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"What? Its finished? but what about...."

Gangsters 2 was an ok game. Not the very best strategy game ever, but better than some. But after playing gangsters one for a year this game was very disapointing. For a start, why can you only play the story games? I the idea of a not having to plan the missions and then watch as they went wrong, but the story stopped me from enjoying this crime simulator as much as i expected.

You play as joey Bane, a thug from new temperence, whos dad was kiled, and Joey is looking for revenge. You start of by killing the gangster who puled the trigger. And then slowly kill off the rival gang until you discover the person who acctually pulled the trigger. The game is set around the 1920's prohibition period.

The graphics in this game adds to the plus section for this game. Although they're not perfect i think they help to set the scene. Also the civilions in the game run awa when you expect them to. Lots of games do this now but i remember some games which have people standing in the middle of a fire and not moving.

The music and sound affects help to add to the atmosphere. Walking through a town with crowds talking and cars driving by makes you feel the part. But when your on the other side of town and a bomb goes off and you can still here it, it does change that somewhat. Another annoying aspect is how the bomb goes off but you don't know where. The only hint the computer gives you is ''one of your buildings i being attacked''.

There are, however a few memorable features, such as the day and night features. During the day run your hotels and clothes stores and at night open your casinos, brothels and card games.

Also, theres the family tree which allows you to take loyal members of your 'family' to other parts of new temperence.

This isn't really the sort of game that would convert platform players to strategy games but for die-hard fans this is a ''must buy''.

If your a fan of strategy games your best best is to wait for anouther gangster sim to come out, or by a diffrent kind all together. But if your a fan of the first game its worth buying when its in the budget bins

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/29/03

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