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    de_aztec Map Strategy Guide by WOODENSTICK

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "de_aztec" Map Strategy Guide
    VERSION 1.0
    Hello and welcome to another high-quality FAQ by WOODENSTICK!
    I can be contacted through email. My address is jib1337@gmail.com
    First things first:
    Make sure the above 2 lines of text match up. This FAQ is best viewed
    with a fixed-width font suck as courier.
    1. Introduction
    Introducing the game of Counter-strike and the map de_aztec.
    2. Map of de_aztec (ASCII)
    3. Counter-Terrorist Strategies
    A basic overview of counter-terrorist objectives and strategies for
    this map.
    4. Terrorist Strategies
    A basic overview of counter-terrorist objectives and strategies for
    this map.
    5. Hints and Tips
    General gameplay tips for de_aztec.
    6. Closing
    7. Legal
    Counter-Strike was originally, a mod developed for the game 
    "Half-Life", a game that is still very popular today. Counter-Strike 
    aims to create a realistic strategy FPS based around 2 teams: 
    Counter-terrorists and Terrorists. There are several different types 
    of maps, each with their own objectives. These map types are:
    - "cs" maps, which are also known as hostage rescue maps.
    - "as" maps, which involve the CTs rescuing a VIP from the Terrorists.
    - And finally there is "de" maps, which involve the terrorists
    planting a bomb and the CTs stopping them or defusing the bomb.
    The map "de_aztec" is a "de" map. It is quite large, with many
    different paths. The terrorists start on one end, and the CTs on the
    other side. The map seems to encompass long-range combat more,
    although close-quarter combat is possible.
    The map has 2 "bomb-sites" where the terrorists can plant
    the bomb. de_aztec is a very popular map, and is one of my favourite
    maps to play on.
    |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                           |
    |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          T SPAWN          |
    |^^^^^^ ===============|                          |
    |<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|     |          XX              |
    |<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|     |             XX |         |
    |----------      |-----|----------------|         |
    |                      |                          |
    |____                  |          XX              |
         |                 |     _____XX______________|
         |               __|X   _|
         |               ^^|    |
         |               ^^|    |
         |               ^^|    |
         |              |^^|    |
         |       W      |^^|    |
         |       A      |^^|    |_
         |       T      |^^|     |
         |       E      |___     |
         |       R      |        |
         |              |        |
         |              |       
         |              |        |
         |              |        |
         |              |        |
    _____|_______________|       |______________________________________
    |                    |      |   XX   X   X    X   X    X           |
    |                    |      |                                XX    |
    |           O               | <--H                            XX   |
    |                             |                                    |
    |                    |        |                                    |
    |___|      |_________|________|________________________            |
        |      |         |X       |           <<<<<<<<<<<<             |
        |  E   |         |       X|           <<<<<<<<<<<<             |
        |  G   |         |       X|           --------------|  BOMB    |
        |  D   |  WATER  |    O   |                         |  SITE B  |
        |  I   |         |        |      WATER              |X         |
        |  R   |          |      |                          |XX        |
    ____|  B   |__________|      |^^                        |          |
    |   |      |          |XX    ^^^|                       |          |
    |                     |      ^^^|                       |     _____|
    |X   XXXXXXXXX                  |__________________X____|______H   |
    |    XXX                        |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|          |
    |                     |XX       |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|          |
    |__________       ____|_        |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|    ______|
    |  XXX               ||         |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|____H     |
    |   XX                          |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|          |
    |       BOMBSITE A              |NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|          |
    |                    ||         |_NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN|    ______|
    |_______        _____||__XX______|______________________|____H     |
    |      |________|           XX       XX       XX  | XX             |
    |      |________| <--stairs                       |_               |
    |                                  CT SPAWN       >>               |
    |                                                 >>               |
    >, <, ^, v = SLOPE
    H = Indicates half-open wooden doors
    O = Indicates areas over water.
    NOTE: The water area below is curving through where Bombsite B is,
    going underneath the first overpass all the way through to the
    west side of the level passing and then going all the way north 
    along passing under the bridge, and along the wall to the near
    where the door is leading up to the terrorist spawn.
    The Counter-Terrorists spawn here. they can either head up the east
    stairs, through the sets of wooden doors and out to the wide open
    section of the level.
    T SPAWN:
    The Terrorists spawn here. They can either head down to the water
    or along the path to either assault the bridge or the open area.
    This is the closest bombsite to the CTs at the start. However, 
    later in the game it is harder to assault because there are less 
    access routes to get into it. If you have a decent amount of
    Ts left, this will be a very hard bombsite for the CTs to attack.
    CTs must keep an eye on this bombsite.
    This bombsite is also in close proximity to the CTs, but is not as 
    accessible at the start as the other one. This is also the area
    where some big fire-fights can take place so it is advisable to make
    use of the boxes in the area. Terrorists can easily sneak up from the
    water to plant the bomb. This bomb-site also give a good view to the
    areas leading to bomb-site A. Use your view on the wooden doors that
    the terrorists may come through and don't be afraid to try and assault
    if you feel confident.
    It's a Bomb Defuse map; the terrorists have the bomb and if they're
    smart enough, they are going to want to plant it. At the start, try
    rushing to either location, and either try to control the bridge
    as it is a minor choke point. If you want to can also go the other way
    to Bombsite B. Staying there ensures the terrorists will not get to the
    bomb-sites easily. When you're at Bombsite B, watch the water for signs 
    of approaching Terrorists and shoot if you see any part of their body.
    Another point of focus should be the wooden doors across from where you
    entered. terrorists may come through here so be ready to shoot. If you 
    want, you can take cover behind the boxes in the corner of this area,
    it gives you a good, concealed view of the doors.
    If you find the bomb, find a safe place to hide and guard it. Far 
    from being a cheap tactic you are protecting your teams interests.
    Being a long range map, I would recommend rifles and sniper-rifles.
    SMGs are also ok, but the range is limited to the more enclosed areas 
    to the map.
    -Steyr AUG (Bullpup)
    -Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWP)
    -Any pistol
    If you have the extra money, I would recommend buying a defuse kit.
    they truly do mean the difference between winning and losing.
    When you start, your main objective should be to eliminate as many CTs
     as possible. You can forget about planting the bomb early on this map
    because of the bomb-sites location to each other is too easy for the 
    CTs to rush. Less of a threat means more chance of success. Use your
    numbers and rush from the water and the bridge. if you can claim half
    the map in the early stages, you have some good access points including
    The CTs own spawn! Plant the bomb as soon as you can the DEFEND it.
    get your entire team to help and cover ALL POINTS OF ENTRANCE. don't
    turn your back. The CTs will usually all come from one direction,
    their strategy limited by the time limit.
    In Bombsite A, cover the big archway to the right (facing the bridge)
    and the north entrance from the bridge. Also watch the CT spawn area,
    however storming this way is not smart because you have limited vision
    of the bombsite area coming up the stairs.
    In Bombsite B, use the space you have, along it are boxes and stay
    out of sight. If you can do that, the CTs may think you have run off,
    run right up to the bomb and then you kill them. For numbers of enemies,
    Use your cover and don't let up. Don't let the bomb out of your sight
    either. I recommend hiding behind the corner boxes because this way you
    are protected, but can still return fire.
    For terrorists, I recommend grenades (HE and Flashbang) for rushing.
    throw a flash across to the CT side of the bridge, and rush.
    Throw HE grenades around corners and clear rooms. or boxes.
    You are the offending team, and you need to act offensively. To do
    that, you need offensive weapons. I recommend:
    -Grenades and Flashbangs
    -Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWP)
    -Any pistol
    I don't really recommend snipers for terrorists. You need firepower in
    large quantities and single shot weapons just don't cut it offensively.
    However, if you can use them effectively, who the hell am I to tell you
    what to do? GO FOR IT!
    While a dead enemy is always the best enemies, a blind enemy is the
    next best thing. Use them to clear rooms, assault or to escape from
    a bad situation. Terrorists especially, these are useful things to
    make your fight as painless for your team as possible.
    Terrorists need to understand that rushing at the start without a
    plan is close to suicide. If you all go one way, the CTs will quickly
    realize, then all of a sudden they are coming up from behind you. If
    you're going to rush, rush multiple directions for maximum impact.
    Standing out in the open is not smart, period. Aztec is a big level
    with plenty of places where you can be seen so make sure you're 
    covered as much as possible.
    It doesn't matter if you plant the bomb in the last 5 seconds of the
    game, use the time you have to cause as much damage as possible, then
    plant the bomb when you have the momentum.
    For the CTs, wait for the Terrorists to make a move. Its them who has
    to complete a objective, not you. You're just there to stop them.
    When they attempt something, you stop them.
    Well, this is goodbye for now. I hope you found this interesting and 
    enlightening. I have tried my best to inform people so please 
    reconsider filling my inbox with hate mail and the like. FAQ makers 
    have feelings too ^_^
    There are a couple of people I would like to thank. Firstly, my thanks
    to GameFAQs. This is a great site and I love to contribute to it.
    Secondly, to myself for finally finding to time to write this FAQ.
    Don't worry everyone, you haven't seen the last of me!
    Have fun and keep playing CS!
    "jib resurrected ...If only if I was as cool as this man. HE IS GOD.
     I am jealous and amazed. His coolness oozes out like pus on an open 
    wound." ~ K 
    I give permission for this FAQ to be used in other websites, as well as 
    for a guideline for aspiring FAQ writers. Counter-Strike is 
    Copyright Valve inc.

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