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    FAQ/Walkthrough by fastkarate

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    SIN - For PC computers.
    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the Sin game except that it appears to
    be a poor man's Half-Life (which sounds like a harsh judgement until you realize
    just how f***ing awesome Half-Life is). - Mike Toole (www.animejump.com)
    This is an ASCII art-less walkthrough by David Riley
    (Dave [at] frontbeat.com).
    12/4 - Version 1.0 - For now, the one and possibly only version.
    Legal things I know nothing of
    Don't steal this. If you steal it, or plagarise anything from it I would be very
    discontent. I'm a big guy and as my friends will attest I spend most of my time
    being angry. As of now, the only site allowed to post this is www.gamefaqs.com.
    This document is not allowed to be included in any for-profit material in any way,
    shape, or form, even as a free bonus.
    Why write this?
    I'm not gonna lie, this was on GameFAQ's bounty list and I wanted that $50 gift
    certificate so badly. Not only that, but I'd love to "secure my place in
    Walkthroughdom" as a friend brought to my attention.
    Sin was a game I bought because I love shooters at the time and it was $5 in
    the bargain bin.
    What is Sin?
    Sin is a first person shooter that was rushed to production to beat out Half-Life.
    Apparently it wasn't rushed fast enough because it got almost no attention. Hence,
    it was dropped into the bargain bin where I, luckily, found it. Sin is a game in
    the older (but not oldest) school style of shooters like Duke Nukem 3D. Find weapons,
    kill things, don't interact with much, and say great catchphrases all at the same
    Random things to know.
    First, change the controls to the Half-Life style. Us ASDW as forward, backwards,
    left and right respectively. "E" as the Use key. Control as couch. You'll probably
    find this as pretty comfortable.
    Another thing, USE THE MOUSE TO AIM. I can't stress this enough, it took me awhile
    to revert from my ways of games like Doom and go to both keyboard and mouse, but
    in the end I found it's more worthwhile than I could have ever thought. Aiming is
    a breeze with the mouse and it'll make your life a lot more sane.
    This walkthrough was written on the normal (Officer) difficulty. Generally I'd go
    straight to playing on the hardest, thus providing the most opportunity for
    profanity and propensity for broken monitors (from hitting) but I figure normal
    is what most people are looking for.
    Helpful hints
    You have armor, so do the enemies. Shoot targets in the right places in order to
    get the most armor. Avoid leg shots if you're running low on leg armor. This isn't
    as important as you might think, but sometimes that little bit can help. Also, you
    can't pick up armor from a body unless you have less than the armor on the corpse.
    If you have 55 chest armor, you'll get no use out of the 50 chest armor on the punk
    you just killed.
    Use the right gun for the situation. Pistol on guys with pistol ammo. Shotgun on
    guys with shotguns. This is common sense, but you'll find ammo for the 10mm
    pistol is very prevalent through the game and the pistol will carry you very, very
    Search guys and reload by pushing the "use" key.
    Thugs - You'll encounter these early on, they're dressed in black and armed with
    10mm pistols. No problem. Two shots to the head is the max they can take. They'll
    generally have slightly less than 50 or 60 chest armor.
    Commandos - Early on again, they're dressed in black like ninjas and carry
    submachine guns. Two or three headshots with the pistol will take them out of
    commision. They have a bit more chest armor than thugs, and about 40 leg armor.
    They'll jump kick you if you come in close.
    Shotgun Commandos - Same as normal commandos but with shotguns. They'll often also
    have a small amount of head armor.
    You won't be seeing Thugs or Commandos after mission 5.
    Construction Workers - Man are these guys tough! They carry sledgehammers and
    giantic wrenches. They're not dangerous except in close quarters but they can take
    many, many shots to the head before dying with a shout of "I think I'm dead!"
    Guards - They appear in mission 6 and carry through to the rest of the game. They
    look like thugs except they wear silverish armor. They carry submachine guns and
    shotguns for the most part, though later on you'll find them with rocket launchers
    and chainguns. They're not very dangerous, and only about as hardy as earlier
    Super Guards - Superguards wear black facemasks and black/silver armor. They only
    carry chainguns and can take practically a full clip of pistol ammo to the head.
    Watch out for these guns, as if you can't stun them with repeated shots to the head
    their chaingun will devastate your armor.
    Troopers - Only appear very late in the game, they wear green and take about as
    much damage as a normal guard and have a similar amount of armor. They're armed
    with high end weapons like chainguns and rocket launchers almost exclusively.
    Giant Guards - Probably ten feet tall and dressed in yellow armor, they attack with
    a weird taser kind of thing. These guys are TOUGH and don't give you a single thing
    when they die. Expect to expend many, many rounds of shotgun ammo or rockets before
    they go down. Once you start seeing them in the later missions they're about the
    only enemy you'll fight until the end of the game.
    Spider Bots - Robots thatl ook like spiders. They're sprinkled through the levels
    as security forces. Not too tough, but they can really hurt you if you're not careful.
    The submachine gun works well to take them down.
    Red Things - Usually found in crates or dark areas, the red beasts are really simple
    and very rare. A few shotgun shells or submachinegun ammo does the trick.
    Snipers - Female, with sniper rifles. Chances are you won't know they're there until
    their health drops drastically. Since you're probably not going to proceed with
    caution into every area, just reload or whatever and get them before they get you.
    Bio-Mechs - They look like stereotypical evil robots with machine parts. The only
    thing I can think of is that robot from the beginning of Space Quest IV. They attack
    with machineguns and drop 25 10mm bullets.
    Big Bio-Mechs - They seem stupider than the smaller ones and attack with rockets.
    It takes about four rockets to bring them down and that's the easiet way to do it.
    They drop two rockets when they die.
    Scuba Men - Easy pickings. Only found underwater. They're easy to kill with the
    spear gun. Then again, they're easy to kill with everything.
    Sea Turtles - Big and blue and pretty easy. They're fast but can't take too much
    damage. If the speargun fails you, use the submachine gun or chaingun.
    Mancini clones - Looks like the monster you fight in mission 5, the one Mancini
    turns into. Big and wearing torn pants. They're fast, but not that strong.
    Submachine gun should have no problems with them.
    Eon and Peon clones - There's only three of them in the game and they're avoidable.
    Pretty easy too, though it seems that the Quantum Destabalizer doesn't work on them.
    That's okay, because the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher do the job.
    Claw Mutants - You'll find about three in the game, they've got one giant claw.
    Oddly enough, they're pretty easy to punch to death.
    1 - Fists - While your fist can do some serious damage, they're not suggested. This
    game follows the typical style of not making the close combat weapon very useful.
    They hurt more than the pistol, but good luck on doing it effectively.
    1b - Speargun - (I don't know, I figured you'd be able to switch to the Speargun
    by holding '1' like you do with the Chaingun/Grenade Launcher. I can't seem to get
    it to work. So, I didn't use the speargun much) Not good. The Speargun is
    effective on the scuba men and those sea turtles. That's about it. You don't find
    much ammo for it save in the sea levels. Don't bother.
    2 - Pistol - Your pistol can do some SERIOUS damage. Except for the boss fight you
    can easily go through the majority of the game headshotting your enemies with it.
    Ammo is more than plentiful. Plus, a big gun like that just makes you feel cool.
    3 - Shotgun - The Shotgun is incredibly powerful, but slow, as you have to cock
    it between each shot. Still, it has no problem tearing through many enemies save
    Super Guards and Big Guards. Be careful with this though, because you might destroy
    the body and lose out on armor.
    4 - Submachine gun - Shares ammo with the pistol. A good weapon, the 45 rounds it
    holds will kill pretty much anything you meet until the end of the game and it
    has the added benefit of keeping most enemies reeling, preventing them from shooting
    back at you.
    5 - Chaingun - (Holding down "5" will switch to the Grenade Launcher) The chaingun
    is wildly inaccurate, but does a very nice amount of damage and never needs to reload.
    However, it goes through ammo like candy.
    5b - Grenade Launcher - Uses rockets. Not that useful, the grenades bounce and don't
    detonate on impact. It'd be okay...but the rocket launcher is so much better and
    it's a pain to get the thing out.
    6 - Mines - Throw them, then have fun detonating remotely. This is another thing
    that you won't get much use of. It's too easy just to kill the enemies straight
    7 - Rocket Launcher - Not the god weapon of some games, but still very useful. Good
    for groups of enemies and tough guys like the big Bio-mechs. Ammo comes in fair
    amounts too, so you don't have to be TOO careful with it.
    8 - Plasma Gun - (Hold down 8 to change mode of fire) Fires a ball of plasma. This
    thing is like the big brother of the Chaingun. Remember when max ammo sounded like
    so much? Not anymore. Still, it does a fair amount of damage. The only problem is
    you won't want to waste the ammo on just anything.
    8b - Plasma Gun II - Fires a laser/electricy kind of stream. I can't tell much
    difference between the two modes of fire.
    9 - Quantum Destabalizer - Powerful, and can be charged by holding down the button.
    Ammo's pretty rare, but it cuts through those Big Guards without a problem. Charge
    it too long and you die, charge it just right... everything else does.
    0 - Sniper Rifle - A shot pretty much anywhere on a normal person gibs them. Slow,
    but ridiculously powerful. You won't find much ammo for it, and you won't even use
    it much. Still, it looks pretty cool.
    Mission 1 - Over Freeport City Bank
    Robbery at the Freeport City bank! Hostages have been taken and Sec-Forces are down.
    Who would risk such a daring daylight robbery?
      -Destroy Rocket Turrets
      -Eliminate All Enemy Forces
      -Gain Entry into the back
       -Minimize Hardcorp casualties
    This mission is no problem. Blow up the 3 rocket turrets on the roofs. You probably
    won't even get hit. The gun turret has unlimited ammo. Immediatly shoot the two
    guys on the roof, the chopper will turn to look at your next target. Shoot the rockets,
    which is easy to do when shooting at the turrets. Blade gets dropped on the roof,
    puts on his shades, gets ready to do some serious damage.
    Mission 2 - Freeport City Bank
    After a safe rooftop landing, John R. Blade locks and loads, ready for anything.
    And that is exactly what he should expect. Anything
       -Disable hostile threat -
       -Locate Security Office Key
       -Gain Entrance to the Security Office
       -Gain Access to the Vault
       -Chase Mancini
         -Unlock all security doors -
         -Minimize hostage casualties.
    Go forward, watch out for the guy who drops from the roof behind you. Move forward.
    You'll be in a large hall, someone will exit the doors across the hall. As you
    approach the door, watch for another thug to come out shooting. Two more thugs will
    start shooting at you from the top of the escalator to your left. Take them out.
    Walk up the escalator and turn around to get the two thugs dropping from the skylight.
    After them, walk through the door to the left of the skylight and watch out for
    the female hostage. Soon after she runs by another thug will come out. Continue
    through the door on the opposite side of the room and go down the hall. Through
    the door you come to is a female hostage being held up by a thug. "use" the hostage
    to tell her to run to safety, and watch for the two thugs that drop through the
    skylight. Grab the head armor (100%) and security room key off the desk, then kill
    the thug and commando that pop through the door. Go back and down the escalator.
    Look out, as another thug has spawned in the main hall. Go to the door that the
    two thugs popped out of earlier in the main hall.
    Walk through the door, watch out for another thug dropping from the ceiling behind
    you. Past the doors are two thugs, and two commandos with a submachine gun. Take
    a right and go out the door outside to help out with the Sec-force guys having trouble.
    Watch out, as two more thugs spawn behind you. Go into this part of the bank and
    up the stairs, through the hallway to the "teller's" area. Mancini will curse his
    luck and close the security shutter. All of a sudden a commando will spawn behind
    you. As well as the four that come from the main hall. Jump over the counter and
    take a left, going through the door. Run down the hall and take a left into the
    door that says "Employees Only" Shoot up the thug, commando, and the two others
    that drop from the skylight. Tell the hostages to run. Go up the stairs, shoot out
    the window to the office and jump through. Shouldn't be too hard. Watch for the
    shotgun commando that pops through the door. In the cabident you will find full
    armor for all locations, and a LOT of ammo. Then a thug pops through the door to
    your left. Fool around with the security cameras if you want. But there's no reason
    to. Check the computer and get the vault passcode from it. I believe it's random
    but it's only two numbers. Easy to remember. Set the vault security to low and unlock
    all the security doors. Learn your pin number by typing your name under "Customer
    Accounts" I'm not sure if there's a reason for this. Go through the door the thug
    came from, then through the meeting room. On the other side of the door you'll see
    the room you saw in the security camera. Kill the two commandos and tell the hostage
    to run. Walk through the security door, go down the stairs and jump over the teller's
    counter again. Go to the vault, which is right in front of you. Set the combination,
    then use the door to open the vault. There are two commandos behind a glass wall.
    Wait for them to open the door and come to you. Run after Mancini and jump down
    the hole to end the level (note the large "exit" sign)
    Mission 3 - Abandoned Building
    Blade must now venture into Freeport's back streets and alleyways to find one of
    Freeport's most wanted, Tony Mancini. Maybe Blade can put Mancini away for good
    this time.
         -Pursue Mancini
         -Eliminate Hostile Forces
         -Recover Stolen Money Bags
    Go forward, watch out for three thugs popping out from behind walls. Turn to your
    left at the end of the tunnel and kill the thug there.There will be an explosion
    that'll conviniently blow up a commando. Go through the door to the right. Mancini
    will tell you he has a present for you and drop a bundle of dynamite. Run to the
    protruding blocks to the right and "use" them. Then QUICKLY climb up the ramps and
    jump across the opening to the abandoned building. Phew, close. Watch for the
    commando to your right and grab the two money bags after killing him. Up the stairs
    a cave in will block your path to Mancini. However, kill the shotgun commando and
    take the head armor. Watch out, as part of the bridge falls. Jump down, Blade will
    say he smells gas. Watch out for another commando to start shooting at you. Go to
    the end of the alley, kill the two thugs in the truck and pick up their money backs,
    then run back and go through the opening to your right, by the trash dumpster. There
    is another commando here.  From there, go up the stairs, down the stairs forward
    and to your right. Kill the rats, as they actually HURT you. Now crawl forward in
    the darkened corner of the room. Follow this and you'll find your first secret area.
    Full of soda cans and ammo.Run back and climb up the slanted plank to the rooftop.
    Here you'll find a commando and a shotgun commando. Drop down from the other hole
    into the roof to get back on the trail of Mancini. Kill the commando and shotgun
    commando. Don't bother going down into the sewage, there's nothing of interest.
    As you try and climb the stairs they'll break. Jump across to the other side of
    the platform by jumping and then crouching under the stairs while still in the air.
    Go through the window and kill the thug on the opposing rooftop. Then the one on
    the floor above him. Climb down the ladder onto the street below, watch out for
    the commando to your left, then go through the opening on your right. Duck behind
    the collapsed stuff and shoot the pipe. Which will explode, crawl into there, turn
    on the water using the valve. What does this do? Climb back up the ladder you came
    from, then jump to the other ledge and go around, entering the window on the other
    end. To your left is a commando, as well as one on the floor above that will shoot
    out the plank that you could've climbed up.  Jump GINGERLY across the planks until
    you reach more solid ground (I hate this). I hate to say it, but I suggest saving
    after every jump. They start getting REALLY hard. Crawl across the plank and have
    even more fun jumping up bricks. From the top brick jump to the ladder behind you.
    Then climb across the plank and make SURE not to let the commando to your right
    shoot you off the plank and ruin your hard work. Jump to solid ground and kill the
    other commando you couldn't see. Exit through the window and try not to fall down.
    Climb around the ledge and shoot the commando that doesn't seem to notice you. At
    the end of the ledge there is the room you last saw Mancini in, and two more money
    bags. Then go through the window where you shot the commando. There is a commando
    on the floor below you, kill him and climb down the ladder. Watch out for the commando
    and shotgun commando on the ladder who will shoot the floor out from under you.
    Jump through the hole in the floor, and then the next one to end the level.
    Mission 4 - Construction Zone
    Blade is closing in on the kill...or is he? This robbery was funded well beyond
    the means of a vermin like Macini. Is he working for someone? A sinister shadow
    falls across Freeport
         -Continue Chasing Mancini
         -Eliminate Hostile Forces
        -Find Incriminating Evidence
        -Rescue remaining hostages.
    Exit the tunnel and kill the commando that pops out of the dumpster. Go forward
    and kill the thug on the fire escape. Then close the dumpster there and use it to
    jump on the ladder. Climb up and kill the thugs on the opposite rooftop. Then finish
    climbing the fire escape. Watch in amazement as Mancini does a giant jump to the
    roof where you killed the thugs. Tell the hostage to run, then jump from ontop of
    the fan near the roof's edge to the other roof. Shoot out the large fan there and
    jump down. You'll enter a secret area with some Shotgun ammo, glow sticks, and a
    titty poster. Wow, unabashed full frontal nudity in a game! Climb back up and follow
    the path on the rooftop. Kill the thug who has a hard time noticing you, and feel
    free to shoot the commando on the ground too. On the edge, drop down to the close
    protruding girder. From there, keep taking the short drops until you reach the
    ground. Watch out for a commando and a construction worker. Go into the trailer,
    and talk to the supervisor (DON'T kill him) to get the construction blueprints.
    Kill the two commandos as you exit the trailer. Climb into the crane, use it to
    knock down some girders. Use those to climb up to the fire escape and shoot the
    barrels below you. Jump down and go through the opening. Jump down, kill the commando
    on your right and the two that appear soon after. Boy is it dark in here! Go through
    the opening the commandos came from and follow that. Flip the switch on the generator
    to turn the lights on. Kill the shotgun commando behind you and jump through the
    boxes until you reach the end. Kill the two commandos there, go through the door
    and fall down. See Mancini and kill the two commandos in the pit, then shoot the
    girls above you to open of the valve and flood the place. This will allow you to
    get to the pipe on the other side, kill the commando there. Walk through the pipe,
    taking a right, a right, a left, and then a right. Kill the shotgun commando if
    you run into him. Walk out into the open and then IMMEDIATLY back in to avoid the
    falling pipe. While you're there feel free to shoot the construction worker. Make
    short work of the commando to your left as you exit the pipe. There's another
    construction worker hanging around here. Shoot the barrels behind the broken fence
    to the left to open it up, then go through. Follow the path until you find a hole,
    drop into it and swim to the other side to find two commandos and a hostage. Then
    have fun killing the two commandos and one shotgun commando at the top of the stairs.
    Jump into the elevator shaft and swim down to find an area with TONS of health.
    Go out onto the street and get on the bike by using it. Jump over the planks and
    race after Mancini. Run over the commandos, it's fun and easy! When you're done
    with that...go down the stairs and through the door to exit.
    Mission 5 - Abandoned Subway
    One step behind his quarry, John R. Blade rushes deeper into the dark heart of
    Freeport. and the capture of his arch-nemesis, Mancini.
       -Pursue and capture Mancini
       -Eliminate Remaining Enemy Forces
       -Stop mutant creature.
       -Minize Civilian Casualties
       -Recover Stolen Money.
    Go down the stairs, killing the commando and thug at the bottom. Follow the path
    and watch out, as a thug ambushes you from your immediate left. As you reach the
    bottom of the stairs the Mutant Mancini will burst out and start attacking. Shotgun
    blasts to the face work pretty well on him. Go through the hole Mancini made and
    kill the two commandos to your immediate right. Continue along, killing the two
    commandos. As you reach the next open area kill the three commandos, then head down
    the broken escalator. There are two commandos, a thug, and a shotgun commando in
    the room to your right at the bottom. There's a thug and a money back in the men's
    bathroom. A shotgun and a money bag in the women's. Enter the "No Entry" door and
    walk forward only to be told it's a trap. Mancini will come back, using your
    submachine gun'll work well. Go through the door Mancini broke and kill the two
    commandos and shotgun commando to your right. After that, go through the door and
    kill the lone commado go down the stairs, take the door and kill the four commandos
    around there. Take their health powerups, 'cause you'll probably need them after
    Mancini. There's a shotgun commando on the train, and one ontop of the escalator,
    along with two thugs. Further down is two commandos and two thugs. Up the escalator
    to your right is ammo and a money bag. Down the other escalator you'll find are
    two commandos and a bunch of ammo that could only mean one thing. Boss fight. Step
    into the train and fight Mancini. Take him down with the shotgun and make sure not
    to let him get too close, he can do some serious damage. Shoot him up good and he'll
    jump away. As the car stops, follow him onto the platforms and dodge the barrels
    he throws. He should be easier in the open space. Don't worry about conversing ammo.
    The mission's over after you get him.
    Mission 6 - Sintek Chemical Plant
    Chemicals with the power to alter nature's over design? It all seems so impossible,
    but Mother Nature has a new face, and she is laughing
    Primary :
        -Disable Secretary Watching The Security Cameras
        -Steal A Security Access Card
        -Obtain Entry To Lower Level
       -Remain Undetected
    All your weapons are gone, and this is a stealth mission. Get the alarm set off
    and have fun fighting the security guards. It's not too tough, just don't let the
    workers see you, and if they do... knock 'em out quick.
    Head to your right and into the building and QUICKLY run and beat up the secretary,
    she'll set off the alarm and ruin things for you. Now, go down the hallway crawl
    past the window and take the second left, crawling by the window too. Take a left,
    and then another left at the elevator. Crawl past the window and take one more left,
    entering the door on your left. Leave the room the way you came, take a right, another
    right and get on the elevator. Ending this incredibly, but frustrating mission.
    Mission 7 - SinTek Chemical Plant - Part 2
    It's clear that Blade is getting involved with something much bigger than any normal
    bank robbery. To what end can a chemical like U4 serve anyone?
       -Get Into Security Area
       -Find Way Into High Security
       -Find A Sample Of U4
       -Find Bioscanner
       -Escape From Chem Plant
       -Avoid Security
    JC mentions you may only have a certain time before people start to recognize you.
    Head into the security station, when the guard goes away punch out the woman and
    use the computer, tell it to run a fan test sequence and IMMEDIATELY turn around
    and punch out the vent. Climb and and move as fast as you can until you see another
    vent after an incline. It's the third opening on your left. Go in there, jump down
    if the fan is off, run past the other big fan, then run up the slope and punch out
    the smaller fan. I can't seem to make it so the guards don't set off the alarm at
    this point, good thing they're so easy to kill. They've got shotguns and a fair
    amount of chest/leg armor. Go through the door near the alarm, and down the hall,
    to your left is stairs down and another metal door. Go through that and kill the
    guards inside, go through the door on the other end of the hallway and above you
    you'll see the scientist who has the keycard you need. Follow him back the way you
    came and you'll eventually meet up with him near the place you entered with the
    fan. Kill him and take his key. Enter the nearby door and take a right, activate
    the scanner, run through the tunnel, and activate the scanner again. Step out and
    kill the guard before running up the stairs. Go across the walkway, the lab rooms
    are...as usual. Useless. Go through the door and kill the two guards, grab the ammo
    on the desk, and go through the other door. Enter Lab 6 at the end of the hall,
    get the name off the computer and head back to the guard station. Enter the name
    into the password database and get his password. Head back to Lab 6 and enter the
    password, open the U4 storage, then activate the lift. Leave and go through the
    door at the end of the hall. Hit the "OK" button, grab the U4, then go back, hit
    the "OK" button again. Take the lift down and head back to Lab 2. Watch out for
    the Spider Bots, they're very dangerous. Put the U4 in the cabinet and then activate
    the bioscan. Leave when the scan is complete, run out the door to your left, kill
    the guards and run across the walkway, on the right side should be a pipe you can
    jump onto. Do so, shoot out the vent and run through until you reach the big EXIT
    Mission 8 - SinTEK Warehouse - Part 1
    Unanswered questions keep repeating over and over in Blade's mind. Is this a product
    of SinTEK as a company, or someone with very specific goals in mind?
       -Sneak Into The Warehouse
    Run forward and out of the pipe. Take a left and climb up the ladder, use the sewer
    grate to open it. Watch out for the two guards behind the boxes to your right. Also
    two more will pop out from the boxes too your left. Soon, a truck will arrive from
    the tunnel near the second set of guards. Punch the small wooden boxes for a small
    amount of health and a silencer for your pistol. Jump into the back of the truck
    and ride it through the gate, until it stops on the other side. Shoot the guards
    to your right and left and be very careful not to let anyone set off the alarm.
    Run through the door near the truck and kill the scientists if you have no qualms
    about slaughtering unarmed people, they'll only set off the alarm. Head two the
    computer room and use the terminal to open Gate B. Now head back out to the yard
    where the truck is and go through the gate you just opened. Head into the building,
    killing more innocents, then up the stairs and use the terminal to open Gate C.
    Now back out into the yard again and through the next gate. Kill the four guards
    gathered there, grabbing a Chaingun from one of them. The wooden crates here hold .50
    cal ammo, health, and head armor. Run through the red door to the left of the gate
    to end the mission.
    Mission 9 - SinTEK Warehouse - Part 2
    As Blade ventures deeper into the warehouse, SinTEK's involvement in the
    development of U4 becomes an unavoidable fact. What they plan to do with it is the
    only question.
       -Eliminate Warehouse Foreman
       -Destroy U4 Stores
       -Install Remote Modem
    Move foward and kill the two guards on your left. Punch out the crates to get your
    very first pack of Rockets and even better a SNIPER RIFLE. Jump into the forklift
    and plow down the three guards at the end with shotguns. After that plow through
    the boxes, three more guards, then more boxes. Jump out and watch out for guards
    on your right and left. Be especially careful of the ones on the roof with grenade
    launchers. Also, watch out as one guard is hidden in the dark behind some boxes.
    Down the corridor is a few more guards and a box that bursts open a la Jurrasic
    Park to reveal some sort of red monster. A few shotgun blasts takes it down easy.
    Head forward, watching out for more guards who appear behind you. Punch out the
    crades for 12 guage and 10 millimeter. Up the stairs and through the door is the
    place where you shot the grenade launching guards. Unfortunately their bodies are
    probably gone right now. Follow the walkway and through the door to kill a guard
    and a construction worker with a giant wrench. Run past the guns, as they're
    indestructible, and blow up one of the two stacked crates. JC will inform you that
    it must've been a U4 shipping crate. Destroy as many as you can. Go through the
    conveyer belt near the stairs for head armor and ammo, then hop on the other conveyer
    belt and ride it to the next room, where more security guns are waiting for you.
    Run over to the vent and climb up the ladder. Make your way through and jump down
    from the drop ceiling to find the factory foreman. Shoot him like JC says, and take
    his security card. Be careful of the hordes of guards that appear after you do.
    Use the computer in the nearby room to deactivate the turrets and use the box marked
    "Net Link" to place the remote modem after that you'll be able to open the safe
    from the computer terminal and pick up the documents. Secret area. Shoot out the
    window in the foreman's room and kill the chaingun guard. Drop down from the girders
    onto the large metal thing, and to the floor from there. Kill the construction worker
    and use the switch to open the fence. Go into the nearyby elevator and use the switch
    to go up one floor. Another one of those red beasts will pop out of the crate in
    front of you, take care of him quick. Drop onto the planks spread across the boxes
    and move forward to get what JC calls "A piece of a weapon system". Go back up the
    elevator, jump across and destroy the two conspicous U4 boxes before going back
    to the wideopen room and opening the fence on the other side. Kill the guards and
    be careful of the still active turrets on the wall. Follow the path through the
    boxes and be careful of the crates that'll fall infront of you. Shoot out the U4
    crate nearby and you'll complete your secondary objective. Follow the way the boxes
    are going across the ceiling and you'll find the elevator, which is the exit.
    Mission 10 - BioMech Factory - Part 1
    John Blade's discovery on an underground facility raises more questions than
    answers. He leaps into the maw of the unknown. What is SinTEK up to?
       -Infiltrate Biomech Factory
       -Shut Down Automated Security
       -Destroy Biomech Machinery.
    Feel free to kill the helpless guard, but DON'T hit the button on the wall. It'll
    set off the alarms. Take out the machineguns on the wall, your submachine should
    have no problem with 'em. Continue down the halls until you reach a security post,
    shoot out the window and jump through. Kill the guard and take his security card.
    Walk through the previously locked door and Blade will comment that he "Doesn't
    like the looks of this" as lasers trap you in. Kill the spider bots and crawl through
    the vent after the lasers deactivate. Through there kill the turret to your left
    and the guards to the right. Go up the stairs and punch out all the boxes for lots
    of health and .50 cal. Through the door you'll find the security grid. Crawl ALL
    the way, pausing only to shoot the explosive barrels and complete a primary
    objective. Through the door is two guards and one of those "super" guards. Then
    up the stairs the lasers will block you off and you'll have to kill a lone spider
    bot. Through the door a terminal will drop down, since you can't "comply" and insert
    your security card, shoot out the vent on your right and climb up the ladder before
    you get shot to pieces. Take a left and follow the shaft. Drop down and kill the
    guard and super guard. Through the next door is a turret and three guards. Head
    to the terminal and open doors/deactivate security. Be prepared for an onslaught
    of guards. Up the stairs through the door you just opened are two super guards and
    even more normal ones. Follow the path, killing the copious amounts of super guards.
    Do yourself a favor and ignore the elevator. It'll only bring you back, and you
    don't have the keycard you need to use it from the other side. After many doors
    you'll find a locked door with a panel infront of it. Stand on the panel until the
    door opens, then run through and use the door to exit the level.
    Mission 11 - Biomech Factory - Part 2
    Blade wonders 'What kind of factory needs security this advanced?" as he ventures
    onward into the ever growing labyrinth that is SinTEK.
       -Upload Virus to Biomech Matrix Computer
       -Shut down Biomech Machinery
       -Destroy Biomech Creations
       -Proceed to Freeport Dam
       -Access SinTEK Database.
    Open the elevator doors, there's a super guard to your right. Kill him, then be
    prepared for scores of guards to come up behind you. Follow the sign for the Matrix
    Core and kill the turret above the steps. Go down. Go to the terminal and activate
    the Uplink like JC says. Time to give this computer an Enema. After that, unlock
    the security doors. Then go back and through the door for the Fab Area, which you've
    just unlocked. Follow these doors and down the stairs, killing a few guards and
    nuking one spider bot. Go through the doors and don't let the guards set off the
    alarm, otherwise you'll be facing a stream that never seems to end. Hit the "Fab
    1 Emergency Shutdown" and keep going. After two doors you'll find the Shutdown for
    Fab 2 to your right. Two more doors and the Fab 3 Shutdown is right in front of
    you. Primary objective completed. Head down the stairs and stand on the panel to
    open the door. Go through into the incredibly dark room, where Elexis will tell
    you she's cooked up something very special for you. For awhile it looks like the
    virus worked on the robots, but watch out, they'll soon start attacking. Don't start
    shooting before they do, because you can't hurt them until they attack. Hop into
    the elevator once they're dead and take it up. Head into the control room and take
    the security card, then go through the door and kill the super guard. Take the door
    to the right and head over to the Computer Center. From here you get to decide whether
    to play an optional mission. You'll go to Freeport Sewers either way in the end,
    but you can go there now or play the Missile Silo by talking to the scientist and
    having him enter the password. Looks like SinTEK has plans to take over a nuclear
    missile base. Bad news. If you're a cruel and evil man and have killed the scientist.
    The password to the computer is "Ash_housewares" Yeah, Evil Dead. Enter the elevator
    and take it up. Kill the super guard on the stairs, then the normal guard, and the
    biomech in the corner has a keycard on him. Head up into the control room and kill
    the guard, then use the terminal to open the helipad doors.
    Mission 12 - Missile Silo
    SinTEK has taken over a Nuclear Missile Silo and it looks as if they are after the
    warheads. With J.C. in his ear and a backup helicopter, Blade must try to work his
    way inside.
       -Gain Entry To Silo
       -Disable Security Power Grid
       -Locate Warhead #1
       -Unlock silos #2 and #3
       -Lock down warhead #2
       -Redirect Missile #3
       -Rescue Marine Hostages
    You start this mission with a LOT ammo, full health and armor. Run up the hill,
    taking out guards on the way. Be careful of the chopper bombing things. There are
    guards with rocket launchers ontop of a hill, and the one with a shotgun has the
    key you need for the tower you ran past. Head into the other tower to grab a sniper
    rifle, then bust up some crates for ammo before heading back to the other tower
    and going inside. Take the ladder up and kill the guards, pick up the radio and
    recieve the transmission from the prisoner marines. Bust the crates for even MORE
    ammo then take the elevator at the ground level down into the silo. A lone biomech
    attacks you, but to the right is two BIG biomechs. I'd say it's about time to break
    out that rocket launcher and start shooting. Follow the walkway, shooting up three
    big biomechs and two normal ones. Soon you'll reach a darker room with crackling
    electricity.There's a super guard in the dark, get him quick. After he's done with
    climb down the ladder, making sure not to fall into the electrified water. In front
    of you you'll find another ladder, you should see a some machinery in the lighted
    area, blow it up from your perch, not from the floor it's on or you'll be crushed.
    Now  climb to the other side to do it again. Suddenly the lights go out and everything
    starts exploding, Wait a moment for the emergency power to come back on. Head back
    to the door on the walkway with the handprint identifier and open it. Follow the
    walkway and kill the two big biomechs and two small ones. Jump under the grating
    where you hear the marines and break the box to open the fence trapping them in.
    Talk to Sargent Murphy and grab the ammo in the cormer. Back the way you came, kill
    the three guards and head down the path you didn't take last time. After killing
    the bots you'll find security reactivated. You need a severed hand to open the door,
    yum. Go through the door marked "Flooded area" and kill the big biomech. Then swim
    down into the hole. Keep going straight, turning only when necessary, until you
    reach a ladder. Go up. Behind you is another ladder, be careful of the two super
    guards on the walkway. You'll find the severed hand in near the door not marked
    by a number. Now go to door number one and open it up. You'll come up to the first
    missle and find that they've already got it. Now off to silos 2 and 3. Climb down
    the ladders and into the control room. Open up Silo 2 and go back to the walkway
    with the marked doors. Head to the door marked #2. Quickly head down the ladders
    to the control room and lock the warhead down, the alarms will sound. Now, open
    silo 3's door and quickly get over there. In the control room, kill the super guards
    and abort the launch with the password "Lithium 707" which you got from the marines.
    The launch is aborted, you're a hero.
    Mission 13 - Freeport Sewers - Part 1
    JC learned from the comlink at the Warehouse that SinTEK is taking over the Freeport
    Water Works. Blade must get there, but SinTEK has blocked the direct route. The
    sewers look to be the only path.
       -Locate entrance to sewers
       -Eliminate enemy forces
       -Proceed to Freeport Damn
       -Minimize Civilian Casualties
       -Find fastest route to Damn.
    Oh no, the tunnel to the waterworks is caved in! JC informs you there's a sewer
    bypass route that links up with the Freeport Dam. And in you go! Blow the lock off
    the hatch and climb down, killing the guard. Down the ladder is two more guards
    and crates with stuff in them. Follow the path, killing yet more guards and one
    more super guard behind a fence you have to use to open.  The door is welded shut,
    so first turn the valve marked 1, then the one marked 2, then open the one on the
    red and grey door. Do it in THAT order or you'll be trapped. Then jump down, you're
    not in the sewers. Jump onto the ledge and grab the body armor if you need it. Watch
    out for the guards on the catwalk, on the opposite side to go through the hatch
    and kill the guard. Keep going forward and opening hatches until you hit the end.
    Climb the ladder and move along the catwalks. Unload into the biomech on your left.
    Head to the end and grab all the stuff, then move back to the room with the hatch
    on your left and go through it to exit.
    Mission 14 - Freeport Sewers - Part 2
    Blade continues to trudge on through the sewers in the hope of stopping SinTEK's
    diabolical plan to poison Freeport through the water treatment facility.
       -Find Exit from Sewers
       -Eliminate enemy forces
       -Proceed to Freeport Dam
    Open the hatch and kill the guard on your right, then quickly climb up and kill
    the guard with the grenade launcher. Enter the hatch there. There are two guards
    here, now climb under the pipes and kill the super guard. Open the hatch and kill
    the guard and biomech. Your progress is stopped by a broken door. Jump into the
    water and kill the two guards, moving forward and up the ladder. At the top go into
    the hatch on your left. Kill the guard and super guard and move forward to the next
    hatch. Kill the biomechs and guard and go up the ladders to your left.
    Congratulations. You're out of the sewers. Unfortunately you now have to deal with
    sniper rifle guards. Head into the small booth and exit through the door. You can
    hit the button to open the gate, but there's nothing on the other side save a super
    Mission 15 - Freeport City Dam
    Blade surfaces to find a Dam brimming with enemy troops. The odds are stacked against
    him. He must make it to the Water works facility in time to stop them.
       -Gain access to Tram system
       -Proceed to Waterworks
       -Eliminate Hostile Threat
       -Save freeport employees taken hostage.
       -Locate and Destroy all SinTEK chemical drums.
    Run forward and get sniped to hell. Take it slowly. There's a sniper right above
    where you start. There's another across the yard from you, and two to you left.
    Blow up the barrels like JC says and then go into the door and through to the other
    side. There's another sniper up on your right. Blow up the helicopter, chaingun
    works nicely if you have the ammo for it. Head down the stairs and through the door
    on the platform marked "intake" to get a card. Use the card on the door to the left
    and go downstairs. Shoot the lock off the door and get the key from the crate,
    rescuing the hostages in the process. Around the corner and through the locked door,
    kill the guard with the chaingun above you and go up. Head through the door on the
    first landing you hit and go through the door on your right, then in front of you
    to head through the door, Kill the guard on the toilet, too bad you can't pick up
    the folder marked "Important Stuff". Go to the elevator and up to get to Security.
    Unlock the security doors and release the tram system using the terminal. Go down
    the elevator. Now go back up to the yard and through the door across and to your
    left. Which is lighted. As you go through the office be prepared to fight a cadre
    of guards, and blow up a very large truck of mutagen. Hop into the tram to end the
    Mission 16 - Freeport Water Works
    With the help of J.C., Blade has arrived at the Water Works facility. Now if he
    can only stop SinTEK in time, he will have saved Freeport from damnation.
       -Turn Off The Clarifiers and then drain them
       -Drain The Filter Tanks
       -Locate The Key To The Sewage Intake
       -Shut Off Sewage Intake Pumps And Then Close Their Valves.
    Go forward and exit through the door to the right into the parking lot. First go
    through the door on your right, watch the worker mercilessly slaughtered, then kill
    the guard. Go through the door opposite the diarama and work your way along killing
    the evil ninja kicking scientists. The second one should have the Sewage Intake
    Key on his body. Go back to the parking lot, stop by the restroom inside if you
    want for 20 health. Go through the door on your left to the "Sewage Intake". Go
    through the two doors to your right, kill the three guards and go up onto the catwalk
    and through the door marked "Clarifier Red". Go to the terminal in the corner and
    power down the tank. Then through the door marked "Clarifier Blue", do the same
    with the terminal there, and then once more in the room marker "Clarifier Yellow".
    Now go down the stairs and out the door to the Clarifier Blue, turn the valve on
    the blue tank. Go back to the upstairs Clarifier Blue room. From here go downstairs
    and through the door to the Filtration system. Kill the two big biomechs and turn
    all three valves to drain the Filtering Tanks and complete that objective. Go
    through that other door, the one marker "Red Clarifier Control System" and through
    the door across from you in that room. Now turn the valves on the red and yellow
    tanks after you've made sure the mixers have stopped. From here to into the door
    in the small shed to reach the Main Pump Facility. At the end of each catwalk is
    a valve, turn them then go up the ladder near where you entered from. Mission
    Mission 17 - Freeport Water Works - Part 2
    Blade has stopped SinTEK from poisoning Freeport's primary systems. However, in
    a last ditch attempt they are moving to dump the remaining U4 into the outflow docks
    leading to the Freeport Dam!
    Primary :
       -Stop Yellow Contamination
       -Stop Red Contamination
       -Stop Blue Contamination
       -Dispose Of Eon And Peon
    Break the crates for RIDICULOUS amounts of ammo. Now go straight through the doors
    until you reach a stairway, go down and exit through that door. JC will tell you
    that there are two valves per system you need to turn off to stop the contamination.
    Wherever you see flashing lights go there and turn the valves. This is time based
    but you get a LOT of time. First Yellow goes off. Shut off the valve on the pipe
    and the one water. Soon some THING will drop from the ceiling and you'll still have
    to deal with Red and Blue which have gone off at the same time. Take JC's advice
    and close off the valves, then pump Eon and Peon (one thing) full of rockets until
    it croaks. Shouldn't take too much, just make sure it doesn't back you into a corner
    while you're trying to turn off the valves. And avoid whatever that green...stuff
    Mission 18 - SinTEK Oilrigs
    J.C. has tracked the stolen warheads to a SinTEK owned off shore oilrig. Are they
    planning to launch from the rig itself?
       -Clear Off Lower Right Level
       -Continue Tracking Warheads
    The boat will move for you. Your job is to shoot all the guards on the lower platform
    with the sniper rifle. If you haven't used it before, don't worry about headshots
    pretty much everything is a killshot. When the boat comes to a stop, climb up the
    ladder. Take a right, then go inside. Kill the construction worker. Go up the ladder
    to find more guards and construction workers. Hit the switches on the big fans then
    go through the door, up the ladder, and through the door. Go down the ladder and
    jump past the big...poundy thing. Jump up the pipes and crawl along until you're
    able to jump over the fence. Go outside and you'll be attacked by guards from both
    sides. After you deal with them, take a right and go through the door and the end
    of the path. Hit the button for the elevator and ride it up. Exit through the door
    on the left to back outside. Take the door to the left of you now and get in that
    elevator to exit the level.
    Mission 19 - Underwater Pass - Part 1
    J.C.'s information on the oilrig was dead-on. However, the rig turned out to be
    an enormous underwater transportation system for SinTEK's covert operations.
       -Find Scuba Gear
       -Disable Underwater Security.
       -Render Base Inoperable
    As soon as the elevator opens you will see a super guard and a biomech. Waste them
    and grab the harpoon gun on the table to the right, which you use as an alternative
    to your "Fist Weapon". Exit through the hatch near the recently deceased biomech
    and then through the hatch at the end of the hallway to reach a room with another
    super guard and biomech. Use the terminal to shut off the vents and grab Weapon
    Part #2 from the shelf. Now go back to the main room and use the terminal to open
    the Cargo Bay. Jump into the water and dispose of the spear gun guys. The speargun
    works well, but then again...so does everything else. Swim through the vent, down
    into the pipes and out the other vent. Please note, the pipes with airbubbles coming
    out of them let you breathe, they are good. Just touch them when you see them. Turn
    right and go through the door, keep swimming until you can surface. Kill the super
    guard and biomech. One set of shelves has scuba gear and harpoon ammo, the other
    has .50 cal, armor, and a keycard. Now open up the locked hatch, go upstairs and
    kill the two super guards. Jump back into the water and swim through the fans again.
    Take a left when you get out into the open, eventually you'll find a door with a
    keycard reader. Use it, swim down, and use the keycard on the next door. Keep
    swimming along until you surface in another room with super guards and biomechs.
    Kill them, and go through the hatch. Keep moving along and you'll find a super guard
    and a terminal. Disable the sub security and take the keycard from the desk. Go
    back to the room you surfaced in and jump into the water. Follow the sub through
    the locked door and down lower, killing scubamen on the way, eventually the sub
    will lead you to the exit.
    Mission 20 - Underwater Pass - Part 2
    Trapped at the bottom of the ocean without a link to J.C., Blade continues onward
    alone through the black depths in search on an answer. Far away Elexis laughs as
    her plans come to fruition.
       -Locate Cargo Transit System
       -Follow subs to their destination.
    Swim forward, and then up, avoiding falling rocks and evil sea creatures. Go through
    the crevice at the top and down, the current should push you back out into the open
    where you have to avoid another falling rock. If you swim around a bit you should
    be able to find a path going down, but watch out for stalagtites falling from the
    ceiling. Keep going down and the current will drag you in the way you wanna go.
    Past two doors you can't open. Swim up and forward, going through coral that's formed
    like an arch, then down until the current starts to drag you again. You'll be told
    your Primary Objective is complete, now you have to follow the subs. Wait for the
    first to come and get right on its tail. Don't worry about losing it, because they'll
    just keep coming one after another, and it's a short run to the exit.
    Mission 21 - Hidden Docks - Part 1
    Blade finds himself on a mysterious island. Close he thinks, closer to a truth he
    hopes he can prevent. He must regain contact with J.C. for without him all may be
      -Subvert Docks Security
      -Subert Facility Security
      -Access to Docks Facility.
      -Find Dock Substation
      -Find Sniper Station
      -Find Geothermal Plant
    Continue playing "follow the subs" until you surface. Climb up the ladder and waste
    the rocket launching guards while avoiding the turret. There's boxes of stuff here,
    but you might want to forgoe it for now to avoid taking damage from the turret.
    To the right you'll find another way into the water. Ignore that, climb up the ladder
    and grab the keycard, then deactivate Guncam #3 and run back to where you first
    surfaced, picking up stuff and using your keycard on the door, good through and
    deactivate Guncam #4. Open the door and grab the blue key. Go back to the way you
    came and open up the hatch that's now unlocked because you have the blue key. Mission
    Mission 22 - Hidden Docks - Part 2
    Blade moves deeper into the Secret Island Facility of Elexis Sinclair. The
    self-proclaimed Mother Nature is on a twisted, psychotic quest to end the world
    as we know it, and Blade must stop her.
       -Locate Control Room
       -Destroy Navigation Computer
       -Locate Jungle Pass Entrance
    Step forward, kill the guards, and go through the door. Shoot around enough after
    deactivating the guncam and you'll destroy the navigation computer and fall to the
    floor below. Go through the hatches until you reach another "Turn off guncam"
    terminal, grab the security card. Keep going, you'll find an elevator going up.
    Kill the construction worker and guard, go through the door, and watch out for the
    sneaky guard who tries to ambush you from behind a box. Wander a bit forward, you'll
    find the door leading back to the start of the level and an orange keycard. If you
    go down the nearby stairs and jump into the water JC will comment on the pipes,
    follow them and climb up to exit the level.
    Mission 23 - Jungle Pass - Part 1
    Blade finds himself ducking at every turn in this dark and dangerous jungle. Mother
    Nature gone wild, this is a taste of what Elexis has in store for the world if Blade
    can't stop her now.
       -Reach Guard Station Gamma
       -Reach Guard Station Beta.
    Climb up the ladder in front of you and go through the hatch. Watch out, as now
    you'll be fighting troopers. Take the one in front of you, and the one across the
    way down and jump into the water. Find the ladder and climb up, enter the hatch
    and turn the valve that says "do not turn" this'll cause a cave in and allow you
    to jump across to the other platform. Climb up and hit the "OK" button. Grab the
    rocket launcher and armor and go through the door on the other side. Kill the two
    Mancini clones and continue on. Hit the "OK" button near the stairs to get to Guard
    Station Gamma, then go through the door near the bottom of the stairs. Blow up the
    gun and the Mancini clone. Go through the door and be attacked by a gun and no less
    than four troopers. Go up the stairs to guard station Beta and then go through the
    door across the room to exit.
    Mission 24 - Moutain Gorge
    Blade finally emerges from the lusth envionments of Elexis' nightmarish jungle.
    His only hope is a mad dash through Elexis' entrenched forces, all looking for a
    piece of Blade.
       -Reach Guard Station Sigma
       -Reach Guard Station Delta
       -Reach Supply Station
       -Subvert Security Station.
    Run forward and IMMEDIATELY jump on the bike. Remember, the bike CAN blow up, don't
    let that happen. Drive past Guard Station Sigma and get a good head start for the
    longjump coming up. Keep driving to Guard Station Delta. After that you'll hit the
    supply station, you can jump off and start grabbing stuff, but it's gonna be tough
    with the mobs of guards after you. Unless you're hurting for rockets and sniper
    bullets, I suggest  you keep going. You'll hit the security station. Now jump up,
    go inside and...as JC says "Clean house". Kill all the super guards and run upstairs
    and through the door, killing the lone commando and exiting the level.
    Mission 25 - Containment Area 57
    Blade has fallen prey to the forces of SinTEK and is sent to Elexis' secret
    laboratory for her own personal experients.
       -Finish Darwin Chamber #1
       -Finish Darwin Chamber #2
       -Finish Darwin Chamber #3
       -Transform to human
    Blade has turned into a mutant! After your mutant buddy helps you get out, it's
    pretty much a straight line from here on. Jump onto the desk near your cell and
    push the button to turn off the alarm.  Don't worry about those giant guards...your
    claws will do them pretty good. As for turrets, running away works. Those vials
    of U4 you see everywhere are your new best friends. They give you health. Do yourself
    a favor and don't kill the guards that aren't attacking you. Whenever you see a
    big metal pipe with a number on the ground that's a Darwin chamber, you need the
    guards to open them. Darwin #1 has you fight three of those small red beasts and
    four Mancini clones, the clones are in a crazy room where the walls move around.
    After that, keep moving to the elevator and leave. Go to #2, which is just down
    the hall. Jump into the water here and climb along the platforms, be careful not
    to fall off anywhere. If you can make it onto one of the things that rotates you'll
    be brought right to the end, take the elevator and head to #3. Swim around in the
    water here killing fish things until the big door opens. Head through it and surface
    when you can to complete this chamber. Then, go up the stairs and through the door
    near the desk with the key and gun. Go through the door and into the thing that
    looks like swinging metal doors. Congratulations, you're human again. Go back, grab
    the desk key and gun and head through the door with the skull on it to end the level.
    If you'd like, go back and get all the guns scattered around.
    Mission 26 - Xenomorphic Laboratory - Part 1
       -Locate Organ Extraction Lab
       -Locate Surgery Lab
       -Locate Adrenaline.
    Go through the door and up the ladder. Where you'll find a large mutant with an
    oversized hand. Punching takes these guys out just fine. Behind you is the door,
    go through it. Punching does NOT work on the big security guards. Let 'em have it
    with your weapon of choice. A little further on you'll find the Quantum Destabalizer
    near a scientist. Hooray for big guns. Talk to the bum on the table for an interesting
    conversation, then take the elevator up to the Surgery Lab. There's an Eon and Peon
    clone in the cell that isn't really worth fighting, and a circle on the floor that'll
    drop you in said cell if you stand on if. If you get trapped in the cell climb along
    the wall to the roof and jump out. A little further up is the exit.
    Mission 27 - Xenomorphic Laboratory - Part 2
    Elexis Sinclaire's dark vision of the world is a living reality here. Blade must
    forge on through the madness that is SinTEK.
       -Locate Micro-Surgery Lab
       -Locate X-Ray Labs
       -Locate Mansion Entrance
    Run forward into the Micro-Surgery Lab. Through the door is two giant guards and
    a hidden platform that drops you in a cell with two Eon Clones and a bunch of Mancini
    clones fighting each other. Not fun at all, I suggest you stay it safe and not go
    anywhere near monitors that crackle with static. Take the elevator the guard came
    from to get to the X-Ray labs. Follow the path along, killing giant guards in each
    room until you reach a more wide open space. Go through the door to your right,
    kill another giant guard, then through the next door. There is a door on the left
    side of the room that leads to the Mansion Entrance. Go through the glass doors
    and exit the level.
    Mission 28 - Estate Sinclaire - Part 1
    Elexis' plans for Mutagenic Armageddon are moments away. They say no man has ever
    come out of this mausoleum to nature's oddity quite the same.
       -Subvert Security #1
       -Find Bioshield
    Go forward, watching the chopper get away, there are two gun turrets to your left,
    and a sniper rifle in the boxes. Down and to the left is where you're going. When
    you hit the stairs look out for the two snipers to your left. Go up to where you
    shot the first sniper, behind the tree is a door you can open and drop down. Use
    the terminal to turn off the securtrons (spider bots) and stair trap. Through the
    door with the red bar near the closet is a Mancini clone and a chaingun. Through
    the other is lots of ammo, and a waste of time killing the four or five red beasts
    behind the fireplace, and the ladder you want to go up. Kill the helpless custodian
    before he sets off the alarm and move forward into the mansion. Go down the stairs
    and into the door into the alcove. Keep going until you hit the sculpture with some
    seriously obvious imagery. Take the door next to that to exit the level.
    Mission 29 - Estate Sinclair - Part 2
    Blade takes off after Elexis through her mansion of death, dodging traps and snipers
    at every corner. Enter her inner sanctum and see what makes Mother Nature tick.
       -Subvert Security #2
       -Find Communications Control.
    Stepping on the carpet drops you into a pit with a Mancini clone, a TINY Mancini
    clone, and a little bit of ammo. Climb the ladder nearby to exit from behind a
    bookcase. You can flip the lever in the box near the ladder to stop the carpet from
    falling, but really...what you want to do is go up the staircase near the carpet.
    Enter the door and another custodian has to sacrifice his life before he sets off
    the alarm and sicks spider bots on you. Do yourself a favor and avoid the terrace,
    go into the next room instead. There are trip wires strung from across the bookcase
    in this room, I suggest crawling under them unless you want to fight even MORE
    spiderbots. That goes the same for the ones on the staircase, which are a bit harder
    to avoid, and the ones in the doorway, which you need to jump over. Go up the stares
    and past the...suggestive statues through the red doors and flip the switch on the
    railing for the stairs to activate the the communications console. Behind you an
    elevator has raised, take it.
    Mission 30 - Munt Phoenix
    Blade ascends to the perch from where Elexis intends to exact bloody vengance upon
    the world.
       -Locate Elexis Sinclaire
       -Find the Missile Control Room.
    Exit the elevator and go to the right, continue on until you go through a door,
    then head up the stairs. Enter the door marked "Observation Dome" and try to open
    the locked door. The wall will blow open and you'll be attacked by a Mancini clone
    and two super guards. One of the super guards has the key to the door. Go through
    it. Grab the food and armor from the shelves, and the keycard from the desk. Leave
    through the other door and go up the stairs and use your keycard on the door you
    find there and go in. Get read for a cutscene.
     So, now Elexis got away. Leave and go all the way downstairs, entering the door
    marked "Control Room". Chase after Elexis and you'll fall into a pit...ending the
    Mission 31 - Thrall Master
    Trapped again! This time Blade seems to be in some sort of meat product transport
    None (Kill the Thrall)
    The basket will carry you over to the building, then you'll fall into the water.
    Swim to the elevator and use it. This'll bring you downstairs. There's lots of
    rockets, chaingun, and a plasma rifle waiting for you. Head outside, you'll see
    ammo all over ALL the ladders.
    Get ready to fight the Thrall.
    He's easy at first. Just use your weapon of choice while walking backwards. Once
    you knock him down he'll start firing rockets, to dodge these stay near a wall and
    strafe when they get close. Knock him down again and he adds salvos of red lasers,
    which are pretty easy to dodge. Knock him down again and he'll end up cutting himself
    in half. Take it!
    Rockets work good, plasma rifle seems okay too...but it eats up ammo pretty fast.
    You're a winner! Hah hah hah! Don't be scared if your resolution changes when you
    kill the Thrall, I thought it booted me out the first time, but turns out...they're
    just loading up some FMV. Elexis looks a LOT less scary when She isn't composed
    of giant polygons. Have fun, sit back, watch the ending. Man, was this game longer
    than you expected or what? For a rushed product twelve or so hours of almost straight
    playing ain't bad, though the missions did start getting pretty short at the end.
    For those of you that picked it up, don't you just feel great?
    Anime... for your FIST!!

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