockwise) and search the left side of the path (toward the lava) for a dead 
    bird... Now continue this way 3/4 screens and you should see an opening to the 
    right... Go in and use the egg on the altar at the end... Go back outside and 
    walk 2/3 screens... To your left should be a path leading to the center of the 
    volcano... At the end of this put the egg and then the dead bird...
       Now lay back and see the wonderful but too short ending sequence...
       Well done... 
    ¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_ End of walkthrough _¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_¯_
      Yep... My second walkthrough is already finished... I think it will help you 
    taking the most of the game...
      Once again : If you have any comments, suggestions, criticism or just need 
    help just e-mail me at ; samy171@hotmail.com
    ( • Version Info...                                                    )
       Version 0.1 02/02/2000 :
    -Initial release with the intro, the main structure of the Walkthrough and the 
    Chapter one of the game...
       Version 0.2 06/02/2000 :
      Major update...
    -Version Info section added...
    -Game Review added...
    -Mouse control added...
    -Chapter 2 added...
    -Chapter 3 added...
    -Disc 1 complete...
    -Chapter 4 added...
    -Chapter 5 in process...
     All these in two days...
       Version 0.3 08/02/2000 :
     Removed the rating section as GameFaqs can't post my walkthrough with it... 
    I'll try to post it as a REVIEW at GameFaqs...
    -Chapter 5 completed...
    -Chapter 6 added...
    -Chapter 7 added...
    -Disc 2 finished : Game / Walkthrough complete...
       Version 0.4 09/02/2000 :
     I know I've just posted the complete walkthrough yesterday but as I replayed 
    the game entirely I found some bonus cinematics so I just putted them for you 
    in this version :
    -Chapter 1 : Phone communication found...
    -Chapter 2 : 2 bonus cinematics found...
    -Chapter 3 : 1 bonus cinematic found...
    -Fixed the level 4 gun error...
       Version 0.5 22/02/2000 :
    -Fixed ALL grammar errors (dumb me ^_^).
    -Updated the about the author section.
    ( • Thanks to...                                                       )
     First of all I'd like to thank all of you out there reading this 
    Walkthrough... Thanks again and send any comment, criticism, or help...
    -Idragon < idragon_x9@hotmail.com > for the disclaimer section...
    -Dim < asomac2000@hotmail.com >, for the support...
       My homepages : www.multimania.com/sam99/index.html
                  and www.multimania.com/sam99/fantasy.html
    ( • Disclaimer...                                                      )
       This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use. This walkthrough 
    CAN be only re-produced or distributed with the approval of the author. This 
    walktrough CANNOT be use for profitable purposes. Anyone who has violated this 
    agreement will be severely dealt with.
       All copyrights and trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in this 
    walkthrough are acknowledged.
    "The Amerzone" copyright © 1999 Microids
    "PlayStation™" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    "THE AMERZONE Walkthrough" © Samy 2000
    Copyright © Samy 2000
    All Rights Reserved ®
                                  # The End #

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