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    Q FAQ by Thomas A

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    Might and Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven (PC)
    written by: Thomas A
    Complete FAQ on how to Fight Q
    Version 1.01
    FAQ Began 7/1/2003
    FAQ Revised 7/8/2003
                    Might and Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven: Fighting Q FAQ.
    i: Revisions
    I: Introductions
    II: Why this FAQ
    III: General FAQs
    IV: Getting started
    V: Getting to Q
    VI: Fighting Q
    VII: Those darn chests
    VIII: Thanks
                    i: Revisions
    7/8/2003. Added more info on the directions to Q. and Added a better
    description on how to fit Q.
                    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Welcome to my Might and Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven FAQ on how to kill the
    enemy Q. I hope this guide will serve some purpose in help for any of you that
    happens to be stuck at this optional side-"boss". Please bear with my lack of
    knowledge of ASCII to make this look like a fancy-type FAQ.
                    Chapter 2: Why this FAQ?
    I wrote this FAQ for a few reasons. One, I had such a hard time trying to
    fight this guy the first time out. Two, there didn't seem to be any FAQs on
    just him. Three, and more importantly, I knew how much of a pain this guy was
    and if I had that much problems with him, so many other people did also.
                    Chapter 3: General FAQs
    Q: Who is Q?
    A: Q is an inside joke that the creator's of Might and Magic VI put in. They
    love them some Star Trek and as you can see if you've played the game at any
    length, they put a TON of Star Trek References in this game. To get back to
    the question though, Q is one of the toughest characters to fight in the game
    and one of the longest battles you'll ever fight.
    Q:  He keeps saying something like.. "DIE!", What does it mean?
    A: Whenever you hear anyone scream "DIE!", it means that they have cast Finger
    of Death. Very very nasty spell. If it works, you're Eradicated.
    Q: He's that tough?
    A: To coin a phrase from Good ol' J.R., "That man is tougher than a $2 steak."
    Actually, he can be down right a pain in the arse. But if you follow my guide,
    he's a pansy.
    Q: You had to do that to beat him? Ha! What a wuss, I did it head on!
    A: Good for you. I hope you enjoyed the wasted potions and lengthyness of
    your battle.
    Q: I beat him! However, all I got was this stupid horn?
    A: Ahhh yes! The Horn of Ros! The strategy guide lists it as "A horn that
    doesn't seem to work". It works, alright. It shows you the numerical HP
    remaining when you view an enemy's health bar. Very useful!
    Q: I try to open the chests, but I take massive damage. Why?
    A: It'll be explained below. Patience, young one.
                    Chapter 4: Getting started.
    Before you go trekking off to fight Q, there's some things you need in order
    to beat him with the least amount of problem:
    A: Be at a level to where you can finish off the rest of the Temple of the
    Snake before going in search for him. The last thing you need to worry about
    is having some Medusa follow you and then you'll have to fight off both Q and
    the Medusa. I gain levels alot in RPGs, I don't think I went through the
    Temple of the Snake any earlier than level 30-35 to start with, but I also
    didn't fight Q until I was about level 60+ (the first time, because I didn't
    know he was around at that time). I suggest maybe going after Q when you get
    level 30-ish, but you can do it whenever really, just as long as you are
    strong enough to clear the temple.
    B: Have at least Expert in Spirit Magic and the spells, Heroism and Bless.
    They increase the damage and the chance you have of hitting him. Ring of Fire
    is another useful spell to have.
    C: If it's possible, try to have the best elemental enchanted weapons you can
    find. Of Thunderbolts and Of Inferno are some of the better ones to use. Of
    the Dragon also does wonders, giving you not only Fire damage, but also adds
    to your strength. Also, make it a note to try to have a mastery in the Dagger
    skill with all who can learn it. With Dagger mastered, you have a chance to do
    triple damage. Always a good thing when fighting hard enemies.
    *note: You don't NEED to use Ring of Fire for this battle, but it helps
                    Chapter 5: Getting to Q.
    Chances are you've cleaned the Temple of Snake out, but you still see that
    your stones are yellow. (Aware that there's still something there) Everynow
    and then you hear the phrase "DIE" when you cross a certain path. If you
    haven't cleared this place yet, then clear it out first before attempting to
    fight Q. I'll explain how to get there using both methods.
    *note: I will not list the enemies along the way, so always be prepared!
    Not Cleared:(revised)
    Turn the corner, then the next corner. You'll come across a "slow" trap on
    this hallway. Turn right and then when you get to the intersection at the
    other end of the room, turn left. Go around the corner, down the hallway past
    the first nook on the right. Turn left into the big area with a door.
    There should be a Gold Dragon and a pit. Drop down the pit and look for a
    switch. Press it and go through the door. Turn to the right and go down
    that hallway into the big area. When entering here (and after clearing
    out the enemies around) you should hear the phrase, "DIE!" a few times.
    Search the entire east wall until a secret door opens. Now, allow me to
    walk the others who HAVE cleared this place first to the room, and then
    I'll hold both of your hands and walk you through this. I'll be back, I promise!
    Cleared the Temple:
    Take the left turn at the entrance. Go down the hallway and down the Elevator.
    Go straight down this hallway until you enter the big area at the far end.
    Search the east wall until the secret door opens. Man, that was easy! Well,
    here's the hard part coming right up...
                    Chapter 6: Fighting Q.(revised)
    How would you like it if I told you you could fight Q, without taking one hit?
    You'd love it right? I knew you would. Before entering this room, take the time
    to cast all the protection spells you can. Mainly Bless and Heroism. Also,
    equip your best weapons for this fight. Now here's the tricky part. Q is
    behind the wall to your left. You have to lure him to the edge of  the wall,
    but be far enough "inside" to where his spells hit the wall. Sound complicated?
    It can be, but it's really not. Get to where you're "peeking" around the
    corner. (Try looking at an angle and then edging your way to the corner until
    you can see a peice of his arm.) If he casts a spell and it hits the wall but
    not you AND you can physically hit him "through" the wall, you've got it made.
    STAY IN THAT POSITION! Q NEVER physically attacks you, which is a good thing.
    Now unload on him. He'll continue to cast Finger of Death and other spells at
    you, but because you're behind the saftey of the wall, they'll not have any
    effect on you. This is a long battle, as Q has a LOT of hit points. I don't
    know how many exactly, but I believe it to be around 50,000 or more. (Although
    it could be 10,000) I fought him for about 25-30+ minutes. Keep recasting
    Heroism and Bless as needed. Also if your characters become weak, cure that.
    Q will NEVER move also, as he is Suicidal. So you don't have to worry about
    him running away and then zapping you with any Eradication spell. Keep
    attacking until he falls. Your reward? The Horn of Ros.
    *note: The reason I don't know how many HP Q has, is that I've not seen the
    Temple regenerate after beating Q. Although, that may just be MY game, as for
    every time you start a new game, the internal clock is set which randomly
    inserts when places regenerate. Which is usually 6 months to a year in game
                    Chapter 7: Those darn chests.
    You may have noticed some chests laying around. Well, before you go out and
    open them right up, take this in mind. These are extremely trapped chests. In
    the end you may wonder if it's worth it at all. It could be, but only if
    you're into getting 100% of the game completed. If you're hell bent on getting
    these chests, follow these important guidelines:
    A.  SAVE YOUR GAME!! This is really important. Save it, now. Mainly because
    you don't want to die and fight Q all over again. It's not that he's hard,
    it's just the fact that it's annoying.
    B.  Try to have Mastery in Disarm Trap and have everyone have Mastery in
    Perception. I am not sure if you can successfully disarm these chests, as I've
    never had any success in doing so, but I guess it can be done. The Mastery in
    Perception is because I *have* had one or two people dodge the trap when it
    went off.
    C.  Heal AND save after you open each chest. These are not some lightweight
    traps. They are nasty and they mean business. I've had people with HP of close
    to 1,000 get knocked down to the yellow when opening these.
    Your reward for getting these open? High spell level Dragon Claw Wands. Not
    many charges to them at all. After you open them, you'll then try to entertain
    the thought of wethere or not it was worth this trouble to get the chests.
    Thanks for taking the time ro read my FAQ. If you have any questions, I can be
    reached at: shadowdagg@yahoo.com. I hope it was of much help and understanding
    to you all.
    Thanks to New World Computing for having such a great series (except for IX!
    blech!) Also to Prima for it was their guide that kept me from losing my mind
    when I got lost in the game!
    please do not steal this FAQ. AXE ME FIRST!! I'll more than likely give you
    permission, but you know, it's just nice to ask.
    Might and Magic is a trademark of New World Computing and Mandate of Heaven is
    a trademark of NWC and 3DO. (C) 1998
    FAQ created by Thomas Adkins (C) 2003

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