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"It had a lot of potential"

Hopefully you have at least heard about the 1920s and the problems they faced. Prohibition and whatnot was a tough time, at least if I recall correctly from history class. Due to the illegal operations being.. operated.. in the 1920s, there were gangsters, mobsters.. that whole thing. This game lets you give the power of a mob boss... the mafia crime lord.. the godfather.. whatever you prefer. Its a strategy game. The city is your playground and the cops are the bad guys. You get your money from doing illegal things. Sounds fun, huh? Well it is, but the game is alittle dissapointing because its just not as good as it should be.

Its a strategy game and your a mob boss. It sounds almost too good to be true. You got your weapons, your vehicles, your gangsters, your muscle and your just tryin to run a business. An illegal business that is. You make your money from owning brothels and running the booze industry. Don't get too comfortable though. There are multiple gangs in the city and you got to protect your business with muscle. Hire a few to stand out front and equip them with tommy guns. Use your gangsters to drive cars and do drivebys on the enemy's businesses. Bomb them if you have to. Assassinate the leader of the rival gang and put them out of business for good. Did I mention the cops can be paid off. They'll be on you in a second and there will be some good chase scenes going up and down city roads while the passengers fire out the window. Thats the name of this game. Sounds really cool don't it? It is kinda.

The story isn't too great but there is a story and it isn't half bad. Your a crime lord, a mob boss, whatever. You are taking over the business in MANY cities and there isn't anyone that can stop you... hopefully.

The sounds aren't too impressive. The music sets the mood and atomosphere of the time era. The sounds aren't too realistic but thats okay. The gun shots still sound like gunshots. Explosions sound like explosions. Thats all you really need.

The graphics aren't hideous, but they aren't pretty either. You get a basic idea of what things are. The city looks nice. The cars look good. You can easily identify your gangsters from enemy gangsters, etc.

The game is a bit tough, but I didn't find it to be a problem. However, the game is really, really repetitive. Different cities, same thing... take it over.

You will probably get bored of the game before you decide to play it again. Maybe, just maybe, you'll pick it up a few years done the road to give it another shot.

This game is a really cool idea and I even enjoyed it. However, I wasn't impressed too much by it. It had a lot of potential and just didn't meet it. Thats what seperates good games with great ones. This one is just okay.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/01/05

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