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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Khajiit Rankin

    Version: 2.30 | Updated: 09/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ==########I        .W##,                                ,                   
     i###########, i=  Y=M#;                           =;,    #####   +:           
              i##### ##V##    B## #    ,###+ #  ,#####W######   ######Y            
            =#tV###   #### #####BI##X######## #### ####   #W##  +#W####.           
              #B###   ####  #B#######Y#X#  ##t#######R    R###M #I;####         X 
             ######   ###   B#=  ### #Y#= #R ####     ##############t        X##  
               ###########  #M#  ###  ###t    ##B# ###,##W M######W##      t###;   
              ####### #########  ##R ####W   ######R   ######   #############      
                        \##   Y #/      V       t.       iW          #####t        
                             --==[ a guide to Unreality ]==--
    Version pretty much final
    Date started: 21-III-2004
    Last update: 19-IX-2008
    Author: Khajiit Rankin (Przemek Orウowski)
    Contact: jayseerankin@gmail.com
     --==[Table of conents]==--
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Basics
    	[2.1] What is Unreal?
    	[2.2] Game modes
    	[2.3] Weapon guide
    	[2.4] Armor ramblings
    	[2.5] Item info
    	[2.6] Tips & tricks
    	[2.7] Basic fighting tactics
    [3] Walkthrough
    [4] Cheats
    [5] Miscellaneous stuff
    [1] Introduction
    Well, hello to my UnreaL guide. This is my first game guide - I've chosen UnreaL
    because I think something should be added to those few FAQs that are already
    there and UnreaL is my favourite game for 5 years already. Anyways, if you spot
    a mistake, know some tricks or just want ask some questions, just mail me. And
    please don't ask about anything that's already in here, okay? Finally, please at
    least notify me if you want to post it on your website.
    There's some explanation required. At first I've planned not to submit the 2.xx
    FAQ anywhere until it's finished but since starting this year I'm attending uni,
    I will have my free time severely reduced. It would take too long to finish it
    so I'm submitting this in-progress FAQ to GF. You know, just in case :).
    So, if you've seen the previous version of this guide, I insist that you at
    least browse all the sections because whole FAQ was almost completely rewritten
    since the last uploaded version.
    Now that all's clear - here we go!
    [2] Basics
    These are the basics. Not to be confused with pascals or cobols :P,
    [2.1] What is UnreaL?
    UnreaL is an excellent action game by Epic. It's a FPS (First Person Shooter)
    with breathtaking graphics (Unreal's engine - AFAIR it's called Fire - is
    *still* one of the best game engines ever made), great ambient/trance music and
    astounding playability. This game was first one with official bots for training
    and people without access to net. Also, even now Unreal's AI is great, enemies
    can dodge your fire or run to get some help and much more. This made the game
    even tougher :). In game, you're a prisoner who crashed in a prison transport
    on an unkown planet... Will you ever escape from there?
    [2.2] Game modes
    There are 6 game modes in UnreaL:
    Single player:
    *Unreal - well, it's a normal "story" mode.
    *Deathmatch - again, self-explanatory: a free-for-all, most kills win.
    *Team deathmatch - same as above, players are in max. 4 teams
    *Darkmatch - unique game mode, there is only one map for it, battle takes place
                 in total darkness and all players have a searchlight.
    *King of the hill - one player is a king and constantly gains points. Player
                        who kills him becomes the king himself. Most points win.
    *Co-op game - Multiplayer story mode, also available for botmatch but no bots
                 can be used :(.
    [2.3] Weapon guide
    Unreal has a very diverse set of weaponry, utilizing all the developers could
    "squeeze" out of game engine and while some of the guns seem crappy (GES for
    example) and will probably rust in your backpack on Easy and Normal sessions,
    when playing Hard you will learn that all of them are very useful and allow a
    wide variety of tactics. Blobbing the Titan? RazorJack-ing the Skaarj Gunner?
    Using Automag against Behemots? All is possible providing you have the skill.
    Name: Dispersion pistol
    First location: Vortex Rikers
    Ammo capacity: 50 - 90
    Ammo type: N/A
    Weapon preloaded ammo: full (how much ammo will you get by picking it up)
    Comment: A solid weapon. May not look like much at first, but after some
             powerups this kicks ass! It recharges itself, so just find a safe
             place and wait when you're out of ammo. Because of this, it'll be
             your weapon of choice on Unreal difficulty, always againts tentacles,
             stings, eels etc. If it only was a bit faster... Since it's a nice
             demo of dynamic lighting, you can use it as a (weak) flashlight or
             flare of some sort. Almost forgot: when the ammo capacity goes below
             10, the gun starts firing unupgraded shots so it won't get negative
             ammo count.
    LV 1 (basic)  -  power: 50, damage: x1, shots 50
    LV 2 -           power: 60, damage: x3, shots 17 + 9*)
    LV 3 -           power: 70, damage: x5, shots 12 + 10
    LV 4 -           power: 80, damage: x6, shots 12 + 8
    LV 5 (final)  -  power: 90, damage: x7, shots 12 + 6
    *) means "17 upgraded shots, 9 normal shots", if you don't understand, try it
       out in the game. This count also omits recharging...
    Name: Automag
    First location: NyLeve falls
    Ammo capacity: 200
    Ammo type: bullets (20/50)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 20
    Comment: Your basic gun. I wish you could shoot with two of them like in UT :(.
             Good against Skaarj because they can't dodge it. You'll use it and ASMD
             against them and other fast enemies until replaced by Rifle & Mgun.
             Otherwise gets quickly replaced by Stinger and upgraded D-pistol.
    Name: Stinger
    First location: Rrajigar mine (Nali opens a 'locker')
    Ammo capacity: 200
    Ammo type: tarydium shards (40)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 40
    Comment: A good weapon until it's replaced by Minigun. Don't waste it on Skaarj
             unless they're really close or they'll just dodge it. Works well
             against Brutes and Sliths. Borderline nice against Skaarj pupae.
    Name: ASMD
    First location: Depths of Rrajigar (secret!)
    Ammo capacity: 50
    Ammo type: ASMD cores (10)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 20
    Comment: A great all-around weapon. Very good against those nasty bugs and
             Skaarj. Combo consumes more energy but is well worth it - you do
             it by firing an alt-ball then shooting it with the beam.
             Oh yeah, ASMD supposedly stands for "And Suck My ****"
    Name: Eightball cannon
    First location: Temple of Chizra
    Ammo capacity: 48
    Ammo type: eightballs (12)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 6
    Comment: This is one big mutha. A Titan-slayer, works very well against them
             not to mention that few enemies will survive 6 homing rockets ;).
             Grenades come in handy from time to time, for example in your first
             encounter with a Titan. Don't use it against Skaarj. The "focus" mode
             (hold both buttons when loading) is very useful in long-range Titan
             fights. I've also heard that grenades are actually more powerful than
             rockets but I'm unable to verify that.
    Name: Flak cannon
    First location: Harobed village
    Ammo capacity: 50
    Ammo type: flak shells (10), flak shell (single)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 10
    Comment: IMO the most powerful weapon in game. Grenades seem to be deadlier
             than primary mode but when you're in a heated discussion with Skaarj
             warriors, you would damage yourself seriously with alt-mode.
    Name: RazorJack
    First location: ISV Kran deck 4.
    Ammo capacity: 70
    Ammo type: razor blades (50)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 15
    Comment: Unskilled players whould avoid this gun. It isn't useful on lower
             difficulty anyway. But starting with Hard, where enemies have their
             HP increased noticeably, headshotting is your way to go ;). A tip:
             alt-mode is guided by mouse. It's useless in open combat, but pretty
             good for off-the-corner attacks.
    Name: GES BioRifle
    First location: Terraniux
    Ammo capacity: 80
    Ammo type: tarydium sludge (25 kg)
    Weapon preloaded ammo:
    Comment: Better than RazorJack and useful for trapping areas. Not too bad if
             shot continuosly either as it does pretty high damage but it tends to
             do "splash"*) damage on you - definitely not for a toe to toe with
             Skaarj. You will learn its power on higher difficulty. Alt-mode is
             utterly and definitely useless since its anything but fast and
             accurate :>.
    *) a Quake term <.<
    Name: Rifle
    First location: Gateway to Na Pali
    Ammo capacity: 40
    Ammo type: Rifle rounds (8), Rifle bullet (1)
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 8
    Comment: Great for long ranges, pretty useful in medium ones and... poor when
             things get close and personal because damage placement seems to fail
             when the adversary is at the "ugly breath" range. This, and immunity
             of some enemies to headshotting, is what is keeping the Rifle from
             being "best.weapon.evar". But hey - just zoom in and watch the beheaded
             Skaarj! ;)
    Name: Minigun
    First location: Sunspire
    Ammo capacity: 200
    Ammo type: Same as Automag's
    Weapon preloaded ammo: 50
    Comment: Well, them weapon designers certainly deserve a creativity award. The
             "flat doohikey" ASMD, the six-barelled rocket launcher, overgrown
             shotgun AKA Flak or the (teh?) Minigun (also known by some as
             "whatizdat?"), all are way different from what you see in normal FPS
             games. And Minigun is probably the only weapon that evolved in Unreal
             games only in visual concept, not general idea - obviously many ppl
             didn't like the looks of M-gun so in UT it doesn't differ from "normal"
             gatlings. Uhh, yes. The aforementioned idea seems something like "A
             places XXX bullets in B in less than X seconds". It's up to player to
             choose between slow-and-accurate primary or extreme-and-NOT-accurate
             secondary mode. Dishing out equal damage per bullet as Automag in
             obviously faster pace, the M-gun is a good weapon against high-HP
             enemies. Good but... generic. I dare to say that it's like Quake's RL:
             a tool, *not* a weapon of choice.
    Here's a little chart comparing usefulness of weapons against various enemies,
    just so you get the general idea.
    0 = least useful 3 = weapon of choice
    | [Weapon]      | [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] | [7] | [8] | [9] | [0] |
    | Animals       |  3  |  2  |  1  |  1  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  1  |
    | Brutes        |  2  |  0  |  3  |  1  |  2  |  2  |  0  |  1  |  0  |  2  |
    | Sliths        |  1  |  1  |  3  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  1? |  1  |  1? |  2? |
    | Skaarj melee  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  3  |  1  |  1  |  1  |  2  |
    | Skaarj troops |  2  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  0  |  2  |  1  |
    | Skaarj pupae  |  2  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  2  |
    | Krall         |  2  |  1  |  2  |  1  |  2  |  2  |  1  |  1  |  2  |  1  |
    | Mercenaries   |  2  |  1  |  1  |  1  |  2  |  2  |  0  |  1  |  1  |  2  |
    | Gasbag        |  0  |  2  |  0  |  1  |  3  |  3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  1  |
    | Beasts        |  1  |  0  |  1  |  1  |  3  |  2  |  0  |  2  |  0  |  2  |
    Also, usefulness may vary depending on tactical situation, e.g. unless you are
    a MEAN sharpshooter, you won't have much use out of Rifle when in melee range
    with a Skaarj scout but if you spot one from a long distance...
    [2.4] Armor ramblings
    Armors available in Unreal:
    * Assault Vest - 100 HP
      Assault Vest absorbs all but 1 HP per each 10 points of total damage rounded
      It has no special features.
    * Toxin suit - 50 HP
      Azbestos suit - 50 HP
      Both suits absorb all but 1 HP per each 2 points of total damage rounded up.
      Toxin suit negates sludge damage.
      Asbestos suit negates lava damage.
    * Kevlar suit - 100 HP
      Kevlar suit absorbs all but 1 HP per each 5 points of total damage rounded up.
      It negates minor sludge damage.*)
    * Shield belt - 100 HP
      Power shield - 200 HP
      Both shields absorb ALL damage.
      Apart from that, they have no special features.
    *)It means that MEAN wastes like engine coolant on ISV Kran will ignore it.
    An important note: the protective abilities of an amror in Unreal are very
    unusual because they're set as the damage that PASSES the protection and hurts
    player. So just try to mull it over.
    A Small Example To Confuse You Even More:
    A lesser brute's rocket deals 12 points of damage total.
    *Unarmored player would recieve the total amount of damage. Ouch.
    *A player with an Assault Vest (see description above) would lose:
     12 / 10 = 1.2 HP ROUNDED UP = 2 HPs total.
     Armor would take 12 - 2 = 10 HPs of damage
    *A player with a Kevlar suit would lose:
     12 / 5 = 2.4 HP rounded up = 3 HPs total.
     Armor would take 12 - 3 = 9 HPs of damage
    Yet Another Example:
    A Warlord's rocket deals whopping 36 points of damage.
    *Unarmored player would recieve the total amount of damage. Ouch indeed.
    *A player with an Assault Vest would lose:
     36 / 10 = 3.6 HP = 4 HPs total.
     Armor would take 36 - 4 = 32 HPs of damage
    *A player with a Kevlar suit would lose:
     36 / 5 = 7.2 HP = 8 HP total. TWICE AS MUCH AS WITH A.V.!
     Armor would take 36 - 8 = 28 HPs of damage
    So, the Assault vest is indeed much better than Kevlar suit for protection...
    But it's best to have BOTH :). Why? Because there's something as cool as
    In every other FPS game there's only one armor counter with rarely more than one
    type of armor - only Doom and Quake spring to mind and the only difference there
    was the amount of armor's endurance. There was also Hexen (2) but that's another
    story :).
    In Unreal on the other hand, you have FOUR armor slots:
     - one for an Assault Vest
     - one for a special suit: Toxin / Kevlar / Asbestos
     - one for a ShieldBelt
     - one for a PowerShield
    And the armors work together in a certain order, as seen in this diagram:
                                 D A M A G E
                                 Power Shield
                                 Assault Vest
    The premise is simple: the topmost armor according to the diagram absorbs base
    damage, then what's left passes to "lower" armor level etc. Just think it's like
    being shot while wearing few armors at once in real life: bullet slows on the
    armor you're wearing on top, then it damages the armor below that and so on,
    until it hits your flesh =].
    There are still three things to remember:
    *Whole damage stops on shields but if you wear none, ALL of your armors will be
     damaged and, since each armor allows *at least* one damage point to pass, your
     health will be diminished (it isn't that bad tho - usually only by 1-2 HP).
    *Special suit features are level-independent, i.e. they're active whether you
     are wearing something on them or not.
    *Drowning damage omits all armors; fall damage not (odd, huh?).
    The Final Example:
    Warlord's rocket deals outrageous 36 points of damage.
    A player with an Assault Vest and a Toxin suit would be damaged this way:
    *Assault vest: 36 / 10 = 3.6 = 4 HPs PASSING TO ANOTHER ARMOR LEVEL
     A. v. takes 36 - 4 = 32 HPs of damage
    *Toxin suit: 4 / 2 = 2 = 2 HPs hurting player.
     Suit takes 4 - 2 = 2 points of damage.
    Final result, assuming that everything was in top shape:
    Vest: 68 HPs left; Suit: 48 HPs left; Player: 98 HPs left.
    Get it?
    [2.5] Item info
    Well, here's an item list with short description of each:
    ****Inventory items****
    * Translator: your only means of communicating with outer world. Has a shortcut
                  (F2) and works only with written text of any kind.
    * Flare: throw and watch it burning for a few seconds. Explodes when used up.
             Special use in the Temple of Vendora.
    * Flashlight: very limited battery supply, but you'll find lots of these.
    * Voice box: a diversion. Few second after throwing emits a lot of noise. More
                 useful in battle with 'real' players.
    * Nali fruit seed: when used, a healing plant grows from it. Can heal 1-29 HP,
                       depending on how long will you wait before picking up. It
                       must be magical since it grows even on metal surface. :)
    * Force field: after using creates a tube of force field, absorbing damage for
                   few seconds. Isn't too useful - you can carry only one.
    * SCUBA gear: a water-breathing device. Automatically turns on when you dive
                  into water, but can be turned off - although you'll start to drown
                  shortly. Still, anyone who was cursing the "one-use" item system
                  of Q/Q2 will appreciate that :).
    * Searchlight: an ultimate light supply, its batteries will certainly outlive
                   you :). Too bad you get it like two levels before the end and it
                   has poor light beam (cold blue).
    * Jump boots: after activation enhaces your jump height greatly and protects
                  from some fall damage. Careful though, it uses up even if not
                  activated and lasts for 3 jumps, even if it looks like 4.
    * Super Jump Boots: better version of above. Unfortunately, appears too late to
                        be of much use :(. It seems to have unlimited charges.
    * Invisibility: when used, screen turns blue and you're invisivle to monsters.
                    Careful tho, because "even wind can be heard"... Can be turned
                    off like SCUBA gear.
    * Damage amplifier: increases power of Dispersion pistol and ASMD. Extremely
                        useful. I use it only with ASMD because DP uses it up a lot
    * Sound Dampener - you'll find it only in multiplayer maps because AI completely
                       ignores its use :/. Silences your weapons for some time.
    ****Healing items****
    * Bandage - 5HP
    * Health pack - 20HP
    * Healing fruit - 25-28HP if "wild" one, 1-29HP if planted
    * Super health pack - 100HP, up to 200HP
    [2.6] Tips & tricks
    *Feel free to abuse the Dispersion Pistol, especially on higher difficulty
     levels when ammo is precious and hard to come by - don't waste ASMD on
     weaklings, use DP instead!
    *But, if on your level there's a Nali with cool stuff to unlock, take care!
     If you damage yourself by d-p, 8ball, flak etc., Nali will run away from you.
     A little but nasty bug, if you're careless. This doesn't count fall/drown
    *Check every single dark nook.
    *Use dodge (double-tap direction keys) often, of course when you have the space
     to dodge.
    *Enemies are placed a bit randomly, so you may sometimes bump into an unexpected
     Brute or pass through an empty corridor that was previously full of baddies.
     This also seems to be influenced by amount of dead Nali: for example, in Sky
     Town, certain barrels may contain either items or Skaarj pupae, depending on
     how well you did.
    *Destroy all the wooden crates you see, but first check if there's any use for
     them (like making way to nifty items)
    *If the crate you are pushing appears stuck try shooting the ground very close
     to it with DP charged mode.
    *The Skaarj scouts are nasty in open areas because they can dodge most bullets,
     use Automag or ASMD first mode against them. On the other hand, Brutes
     shouldn't be fought in tight corridors because they'll shower you with rockets.
     And if you fight Titan in small places (this will happen at least once) watch
     for stones at your back - more than one player was killed by these bouncing
     off walls...
    *Take advantage of suprise. When you see an enemy and he doesn't see you, take
     time and load up 8balls. And DON'T try to lock-on or he'll spot you. Also, you
     can zoom with Rifle and watch what he's doing :).
    *Don't use ASMD-combo unless you're sure where to detonate. If not, use rockets
     or Flak because ASMD has low capacity and combo consumes much more energy.
    *Check every single dark nook.
    *Save amplifiers for Beasts - Titans, Warlords and Queen.
    *Don't use the Force Field against Titans or you'll be showered with rock
     fragments. Meh - it isn't useful anyway. :/
    *DON'T kill Nali or the game will increase difficulty and next ones will more
     probably run away instead of opening secrets for you. Protect them if you
     can because they're main target of enemies.
    *For animals use Dispersion pistol combined with dodging - don't waste ammo.
    *Check out every pool for goodies, but on higher difficulty levels watch out
     for fishes - they bite hard (and I don't mean eels!). If you want to, you can
     try to kill these pests with explosives, but that's a waste of ammo IMO.
    *If the swimming won't be too long, conserve SCUBA gear. They can run out at
     very nasty moments (like in the middle of a long underwater corridor). By
     "conserve" I don't mean turning it off (you'd start to drown!) but swimming
     as close to the water surface as possible.
    *Brutes, Gasbags and Beasts are immune to headshots so don't even try.
    *Use healing seeds as a last resort medicament.
    *Check every single dark nook. (Hope you get it :) )
    *Don't worry about searchlight's batteries - it can be on for hours...
    *None of enemies can withstand lava or big falls so try to throw them off
     with ASMD or rockets for ammo saving.
    *Never, ever underestimate a wounded Skaarj. He can run to make an ambush or
     call for help or even feign death! Also, troopers can pick up and use weapons.
    *In single player don't 'f'eign death, enemies will always sense a trap.
    *Watch out for Kralls, you can accidentally blow their legs off. They'll fall
     but will keep on crawling toward you and attack with their staves. This
     happens a lot if you use ASMD or 8ball.
    *Many levels can have different approaches and you can never be sure if you
     were everywhere on level. Especially in Chizra's temple.
    *Save at beginning of every level and in a "safe" slot. Accidental overwiritng
     save with the intro castle happens a lot and is VERY annoying.
    *In early levels you can have like 500 HP total, but don't feel safe: one, maybe
     two rocks from the Titan and you eat dust.
    *Software info: when you un-install UnreaL make sure you remove all the shared
     files the unistall wizard asks to. Don't worry, you won't remove anything
     related to Windows or other programs and if you leave these files, next time
     when you install UnreaL game will appear buggy.
    *Did you know that the Rifle's "zoom" isn't technically a zoom but is achieved
     by reducing fov to a small value? (up to around thirties). While we're at that,
     try "fov 360" for some funky sights, tho it won't be a real see-all-around.
    *And finally, check every single dark nook.
    Dispersion Pistol powerup locations:
    * Rrajigar Mine, opened by Nali between dangerous bridges.
    * Terraniux, hub top level
    * Temple of Vendora, in an underwater cave
    * Na Pali Haven, in one of the rooms (obvious)
    * Velora Pass, the Titan trap
    * Bluff Eversmoking, under the belltower
    [2.7] Basic fighting tactics - developed by: myself :)
    Enemies are listed in order of appearance (roughly...)
    * Brutes - good ol' chunks o' meat. The second worst thing that can happen to
               you is fighting these when there's no place to dodge (worst is same
               but with Titan ;) ). Simply go erratically there and back again
               while shooting. You can use anything against it but GES, Flak and
               8ball are very good picks, especially GES. Alternatively, ry to keep
               at close distance, where they stop shooting rockets but still can't
               reach you with their fists.
    * Tentacles - just an annoyance, dodge and DP-out it.
    * Eels - same as above 'cept you can shoot them out from safe ground. Usually.
    * Mantas  - if you spot it early it's easy to pinpoint and waste with
                Automag or DP. Otherwise fall back until you have clear shot.
    * Skaarj warriors - Q: What's three hundred pounds of flesh and claws with an
                        attitude? A: Skaarj warrior! Throw in your best stuff -
                        ASMD, 8ball, Flak, M-gun when desperate - while
                        keeping yourself at mid distance (too close and they'll
                        shred you. Too far and you won't hit them). You can always
                        try to headshot but in most cases they'll be too close for
                        such tricks.
    * Flies - buzz. buzz. I hate them. They like to attack from where you would
              never expect and can even push you down. I never take them lightly 
              and fry them with ASMD as soon as I can. Luckily one ball is enough.
    * Slith - Skaarj cousins. They're so slow that Stinger stream is more than
              enough to deal with them. Underwater battle though is a different case
              and I suggest you not to hold off and use 8ball.
    * Titans - woohoo - there are no real tactics against them - dodge even more
               erratically but be careful not to be smashed by rocks OR their frags.
               Now's the time to use this Amplifier you hid in pocket. Then fire (in
               order of usefulness): Flak, 8ball grenade/rocket, Minigun,
               (desperate) GES biorifle. If you can, hide behind a pillar to some
               safety while loading up grenades. If you feel like living dangerous,
               get *very* close, back off right before it smashes you with its claw,
               shoot Flak or something appropriate and come close again. Repeat as
               many times as needed. With good timing you can completely avoid any
               damage. I did it only once but I keep trying ;). They also almost
               always attack passing creatures - Gasbags, Krall... You can put it to
               some use.
    * Mercenaries - really weak enemies, even Krall looks like a powerhouse when
                    compared... For both use Stinger and when he blocks it - wait
                    them out and shoot again. You can also try 8ball/Flaks. Good
                    thing that they can't have their shield on while shooting.
    * Skaarj troopers - because they're no good in close combat you can easily smash
                        them from distance with Stinger, ASMD or, preferably, Rifle.
                        For those who like it harder: try and do a headshot with
                        Razorjack or approach and Flak-it. Just watch out for
                        Gunners as they wield Eightballs.
    * Gasbag - A killer <grin>. Three-step solution:
               a) wield 8ball
               b) lock-on and load at least 3 rockets
               c) BOOM! :watch the meat flying:
    * Amoeba - it's not a bother if you're protected but if you want to destroy it
               then explosives and DP (charged) are only things that can harm it.
    * Skaarj pupae - this *** is SO annoying and hard to kill. Your best bets are
                     Stinger, M-gun and ASMD. If you can, pick them one by one. In
                     few places, like cellar at Na Pali you can kill them easily
                     with GES.
    * Kralls - these fools aren't too tough, just remember to dodge and check if
               you really killed it (and not just shot legs off). Their main power
               lies in overwhelming numbers (Dasa Pass >:/ )
    * Giant Gasbag - wonder what's so dangerous about it? Never managed to damage
                     me seriously and was dead before I noticed. Flak simply shreds
                     thru this balloon.
    * Warlord - If he'd be tossing rocks he'd be unstoppable. But hence he only
                fires rockets he's not such a bad encounter yet still really
                dangerous [<_<;]. Use Amplifier, 8ball, Flak alt-grenade, Minigun.
                Note that at Demonlord's Lair he usually teleports away, unless
                you've dealt a HUGE amount of damage with your last shot.
                [heh, seems that I haven't noticed that on my old low-end PC]
    * Queen - for this "lady" I've got a tactic like this: go to the upper circle
              at the chamber, keep my eyes peeled while shooting (in order):
              alt-ball ASMD (amplified), Flak altmode, Minigun and then
              Eightball. When I get low on health, I pick up goodies from the
              platform. Watch out for her "shield charge".
      Here's an alternate way to defeat her, submitted by Dakhath v4.2:
    / Grab all the ammo, then head past all the Pupae.  Pick up the Super Jump 
    / Boots and turn them on, continuing forward.  When the Queen jumps up, Super 
    / Jump onto the center platform and pull out your Rifle.  Keep turning to see 
    / where the Queen teleports to, and then pelt her with as many Rifle rounds as 
    / you can until you run out of ammo.  Use the ASMD next (primary fire, if you 
    / have the Amplifier, use it), then the Automag until she dies.  If she ever
    / jumps onto the center platform, fall down and pull out your Stinger/Minigun 
    / and fight the Pupae until the Queen jumps down to your level, then Super 
    / Jump back up to the main platform and continue with the pattern until she
    / dies.
    / I literally beat her the second time I fought her.  The first time I got 
    / surprised when she jumped onto the center platform, but I ended up 
    / slaughtering her after I caught onto her trick.
      In my opinion this is *much* safer (but not so exciting =P)
    [3] Walkthrough
    And now time for the largest part of my guide. The order will be like this:
    Name of level
    -General idea of the level
    1)Sketchy directions for completing the level, along with known secrets. Now
     this isn't full walkthrough, just some help in the 'tricky' places, I'll leave
     the exploring to you folks...
    ...but if you're desperate here's a solution: detailed (heh :D) walkthru.
    UnreaL shortcuts like SB are explained in the Glossary in fifth section.
    This guide assumes that you're playing the normal difficulty level, because
    easy is a cakewalk and if you're playing hard or unreal, you must be good
    enough to play on your own (right? :P). This applies to items found (for
    example, SHPs are very rare on higher difficulty levels) and enemies fought.
    Still, remember that, unlike certain other FPPs, Unreal is somewhat random
    in enemy placement and numbers (very obvious in NyLeve, where you can be
    surprised by an unexpected brutie that wasn't there last time you played).
    Level 1: Vortex Rikers
    -This level is serving as a tutorial, of sorts. No enemies here so you can take
     your time to familiarize yourself with the controls.
    1)In first hall, take the lift down (dark area) to electrocute a prisoner - 
     James Cavanaugh
    2)When you come out of the airducts, look a little to the right. There are clips
     on a platform. To get there, use dodge (double-tap forward), jumping won't get
     you far.
    3)To easy acces kevlar suit look up when aiming for button - this isn't so
     obvious ^_^. Make a jump-switch - stand exactly below the button and jump.
    4)Watch out for the live wire, starting with medium level it can deal damage.
    5)There is no way you can kill the second Skaarj (the one who kills some people)
     because he literally disappears around the corner.
    6)To open the exit, shoot the lever behind the glass.
    Level 2:NyLeve Falls
    -This level is basically divided into three sections connected via corridors and
     lifts. You begin in the middle area, the lower one contains a large cache of
     items and the higher one contains some ammo, more enemies and the exit. Several
     Brutes and Tentacles, few Mantas.
    1)Take the flares and go out. Look up. Now that's a sight (note to quakefans:
     show me anything even close to this in any of your games :>). Hmm, doesn't
     Rikers look bigger from the inside? Follow the... green.. rabbit to get a clip.
    2)Near the house there's an Automag. A good weapon until you get a reasonable
     ammo supply for the ASMD.
    3)In the nearby pond there's another clip, but watch out for fishes, they bite!
    4)When you encouter two Brutes, go through the door where the other one came
     from for some extra equipment - down the stairs, take the fast lift, then
     right. Go through the large area and through the tunnel to big cavern with
     lots of goodies (and some tentacles). Don't dive into water, it's pointless.
    5)Later on, in big storage room you can find a Super Health Pack (easy level)
     and tarydium shards in crates.
    First off, complete first three things from above. One of the messages will
    tell you what is your target in game (N. Vos' log). Go back to Rikers, jump
    down... No, not there - under the Rikers :P. Go up the plank (there is a Health
    Pack in crate) and enter the corridor there. Fight one Brute (cool encounter ;))
    and then be prepared to face another one that will come out of a previously
    locked place. Well, now that's over, go where he came out, push the button and
    use the elevator (note: rarely it may bug out and lock you inside). Turn right
    and carefully advance forward (now it's 4), BTW). When you kill the Brute go
    out, then down the plank and loot the house (ammo, flashlight, new log). Go to
    the back of the house and enter the tunnel. Kill all the tentacles in there, go
    up the wooden crates, follow the plank, jump to an Assault Vest, turn around
    and jump twice for tarydium. Now you can blow up all crates in room and pick up
    goodies (especially tarydium shards). Now go to an another tunnel and down the
    lift for an Automag and new log. Now retrace your steps all the way back to the
    room with two Brutes. Go to the lift where first one came out and go up. If you
    want the Assault Vest you must activate another lift and jump when it's in its
    highest point. Then go up again and smash the Brute awaiting at the end of this
    corridor. When you go out watch out as there may be a Sting-tail out there (you
    will hear a characteristic "woosh" sound). Go inside the installation through a
    far exit (the one with stairs and dead body). Wait and kill patrolling Brutie
    and advance forward watching for Tentacles. Loot the area remembering to go up
    the crates before smashing them. If you're playing on Easy check 5) as well. In
    dark corner there will be a Brute ambush. After the hassle go out to the bridge
    killing all the Tentacles on your way, destroy all barrels and finally go
    through the gates to finish this level.
    Level 3:Rrajigar Mine
    -Quite large level built from semi-tight corridors mixed with bare rock caverns
     and lava. Several Brutes, some Tentacles and Skaarj.
    1)In first room you can go to the dark crawl for an Assult Vest and ammo.
    2)In room with a forcefield, shoot tarydium barrel to open a pass to some bodies
     and a Health pack.
    3)When you take a lift to the Forcefield Control Centre, there is a secret nook
     with some clips on the way.
    4)Behind the large collumns in the Forcefield Control Centre there is some ammo.
    5)First Nali will unlock a Stinger with some ammo for you. That is unless the 
     Skaarj killed him. Also he'll unlock a shield belt later on.
    6)Shoot the button below the floor to make a bridge go up.
    7)After taking the lift beyond tentacles, there will be a shield belt waiting
     for you if you saved the first Nali.
    8)Another one will unlock an Assault Vest.
    9)Short after you blow the tarydium barrels that block your passage, you will
     fight a Skaarj. In this area, look for a dark place to your left. Explore it.
    9)In section with to bridges over lava, go by the sprawling or you'll fall down.
     The Nali there will unlock a Powerup for you.
    Go forward to the big cavern. Kill the Brute that will go out of one of the
    corridors there and complete 1). On your way back jump into the transporter and
    pick up ammo and HP. Now turn right, enter the rocky passage, wait out the
    earthquake and kill the Tentacles. In next room kill the Brute (good way: shoot
    at him once then hide in corridor. When he comes to you, keep at close distance
    while shooting). Now do 2) and return to the first cavern. Turn right and go on.
    At the lift do 3) but it may be a bit tough. Follow the way killing yet another
    Tentacle, picking up Automag, killing the Brute, smashing crates (a SB and HP)
    and finally arriving to Forcefield Control Centre. Do 4) and push the buttons.
    Go back until you'll be locked in darkness. Throw some flares and wait for
    Skaarj appearing either at front or back (so it's wise to wait in the middle of
    corridor). When you'll kill him, check the nooks and pick up some flares.
    Continue your trip to the lift (one Brute on the way) and onward through the
    cavern (another Brutie) to previously locked passage to the left. Go in there,
    pick up tarydium and go down. Then quickly jump on the lift which you just used
    and jump back so the lift will go up, revealing clips hidden under it. Turn
    around and advance carefully. Around the corner there will be a Tentacle and
    around next one - Brute and another Tentacle... Life sucks. When you finish
    the peace negotiations (lead-based :P) go SLOWLY forward and as soon as the
    earthquake hits again run back until it calms down. Now go forward again, turn
    left and destroy the crates for ammo (if you shoot at the barrel it'll explode).
    Now go forward carefully as there will be yet another earthquake and another
    part of platform will fall to lava. Ignore Nali to the right and go left. Behind
    one of the pillars there will be a Voice Box which is utterly useless in this
    game. A bit farther you will fight another Skaarj. When you kill him, return to
    the Nali and follow him until he reveals a Stinger and 80 tarydium Shards (you
    should have 200 already, BTW). Now explore around, smashing all the crates and
    picking up their contents. When you're finished, go to the chasm where you
    fought the Skaarj and shoot the button ( 6) ). In the big cave a bit farther go
    forward until you see a Skaarj jumping down. Destroy tarydium barrels when he
    lands - if it doesn't kill him it'll at least weaken him and open passage for
    you. Once in the Operations Room kill all the baddies inside and push the lever.
    Then push all the arrow-shaped buttons on pillar and turn around for A Skaarj
    Behind A Door treat. Enjoy. Go through any of the doors, kill Tentacles and
    go up. If the Nali you saved was alive (and he should be if you did what I
    wrote), check out 7). Now turn left, don't pickup Stinger if you have over 160
    bullets (or you'd waste ammo) and prepare to face another Skaarj somewhere
    behind this large pillar. Now look up - somewhere you should see a Tentacle,
    maybe attacking you - kill it and if you don't see it, don't worry - you'll
    face it later. Follow the only way, enter the next room and kill Tentacle.
    From safe distance blow up passage by shooting at the tarydium barrel. Next
    room and next Skaarj. Welcome him warmly and advance. When you'll see a red
    lever, look right and destroy the crate on ground and another small one on
    lift (look up). Now jump behind large metal crates for a flare. Next,
    approach the lever and turn around for there's a Tentacle up there that needs
    to be calmed down and maybe a Brute's near too, so prepare for a firefight.
    When fire's extenguished push the lever and take a lift up. Automag. Go where
    the Tentacle was and "search" the crates for tarydium Shards. From there go
    right and kill Brute then go on. Soon you'll meet a Nali Priest but ignore
    him again, instead running forward and killing Skaarj glaring at a control
    panel. Now return to Nali and he'll open an Assault Vest near the carts. In the
    opposite corner of this room you'll find some tarydium. Enter the next corridor,
    now you'll face the Tentacle from before (remember?) and another one in nook a
    bit farther. Kill them and jump down at the end of this corridor. To the left
    there may be a tentacle so kill it and go right for a HP. And immediately turn
    around to face a Skaarj. Hole this smartlizard ;) and go on. These bridges are
    very unstable so avoid walking on them (these goods are a bait). Instead climb
    the sprawling and go around the corner with flashlight on to pin down a Brute.
    Shield the Nali if you must for he'll unlock a Powerup for you. What does it do?
    Well, it increases ammo capacity of your DP by 10, ammo usage by 2 (and then
    again by 2...) which also means that one shot will be as powerful as three from
    non-tweaked one (and then as five, six etc.). Finally, you can charge by up to
    10 points more by alt-fire. Needless to say, these Powerups are very valuable.
    After you pick it up (and watch nifty animation) go to the first bridge, climb
    the closer plank, turn right, run and jump for a SB. Return by jumping back to
    stable (?) ground. Pass the next bridge as you did first one and fancy your
    new DP against a Tentacle there. Go onwards and kill Skaarj a room later
    (time-space ;) ). In n.e.x.t. hall wait for Skaarj use a lift... No, scratch
    that. Don't give this son-of-a-gecko a moment to rest and kill him as soon as
    you can. Go up and turn to dust another one, watching the area down. When you
    are finished, crouch and go against the cave wall until you pick up both ASMD
    cores. Return to previous room, turn right and take the Stinger hidden in crate.
    Jump down and smash other crates containing some ammo and a HP. Go back up again
    and follow the left catwalk until you turn left. From there jump carefully onto
    crates for a SB. Turn right and destroy barrels from safe place then push the
    lever. Kill Brute and go up. Shoot the glass on the far side and save. This will
    be _really_ tricky. You must go there by facing a bit *left* while pushing
    forward and *right*. You'll probably fail a few times so just reload and try
    again. When finally in there, push buttons, loot ammo and prepare for a trip
    back. Do it the same way as you did just a while ago, switching the left-right
    direction of course. If you need it, there is an Assault Vest in a disabled fan.
    Finally, go through the newly-opened door to end this level. Whew.
    Level 4:Depths of Rrajigar
    -This level isn't much different from the previous, however it's smaller and has
     no cavernous areas. Corridors aren't very tight here, either.
    1)In the very beginning, step on the lift, and jump right back. There will be a
     hole. Jump in. And see, there's an ASMD! Take a lift to go up again.
    2)Don't try to fight the first Brute from the trasporter. He'll throw you to the
     lava with rockets.
    3)When you see a Skaarj standing next to tarydium barrel, shoot the barrel with
     ASMD or charged DP. It'll blow the sucker to pieces (only this one will work
     so good, unfortunately :(  )
    4)In a big storage room don't destroy the crates - push them to the big ones
     where you came from and jump up for some stuff.
    5)In the same area, shoot the bridge to open passage to the Amplifier (dive)
    Go forward with care (there may be a Brute around the corner). Do 1) and you'll
    arrive in upper part of this room. If you feel like you need it, you may jump
    down a few times for some stuff. Next, push the red button and quickly jump onto
    the yellow cart, remembering about 2). As soon as you arrive to the end of
    route, jump to the safety (well...), turn around and fry the Brute. Just don't
    be too close to wall as this nice, red barrel will blow up easily, very easily,
    too easily... Ahem. After dispatching the meat, wait until a Nali that was
    around here teleports away. Then go along the wall until you'll have a tight
    encounter with a Skaarj Scout. If you didn't do something stupid, he should
    push some crates while jumping down. After you end the lizard's life, go up by
    these crates for some ASMD cores and a SHP. Then push the only button in area
    and use the transporter to go up - but beware of another Brute just waiting to
    burn you up there. Ice him and turn right. Go on until you reach a bridge
    over lava. If you want, you can do 3) now by continuing forward. Either way,
    pass the bridge remembering to take tarydium if you need it. Few truns and one
    Brute ahead you'll find yourself in cellars. Go ahead carefully as you will
    encounter some Tenties there. At a crossroad, turn right to fight (yeesh) a
    Skaarj in this fog (?). Then take the ammo lying around and go through the
    only way left (to the right :P). A lift will take you up to a big storage area.
    Enter it and fight a Skaarj nearby. After that, you should be somewhere here:
    |        |         [] <-small crate
    | big    |         ##
    | crates |         ## <-pillar
    | with   |---|
    | items  | A |
    |        |---|
                   | to the lift
    Just push the crate to A and jump up for some HPs and ASMD cores (4). Afterwards
    explore the rest of this hall (you may fight a Skaarj but he'll probably run
    away. Either way you'll have to kill him) but first destroy the metal bridge by
    shooting at its  middle part. When you hit the correct thing, it'll fall down
    (tip: don't stand UNDER the bridge) and open a underwater chamber with an
    amplifier and again some ASMD cores. Now you can go up the stairs to fight this
    Skaarj (tip2: If he's in the corridor, you can use the tarydium barrels. Even
    though they won't kill him, hell be near-dead). Of course collect all ammo on
    the way. In next room with two big containers push both levers there. Collect
    tarydium from the far wall and continue to the bridge you just damaged. Kill
    the Skaarj in there with the Stinger (he won't have any space to dodge). Next,
    jump over the damaged part, push the button and run-jump to the right to a crate
    with a SB on it. It's somewhat difficult but possible. After that, go through
    the opened door nearby, destroy any crates to collect ammo and go left to
    leave Rrajigar complex once and for all.
    Level 5:Sacred passage
    -Surface again. There is a long underwater corridor to be passed so you have to
     be quick there. Otherwise, piece of cake. One Brute, few Mantas, Eels, possibly
     a Skaarj.
    1)To get to the inside, you must swim through an underwater tunnel. It's very
     long, so dive as close to the entrance as you can, and go up for some air
     when you'll kill those nasty biterfishes.
    2)To open a room with SHP, push a stone face on one of the columns.
    3)And finally, to open entry to Chizra's temple, push the lever and wait for
     the pool to fill with water.
    A first "rest" (as in "resting") level. Go up the path and check the big gates.
    Closed, huh? Well, gotta find another way in. Explore the area, killing a
    Sting-tail and Skaarj if one appears and picking up needed items (some ammo
    and HPs). Now it's time for 1). Go to the pool, fry any eels you see from shore
    and dive in to do the same with those you didn't see and one that was
    hiding in tunnel. Then pick up ammo and swim near the surface to a point closest
    to the tunnel. Catch some breath and dive in directly to the tunnel. Swim as
    fast as you can, not stopping anywhere and you should arrive without losing HP.
    Look around the place very carefully and kill a Sting-tail that is there. Now go
    inside the "building". Golden pots hide some flares. Look for a bleak stone face
    ( 2) ) and touch it. Go inside the opened room and dive in for a SHP, avoiding
    fishes with mean attitude as much as you can. Go up and return to open area.
    See the black stone wall? Step on a loose stone there to open it. Pass through.
    To the left you'll find a Brute and, much farther, some ammo. When you're done,
    do 3) - the lever is on the other side of this big stone... machinery? Oh well.
    Wait for the pool to fill up and enter the temple to end this level.
    Level 6:Chizra - Nali water god temple
    -Really large (possibly one of the largest levels in FPS games), really complex
     and tedious, with a number of underwater chambers. Several horseflies, Skaarj,
     chock-full of Sliths. Be careful.
    1)To open the pass, destroy four chains holding the platform and jump-switch the
    2)When you jump down, dive into pool, swim down and forward, then up to a secret
    3)First Nali unlocks a storage with flares, but often he keeps running away, at
     least in version 225f. I don't know what makes him run, so don't be suprised.
    4)Later on, to draw a bridge to stone face in the middle of a pool, kill all
     Sliths in there.
    5)When you'll deal with 'choppers' and go up, watch out! There may be Skaarj
     behind the door!
    6)When you see Nali praying, jump down and dive to get some extra stuff (clips,
     tarydium, Assult Vest, 2 ASMD cores). Take the lift and push the stone to get
     out of there.
    7)To get to Super Health Pack, jump on a loose stone in the corner of the portal
     and jump up to the SHP.
    8)To get to the hall with 8ball gun from the section with a long wooden 
     platforms, touch the each stone of... somethings with blue flames ^_^' Then a
     secret room with a lever inside will open. Pull it, and the portal will open.
    9)At the 8ball hall, go through the other portal *not* at the far left or right
     to get to a larger room with a lift. Take it, then go down. Shoot the wall
     there to unlock a secret passage leading to a SB. Don't worry, it's safe, just
     an invisible floor. To return, shoot the wall again.
    10)In the place with a square stone platform/pyramid in a middle of room, jump
     on it. A thunder will strike (Chizra?), opening passage to a room with a Skaarj
     and Eightball ammo.
    11)At the Obelisk of Clouds, take the right corridor and when you reach a corner
     dive down for a Kevlar Suit (and slaughterfishes).
    12)When you finally got the Eightball cannon, jump forward to the newly-opened
     portal, then take the teleport for a big shortcut (watch out for Skaarj).
    First of all, let me say that this is the _shortest_ way to finish this level,
    how I complete it. If you want, you can play Indiana Jones and explore the other
    chambers, long sewers, secrets... But this requires a LOT of time. And can get
    pretty boring. Of course if you are actually good enough to survive this amount
    of Slith. Good luck. Back to the walkthru, go right then left. Pick up the
    Automag and don't worry about this Slith - he's dead for good. Jump to the pool
    and swim to the middle of this wooden raft. Pull out your DP and destroy the
    chains there with alt-mode (no need for charging). Jump-switch the lever and go
    forward fast enough to "ski" by the moving pillars (this was 1) ). Turn around
    fast as you may find a Skaarj there. Either way, approach to the large pool and
    kill all eels you can see with DP. Then jump down and do 2). When you return
    from there, catch some breath and slay all eels that you've missed before. Go
    up by these two long planks and it's time for 3) to the right. At the end of
    this corridor, push the odd stone to make a platform come down. Use it to go up.
    Look around this room, jump to the ASMD and pick up ammo that lies around. In
    one of the nooks there will be another odd stone. Push it and whoops... You'll
    fall down. Push an.ot.he.r. bleak stone to your right and the gate will open.
    You'll find a Skaarj in this room and probably a horsefly. Smash'em and go to
    the passageway the Skaarj came out from. Advance forward (*aarrgh* -push- down
    any stones blocking your way). At the end of this corridor there is a Nali that
    starts running forward to show you something but a Slith blocks his way. Oddly,
    when Nali comes near to it, he usually doesn't end dead but instead the Slith
    jumps down. Oh well. Check whatever the Nali wants to show you (some text) and
    follow that Slith. There will be at least one more down there so kill them all
    ( 4) ). Touch the stone face to open exit here. Go through this passage but
    keep close to the wall as there are some kind of darts being shot over all the
    tarydium in there. If you feel lucky, you may want to pick it up. Anyway, take
    the lift and jump to another corridor with a Nali in there. Ignore him and
    don't enter the big chamber right away. Instead do it like this - enter, wait
    a second then back off very fast and kill any 'choppers' that followed you with
    ASMD. Repeat until nothing follows you. Pick up the ammo around there (smash the
    pots) and go up, remembering about 5). If the Skaarj wasn't there, go again
    through the trapdoor and kill him this chamber. Now go down the stairs and jump
    down to do 6) - just remember to catch some breath in every room. To exit this
    place go to where you entered it, climb to the shore, push the lever and go up
    the lift to your right. Up there, pick up two ASMD cores and push (again) the
    stone at the end of this passage. Now go downstairs again and jump over to the
    Nali. To your left or right you'll find a Slith so kill him. At the end of
    either corridor you'll hear the buzz. Look up and fry some more choppers. Push
    this large lever and go the other side of this O-shaped corridor and push
    another lever. Then go to the large gate and push a stone on the wall nearby.
    The gate'll open and after few steps you can do 7). Go through the corridor to
    the right from the gate. Kill anything that will show up and jump the stones
    to another large hall. Pick up ASMD cores and kill a Skaarj to the far right -
    you'll need to follow the platforms to get to him and he'll probably kill a
    Nali that is around. Oh well. Kill him and do 8) to advance forward. In this
    room kill all the Sliths and do 9). Now return to the eightball hall and go
    to the Pyramid (read the messages to know which passage it is). Here do 10),
    killing all the buzzers around first. Btw, if you look down at the chamber of
    death, you can see a tunnel that can be reached somewhere through sewers.
    Either way, go the Obelisk of Clouds and since you're out of paper, kill five
    Sliths around that want your autograph. Take the left corridor and kill leftover
    Sliths (if any). Around the corner, ignore the stones for now and go to the end
    of this corridor. There will be a hidden underwater tunnel around - it's 11) and
    try to do it as fast as possible (the chances are that you'll start drowning no
    matter how fast will you do it). Now go back to the stone blocks and climb them,
    collecting ammo of course. Follow the way to the big chamber. Avoid the pool and
    collect the ASMD cores stashed around in some corners. Next get a SHP behind
    this little waterfall. Brace yourself and jump to the pool. An earthquake will
    rumble and at the stones you climbed before a Skaarj will appear. You can try
    to kill him by ASMD combo if you feel lucky (tip: watch the light on walls).
    After you settle this affair get the SCUBA gear and return to the eightball
    hall. A small room will be opened in one of the walls there. Push the lever
    there and finally climb the catwalk to this stick of six fires. Now you've got
    a choice - either you can take long and tedious (but safe as you've already
    cleared it) way and retrace your steps thru the wooden platforms, loose stones,
    O-shaped corridor, stairs and finally the long passageway or make it shorter and
    use a teleport by doing 12). But be warned - if you take the shortcut, a Nali
    priest that will guide you will very probably die at the hands of Skaarj (or,
    even worse, you can kill him by telefragging). This Skaarj will also shred you a
    good time, taking advantage of surprise. If you take the long way he'll still be
    there but this time it'll be you that will mount a surprise attack. Either way,
    kill him and jump through the portal to FINALLY end this level. Now go somewhere
    and take a good break :).
    Level 7:Ceremonial chambers
    -Again a smaller level in similar setup. Not so confusing, tho. A number of
     Skaarj, some Sliths.
    1)When you kill the first Skaarj (try to save the Nali there), stop and wait
     because a Slith on lower level probably noticed you and is on his way. Just
     wait loading your 8ball and when the portal starts opening, just smoke'im 
    2)At the small ridge over the lava, when you are on the other side of room, some
     Skaarj will appear. You can try to push them off to lava with ASMD or a single
    3)At the room with first underwater lever, swim to the surface and then slowly
     towards the wall. There will be a pass leading to another SCUBA gear.
    4)Later on, in the opened area, near the platform with crossbow (?) go towards
     the far wall and dive for some stuff.
    5)In the middle of the first plank, jump down for some rockets. Just measure
     your jump carefully.
    You start this level in a bad situation because as soon as you go out, Nali to
    your right will start running forward and will stop near a Skaarj. Sucide if you
    ask me. Try to race him to the Skaarj and kill the lizard before he can touch
    the Nali. If you hear an annoyed Slith, wait - you can do 1). If not, try to
    circle this room to annoy him. If that doesn't work, go to the door the Nali
    came thru. Now turn right and scope the room for possible Skaarj threat. Don't
    go through the golden gate now. Instead cover the part of this level which is
    shaped roughly as Q-Q. Kill any Sliths in sight but don't dive into water yet.
    Return to the wooden platforms and dive into water. Deeper you'll see Sliths
    some distance away. Lock on with your 8ball and fire multiple rockets at them
    (wait+load). If any of them comes too near, use Stinger. Now look down. Push
    the lever you see there and follow the underwater tunnel where Sliths were.
    You can check left and right chamber for some items in crates but your main goal
    is ahead. Behind the barrels there you will find another lever. You know what to
    do? Now return to the room you dived into water and rech the surface. Instead
    do 3) now. If you feel like you're low on eightballs, go through the golden gate
    and do 2). When you kill the Skaarj, return to the upper level and go to the
    other passageway. You will meet some enemies there and (now) dead Nali - if you
    can kill them before they kill Nali then you're better than me. Anyway, explore 
    the platforms until you reach the big hall with a gigantic rock in the middle.
    Don't look down. Kill Slith and Skaarj that each want a piece of you and go to
    the end of this chamber. Get the SHP and return to the O=O shaped rooms. Jump
    down at the part to your left and explore a lower part of the rooms you left
    just a while ago. You'll meet some Sliths (about 3) and Stinger there. Now go to
    the other part (where you were annoying the Slith but lower) and enter the new
    part of this level. You'll meet another enemy here. Kill him and (ignoring Nali)
    explore this chamber, also diving into water for some flares. When you're ready,
    cross te golden gate and follow Nali to the upper level. Now he'll stop and you
    must turn around to face three Skaarj one after another trying to approach you.
    You'd best wait and load grenades. When Skaarj steps on the platform, blow the
    sucker away. When you kill all of them, the passageway will open. Go there fast
    and try to rescue Nali at the end of this corridor. Don't worry if he gets
    killed, it happens a lot. Either way, you must face a pissed off Skaarj. When
    you kill him, push the lever and wait for the lift to come up. Step on it and
    search for Skaarj somewhere below. When you find him, start loading rockets,
    but *without* locking on (if you'd try to lock, he'd spot you immediately and
    the fight would be harder). Then fire away at him. He'll probably survive it
    but will be significantly weakened so it'll be a piece of cake. Now get into
    water and swim right. You'll encounter two Sliths, one of them will kill Nali
    out there and both of them will start swimming towards you. Kill them and do
    4). Next, push the lever next to the crossbow and climb the line to the plank
    (it's best to aim at its hook). Next, do 5) and climb to the very top. Follow
    the long corridor, leaving Nali behind and kill the Skaarj waiting at pier.
    Destroy crates for ammo and return for Nali (it's not necessary but...). Get
    on the raft fast and wait until it arrives at the end. Now you can dive and
    get some flares from the underwater and return to the portal. Get to the end
    of this place and jump down to leave Chizra temple.
    Level 8:Dark Arena
    -This is a Colosseum-like arena level. You can enter it in two ways - through
     the main gate and through the secret prison entrance. I suggest the second
     option because you can find some nice stuff there. Moderate amounts of Skaarj
     and one Titan.
    1)When you come out from the first corridors, go to the closer corner of arena
     walls for ammo and then to another, far one, wasting the Skaarj on the way,
     blow the wall up and go down for a secret dungeon. Assuming that the exit from
     cell is faced 'north', don't go through western door - it leads directly to
     Arena, there's no return and you have more to do here ^_~. In the room with
     Skaarj and three levers, turn them on and return to prison to find that all the
     cells are now opened! Take the goodies but watch out for tentacles in there.
    2)When you finally jump down to the Arena, trigger the trap (go near the 8ball)
     and quickly jump up for the moving platform. Then, by using earthquakes made
     by rampaging Titan, jump in the pillar for a SHP. Don't try to fight the Beast
     from there, this isn't too effective and you're liable to fall down because of
     the earthquakes.
    *SPLOOSH!*. Swim up to conserve SCUBA and get out of the water. Go down the
    stairs and carefully look around. When you hear another splash, aim at the
    stairs you came from and wait for a Skaarj-out-of-water encounter. Next, look
    for a bleak stone face and, as usual, push it. You'll open the big gate nearby.
    Go through it and down the corridors (8balls on the way). Now the music kicks
    in. Look right amd go to the place where the building's walls touch rock wall.
    Here you'll find some ammo and HP. Go through the open area and you'll spot a
    Skaarj, apparently resting after some hard work >:/. Have no mercy. Pick up an
    Assault Vest from there and countinue onwards until you get to the other side of
    the Arena. There you'll find a cracked wall. Shoot it with Eightball to open the
    passage. Now go down and have a flashlight handy. When you exit the cell, look
    around carefully until you kill all Skaarj in this area (actually, at most there
    is only one of them lizards but take care). Now you're in area like this:
       ########## C E L L S  H E R E #############
       ##                                       ##
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
       ##  #### CELLS #####   #### CELLS ####    -> A
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
     C<-                                        ##
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
       ##  #### CELLS #####   #### CELLS ####    -> B
       ##  ################   ###############   ##
       ##                                       ##
       #### *CELL* ###### *CELL* ########### |you came from here
    Don't go through C 'cause all you can find there is a Skaarj and a lift to
    Arena itself with NO return. You can go through B and kill every Skaarj there.
    Be careful not to throw any levers (you'll kill Nali!) or fall into the red
    pools as these seem to be filled with lava and will kill you on touch. When
    you're done, enter A and kill all Skaarj by surprise. Pick up Stinger and
    tarydium shards and then switch all the levers. Now return to the cell area
    and loot every one there for some neat stuff, including a SB. Just watch out
    for Tentacles that nest in some of the cells. After that, go again to A and
    enter the other door. You'll exit at the main hall of the building. Here you
    MUST kill both Skaarj to be able to enter. When you do the job, climb upstairs
    and enter any door. You'll be in a circular corridor around the Arena itself.
    Again you must kill all Skaarj (pick up ammo on the way!). Next, enter the door
    on the outer bow of the sickle (the corridor's shaped this way) and push the
    levers. Three doors to the inner corridor will open. Enter it and pick up ASMD
    cores on one end and HP (if needed) on the other one. When you fell ready, jump
    down and do 2). Now you must fight the Titan. Just hide behind the pillar
    whenever possible and you SHOULD be okay. When you kill him, check out every
    place for a SB, some ammo and HPs (what are these for? Titan kills you on one
    hit >_<). Then exit through a cracked wall and immediately throw the switch on
    the other side of the wall you see (boy, how long was I looking for this thing
    >_>). Go downstairs and through the doors to exit Dark Arena.
    Level 9:Harobed Village
    -A village, a church, a hidden cavern. Other than that, a long passage to the
     Terraniux. Several Skaarj, some horseflies.
    1)In one of the houses there will be jump boots. Don't take them until you find
     all houses with a hole in ceiling but no ladder attached. Then get the boots
     and jump up there (careful, this may be tricky)
    2)The Nali in the temple will open a passage in a back wall for you. There will
     be a Flakcannon in the tower, but beware of Skaarj waiting for your return.
    3)In the cementery, push a face on the farthest grave from entrance. You'll open
     a passage to an underground path.
    Exit the tunnel and go left, towards the village. Enter any house, loot it and
    go out. Now be very alert as several flies will attack you. You know what to
    do with bugs, huh? After you're done with debugging, check rest of the houses
    around, remembering about 1). Next, go towards the church. Kill possible
    horsefly and/or Skaarj scout. Enter the church - nothing worth attention unless
    you're low on health (and you shouldn't be, seeing as there was plenty of
    healing stuff in the village). Go near the Nali Priest and he'll open a passage
    in the back wall there. Enter it, go all the way up for the meanest gun in the
    unreality and go back - you may have to fight a newly-spawned horsefly now.
    When you'll be exiting this building you'll fight a Skaarj in the entrance or
    very close by. Try out your new toy on him. Now go behind this church and enter
    the graveyard. Kill yet another Skaarj and touch a stone face on one of the
    farthest graves (I don't need to tell you about picking up goodies, do I?).
    Go down the stairs and enter somewhat spooky cavern (it really freaked me out
    during night U sessions >_>. Scary ambience!). Pick up flares and tarydium
    along the way and kill the Tentacle(s). Jump into water and swim the corridor
    for a SHP. Sweeet. Now return to the cave and you will fight a curious Skaarj.
    Exit the village and continue left, killing possible enemies until you reach
    a body of water. To get to the other side of pool, you must walk up on an edge
    of underwater platform until you can jump for the shore. Watch out for
    'choppers' as they can push you back to water. Once on the other side, kill a
    Mercenary around the corner and you can enter Terraniux now.
    Level 10:Terraniux underground
    -A prelude to Terraniux. Get used to new environment and enemies. Several
     Mercenaries, few Sliths.
    1)You _must_ turn the alarm off, even if you passed the trapped corridor without
     engaging one (it is possible!)
    2)When you go up by the lift, jump to the passing ledges for some extra stuff
     (getting out from the highest one may be somewhat tricky).
    Go forward and kill a Mercenary to the left. Take ASMD cores and push the
    button. Wait for the lift to come down and kill another merc. Now step on it
    and... It isn't working, huh? Well, go check the other door here. These "beams"
    are alarm devices. You can try to avoid them (I always do. And succeed.) but
    there's no penalty for engaging them and you have to shut off the alarm anyway.
    In the next room take on by surprise two mercs, loot the stuff and push the two
    buttons with "omega" symbol. Now you can take the lift. If you feel lucky you
    can try to do 2) but it can be pretty dangerous when it comes to the higher
    stuff. In the next room, take out another merc and two that are in the lower
    right chamber. Go there (from now on I won't tell you to pick up minor stuff,
    there should be no need for it, huh?). Now you need to activate the pumps. In
    order to open the door to the pump switch, you must kill all Slith in area. And
    don't bother with Toxinsuit if you have Kevlar one. When you're over, enter
    the now-accesible room, push the button and...
    Level 11:Terraniux
    -A high-tech base level, arranged in four three-level areas around a hub. You'll
     have to do some sludge swimming in order to complete it. Some Sliths, many
    1)In central room, lower level, a lift down will take you to another Toxinsuit.
    2)In order to activate lifts, you must turn on three buttons in waste chambers.
     And one of lifts is damaged due to broken pipe in a mid-way.
    3)When you get the jumpboots, take the lift to the broken pipe, jump on it using
     jb-s and climb it for a secret place.
    4)When you go up, head to the central part of floor, go up the lifts then jump
     down for some stuff. After that, activate the lifts up by standing on button
     and wait until it takes you to highest floor. Then sweep the rooms from stuff
     you find (there is a secret passage to some Flak shells and Kevlar suit).
    5)To get to the control room, you must dive into wastes at second foor, then
     navigate the pipes until you get out at a room with Biorifle. There you may
     push crates for some goodies in other pipes. The room on second floor will be
     opened and you can continue.
    Go out and now that biowaste's pumped out you can jump down. Wander around and
    you'll eventually find yourself past the pressure door. Kill Slith to your left
    and go RIGHT. You'll find another Slith there as well as ammo. Go through the
    door and explore dark corners to find two ASMD cores. Nifty. Now use the lift
    and look towards the center of this room to find two mercenaries. Load 8balls
    to shorten this fight significantly (you probably won't kill them tho) and
    dispose of them. When the job's done, press the omega (roughly ;P) button *).
    Check the doors (some stuff is "hidden" behind walls there) and go out to
    find yourself in the central hub, lower level. Now you can do 1). When you're
    over, check all the pumping stations, wipe out what you find in there (some
    mercs and Sliths) and press the button. Also check any possible crates and don't
    forget about SHP, SB and Flak shells ;). Now that you're over, go the the lift
    where a broken pipe was reported (to get to lifts, simply enter one of the
    covered doors). Go up it and when you're halted, explore secret area. Now go
    down and take any other lift (watch out for mercenaries raining! =) ). Explore
    the greenhouses, killing mercs in sight. When you're over, head towards the
    central hub (it'll open automatically). Whichever side you came from, check all
    the others for leftover items and GoDown (warning! UT reference! %) ). Loot the
    stuff and do 4). Yup. Now back to the greenhouses and follow the way clockwise
    to eventually find yourself in a room with biowaste pipes. Jump (ewwwww!) and
    navigate the pipe system until you emerge at the control room. Do the sweep,
    take GES biorifle and push the crate to get another SHP. Press all the buttons
    and go up the lifts and clockwise again. Now the lift to Noork Elbow will be
    active. Leave the level.
    *) Actually, an upside down omega:
    _  _
    Level 12:Noork Elbow
    -Few houses, a temple entrance. Some mercs, few horseflies and Tentacles,
     possibly a Manta.
    1)To easily kill mercenaries, use Biorifle or grenades to trap the platform.
    2)There is a secret passage in the river, just jump down and swim to the left.
    Go out. Kill mercenaries. Search houses, kill Tentacles, get Force Field
    (another one and you can't carry two! >_<). Follow the only way to the
    Temple, kill Stings, do 2), enter Temple. That's it. Tired? Don't think so.
    Level 13:Temple of Vendora
    -Another temple level, this time much darker and more... ruined? Tight
     corridors, small rooms, few larger areas. Mostly Skaarj, some Brutes, Gasbags,
     one or two Mantas, one Titan. Skaarj Troopers appear here.
    1)When in a room with circular pool, dive in, swim down then forward and right
     to an Amplifier.
    2)You have a choice of how to get to the Torch of Tranquility - you can either
     take a boat or walk. Myself, I prefer walking for more control of movement.
    3)Gasbags fall easily to six rocets. Homed, because those uglies like to dodge
     when floating around.
    4)Later on, you'll see a Skaarj who quickly pushes a button when spots you.
     Rafal says that you can kill him by bouncing six grenades off the wall but
     the door will close itself anyway :(.
    5)In the place with a head-shaped fountain, throw a flare to the water to open
     up a secret place with Invisibility (thx to Rafal for sorting that out. Man,
     did it bother me...)
    6)You can shoot the picture of Vendora ( :)~~ ;) ) to some strange effect
     (thunders?). You just won't hit her - she's protected by an invisible bubble.
    7)As a side note, in the pond before the theatre there are eels. They keep
      respawning forever!
    8)When you enter a theatre, there is a lift to the right, leading to a dead end.
     There's a door there, but it's opened AFTER killing the Titan. Thanks once
     again to Rafal for this info.
    ...Details: Whichever way you came out from, go to the big gate downstairs and
    pick up eightballs (if you need to, of course). Now stop right before entering
    the courtyard. It's a trap (can you hear the Skaarj?). Snipe all Stings there
    and enter carefully. Kill the Skaarj and the gates will open once again (how?).
    Now enter through the opposite door to the one you came from - not that you
    have any choice ;P. To the right a mean Brute of the larger variety will attack
    you. Show him who's boss... and head left. Down the spiral stairway (flares) you
    will see a circular pool. It's 1) and you will encounter some eels on the way.
    Now when you're back, a Nali priest will guide you... But will be stopped
    permanently by another melee Skaarj if you're not good enough. Smash the chest
    open, take its contents and go left. Take tarydium shards, return and go to the
    right passage. On the way you'll find some side rooms with stone beds, supplies
    and a Skaarj (Trooper) inside. Sweep them anyway and you'll find yourself in a
    larger hall with another melee Skaarj patrolling the bridge. Kill him and
    continue forward. When you'll reach the stairs, charge up something good as
    there's a.n.o.t.h.e.r Skaarj up there. Guess what? The door's locked. From the
    message you'll learn that you must light the Torch of Tranqulity. So turn left
    and either take the boat and take nearby gasbags head-on or use the dark passage
    and sinpe them safely with 8ball. When you'll reach the other side, KiLl one
    Skaarj on the pier and next two in the large chamber with two sets of stairs.
    Go up the stairs and clear both rooms there (with care, as always). Now push
    the button between stairs on the lower floor and leave this chamber... to face
    yet another Skaarj (man, do they EVER give up?). To light the torch in this
    chapel, you need to stand on the button here (electric lighter, heh). Also
    circle the room for two HPs. You can return to the locked door now. Next few
    rooms are a breeze and you can't get lost there (at least I hope so >_>).
    When you arrive to a room with a head-shaped fountain, throw a flare to the
    water there to get Invisibility. You'll eventually pass by the giant picture
    of Vendora (ooh! megami-sama! ;) ). Get the amplifier but wait! There's a
    Brute on the courtyard! Dispose of him and another of his kin in the corridors
    to your left. Now go to these corridors and this time, take the right passage
    and navigate through plains (warning! Two Skaarj!). When you enter the theatre,
    kill a Brute to the left and go there (there's nothing to the right). Now fight
    the Titan on the scene (I suggest using amplified ASMD alt-ball and then
    eightballs). This time the fight is significantly easier, just take care not to
    be killed by stone fragments bouncing off the walls. When you'll slay the beast,
    exit through a passage in the middle of theathre's wall. An earthquake will
    close the way behind you...
    Level 14:The Trench
    -A simple level. A long unnatural canyon with two (!) or possibly three (!!)
     Titans, several Gasbags and maybe a Skaarj.
    1)To easily dispose of gasbags, lead them close to the titan. He may engage them
     and smash 'em with rocks.
    2)There are eightballs on the way, try not to miss them.
    3)To call a lift, stand in the red light, and remember to jump off to avoid
    4)Getting to the last door requires careful timing in activating the lift.
    First, take the ammo and dispose of any visible gasbags from your vantage point.
    If you really, really, really want to, you can also take out the Titan from
    there but it's a bit dangerous and very tedious. Anyway, proceed towards the aft
    and kill some Skaarj around there. When you're ready, stand in the red light
    until a lift comes down, get on it and jump onto the deck before you're smashed.
    To get up now, you must activate the upper lift (the other side of the panel),
    wait a while and step on a vertical lift nearby. If you were accurate, you can
    step on the upper lift which will take you near the level exit.
    Level 15:ISV Kran deck 4
    -Back to the hi-tech scenery. You can get used to fighting large amounts of
     Skaarj as well as some slime-diving (only in a few places, luckily).
    1)When you go up a first time, a Skaarj there will sound an alarm. To turn it
     off you have to kill all Skaarj that will appear one by one, then jump down to
     the newly-opened airduct, navigate it until you reach a large hall with a
     platform in a middle of it. Jump on the platform (it may be tricky), then
     switch the panel. After that you may jump down and collect an armor from crate
     in the wastes.
    Read the note and enter a larger storeroom with some eightballs, Stingers and
    tarydium. Get what you need (in the left part of this area there is a Toxinsuit)
    Now go up (the switch is on a panel by a wall) and right to face a Skaarj. It
    doesn't matter whether you'll kill him before he can sound the alarm - now you
    must kill many Skaarj raining from the airducts. You'll know when you're done
    because one duct will open in the floor then. Jump down there aiming at the
    ledge (or you'll get yourself in a "sh- hit the fan" sort of situation). Follow
    the only way to the lift, get a RazorJack there and keep going, ignoring any
    ways going down until you'll have no other choice (you'll see a small bridge
    with panels on each side then). Jump to get on that bridge (tip: aim at the
    closer panel). Touch both of them - MAKE SURE that you've heard a characteristic
    switch sound (unusual bleep, heh). Now jump down to the wastes, swim down
    (hopefully you have something to protect you) and collect an armor from the
    crate (you could do it at the very moment you entered this level but now you
    have less Skaarj to rip it off you ;) ). Now get near the ducts and they'll
    open automatically. Backtrack all the way to the panel where the Skaarj turned
    the alarm on and go left through the newly-opened door. Collect HPs if you need
    and continue onward until you reach a large storeroom. Go right and enter a
    small corridor for some sludge. Now go to the far elevator in the storeroom.
    Go up and kill a Skaarj glaring at a panel. Flip it and return to the storeroom
    again. Go to an upper level to face another wave of Skaarj warriors. When
    you're done, loot the goodies (check out small tunnels) and press the only panel
    in there. Go down a bit and jump on the crates to get the ASMD cores. Now you
    can see that the barricade has finally opened. Yay ;). Go inside, push the small
    switch and enter  the large door to exit level 4.
    Level 16:ISV Kran decks 3 & 2
    -Quite large level, made out of a corridor network with four "main" areas - the
     one you begin in (with a shuttle bay), the "drain valve" area, the engine
     chamber and the engineering. Large amounts of Skaarj, as well as Skaarj
    1)If you want to get to the shuttle bay for some stuff, you must go to the upper
     level, turn the switch next to the bay doors (the giant ones). When you enter,
     you find out that you must find an override switch up in the bay. Well, go up
     and again kill all Skaarj there (this one of the few places where the Biorifle
     may be useful - just blob them in tunnels). The switch will be in one of the
     tunnels, as well as SHP, sludge and 20 Flak shells. You can also try to collect
     the stuff from ledges around there with Jump Boots. You really don't need them,
     you can jump down on them from the upper level but it'll be more risky.
    2)Watch out for supposedly dead Skaarj out there.
    3)To activate the lift you must:
     a) remove wastes from mezzaine
     b) destroy gold cores past there (there are some stuff on the lowest level, as
        well as lots of waste)
     c) go to the engineering and put back the energy cores (use jump boots to jump
        on the roofs there)
     d) finally, make your way to the lift
     Don't be surprised by Skaarj spawning from time to time.
    Upon entering the first room, look around for possible Skaarj. If any, kill
    them, otherwise stay alert when opening the second set of doors and calling
    down the lift in the second room. Now go back to enter the upper level of the
    first room. Destroy the crates an collect their contets then measure your
    jumps down carefully to get ASMD cores and some other stuff. Go up again and
    push the button near the huge airlock. It'll open and you can enter the shuttle
    bay now. Read the message... Uh-oh. Looks like you must bypass now, don't you?
    Smash the crate and get the jumpboots. Activate, jump on the "roof" over this
    panel, smash another crate, get its contents. Now locate a small ledge
    somewhere up and a bit to the right. Jump there (if you fail, you won't have
    enough jump charges to do it again...) and loot. Now get to a lift behind a
    large pllar. Press the button to zip up. Now you'll face many Skaarj so be
    prepared, but there's an easy way to win the fight. Except for the first Skaarj,
    all of them will spawn in the shuttle tunnels. So ready your GES or Flak and
    don't give them a chance to leave! With good blobbing none of them will reach
    the hub, just be fast to locate newcomers. When you're done, catwalks will
    reach to the hub and you will be able to enter the tunnels. Enter each one,
    in one of them there will be a bypass panel and in others you'll find sludge,
    HPs, a SHP and some Flak shells. Now you can zip back down and leave the shuttle
    bay. Go up for the third time and go through the hangar door placed on the wall
    near the shuttle bay open switch. Keep going in that direction (watch out for
    Skaarj feigning death). You'll find yourself in a room with a large pipe and
    four hatches. Enter far left one and kill a Skaarj inside. Get the toxinsuit
    if you need it and press the button that's on a pipe. Now enter the far right
    door and kill another Skaarj and press another button. Now leave this section
    by going "northeast" (assuming that "north" is the direction you came from)
    You'll eventually find a passageway with floor gratings and a lone crate. Pass
    thorugh it and you'll find yourself in the core containment area. Kill any
    patrolling Skaarj and grab ammo from the crates (get on the bridge and jump from
    there). Also get ASMD cores. Now go through the large gate and step on the lift.
    Get off it on the second level and mock the Skaarj in the far side of this
    tunnel's lower level. If you're lucky, he'll commit a suicide by running into
    the blue discharges. If not... kill him! Continue walking on the medium level
    until you'll reach the gold cores. Push the button behind one, stand back and
    fire anything at it. Repeat with the other one and jump down and then down again
    into wastes (unless you don't have anything to protect you, of course). You will
    see a passage to a small chamber with a lift and, possibly, a Skaarj. Kill him,
    take the tarydium sludge and use the lift. Take the Assault Vest and go back to
    the mezzaine. Now go right and you'll find a lift to the engineering section.
    Go there, whip up Skaarj asses and explore the area taking anything you need.
    At one of the lifts you'll find jump boots. Take 'em to jump on the "roofs"
    over passages. When you're ready, reinstall the energy cores by pressing buttons
    in front of them. Game will spawn some Skaarj to keep you busy now. Now go to
    the turbolift: from the lift to engineering go right past some Skaarj blockheads
    then right and you'll see a single door to your left. Go there, enter the lift
    and go way uuuuup. Enter the door to the last deck.
    Level 17:ISV Kran deck 1
    -This is where the hull becomes unstable so be prepared to some minor
     earthquakes. Medium amounts of Skaarj to be fought here, also some amoebas.
    1)As the translated text says, there's no way you can kill all of Skaarj in the
     first section. Just make your way through to each of the barrier controls and
     then past the barrier to switch it back on.
    2)When you return through the corridor to lounge, jump down there, collect goods
     and then go through airducts for more loot.
    Ready for a fast run? Hope so. Run forward, enter the room and flip a switch on
    the opposite side of this room. Now go out and run left, ignoring any Skaarj on
    the way to a similar room. Press the button. You may be trapped by Skaarj in
    there so wait for a while with GES in hand, blobbing them big time. When you
    feel ready, go out again and run right, through the darkness and ignoring the
    side branch for now to enter the third barrier control room. Press the switch
    and go to the side branch from before. Go there and as soon as you exit the
    corridor, press another switch on your right to turn the barrier back on, thus
    isolating yourself from the Skaarj there. Now, circle the lab chamber and kill
    (at least) two Skaarj of the Trooper variety. Enter another room and go up by
    the catwalks to reach a control panel. Switch it and enter the lab chamber.
    If you do not own a Kevlar/Toxin suit, this part may be a bit painful, unless
    you're simply good (but then you wouldn't need this guide :P). If that's the
    case (you're not protected), be VERY quick - press a button on the single
    switch below glass and quickly run out of this chamber and through the opened
    door. Otherwise you'll have to wait until the chamber door "kicks in". Thirty
    seconds after switching the panel on lower floor the amoebas will be released
    and you'll have to wait another thirty seconds till the chamber door will open
    and you can push the switch under the window and leave this room. When you
    enter the corridor you just unlocked (be quick about it as it closes fast), you
    will see a wastes' pool. Ignore it for now and go forward. Enter rooms on both
    sides but beware as Skaarj will pour in small amounts (not that much but enough
    to give some trouble). When you're done collecting ammo and stuff, continue
    through this corridor and take a lift. Enter the room... What a mess. Check out
    under the rock for some ASMD cores. Next, get near the grating and it will open.
    Dive down and press the switch (remember that you should hear a "bleep"!). You
    will also hear a Skaarj. He knows that you're down there so don't hide but leave
    this tight tunnel and face him in more open area. Place's getting unstable so
    as soon as you're done, rush out through the corridor but jump down to the
    wastes (once again, having a Suit will help a lot). Grab ammo and leave through
    a side tunnel. A lift will take you to the uppermost part of the lab chamber.
    Sweep the area and leave through an opening in the outer wall. Force walls are
    now down and you can go on. After killing a Skaaj up the lifts you will find
    pilots' chairs. Press any button and the chairs will move. Jump down and step
    onto the teleport pad to get yourself beamed to...
    Level 18:Spire Village
    -Small village and a long winding road to Sunspire gate. To make things more,
     uh, lively, you'll face several (one to four) Titans here as well as few
     Tentacles and Skaarj.
    1)Again, in some houses you can reach the upper level by Jump Boots.
    2)To open the gate, jump-switch it.
    First you have to lure the Titan out of the village so it won't kill any Nali.
    It's relatively easy tho. This time it's difficult to dodge rocks as they often
    crash nearby and hurt you. You can try hit'n'run technique here. When you waste
    the Titan, check out houses for various items (the Nali that "n'habu'djib"s you
    doesn't do anything but odd gestures towards the middle of this village). When
    you're done, follow the only way out. Now, depending on your luck and difficulty
    level, you can encounter anywhere from 0 to 2 Titans near the lone house. Of
    course, don't take both of them at one time ;). First one is easy to spot, but
    the other one hides behind the house. Inside this house you'll find eightballs
    and an assault Vest. Your final enemy will be a Skaarj trooper with a Razorjack.
    When he's also wasted, jump-switch the gate to...
    Level 19:Sunspire
    -Large level, mostly winding corridors and medium-sized rooms with several
     lifts and a couple outdoor trips. Many Skaarj, several Gasbags and Pupae.
    1)You can easily get rid of Skaarj at a path by pushing them over to lava, but
     watch for a gunner with Eightball - he can push YOU.
    2)AFAIK the easiest way to the top is following:
     a) take the Primary Ascension (go forward from the entrance)
     b) go to the cistern
     c) dive in, use the underwater path to go out in a dark room full of Skaarj
     d) make your way to a big room with a platform and a lever under it
     e) push the lever and yoink a Minigun
     f) go outside (no, not back to the entrance :P)
     g) when you get inside again, you'll evetually see two _long_ lifts. Take
        them and it's fairly straightforward from there.
    3)In the place where lift to Na Pali goes down, turn right, eliminate the Skaarj
     there, turn around and take a SHP in a dead end.
    4)In the same place walk behind the wall. While it seems that there's no way to
     cross it, in reality there's a tiny ledge that you can use. In this area some
     Flak shells, ASMD cores, HPs and... a Skaarj pupae await you.
    5)Out of side chambers, the only ones visting are IMO the bathing ones (left
     corridor branch), because you'll find some precious rifle rounds there.
    If you want, you can destroy the crates in the guardpost but there's nothing of
    much interest in there. Advance carefully because you'll face at least three
    Skaarj on your way to Sunspire, one of them carrying an Eightball gun. Needless
    to say, it's dangerous. When you enter the spire tower, a trap will await you:
    a possible Skaarj behind pillars and another one that will jump down through
    the glass window above you. After you're done with that, take the left passage,
    taking out some tentacles and a single Skaarj along the way. In the room you'll
    eventually (:P) enter, you'll encounter a single Nali and an Assault Vest in the
    chest. Of course, you need to smash it first. Now returm to the entry chamber
    and take the opposite passage - the one that was to your right. You'll traverse
    similar corridors, this time you'll get some GES ammo. Return yet again to the
    entry room and enter the "primary ascension". Take the lift and waste a lone
    tentacle just above you. Now pass another room and enter the doors labelled as
    "Cistern". Fight possible gasbags and dive. You may encounter some eels there,
    anyway - just swim down and enter the only underwater corridor. Take ASMD stuff
    if you need it and you'll exit to a dark room full of Skaarj pupae. You might
    want to stop by the hidden door and use your flares combined with ASMD to waste
    them one by one - this way you can go back to resupply with ASMD cores nearby.
    Now you'll have to pass some dark areas so grab your flashlight. Next chamber is
    a storage room. In some barrels are hidden items (HPs), in others are hidden
    Skaarj pupae. Take what you want and move on. When you'll reach a statue, take
    the left corridor - after reaching the next room, look right and kill another
    pupae. Take flares and sludge and go down. Under the platform you'll find a
    switch. Push it and grab the minigun that will be in a secret place. Now take
    the nearby lift. Deal with Tentacles. Now you have two choices: either take
    another lift and miss a considerable amount of ammo (and some enemies) or go on.
    Assuming that you have brought your courage with you :), go on and face another
    Tentacle(s) with a Skaarj. Kill them, get ammo and go to face a room full of
    corpses and yet another Skaarj. Yoink the ammo again. Go outside, grab Flak
    shells if you need them and start climbing. Do it carefully as there's a Gunner
    to be killed and he's just waiting to make you fall all the way dooown...There
    is a Skaarj pupae behind one of the pillars, you know what to do. Once you see
    the corridor leading inside, pull out DP and start shooting at the place where
    that corridor joins with a room. Why? Because there's a tentacle waiting there.
    When you're done, deal with two gasbags and yet another spawned behind you.
    Following the long corridor you'll enter a chamber with a hiding Skaarj and
    more Tentacles. The lift you'll take now will truly be a long one... Making your
    way through corridors here you'll find large doors. Behind these there's a
    crystal for Sky Elevator. Don't turn it on yet. One corridor later you'll find
    another Skaarj and some Skaarj pupae in the next room. Kill 'em all, smash the
    crates (some amounts of bullets suggest that you can use the Mgun here). Outside
    you'll find around three Gasbags, and a Skaarj. One Skaarj - a gunner - may be
    waiting on the roof... a nasty surprise. Peeking around, you'll encounter two
    more Skaarj. Layout of that area is something like this:
       B    WALL
      \ ###############
       \              #
       |              #
       \          |   # (what a lame ASCII, huh? :) )
        |         v   #
        |##   ### A ###
        |## ^ ###   ###
           you came from here
    In 'A' there's a Skaarj pupae guarding a SHP. You know what to do. But 'B' is
    something neat: you need to go as close to the ledge and then follow it but KEEP
    WALK KEY PRESSED! This will prevent you from falling. You'll now notice that the
    wall isn't as close to the edge as it seems and you can pass it! Now turn and go
    right. In this secret area you'll meet yet another Skaarj pupae and get neat
    amounts of ammo. Now you're ready to leave. Go to the crystal chamber, kill
    the RazorJack-armed Skaarj if you haven't done that before and pull the lever.
    Go back again to the room with stairs to the right, climb the stairs and wait
    for the Sky Elevator to come. Enter it and wait...
    Level 20:Gateway to Na Pali
    -This is a medium, cavernous level where you actually have to be somewhat
     careful not to fall down. Several Skaarj and a number of Kralls.
    1)Get out the water as soon as you pass the grating after taking the rifle or
     else the current'll take you all the way down...
    When the door opens, wait for a bridge to come and exit that cabin. You'll find
    yourself in a dark cavern. Circle it and get some items, notably HPs and flares.
    Next, follow the only corridor until you see two Kralls standing before a Nali.
    If you aren't quick to kill them, they'll trigger a script making that Nali jump
    dooooowwwwwnnn... Sometimes an unexcepted thing may happen and everyone - except
    for you, of course - may do that. Fall. Whether you manage to save the Nali or
    not, check the sides for some ammo. Now if you saved the Nali, follow him. If
    not, just seek a door in the corridor. Next thing you'll face will be a bridge
    over a small cavernous lake and another Krall on the other side. Kill him and
    proceed. If you happen to fall down, just find a tunnel and take the lift there.
    After another corridor you'll see a river and another (possibly) batch of Krall
    to dispose of. Grab flak shells and other stuff and swim the river in the only
    possible direction. Now go past the waterfall. Take the Rifle (whee!) and
    activate the lever. Back to the river, you'll have some Rifle target practice.
    In the room you came from there will be some Skaarj troopers waiting. Headshot
    and go through the other exit - the one that was previously blocked. Here smash
    crates for some ammo (possibly a Tentacle around). Navigate some corridors,
    killing Krall along the way (Flak works wonders - as usual :-3 ) and you'll pass
    a wooden bridge. Some more corridors farther you'll go outside. Ice two Skaarj
    (here the Rifle's zoom will come handy). Take Stinger and tarydium - if you need
    it, watch the waterfall and go on. Few wasted Krall later you'll have to fight
    another pair of Skaarj, but one of them will be armed with a RazorJack so take
    care. After passing these doors (and taking another Rifle) you'll have to face
    a melee Skaarj, a tough one at that. Next room will contain a starcase and the
    last Skaarj. Under these stairs are some crates but they contain nothing
    important. Go up to exit Gateway and enter...
    Level 21:Na Pali Haven
    -Sky town, but falling down isn't much of an issue here. The trick is, many
     areas are locked away and you need to find some levers to open them - or
     blow up a passage or two ;).
    1) One of the Nali you meet will be standing in a very stupid place - under a
       cran whose cargo you need to drop. Now, you might scare him away using, say,
       DP's shockwave (I mean, not shoot him directly but rather shoot just before
       his legs with a slightest charge) but I'm not really sure about consequences
       of this action.
    2) In two cases you might feel very stuck. If that happens, search very
       carefully for cracked walls and blow 'em up.
    3) To gain access to the second floor inside the tavern you need to push a
       button behind the counter.
    4) Inside this tavern you can see a very obvious closed passage but I haven't
       the slightest idea on how to enter it without 'ghost'ing :/.
    5) In the last area (with the "barn") you can follow the island's edge in both
       directions to reach neat stuff (armor, several ammo types, SHP). However,
       when you return from the SHP (right) side, you will have to fight several
       Kralls on the way.
    6) In case you can't understand the display: exit is under the waterfall.
    Climb the stairs. Once you're out, turn left and advance slowly with your Rifle
    in hands. As soon as you can turn right, zoom in and kill all Kralls in area,
    just watch out for Nali. After that you might want to smash the barrels to your
    left (tarydium shards), but either way, enter the building to your right. Inside
    turn left and push the lever-like gear here. Immediately turn back and go the
    other way until you enter a larger open area with a Nali in the middle ( 1) ).
    Go for the other side and enter the gate to your left. You're outside again...
    Now enter the lower part of the building to your left (the barrels outside hold
    some Nali seeds which after use grow into healing plants). Here's a bit tough
    part if you want to save ALL Nali you meet because there's one of them standing
    between plenty of Kralls (three in the immediate area and some more nearby).
    When they're gone, stb (smash the barrels :) ) and proceed to the next hall
    where you might encounter few more Kralls. Grabbing flak shells on the way,
    proceed upstairs. Engage another Krall here and step into the small sideway
    corridor. Push another lever-like gear here and you'll see doors opening on
    the other side of the window. Backtrack outside and enter the upper half of the
    building. Here you'll fight yet another batch of Kralls (you'll have plenty of
    time to grow sick of them). Grab the powerup and go into the next room - watch
    out for a sneaky warrior Skaarj on the way! Follow the only way around the
    familiar area and pass another door into a room with two Kralls. Fight them and
    open the last door to find a lever. Flip it and watch the cargo fall down,
    opening way for you. Jump down, poke around, gathering ammo and head for the
    exit. It will close and a Skaarj warrior will jump down the way you came here.
    Once he's gone, the door will open again. Past the door you'll see a wall with
    a visible crack on it. Blow it up. Don't cross the opening as the Pupae are
    already on your track. Disposing of them is fairly easy: stand in front of
    the opening, grab the GES and slime any sucka that comes near. Several fragged
    uglies later, enter what seems to be a basement of some sort. Under the stairs
    you'll find ammo, but you should move up, where you'll meet a nice heavy Skaarj
    resistance squad. Wipe 'em. Grab ASMD cores if you need to, smash the crates
    for bullets and get on the second floor. Kill anything that moves and activate
    them gears. You'll see a gate opening below you. Go outside, turn left and
    continue onward. To your left there are some barrels, depending on some
    parameters unknown to me (presumably the amount of dead Nali) smashing them may
    give you goodies or Pupae to kill. Further down the street you'll get a good
    chance to test your rifle skills. For a reason unkown, to headshot a Krall, you
    must hit the very tip of its body, and you'll get some good opportunities to try
    that now. Just try too keep that Nali alive. Sweep the city square and take the
    left exit (those minor doors lead to lakeside dead ends). Here you'll face some
    Skaarj troopers for a change of pace. Go on, ignore both left exits and you'll
    reach a water reservoir of some sort. Kill Kralls and go down. Use the almighty
    (now that you should have all the powerups) Dispersion Pistol to kill all water
    pests and lurking Tentacles in the outlining channel. At one point, you'll see
    light on the inner wall. Blow up the opposite side to open entrance to a wine
    cellar. Here you'll meet some Flak shells, Pupae and a Skaarj of warrior
    variety. Exit this place, kill a Krall on your way. Stop behind a large door,
    load yer rockets and immediately enter and blow up a group of three Kralls
    (playing some sort of dice game). If the Nali doesn't do it himself, push
    the button behind the counter (entering the fireplace will cause some Pupae
    to jump down on you). Upstairs you will find several rooms, one will have a
    Skaarj sleeping on a bed (kill him before he wakes up!) and, possibly, a very
    useful SCUBA gear (sometimes it's replaced with a Pupae). Another room is more
    important as it has a gear which opens an outside door (visible through the
    window in that room). Leave the inn through the front door, turn left and exit
    through the first door. Remember this area, go to the island's edge and go left.
    Collect the items and follow the edge in the opposite direction. Here you'll
    find some Flak shells, rockets and, finally, a SHP. On your way back, however,
    you'll encounter two groups of Kralls. Anyways, return to the place I told you
    to remember. The barn door will be closed but don't worry. On the door's right
    side you'll find a passage to the central lake. There, on your left side, you
    will find the door you opened with the lever in the inn. Inside there's a gear
    that you need to activate in order to open that barn door, so do so now. Go to
    the door and kill a Skaarj that is inside. Past the door... A lift! Activate
    the switch near the door and step on the lift. That is some theme change! Fight
    the Skaarj off and enter the next room. Inside, there's a control panel to
    activate, it opens the entrance to Outpost 3J. The entrance's location is shown
    when you open it, but the display is all fuzzy and stuff so in case you can't
    make anything out of it: it's underwater, under the waterfall. Go there and
    swim your way to the next level.
    Level 22:Outpost 3J
    -Well, that's this base I mentioned earlier. Full of Skaarj and some Kralls too.
     You'll also find a temple here.
    1) When you finish this long swim, be careful when going up because you'll face
     a Skaarj there.
    2) The switch to the forcfield blocking the way out is on one of the sides of a
     big tarydium container.
    3) Apparently, sometimes a bug prevents the forcefield from disappearing. In 
     that case, sadly, all you can do is either restart the level or ghost past the
    4) In the temple, push an odd stone on the balcony to open a passage leading to
     two stone statues. Destroying them (like by pushing down) reveals a belt and
     an SHP.
    Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim. Swim... and some more swim. Just when you get
    bored of swimming ("whee, these lights have a pattern!"), you get out of water
    and fight a Skaarj warrior. Exit the only door that opens and face yet another
    Skaarj, a trooper. Take the lift and after a short while, you'll be in a control
    room. Kill the trooper there and open the bay door. Exit the control room, jump
    back down to the area with the pool and enter the passage you've just opened. A
    short while (and some fighting) later, you'll end up in a large hangar with a
    ship inside. Inside the crates there is some rockets. Take the lift in the
    corner and you'll end up fighting a Skaarj gunner (not very nice). Once you're
    done, enter the only door and a short while later you'll end up in the hangar's
    control room. Kill the Skaarj trooper and flip the switch that opens *left*
    hangar door. You can also remove the forcefield - the scout ship would
    apparently save you some time getting to the mothership - but you cannot board
    the little bugger :/. Anyways, exit the other hangar door. Some fighting later,
    you'll be in a room with two Skaarj armed with GES. Dispose of them and flip
    the red switch labelled "forcefield controls". It's on the large Tarydium
    container. Exit the door on the lower level. Past this - a bit twisted - 
    corridor there is an exit from the outpost complex. Here you'll find a church.
    Around it there are some Kralls and some health. Enter the church, kill another
    two Kralls (there's a health pack behind the statue). Now enter the door hidden
    in darkness to your right. After some climbing you will end up on the upper
    level ( 4) ). Anyway, continue until you'll reach a small control room. Kill the
    Krall there and activate the panel. Return to the first floor and take left exit
    this time. You'll end up in catacombs. In there, you will find a large room with
    a tough Skaarj warrior inside. After you kill him, activate the teleporter from
    the upper level panels and enter the pad to leave this level.
    Level 23:Velora Pass
    -A second smallest level in game, but has a Stone Titan - he's even meaner than
     an 'average' one. Watch out!
    1)To get to the other side of the rift, you _have_ to wake up this Stone Titan
     (by snagging the powerup, but you should have the highest level by now...), but
     you actually don't have to fight it. You can lure him somewhere safe then jump
     on the switch to call up bridge, pass it then drop it when the Titan's on it.
     But I figure that killing him is simply easier...
    Once you enter the level, wipe the immediate cargo area of the three Skaarj. Now
    smash all the crates for ammo supplies, get yourself ready and go the only
    possible way. You'll end next to a _deep_ canyon filled with lava. This place
    looks like an ancient altar, no? Well, the bridge leaving out is submerged in
    lava and the snoozing Stone Titan is blocking the switch. In case you need it,
    grab the ammo packs from his sides, save and grab the powerup. He'll wake up.
    Now, there are two ways to do this: the hard and the harder. You can either
    take him head-on, you'll need lots of ammo - you know the drill, hide behind
    these stone lanterns, GES, hide, Flak, hide... When he falls, jump on his chair,
    go to the chasm and wait patiently. If you want to conserve ammo, lure the Titan
    away from his chair, activate the switch, hide until the bridge arrives and
    cross it. Unfortunately, the Titan must be dead for the gate to open so you have
    to lure him on the bridge and activate the lever to drop him in lava. Easier
    said than done for you're in for a lot of fun rock fragments up your back when
    crossing the bridge with a live and pissed Titan behind you.
    Level 24:Bluff Eversmoking
    -A peak monastery in a middle of nowhere. Lots of Kralls and few Skaarj
     troopers. A large level with many different appproaches. For the sake of
     brevity, "inner monastery" means the "proper" church and its cellars, while
     "outer monastery" refers to everything else.
    1) In order to complete the level, you must do three things: disable magnetic
     locks in the inner monastery, open the belltower door and activate both
     switches at the top of the belltower. Then you can ride an electric rail
     around the bluff and on to a passage leading to Dasa.
    2) There's a hidden tomb with a lot of ammunition. To get there you must push
     a certain side of one of the gravestones and step on the switch you'll find
     underneath. That will open the largest grave. When you jump inside, the floor
     will serve as a lift of sorts. Be sure to grab flak shells from the lift
     shaft! When you arrive in the crypt, a Nali ghost will open all the graves
     for you - you'll end up with more ammo and an invisibility item. To leave
     the crypt, you must take a dive in the pool close to where you entered the
     crypt. It'll take you the the well in the outer monastery.
    3) Dungeon holds way to two places: bluff lower caverns and inner monastery.
     Lower caverns yield easiest way to the belltower.
    4) Priests in the church open two secrets with ASMD ammo and a shieldbelt.
    5) Under the huge lift (you'll know it when you see it) there's a healthy
     amount of healing plants.
    6) Under the belltower lift there's two somewhat-secret areas: one is reached
     by simply jumping down and the other is a small chamber between that area and
     belltower floor. Beware of enemies!
    7) You can reach some items on your way up the tower by jumping but it can be
     quite painful.
    Push the lever and exit this room. Ignore the Nali hailing you and gather the
    supplies stacked in two spots. Follow the Nali running up ahead and once he
    enters the narrow side area, turn around and defeat a Skaarj waiting there in
    shadows. Now search both side areas for some rifle bullets and health plants.
    The big gate will probably close before you're finished so just push the lever
    the Nali pushed before to open it again. Pass the gate and you'll get a clear
    view of the monastery now. First, you might want to gather any supplies
    available. The best way to do so is this: go to the main gate. It will be
    closed so enter a portal in the wall to your left. Here you'll have to fight
    two Kralls (watch out for two Nali, one of them will be Kralls' primary target)
    Next, follow the way until you reach a graveyard. Here do 2). Now go back to
    the closed gate and go right. Fight a Skaarj there and loot the area around
    crucified Nali. Backtrack to the gate again. This time take a slope leading
    down. You'll eventually reach some cellars. Take the right corridor and defeat
    a guard Krall. Examine the wall to your right to find a small, dark room with
    several supply crates. Loot 'em. Now enter the main cellar chamber. It will
    be empty (apart from some logs and a barrel with bullets), but you'll find a
    Krall in a side chamber to your left. Kill him and jump to the upper sewer(?)
    pipe. You'll find some hidden GES sludge there. Go back to the main chamber
    and enter small corridors leading out to another large room. You'll spot
    three Krall playing a game there so you may take some time to unleash six
    rockets on them. Either way, dispose of them. You might open the cell doors
    here with a lever but that isn't necessary as there isn't anything worthwhile
    in there. Once you're done, enter the water and swim until you'll end up in
    a secluded room. Loot the area and jump back to water. You should see a large
    wooden cross - swim through the corridor marked with this cross and you'll end
    up in the inner monastery. Now take the stairs to enter the temple. Here two
    Nali will open two secret rooms, one with ASMD cores, the other with a SB.
    Once you're ready, head out through the main door and fight a Skaarj to your
    right. Go to where he was and take stairs down. You'll end up in a smaller
    chamber with large electric barrier. Take care of another Skaarj down below.
    Now comes the tricky part: to get past the barrier, you must carefully walk
    on a tiny ledge on the upper floor until you're directly over the beams and
    jump to the blocked area. You'll be able to disable these laser beams there.
    When you're done, loot the remaining room and go back to the inner monastery
    gate (not all the way through the underwater areas, mind you). To open the
    gate you need to enter the tower to your left and push a lever that's at the
    top. Now go again to the outer monastery cellars. Remember where you found
    GES ammo in a sewer pipe? There's another pipe nearby. Enter it. After some
    swimming and walking, up and down, you'll end up in a large cavern. Swim to
    the catwalks and dispose of any Kralls in the area. Loot the cavern and find
    a large, round elevator shaft. Activate the elevator by standing on the central
    spot. Once you're down, you'll see a long, winding corridor. This is easily the
    trickiest part of this lever as there will be many Skaarj gunners along the
    way. Not exactly fun, given that you have almost no room for dodging all the
    rockets. At the end of this corridors is a staircase leading to another room.
    Fight another Skaarj and activate the right-hand panel here (you will get a
    message about opening way to the belltower). Leave the room via the only
    remaining way and a lift will take you to the belltower's base.	Enter the
    tower - you can do 6) now - and ride all the way to the top. Activate switches
    on both sides of the tower and you will see discharge and a blue spark will
    appear. Now activate the lift and stand on it. However, you should *not* ride
    back to the first floor, but instead jump on a wooden ledge just above that
    floor. You'll see a cargo rail. Step on it and it will take you around the
    bluff and on to the corridor leading to Dasa.
    Level 25:Dasa Mountain Pass
    -A large storage area with lots of equipment stolen from ISV Kran and other
     ships that crashed out there. Simple when compared to the previous level.
     Here you'll encounter Behemoths for the first time. They are big and tough,
     but not invincible.
    1) On the left side of the storage area you'll find an opened crate containing
     a shield belt.
    You are entering the cargo storage now. There are several Skaarj in here, some
    may be waiting on top of the storage piles. Do 1), and move on (the lever which
    opens the gate is to the left). Take out a Krall and lower the bridge. Once on
    the other side of this chasm, defeat any active enemies. Enter the corridor to
    your right, kill yet another Krall and follow to the room behind the stained
    glass. Kill all Kralls in there, loot, and return to the bridge. Now near the
    corridor you just exited, there's a narrow plank leading down. Use it to find
    another corridor. Kill anyone who attacks you and proceed. You'll find yourself
    at a small caver with water (?) covering the floor. Walk around until you find
    and underwater tunnel. Swim through to a small room. Here push a lever and wait
    until a lift comes down - it will have some hostile passengers! Ride the lift
    and activate the lever opening the gate. Past it are some Kralls and a Behemoth
    in the corridor to your right. Enter the corridor and push yet another lever.
    The second gate will open. Kill another Behemoth and enter the door. Here you
    will fight a Skaarj. There are also two Kralls, one on each far side of the T
    junction, but you can just ignore them and swim forward, climb the stairs and
    exit the level.
    Level 26:Cellars at Dasa Pass.
    -Next complex and large level. In some places there are spawn points, making
     unlimited amounts of Kralls so it is advised to focus on progress rather than
    1) In the side chamber where you open the very first door, dive into the water.
     There are some eels here, but there are also flak shells, ASMD cores in
     barrels, and, past a tight underwater tunnel, a SHP guarded by some tentacles.
    2) The big pillar in the area where you fight the Titan is actually filled with
     water. To get there, however, you must exit this room (see walkthrough) and
     turn right at your first chance. This is a semi-secret area so just explore.
    3) At one point you may see an ASMD deep in a well. I have no idea how to get
     there without cheating. Sure, you might rocket-jump yourself into a side
     passage but this is too expensive in health terms.
    4) In the wall at the upper level where twin lifts take you there's a passage
     leading to a somewhat secret area with some health plants and crucified Nali.
    Enter the circular chamber. Above you there's a tentacle in hiding. In front of
    you there's a closed gate and to your right, there's a short corridor leading
    to a side chamber. Kill all Kralls inside, climb the wooden beams to get
    some ammo and activate the lever thing located on one of the platforms. Oh, and
    here you can do 1). Return to the circular chamber and enter the previously
    closed passage. To your left you'll find an unreachable passage, don't worry
    about it and instead enter the nook to your right. You should activate a lift
    this way. Once it comes down, ride it to the upper part of this chamber. There
    are two Kralls here, kill them and trigger the flywheel here. It will
    temporarily (!) open the gate leading onward so don't waste time with lift and
    just jump down (don't worry, you shouldn't be hurt) and pass it. Now you'll be
    in a corridor. Note the diamond marking on the floor to right and turn left.
    There will be a room in the left-hand wall, enter it, kill an enemy and
    activate the gears. A passage will open nearby - ignore it for now and go to
    the end of this corridor. You'll see two floors to your left. The lower floor
    holds nothing of value, the upper has some ammo and a Behemoth, which might
    have attacked you when you were riding a lift a room ago. Anyway, find a
    passage with Flak Shells - this is where you need to go. Now to your right
    there will be a set of doors leading to one room which contains some ammo and
    items. To your left there will be a set of doors leading to currently blocked
    area. A bit further forward you'll end up in a T-junction with some Skaarj to
    kill. To the right there will be a gear you need to activate - do so and go the
    remaining way. After a set of stairs you'll find yourself in a situation really
    unfair: a tight and tall circular chamber with a STONE TITAN and KRALL SPAWN
    POINT. At least you don't have to fight anyone (the Kralls will often distract
    the Titan): what you need to do is find a loose brick in the central pillar.
    This will open a passage in the outer wall leading to a set of stairs. Careful
    as you climb these stairs, because there's a Skaarj waiting in ambush at the
    top. Anyway, you'll eventually end up in the very same circular chamber but
    some ways up. Carefully near the edge of the wooden circle: above the passage
    through which you entered the chamber for the first time (it's currently
    blocked off) you will see a switch. Get there (no jumping: just press and hold
    the forward key) and activate the switch to move the bars back up and in two
    more places. Leave the circular chamber. On the way down there's a passage
    hidden in the dark to your right: it will net you some GES and Flak ammo, but
    you'll be back at the topmost level of the accursed chamber (2)). Anyway, get
    back to the T-junction from before to find a new passage opened - with an angry
    Skaarj inside. Kill him and activate the gear at the end of this corridor. Now,
    looking back at the junction from your current location, enter the set of doors
    to your right. climb the stairs and kill all enemies. Once you're done,
    activate levels at one end of this area and run to the other as this will call
    a lift (with another Skaarj standing on it: you know what to do). Once you're
    on the upper level, get to the other side of this room, push the button and
    jump down straight into the water. Kill all eels, loot, push the level. Now
    climb onto the small central platform. The switch you activated topside had
    extended some steps for you to climb for the SHP so use them. Leave this entire
    area and enter the other set of doors. Some way down, you'll see a pool of
    water to the left and a small corridor to the right. If your SCUBA gear is dead
    or almost dead (which it should be), enter the corridor. Now you need to do the
    next few steps fast and clean because there's another Krall spawn point there.
    Enter the room, approach the bars to your left. These will open as soon as you
    touch them so enter the passage and use the lift to ride up. Fight a Skaarj, go
    forward, activate a lever and jump to the crates, grabbing a SCUBA gear. Leave
    the room: Kralls won't follow you. Now go the water pool and five. There will
    be an opening made by broken bars so swim through. This area is a small but
    simple maze so kill any enemies and pay close attention to water. At one point
    you will see that a grating has been removed from its place underwater. This is
    where you need to go. At the end of this passage you will end in a small room
    with some tentacles, an assault vest, some ammo and a lever. Kill, loot,
    activate. What did you open? Remember that diamond-shaped marking in front of
    a closed gate? Go there: out of the maze, up the stairs, to the left and once
    again to the left. Now there's a Behemoth patrolling here: you know what to do.
    To your left you will see a gear blocked by stone bars but I've no idea how to
    open these. Anyway, follow the only way to a large room with Kralls and another
    Behemoth. There's but one exit out this chamber so use it and activate the
    wheel gear to call twin lifts. Use any (there's the secret number 4 here) and
    follow the only possible way out. After some walking a gate will close behind
    you. Here, in a room with pillars, you will have to fight and kill multiple
    waves of Kralls to unlock way forward. The safest way to go about this business
    would be to wait at the entrance to this room, spamming GES at anyone who
    appears. Eventually, you'll hear a door opening: behind this door you will see
    a Behemoth in a distance. Kill it but don't approach it before it's dead as
    halfway through this corridor, a nasty Skaarj Warrior will ambush you from
    behind. Flak him and enter the final chamber. There are two Behemoths to kill
    here - do so and take the lift at the end of this room. Walk around until you
    will reach the gear. Activate it a blue stone past the lift will retract,
    opening a way out of Dasa.
    Level 27: Serpent Canyon
    -Very easy and simple level. Not much to do here, just enjoy the ride.
    Exit the room and climb aboard the boat. Shoot the rope.
    Once you reach the destination, continue onward to eventually complete the
    level. The windmill is entirely optional: there's a dangerous Skaarj and some
    ammo inside.
    Level 28: Nali Castle
    -Hey, this place looks familiar - it's the castle from intro sequence! Fewer
     Nali here, tho... The layout is a bit complex, with lots of backtracking and
     one mandatory boss fight (it's ridiculously easy). The place is pretty dark...
    1) In the initial cavern, swim to the far end to find a Nali corpse with an
    2) In the library with a fireplace, push a book on one of the shelves. The wall
     will turn around taking you to a secret room.
    3) A Nali inside the high tower will open a secret passage (SHP and SB) for you
    4) Another Nali, from the left dungeon wing, will take you outside the castle
     to a secluded barn. Keep some distance for him because no matter what you do,
     a Skaarj craft will fly by near the barn and bomb him to pieces.
    You start out in a cavern. The exit is to the right, secret number 1) is to the
    left, a lone gasbag floats above you. Once you leave this cave, you will see a
    Krall in the distance. Snipe him and he'll drop a shield belt for you. Sweet.
    Proceed to the castle to find yourself in an entry hall. There are two levels
    to it, both have left and right passages. Upper level left leads to the castle
    upper levels and is currently locked. Upper level right will take you to a
    platform near the large Nali statue, but has nothing of interest. Lower level
    right leads to a library with some items and reading. Lower level left is where
    you must go. A short passage there will take you to another library, with a
    fireplace, where you can find the secret number 2. On the lower library level
    you will find an exit leading to a crossroad. To the right there are some
    worthwhile supplies in a room and behind some stairs further that way, as well
    as a Skaarj gunner. The left path leads to the castle church (there's also a
    side passage leading to the dungeons, but ignore it for now): after disposing
    of some gasbags floating about, go to the book and push a button hidden in its
    base. This will unlock castle upper levels so return to the entry hall and take
    the upper left corridor. You will find yourself in a passage with several
    bedrooms on one side, a yard on the other and a path leading through the castle
    walls on both ends. One of the bedrooms has a Skaarj sleeping and some rifle
    ammo, another has a health pack inside. An entrance to a tip of a tower can be
    found on the outer walls, it has an assault vest inside. When you're done,
    enter the yard. After killing two Behemoths, climb the slope to get to the high
    tower entrance. Immediately upon entering you must face another Skaarj; try to
    protect the Nali priest here, he's related to the secret number 3. There is
    also some ammo in dark nooks here. Once in the tower proper, you must climb the
    stairs, take a lift and climb more stairs, fighting several Skaarj on the way,
    until you reach the second lift. In the topmost room you will fight a Giant
    Gasbag. It's probably the easiest enemy in the entire game. Once you've killed
    him, doors to the dungeons will be unlocked. Where is it? Remember how you've
    saw a side passage on your way to the castle church? This is where you need to
    go, so do it. Once there, take the stairs down. You will see three Kralls: kill
    them and get down. First set of doors leads to small rooms, two of which have
    Skaarj inside as well as some health and armor. Go further down. Two doors here
    are locked, the other two lead to the dungeon. Enter it. In the first area
    there's one Skaarj: kill him and push the button to open passage to the second
    area. This area is divided into three wings: left and right, which contain
    prison cells, and central which can be only reached from the side ones.
    The right wing contains nothing worthwhile - take the left one and kill a
    Skaarj gunner you will find there. If you want to do the secret number 4, push
    the lever to open cell doors and follow the Nali. Either way, descend to the
    central wing. Go to the end of this room, carefully avoiding the giant blade,
    and pass a short corridor to exit the level.
    Level 29:Demonlord's Lair
    -Here you'll fight the Warlord for the first time. Tiny level but somewhat
    dangerous because it's mostly covered with lava.
    Nothing interesting here, kill the enemy and move on.
    Level 30:Demon Crater
    -This is where the theme takes the final turn towards hi-tech. Demon Crater is
     actually a guard station for the Mothership. Small level with the one and only
     Power Shield.
    1) The best use for the jump boots is definitely getting the Power Shield.
    Push a button to the left and immediately step on the lift. After some time,
    you will find yourself at an entrance to a large and dark storage room.
    Currently there are only several pupae hiding on the crates so take your time
    to gather all supplies. Power Shield is located on top of the highest crate
    pile, you need two jumps to get to it. Once you're done, enter the lower
    passage. Descending the slope into darkness, beware of any pupae lurking about.
    In the dark room you must activate power: to do so press the only glowing
    panel. Wait a bit as the generator's warming up and once the light is on, touch
    a panel by the bay door. Unfortunately, this won't open the door, sounding an
    alarm instead. Return to the storage room and fight multiple Skaarj troopers
    as well as some more pupae. Once you've cleared the area, enter the upper, now
    opened, passage. Around the corner you will face a powerful Skaarj warrior.
    Kill him and touch a panel (learn to recognize these things). This one will
    call a triangular lift. Ride it to the top. Destroy the crates here for a
    healthy supply of ammo. Some good distance out the window you will see your
    destiny and destination: the Skaarj Mothersip. How to get there? Touch the
    nearby panel to activate a teleporter, taking you to an open area inside the
    ship. You may kill Skaarj troopers here, but you have to find a door, which
    will take you out of this level.
    Level 31:Mothership Basement
    -Simple and short. Few Skaarj.
    1) There is one entirely optional area here: at the first junction go right.
     Past the beams there's a SHP and rocket ammo, but the timing's kinda tricky,
     and if you fail, you'll certainly lose your Power Shield, and possibly die as
     well. Not worth it IMO, unless you're up for quicksave-quickload action.
    Go forward. Turn right for the only "secret" or turn left to progress. In the
    large chamber kill the only Skaarj and step on the purple cross in the centre.
    Look up and enjoy the flashy ride.
    Level 32:Mothership Lab
    -The first true Mothership level. And by "true" I mean "tight twisted passages,
     confusing layout, some teleporting and Skaarj around every corner".
    1)To remove the lock in the area with two telporters, you must release the
     charged Skaarj.
    2)You can get from area past the left t-port to the area past the right t-port,
     and it works both ways once unlocked.
    3)One of the mercenaries in the holding cells will try to tell/show something
     to you. Don't be fooled though, these bastards will try to kill you once you
     remove the forcefields a few levels later.
    A Skaarj trooper is monitoring the displays in the initial area. Kill him.
    Another trooper and a warrior will have to be disposed off in the only
    available corridor and another warrior in a room past that. In this room, press
    a diamond button with red markings. The lift above you will ride down, use it.
    A bit further down this corridor, an intersection will appear. It's the special
    holding cells with two patrolling Skaarj. The left wing is a dead end and the
    right wing leads to a room with a Skaarj warrior, flak ammo and multiple Skaarj
    pupae coming out of the walls. Return to the main corridor and continue until
    you reach a hub. There are five exits here, clockwise: one you came in through,
    a teleporter to lab lower level (ammo, enemies, a hidden passage to lab upper
    level), a locked door to the core passage, a teleporter to lab upper level and
    a short corridor leading to a room with two Skaarj and some supplies, including
    a Kevlar Vest. Gather all supplies and go to the lab upper level. You will see
    that the rooms here are arranged around a central, blocked off area and the
    logs mention some shielding experiments. By one of the - currently shut -
    windows you will find a button. Press it to commence an experiment: the
    shutters will open, revealing a Skaarj warrior infused with gold energy,
    shredding an unfortunate trooper and then attacking you. He's fast, mean and
    has huge amounts of health so just keep at him until he drops dead. Now return
    to the hub to find that a door was unlocked. Past this door there's a... lift,
    which will take you down. There are two paths there, one is also locked and the
    other leads to a familiar area. You will find one thing different though: a
    large, dark pressure plate will be visible now. Press it to summon a set of
    stairs. Climbe these, kill a Skaarj, get a SHP and press the button here. Now
    return to the lift thing and exit the now unlocked gate to enter the next
    level, the Core.
    Level 33:Mothership Core
    -Another twisted level, don't worry about the forcefields here - you'll clear
     them later on. Try to memorize the general layout, it will prove useful later.
     Your current objective is to get to the power generator.
    1)Under the very first lift you will find a shield belt. To get it you need to
     stand before the lift shaft and wait until the lift goes down and back up.
     Just remember to quickly dispatch the Skaarj that is on the lift.
    2)Under the two ramps in the side room with an electric barrier you will find
     useful supplies.
    3)The first locked door will open once you kill off several waves of Skaarj
     dropped in various places around the area you're in.
    4)The SHP located some ways up the wall in Core upper levels can be reached
     by rocket jumps.
    Do secret number 1) and then ride the lift up. You're now in a chain of rooms,
    corridors and chambers, connected together in a somewhat deformed circle.
    Explore, killing any Skaarj you find, until you'll come upon a locked door with
    a barrier on it. Remember the place. What you need to do is to kill Skaarj
    until the door lock is removed. There is also a side chamber with a decent
    supply of ammo, an assault vest and secret number 2. Once the blocked door is
    opened, descend the slope, fighting anyone who opposes you and you'll shortly
    come upon a purple force lift. Use it to get to Core upper levels. Immediately
    upon getting there you will notice a Skaarj looking quite dead. It's a trap so
    just take your time to load some rockets for a good impression :). To your left
    is a gate to the secondary power source (locked) and, some way further, secret
    number 4). To your right there are several cryo capsules and minor supplies.
    Now, whichever way you take, you will end up in a central hub. There are two
    locked doors here, one leading to the generator, the other leading to the guard
    post. There is also a forcefield bridge here. Pass it and activate a panel here
    to unlock the guard post. Go there; you will see a SHP but before you touch it,
    a trap will spring, closing a door before you and opening another to your left
    with a Skaarj behind it. Kill him and enter the area which he was guarding.
    There is some ammo in this room as well as a lift. Take the lift. To your right
    there is a corridor with supplies guarded by moving beams, this time easier
    than in the basement. To your left there is a switch which will open the door
    to a SHP. Press it and get the health. Go further there, past a bridge and
    either left or right. Whichever way you go, you'll end up in a tight room with
    three Skaarj to kill. Once you're done, activate all panels here and push all
    switches until you activate an alarm. Return to the hub and you'll find that
    the generator door is now opened. Go through that door, kill a Behemoth, gather
    supplies along the way, fight the last Skaarj and exit the level.
    Level 34:Skaarj Generator
    -Now THIS is the smallest level in game. Basically, you need to survive then
     overload the generator (and don't forget the searchlight!)
    1)When on a circular path jump to the generator for extra stuff, such as Jump
     Boots and SB.
    Survival is the key. Kill all Skaarj that appear until you face a Warlord -
    again. Kill him and a lift will allow you to ride to the generator core. Shoot
    it and you're done.
    Level 35:Illumination
    -RUN. Run and hide from exploding generator. This is practically an interactive
     movie. After cool explosion (stay away from the crater!) leave the level.
    Level 36:The Darkening
    -This is Lab and Core combined, with all light and force fields disabled, some
     locked doors and many difficult enemies, as well as hordes of pupae. What you
     need to do is get to the backup generator (Core upper level), activate it and
     get to the antechamber.
    1)Every force field that was blocking equipment is now unlocked. Go wild.
    This is the shortest way to complete the level. At the very beginning of this
    level you will findsome equipment and a dark chasm. Wait a bit there and a lift
    will come to you. Ride it down - you'll reach the lab. From here there's only a
    few steps to the Core, follow the familiar way (up the lift, to the right, down
    the slope, up the force lift). The secondary power source is to the left, go
    there and on to a side chamber with a lone display. Activate it to get a
    permission to activate the generator. Now return to the main room, jump on the
    catwalk and approach the machinery at the far end of this room (note: you MUST
    be on the catwalk). Once the machinery is activated, use the only unlocked door
    to enter the Antechamber.
    Level 37:Source Antechamber
    -A small and easy level, one Skaarj. You need to find the lift to the Source.
    You will see that there's a lift behind metal bars but you can't get there.
    Take any door. Kill a Skaarj that will be patrolling these corridors (watch out
    for live wires!) and push a button you'll come upon. This will unlock the lift.
    Ride up, loot the area and pass over the force field to the ring to get another
    very cool animation - your way to the Source.
    Level 38:The Source
    -Well, it's almost over. Just find and kill the Skaarj Queen and then go to an
     escape pod.
    Loot the area. Find an organic portal. Kill the Queen. Leave. Sit back and
    watch the ending sequence.
    [4] Cheats
    ALLAMMO       - Gives you 999 ammo for all of your guns.
    FLY           - Lets you fly around.
    GHOST         - Lets you walk through walls & fly. Also enemies can't hit you
    WALK          - Returns you to walking mode if you are flying or ghosting.
    GOD           - Makes you invulnerable to all attacks.
    INVISIBLE     - Turns you invisible.
    KILLPAWNS     - Kills all monsters (and Nali too!).
    SLOMO #       - Slows or speeds up the game. 1.0 is normal.
    SUMMON [item] - Lets you add a weapon or an item to the world like:
     TITAN [summon a Titan during a botmatch =D]
     NALIPRIEST etc.
    Note: SUMMON QUADSHOT creates an unfinished weapon that wasn't in the end
          implemented in game. It's buggy so you shouldn't use it. A finished
          quadshot can be seen in the "oldskool amp'd" UT mod.
    Note 2: ANY summoned items in a multiplayer game WILL RESPAWN!
            It can be beneficial as well as dangerous (how to kill already a
            difficult bot when it gets all of the armours at once?)
    PLAYERSONLY - "Freezes" time. Type again to disable.
    OPEN [mapname] - Jump to any map, just enter the name like OPEN DIG. You
                     lose all inventory though.
    Map list:
      map:                          mapname:
      Castle (intro movie)          Unreal
      Vortex Rikers                 Vortex2
      NyLeve's Falls                NyLeve
      Rrajigar Mine                 Dig
      Depths of Rrajigar            Dug   [... O_o]
      Sacred Passage                Passage
      Chizra-Nali Water God         Chizra
      The Ceremonial Chambers       Ceremony
      Dark Arena                    Dark
      Harobed Village               Harobed
      Terraniux Underground         TerraLift
      Terraniux                     Terraniux
      Noork's Elbow                 Noork
      Temple of Vandora             Ruins
      The Trench                    Trench
      ISV-KRAN deck 4               IsvKran4
      ISV-KRAN decks 3 & 2          IsvKran32
      ISVDECK1                      IsvDeck1
      Spire village                 SpireVillage
      The Sunspire                  TheSunspire
      Gateway To Na Pali            SkyCaves
      Na Pali Haven                 SkyTown
      Outpost 3J                    SkyBase
      Velora Pass                   VeloraEnd
      Bluff Eversmoking             Bluff
      Dasa Mountain Pass            DasaPass
      Cellars at Dasa Pass          DasaCellars
      Serpent Canyon                NaliBoat
      Nali Castle                   NaliC
      Demonlord's Lair              NaliLord
      Demon Crater                  DCrater
      MotherShip Basement           ExtremeBeg
      MotherShip Lab                ExtremeLab
      MotherShip Core               ExtremeCore
      Skaarj Generator              ExtremeGen
      Illumination                  ExtremeDGen
      The Darkening                 ExtremeDark
      The Source Antechamber        ExtremeEnd
      The Source                    QueenEnd
      Ending Sequence (movie)       endgame              
      Deathmatch Maps:
     BEHINDVIEW 1 - Puts you in Tomb Raider style view. Notice that on Vortex
                    Rikers player doesn't hold an "invisible" weapon! W00t.
     BEHINDVIEW 0 - Resets this.
     FLUSH - If you start getting weird graphics on wall textures 
             or creatures, type this to fix it.
     FOV [angle] - sets an angle of visibility. If you "can't" run use FOV 120 and
                   game will look better, you should hide weapon tho. FOV 90 is the
                   original value
     ADDBOTS # - adds # bots to game, unfortunately you can't add bots to co-op 
                 game :(.
    [5] Miscellaneous stuff
    All the things that didn't fit anywhere else.
    1) Song list
       If you want to listen to these masterpieces outside Unreal, get yourself
    Modplug Player or XMPlay (there may be a plugin for Winamp but I'm not sure)
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos and Alexander Brandon
    s3m - 2 subsongs, total length: 4:04 (but the second one has only 7 secs)
    Comment: Temple of Chizra's theme. Calm, "temple-like" song with an alien
       feeling to it. Try it in p&p RPG sesions :)
    "Hub 7"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos, edited by Alexander Brandon
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 6:24
       first song - a good "suspense" song, making you feel uneasy.
       second song - a rough song, good for combat. Good synth use :)
       third song - I'd say that it's between above two in mood.
    "Shared Dig"
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 5:43
       #1 - rhytmic and calm song, yet wielding some kind of power in background
       #2 - SKAARJ ATTACK! Nii-ce.
       #3 - unresting melody, if it can bring the feeling across...
    "Dusk Horizon"
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 3:27
       #1 - Incredible. It's one of these few wonderful songs that feed your
        imagination - stunning when combined with Unreal's wonderful sky.
       #2 - trancy combat song. Average.
    "Extreme END"
    Composer: unknown
    it, two subsongs, total length: 1:32
       #1 - cyber song with an odd olskool feeling to it. A shame that it's so short
       #2 - terribly short, sounds like a (quiet) fanfare of some sort.
    "Bluff Eversmoking"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 4:57 (#3 is some kind of a joke - 4 secs!)
       #1 - another nostalgia trip, somewhat similar to Dig in some aspects (and to
        UT's 'Mission Landing' in other - of course it's slower)
       #2 - danger is close...
    "Hub 5"
    Composer: Michiel vd Bos
    s3m, two soubsongs, total length: 6:51
       #1 - ambient. A bit non-descript.
       #2 - this one is rocking. Worth listening.
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    it, total length: 0:48
    Comment: Unreal Intro Song (c) (tm) <g>
    "Hub 4"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 6:22
       #1 - another ambient piece.
       #2 - now it sounds better imo =).
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, total length: 1:43
    Comment: Heroic yet sad melody.
    "Hub 2"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos, edited by Alexander Brandon
    it, three subsongs, total length: 4:43
       #1 - peaceful, dreamy song. Violins present, as always :).
       #2 - this one has a strong rhtymic feeling. It should be longer imo.
       #3 - combat subsong, strongly resembles DigSh #2
    Composer: necros/fm, ed:Alex Brandon
    s3m, total length: 4:08
    Comment: compared to original has its intro removed
    "Unreal #9"
    Composer: M. van den Bos
    it, two subsongs, total length: 5:26
    Comment: first of the excellent #9 songs. Incredibly dreamy with bass rhytm,
        simply a must hear.
       #1 - bass + violin + ambient = victory
       #2 - someone is hitting the drums very hard =)
    "Unreal #9"
    Composer: M. van den Bos
    it, two subsongs, total length: 5:26
       #1 - more bass + more violins + more and faster ambient = another victory
       #2 - same as #2 above
    Composer: Sandman/KFMF (aka Alex Brandon :) )
    s3m, total length: 2:54
    Comment: very fast and furious trance song - with a small "calm" episode. Great.
    "Nali Chant"
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    it, two subsongs, total length: 3:51
       #1 - as the title implies, the main theme is some kind of a chant, but it
        also features catchy harp (?) and sweet flutes.
       #2 - quite fast, creates a feeling of danger and hurry.
    "Unreal #7"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 6:04
       #1 - dark, mysterious song with a bit of nostalgia in melody. Very good.
       #2 - trancy combat song, much like #13 or DigSh. Good song.
    "Unreal #9"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 5:26
    Comment: The last of the #9 series, sounds similar but more rough (I think that
       this is the original version).
    "Unreal #13"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, two subsongs + one empty, total length: 7:01
       #1 - it's exactly the same as #1 of EverSmoke
       #2 - it's a remix of #1 with a trancy aftertaste <_<
    "Unreal #16"
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos
    s3m, total length: 3:07
    Comment: this song is difficult to clasify. It feels like a mix of an oldskool
       "highscore" song, like in e.g. Battle Squadron with an orchestral piece,
       ... it's pretty good tho.
    Composer: unknown
    it, total length: 2:05
    Comment: Not much happens in this one. Just some random drums and wind with a
       little of orchestral diversity towards the end.
    "Queen of Death"
    Composer: van den Bos & Brandon
    it, three subsongs, total length: 4:41
    Comment: Have you ever watched a movie with a scene where people wander through
       desert for many days? This song would fit well, worth hearing.
       Come to think about it, the song could fit Fallout as well.
    Composer: Michiel van den Bos, edited by Alex Brandon
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 4:54
    Comment: Nice orchestral (again <_<) piece, every time I hear it, I think about
       Chizra's temple even though it's a different song.
    "All Hallows Sunset"
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 3:08
       #1 - calm, moody song with hypnotizing harps. AHS > j00, to put it bluntly :P
       #2 - yet another combat song
    "Hub 3"
    Composer: Michiel v.d. Bos
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 8:27
       #1 - ambient + harp + violins/cellos/whatever. Good but not the best of these
       #2 - sounds a bit more like "combat"
       #3 - one of the best songs in Unreal. Hope I got your attention now ;).
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, total length: 5:25
    Comment: Another great song, and in contrary to many U songs, it's quite lively
       and rapid.
    Composer: Basehead
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 7:01
       #1 - it's a bit deafening (but, oddly, not loud), like a trip in an another
       #2 - if you add trancy Tyrian-like rhytm to #1, you'll get #2 :)
       #3 - odd.
    "Unreal Crypt"
    Composer: unknown (but sounds like M. v. d. Bos to me)
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 5:13
    Comment: At first it sounds very similar to Nali Chant but is more subtle (more
       towards Queen of Death) and overall simply better.
    "Unreal - Main Title" (deceptive name - it's the outro Song)
    Composer: Michiel v. d. Bos and Alexander Brandon
    it, total length: 4:41
    Comment: The best outro song ever - I'm not exaggerating. What are you waiting
       for? CHECK IT OUT. NOW!
    "Vortex Rikers"
    Composer: Alex Brandon
    s3m, two subsongs, total length: 2:30
    Comment: Well, it's the Vortex Rikers' theme. Nice, but not exceptional.
    Composer: Alexander Brandon
    s3m, three subsongs, total length: 4:51
       #1 - what differs this one from other ambient pieces is a... heartbeat!
       #2 - Unreal Combat Song (c) (tm). Not worth attention.
       #3 - inrcedible <_<. This song WILL follow you. Dot.
    "Warlord theme"
    Composer: unknown
    s3m, length: 2:27
    Comment: This song is creating a certain tension (there's even a sample named
       "tensiontune" :) )
    2) Translator message list
    Vortex Rikers:
    "Benjamin Nathaniel's Diary, day 93: Today is my birthday. I will celebrate by
    attempting to start another prison riot." 
    "Prisoner 853, James Cavannaugh ready for electrocution." [mwa ha! :] ]
    "Boris Clague's Diary, day 3: I have been here but 3 days and already I have two
    cracked ribs, a fractured thigh, and fourteen stitches. I don't know if I'll
    make it to the prison moon, much less to the end of next week." 
    "ATTENTION ALL PRISONERS: Remember, be kind to your cellmate. Violence will not
    be tolerated." 
    "ATTENTION ALL PRISONERS: Lights out at 20:00. No exceptions." 
    "Jonas Gershwin's Diary, day 204: There was another roach in my lunch today. I
    wonder how they make it on board starships such as this one. If that bitch in
    cell 4A keeps looking at me funny I swear I'm going to rip out her larynx!" 
    "Navigator's Log: Vortex Rikers. We are on route to the prison moon. Long-range
    sensors are detecting uncharted magnetic masses in Gamma Sector 83H. The Captain
    has ordered a change in course." 
    "Captain's Log S. Kroon: Vortex Rikers. Altering our course may have proven
    detrimental to our mission. We are caught in the gravitational field of an
    uncharted planet. I have ordered the engine foreman to divert power to the
    "First Officer's Log: Vortex Rikers. The prisoners have become more restless as
    we get closer to the prison moon. Security says they have the prisoners under
    control but several have had to be taken to the med lab for treatment." 
    "Chief Medical Officer's Log: Prison Vessel 254 Vortex Rikers. The constant
    fighting between the prisoners seems to be getting worse. At this rate, I will
    be out of supplies long before we reach the prison moon." 
    "Engine Foreman's Log: Prison Vessel 254 Vortex Rikers. I am juicing up all the
    power I can to escape from the gravitational pull of this mysterious planet. It
    doesn't seem to be working." 
    "Chief Security Guard's Log: Prison Vessel 254 Vortex Rikers. They've pulled all
    the power to the drives to no effect. We're spiraling towards the planet. I
    don't know what's going to happen to us." 
    NyLeve's Falls 
    "Log: Guard R. Bijl. The situation is critical, last night large, extremely
    powerful alien forces penetrated our camp. Fired small missiles from hand
    launchers. We lost 5 men." 
    "Log: Cook J. Strang: No reply to distress signal. Vortex Rikers' hull is too
    unstable to use as shelter. We found an abandoned house to use as our base camp.
    Maybe the native population can help us." 
    "Log: N. Vos: Contact with members of ISV Kran! (Presumed lost in this area 3
    months ago) They have seen a Skaarj vessel in operation. We may need to gain
    control of it to escape this system." 
    "Log: I have no damn luck. First I'm locked up for two years for a murder I did 
    not commit, then on my way to yet another prison colony we crash on this god 
    forsaken ball of rock. This sucks!" 
    "My burden does not end. More minions have been cast down by the angry Gods. I
    will pray for their souls but I fear my prayers are not heard. I must travel to
    the Temple of Chizra to seek balance." 
    "Log: Guard M. v. Wely: I should have stayed with the others, I think my leg is
    broken in several places. My brother went looking for help 8 hours ago."
    "Log P. v. Heel: I was attacked by a flying beast, it uses its tail as a weapon!
    I was able to kill it, but not without taking a beating. I discovered that the
    orange berries have a healing effect on me. I feel strong enough to proceed."
    "Log: Guard B. v. Wely: I can't get past the 'Brutes' to help my brother. My
    ammo is almost out. There are 'Brutes' patrolling around all the times."
    Rrajigar Mines 
    "Force Field Control Area" 
    "Force field intact. All systems normal." 
    "Harobed Village is on the other side of the mountains. I will wait until the
    two suns have set and proceed through Rrajigar mine. It is the only way."
    "Force Field power source one status is active." 
    "Force Field power source two status is active." 
    "WARNING: Force Field power source one status is inactive. Security Condition
    Two reached." 
    "WARNING: Force Field power source two status is inactive. Security Condition
    Two reached." 
    "WARNING! Force Field de-activated. Intruder detected in Section C-6. Eliminate
    any unauthorized presence." 
    "WARNING: Intruder detected in Sections C-6 and D-8. All personnel are
    responsible for patrolling their local area." 
    "NOTE: Area must be clear for transport lift to perform properly." 
    "ALERT: Nali slave resistance detected in Sector 3A. Lethal force authorized to
    suppress rebellious activity." 
    "WARNING: Access bridges in lower half of mine are unsafe. Proceed with
    Depths of Rrajigar 
    "Primary tarydium transport cart activation unit." 
    "Secondary tarydium transport cart activation unit." 
    "WARNING: Exercise caution when in the vicinity of tarydium barrels." 
    "Gas Re-Routing Station Status: Doors are pressurized and locked." 
    "Doors depressurized. Access permitted." 
    Sacred Passage 
    "You must have a keen eye, so that you may bathe in the sacred waters." 
    "Only the purest of heart will pay homage to the God of The Good Lore Chizra." 
    "Wood must break free..." 
    "...For that will be the key." 
    Chizra - Nali Water God 
    "Only a warrior who has touched the face of the water god idol may enter this
    "Beyond this stone seal lie the inner ceremonial chambers of the Nali water
    "Only a warrior who wields the stick of 6 fires may enter the inner ceremonial
    chambers. Once the stick of 6 fires is in your grasp the stone seal will rise." 
    "The Nali water god Chizra and his holy temple has been overrun by the water
    serpents and the demons who came from the stars. Only the messiah can purify the
    temple now." 
    "1400 hours Commander Mac Harrison: SITREP: These local natives have a 6
    barreled rocket launcher on an altar but it is heavily guarded by those
    Salamander things. "The Stick of 6 fires" is what the Nali keep calling it. I'll
    try to sneak in tonight." 
    "Look into your own eyes. And when your courage is strongest, your last step to
    your prize will be upheld by your faith." 
    "Climb the loose stones to reach the lagoon of lightning fire. Beware the demon
    who came from the stars lurks in the shadows. A fool shall surely perish." 
    "Beyond this golden door lies the holy altar of the stick of 6 fires. Only by
    touching the outset stones of the lightning fire pillars may one enter." 
    "The stick of 6 fires can only be accessed by a warrior who has bathed in the
    pool of thunder, past the obelisk of the clouds." 
    "The pyramid is the key to the chamber of death. Here you shall find more power
    for the stick of 6 fires." 
    "The pyramid's center is the focal point of Chizra the Nali Water God's power." 
    "This is the obelisk of the clouds. Beyond here lies the pool of thunder." 
    "To reach the pool of thunder one must climb the loose stones." 
    "Powerful strength comes from those who let the waterfall wash over them at the
    pool of thunder." 
    "Beware those of impure motives who enter the pool of thunder shall face the
    demon from the stars." 
    "This is the pool of thunder. Impure souls who bathe in the water shall face the
    demon that came from the stars." 
    "The demons came from the stars in a metal chariot as a punishment for the sins
    of the Nali." 
    "Take the stick of 6 fires and go forth to the inner ceremonial chamber. There
    you shall find your way back to the place from whence you came and the metal
    chariot that fell from the stars." 
    The Ceremonial Chambers 
    "The inner ceremonial chambers. Here the water god's serpents reside to accept
    the flesh of the weak to be devoured. Only a warrior who swims like the serpent
    shall escape their clutches." 
    "Sgt. William Bradford: My entire squad has been killed by those Salamander
    things. There's no ammo left and I've been holding up at this shrine with one of
    the native priests for days. While he prays I try to keep a watchful eye at the
    Dark Arena 
    "I escaped from my cell but can't find the strength to go on. Remember me to my
    "I must try to find a way out of this place. The lizard men in charge here are
    strangely barbaric given the technological advancement implied by their weapons.
    It may be harder to fool them than I first thought, but I must make the
    "If I am to die in this place, it pleases my mind that some of my former captors
    are here with me. Tomorrow I will find my own peace in death knowing that they
    have all suffered before me." 
    "I'm so hungry. I hope that the others in the scouting part from the ISV Kran
    will find me. This is the only hope that keeps me going from day to day. Without
    that to cling to I'd be insane by now. I can't stand the screams of pain much
    "I wish I had died when the Vortex Rikers crashed. I do not know what is to
    become of me. I am scared." 
    "The Skaarj have brought in a new batch of the two-armed softskins from another
    of their raids. I fear that one of them is the Messiah, come down from the
    heavens, but I must pray that I am mistaken and not give up hope for the freedom
    of my people." 
    "The weak shall be struck down by the hand of the beast." 
    Harobed Village 
    "Sadness fills my soul. The Sky Demons came and took many of us to work in the
    mines. If we don't obey we'll be slaughtered. The Sky Demons know about our
    secret in the abbey, but haven't found it." 
    "I'll not stay here any longer. With the next passing of the two suns, I'll try
    to reach the Sunspire. There I will be safe. Before I go I will retrieve the sky
    demon's weapon from the abbey." 
    "We shall pray before we set off for the Sunspire. We will find refuge there.
    Praise be to the God of the Good Lore for giving us sanctuary. The journey will
    be treacherous but we will prevail!" 
    Terraniux Underground 
    "Biowaste Flow Control: the Biowaste flow is constant. Monitor it for dangerous
    fluctuations in viscosity or pressure. The alarm still seems to have problems,
    in case of malfunction activate the two override controls." 
    "Lift activated. All personnel are reminded to complete assigned tasks." 
    "Drainage Status: Biowaste flow is at nominal levels. All pumps operational.
    Section C is empty and available for any Biowaste overflow. Please be sure that
    the regular pipe maintenance is handled." 
    "Control Room Status: Pressurized and locked. Do not access except in case of
    emergency situation." 
    "Security Status: Intruder detected at entrance. Activating security screens on
    Scientific Research Lab and Hydroponics Section. All security elements deploy
    around access points in Sections A, B and C to deny intruder access to Lift 1." 
    "Pumping station has been activated. Expected storage capacity after operation:
    "Pump activated, Biowaste transferred in section B." 
    "Lift 2 Status: A broken pipe was reported." 
    "Section C: Status Empty, this Containment Room is damaged, please avoid sending
    Biowaste here until we can fix it." 
    "Control Room, ACCESS DENIED" 
    "Section B: Status 48% Full." 
    "Lift 1: Security Lock, Access denied. Containment room pumps must be activated
    for entrance to hydroponic greenhouses." 
    "Section A: Status full. Biowaste redirect to Section B active." 
    "Lift 1: Status working. Access to hydroponic gardens permitted." 
    "Greenhouse A: Section A is full. Biowaste flow must be redirected from the
    Control Room. Section B of the waste facility has free capacity. Please be sure
    to monitor the water supply for impurities." 
    "Greenhouse B: Please verify that the Biowaste is being pumped through the
    Control Room filters and that no foreign objects are blocking the flow." 
    "Greenhouse B: The Karkilys Zegnus need more fertilizers. Please dispatch a
    group of guards to inspect the Nali homes in Noork's Elbow. Disembarkment
    authorization must be granted in the Control Room." 
    "Greenhouse C: The night is coming soon, please maintain careful control of the
    hygrometric level and air temperature. Constant monitoring is necessary to keep
    them within appropriate levels." 
    "Access Denied. Control Room authorization must be granted to access Noork's
    "Access Room Security locks disengaged." "Lift to Noork's Elbow activated." 
    "Access granted." 
    Noork's Elbow 
    "Log: L. Goeranov: We've been stuck here for days. There are plenty of fish to
    eat but they taste kinda funny. I never liked fish." 
    Temple of Vandora 
    "The Way is filled with darkness. The Torch of Tranquility must light the path
    of the worthy. Spiritual progression is achieved by those who set the Torch of
    Tranquility aflame." 
    "Torch of Tranquility" 
    "And Vandora came forth, with the fire from the Sky upon her lips, and
    sanctified the sacred fountain with her kiss. Thus, she said, he who follows me
    shall cast off the bonds of flesh and become as elusive as the mist." 
    "Vandora, Goddess of Lightning" 
    The Trench 
    "N. Onatop Log: We made it so far... only to come face to face with another of
    those titanic beasts. We'll rest now and tackle this problem tomorrow. Unable to
    communicate with ISV-Kran, our radio receives only static." 
    "Log: M. Mottobanov: We've set ISV-Kran so that it will scan for human activity
    outside the bay doors. As soon as one steps into the red light the bay doors
    will open. The platform will only be down for a short period of time." 
    "Biosuits inoperable." 
    ISV-Kran Deck 4 
    "Corporal Pelli Onsov: If you're reading my log entry I am probably dead and our
    ship has been overrun by aliens called 'Skaarj'. Your only hope is to destroy
    the Gold Containment Cores, Re-activate the Engines and get to the Deck 1
    "Petty Officer: Yuri Andromov: The Alien War Party has blasted a hole through
    the hull and are accessing the ship through the ventilation shafts. Kerig, Onsov
    and myself are going to make a stand with Stingers here in the loading area." 
    "AFT LOADING STATION: ISV-KRAN: We've been wedged into this mountain ridge for 2
    months now. Each night these 4 story tall dinosaur type beasts come and beat on
    the rear hull of the ship. They appear to be relatively unintelligent and slow
    "Corporal Anders Kerig: They're coming! I can hear them in the ventilation
    ducts. I'm going to activate the security locks to the Warehouse and implant a
    human DNA code so that only another Terran can bypass the lock systems." 
    "Intruder Security Locks Activated. Bypass Required: Bypass panel located in
    Ventilation Processing Mezzanine." 
    "Ventilation Processing Mezzanine Ducts: Maintenance Personnel Only: WARNING
    "Intruder security locks disengaged." 
    "Warehouse Safety Bars Override in Upper Warehouse Loft." 
    "Warehouse Safety Bars Disengaged: Access to Dock Permitted." 
    ISV-Kran Decks 3 & 2 
    "This panel requires a bypass to operate." 
    "Primary Shuttle Bay: Log Entry by Dockmaster Ivan Romanov Second Officer ISV
    Kran. I have sealed the main Iris Hatch with a Laser welding team. No Alien
    Bastards are going to get into my shuttle bay." 
    "Primary Shuttle Bay: Log Entry by Dockmaster Ivan Romanov Second Officer ISV
    Kran. The dock doors control panel can be reactivated with the override in one
    of the Access tubes." 
    "Main Engineering Has Been Sealed with a Containment Field. Containment Field
    Generator Must be Destroyed Prior to Accessing Engineering." 
    "Main Shuttle Bay Door Override Controls." 
    "The first wave of Skaarj have been isolated within DECK4. I doubt they will be
    able to get through the ductwork and Enter the Main Ship. We will retreat to
    Deck1 and seal Engineering with a Containment Forcefield." 
    "The Skaarj have infiltrated the Dock area. We will retreat to Deck1 and set up
    a makeshift high voltage barrier. We should be safe." 
    ON DECK 1." 
    "SCANNING STATION 1: Short range surface scans indicate location of large Alien
    spacecraft on the planet surface that matches the description of the same ship
    viewed entering and leaving the planet's tarydium Field's prior to orbital
    "SCANNING STATION 2: Surface scan indicates indigenous primitive structures on
    the planet surface. A higher technology town detected on a rock suspended in the
    sky by some unknown force. Huge power sources emanating from an obelisk within
    this town." 
    ISV-Kran Deck 1 
    "ISV-KRAN DECK 1: Log Entry: Captain Mikail Leatham. There's NO Possible way to
    kill them ALL. There's just too many Skaarj and we don't have enough ammo." 
    "ISV-KRAN DECK 1: Log Entry: Captain Mikail Leatham. Skaarj attacks have forced
    us to retreat to the Science and Research Lab. We set up a makeshift Electrical
    Field Barrier that destroyed 40 of them but 20 still remain." 
    amoeba to be highly acidic. It's incredible the architecture of their basic
    genetic structure. Tatiana Zimna, Chief Medical Officer." 
    WAR PARTY." 
    KILOMETERS FROM SPIRE SHAPED MOUNTAIN." [why do computers shout? ;P]
    Spire Village
    "The minions of our Gods are cast to the ground to do battle. We are put to the
    test. Our world is weakening, it spews forth terrible creatures. We will pray
    again tonight. Oh, hear our plea! Send our messiah!" 
    "Our Haven, the great Sunspire, given to us by the Gods of the Good Lore, has
    been corrupted by the Sky Demons. Our once hope is now the foulest of terrors.
    The Sky Demons are stronger than ever. I had a vision of death, of immense
    beasts roaming the land." 
    "Safe haven for those who seek peace, welcome." 
    The Sunspire 
    "I will not return to the Sunspire today. I was almost slain by the Sky Demon
    this morning and I fear for our brothers that have not yet escaped. I feel that
    we will not see them again in this life." 
    "Primary Ascension" x3
    "Chambers of Honor" x2
    "Sleeping Chambers" x2
    "Feast Hall" x2
    "Bathing Chambers" 
    "Great Hall." 
    "Log: Petty Officer N. Onalopov: We split up so we would have a better chance of
    finding Kira. Those bastards are going to pay for taking her. I love you Kira, I
    swear I'll find you." 
    "Log: Security Officer A. Connectof: We are running out of ammo fast. There's
    only one weapon left. We have to reach the top where we can activate the Sky
    Elevator, according to the Nali at the gates." 
    "Chamber of Crystals" 
    "Prepare to Embark" 
    Gateway to Na Pali 
    "I'm the only one left. I've managed to find shelter here and I will rest before
    making my final stand tomorrow morning. I am so tired. The day has been long and
    I have lost all. I only hope they don't discover me sleeping here tonight." 
    Na Pali Haven 
    "They let us go about our business here, but it is a farce. I know that they are
    watching us, controlling us. I believe that this once safe haven is as deadly as
    the surface planet below." 
    "I have gathered all of these strange artifacts in the hope that the Messiah
    shall make use of them in the quest to free us from the Sky Demons. I know not
    what their uses are but the signs were clear, the stars foretold the need." 
    "I've seen strange flying beasts vanishing into the depths of the mountain at
    night. The roar as they fly overhead is deafening. Never before have I heard its
    like. I feel that a great evil must dwell within the mountain." 
    "I don't understand why they toy with us. My establishment used to be a place of
    laughter and joy for my fellow citizens. Now I just serve the whims of the Sky
    Demons in exchange for the lives of my family. I await the Messiah." 
    "Outer Doors Release Lever" 
    "All security forces must keep the Nali townsfolk under control. Kill all those
    who show signs of resistance. We only need maintain enough pliable workers to
    mine the tarydium." 
    "Observation Center: The Eye Sees and The Mind Knows. Remember not to disturb
    the Nali townsfolk unnecessarily as their belief that they are still free
    prevents outright rebellion. This false hope is our primary control mechanism." 
    "Mountain Base Underwater Entrance Controls" 
    Outpost 3J 
    "Security Log: Outpost 3J Base Commander Ssja'Rath 10th Talon of Ssa'Rath. To
    maintain order and security we have been keeping a constant watch on the Nali in
    the town. Vigilance is the Guardian of Honor." 
    "Main Bay Door Controls" 
    "Message Log 7: Mothership acknowledges request for resupply of Outpost 3J.
    Scout Skimmer 3J-1A authorized to return to the mothership to pick up cargo." 
    "Right Hangar Bay Door Controls" 
    "Forcefield Controls" 
    "Left Hangar Bay Door Controls" 
    "Rear Entrance Forcefield Controls" 
    "No unauthorized access to lower church catacombs. All personnel must be checked
    by security before access is granted." 
    "Lower Security Access Panel" 
    "Teleporter target coordinates set for surface transporter pad 13. Sentry
    personnel already dispatched to location to secure area against resistance. Area
    cleared for cargo transmission." 
    "Teleporter Controls" 
    Velora Pass - no messages
    Bluff Eversmoking 
    "ISV-Kran Chief Medical Officer's Log: Tatiana Zimna: We have come to this
    beautiful canyon lake monastery in our search for Kira's abductors. We'll make
    camp by this crucifix tonight and start out early tomorrow." 
    "Security Officer Sergai Dubrov: ISV-KRAN: LOG ENTRY:We are hot on the trail of
    the Skaarj Hunting party that Captured Kira near the Sunspire. They are headed
    north towards the blue electrical storms on the horizon." 
    "Acolyte Ne'Pher Dunis 350-488" 
    "High Priest De'Nasha Breeche 255-480" 
    "Only by facing the direction of the rising sun may one find a new day." 
    "Acolyte Ne'Lin Garas 353-487" 
    "Son of Ne'Lin Garas 380-390" 
    "Myscha Nov 28th 1994. June 1997"  <_<
    "Pelit Jan 20 1997. July 17 1997" 
    "Vault of the Dead. Herein lies the last resting place of the High Priest of
    Bluff Eversmoking and the artifacts used by the Messiah." 
    "Shipping Log: Grorq of the Red Hand Tribe. I am really getting sick with the
    way the Skaarj are treating us. Constantly bossing us around and making us watch
    over their pathetic Nali Slaves. My troops are getting sick of this situation." 
    "Shipping Log: Grorq of the Red Hand Tribe. Coming the next full moon we are
    expecting a large shipment of salvaged supplies from the human spacecraft. I
    need to make a few repairs to the electric rails around the bluff but we should
    be ready by then." 
    "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: We have captured a Terran girl. Some of my
    soldiers want to try and take liberties with her. I guess that's OK as long as
    they watch those boots! She kicked my in the Hrangos last time." 
    "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: Dorro owes me 25,000 gold Paaras when we
    get home! He truly sucks at death bones. Hustling him is like taking candy from
    a Terran baby. Speaking of which I think it's time to go beat on that ugly
    Terran girl some more." 
    "Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe: I can't believe it! That Terran girl
    escaped! One of those worthless Nali Monks must have tunneled her out. I am in
    DEEP SHIT! If Captain DUK'CHOROTH comes and finds out I let her escape I'll be
    de-hrangod for sure!" 
    "My brother Kriin is in the cell below me. My other brother Kruun escaped
    through the water tunnels under the stairs. They sacrificed my best friend Jaara
    for Kruun's escape." 
    "I am feeling ill. My cough has gotten worse and this darkened cell is not
    helping. I only hope that my brother Kruun escaped to our childhood hiding hole
    in the sewers. From there he can access the inner walls of the monastery." 
    "Kruun's personal diary: I have to be careful how many times I sneak into the
    monastery through the tunnels. I've marked the tunnel that leads into the inner
    monastery with a cross, the other leads to the prison where my brother is still
    being held." 
    "I have been hiding here for what seems like months now. The Skaarj forces that
    have taken over our monastery continue to transport stolen tarydium and other
    strange mechanical devices using their lightning sled. I fear that they may find
    "I have discovered a secret! Last night I snuck out of my hiding place and swam
    through the pipes to the prison. They have captured a terran girl! The Krall
    sergeant took two boots in the mouth when he approached her. Haha I can only
    laugh at their stupidity." 
    "The woman they captured is scheduled to be executed. I cannot let this happen!
    As foolish as it sounds I will attempt to sneak her out of the prison cell
    through our secret caves. From there she can escape to the bell tower until
    "Science Officer Kira Argmanov: Separated from my crewmates from ISV-KRAN, I've
    only been able to stay alive by holding up in this bell tower. A native Nali
    help me escape from the prison cell the Skaarj put me in. Hopefully the Skaarj
    won't find me here." 
    Dasa Mountain Pass 
    "Bridge Foreman Khan Vhranna: I've about had it with Grok Vhul'rath. He's such a
    pompous son-of-a-Bulrach. If he makes us fix the drawbridge one more time in the
    rain, I'm going to bust his face in." 
    "SHIPPING LOG: Dasa Pass Mountain Station : Grok Vhul'rath: we've decided to
    ditch using the Nali as slaves here. The word is they all believe their
    "savior" has come from the stars to kill us. We decided to execute them for
    refusing to work anyways." 
    "SHIPPING LOG: Dasa Pass Mountain Station : Grok Vhul'rath. This past week we've
    received over 45 cases of high tech equipment from the crashed human spacecraft
    ISV-KRAN. I've decided to store them in the cellars before we ship to the
    "Diary: Grok Vhul'rath: I ordered repairs to the Drawbridge again! This is
    getting really old. I'm sick of dealing with the Behemoths. They constantly
    break things and they're slobs like Aldarian Pigs. I'm anxious to get back to my
    Serpent Canyon 
    "Here lies Haith M'olner, may his soul soar high with the gods." 
    Nali Castle 
    "Only the enlightened one who has read the Book of the Good Lore in the chapel
    shall be granted passage to the balcony through these divine gates." 
    "He who seeks knowledge would be well rewarded for pursuing the tomes stored in
    the main feast hall." 
    "Only the warrior who demonstrates his bravery by defeating the five-eyed daemon
    in the tower shall be granted passage to the dungeon." 
    "The path to be followed is long and harrowing, but the strong of heart and
    purpose shall prevail against the challenges." 
    "I sit here, waiting to die. Waiting... The wait is worse than death itself. My
    fears tear at my soul. I hear the wails of the others as they are taken to the
    bowels of the dungeon to be sacrificed to the winged Sky Daemon." 
    Demon Crater 
    "Generator and Loading Room." 
    "Generator Control Panel. Generator is operational. Power output nominal." 
    "Intruder Alert. Secure all access points, all personnel on full alert. Protect
    the Mother, failure results in DEATH." 
    "Portal Gate: Link Established. Enter transport Field." 
    Mothership Lab 
    "Primary Power Supply is operating at peak efficiency. Auxiliary Power Supply
    operational at 80% output. Activating the Alternate Power Supply for the
    Security Force Fields is imperative. Weakness shall be punished." 
    "Energy supply for the Source is secured. Maintaining energy flow to the Source
    is highest priority. Weakness shall be punished." 
    "Security personnel report to deployment zones around the Detention Block until
    APS back online. All detainees must be contained." 
    "Intruder detected. Protect the Source at any cost. Intruder must be halted
    before penetrating the Source's defensive perimeter." 
    "ACCESS DENIED: Power Reserves at 100%" 
    "Energy Department" 
    "Research Center" x2
    "Experimentation Facility" 
    "Genetic Department" 
    "All the test subjects have been placed in the Detention Area. The forcefields
    are keeping them confined and unshielded. All subjects continue to exhibit
    extremely aggressive behavior when not in carefully tuned magnetic fields." 
    "Power Reserves at 100%. Shielding effect at 0.0025%. EEG/EKG readings are
    normal, physiological state is cryogenized." 
    "Security Orders: Intruder detected in MotherShip, all experiments are suspended
    on order of Chakti'Nrrj 2nd Great Talon of Ssa'Nrrj until further notice. Power
    reserves must be at 100% for optimal security system operation." 
    "Report 187: Shrk'Tajji 2nd Lesser Eye of Ess'Tajji reporting. Despite the
    failure in our previous tests on the shielding effect, the test subjects' cells
    are showing some residual effects. Very interesting..." 
    "Report 188: Shrk'Tajji 2nd Lesser Eye of Ess'Tajji reporting. Studies on the
    test subjects' cells are showing persistent shielding, with minor fluctuations
    in reflectivity. Strangely these are all perfectly synchronized." 
    "Report 189: Shrk'Tajji 2nd Lesser Eye of Ess'Tajji reporting. After cross
    analysis of the test results on all subjects, we've reached the conclusion that
    the Core Generator's magnetic field is probably the cause of the failures." 
    "If the experiment is successful we'll look into moving the Research Center to
    Site B where we'll be shielded from the magnetic field of the Core Generator. If
    we're successful, we'll reach the green level or even blue." 
    "Report 190: Shrk'Tajji 2nd Lesser Eye of Ess'Tajji observing. We are ready for
    the next experiment. We expect an 18% drop in Power Reserves from 100% levels.
    The test subject is in place and the tarydium is prepared for charging." 
    "Power Reserve at 80%, shielding effect at 5.64%, EEG/EKG readings showing
    massive disturbances, physiological status is active and endorphin/adrenal
    systems are producing hormonal overloads." 
    Mothership Core 
    "ACCESS DENIED: The Intruder must be eliminated. All War Masters are being
    routed to this area upon arrival from the Source." 
    "Cryo Pods Status: Temperature constant, Power at nominal levels, security
    systems active." 
    "Emergency Power Supply, ACCESS DENIED: Primary Power Supply fully functional." 
    "Security Post, ACCESS DENIED" 
    "Primary Power Supply, ACCESS DENIED" 
    "Access to the Security Post granted." 
    "WARNING: Armed Intruder detected. Close all access to the Source and to the
    Primary Power Supply. Preventing the intruders from accessing the Core Generator
    is critical." 
    "SECURITY ALERT: All War Masters report to Core Generator positions to insure
    its protection." 
    "Core Generator Security must be maintained. Access doors locked until security
    breach is contained." 
    "Core Access Door Open" 
    "RED ALERT: Core Generator Security Compromised" 
    "Intruder detected near the Core Generator. Core Generator security must be
    maintained. Weakness shall be punished." 
    Mothership Generator - no messages
    Illumination - no messages
    The Darkening 
    "The Source Antechamber, ACCESS DENIED" 
    "Authorization granted. Activate the Emergency Power Supply." 
    Source Antechamber - no messages
    The Source - no messages
    The Skaarj escape pod has broken free from the planet's gravitational pull...
    barely, Yet its fuel is depleted and you drift aimlessly. 
    From where many have died, you have escaped. You laugh to yourself: so much has
    happened, but little has changed. 
    Before the crash landing, you were trapped in a cramped cell. Now, once again
    you are confined in a prison. 
    But, you feel confident that someone will come upon your small vessel...
    Until then, you drift and hope. 
    To Be Continued... 
    3) Glossary
    - alt-shot, alt-ball... - Second fire mode (RMB by default)
    - bot - an AI-controlled player in botmatch
    - 'choppers' - those nasty horseflies
    - DP - Dispersion pistol
    - HP - Health Pack (+20) / Hit Points (health)
    - M-gun - Minigun
    - PS - Power shield
    - SB - Shield belt
    - SHP - Super Health Pack (+100)
    4) Who the *beep* is Kirge?
       Heh... Krige is one of the male skins in Unreal. I like him, even tho I don't
    know why. He's got a crappy beard :P. I use him (and Dregor) in all my
    playthroughs =). By mistake i switched the 'i' with the 'r', and in the end
    decided to left it this way.
    5) Version history
    0.8 (27 March 2004) - the very first version.
    0.95 (April 2004)   - added Menu Navigation and Enemy data subsection. Minor 
                          improvements here and there as well as many typos
                          corrected (why I didn't spot them before???)
    1.0a (13 Sept 2004) - Beta version sent only to GameFAQs but ended up in
                          supercheats and cheatbook as well. Completed Basics,
                          Translator msgs, walkthru up to Terraniux. Removed menu
                          navigation as it's really useless.
    1.0b (26 Sept 2004) - A week after previous update a guy named Rafal popped out
                          of nowhere and sent some useful info concerning Temple of
                          Vendora. Plus, two new sites asked about using the guide,
    2.05 (1 Oct 2005)   - this update took hell of a lot time. And it's rather
                          unplanned. Basics 99% rewritten (I believe I've figured
                          out the armor formulas), FULL walkthrough up to
                          Gateway to Na Pali.
    2.30 (19 Sept 2008) - Long time no updates. First off, the whole file was 
                          thoroughly spellchecked by Hyper-NL (thanks man!). I've
                          again re-read all the sections, this time corrections were
                          minor. The full walkthrough is finally complete. Also,
                          I'm far too late for the 10th anniversary :/. Oh well.
    5) Sites
    I've lost track of them. This version was sent to:
    6) About me
    I wonder if anyone will notice lack of this section? Does it make any difference
    anyway? *g* Again, if you have any comments, tips or anything related to UnreaL,
    feel free to mail me at
    7) Credits
    Well, I owe some people for creating this guide:
    *Mastyl for idea of putting all powerup locations together.
    *Rafal for useful infos. Thx! ^_^\/
    *Dakhath v4.2 for an alternate way to kill the Queen
    *Hyper-NL for a volountary spellcheck =)
    [End of file]

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