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    Temple of Baa Walkthrough by MFisher

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    MIGHT & MAGIC VI (c) New World Computing and 3DO
    I. Intro: This file is a detailed walkthrough of the dungeon known
    as the "Temple of Baa" which is south and west of Ironfist Castle.
    Beware: this is a major spoiler.  Contained within are the secrets
    for solving this dungeon.  Read at your own risk.
    II. Pre-requisites
    The Temple of Baa is a low level dungeon.  Ideally, your party should be
    around 8th to 10th level.  If you try it earlier than that you
    should have some good long-range offensive magic as well as enough
    hit points to stand toe-to-toe with Skeleton Lords and Knights.  If
    you've finished the Shadow Guild hideout this Temple is the next
    logical step.
    You should have already taken the "Chimes of Harmony" quest from
    Janice, the town clerk back in New Sorpigal.  If not, go do that
    now.  It will mean extra gold and experience points for you.
    I also recommend that your magic-user(s) have Fireball, Ring of Fire
    (or better yet, Inferno), Wizard's Eye and plenty of potion
    ingredients.  Your healers should have a way to remove Curses and
    Cure Disease. All party members should have bows and some skill in
    using them. Feather Fall will come in handy but isn't a requirement.
    A wand or wands would be very handy right now - Fire, Fireball,
    Ice, Deadly Swarms or Harm preferable.
    The last thing I strongly urge is for your party to have at least
    one member who has good Disarm skill - a minimum of expert rank 4.
    Every chest in the Temple is trapped.
    III.  First moves: Secure the area
    When you want to leave the dungeon to find some healing, the last
    thing you want to do is fight your way back to Ironfist.  So plan on
    spending at least a day clearing the road south from Ironfist, then
    west and north again to the Temple.
    The Followers of Baa (and the few Lizardmen) shouldn't be a major
    challenge.  If they are, you might reconsider doing the Temple just
    now and find another quest.  Clear them out as far west as you can
    go or they're liable to pester you when you're low on health and
    spell points.
    Tip:  The Followers of Baa are very aggressive.  This is a good
    thing because it means you can "trigger" them (get just close
    enough) and then take up a good defensive position.  Let them come
    to you - in ones, twos, and threes you can stand around a corner and
    kill Baas all day without taking so much as a hit.  Just keep an eye
    on your Wizard's Eye and when you see the red dots move, find
    yourself a killing spot.
    IV. The Great Hall.
    Inside the Temple, proceed down the stairs eastward and open the
    door there.  On the other side is a huge room we'll call the Great
    Hall for future reference.  This room should be empty (or fairly so)
    when you enter, so venture forth bravely.  Remember to keep your
    avenue of retreat open until you're certain it's truly empty.
    There is a small room in the center of this Great Hall, with 4
    doors.  On the north and south walls in the distance are two doors
    lit by torchlight, and in each diagonal corner are four large
    openings which lead to caves.  Radiating from the small central room
    are four low walkways (north, south, east, west) which are elevated
    slightly from the lower floor. Make note of this, because if you're
    running from danger you don't want to get stalled on the edge of the
    walkways.  Use your "X" key to hop up on them.
    While the caves might prove interesting - especially if you're high
    enough level to have the hit points to spare - they are not
    essential to solving the quest.  I suggest ignoring them for now.
    They can be explored at your leisure once you've tackled the tougher
    parts of the Temple.
    Walk to the central room.  The plaques by the doors say "As the
    winds blow, the seasons change, and only at the end of all can the
    doors be opened." which is supposed to be a clue to the order in
    which they are opened.  But you have something better - this file!
    If you don't open them in the correct sequence you will receive a
    nice little jolt.  Click on each door in this order: North, East,
    West, South.  Remember "NEWS" and you'll be ok.
    Now stop.  Look around you.  The moment you open the chest inside
    this room, you are going to be surrounded and trapped by skeletons.
    So now is the time to plan your escape.
    What you do next depends on the strength of your party.  If you can
    stand in the middle of a crowd of Skeleton Lords and Knights, fight
    them and win, then you have nothing to worry about.  But if you're
    like me, you've taken this quest before you're level 10 and such a
    situation would not be easy.
    I suggest moving to the west side of the chest.  Go to turn-based
    mode and select your Disarm expert (if he isn't fast enough to be
    the first PC selected, get the other characters to swing in the air
    to pass their turn).   Now you are on the side closest to the
    entryway, so open the chest.  Take the items and gold inside, and
    give the key to your Disarm expert.  Close the chest.
    Now look around.  Gauge the strength of the crowd of skeletons
    between yourself and the exit door you came through to your west.  I
    normally have to fire a couple of spells to clear a path, but
    however you can do it, I suggest getting back to the entry door as
    fast as possible.  You want your back to your escape route while
    you're fighting the skeletons.
    There are also Priests and Acolytes of Baa in the Great Hall now,
    firing Lightning Bolts at you.  I'll leave the details of tactics to
    you, here, but my recommendation is to use the entry hall as a
    retreat area - the enemies won't follow you back there - to regroup
    and heal.  Try to edge forward on one side or the other of the
    doorway so the number of skeletons who can attack you is limited.
    The last thing you want is to be surrounded with no way to run.
    Fireballs work well on the Priests at range, and hack-and-slash and
    Ring of Fire are effective on the skeletons.
    V. The Six Keys
    Fast forward.  You've won the battle with the skeletons handily,
    right?  The Great Hall should now be cleared of all enemies.
    Perhaps you had to return to the Ironfist Temple a few times, but at
    least you got the job done.  You're rested and healed and it's time
    to start the next phase of the quest.  There are more traps and more
    enemies, so prepare yourself.
    Time to go through the north door.  The hallway "T"s, so turn left.
    At the end of the hall turn right to the door.  You have the key to
    this door already, so select the PC who has the key and open it.
    Inside the room is another chest.  This chest is trapped, so be sure
    to select your Disarm expert.  Take the key we'll call Key #2.
    Don't run back.  As soon as you opened the chest, another crowd of
    skeletons has blocked the main door back to the Great Hall.  There
    aren't as many as before but you'll still have to fight them.
    Remember, they won't follow you into the hall en masse so try luring
    one or two at a time to get the odds down more to your liking.
    Getting rich now with all the loot?  We're only begun.  Walk across
    the Great Hall to the opposite (south) door. Walk straight back,
    ignoring the two right and left hallways for now.  The hall will
    zig-zag off to your right.  Follow it all the way back and then
    around to your right.  At the end of the hall is yet another chest,
    this one containing what we'll refer to as Key #3.
    Go back the way you came, but turn right at the first opportunity.
    The key you just found fits this door.  Inside is another chest,
    with Key #4.  But if you have Wiz's Eye working you'll also note
    that more skeletons have come to pay a visit.  Deal with them
    unmercifully and move on.
    Take Key #4 and move back across the Great Hall to the north door
    again.  This time, turn right and go to the end of the hall, then
    left and through the door.  Another chest, another key we'll number
    #5.  And another group of skeletons when you try to return to the
    Great Hall.  Smite them mightily.
    There's one door remaining that you haven't opened yet.  Go back to
    the south door, through it and right at your first opportunity.  You
    know the drill.  This is going to be Key #6.  You are now done with
    the Great Hall as soon as you clean up the last skeletons and
    VI. The Altar Room.
    You are finally ready for the door on the east end of the Great
    Hall. Use Key #6 to go through the first doors, then stop and
    listen. Have you been hearing the sounds of a fireball somewhere in
    the distance?  On the other side of the next door is a trap which
    fires off a fireball at regular, timed intervals.  If your timing is
    good and you are adroit enough, you can get through this trap
    without a scratch.
    Stand in front of the door and wait for the next fireball to hit.
    As soon as it does, immediately open the door and move to the right
    or left, up against the wall.  Notice the two water troughs which
    line this room along its entire length.  You can walk along these
    troughs and the fireball will not hit you.  Use your "X" key to jump
    up into one if you must.  No need to hurry too much.  You're more
    likely to make a mistake and take a fireball in the face if you do.
    Once you get to the east end of this hall you can get behind the
    fireball trap and free of worry for the moment.  Back here the
    hallway goes north and south.  Around both corners, at the top of
    stairs, are groups of Priests and Acolytes.  To assist your future
    path back to help and healing, I suggest you clear both hallways
    before going any further.
    Once you've done that, go up the stairs and either north or south
    until you're centrally located in the hall over where the fireball
    hallway was. To the east there should be a new set of stairs going
    up.  Move carefully to the top of these stairs.
    This room is going to prove to be the toughest one in the Temple, so
    proceed cautiously.  There are several triggers set here that will
    put you in a bad situation if you're not ready.  If you walk
    directly east towards the large blue raised altar you see, you will
    find yourself under fire from a large number of Baa Priests. Instead
    of exposing yourself to such fire, I recommend running to your right
    or left and using the rows of pillars as cover so that you are only
    exposed to fire from a few priests at once.  Move quickly east
    towards the altar, staying behind the pillars as much as possible.
    Stop behind the last one.
    Here, a good fireball spell and bow skill are going to be
    invaluable.  You have to kill all the priests and acolytes in the
    room - do NOT under any circumstances climb the altar stairs to the
    altar.  Not yet.  Stay behind the various pillars and stage a
    running fight with the priests until you have them all.
    That done, if you haven't already done so I would suggest a short
    healing break here.  The altar room should be empty of enemies and
    as long as you didn't walk up to the altar itself yet, you have time
    to do some housekeeping.  The next stage is going to be even more
    fun, and you will soon not have the option of going back to Ironfist
    for healing unless you have Lloyd's Beacon spell or Town Portal.  So
    now is the time.  While you have a moment, look up at the north and
    south walls of the room and note the high ledges. Those are your
    next objectives.
    VII.  The Secret Door
    Time to ascend to the altar. The area behind the altar is trapped.
    You have two options. If you go up the side of the altar stairs and
    hug the back wall until you are directly behind the center of the
    altar, you might be able to avoid setting off the trap.  If you are
    brave and quick, you can just run up behind the altar, heading for a
    point on the wall straight east of where the gong is.  There is a
    secret door in the east wall here, and you'll need to select your
    keyholder to open it.  The gong itself is worth 2000 gold in Free
    Haven, but if you follow my suggestions you will have time to pick
    it up later.
    Whichever way you do it, if you hear a gong going off somewhere you
    will see about a hundred skeletons suddenly materialize in the big
    altar room.  They're not invincible, but there are too many for your
    party to handle all at once.  So get that secret door open and run
    back (east) into the hall.  Some of the skeletons might follow you.
    I've found in several playthroughs that if you run north or south a
    bit, the main body of the skeletons out in the altar room will move
    to that part of the room rather than follow you through the door.
    If you do it right you should be able to handle the few that come
    with you.
    Move north.  Follow the hallway around and up, turning left, then at
    the end of the hall left again.  You should emerge on the north
    ledge overlooking the altar room.  All the skeletons are very glad
    to see you, and click and rattle their joy at your appearance.
    Watch the edge of the ledge - this is not the time to fall.
    Walk along this ledge west until you see a short hallway going
    north.  At the end here is another door.  Use your keyholder PC to
    open this and go inside.  The chest here holds the Chimes of Harmony
    and some gold and trinkets for you.  It also holds the final key.
    You've finished the quest but you are not done getting rich and
    earning experience.
    Backtrack to the main north-south hall behind the secret door.  Go
    all the way south, then turn and go west again.  You'll turn right
    and emerge on the other ledge overlooking the main hall.  The layout
    here is exactly reversed from the north side - go back to the small
    room and open it with that last key you found.  Take a deep breath
    and don't stop to count all the gold you just found.  You still have
    work to do.
    You should be safe up on the ledges.  None of the skeletons in the
    room have a ranged attack, so they can't reach you.  You don't have
    to fight them if you don't wish.  Cast feather fall and take a
    running leap towards the west exit door, then run as fast as you can
    back downstairs.  But you will be leaving behind a great deal of
    gold and experience points.
    I toed up to the edge of the ledge, used "Delete" key to look down
    and proceeded to pepper the skeletons with my bows.  You can use
    magic if you don't run out of spell points.  Wands are nice here.
    You have all the time in the world to wipe out the skeletons.  If
    they huddle underneath your point on the ledge, try using Ring of
    Fire to make them feel welcome.  And feel free to go back to the
    opposite ledge to continue the carnage, since the room is too big to
    shoot a bow all the way across.
    After you've killed all the skeletons and rested your mouse-clicking
    finger, go back to the altar room and pick up your mess.  Don't
    forget the gong on the altar - the trap will not reset if you do.
    It can be sold in Free Haven along the street just east of the Earth
    Guild (south of the docks).
    The Chimes themselves belong to Janice back in New Sorpigal.  So
    take a vacation and journey to your home.  You've earned it.
    Be careful as you leave.  Now that you've opened all the doors, the
    fireball trap sends its little surprise all the way through the
    Great Hall and hits the main Exit door.  Stay to the side and time
    your exit so you don't end up dead after all this hard work!
    Marc Fisher

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