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    "de_dust" Map Strategy Guide by Acelyte

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    Half-Life: Counterstrike
    "de_dust" Map Strategy Guide Version 1
    This document Copyright 2002 Acelyte
    Any questions, suggestions, or submissions?  E-mail them to: 
    If you don't receive a reply, try csfan86@yahoo.com
    If I put your submission up, I'll also give you credit, of course.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Legal Copyright Protection
    2. Introduction to Counterstrike
    3. Map Info and Strategic Locations
    4. Terrorist Strategy
    5. Counter-Terrorist Strategy
    6. Versions
    7. Credits
                          1. Legal Copyright Protection
    This document cannot be reproduced in any way without my permission, 
    unless for private use.  If I do give you permission, you MUST give 
    credit.  It cannot be sold.  It definitely CANNOT be altered in any 
    way.  It's as simple as that...
                        2. Introduction to Counterstrike
    Counterstrike is a first-person shooter game and a MOD for Half-Life.  
    Here's how it works: There are two teams of players (Terrorists and 
    Counter-Terrorists); obviously, winning requires teamwork in this game.  
    One team works together to achieve objectives in real-life Terrorism 
    scenarios (Bomb Defuse, VIP Assassination, Hostage Rescue, etc.) while 
    the other team tries to prevent that from happening using modern 
    weaponry (Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Rifles, M249 FN Para 
    machine gun, and HE Grenades).  If a team achieves their objective, 
    that team wins; if the defending team prevents that or if time runs out 
    for that scenario, the other team wins.  You can also eliminate all of 
    your opponents to win, but that isn't as fun imo.  Besides, de_dust is 
    a Bomb Defuse scenario map; even if you kill all the Terrorists, you 
    must still defuse the bomb to win if they managed to plant it at one of 
    the 2 bomb sites.
                          3. General Info about the map
    de_dust, as mentioned before, is a Bomb Defuse map.  The Terrorist must 
    plant the C4 bomb at one of the 2 bomb sites, one of which is right 
    next to the CT (Counter-Terrorist) base; also, they must protect the 
    bomb from being defused.  It gives a mix of close range (inside the 
    tunnel) combat, as well as long range (underpass).  Here's a rough 
    sketch of the map:
    Legend:                   +-------------------------------------------+
    -, |, + = wall/corner     |                                           |
    v, >, ^ = slope           |   second bomb site     CT Base            |
        (direction of arrow   |  area of boxes                            |
        gives its direction)  |          |vvvvvvvv+ - - - - - - - - - -V- +
    V, >, <, ^ = stairs       |           vvvvvvvv|                       |
        direction of arrow    |          |vvvvvvvv   +----------------+   |
        shows direction down) |      H    vvvvvvvv|  |                |   |
    \ = parts of double doors |          |vvvvvvvv   |                |   |
    - - = small ledge (low    + - - - - -+vvvvvvvv|  |                |   |
          enough to jump on   |                      |                | G |
          only if you are on  |                      |                |   |
          the higher ground   |                      |                |   |
    b = key boxes             |                      |                |   |
                              |  area of boxes       +----------------+   |
    Note: To distinguish the  |                                           |
    slope from stairs, the    |   I   |              |                    |
    slope is represented by   +-------+----+-   M   -+    ----------------+
    clustered symbols.        |            |         |                    |
                              |            |         +----------------  D |
    +-------------------------+------------+                              |
    |   first bomb site     K\                       - - - - - - - - - - -+
    |                    N    \                      >>>>>>>>>>>>>  area  |
    |   area of boxes        \             L         >>>>>>>>>>>>>   of b4|
    |                       J \                      - - - - - - +  boxes |
    + - - - - - +      +--------+                                         |
    |   area    |      |        |    +----------------------+    |  path  |
    |    of            |        | C  |                      |   E   goes  |
    |   boxes   >      +--------+    +--------------+       |    |  under |
    |b5         |     F<        b1                  |       |      b3 B   |
    +-----------+---------------------+      A      +-------+    + - - - -+
                                      |   area of                      b2 |
                                      |    boxes    +---------------------+
                                      |             |
                                      |         +---+            (underpass
                                      |         |                not shown)
                                      |         |
                                      |         |
                       +--------------+         +--------------------------
                       |             area of boxes    (area to the right                 
                       |                           is of little importance)                
                       |    +------------------------------------+ - - - -+
                       |    |                                    |^^^^^^^^
                       |    |                                    |^^^^^^^^|  
                       |    |                                    |^^^^^^^^
    +------------------+    +------------------------+           |^^^^^^^^|
    |           <                                    |           |^^^^^^^^
    |           <                              area  |           |^^^^^^^^|
    |           <                               of   |           |^^^^^^^^
    | Terrorist | area                         boxes +-----------+^^^^^^^^|
    |   Base       of                                |
    |           | boxes
    |           + - - - - - - -                          (area to the right
    |           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                is of little
    |           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                      |          importance)
    The letters throughout the map are key points you should know about.
    The same thing goes for the boxes.
    NOTES: The following strategies are for the purpose of getting wins, 
    not kills (I don't play that way.), so they require the cooperation of 
    the entire team (or at least the majority of it).  Also, some of them 
    will only work if you get to those points as quickly as possible.  You 
    usually must have an HE Grenade and 2 Flashbangs because most of these 
    strategies require many grenades.  Furthermore, your teammates must 
    also have grenades and act as if they are in sync (Playing on a LAN 
    cafe is perfect for this; however, the opposing team must not be in the 
    same LAN cafe.).  If this isn't the case, either use the "say_team" 
    command and hope they will cooperate or use some of the strategies to 
    better your gameplay.
    Point A:
    Terrorist: This is where the action starts.  From here, you can rush 
    through to point F, C, and the box 2 area.
    CT: Since your skins provide excellent camouflage, you can sneak in via 
    point F, use the radio command "Get into position and wait for my go," 
    hide behind box 1, and throw a Flashbang in there, say "Go, go, go!" if 
    the Terrorists are camping in there for some reason.  If they're 
    rushing to the first bomb site, ignore this area.  If they're going 
    through one of the 2 right paths, you can probably get them from 
    Point B:
    Terrorist: Once you get out of the underpass, you will be in a part of 
    the CT territory in which they can easily ambush you from box 4, box 2, 
    and point D.  To solve this, take care of point D by staying on the 
    right side (preferably out of sight from point E and hitting the CT 
    there with your AK-47 (best weapon imo when taking this route) every 
    time he pops out.  If he has a sniper rifle, side-step and shoot; AK is 
    accurate enough.  Don't take too long to do so; if the other half of 
    the team fail to break through the tunnel (point A), the CTs might get 
    you from behind.  Then stay on the right side (out of sight from box 
    4), say "Fall back, team!" and throw a Flashbang straight into the air, 
    blinding anyone at point E and box 2!  Then say "Go, go, go!" and run 
    through, checking if there's anyone at box 4.  In the event that they 
    Flashbang you first, try and picture point B (after the underpass) and 
    throw your own in that direction and hide.  If you're close enough to 
    point B, run out until you think you're out of the underpass, throw it 
    straight into the air, hide, and say "Go, go, go!"  That way, you can 
    get your team to point L somewhat safely.
    CT: Although you can surround them from many different angles, point D 
    and box 4 are points you should use because if you get flashed, the 
    Terrorists will get through.  However, you delay that with a point D 
    man, as well as one on box 4.  You can also drop a Flashbang at the 
    center side of the underpass from point D, say "Go, go, go!" and get 
    your teammates from point E or box 2 to kill as many blind Terrorists 
    as they can.  Beware of anyone that is hiding at the back ranks.
    Point C:
    Terrorist: If you're going to rush the first bomb site, aim an HE 
    Grenade or Flashbang (only if you're leading the rush) at this location 
    to prevent any CT from stopping you there.  If you're going to rush the 
    first bomb site via this route for some reason, you will need to throw 
    another Flashbang through the slit of the double doors at point K.  
    Make sure your team covers you and that there isn't any CT at point K 
    before wielding your Flashbang.  Then run through to kill any CTs that 
    beat you there.  If you're going for the second one, good luck.  
    Instead of throwing a Flashbang at point K, throw it so that it lands 
    on point L, blinding anyone at that location, point M, D, and box 4!  
    Kill any enemy you see.
    CT: Rushing through this location is not advised due to the risk of 
    getting blinded.  Instead, run through the double doors to intercept 
    them if they're going for the first bomb site; you will always beat 
    them to it without having to fear any attacks from this location.  If 
    you want, you can bounce a Flashbang off a wall and into point A as 
    soon as you come up to point C; if aimed correctly, you can stop the 
    rushing Terrorists momentarily, allowing you to take advantage.
    Point D:
    Terrorist: Use this point to go to the second bomb site via point G and 
    after you plant the bomb.  This location will cover both entrances 
    there.  Even better, none of the CTs will see it coming except for the 
    ones going through the double doors.  If you're the only one left, make 
    sure no one got past you via point M by listening to the footsteps.
    CT: Very useful since you can either shoot any Terrorist at the box 2 
    area, point B, point C, and the double doors.  The best thing is that 
    anyone at point B will have trouble shooting at you because you can 
    just duck back.  The problem is, you can't guard all those points at 
    once!  That's why you have some of your teammates camping at the same 
    Point E:
    Terrorist: Beware of any CT hiding behind point E, point D, and box 4.  
    Hide behind a wall at point A and chuck a Flashbang above point B as 
    high up in the air as you can so that it will blind anyone at point E, 
    point D, and if a CT is not awake, box 4.  This strategy is risky 
    unless you have buddies backing you up.
    CT: If you choose to take this location, watch out for any Terrorists 
    who might pop out.  Other than that, you can shoot any Terrorists who 
    are at point B.  It's better if you go to box 2.
    Point F:
    Terrorist: Once you've run past point C, wield your Flashbang and throw 
    it to stop any CTs approaching.  No, not straight ahead so that you get 
    blinded too.  You see, the map I sketched may not show it, but there is 
    a part of the wall past point F (to the left of the little stairs) 
    that's angled at 45 degrees up ahead as you reach that point; bounce it 
    off there as high up in the air as you can and it will blind any CT 
    approaching.  As you (hopefully along with others) make your way to the 
    first bomb site, kill any slower CTs going through the double doors, 
    make sure someone is guarding point C or at least F, get someone else 
    to guard the double doors from any further surprises, plant away, and 
    guard the bomb.  Speaking of guarding the bomb, camp at the little spot 
    between the fake door and point C; you can guard both entrances to the 
    site this way.  If the CTs get wise to this, check the tunnel when you 
    hear footsteps and take potshots at them.
    CT: Since you will always beat them to the first bomb site, approach 
    this location at an angle so that you can bounce a Flashbang into the 
    tunnel, blinding any Terrorists, allowing you to get some kills... 
    assuming there are Terrorists there in the first place...
    Point G:
    Terrorist: If you want to plant the bomb at the second bomb site, you 
    might want to consider taking this route instead of the ramp up there; 
    any CT waiting for you at point I and H might catch you if you don't.  
    Once you've planted the bomb, read the paragraph below, substitute 
    "Terrorist" with "CT," and forget about the "planting the bomb" part of 
    CT: Make sure to guard this route if you suspect that the Terrorists 
    might be planting the bomb at the second bomb site.  If you hear 
    footsteps, check this point; if there's a Terrorist coming your way, 
    take potshots at him from your cover and then ducking back.  If he's 
    gone and takes the ramp up instead, go to point H.  If he's halfway out 
    of the point G corridor, throw a Flashbang in there and finish him; he 
    can't run to cover in time before you do so.
    Point H:
    Terrorist: The only reason you would be in the CT base is to guard the 
    bomb after you plant it.  Keep patrolling between point G (Don't 
    actually go there; just guard it.) and point H.  If the CT takes the 
    ramp up, you can easily take potshots at him, going from box to box, 
    and confusing him.
    CT: Read the paragraph above, except for the first sentence; replace CT 
    with "Terrorist."
    Point I:
    Terrorist: Not very useful unless you want to ambush a CT coming 
    through point M to defuse a bomb you planted; fortunately, he probably 
    won't be expecting it since it's usually the CTs who use it.  But just 
    in case he takes the point G route, edge out a little to take a peek 
    when you hear footsteps.
    CT: Pretty much the same idea as above.
    Point J:
    Terrorist: It's probably one of the most common camping points one uses 
    after planting the bomb.  Just watch out for any Flashbangs or HE 
    Grenades the CTs might throw at you if you use it too much.  They might 
    even spray through the double doors to get you.  Point K imo is better.
    CT: Not very useful because you'll only be guarding one of the 
    entrances to one of the bomb sites.  And again, point K is better.
    Point K:
    Terrorist: The good thing about this is that you'll see the grenades 
    coming and get out of the way so that they won't cause too much damage.  
    Also, they cannot spray through the doors without you seeing them.  
    Furthermore, if there's heavy opposition or a skirmish on the other 
    side, you'll be the perfect position to throw a Flashbang or HE grenade 
    right through.
    CT: If point F is secure, you can use this spot to kill any Terrorists 
    who might try to get to the first bomb site through the doors.  You can 
    also shoot the first Terrorist you see who tries to run to the second 
    site via point C.
    Point L:
    Terrorist: You do not want to be running through here because you are 
    susceptible to any CTs at the same location, point D, box 4, and point 
    M.  If you're here, you'll most likely be going for the second bomb 
    site via point M or point D.  The latter is safer imo unless either you 
    haven't killed all the CTs over there or a CT at point M or H saw you.
    CT: Since you're in open area, you might want to stick with crouch-
    style shooting.  Fortunately, if your teammates camp here with you, 
    you'll be covering 3 of the 4 entrances to the bomb sites.  Guard this 
    spot well.
    Point M:
    Terrorist: If you're going to plant the bomb at the second bomb site, 
    you might want to avoid this spot, which leaves you susceptible to 
    point H and I.  Fortunately, if you planted the bomb, you can camp 
    right behind the archway to kill any unsuspecting CTs whether they go 
    through point M or to point G.
    CT: Pretty much the same thing applies, but you can also kill any 
    Terrorists at point L who are busy finishing off your teammates.
    Point N:
    Terrorist: If you position yourself correctly, you can throw Flashbangs 
    or HE Grenades right through the slit of the double doors and maybe 
    even peek through for a chance to pick off any CTs already busy with 
    point C, A, D, and if one of them is busy with point B, box 4.
    CT: No use.
    Box 1:
    Terrorist: Camp between this box and point F so that you can guard both 
    entrances to the first bomb site; it's one of the best camping spots 
    for Terrorists.  If they get wise to this, check the tunnel if you hear 
    footsteps and take potshots.
    CT: Not very useful unless the Terrorists can't break through from 
    point A to C or F.  Besides, if any Terrorist saw you making a dash 
    here, you're dead if he has an ounce of skill.
    Box 2:
    Terrorist: If you managed to get here, watch out for CTs at point E, D, 
    and box 4.  It's not a good spot to take a breather since you have no 
    cover unless you go inside the tunnels toward point A.  From here, go 
    on to point L or back to A if you're being overwhelmed (if you even get 
    the chance).
    CT: If you managed to get here, you can kill any Terrorist at point B 
    without too much trouble or any slower ones coming from point A.
    Box 3:
    Terrorist: Use them as cover from any CTs at point D, box 4, and 
    whoever jumps down from point E or box 2.  You should use pretty much 
    the same strategy as point B.
    CT: Useless.
    Box 4:
    Terrorist: Pretty much the same strategy as point D.
    CT: Pretty much the same strategy as point D.
    Box 5:
    Terrorist: After you plant the bomb, you can use this spot to kill any 
    CTs who came through point F, but not through the double doors, unless 
    they are busy dealing with Terrorists at point J.
    CT: Almost impossible to reach if the Terrorists rushed the first bomb 
    site as quickly as possible because you have to use the little stairs 
    to get up there, which makes you susceptible to any Terrorists at point 
    F.  But if that isn't the case, it's a great place to guard the site, 
    especially if you get your teammates to sidetrack the Terrorists at 
    point C.
                              4. Terrorist Strategy
    It's a Bomb Defuse map; you're on offense and the CTs are on defense, 
    so your team must rush.  The worst matches I've ever played involved 
    the Terrorists camping at point A, always losing because the CTs attack 
    from all sides after I get killed rushing the first bomb site from lack 
    of cover fire.  Also, you should always stick together; never split up 
    unless it's necessary.  Even then, you should only split into 2 groups, 
    no more.  The problem with this is that if one half of your team who 
    has the bomb is dead, your half must retrieve it.  If you keep track of 
    your team, finding it is no problem; getting it to a bomb site is 
    another story if the CTs guard it.  And they will most likely have 
    M4A1s, so side-step when fighting them; don't be surprised if you get 
    shot in the head.  Anyway, most people don't know this, but here's a 
    secret--you can actually plant the bomb on top of the boxes in both 
    bomb sites!  Here's a diagram:
    |                 bb+-------------------------------------------------+
    |                 bbX      Bb                                         |
    |                          bb       ............................      |
    |                                   ..........CT Base...........      |
    |                                   ............................      |
                              To the rest of the map
    In the second bomb site, the X is where you should be, while facing the 
    boxes right next to you.  Now hold the "W" key, move forward, jump, and 
    then crouch before you reach the peak of your jump; you are now on top 
    of the box!  There is a way you can get on top of the large box between 
    you and the CT base from the top of the box you just jumped on, but 
    it's very hard.  Anyway, to show you how to do the same thing at the 
    first bomb site, here's another diagram (I will only show the most 
    important ones):
    |          bbvvvXbb
    |                b
    If you look at where the v's are, you will see a little incline toward 
    the wall.  Stand against the wall where the X is, face the v's, make a 
    running jump onto the boxes to the left of the v's.  Plant away once 
    you get on top...err...scratch that; once you're in the bombing 
    vicinity (When the C4 starts flashing, you should have taken it out by 
    then.), hold the fire button.  If you're good enough, you will be able 
    to jump on the boxes and plant just in time to save a few seconds; 
    trust me, in some cases, it can mean the difference between a success 
    and failure.  Even better, get your teammate to do this along with you, 
    make him crouch, jump on the higher boxes at either of the bomb sites 
    and plant away; the CTs won't know where it is!  After planting the 
    bomb, throw a Smoke Grenade somewhere near it.  Rotate shifts among 
    your teammates guarding the points to throw more Smoke Grenades near 
    the bomb.  In case all of you get killed too early, they'll have a more 
    difficult time spotting the bomb.  If you don't, beware that when the 
    bomb explodes, you and your teammates will be killed if you're caught 
    in the blast and close enough.  Here's the trick: when its starts 
    beeping fast (before it beeps very fast, in which after that is the 
    detonation), scan one last time for CTs, use the radio command, "Get 
    out of there!  It's gonna blow!" and run like hell!  Even if the CTs 
    arrive at that time, it's too late, even with a Defuse Kit.  The best 
    weapons to use on this map for Terrorists imo are AK-47 and Mac-10 (if 
    you're strapped for cash).  Pick up an M4A1 if you kill a CT who had 
    it; it has no weakness whatsoever.
                       5. Counter-Terrorist Strategy
    Fortunately, you have your M4A1s, so use them.  Same thing goes for the 
    Defuse Kits.  Unfortunately, you have to split up your group to defend 
    both bomb sites.  What you can do, though, is utilize the good camping 
    spots, such as point D, box 4, point I and box 5.  If you manage to 
    kill the bomb-bearer, hide somewhere nearby to guard the bomb and use 
    the radio command "Regroup, Team" or "Hold this Position" so that 
    you'll have the whole team guarding the bomb; chances are the 
    Terrorists that might come across you are isolated threats, so it's not 
    that hard to do so.  If the Terrorists regularly monitor the bomb-
    bearer's location, though, be prepared for a big shoot-out.
                                    6. Versions
    Version 1 on April 20, 2002. This one.
    Version 2 will include any correction or new strategies.
                                    7. Credits
    Thanks to:
    - CJayC for posting my FAQ up.
    - The ppl on the internet I learned the bomb-planting tricks from, as 
    well as the battle tactics; unfortunately, I can't remember the IP 
    addresses or usernames.

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