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    Weapons Guide by hangedman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |||||  The OMNI Counter-Strike Irritation/Weapons Guide!  ||||
    Version 1.0.  No updates will be added to this.  I am lazy.  If you can't deal
    with that, then write your own guide! This is by me, Clayton Walker.  If you
    see this anywhere but gamefaqs, drop me a line at Hangedman@iname.com
    	I should begin by saying that I like CS casually.  I play it every now and
    then, and I have to say that I'm good at it... as much as I can be compared to
    a CS "veteran."  Now, this guide is not intended to make you a great player. 
    In fact, if that's what you're looking for, or to find the spread of a Steyr
    TMP at such-and-such range, then consort elsewhere.
    	The main point of this guide is to give you some useful ideas, positive or
    otherwise, for you to use within CS.  I'll go over each weapon as is in version
    1.0, as well as giving some really ruthless ideas as far as gameplay goes. 
    Many of the "tactics" listed here will make hardcore CS veterans cry, or more
    appropriately, bitch.  Read on for enlightenment.
    	You'll find that tricks to pissing your team off are listed first, while
    actual strategies for improving your game is listed last.  Skewed priorities? 
    Maybe.  Remember that it's pretty funny if done covertly, but if you keep
    flashbanging people at the beginning of the round, for no reason, you're not
    being objective at making them mad.  "Accidents" will happen.
    ///////////CS: The Bare Minimum\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	If you have no idea how conventional FPS (first person shooters) work, this is
    for you.  Typically, your mouse is used to aim.  You fire when you see an
    enemy.  You often have keys that move laterally from side to side (strafing),
    and those that move back and forth.  Those who grew up on keyboard games like
    Doom, Wolf 3d, and Blake Stone will find the jump to "Mouselook" a tad tricky. 
    Regardless, there's no way to play the game besides that.  If you continue
    onward with the control setup from doom, you'll die.
    	You are on one of 2 teams, Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Shoot at team
    members that are not on your team.  If everyone dies on the other team, you
    win.  Complete your objectives as a team, and you win.  When you win, you get
    money to buy stuff.  The more money you have, the more you'll be apt to
    complete your objectives.
    ///////////////Know your Enemies!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	At this point, I'm not talking about Terrorists or Counter Terrorists, which
    will be Ts and CTs respectively now.  Your enemies in this game are those who
    feel a simple mod for a well-known game supercedes the course of action of life
    itself.  To these misguided souls and social rejects, there is no happiness
    other than bitching about changes from version so and so.  These are the
    so-called "veterans".
    	These veterans are usually in what we in the cynical "get a life" community
    call CLANS.  Clans are groups of social rejects that form a team and fight over
    the Internet for superiority.  Most people in these groups are smelly, ugly,
    and fat.  However, they've already coined you as a "Newbie".  This is a new
    player ostracized from "greatness" because he or she is a tad oblivious to the
    rules and course of action the game has.  Typically, you'll find yourself dying
    constantly at the start of a game by these people.  They have no lives.  They
    play CS for hours at a time.  Subsequently, they're incredibly good.  Remember
    the positive affirmation of, "I'd be good too if I sat around playing this game
    all day."  This is a cornerstone to fighting the clan gods.
    	To discern the people who are in clans, bring up the menu of teams and kills,
    usually the TAB key on a default configuration.  The people at the top of the
    list are royal bastards.  The people at the bottom are folks like you.  A
    sure-fire tip off to whether one is in a clan or not is the brackets. Something
    akin to a name of "[USMC] Recon Soldier" designates the person is in the clan
    of USMC.  However, the US Marine Corps would not admit fat, smelly, nearsighted
    jerks into their ranks.  Remember your affirmation.	
    	Now that you can identify which people are social rejects based on scores,
    it's time to move on to the next section.
    /////////////////Choosing a name\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	Your name is the backbone to a great start as a whiny jerk.  There are really
    4 main types of names.
    1) Unintelligent.  These people use names that ramble on with some insult,
    ALWAYS written in Caps Lock.  A good example is
    "IWILLRAPEYOUINTHEASS".  Due note the drawn out insult as a name, and the
    telltale caps lock.
    2) Mumbo-Jumbo.  These people choose to rely on gibberish that only they
    understand.  Expect clan names to precede these.  Such notable ones are "[HZW]
    90-D.E.T"  In most circles, this is known as "|337 speak".  Sometimes, hacker
    language.  A more obvious paradigm could be "[DEG] M@$+3R 0w^Z J00".  Hacker
    use of special characters and bad spelling is always noted.
    3) Witty/Funny.  Many confuse this with the first type, but this demonstrates a
    severe lack of brainpower.  Most people who opt for these choose something
    short, sweet, and free of clan names or hacker speak.  No caps, either.  Good
    ones include "Mc-Fillet-O-Fish Sandwich", "Dirty Ass" and the one I usually
    use, "Wangmaster".  If any of you take Wangmaster, you're dead.  That's mine.
    This is by far the greatest breed of names.  Who wants to get killed by some
    guy named "Wangmaster?" I've also gone by "Stomach" and "Flavor country".
    4) Threatening.  Some people figure that you'll be scared away if they have a
    spooky enough name.  Mostly, these people are 14-year-old kids that really
    shouldn't be playing the game until after they get visited by the hair fairy
    (read: puberty).  Expect to see "Agent Slaughterer", "Supreme Destroyer", "Lord
    Viper Scorpion", and others.  Especially funny is when it comes out sounding
    Japanese-like, as in "SuperMegaDeathKill".  Super A-number-1!
    Now based on that, pick the best and most irritating name you can, based on the
    stereotypes.  I'll help you out!
    Type 2 parody: S.P.A.S.K. (or any other mongoloid acronym).                  
    Type 3 parody: ......Just be creative.  Anything goes, really.
    Type 4 parody: NapalmEaterDemon
    Good Eating!
    //////////////////Your Team(s)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	Well, now that you have a name that should get you some recognition, it's time
    to get to know your team, and the other team as well.  You have 2 keys to type
    to people.  One is for only your team, the other is for everyone to hear. 
    Configure your keys so that these keys are Super A-number-one in reaching
    distance.  With that done, give your teammate's positions away with the radio. 
    Hit the all message key and say something to the effect of "Good hiding spot in
    the back row of the plane!"  This will vary with the map, but you're sure to
    get people mad at you.
    	The other thing that's a great way to completely lose all respect from
    "Veterans" is to constantly bitch after you die.  Hit your talk key and whine. 
    Try the ugly labels of "cheater", "cheap-killer", "camper", "Pansy", and
    especially good is making up your own insults and pretending like they mean
    something.  I've put the derogatory remark of "podlatcher" into great use. 
    Make up a phrase, and a definition, and give it to someone if they ask about
    it.  It just might catch on!
    	Soon, both teams will hate you.  Mission complete.  The only people who will
    care as of this point are those that take the game too seriously... that's
    right!  THE VETERANS!!!  Score!
    	Expect many evil messages to flash across your screen.
    /////////////Advanced Irritation Strategies\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	To a clan-jerk, nothing infuriates more than you being where he wants to be,
    or you giving his position away.  The clan-gods usually sneak around, waiting
    for the perfect time to strike.  You can either inform everyone of his position
    after shadowing him throughout the level, or you could stab him over and over. 
    Your knife has no ammo.  If friendly fire is off, an audible "SHINNK!"  will be
    heard over and over.  Pistol fire is good too, as it's considerably louder.  If
    you manage to get ahead of the group, go to a high traffic area and sit there. 
    Nobody can move you.  They'll shoot at you, yell at you, but they cannot move
    you.  You can impede their progress.  This is a real doozy in stairwells.  I'll
    tell you that!
    	Now, should friendly fire be on, you would take damage from shots fired by
    teammates, and vice-versa.  If there's no dignity to be had, try to take down
    as many teammates as possible.  Eventually, if you do it enough, they'll make
    you a priority like they do the enemies!  There's nothing like taking your
    teammates down, and then being killed in a hail of bullets from your own men. 
    Remember to aim at the head, it does more damage.  With the default CT weapon,
    at most it takes 2 headshots to down a teammate.  Trust me, they don't see it
    	Another great thing is playing the role of mister thrifty.  Head with a group
    of people going to a high-traffic area, and stay back.  Offer no support, and
    pick up a gun when the dust settles.  Oftentimes, people will keel over and
    leave a shiny new gun full of ammo.  If you and a teammate stumble onto an
    enemy, stay back until your teammate dies, then take his gun and steal his
    kill!  AMEN!
    	I can't stress this next one enough.  Only do this one round, two at most. 
    Kill every hostage.  The round will end, and no matter which side you're on,
    the people will hate you for it.  Stupid geeks.  Get a life.  Refer back to
    your affirmation if the going gets rough.
    	CS Snipers pride themselves in getting in position to make a kill.  If you see
    anyone with a sniper rifle in your team, make it a point to move in front to
    them whenever possible, effectively blocking any shot they have.  If enemy
    opposition is light, attempt to stab them in the forehead, over and over.
    	This one is amazing for getting people really boiled over.  Both HE Grenades
    and Flashbangs affect your team.  In virtually every server, friendly fire for
    any grenade is turned on.  Kill a hefty chunk of your team when they're rushing
    a base by throwing out some explosives!  Nobody can really trace it back to
    you, and chances are that it won't be fatal.  The great thing is that their
    life is now very small.  Any booger-flicker can take them out at this stage. 
    Flashbangs are not death inducing, but very fun.  The gist of them is that if
    you look at the explosion, you're blinded.  Any member of your team (or
    otherwise) will see a white screen for 4 or more seconds if the Flash hits
    them.  Use this when 3 or more of your team is in a firefight.  Invaluable in
    	Radio Commands!  These are single-handedly the most irritating things to hear
    over and over.  Not only does every team member hear this, but they also hear
    it every time you do it.  Hit the radio command key, and select "go go go!"
    every time you can.  This will drown out any ambient noise around them, and
    enemy sounds to boot!  Get voted the MVP for the other team!
    	The APC!  This is only on a few maps, but make it count!  Tell all of your
    guys to get into the back, and back the thing up against the wall.  All your
    teammates will be stuck in there until someone gets in it and drives forward. 
    Don't let this happen.  Stay in the top of the APC until all of your team
    except you and the trapped soldiers are the only ones alive.  If you want to be
    really mean, use them as bait.
    ///////////CAMPING.... The topic nobody dared to defend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	In real life, snipers do not rush.  Neither does anyone else for that matter. 
    In every war, people have won by either superior technology, or by taking the
    safest path.  Therefore, it is only smart that you should be able to plan an
    ambush for someone walking around.  Welcome to Vietnam.
    	Oddly enough, people consider this a tactic for the unskilled.  After your
    antics from the previous sections, they should hate you enough.  It shouldn't
    matter by now.  The cold fact is that every weapon is more effective when its
    target is unaware that the back of his head will be shot at.  Additionally, if
    the people who whine about it were as great as they say they are, they should
    check their surroundings.  They have the maps memorized, so why not?
    	Regardless, this is actually a change of pace.  This does take nominal skill
    to do, and it levels the playing field.  Not too good at hyper-reflexes? 
    Camping is your game.  There are 2 great weapons to use as a camper.  The first
    is the AWP rifle.  This will kill in one shot, if aimed at the head or chest,
    and has a double zoom.  It's accurate enough to be fired without zoom.  Keep a
    normal focus, and zoom in when you see someone run past you.  The second weapon
    is the Auto-shotgun.  There is no weapon that beats this at close range.  If
    you chase the guy with this after spotting him and fire at close range
    repeatedly, he will die.  Without question.
    	It goes to say that camping is most effective in 2 cases.  The first is that
    you will be able to see someone before they see you. A good case of this is to
    monitor all ways to get at where you are with your rifle, preferably zoomed in
    a ways to give you time to kill the other guy with a sniper rifle.  The second
    is to hide in the shadows near a high traffic area.  Nobody can identify
    whether you are a friend or foe until you know what they are, and therefore you
    have the clear advantage.
    	When you are the last guy left on your team, camp.  The enemy, if they cannot
    complete an objective, will be forced to look for you.  In all instances, they
    get lazy.  They won't check any hiding place, and will stumble around blindly. 
    The worst you could do is take down at least one guy.  In this ideal case, they
    have to find you.  If you stand still or hide on one place, the enemy has no
    idea where you are, but any sound made by them alerts you to their location. 
    Flashbangs are good in these cases.
    	It's in all cases better for you to hide and kill than rush and be killed. 
    It's smarter, easier, and more efficient.  Most people whine about it because
    it puts the advantage solely to you.  Remember this.
    	As if it weren't painfully obvious, clans are wastes of time.  Avoid like the
    plague.  However, there is something to be said to making up your own clan
    name.  I'm usually one to go by [omc], or one man clan.  It's the only clan
    that plays at the leisure of every one of its members.  Also good is [GEP], or
    giant erect penis.  A friend who isn't too lucky at the game suggested [DIKY],
    for "Dude!  I killed you!"  Also from this saint was [HISS], after "Hey, I shot
    someone."  If you like my stuff, please affix [GEP] to your name.  I'd like
    some disciples.
    Since so many websites out there seem to be written by anemic 14-year-old goth
    kids, I'll add my own perspective to the CS weapons.  Note that ALL WEAPONS ARE
    GOOD FOR CERTAIN THINGS.  No one weapon sucks.  If you find that it does, you
    aren't using it right.  Game developers do not intentionally make crappy guns
    or other things, unless it's a joke.  It's no joke here.  Read on.
    A note on the rating system: this is my opinion.  It's not rocket science, and
    I didn't read the source code to back up my opinions.  However, the description
    of each weapon is dead on. I have put as little bias into these as I can.  This
    is a change from the "FNP90 IS GAY" descriptions that no doubt some of you have
    run across.
    As far as the accuracy of each weapon goes, the first shot of each weapon is
    LASER ACCURATE.  The first bullet will go where you fire.  After that, a nasty
    effect called bullet spread kicks in, and honestly you cannot predict where
    your bullets will go after the first shot.  The more accurate the gun, the more
    chance the bullets will go where you're aiming after the first shot.
    >Glock 18 Select Fire>:
    Power: Piss poor
    Rate of Fire: Good, if you can fire fast
    Bullet amount: 20, very good
    Accuracy: Very good
    Special feature: Select between burst fire/semi-auto
    	This is the Terrorist start weapon.  Against an opponent with any other gun,
    with the same attributes as you, you will die.  This gun is NOT an offensive
    weapon.  If you rush with this, you will be killed.  Each shot does around 10
    hp of damage.  More if you hit in the head, less in the legs.  A glock shot to
    the eyeball will not kill anyone if they are at full health.
    It's easy to see how this is a cause of frustration amongst terrorists. 
    	Remember though, that the Glock is a secondary weapon, meaning that you should
    use it secondarily to your primary.  When you know you've shot someone many
    times with your primary, and you have the enemy in your sight, but no more
    ammo, switch to the glock to finish them off.  It has a high rate of fire, and
    is very accurate.  This should be your first instinct instead of reloading when
    your clip empties.
    	The burst fire mode is helpful when you want to take larger chunks off of
    someone.  It shoots 3 bullets at once, but has a low fire rate.  You have a 1
    second delay after each shot, so it's like a mini-shotgun, with piss-poor
    damage.  However, the damage is about a third as piss-poor as the regular
    shooting, should you connect.  Some people like it, others don't.
    	In the first round, terrorists should get another pistol unless they want to
    intentionally die for some easy cash the second round.  If you have already
    bought a primary weapon, don't buy another pistol.  For it's intentions, it
    should do you well.
    >HK USP .45>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    Bullet amount: 12, decent
    Accuracy: Fair
    Special Feature: Removable Silencer
    	This is a mighty fine weapon.  Shooting 45 caliber rounds means that your
    enemy will go down quick.  One shot to the melon of your enemy means that
    they'll die for sure (if they have a helmet, one more shot anywhere will put
    them down).  Even more to it's advantage.  It also has the capability of a
    silencer, which is more of a novelty than anything else.  Your enemy can't hear
    your shots, however, they will know that you're shooting at them, obviously. 
    Use only in very dark areas to hide your muzzle flash.  Note that the silencer
    degrades accuracy and damage, so for all intents and purposes, leave it off.
    	The USP does great damage for a pistol.  You can usually get 50 percent of
    someone's health with no effort.  Typically, shots do around 10-25 damage. 
    Rushing with this or getting in a firefight with it is not advised.  However,
    make your shots count.  You only have 12 before a reload, so capitalize on the
    fact that the first shot is laser accurate.  After that, your chance of hitting
    if you mash the button is nil at long ranges, but a 3 shot barrage at close to
    medium range works well.
    	As a CT start weapon, it gives them a great advantage of being able to buy
    body armor the first round.  If you want to win the first one, keep your USP
    and get the Kevlar vest.  The rat bastard Terrorists will take a beating. 
    	Remember that this is not an offensive gun.  This is a secondary weapon so
    that you can lay down cover fire for your teammates or yourself, or finish off
    a wounded foe.
    >Sig P228>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: High
    Bullet Amount: 13, decent
    Accuracy: Fair
    	I'd recommend that terrorists should start round one by buying this gun.  Some
    people say that this is the worst gun in the game.  Look at these people's
    writing, and then you tell me if they have credibility.  The fact is, this gun
    does a little more damage than the USP, has a better rate of fire, holds
    another bullet, and has better penetration through Kevlar vests.
    	This is a great weapon to use if you want an early lead in the game.  The Gun
    shoots .357 magnum rounds.  You'd be an idiot to call that weak.  Accuracy for
    this weapon demands that it be used at close range, and after a couple taps,
    the accuracy starts to go down the crapper. Be cautious.  One headshot is
    lethal, helmet or not.  This is a great pistol for a camper.
    	Try to sneak up on a guy with this.  It's got a fair amount of recoil, and you
    need the other person to take all the hits.  This gun can rock if given some
    >Desert Eagle .50 AE>
    Power: Very High
    Rate of Fire: Somewhat Slow
    Bullet Amount: 7, poor
    	The IMI desert eagle will put large holes in your opponent.  It's also heavy
    and has very few shots.  Do not tap the button like you would any other gun. 
    Shoot, retreat, shoot.  This pattern is deadly, as it allows you to take
    careful aim.  If a person is shot with this in the chest, it usually does about
    40 damage.  This is a very high number.
    	However, the smart person would usually go with another person with a higher
    amount of ammo, mainly so that that person can distract and shave off life
    while you take the kill with minimal ammo.
    	A headshot is lethal again, helmet or no helmet.  This gun stings.  However,
    you really need to conserve your shots.  You'll die as soon as you realize you
    need to reload.  As soon as that counter goes from 7 to 0, you're dead.  The
    reload is just a tad longer than other guns, which is another reason to play it
    	As a first round weapon, you have the advantage over any wounded player, or
    anyone using a glock.  Seeing as how virtually nobody will have body armor, you
    can also take those people out quicker.
    >Dual Berretta Elites>
    Power: Piss Poor
    Rate of Fire: Amazing
    Bullet Amount: 30, incredible
    Accuracy: Ungodly
    	These little wonders are good for 3 things and 3 things only: Cover Fire,
    Taking out wounded soldiers, and Gloating.
    	These guns are expensive, considering their stopping power is nil.  Reason
    for?  You have 30 rounds to take out, confuse, or run away from your opponent. 
    In a one-on-one confrontation, you'll be dead before you hit 15 shots.  Try it!
     These things are basically 2 glocks.  However, for twice the crappy firepower,
    you really get 4 times the reload.  NEVER EVER EVER rush with these, unless
    you're actually trying to get a gloat factor.  It's humiliating to be killed by
    	However, a sniper's best friend is the Beretta.  You can lay down a blanket of
    intimidating fire, while constantly backpedaling.  You'll get out of harm's
    way, and have enough room to shoot from a large distance.
    	So why is it that these make really bad attacking weapons, assuming that the
    guy isn't at 10 health?  For starters, they're glock powered.  You could almost
    get the same rate of fire from the glock if you hit the button enough.  The
    reload is upwards of 8 seconds.  This is way too long to wait, if you are in a
    dangerous situation.  The accuracy past the second shot degrades to ass.  The
    only way to connect is to get closer, which you really do not want to do.
    	Try them out, it's at least worth it to form your own opinion of them.
    >HK Mp5N>
    Power: Medium-Poor
    Rate of Fire: really high
    Bullet Amount: 30, really good
    Accuracy: Very Good
    	This gun is the bread and butter of CS.  Losing teams can afford it, winning
    teams use it, you can snipe and camp with it, and it's very accurate. However,
    for specializing in so many areas, it doesn't particularly excel in any one. 
    This is the most well rounded weapon there is.  It's the Joe-Blow SMG of CS.
    	This is not to say in the least that it's bad though.  A headshot kills an
    opponent without a helmet, it's incredibly cheap so that anyone can buy it
    after the first round, and it sprays out ammo with unparalleled accuracy for
    how fast it's shooting.
    	There are actually no real bad points.  If anything, you could do better at
    the level of power, seeing as how it's 9mm.  You need to pelt the guy for a
    while before he dies, but if you hit in the head/chest, you'll put him down
    fast.  Reload speed is good.  Try it out, and you'll like it.  However, in my
    humble opinion, it's rather boring.  You find it all over the level, and if
    you're planning on buying it with the goal of saving money, don't.  You'll find
    it on the ground within a minute.
    >Steyr TMP>
    Power: Piss Poor
    Rate of Fire: Really high
    Bullet Amount: 30, Very Good
    Accuracy: Good
    	Did you ever think, "If only this shot faster and was silenced" when trying
    the Berettas?  Chances are, you didn't.  You were focusing in on the atrocious
    damage that the guns did.  The TMP is no better.  It's a 9mm peashooter, but it
    does have its good qualities.
    	The gun is the most inexpensive SMG in CS, as well as having an amazing rate
    of fire and a silencer.  If you're hiding in the dark, this is the best gun to
    have.  There is no sound or muzzle flash, and the damage does add up; faster in
    fact than the silenced USP.
    	The bad thing though is that most maps lack dark areas to hide in.  There are
    a few, but usually they're in very low-traffic areas.  The best way to use this
    is by sneaking.  Hold your walk or crouch key and walk around.  No Sound! Fire
    your gun.  No sound!  To anyone trying to figure out why in the hell they're
    taking damage when there's no other audible noises coming from anywhere, this
    is very frustrating.  If you're in a good spot, they'll freeze dead, and look
    frantically around.  Take the opportunity to finish them off.
    It's not impossible to kill someone with this.  It just feels like you need to
    hose them down for a long time before they finally drop.
    >Mac 10>
    Power: Amazing
    Rate of Fire: Very Good
    Bullet Amount: 25, Decent
    Accuracy: Fair
    	There's a large misconception that this gun is as weak as the TMP and worse
    than the MP5N.  How this came about, I have no idea.  The Mac 10 shoots 45
    caliber rounds as fast as the MP5 does 9mms.  The tradeoff is that the gun is
    more inaccurate, and only holds 25 rounds.
    	At anything other than close range, retreat.  This gun is made to take blind
    corners and to rush people.  Spray someone with this, and they die.  No
    question about it.  The reload speed is good, and the rate of fire is
    astounding.  Even better, the recoil is nearly straight up, and to a minimal
    amount.  Against a person far away, you will not be able to hit them.
    I like this gun, and I think you will too if you give it a chance.
    	The great thing about this gun is that it's also cheap.  As a T, you can buy
    it every round, and usually a flash bang too.  Throw the flash bang, rush in,
    and dispose of people.  Easy peasy.  There's no reason to play conservatively
    with it.
    	If you're good with it, or feel like you're getting to the point where you're
    good with it, try to go from burst fire to full-auto.  Although this only works
    for close range, if you aim at the stomach, the kick is slow and upwards, which
    can result in a great headshot if not killing them with countless .45s. 
    Remember to reload, and only try this if the guy is alone.  if you run out
    before he's dead, switch to the pistol.
    >FN P90>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Amazing
    Bullet Amount: 50, Amazing
    Accuracy: Good
    	This is the main competitor to the MP5.  It costs twice as much, but if you
    can afford it, then by all means use it.  It shoots very fast, and deals damage
    just a tad less than the MAC 10.  It also holds a whopping 50 shots, which
    means that this is good for assaulting and rushing when a reload can put you in
    	However, it's accuracy is horrible at longer ranges.  This is a
    saturation-style weapon, which is intended to spray over your enemy's body at
    medium range.  At close range, they're dead.  Headshots are common and fatal
    with this gun, and if you can get good with it, you'll get many kills. 
    	However, the steep cost makes the buyer wonder if it's worth it, when he or
    she could buy a lower-end rifle, or if they'll be in a financial slump the next
    round.  Consider your playing style with this gun, and be more defensive when
    you're running about.  Cover fire is a good thing to keep in mind with this
    spray-cannon.  Remember though, that this weapon is a defensive one.  It's made
    for a squad, holds 50 shots, and does a fair amount of damage to its target. 
    It is however, somewhat inaccurate, so it would be best to let another player
    into dangerous waters to test them before you go in.
    >HK UMP 45>
    Power: Amazing
    Rate of Fire: Piss Poor
    Bullet Amount: 25, decent
    Accuracy: Very Good
    	For those that want a rifle, but can't afford one, this is the weapon to get. 
    It's range is better than any other SMG, and spits out 45 caliber rounds as a
    bonus.  However, to achieve the accuracy, the gun has a slower rate of fire. 
    Basically, it's a USP that's a tad more accurate and holds more shots.
    	While not a bad weapon, you have to adjust.  This fills the gap between SMGs
    and the rifles.  The weapon is best suited to conservative players that like to
    hang back.  Against most other SMGs, this will win if at a longer range.  Go
    for headshots, and aim carefully.  You don't have the ability to spray as it
    depends on controlled shots.
    	This is also a very good squad weapon, as you can hang back and dispose of
    enemies that have been wounded by your buddies.  Cover fire is more controlled,
    and is more useful if actually trying to hit the guy.
    Essentially, this is the Mac 10 if the rate of fire was slower and the accuracy
    higher.  Different uses for different people, however, most may not like it.
    <Benelli M3 Super 90>
    Power: Poor to Fatal, depending on saturation to the buckshot
    Rate of Fire: Piss-Poor
    Bullet Amount: 8, Good
    Accuracy: N/A
    	This is a shotgun.  It's the meanest type of weapon up close, considering you
    die as soon as you get hit.  At long range, it's laughable.  One pellet may hit
    you and cause as much damage as a glock shot to the foot.  However, it's your
    duty to use this at close range.  If all the dispersed pellets hit the chest,
    the guy will die.  If half hit, he'll be critically wounded.
    	However, because of the bad rate of fire, you'll need to find a place with
    ample cover.  Fighting in the open against a guy with a rifle or SMG will be
    certain death.  Hell, even a pistol wielder can take you out should you miss
    the first shot.
    	This shotgun is more powerful than the XM101 Benelli auto-shotgun.  However,
    its not an auto-shotgun.  It is about half the price though, so taking it on a
    second-round fight is advisable.  Pair up with a SMG user to get the most
    mileage out of this gun.  You'll find that if you shoot a guy at close range,
    but die, he'll have a maximum of 10 health.  Being the trailblazer in a group
    of people will ensure your survival and ability to get easy kills.
    	The shotguns are also very light.  Use this to your advantage to get to points
    quickly without having to knife-rush.
    Sneaking around with this weapon is invaluable.  Blow someone's brains out by
    getting close. This is not hard to do at all.  Camping with this weapon is also
    very good as well.  By the time the guy turns around to see you, he'll be
    missing some essential body chunks.
    	Reloading is not as essential as one would think.  If you take your time
    lining up shots, you'll be amazed at the fact that it takes a long time to
    drain this.  Only reload if less than 3 shots are left.  Realistically, if you
    miss with this one, the other guy will probably kill you.  Decrease your
    chances of this happening.
    They are again wrong and biased.  The shotgun is an acquired CS taste, but if
    you master it, there's little one can do to stop you.
    >Benelli XM101 Automatic Shotgun>
    Power: Amazing
    Rate of Fire: Amazing
    Bullet Amount: 7, Bad
    Accuracy: N/A
    	Every problem that the shotgun had, the auto-shotgun fixed.  This thing fires
    at the power (well, a little under to get technical) of the regular shotgun
    with a pistol firing rate.  If you miss, you can sweep them down with the next
    couple shots.  However, the only time that you can be killed while holding this
    weapon comes from the amount of ammo it has.
    	The auto-shotgun has 7 rounds, which it eats like popcorn.  Typically, you'll
    fire 5 rounds at the guy, and he'll die.  Reload.  For god's sakes, reload. 
    Keep the auto-shotgun at close ranges and full of ammo, and you'll rule the
    	All other strategies and properties of the regular shotgun are applicable
    here.  know however, that this gun can be a great equalizer between players. 
    Most veterans like using a SMG or rifle at close ranges.  A newbie with an
    auto-shotgun can take him down if he plays cautiously.
    Power: Amazing
    Rate of Fire: Good
    Bullet Amount: 30, Fair
    Accuracy: Piss Poor
    	Most people new to CS hate this gun.  This is because they have a huge quake
    hangover. The AK is meant to be burst fired.  By this, you hold the button down
    for a bit, so that 2 or 3 shots come out, and then you lay off.  People who
    don't like letting off the fire button will find that they die quick using
    this.  After the second shot, you start to outline the guy.  You shoot rounds
    everywhere near him, except of course to WHERE HE IS.  This is referred to as
    "outlining" an enemy.  You make an outline of him with bullets while he is
    unscathed.  The AK is notorious for doing this.
    	By burst firing, you're controlling your accuracy.  You should rightly do this
    so that you shoot where the enemy is.  The AK is deadly in this regard.  You
    send 2 or 3 near lethal spikes at the poor fella that is on the business end of
    your assault rifle.  This is painful.  I haven't seen anybody live through 4 AK
    shots, regardless of where they hit.  Most folks will drop after 2 or 3.  Burst
    fire, and your enemies have a funny habit of dying fast.  	However, there are a
    few more flaws that the AK has.  It shoots fairly fast, but still enough to
    allow you to run out faster than you expect.  Automatic weapons in CS should
    constantly be reloaded when it's safe.  If not, switch to the secondary to
    finish someone off or to give cover or retreating fire.
    	This weapon is a great middle ground for people that want a rushing weapon,
    but feel the need to snipe.  The first 2 rounds shoot death at people, and if
    your position is unknown, your enemies will die fast.  Know however, that the
    AK has a very identifiable gunshot noise, and very loud.  Hit and run, and
    you'll make it out alive and over.
    	This weapon is one that every CS player should learn to use.  It's cheap,
    powerful, and good at nearly any distance.  Learn to control it, and it will up
    your kill count faster than any other weapon.
    >Sig 552 Commando>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Great
    Bullet Amount: 30, good
    Accuracy: Great
    Special Feature: Single Zoom
    	This is my favorite CS weapon.  The 2X zoom allows you to switch from a
    semi-auto mid/long range sniper to a close range rusher with the tap of a
    button.  The gun, given time and consideration, can take down snipers and
    rushers alike.  It also sprays lead like bullets are going out of style.
    	However, there are some major flaws that one should be aware of.  The bullet
    rate of fire in normal mode is very fast.  After 4 seconds, you're empty or
    nearly empty.  If you're not prepared to reload, you're dead. It also is
    nowhere near the power of the AK.  This gun is weak compared to the single-shot
    power of the other rifles.
    	However, with the rate of fire, and the overwhelming accuracy of the secondary
    fire, tapping the button to a controlled pace defeats nearly everyone.  Up
    close, the fury of the bullet spray rips apart the enemy.  This is an essential
    weapon for terrorists to master.  This is also the perfect compliment to an AK
    or to help out a sniper with support fire.  You may even steal his kill.
    	Learn to use this.  Don't scoff at the relatively weak power, or the need to
    reload more than you would like.  Remember that this gun has the power to make
    your bullets go where you want them.  Just be patient.
    	As an aside, if the enemy is any distance away where you would have to burst
    fire the Sig, zoom in.  If you disregard this bit of advice, you won't have the
    level of success that you need.  The rapid fire of the normal mode is only good
    for close range.  After that, switch to the zoom.
    >M4A1 Colt Carbine>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Great
    Bullet Amount: 30, Good
    Accuracy: Very Good
    Special Feature: Removable Silencer
    	The M4A1 is very much similar to the Sig552 or the Steyr AUG.  However, it's
    selling point is that its burst fire is more accurate than either, and it has
    the option of a silencer, which still emits audible noise, but does away with
    any muzzle flash.  This is the Steyr TMP for people who want to do some damage.
    	This is really the one gun that every CT will use.  It's affordable, fires
    fast, and is very accurate.  Burst firing is needed even less than any other
    rifle, as one can get about 6 shots to where they need to be.  It spits those
    rounds out fast.
    	However, the strength of the gun is good, but not great.  It's on the same
    level as the Sig552 or the AUG, but with a better and more accurate ROF and no
    zoom.  Although the weapons seem similar statistically, all 3 are better suited
    to different reasons and users, and each has a uniqueness all its own.
    	The M4A1 is primarily a medium range weapon designed for kicking SMG user ass.
     The rounds are more powerful, the rate of fire is about equal, and it has a
    silencer for sneaking up on people.  Overall, it's a great weapon, and one that
    CTs should use often.
    >Steyr AUG>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Great
    Bullet Amount: 30, Good
    Accuracy: Great
    Special Feature: Single Zoom
    	Basically, the Aug and the Sig552 have more or less the same stats.  Equal
    zoom, equal rate of fire, equal power.  However, the AUG has a different recoil
    than the Sig552.  Instead of bouncing around within a set area, it sprays up
    and out, at either straight up, or at a steep upward diagonal.  Some people
    like this, as it allows for ease in head shots.  However, I don't like the
    immense degree at which it does it.
    	Burst fire more with this gun while zoomed in, because it can get out of
    control.  Otherwise, all stats, pros and cons are the same as the Sig552.  It's
    CT only, so get this if you want the Sig552, which is T exclusive anyway.
    >Steyr Scout>
    Power: Fair
    Rate of Fire: Bad
    Bullet Amount: 10, fair
    Accuracy: Amazing
    Special Feature: Double Zoom
    	This is by no means a budget sniper rifle.  People scoff at this, as the AWP
    seems to have it beat hands down for damage.  By no means though, is this a pea
    shooter.  This fires AK 47 7.62 mm rounds, which are very deadly.  This will
    kill someone if you hit the head.
    	More selling points include the fact that it's as fast as running with a knife
    when you have it equipped, and you can run, duck, and jump while aiming at your
    target without any sacrifice in movement.  People who are good with this gun
    tend to do very good at CS.  A chest shot, while non-lethal, is enough to graze
    off 40 health and disorient them enough for a second attempt.
    	However, this gun is not feared.  It cannot kill in one hit, so therefore it
    must be considered "an inferior sniper rifle".  This is not the case.  If you
    want to snipe, and have about 3000 bucks, you can.  This is a good
    cost-effective way to beat someone at a distance game.
    	My personal bent though is that it's fun, but I don't use it often.  The way I
    figure it, if you're shooting at a guy with a sniper rifle, you're going to hit
    an area that isn't his head, and that better put him out.  Otherwise, he's
    going to rush you with an automatic and mow you down while you try to make a
    crappy attempt to kill him with a dumb-luck snipe or pistol-kill a full-health
    target.  This is where the Scout falls short for me.
    	Don't use it if you don't want to die a few times, if your aim isn't good, and
    if you have a high-ping.  However, failing that, it makes a useful and fun
    weapon that's just as deadly as the next contender.
    >Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police model (the AWP)>
    Power: Fatal
    Rate of Fire: Atrocious
    Bullet Amount: 10, Fair
    Accuracy: Amazing
    Special feature: Double Zoom
    	This is what happens when the Steyr Scout works out for a solid week.  This
    bolt-action wonder kills anyone if it doesn't hit them in the leg or foot.  If
    it does, it leaves them with less than 20 health.  For all intents and
    purposes, it's one-shot-one-kill.
    	However, it has a major downside, which is that it's very heavy, making knife
    rushing into unfamiliar areas a must, which generally isn't safe, and it's rate
    of fire is the worst in the game.  You shoot, and it takes a second and a half
    to readjust.  However, this bullet GOES THROUGH PEOPLE.  You can get a triple
    AWP kill if your enemies are standing single file.  The sheer power of this
    weapon is amazing.
    	If your enemy gets close though, there's generally nothing you can do to save
    your life.  The gun is meant to be used at extreme ranges.  Close up, a guy can
    Glock you.  You're slow, and you have huge lag time between your shots.  It's
    gonna take a lot of skill not to shoot early or late when the guy's dancing in
    front of your face shooting at you.
    	The AWP is meant to be used by a guy in an unknown stationary position against
    high traffic areas of people. Otherwise, you miss or get turned into SMG
    fodder.  Make your 5000 bucks count.  Don't get killed, and play it smart.  By
    the way, you'll get bitched at for camping with this gun.  Ignore all taunts
    coming from the monitor.  It's just jealous crap people are flinging at you for
    playing it safe.  None of them will be constructive criticisms either.  Ignore
    the monkeys.
    >HK G3/SG-1>
    Power: Good
    Rate of Fire: Good
    Bullet Amount: 20, Great
    Accuracy: Fair
    Special Feature: Double Zoom
    	This weapon has few friends.  This is very odd, considering that it's actually
    a good weapon, once you get to know it well.  The gist of the g3/sg-1 is that
    it's a semi-auto sniper rifle, meaning that it fires whenever you click.  This
    sounds very good on paper.
    	The downside is that it's got the weight of the AWP coupled with the power of
    the scout.  There's not much to like there.  If there's not a direct hit to the
    skull, you'll need roughly 3 shots to put someone down.  Even more complicated
    is the fact that the recoil is a bitch.  After shot number 3 with your rifle,
    you'll find that your crosshairs are bouncing around madly.  Don't allow this
    to happen.  Shoot 3 rounds, and lay off for a while.  Blind firing is not the
    key to doing well with this weapon.
    	So with all these flaws, it must have something going for it, right?  Well,
    yes.  The gun holds an amazing 20 rounds.  You can fire quite a bit at some
    poor fool, and he'll usually take a good beating if you've got him in your
    sights.  There's less chance and less punishment of missing shots with this
    gun.  You can take out SMG users and rifle users from a distance, easy.  Click
    that button until you think you can't hit the guy any more, then click some
    more.  Never allow the gun to have less than 7 shots however, as even a
    semi-auto rifle depletes those rounds fast.
    	However, this gun is not meant to take on any full-fledged sniper rifle.  The
    AWP will beat this weapon hands down in a distance game.  Your shots do much
    less damage, you're a slow target, and they're less accurate than an AWP
    bullet.  However, people that aren't sniping will be extremely hesitant to rush
    you, and often they'll shoot at you and miss. Take the opportunity to waste
    	Used in the hands of a master, this is an extremely powerful and fearsome
    weapon, but it has enough bad qualities to turn people off of it.
    >Sig550 sniper rifle>
    Power: Fair
    Rate of Fire: Good
    Bullet Amount: 30, amazing
    Accuracy: Fair
    Special Feature: Double Zoom
    	I fondly refer to this gun as the funky sniper rifle.  Reason being is that it
    doesn't perform like a sniper rifle so much as it does a pistol with an AWP
    scope on it.  The gun uses the same ammo as does the M4A1, the Sig552 and the
    Steyr AUG.  Needless to say, all those guns relied on an ability to spray an
    area with gunfire.  However, to those that liked to pistol-tap the AUG and the
    Sig552, the Sig550 is very enjoyable.  It's got a rate of fire better than the
    G3/SG-1, and it holds 10 more rounds.  At a range game with anyone else not
    holding an AWP, you're the winner.
    	Additionally, the recoil is less than that of the G3/SG-1.  This means that
    you can round off at an area without much fear of missing after a couple of
    shots.  However, this rifle, much like the G3, loses accuracy severely after
    the third shot or so.  Tap, don't hold the button down.  When the crosshairs
    bounce around, let them settle for a bit, and then go back to shooting.
    	Areas where this gun proves itself are in the sewers of Militia, should you
    give yourself enough room, and Office, where there are long hallways and blind
    corners.  Don't use this in areas with heavy sniper support, unless you feel
    you can actually get 4 or so shots on the other guy before he has the chance to
    AWP you in the chest.  This usually is a freak occurrence.  Don't try it,
    unless you like the free-chase camera mode's cinematic angles that much.
    	The main point of this gun, and it's similar cousin is that it doesn't perform
    like a nipper rifle.  It's more like a rifle-rifle.  You're not nearly as
    helpless at close range than you would be if using a bolt-action.  Give it a
    shot, and see what you think.
    >FN249 PARA>
    Power: Decent
    Rate of Fire: Good
    Bullet Amount: 100, Amazing
    Accuracy: Poor
    	To anyone who's thinking of buying this for power: don't.  This has power akin
    to the weaker rifles, which isn't as much as one might expect for as big as
    this gun is.  The fact of the matter is that this gun uses the same rounds as
    the Sig552, but has a slower rate of fire.  You run slowly with it, as it's as
    heavy as an AWP.  The accuracy is horrible, and you can't shoot more than 4
    rounds before they scatter all over the place.  However, for the insane price
    tag, there are ways to use this well.
    	For starters, the magazine is bigger than anything else in the game.  If
    you're not below 15, you don't need to reload.  This gun has 100 bullets to
    spray out, and I think upwards of 150 in reserve.  Don't attempt to reload when
    you don't need to.  Come to think of it, don't reload at all.  This weapon has
    enough ammo to hose down an entire team if you make your shots count.
    	This is another misconception, that the PARA was made to hold the button down
    for you to let loose.  It wasn't.  Burst firing this like an AK will lead you
    to victory.  It has roughly the same fire rate, with about the same recoil. 
    It's really not a bad weapon.  It is meant to be used with a teammate, for
    something called cover fire.  Just keep tapping it, not holding the button, and
    you'll shoot round after intimidating round at the enemy, allowing your team to
    more safely navigate around the area.  You'll have enough rounds to do this and
    go after the guy if you work it right.
    	The last selling point of the PARA is that it's made to flush out campers and
    kill snipers, if you're close enough.  This can be thanked by it's ability to
    shoot through most objects, although admittedly at the sacrifice of power. 
    However, the guy won't haul ass out of there, he'll sit for about 5 seconds and
    upwards debating whether or not it was some stray bullets, if someone knows
    he's there, or if he should move anyways.  During this time, you can wail on
    him through the wall or box.
    >HE Grenade>
    Power: Splash
    Rate of Fire: n/a
    Usefulness: High
    	Many shun this wonder-can beacuse they see it as non-fatal.  However, these
    little guys are very good for 2 reasons and 2 reasons alone.  If used
    correctly, they are a great asset to your well being.
    	The primary cause is not to do damage.  It's to disorient and confuse people. 
    Chuck one in one side of a hallway and go the other way.  People will swear
    that you're going to burst through wherever that grenade exploded like the
    Kool-aid man.  You're not.  This is only a diversion.  This is also great for
    keeping people at bay. If you see a sniper, make them retreat by hurling a
    grenade at them.
    	The second use is to take life off of soldiers.  It seems simplistic, but
    you're really hoping to hurt them, and not kill them instantly.  Basically, a
    grenade wounds for around 30-50 health.  If you're lucky when you throw it, it
    can kill someone.  The great thing though, is that it deals tremendous amounts
    of splash damage.  Anyone near it will be hurt.  If in a firefight from your
    team, they'll be hurting just enough to be dispatched by a grenade.
    	Typically, these grenades do the most amount of damage in the beginning of the
    game, where both sides try to get to the same choke points.  30 health taken
    from a cluster of guys can be the line between life and death in a rush.
    >Flashbang Grenade>
    Power: None
    Usefulness: Amazing
    	This is canned whoopass.  Throw one, and anyone near it will be seeing a white
    screen for at least 4 seconds.  More if closer, less if far away.  Needless to
    say, this is very powerful for getting you where you need to be.  Throw a FB,
    haul ass past the point of where someone was guarding, and they'll be in no
    position to shoot at you, considering they'll be blinded completely.
    	However, your teammates can do the same to you, as you're well aware of the
    previous bastardry mentioned earlier.  What you need to do is use this so that
    you don't blind yourself.  If a direct line cannot be drawn from the explosion
    to you without going through a wall or obstruction, you will not be blinded. 
    However, even if you turn around upon the blast, you'll still be somewhat
    blinded.  Don't let this happen.  Throw to blind someone, make sure you're not
    around it, and tear through the area. Take any people out if they're blinded.
    	To avoid being killed when blinded, burst fire your weapon and retreat
    backwards, heading towards any cover that you can remember.  FB throwers never
    go after people who are firing their weapon at them if they're shooting in the
    right direction.  Remember that.
    >Smoke Grenade>
    Power: none
    Usefulness: Fair
    	There's not much to be said about this grenade.  It spits out smoke when it
    blows up. I suppose it would be useful for gaining ground, but people tend to
    look at the smoke for a long time.  You'll come out of it, and they'll shoot
    you.  The primary use of this weapon is beaten by the FB.
    	However, for anyone that has a ping above 60, this weapon is incredible.  It's
    nicknamed the Lag grenade, as anyone who happens to be looking at it suffers
    incredible slowdown.  If you've got a fast computer, throw some out and go for
    lag kills.
    Power: Fatal
    Usefulness: Immense
    	This is only given to one terrorist on DE maps.  Now, this item has a great
    way of making the terrorists win.  If you have this bomb, plant it at a bomb
    site by selecting it (5), and holding down fire until you plant it at one of 2
    bombsites.  The timer will tick down, and beep faster until it goes off. If
    you're a terrorist, sit near the bomb and fight off any CTs that try to defuse
    it.  Do not let them defuse the bomb, otherwise you'll lose.  Be deceptive, and
    plant it out in the open, but snipe it.  Anyone that sees an empty area, and
    goes for it will get shot by you, hopefully.
    	As a T, make it a priority to get to a bombsite and plant it.  It's fun, and
    you usually rack up some kills.  If anybody gets caught in the blast, they die.
     It's your choice to try to make it go off or run from it as a T.  Death for
    the team, or cowardice to save your guns?
    Usefulness: very little
    	Don't buy this.  It's expensive, and there's hardly any maps that use it
    anymore.  You can get the same effect if you turn your monitor brightness up a
    lot.  Yahoo.  Aren't you glad you didn't waste your cash to see in the dark?
    ////////Other Points of Interest\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    	Always be above people if given the chance.  It's more difficult to look or
    aim up, for some reason.  At any rate, a good spot from a rooftop with an AK
    will yeild more kills than being on the groun with an MP5.  Headshots are also
    easier to obtain.  Good high-up spots can be found on the maps Nuke, Italy,
    Seige, and Dust.  Otherwise, if it's a few feet off the ground, don't bother.
    	Learn to duck.  This makes you a much better camper, if you're going for that,
    as well as making you a smaller target, and the other guy will have to adjust
    his aim to compensate, while you blast him.  Crouch-walking also makes no
    noise.  Sneak up and destroy.  Sneakiness pays off on Oilrig, Militia, Italy
    and Dust.
    	As a camper, pick out of the way areas that allow no attacks from the back or
    sides.  Keep every area of enemy entrance covered.  If spotted, you should be
    able to fight your assailant off.  Great camping spots can be found on Prodigy,
    Milita, Italy and Arabstreets.
    	Take routes that other people travel less.  Your survival rates when fighting
    single opponents is much greater than when it's a 2 on 1 deal.  Don't get
    caught unawares.  Remember to think of what areas you don't check or go
    through, and where you're often caught off guard when you play the other team.
    	In this game, the third time is never a charm.  Do something once, and don't
    repeat it the next round.  When people die, they usually try to find your
    camping spot and hit it the next round.  Don't be a moron.  If anything, camp
    at a spot that people will need to go through to get to that specific point you
    were last time.  This way, they won't check because they'll be enamored with
    the idea of flushing you out and killing you from your previous spot.  Also,
    get about a few hiding spots you can switch every now and then to keep people
    	Think of hostages as body armor. If you surround yourself with them, people
    will be less apt to shoot at you.  Put them right in front of doors as well, so
    that an enemy may freak out and shoot one of them.  Hide near the hostage so
    that you can take your opponent out as the guy's rounding off at a poor
    	If you're the VIP, stay back.  You've got a pistol.  While it isn't bad, it's
    hardly enough to combat an assault rifle.  Let other people do the fighting,
    you should take cover.  Don't throw your gun away, as you cannot pick up any
    others.  Also, if you happen to be the last guy on your team, camp with the
    objective of not being seen as opposed to trying to kill people.  If a guard
    runs past alone, kill him.  If a group of 3 run past, sneak to where they were
    and high-tail it out of there.  Remember to walk or crouch-walk.
    	If you see a sniper far away, don't try to kill him.  That's suicide.  Sneak
    aorund the back, and he'll more than likely be there.  Wait him out, and he'll
    most of the time give up.  No worries after that.
    //////Getting Kicked\\\\\\\\
    	If you do everything here, or mostly just the bastardly stuff, you will get
    kicked from the server.  However, you can just as easily join under a different
    name.  Or you can go to another.  It's your call.  However, do have some
    consideration for some of the other people playing.  After a while, give up.
    Although funny, you can kill it.  It's people with simple senses of humor that
    do something over and over again till it isn't cool.
    	Again, send all hate mail to Hangedman@iname.com, although if it's too
    Neanderthal like, I won't reply.  If you decide to trash me, read it over and
    think of how much of a loser you might sound like, and if still pressed to
    send, raise some intelligent arguments.  Thanks a lot.
    Ninja Vanish!

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