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    cs_siege Map Strategy Guide by Lord Zero

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             	                Half Life: Counterstrike
    			       cs_siege map Strategy Guide
                                     By Lord Zero
                                      Version 1.0
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction.
    3.- About this file.
    4.- The Siege Map.
    5.- Graphics.
    6.- Map overview.
    7.- Tactical Ideas.
    8.- When the Action Starts.
    9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.
    10.- Credits.
    11.- Legal Stuff.
    1.- File History.
    -0.1 Start of the file (10/26/2001, 18:06)
    -1.0 File ready! (10/27/2001, 11:47)
    -1.1 Email Change (10/29/2002, 16:38)
    2.- Introduction.
    Welcome to this guide.
    Counterstrike is a MODification of the FPS (First Person Shooter) Half 
    Life, which, while it hasn't been the most successful FPS game in history
    (That spot will remain owned by DoOm)has spawned a legion of MODs and 
    gamers looking into it. While the original Half Life was played on a
    somewhat futuristic setting, Counterstrike simulates Counter-Terrorists
    missions with objectives to accomplish.
    The game plays on two teams, the Terrorists (the bad guys), and the
    Counter Terrorist (The good guys). While the game can be won by simply
    killing everyone on the other team, is much more satisfactory to play
    by the rules. Game modes include VIP (One player assumes the role of
    the VIP, and has to escape poorly armed from the map while the Terrorists
    have to kill him or her), Defuse the Bomb (The Terrorist have to plant
    a C4 bomb on a marked site while the CT have to either prevent it, or
    disarm it once is planted), and Hostages (The Terrorist have to keep
    the CT from rescuing the Hostages), and more. This has made this game a
    hit, and one of the points (and precisely the one I love) is that
    choosing a weapon actually requires to know it, unlike, say, Quake III,
    when you only need to know that the Rockets explode and the slugs kill.
    This guide is the third on the series for especific map strategy guides.
    This is based on my own experiences when playing both sides, and shows
    the best ways of finishing a level with the victory on your hands I've
    found, always from the view of playing on a cooperative-comunicative
    It's also important to note that I'll be focusing mostly on getting the
    map objectives, that's rescue the hostages, protect the bomb site, or
    Good Luck! You'll need it ^_^.
    3.- About this Guide.
    I recommend reading this on 800 X 600 to avoid scroll moving, which is
    annoying, believe me.
    This guide is focused to get the maximum effectivity on the cs_siege
    Map, commonly named just "Siege". It's somewhat based on team 
    comunication, and it would probably work much better for LAN based games
    than for internet games ('coz you can yell and hit your partners).
    4.- The Siege Map.
    cs_siege, most well known as the "Siege" map, is a "rescue the hostages"
    mpa which plays on a weird prison-garage location, and sports tunnels,
    house, boxes, and several places to fight it out in close quarters or
    long distance. I love this map, is IMHO the best map on the game, and I've
    perfected it so much that people fear me when playing here ^_^. Jokes 
    aside, this map is a very good map, especially since it doesn't gives
    any advantage to any side (if you ask me, the CT have an slight advantage),
    and offers a good challenge to every side.
    I seriously encourage anyone to try this map: Is simply awesome.
    5.- The Graphics.
    This section will show a few ugly ascii graphics to help you and myself
    to show the strategies. They aren't pretty, but I guess they do they
    work (I think).
    NOTE: I'm doing these from memory. I'm fairly sure they are right, but
    if you spot any mistake, I'm happy to correct it)
    Also, when I say (X,Y), X is the horizontal axis, and Y is the vertical
    Also, I'm not gonna map the sewers because is just one way, and it would
    be a nightmare to do it. It starts on the garage, and ends in the house
    outside the garage. That goes for the prison, mainly because the prison
    is quite simple, and it's not a hot zone after all.
    |     \            |   L     |  |  |B| | a ·= Light post (?)
    |      \___________|   |__D__| ·|     _| b L= Ladder.
    |              b                     |B| c D= Door.
    |         _________            _  _    | d b= Bridge.
    | CT     /         |    ____ ·|B||B|   | e B= Box.
    |       /          |   |    |  |  |B|  | f CT= Spawning point.
    | APC  /           |   |___L|  |  |    | g APC= Armored personnel
    |_____/____________|___________|__|    | h      Carrier.
                                        |-----> To the GARAGE.
     a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s 
                |---> To the ENTRANCE TO GARAGE
           ___  |__________
          |       BBB      | a  V= Air vent entrance.
          |  C     BB      | b  B= Box.
          |              __| c  C= Car
       |---             |  D d  D= Door.
       |  |             | S| e  S= Stairs.
       |  |  C             | f
       |  |___V____________| g
       |----> To the SEWER TUNNELS
           a b c d e f g h 
    NOTE: I know the Airvent leaves you above a car, but I 'm not 
    100% sure with the car it's supposed to leave you above. (or
    where is that car for those matters).
    6.- Map Overview.
    The Siege map is an advanced (IMHO), and it's quite a challenge: It doesn't
    offers as much cover as we would like to find, or expect to find (for
    fellow snipers ^_~, that's a motive of frustration around our newbies, and
    non-serious gamers, which is why we seldom play this map, only a couple
    of us seriously find ways to play this map, which is why this map is
    an important place to study.
    First off, the CT start on a non-important place: wide open, no cover, 
    no strategic advantage. An experienced sniper can use the start of the
    main battleground to shot down several heads.
    The Ts start on a prison of sorts, which is also non- important, though
    it's mazelike nature and a couple of vents make it a good ambush place.
    It's quite risky, since it offers little to no room to avoid HE grenades
    or shotguns (a killer on this map), and it's such a disaster at times
    that is much better avoided.
    The garage is a very open place, with several obstacles. It's a really 
    cool mood to shot and hide behind a car, , but be careful since you can
    get shot in your feet (try it if you don't believe me), and I've killed
    so many people with grenades in this place, that's a place for people
    who strafe a lot, but not for snipers.
    The garage has two exits: one to the main battleground, and one to a 
    sewer tunnel's series which also leads to the battleground. 
    The main battleground it's indeed a place for everyone: snipers, guards,
    grenadiers, strafers, as long as you look closely. The house has a window
    which lets rifle bullets in or out, but not other bullets: This is a big
    problem for SMG users, and a big advantage to rifle users. The house is
    an strategic point of importance, an sniper set there with a guard, or an
    automatic gun nearby is a very strong position, as only HE grenades are
    useful for taking him out. The rest of the battleground has a big crate with
    a ladder which for some reason isn't as used as one could think, and there
    are two lightposts (some tube thingies , I can't recall if they _are_ 
    lightposts) which are very annoying when using unnacuratte weapons or desert
    eagles (I could swear the thing moves to block bullets).
    The sewer tunnels are a veteran's passageway. The steps are heard VERY loudly,
    and is an invitation to a surprise. The key here is to go walking (an it's
    even loud), or crouching (much better), and away from the water. Battles inside
    the tunnel are frantic and powerful: SMG win most battles. The best way to
    go is with a partner. I Suggest you practice this assault.
    This tunnel has brought me some impressive victories, and some of my best
    Once, I was playing T, and I was armed with an MP5 and a HE grenade (out
    of money to spend on a bigger weapon), and I went into the tunnel alone, 
    since my team kept ignoring my orders, and always died at the garage 
    entrance. I felt pretty much like a frustrated leader, being the only player 
    with any sense of strategy on my team (a whole lot of newbies), so I said to 
    hell with them, and let's bring victory to the team. After all, I was the 
    one to be granted the most money and kills (and with Linkin' Park and their
    One step Closer, I was truly about to break ^_^)While I went into the tunnel, 
    I saw from the corner of my eye the kills, and it was a damn heated battle, 
    though I didn't cared to check how many people were left after the match.
    When I went out of the house, I oversaw an standing CT who seemed to be 
    watching the garage. I checked: there were two CT hunting me down (And
    they knew I was the one alive), one of them being Marilyn, my cousin and
    my natural enemy, and he's about my level. The other one was a casual 
    player. Outnumbered, and armed with a damn MP5 (not the best choice against
    two good players, and NOT even a Flashbang), I took my HE grenade, and threw
    it, while leaning against the wall. He was killed! I rushed to the garage
    carelessly, and saw Marilyn. At first, I thought about seeking cover, 
    because he was armed with an FN P90, but I got the last of my braveheart,
    and jumped against him, surprising him and fragging him. That was enough
    for at least one of my partners to follow me when I requested back up in
    the tunnel- the numbers quickly turned to our favor as my fellow terrorists
    followed my orders.
    This map is a field day for inventive players.
    7.- Tactical Ideas.
    |                |
    (based on a 6 persons team)
    SNIPERS: AWM, Desert Eagle, Flashbangs (2 CT)
    ATTACKERS: MP5 or MA41, HE grenades, Five SeveN, Flashbangs (4 CT)
    (A very effective way, since it's damn hard to kill snipers when
    playing from the garage entrance, which is where Ts ussually gather. The 
    problem arise if you find a Lord Zero coming out of the house ^_^, but
    it's the most effective way you can find.)
    |                |
    (based on a 6 persons team)
    TEAM A: MP5, HE grenades, Flashbangs (2 CT)
    TEAM B: M4A1, HE grenades, Flashbangs (2 CT)
    TEAM C: Bullpup, HE Grenades, Flashbangs (2 CT)
    (An all out attack that relies on raining the grenades to quickly gain
    ground, and leaving the MP5-er rushing thru the sewer tunnels to get the
    maximum ammount of territory without losing the main battleground. You need
    constant communication to maintain the strategy, but it's also an effective
    way of playing.)
    The CT have an slight advantage due to their quicker and more comfortable
    access to the main battleground: they ussually take the offensive. This edge 
    is your main tactic, you have to strike switfly, delays can make the Ts take
    over the crate in front of the house, a powerful position to lose.
    Putting snipers in the house to shot through the window, or above it are
    key positions, are they aren't vulnerable, except against grenades, but
    if everything's right, you can easily snipe from there without fear of
    Attacking is a hard task, but easier than to the Ts if they aren't
    as inventive as they actually need to be. If they aren't being offensive,
    you can quickly take over the points nearby (p,d-p,b), and shot down 
    anyone who shows his or her head from there. Throwing HE grenades is
    good, but you actually need to get them _inside_ the garage gateway,
    not to the entrance. To ensure maximum effectivity, aim for the point
    (d,s), as the bounce will most likely catch any T for good damage.
    Entering the garage is a very hard task, there are plenty of obstacles
    for the T to catch you with ease, so enter in groups. A very good way
    I saw but haven't practiced (I prefer to play T here), is the same way
    I told when I wrote the history above: one player enters, while the
    other (preferably armed with a bullpup) stays on (r,b) until the
    first one secures the area. Watch out for Ts behind the boxes near
    (f,a). Seek for cover behind the cars, and rush for the prison.
    The prison is small and easy to navigate thru, but hostages have a
    very nasty habit to get stuck in the main door. In the first corridor,
    about two meters from the corner is an small opening down in the wall.
    That's a place to look for sneaky T. THE GLASS IN THE COUNTER IS
    BULLET-PROOF. Take cover there if you need to reload.
    The tunnel is a test for your senses. Keep your eyes open, keep your
    ears clear: TURN OFF THE DAMN MUSIC. (yes, that "'Coz I'm step closer
    to the edge, and I'M ABOUT TO BREAK!", and especially that DAMN 
    Where were we? Oh, yes on the tunnel. Okay, keep your senses sharp.
    Walk a few steps, stop for a second to check for sounds. If you hear
    steps, most likely the guy's near, so send your Flashbang or the
    HE grenade if you are willing to use it. The tunnel is a very long way,
    and you are likely to get there when the action's over, so make your
    choice- for CT is not as useful.
    Camping on this map is a killer for CT: The T have an slight ammount
    of extra work over here, but don't camp for too long. The key for
    CT is fast team work. You have the odds on your sides, so don't
    push your luck.
    |               |
    SNIPERS: AWM, Double Berettas, HE Grenades, Flashbangs (2 T)
    MOBILE GUARDS: Either FN P90 or AK-47, Five SeveN, HE grenades (2 T).
    ATTACK TEAM: MP5, Desert Eagle, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas 
    Grenades (2 T).
    (This tactic is based on deception. The attack team needs to draw the
    attention for the snipers and the mobile guards to take them out.
    The two snipers best set up near the car near (c,b), while the two
    mobile guards keep an eye on the tunnel, and on the attacker's
    messages. Be careful with crossfire ^_^.)
    |             |
    TUNNEL RUSHERS: MP5 or/and FN P90, HE Grenades, Flashbangs (2 T)
    GUARDS: AK-47-MP5-auto shotgun-Sigg 552, HE grenades, Flashbangs (4 T)
    (This my tactic. I honestly play this way not because I want to, but
    because on the ussual T team, there are only a couple of players besides
    myself who go thru the tunnel. Thanks to them I don't look like such a
    lamer ^_~. Now, the point here is to have the guards struggling with the
    main CT force at the gateway, while the tunnel rushers reach the other
    end, taking out the snipers at hand, and surprising the enemies from
    their backs. This is the reason why I love this map.)
    GOLDEN RULE: Ts on this map NEED A LEADER. I can't stress this enough.
    You need a confident player to act as a link between the team. Take
    my example above: you may need to prove your worth, but having a 
    leader on any map is a big advantage, that was something I noted the 
    first time I played, but on this map, for the Terrorists, is the
    You need to go quick at the start, and get in position in the
    gateway. I highly suggest someone to act as an scout, and, once a
    tactic has setup, send the message of "Get in position and wait
    for my go". Go outside, look around under the cover of fire, and
    report, once the team has replied with "I'm in position". With
    inteligence gathered, get a good position for the team to settle,
    and wait for the CT to rush like lemmings. They will.
    Having snipers near the car in (c,b) is a killer, since the distance is
    enough for them to act safely, and acts like a diversion, while the guy
    will aim for the sniper if he's smart, but he will fall to any partner
    wating patiently behind cover. It doesn't matters if he's good or not,
    he will most likely die. Trust me. Unless he's a monster or he's cheating.
    The tunnels are a great strategy point for the Terrorists. Taking my
    example again, you may notice how much of a surprise you can have, and
    how much damage can you inflict catching enemies once they think they
    have an area clear. Try to not go there alone, while you may take out
    a couple, you need a good luck- I had a HE grenade, and the surprise
    element, you may not have them. Always look around, and try to catch
    the whole ground with a single scan. This map doesn't allows such
    Going back to the garage entrance, Throwing HE grenades to the point
    (o,f) is great, since CT seem to think that's a good cover position
    for them. They are dead wrong, that place is good for you, but not 
    for them. I've earned great frags by rushing to this place with the
    Desert Eagle, killing three people with ease, and securing this
    place makes an important objective. From there, you can reach
    the house with HE grenades, or flashbangs, making it possible for you
    to assualt it against possible snipers. If there isn't any, at
    least you've won some ground.
    The prison place is a good place for ambushes, but is so confined
    that you are an inviting target for HE grenades or shotgun wielders.
    Hide near the hostages, on corners, but not near the entrance (it's
    bad!). A single HE grenade on this place is a madness, I repeat,
    so in a pinch, you can sacrifice yourself on a kamikaze by throwing 
    the grenade to a near wall. Say goodbye to your weapons, but if you 
    were outnumbered, you can at least force a tied match.
    (be careful with the consequent number of objects people may throw
    at you if you are playing on a LAN place like me)
    Finally, comunication is important for Terror. Following these steps,
    however, is a good way to start mastering this great map.
    8.- When Action Starts.
    For both teams, comunication and creativity are important things to
    manage. You need to be creative to find the enemy's weak point, and
    you need to keep constant comunication to keep your team together, which
    is the other key for the victory.
    For CT, your final key is quickness and overwhelming power. Keep the
    Ts at bay, and keep an eye for the tunnels. Don't let them gain ground
    on the main battleground, or you might be doomed.
    For the T, for God's sake, GET A LEADER! This map needs someone to take
    the responsibility for the actions of the terrorists. Someone who 
    coordinates the defense, someone who asks for reports, someone who keeps
    the team on their toes.It doesn't matters if you have Rambo on your side,
    you need someone to tell that Rambo where's the door.
    9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.
    Q. Which side actually has the advantage on this map?
    A. The Counter Terrorists, if only for the comfort that the darned house
    offers. For an inventive Terrorist couple, this place is heaven, but if
    you're stuck with a de_dust mind, you won't get very far
    Q. Why do you plan with just 6 people on each team?
    A. Because that's what's ussually avalaible on my LAN place. I've played
    with as much as 11 persons on each team, and it's amazing, but it's not
    what you could call "organized". It's a damn madness.
    Q. Is there any point to the glass in the prision?
    A. They are bullet-proof glass. You understand now.
    Q. Is there another map like this one?
    A. Assault is pretty much the same, but with a terrorist advantage. 
    Militia is also another offer, though people mastering Siege will find
    Militia somewhat dull, as it's an easier version of the map we are 
    treating right now.
    10.- Credits.
    - Thanks, somehow, to Jonat4z, Yunqu3, MaNsOn, Marilyn, Phantom Phreak,
    and all the guys who lurk in Time Net and like to get slaughtered by me
    (Yeah sure... ^_^).
    - To my hands, as always.
    - To CjayC for hosting this guide on his site.
    - To Gorillaz for giving me a new sound to listen before I get a full-time
    rock monster.
    - And to everyone I would like to thank but I can't recall them or they
    have nothing to do with this faq, but thanks anyway ;^)
    11.- Legal Stuff.
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2001-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
                                               /  \
                            ______   ______    ||||         
                           <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
       __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
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