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    cs_militia Map Strategy Guide by Lord Zero

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             	                Half Life: Counterstrike
    			       cs_militia map Strategy Guide
                                     By Lord Zero
                                      Version 1.0
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction.
    3.- About this file.
    4.- The Militia Map.
    5.- Graphics.
    6.- Map overview.
    7.- Tactical Ideas.
    8.- When the Action Starts.
    9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.
    10.- Credits.
    11.- Legal Stuff.
    1.- File History.
    -0.1 Start of the file (10/23/2001, 15:14)
    -1.0 File finished (10/25/2001, 21:59)
    -1.1 Email Changed. (10/29/2002, 16:36)
    2.- Introduction.
    Welcome to this guide.
    Counterstrike is a MODification of the FPS (First Person Shooter) Half 
    Life, which, while it hasn't been the most successful FPS game in history
    (That spot will remain owned by DoOm)has spawned a legion of MODs and 
    gamers looking into it. While the original Half Life was played on a
    somewhat futuristic setting, Counterstrike simulates Counter-Terrorists
    missions with objectives to accomplish.
    The game plays on two teams, the Terrorists (the bad guys), and the
    Counter Terrorist (The good guys). While the game can be won by simply
    killing everyone on the other team, is much more satisfactory to play
    by the rules. Game modes include VIP (One player assumes the role of
    the VIP, and has to escape poorly armed from the map while the Terrorists
    have to kill him or her), Defuse the Bomb (The Terrorist have to plant
    a C4 bomb on a marked site while the CT have to either prevent it, or
    disarm it once is planted), and Hostages (The Terrorist have to keep
    the CT from rescuing the Hostages), and more. This has made this game a
    hit, and one of the points (and precisely the one I love) is that
    choosing a weapon actually requires to know it, unlike, say, Quake III,
    when you only need to know that the Rockets explode and the slugs kill.
    This guide is the second on the series for especific map strategy guides.
    This is based on my own experiences when playing both sides, and shows
    the best ways of finishing a level with the victory on your hands I've
    found, always from the view of playing on a cooperative-comunicative
    It's also important to note that I'll be focusing mostly on getting the
    map objectives, that's rescue the hostages, protect the bomb site, or
    Good Luck! You'll need it ^_^.
    3.- About this Guide.
    I recommend reading this on 800 X 600 to avoid scroll moving, which is
    annoying, believe me.
    This guide is focused to get the maximum effectivity on the cs_militia
    Map, commonly named just "Militia". It's somewhat based on team 
    comunication, and it would probably work much better for LAN based games
    than for internet games ('coz you can yell and hit your partners).
    4.- The Militia Map.
    cs_militia, or the Militia map is a "rescue the hostages" scenery that
    plays on a mountain house with many obstacles, and sports tunnels and
    many ways of playing. It's a great map because, like the Assault map, has
    a lot of things to do, the Terrorists(T) have the advantage, but the Counter
    Terrorists (CT) have so many ways of breaking the place that is unfair to say
    that the T have the upper hand the whole time.
    Militia is, in escence, a very balanced map, as long as the CT actually
    play on teams, because, unlike the Assault map, it takes a helluva lot of
    work to start playing for both the T and the CT. It also offersplenty of
    ambush spots.
    5.- Graphics:
    This section will show a few ugly ascii graphics to help you and myself
    to show the strategies. They aren't pretty, but I guess they do they
    work (I think).
    NOTE: I'm doing these from memory. I'm fairly sure they are right, but
    if you spot any mistake, I'm happy to correct it)
    Also, when I say (X,Y), X is the horizontal axis, and Y is the vertical
    |            __|   |   |                 L a  L= Ladder
    |    _______/ _  T |   |  //  __         | b  D= Door
    |   | _______/__###|   | ||  |  |        D c  T= Tunnel entrance
    |   | |   |    |   \   | ||  |__|        | d  B= Box.
    |###| |___|____|    \__|  \\      ___    | e  APC= Armored personnel 
    |      |B |  |        ___        |   |   | f  carrier
    |      |B |_/ /|     |   |       |   |B  | g  #= Fence.
    |          __/ |     |   |       |   |B  D h
    |APC      |    |     |___|       |   |   | i
    |_________|____|_________________|___|___| j
     a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t 
    NOTE: I am missing many objects, as I've only shown the ones
    that are of actual importance. This map isn't very accurate, but
    for the efforts of this guide, it works. Most of the objects missing
    aren't of strategical importance.
    |\               | |    | a  S= Stairways leading to second floor.
    | \              |_|  T | b  B= Boxes.
    |\ \---->*              | c  T= Tunne exit.
    | \ \                   | d  V= Ventilation open.
    | |S|                   | e  *= (there is a door somewhere there, but I can't
    |_| |                   | f    quite recall its location)
    | |               _ B   | g
    |V|              | |BB  | h
    |B               | |    | i
    D     T          |_|    | j
    |_______________________| k
     a b c d e f g h i j k l
    NOTE: Ditto with above, but I doubt there's anything of importance
    back here besides the two tunnel exits.
    |              |_W_ | a TV= Television (duh)
    |                   | b W= Bar.
    |   |       |       | c D= Door.
    |   |TV     |       | d S= Stairway.
    D   |       |       D e h= Hostage.
    |___| ______|_h_|h  | f C= Car.
        |___S___|h    |D| g
                | C     | h
                |h_S__|_| i
                   |-----> This stairway leads to an small room with many
                           boxes and an small vent exit which is connected to the
                           backyard. Mapping that place would be pointless and
                           it would take me a tremendous ammount of work ^_^.
     a b c d e f g h i j 
    | P|   |           |    a P= Small pool.
    |__|___|_____L_    |    b L= Ladder to the roof.
    |______S__|    |   |_   c S= Stairway.      
    W    _|_  |    W      | d W= Window.        
    |    _    |    W   | S| e B= Bed.        
    W   | |   |  B |   |  | f D= Door.        
    |	|   |    D   |    g         
    |_____|________|___|    h
     a b c d e f g h i j k         
    NOTE: I know there is another way out of the bedroom, but, alas, read above.
    6.- Map Overview.
    TERRORIST: OBJECTIVE: Keep the CT from rescueing the hostages.
    The CT on this map start on a very good position: Defensive-minded, is
    perfect to set up (Unlike, err... Assault anyone?). They start on (b,i)
    on the first map, and are provided with an APC, though is useless on
    this mission. It works for cover, though I wouldn't recommend setting
    an ambush over here.
    To the left of the spawning position is a tunnel which leads to the
    underground water tunnels, which has two exits on the backyard: (c,j)
    and (k,b). The tunnels are widely recommended due to the fact that going
    there you can avoid likely snipers on the main battleground, but is 
    itself a risky option: Prepared T could wait for your men to rise up
    and simply erradicate them. It's important to get in by surprise.
    The T start inside the house, which is an sniper's paradise: Plenty of
    sniper points are offered, starting for the normal windows (a,d) and (a,f)
    on the second floor, and ending anywhere on the roof. Besides it, the
    house is only a med-fortified place to start: the house has plenty of doors,
    and playing defensively is very hard.
    The whole battleground has a lot of obstacles, making grenades a must.
    Is also a heated zone all the game, especially nearby the cave which
    connects the CT spawning points. As a T or as a CT, this place needs a
    lot of care, as snipers can be found from the house zone acting against
    CT or ambushers in the zone of (i,b), behind and in front of the fence,
    hunting for unwary T.
    The "corridor" which starts in (n,b) and ends in (n,e) is a great place
    to look for cover, but you gotta keep an eye on your back if your enemy
    is rushing. The rest of the obstacles are perfect indeed if you bought
    the damn grenades, to rain and hide behind them. Quick location of the
    enemy, and fast finding of a new hiding place is important of this map.
    The action inside the house is fast and furious, and you need fast 
    reflexes. Breaking thru the corridors firing is esencial, to confuse and
    dissorient your enemies. A gas grenade inside here is a motive for panic
    for both sides (Here's where the "Fire in the hole" Message helps 
    inmensely to avoid a massive confusion and everyone shooting at you),
    and blocks so much the vision that's truly one of the only places I've
    found to work on. If you are a CT, make your point going for the
    hostages nearby the bar. The garage is a dangrous place, and due to the
    crossfire, hostages there are ussually killed.
    7.- Tactical Ideas:
    Suggested Teams:
    |              |
    (based on a 6 person team)
    RUSHERS: M4A1, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas grenades, Desert Eagle(4 CT).
    ANTI-SNIPER TEAM: Steyr Aug, Flashbangs, HE Grenades, Five SeveN(2 CT).
    (Ussual strategy- It works most of the time, as long as you keep 
    together. Failure to this will spell out defeat.)
    |             |
    (based on a 6 person)
    TEAM A: M4A1, HE Grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades, Desert Eagle (2 CT).
    TEAM B: MP5, HE Grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades, Five SeveN (2 CT).
    TEAM C: FN P90, HE Grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades, Five SeveN (2 CT).
    (another good strategy. Both strategies can be combined, but due to the 
    fact that the T are ussually caught looking scattered exits -especially
    if there isn't an strong leader on their team, who can lead them to
    the battle- one way or another is best used).
    The CT team needs to keep together. That's the key. The CT deployment
    pont isn't of much practical value, better get out of there. Following
    thru the tunnel to the battleground, setting up a couple of guards on 
    (d,j) and (d,h) are great for keeping and spoting early T scouts. The
    two anti snipers have to work as a retaguard until you actually spot
    snipers, while the rest of the team throws grenades to split the T
    forces attacking.
    As soon as you hear the first AWP shot (Which is very, VERY likely to
    sound sooner than later), everyone take cover behind (n,b-n,e), or
    behind any obstacles, the nearer to the house, the better. Under the 
    cover of fire, one of the Anti sniper quickly surveys the roof of the
    house to spot anyone. Any HE grenades left shall be used against the
    sniper, the house roof is high enough to nulify most of the effect of
    a Flashbang. From two different sides, shot him.
    The spot which is most likely to find an sniper is (a,t)
    Also worth nothing that smart T could place an sniper (a,t), but on
    the ground. That's a nightmare, but is more vulnerable to Flashbangs and
    HE grenades, thought is important to confuse him before engaging to a 
    firefight, thing not needed against snipers in the roof.
    Now, against T rushing (thing that I do, for example), after the HE 
    grenades, quickly locate the rushers on two teams, one flanking from
    the right, and the other to the left side. As soon as the anti-snipers
    say "Go" (yep, the annoying "go, go, go!" ^_^), you run, guns firing
    towars the house. You have to rely on your team, because you may fall
    to an ambush.
    The Tunnel entrance is a better tactical option, as I told you, while
    is a little risky. I ussually send my HE grenade to clear my entrance,
    but take this in consideration: HE grenades explode with time, not when
    they hit the floor. I've found it great to make it bounce towards the
    wall nearby the tunnel in the surface. That way, you confuse guards,
    and if you manage to hear the footsteps of the Ts evading the grenade,
    you know that you are (or were) expected.
    It doesn't really matter which entrance you take, though the left one
    is more risky, because a fast T with an AK-47 may kill your whole team
    at the door. In fact, I recommend going to the left of the door, and go
    up the ladder. Enter thru the window or the door, and storm any sniper
    who may be fighting still your Anti-snipers. 
    Once inside, make your priority to take the hostages near the bar.
    Taking on the ones in the garage is quite a hazaphardous thing, as 
    there may be a few T hiding. If you suspect any, flashbang them, and
    get inside for the hostages, and get out. You will hear shots, but
    you will be covered by the hostages, and you will known that there's
    someone on your tail.
    On the backyard, if you come out from the tunnels, you have to strike
    fast, and get out fast. In this map, once you get inside the house, you
    have the battle practically won.
    |              |
    (based on a 6 person team)
    TEAM A: MP5, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas grenades (2 T).
    TEAM B: Sigg 552, HE grenades, Desert Eagle (2 T).
    FRONTMAN: AK-47, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades, Fire SeveN.
    SNIPER: AWM, HE grenades, Desert Eagle or Dual Berettas.
    (It's a sin to don't put an sniper here, is so damn funny ^_^, besides
    it serves as a diversion. This is, in my opinion, the best thing to do
    in this map, because the CT ussually don't expect it.)
    |             |
    (based on a 6 person team)
    SNIPERS: AWM, HE Grenades, Flashbangs, Desert Eagle (3 T).
    MOBILE ATTACKER: Sigg 552, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenade, Desert
    HOUSE GUARDS: AK-47, HE grenades, Desert Eagle(2 T).
    (This tactic isn't bad, but being trapped inside the house is quite
    a problem- you really need to keep them from entering the house. Place
    guards: one next to the door in front of the house, other hidden in
    the bar. The snipers have to choose their own points, while the mobile
    attack needs to be a kamikaze on the ground.)
    When playing terrorists, you have to hold one thing on your mind: You
    have to kill them before they enter the house. It's extremely easy for
    the CT once they enter the house to get wild on your asses, and it's
    not funny to lose this way.
    If you need snipers, please, try to avoid putting one on the roof.
    While is definitely a very good position with GREAT view (though it
    doesn't reachs the tunnel leading the CT spawning position), but first,
    you are just a bullseye to swallow a good HE grenade, not only from
    below, but also from everywhere else. And second: in a firefight, you are
    very likely you fall from the roof and find the floor on "non-virtual
    reality", which is quite humilliating.
    Points to look for are (a,t) both in the crack climbing the ladder, the
    floor, the two windows (though you are inviting as a target there), and
    the point (j,t), which is quite good since you have cover, and is an
    awdkard position to find. Those places are the best sniping points in 
    the map.
    The roof is more well suited for ambushing CT trying to get inside the 
    house, especially in the back part of the house, on the area with the 
    door and the window in the second floor.
    I find it more effective and fun to take the battle to the main 
    battleground, having your team jumping out of the front windows and
    crossing the front door to get to the main battleground as soon as
    you can. You can maximize the reach of your grenades by jumping when
    you throw them. The only fear you have when you get first is watching
    out for snipers or ambushers in (d,i) area, and behind the fence (is
    damn hard to see the CT there), and you can save your HE grenade for
    clearing out that area just to make sure if you are surprised that
    the enemies there aren't healthy.
    Setting up a gas grenade into the tunnel leading to the CT spawning
    point is a killer: It blocks the vision of the CT, since they come from
    a darker and more closed area, while you will be most likely free of
    its effects.
    Take care of the tunnel exits: two T with AK-47 should be more than enough.
    Don't stay there for too long, however, and make sure the two guards keep
    comunication. Quickly ask for help with the command "Taking fire, need
    assistence", to make sure they don't break out from the tunnels.
    Inside the house, setting up an ambush in the garage is great, WITH THE
    LIGHTS TURNED OFF. Once a partner sat there with the lights off and with
    the nightvision. I was patroling there since a few CT were scatered around
    the house, and I saw him, and, confused, shot him. Luckily, I was using an
    dual beretta, but that didn't stop the bitched that followed ^_^.
    Also a good idea is to duck and hide in the little bar. A friend of mine
    managed to kill four (!) people with that tactic.
    As long as the CT don't reach the house, you have the upper hand.
    8.- When action starts.
    Unlike the Assault map, this map requires strategy, and lots of it. Careful
    thinking and looking is important for both CT and T. We haven't reached 
    the maps which strictily needs a massive ammout of bravery, strategy,
    hearing, creativity and ability to wield the correct weapon (So far, the 
    only maps I've found which needs such a mastery are Italy and Siege- 
    Siege being the one I've perfected), but this map is a true trainer for 
    the maps to come.
    CT, "be as fast as the lighting, and you'll be just as deadly". Make your
    way to the house, strike in, strike out, and get the praises. You can't
    allow yourself to slow your assault, you have to move quick, and earn
    swift and descisive kills. Take note of the best players of the Ts, and
    gang up on them.
    T, here you need to know everything about positions. Camp around, hold your
    ground, stick to the best places, don't wait for the CT to come for you,
    you take the battle to them. Remember, snipers work best from a distance,
    is up to the rest of the team to keep the CT team at the distance required.
    9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.
    Q. Which side actually has the advantage on this map?
    A. The Terrorists, though is actually only because they have quicker
    ways of reaching the main yard, since the Counter Terrorist have so many
    ways of breaking the house defense that is unfair to say the complete
    advantage is on the T side.
    Q. Why do you plan with just 6 people on each team?
    A. Because that's what's ussually avalaible on my LAN place. I've played
    with as much as 11 persons on each team, and it's amazing, but it's not
    what you could call "organized". It's a damn madness.
    Q. Can bullets go thru the walls of the house?
    A. Nope, but Desert Eagle bullets truly wreck havoc among idiots caught
    in a door. I'm guessing the rifles do the same thing, but I haven't had
    the time to try it.
    Q. Is there another map like this one?
    A. Assault is pretty much the same, but with a terrorist advantage. Siege
    is available once you master this map, but trust in me, is much harder
    to learn.
    10.- Credits.
    - Thanks, somehow, to Jonat4z, Yunqu3, MaNsOn, Marilyn, Phantom Phreak,
    and all the guys who lurk in Time Net and like to get slaughtered by me
    (Yeah sure... ^_^).
    - To my hands, as always.
    - To CjayC for hosting this guide on his site.
    - To Gorillaz for giving me a new sound to listen before I get a full-time
    rock monster.
    - And to everyone I would like to thank but I can't recall them or they
    have nothing to do with this faq, but thanks anyway ;^)
    11.- Legal Stuff.
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2001-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
                                               /  \
                            ______   ______    ||||         
                           <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
       __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
      /   Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)      / |||| / / /|   \ /\
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