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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Terraknight

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 12/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           The UnOfficial Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists Training Manual v 3.0
                      for Half-life: COUNTERSTRIKE Beta 7.1 and v. 1.0
                           by Terraknight <boynextdoor@gwapo.com>
    :=========================================================: TEAM MULTIPLAY GUIDE ]
    :=========================================================:   FAQ  DISCLAIMER:   ]
    This team multiplay FAQ was made to serve as the purpose of giving tips and
    unsolicited advice on how to play Counter-Strike 7.1. The author would be glad and
    grateful if interested parties would ask before posting this document
    electronically; and would zealously post the latest revision of the said doc
    whenever available.
    Half-Life(c) is a trademark of Sierra. CounterStrike(c) is a trademark of
    Team CounterStrike(credits @ end), the guys behind this great game. Weapon names
    used in the game and in this FAQ are owned by their respective manufacturers. Any of
    the author's opinions on the said devices are matters of personal insights and views
    reflected upon their use in the Counter-Strike game, and are purely objective. I
    don't have to argue with anyone on how efficient those things could actually kill.
    ***Recommended viewing font and size: Courier New at pt. 9 or 10***
    : What's new in this FAQ? ]------------------------------------------------------]
    *new* fresher, user friendly lay-out
    *new* weapons and strategies - including almost all CS v. 1.0 weapons
    *new* map strategies - complete de_dust, cs_militia, cs_mansion
    *more* stuff
    : Some Unsolicited Author Ranting you might want to skip ]-----------------------]
     Yeah, I know-- I've been really lazy updating this FAQ.
     But I suppose you can't blame me either. With CS updates releases almost every week
    and the amount of time I spend playing the game left me with little or no time at
    all to update this project of mine. I guess since CS has finally got that darn VGUI
    up and running and the game has finally hit the retail shelves, I've got to do the
    FAQ right?
     Anyways, I re-wrote the whole darn thing since a lot has of things has changed
    regarding the game's look, feel and more. Besides, the fact that I've been spend
    'til 8am (that's more than 5 hours of CS immersion=one hard, stiff shoulder for
    days) playing the game has left me with headaches (lack of sleep).
     And that's not all. E-mails requesting for copies of my FAQ are piling up my inbox,
    and all I could show them is that old copy posted up at GameFAQS and in rest of the
     Well, that's in the past folks. While I'm still perfecting my AWP skills (guess
    there's more stiff shoulders and headaches coming my way) I'm commited in giving the
    rest of the world the rest of FAQ. That means more maps, more guns and heck a lot
    more tips on how you could survive a round or two of Counter-Strike without having
    your ass blown up by that annoying HE grenade.
     Enjoy the FAQ folks, and stay alive.
    : Starting Up > What is Counter-Strike? <]---------------------------------------]
     Half-Life CounterStrike is made by Team Counter-Strike (counter-strike.net) and
    not Sierra. CS is a mod-- a custom game made by independent groups for play
    within the original Half-Life PC game. Thanks for the guys behind the game for
    clearing that up.
     What makes this game different is the way it simulates actual
    anti-terrorism/urbanized warfare missions. If you've watch those police swat
    videos, and actually liked them, you'd like this too. The thing is: your PC must
    have a 3D accelerated video card to appreciate the smooth angles and lines.
     It's a refreshing change from "kicking the crap" out of your opponent for no
    damn reason in Sierra's original Half-Life, and the other custom games out there.
    If you're hooked up on broadband internet, this is the most addictive of all the
    human shoot-`em-ups out there.
     But still, frag scores are still the thing as well as team win scores (more
    team wins, more money to buy ammo and guns and bombs).
    Stuff I found totally unique to CS:
    1) There's a time limit, to pressure both teams to frag each other or complete the
    mission objectives.
    2) Very good, non-dizzying and detailed animation. If you've got a 3D accelerated
    Celeron or better PC, you'd enjoy all those details.
    3) Very good rules of play regarding the team play aspect of the game. Team
    Counter-Strike should be commisioned by the Pentagon; and make CS their standard in
    urban combat simulators. :)
    4) Excellent simulation of real guns, how they handle, fire and the such. Gun
    hobbyists and marksmen would have a field day on these qualities alone.
    : Starting Up > Explaining the User Settings and Options <]----------------------]
     If you've never played this game before, then allow me to explain a few necessary
    details on customizing your controls and viewing options.
     First off, visit the "Controls" section of the game--where you can assign the
    numerous keys their function for the game.
     The "Buy Menu" is function of buying the numerous weapons and equipment for each
    round of gameplay. This menu select system uses the numeric keys in choosing the
    option you want to take.
     For example, if my "Buy Menu" button is key "F1"-- I'd normally press "F1" to load
    the Buy Menu select options on the screen, then press key "5" then "1" to, for
    example, equip myself with the FN Para machine gun.
     The "Primary Ammo" and "Secondary Ammo" keys are "hotkeys" when loading ammo for
    the weapons in smaller packages. In the case of the said weapon above, I'd be
    getting 10 bullets for my macho gun every time I push the button assign with the
    "Primary Ammo" function.
     Other keys to assign are the directional keys-- commands that make your character
    move. Usually it "W"-- for Move Forward, "S" for Move Back, and "A" and "D" for
    "Strafe Left" and "Strafe Right" respectively.
     Why 'Strafe' and not "Move Left" or "Move Right"? Well, it's because strafing
    allows the player an uncompromised view when spraying his weapon left and right.
    Most players would rather use the mouse to `look at' objects and when moving around
    corners; and its easier to play the game using this function whenever using the
    "Sniper Mode" found in some rifles.
     Speaking of "Sniper Mode", this command is assign as "Special Weapon Function" in
    the control setup system. I'd advise you put this anywhere in the keyboard, where
    you find it easy to access. For me I'd assign this key to 'MOUSE 2'; the right-mouse
    button found in any standard PS/2 or serial mouse. Other functions you'd consider to
    assign to 'Mouse 2'-- "Jump", "Duck" and "Walk". If not, take this things to the
     'MOUSE 1' of course refers to the left-mouse button on the mouse; in this is where
    you'd normally assign "Fire Weapon".
     Other commands you might want to assign keys to are-- "Reload", "Use Equipment",
    "Select Team", "Last Used Weapon" and the "Nightvision".
     "Reload" reloads the weapon, "Use Equipment" allows interaction with elevator
    buttons, defusing C4 bombs, and talking to hostages upon contact in order to rescue
    them. "Select Team" allows you to jump teams in the middle of a map, "Last Used
    Weapon" hotkeys the last used item for use, and the "Nightvision" key is handy for
    those low-visibility missions where you purchased "Nightvision Goggles".
    : Starting Up > Advance Controls <]----------------------------------------------]
    Crosshairs - Very important setting for players who may want the aid of crosshairs
    whenever using the sighting scop of some of the weapons available. Handy for low
    lighting and high accuracy scenarios. I your planning to aim in between some
    obstacles, or while on the move, this might be a wise option.
     Advisable for automatic rifles like the Commando and Steyr AUG. Some of the players
    at my LAN place have taught themselves to forego the crosshairs when using the Steyr
    Scout or the Artic AWP-- and whatever the conditions are, they're sure better at
    aiming the thing. Type this at console: crosshair 1 or 0 to deactivate
    Reverse mouse - thise means the mouse behaves much like an airplane joystick: slide
    up mean you down up, slide down means otherwise. Perfect for flight sim and Mech
    jocks like myself.
    Mouse look - use the mouse to look up and down, and sideways. Highly recommended for
    accurate, on-the-move aiming.
    Mouse filter - smoothens mouse movements from pixel to pixel... nice feature for high
    resolution gaming workstations.
    Joystick look - playing this game with joysticks are not recommended. If you have
    Logitech's Cyberman mouse or an optical mouse for that matter, you're ready to rock.
    Adjust mouse sensitivity - this scroll bar adjusts the responsiveness of your mouse
    to motion from (left) slow but accurate to (right) quick but very quirky.
            |   To adjust your mouse's sensitivity without leaving the game:   |
            |           Type in the console <sensitivity (1 to 100)>           |
    : Starting Up > Customize and Advance <]-----------------------------------------]
     The 'Customize' part of Counter-Strike includes some space where you can place your
    'handle' or name. Each name can contain numbers, symbols and alphabetical characters,
    including spaces.
     You can also choose your decal limit, or the amount of "dirty graphics" you'd allow
    on a particular round. Spray insignas, bullet holes, and blast markings are such
     A lower number would mean a faster rate of play, like graphics and such. Refer to
    how much memory you have installed in your computer and how fast your hard disk is.
    If your HD runs at about 7000rpm and you have 128 MB of RAM, plus you're playing on a
    LAN-- then you could place a much higher number there.
    Smoke grenade sprite complexity: a number ranging from 0.50 to 0.20 is recommended
    for most computers.
    : In Contrast > Here's my Stats <]-----------------------------------------------]
    LAN: Office Plus! Internet Cafe and Gamestation
    - where I play CS in excess, up until 8 am in the morning on some weekdays and
    occasionally on weekends.
    Favorite Maps: de_dust, de_dawn, de_aztec, cs_assault, cs_militia, cs_siege
    Favorite New Maps: de_pisa, cs_oldschool, de_cbble
    Weapon Stats:
    Secondary Weapon: (in order of priority)
     H&K USP Handgun
     Desert Eagle
    Primary Weapon: (in order of priority)
     AI Artic Warfare Rifle
     H&K MP5
     Steyr Aug<=>Commando
     Benelli M3 Super 90
    Equipment: (in order of priority)
     Full kevlar and head armor
     HE grenade
     SG grenade
    System stats:
    Right-Handed weapon
    Maximum Mouse Sensitivity, Reverse Mouse
    Movement: w(up), s(down), a(strafe left), d(strafe right)
    Fire: Mouse Left Button
    Special Weapon Function: Mouse Right Button
    Walk: x
    Duck: z
    Last Used Weapon: f
    Use Equipment: e
    Reload: q
    Jump: SPACE
    Used console commands:
    - turn the color of normal crosshairs to another color. I bind this command to my
    attack button to make the crosshair change colors when I'm firing an MP5.
    /rate 9000
    -maximizes network speed in LAN
    /cl_sidespeed 32000
    /cl_forwardspeed 32000
    /cl_backspeed 32000
    - tweeks the speed of my character
    /gl_alphamin 99999
    -for the de_aztec map-- make the hanging bridge invisible so I could snipe in an
    angle from below or from above.
    bind mouse1 "+attack;model GIGN;" if I'm playing Terrorist
     or "+attack;model artic;" if I'm playing Counter-Terrorists
    - changes my 'skin' to that of my opponent's ;-)
     More on console commands et. al. later
    : Who are the Counter-Terrorist? ]-----------------------------------------------]
    : Who are the Terrorists? ]------------------------------------------------------]
    : ARTICLE 1. SIMULATED URBAN WARFARE 101 ]---------------------------------------]
       So it's your first time to play this game, and  you  know  what  you're doing
    because you've  played other shoot-`em ups before, right?  Well, here's some few
    pointers to help  you start off that career in urban combat, without the messy stuff
    of neophyte kill rates and the "sir yes  sir" atrocities of military boot camps.
    > Section 1.1: Breathing, you're a target. Stop moving, you'll end up a dead one. <
      The lesson here is plain and simple: whether you're on the Terrorists' side or
    the Counter-Terrorists, whatever weapon you have on you, you have to get moving.
    Bullets have a funny way of reaching their target, intentional or not. Never stay
    around in the same place if you want to survive and win each round. If you're having
    difficulty zeroing on a moving target, so does your enemy.
      Since the PC monitor doesn't actually match a real man's field of vision,
    moving around keeps your eye attached at those little details which could mean kill
    points for you in long games: like the burst fire of a far away Artic equipped
      You should also make it a habit to strafe while firing at a moving target.
    Its really assuring to know that whether or not you're facing multiple opponents all
    at once, they would have trouble with a very nasty, hard to frag opponent(that's
    supposed to be you).
      But what if you're carrying those heavy, hard-to-move with rifles? Then switch
    weapons with your other hand, switch back and forth between knife, the pistol and
    your primary weapon. Keep your firing hand on the mouse and the cross hairs on the
    target, then strafe in random patterns. Never jump while strafing, since jumping
    will reduce your movement to half-step, whether left or right.
             | What weapon should I choose? |                                   |
             +==============================+                                   |
             |   Unlike  other  Half-Life  games,  CS  takes  into  factor  the |
             | importance of  a  weapon's  weight  in  affecting  the  player's |
             | overall  moving capacity and speed.  Knives and grenades are the |
             | lightest weapons, followed by handguns.  Shotguns are considered |
             | lighter than submachine guns  because  they lack a magazine that |
             | hold huge amount of ammo.  In fact, this is why submachine  guns |
             | and  rifles  are  heavy--  they  need  bigger, heavier parts and |
             | casings to handle the damage  and  rate of fire this weapons are |
             | designed for.                                                    |
             |                                                                  |
             |    Here's their order of priority, starting with the lightest    |
             |      on top, the heaviest at the bottom: ("<=>" means equal)     |
             |                                                                  |
             |        Combat Knife <=> Grenades                                 |
             |                                                                  |
             |        H&K USP .45 Pistol <=> Glock18 Select Fire                |
             |        Sig Five-Seven                                            |
             |        Desert Eagle <=> Sig P228 <=> Double Beretta              |
             |        Benelli M3 Super 90 <=> Benelli XM1014                    |
             |                                                                  |
             |        Ingram MAC-10                                             |
             |        H&K MF5-Navy <=> Steyr Tactical Machine                   |
             |        FN P90 <=> H&K UMP 45                                     |
             |                                                                  |
             |        AK-47 <=> H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper                              |
             |        Steyr AUG                                                 |
             |        Colt M4A1 Carbine <=> Steyr Scout                         |
             |        Sig SG-550 Commando <=> AI Artic Warfare Magnum           |
             |                                                                  |
             |        FN M249 PARA 5750                                         |
             |                                                                  |
             |   If your primary weapon is  causing  you  to slow down, and you |
             | think you're vulnerable-- switch to your pistol or  knife  using |
             | your  other hand.  Make sure that you keep a hand at your mouse, |
             | using a free hand to switch back and forth your weapons, as well |
             | as move around.                                                  |
             |                                                                  |
             |   You should also consider the  damage  and  the rate of fire of |
             | the  weapon  you're  choosing.    For   example,   rifles   have |
             | `automatic'  rate of fire-- all you have to do is press the fire |
             | button  until  the  ammo  in   the  magazine  runs  out  and  it |
             | automatically change; & manual fire-- where your character  stop |
             | to  load  another bullet to his gun's chamber.  This is why your |
             | sniper's scope view zooms  out  while  using  the Artic or Steyr |
             | Scout and not while using the  Carbine,  Commando,  and  G3/SG-1 |
             | Sniper rifles.                                                   |
             |                                                                  |
             |   While you might think automatic rifles have distinct advantage |
             | over  manual  load  rifles,  this  is where the amount of damage |
             | factor comes in.   Since  the  automatic  rifles are designed to |
             | pump out more bullets per second than other  rifles  are,  their |
             | punching  power  is  not  quite  as  good and constant with each |
             | bullet it fires.                                                 |
             |                                                                  |
             |   This means you need more than a few hits on your target before |
             | they get fragged.  This  `automatic'  feature  also results in a |
             | nasty recoil which shakes the  crosshair  up a little with  each |
             | fire.   Not  a good thing if you're strafing and dodging bullets |
             | yourself.  The Carbine  is  the  only  rifle which suppress this |
             | recoil effect, but punching power is sacrificed in the process.  |
             |                                                                  |
             |    Here's their order of priority, starting with the weapon      |
             |     having the highest damage on top, with the lightest          |
             |     damage at the bottom.                                        |
             |                                                                  |
             |       AI Artic <=> Direct hit HE grenade                         |
             |       Knife <=> Steyr Scout <=> Medium blast HE grenade          |
             |                                                                  |
             |       FN M249 PARA 5750                                          |
             |                                                                  |
             |       H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper                                         |
             |       Sig SG-550 Commando <=> Colt M4A1 Carbine                  |
             |       Steyr AUG                                                  |
             |       AK-47 <=> Benelli M3 Super 90 <=> Benelli XM1014           |
             |                                                                  |
             |       FN P90 <=> H&K UMP45                                       |
             |       H&K MF5-Navy                                               |
             |       Steyr Tactical Machine <=> Ingram MAC-10                   |
             |                                                                  |
             |       Desert Eagle                                               |
             |       Sig P228 <=> FN Five-Seven <=> Double Beretta              |
             |       H&K USP .45 Pistol <=> Glock18 Select Fire                 |
             |                                                                  |
             |   Shotguns  and  the  lone machine gun are amazing crowd-control |
             | weapons which cuts down  a  mass  of  opponents in no time.  But |
             | they lack the authority Artic rifles  and  other  rifles  bring. |
             | Shotguns  are  fearsome  upclose,  but a opponent backing up can |
             | frag any anyone with a shotgun in a considerable range.          |
     Against an experienced sniper, switch to your knife then zig-zag your way towards
    him. If you've played MechWarrior games before, circle the enemy, while firing away
    with a pistol, shotgun, even a knife-- but never a rifle or a machinegun.
     Nevermind the fact that you have to shoot down an unaware target, and they started
    calling you "back fighter". There's nothing cooler than to watch a shootout reduced
    to a mere "rubout"-- someone distracts the opponent while the other sneaks up behind
    with knife in hand, and an evil grin on his face.
    > Section 1.2: My buddy is my body. <
     Always pair off with somebody prior to an actual encounter. Two moving targets
    moving in random patterns are difficult targets for almost all type of weapons--
    especially the rifle equipped sniper.
             | Should I turn the `Friendly Fire' option off? |                  |
             +===============================================+                  |
             |   The Friendly Fire option is there as an option to give players |
             | as  much  realism  as  legally  and  technologically   possible. |
             | Turning  it  off,  provides  an oppurtunity to kid off with your |
             | team mates without any harm or damage.  It also allows you to be |
             | a little careless when pulling that trigger even when you have a |
             | team mate  in  front  of  you.   Unchecking  the "Friendly Fire" |
             | equals more fun.                                                 |
             |                                                                  |
             |   Turning on this option, is for serious gamers only.   I  think |
             | LAN  game tournaments should strictly enforce this option, since |
             | this really increases the level of gameplay.                     |
     Since you're either tailing or leading a pair, remember not to "line-up" up with
    anyone-- no matter where you think the bullet/s would be coming from. The Artic rifle
    has the ablility to pierce through from one end of the map to the other end. I also
    found out that if you got people "sandwiched" in between two opposing forces during
    skirmishes, that guy is good as dead. Even if the friendly fire option is off,
    teammates "accidentally" firing into another teammate while the opponent is firing at
    it also, leaves the third person-- the one sandwiched in between, a ghost.
     Remember, the faster you could kill with a weapon without sacrificing the overall
    mobility and comfort in handling that gun, the better the chances you'd end up with a
    better score.
    > Section 1.3: Practice the Art of "One-Shot Kills" <
     It takes considerable team wins and kills to rack off enough dough to buy the Artic
    rifle. If you're planning to train yourself to be a sniper, acquaint yourself well
    with this weapon. Find how can you use it with efficiency, and use it's weakness to
    your advantage.
     One good advice is to first learn on when pull the trigger. Sounds weird, but I've
    seen to many people get fragged on end games because they thought they've got the
    target on their crosshairs. Unfortunately for them, when they were actually
    reloading, that's the time they got hit.
     Wherever you can, use those dark areas in the map where visibility is low, but
    there's enough space to strafe and move around. But as I always say: "Never stay
    put in one position for too long."
            | Should I turn the `Auto Aim' option off?  |                        |
            +===========================================+                        |
            |   If the  server  got  the  autoaim  on,  go  somewhere else.  The |
            | autoaim screws your actual aim, making it very difficult  for  you |
            | to  frag somebody at a distance.  It suppose to work by sucking in |
            | the cross hairs when it comes  near a target, but you really don't |
            | need it.  (it works well when your targets are up  close,  but  by |
            | then you don't need help hitting a large target any more.)         |
     Learn how to frag people at distances of over 30 meters without using the 4x scope,
    if available. That saves you time from fumbling for buttons to push while you're busy
    dodging bullets and fragging another person.
     Learn how to switch weapons, if the situation demands for it. And if an opponent
    is actually chipping your life away while getting close, back away. And back away
     If you're being attacked in an open field, lead the aggressor to a narrow
    corridor or alley. That way you can guess where he's going to come from, and
    anticipate by moving your crosshairs to that direction. If the enemy have the
    advantage of being on a high ground, HE grenade him to death, or take cover in
    someplace perpendicular to his location. He'll have a hard time aiming that rifle 90
    degrees down, of course, by then you'll see his animation before he see yours and you
    can take the first shot(3D cards work by processing nearby objects in 3D, and far
    away objects in 2D, that way it could run efficiently. Problem is, you could look
    through corners at certain angles because 2D objects don't have depth to begin with.)
     There's nothing really hard in hitting your target, even if your moving yourself.
    If he's approaching you to take advantage of your weapon's weakness, don't use
    the scope and wait his animation become big enough for you to hit, maybe at 10 to 15
    meters. When he moves in closer than that, use your handgun.
     Switching weapons enable you to move without feeling heavy with your Artic. You
    could also remind yourself not to repeat your strafing pattern, and to include
    crouching movements and even use a 3D dimensional enviroment to your advantage.
    Sometimes people tend to forget the objects in 3D have depth, and using this tip
    could help you frag people behind door and walls, above and below buildings, and
    especially while on the move.
     And there's one thing: adjust to a higher mouse sensitivity whenever you equip
    yourself with the Artic. That helps alot in zeroing on a target 50 meters away
    and on the move, since you need so little mouse movement to adjust your crosshairs.
    > Section 1.4: Cheat whilst you can. <
     Having to cheat your way through this game is pretty easy, since as of this faq
    version, CS is still in beta. Almost all the maps contain some sort of bug which,
    everyone CT or Terrorist, can take advantage.
     For example, Terrorists have the distinct advantage in some maps where the mission
    forces the CS deep into its opponent's home court. The advantage lies in the fact
    that a) Terrorists can reload their armor, ammo and grenades if the battle is taken
    into their homecourt; b) Since CT have to move into a much smaller space, snipers
    have a disadvantage against strafers; and c) it's hard to coordinate a well-planned,
    tactical strike-- especially over the internet based games.
     Cheating doesn't really have to be entering a bunch of codes to gain advantage, it's
    using every trick in book to gain some.
             | Are you `Trigger Happy'? |                                        |
             +==========================+                                        |
             |   Most  CS  beginners tend to misuse the automatic weapons-- guns |
             | which wait all the  bullets  in  the  magazine to be fired before |
             | being reloaded then chambered.  What they do is spray off bullets |
             | at the opponent's direction and pray that they frag  them  first. |
             | One observation-- once they pull trigger, they never let go, even |
             | if they're firing at air.  Most of time, it doesn't end that way. |
             |                                                                   |
             |   The lesson here is that  accuracy  is very important, make sure |
             | that all the bullets you've fired counts.  If  both  of  you  are |
             | strafing  and firing at each other at circles, take the necessary |
             | action to put a stop at  it.   Most of my opponents online always |
             | wonder why I always frag them first even if they're equipped with |
             | a  much  powerful  weapon(MP5-Navy  vs  Commando)  even  at  long |
             | distances.                                                        |
             |                                                                   |
             |   Don't  waste your bullets firing at nothing, and someday you'll |
             | thank yourself for breaking the habit.                            |
      Low on cash to actually buy an Artic? Buy a reliable handgun, load up on spare
    ammo, armor and grenades. Then go on a kamikaze strike using the Flashbangs as a
    diversion, then use the HE to chip away their health, then finish off with some well
    placed "head shots". This strategy works better with a team mate leading the way,
    since you could use the help on firepower. You might find some good guns
    the "fallen ones" might have left behind.
      Aside from scavenging for weapons, use the hostages as bait. Whether you're a CT or
    Terrorist, those hostages provide good cover on one on one firefights. Remember, if
    you kill an hostage, that's a whopping deduction to your cash count. But if you can
    make the enemy kill the hostage instead of you, you're good and he's pissed off.
      Speaking of head shots, keep an automatic weapon at head level while firing and
    strafing at the same time. All the submachine guns are good for this purpose; their
    high rate of fire makes it sure you could place some hits at the head area.
    > Section 1.5: It doesn't hurt to camp, just don't get caught napping <
     One of the main lessons of camping is that you never camp alone. You may frag a
    couple while in the process, but it's a slim assurance of the win if you're up
    against a bundle.
     What are the best weapons to take to your camping trip? Well, the Artic AWP gets the
    most votes out there, especially if you consider yourself a natural dead-eye. The
    Benelli Super 90 seems a good choice, 'coz you'd likely to have wounded opponents w
    wielding broken kevlar. Other sniping 'assault' rifles are okay; just stay clear of
    AWP opponents over really-long distances.
     Get yourself a Desert Eagle, too. If you're camping on a budget, the Eagle is a good
    weapon to have around before you take on a shopping trip (that is, salvage yourself a
    good primary weapon like those mentioned above).
     Another good camping trip, requires the perennial camper a good location. In this
    case lettme give out a few examples. In de_dust map, the CT deployment area is one
    such area. In de_aztec, it's the courtyard area fronting the wooden doors to the left
    and right, the dark corridor to the right, and of course the big all crate set in
    diagonal position. Both the CT and Terrorist deployment grounds here are bad places
    to camp into, since there's no place in there you could frag all your you opponents
    without compromising your position.
            | When 'camping', HE grenades are a must. Full-armor kevlars are     |
            | good buys too.                                                     |
                       "What you see, what you hear, what you feel...
                       when you leave, Leave it here." - Silence Creed
    : ARTICLE 2. Counter-Strike WEAPONS TRAINING ]-----------------------------------]
      I've updated the early versions of this FAQ's section and combined the weapon stats
    and strategies. Since I expect this FAQ to grow in dimension pending the retail
    release of Counter-Strike, It would be easier to add more weapons as they come.
     And oh, you can obtain more detailed background info on the guns themselves from
    playing a VGUI(that vee-gooey) game.
    : Section 2.1) Handguns -secondary weapon- ]-------------------------------------]
    is  one of your two standard issue weapons.  Handguns are in  a  specific  weapons
    class  which  deals  large amounts  of  damage  at  close range.  They are light and
    accurate up to 20 meters, and has very high priority at about 2 to 5 meters.  They
    also carry small magazines, and it must  be  made  a  habit  to reload them before
    and after encounters.  Damage is reduced with increasing range, but accuracy is very
    high due the weapon's light and easy handling.
    Secondary weapon: keyboard key "2"
    Primary weapon  : keyboard key "1"
    Combat knife    : keyboard key "3"
    Grenade         : keyboard key "4"
    ***Author's Note: Accuracy values based on author's maximum mouse sensitivity, played
    on a CS LAN game.***
    :---------------------------------------------->[ f1.1-1 H&K .45 Tactical Pistol ]
      Unit Price   : $ 500
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : .45 ACP
       Shots&Max   : 12&54
       Reload Delay: 1-2 secs.
      Handling     : High
      Weapon Class : rate of fire
      Sp. Function : suppressor
      Rate of fire : semi-automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):    Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                   8/10
           15m     :  8/10                   6/10
           50m     :  6/10                   4/10
          100m     :  4/10                   1/10
      Learning Curve: Beginner
      Manufactured by: Heckler & Koch
    Weapons analysis: Personally, the H&K .45 is my weapon of choice (for now) b'coz I
    suck at the Terrorist's handgun of choice-- the Glock18. While yes, the Glock18 does
    have more bullets (that's 20 against the Tactical Pistol's 12 or against anyhandgun
    available in CS for that matter) there's some factors that made me swing in favor of
    this handgun's side.
     First is damage power per bullet per hit. The Tactical has superb punching power as
    againt the Glock18, which has the selectable 'Burst Fire' mode to compensate for
    that. But the Tactical Pistol does better with its choice of .45 bullets that
    performs well-- without the silencer.
    Weapon Strategy: This weapon's  main advantage above the Glock18 is its  ability to
    inflict more damage per bullet ratio. Aim the weapon along the lines of the target's
    shoulder blade. For long range sniping, the active crosshairs help in fragging
    opponents, and suppress the urge to unload the clip in a heartbeat.
     Use the weapon's suppressor whenever doing this, since the accuracy is a little bit
    better. Since handguns doesn't inflict that much damage over long distances, hitting
    the opponent is key rather than chipping them to death.
     Against multiple opponents, unload your weapon on the nearest target, duck for cover
    to reload; then run away facing the nearest opponent  while firing. Jumping helps
    too, but only against opponents with handguns.
    Other notes: The H&K .45 seems to lose some of its punching power when equipped with
    the suppressor accessory. Why equip with the suppressor? Well, it makes the shot more
    accurate at distances. It also aids a little in getting those 'headshots,' which is
    exactly the point of all this handgun training.
    :------------------------------------------>[ f1.1-2 Glock18 Select "Burst" Fire ]
      Unit Price   : $ 400
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : 9mmx28
       Shots&Max   : 20&120
       Reload Delay: 1 sec.
      Handling     : High(semi), Decent(burst)
      Weapon Class : Rate of fire
      Sp. Function : Burst Mode
      Rate of fire : selectable automatic/semiautomatic
      Accuracy(while standing):    Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  8/10                   6/10
           15m     :  6/10                   4/10
           50m     :  7/10                   1/10
          100m     :  ?/10                   ?/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufacured by: Glock
    Weapons analysis: Burst mode means that the Glock18 fires three bullets at a time.
    This reduces the number of shots per clip to 7, as against to the H&K .45's 12 round
    per clip. While the weapon's power doesn't comper much against the ferocity of the
    Desert Eagle, this weapon is effective when used by long-time players in the early
    games-- when everyone is probably without kevlar protection.
    Weapon Strategy: I would tell handgun users to strafe a lot while firing, coz its
    their one main advantage against every other novice to "oh-you-jumped-in-
    and-surprised-me" high caliber weapon. Burst Mode fires 3 shots is one trigger
    pull, kinda like an automatic weapon. The feature makes up for the lack of punching
    power, and it rips up kevlar pretty good.
     Remember that you are more likely to unload a clip faster than any other weapon
    whenever the Glock18 is in "burst mode". Try this little tip: use the semi-automatic
    mode to initial hit your target, then switch to burst fire when you that animation
    indicating you just hit your opponent.
     At semi-automatic mode, this weapon is less than a match against any other handgun.
    You can have clips that can run up to 20 per clip, 120 bullets total though, so don't
    be shy in firing away at this mode.
    Other Notes: It's good to remind yourself to always the Glock18 while steady, it
    seems really ineffective when used as a strafing weapon. It's really hard especially
    when you miss with all three bullets while in "Burst Mode" since the short puse that
    seems to follow is an invitation to trouble everytime.
    :--------------------------------------------------------->[ f1.1-3 Desert Eagle ]
      Unit Price   : $ 650
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : .5
       Shots&Max   : 7&48
       Reload Delay: 2 secs.
      Handling     : Low
      Weapon Class : Power
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : semi automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  8/10                   4/10
           15m     :  6/10                   3/10
           50m     :  3/10                   2/10
          100m     :  ?/10                   ?/10
      Learning Curve: Beginner
      Manufactured by: ?
    Weapon Analysis: The Desert Eagle is a kick-ass handgun that has one glaring flow:
    it's 7 bullet per clip stat. Sure it can go through some wall, crates and obstacles
    to frag an opponent. That cool, considering that even the esteemed FN P90 can't get
    through a wooden door. This handgun is also more than a much against the MP5 at
    extremely close range.
    Weapon Strategy: Ah, the good ole Desert Eagle. Fire it at point blank, make sure to
    aim wherever it hits.
    Other notes: Always partner this handgun with the Artic AWP, if you're not a dead aim
    with your primary weapon at extremely close range. Three direct hits from this weapon
    at point blank are enough to stop that pesky MP5er.
    :------------------------------------------------------------->[ f1.1-4 Sig P228 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 750
      Ammo Price   : $ 50
       Caliber     : 9mm
       Shots&Max   : 13&54
       Reload Delay: 1.5 secs.
      Handling     : High
      Weapon Class : Distance
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : semi automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                    6/10
           15m     : 10/10                   10/10
           50m     :  6/10                    5/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Beginner
      Manufacured by: Sig Industries
    Weapon Analysis: I have found this handgun to be a very reliable weapon, especially
    during skirmishes still early in the game. The rate of fire is fairly decent, and is
    a better alternative than your standard issue weapons. If you're thinking of gaining
    an early lead on scores, make this weapon a habit; if not the buying HE grenades.
    Weapon Strategy: The Desert Eagle suffers a bit in accuracy when firing at opponents
    at a distance. This weapon has better stopping power at long distance firefights
    because it performs better while the moving sideways. This makes the opponent easier
    to hit while the you'll maintaining a safe pattern of movement that would keep you
    out of any incoming bullets.
    :------------------------------------------------------->[ f1.1-5 Double Beretta ]
      Unit Price : $ 1000
      Ammo Price   : 50
       Caliber     : 9mm
       Shots&Max   : 30&120 (that's 15 rounds per gun)
       Reload Delay: 2.5 secs.
      Handling     : High
      Weapon Class : Style?
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : semi automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                    6/10
           15m     : 10/10                   10/10
           50m     :  6/10                    5/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Advanced
      Manufactured by: ?
    Weapon analysis: A good weapon for all those John Woo fans who wanna do it like
    Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage/John Travolta flick Face/Off). Not for those who has this
    habit of reloading often :). Anyways, this weapon bites(a lot) when aiming at a foe
    at about 15 meters, and improves as the target get closer. Damage per bullet hit is
    pretty sad at about 8-10 meters. But this weapon remains a sure deal if you want to
    frag in style.
    Weapon Strategy: When equipped with this weapon, remind your self not to reload only
    if you clip is below 5 bullets of something. It's hard to underestimate this weapon's
    really long reload delay, and it's always fatal if you find yourself in the middle of
    a firefight while reloading the damn thing.
     When firing your Double Beretta, keep it at bursts of 5 or less, to keep the
    accuracy and the hits up. And just like it's 9mm handgun counterpart-- the Glock18,
    keep the crosshairs at your opponents shoulder area to rack up those head shots.
    :-------------------------------------------------------->[ f1.1-6 FN Five-Seven ]
      Unit Price   : $ 750
      Ammo Price   : $ 50
       Caliber     : 5.7 x 28mm
       Shots&Max   : 20&?
       Reload Delay: .80 secs.
      Handling     : Intermediate
      Weapon Class : Style
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : semi-automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                    8/10
           15m     :  8/10                    7/10
           50m     :  6/10                    5/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Fabrique Nationale
    Weapon Analysis: Not much could be said about the FN5-7 except that it's suppose to
    be an equalizer of sorts when up against the Desert Eagle, or the even the Double
    Beretta. It's feel while aiming at high mouse sensitivity gives it a much higher
    priority than the CT standard issue-- the H&K .45 because it delivers slightly higher
    damage per bullet hit plus it has 20 ammo to boot.
    Weapon Strategy:
    : Section 2.2) Shotguns -primary weapon- ]---------------------------------------]
    Are weapons made to provide maximum damage for close quarter combat involving
    multiple targets. It has pellets for bullets, which scatter in varying directions,
    hitting anything in its path. This weapon is suitable for use in narrow corridors or
    rooms, and against submachine wielding beginner type opponent-- it has the fastest
    reload time compared to all weapons, but has the magazine of a handgun. Like the
    handgun, the shotgun's maximum damage will reduce at increasing distance. Use this
    weapon specifically for large crowds of opponents at extremely close range, nothing
    :---------------------------------------------------[ f1.2-1 Benelli M3 Super 90 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 1700
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : 12 gauge     
       Shots&Max   : 7&48
       Reload Delay: 1/4 second
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Spread Damage
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : manual
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  9/10                    7/10
           15m     :  7/10                    6/10
           50m     :  4/10                    1/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Advance
      Manufactured by: Benelli
    Weapon Analysis: The Super 90 shotgun packs a lot of punch per round of ammunition
    shot. Each shot fired takes a second to chamber in another ammo, and to some newbies
    who are used to automatic weapons dishing with high rate of fire this feature could
    be down right annoying. But wait, this shotgun require minimum skill in accuracy when
    firing at any range, since it's spread shot assures a hit as long as its used at the
    direction of the target. The shotgun's concussive damage is enough to frag opponents
    at 5 meters or less if they forgot their kevlar protection, and the spread shot is
    enough help for anyone who wants to aim at an opponents head and get away with it.
    Weapon Strategy: The Super 90 shotgun lacks priority when it comes to "strafe"
    friendly objects like the MP5 or the Steyr AUG. One tip to follow when firing at such
    situation is to run and head for immediate cover, and wait out 'til he runs out of
    ammo. Submachine guns and other assault rifles tend to empty themselves in a second
    or two. Your Super 90 also has no chance against sniping opponents who are in between
    door openings and obstacles. This weapon is a must for maps with extremely narrow
    spaces, like the Vegas and the Resident Evil maps.
    Other Notes: This weapon is an excellent trainer for the AWP. The Super 90 teaches
    the value of every shot (since there is a nasty reload in between) and the competence
    of using the HUD crosshairs when firing. Take advantage of the Super 90's ability to
    produce a delaying hit animation whenever it's ammo hits.
    :--------------------------------------------------------[ f1.2-2 Benelli XM1014 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 3000
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : 12 gauge     
       Shots&Max   : 7&32
       Reload Delay: 1/2 second
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Spread Damage
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : semi-automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                    7/10
           15m     :  7/10                    4/10
           50m     :  ?/10                    1/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manfactured by: Benelli
    : Section  2.3) Submachine Guns -primary weapon- ]-------------------------------]
    Provide maximum rate of fire without the low priority  handling  of  machine guns
    and automatic rifles. They are good middle-ground choices as weapons, provide decent
    damage  at medium range, and does little to hamper player movement.  They are
    designed to rip apart kevlar, but their weak punching power does not pierce through
    concrete, doors, even galvanized roofing(unlike rifles).
    :----------------------------------------------------------[ f1.3-1 H&K MP5-Navy ]
      Unit Price   : $ 1500
      Ammo Price   : $ 20
       Caliber     : 9mm
       Shots&Max   : 30&120
       Reload Delay: 1.15 secs.
      Handling     : High
      Weapon Class : rate of fire
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):     Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                   10/10
           15m     :  7/10                    9/10
           50m     :  5/10                    5/10
          100m     :  1/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Heckler & Koch
    Weapon Analysis: The MP5 is the most recognizable short arms weapon in the modern
    world today. With hundreds of variations and appearance in international released
    films, it's obvious why the MP5 has remained both Ct and Terro favorite. First is the
    fact that the MP5 can deliver results in almost any possible scenario where quick aim
    is important and strafing is a must. The MP5 also delivers excellent accuracy at
    almost all distances. The rate of fire is better, making it an excellent spray weapon
    of choice that can guarantee head shots whenever, where ever.
    Weapon Strategy: Try to take advantage of the MP5's mobility by including skills like
    firing while jumping; firing while executing random strafing patterns; point blank
    firefights won by suddenly crouching and long range sniping while firing at burst
    mode. Take care not to take out against long range opponents carrying the AUG or the
    Commando, or engage opponents in close quarters equipped with the AK or the Carbine.
    Remember kids, open areas and strafing are your pals against this baddies.
    :------------------------------------------------[ f1.3-2 Steyr Tactical Machine ]
      Unit Price   : $ 1250
      Ammo Price   : 20
       Caliber     :
       Shots&Max   : 30&120
       Reload Delay: 1.5 secs.
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : rate of fire
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                    8/10
           15m     :  9/10                    8/10
           50m     :  7/10                    6/10
          100m     :  6/10                    4/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Steyr Industries
    Weapon Analysis:
    Weapon Strategy:
    :----------------------------------------------------------------[ f1.3-3 FN P90 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 2450
      Ammo Price   : $ 50
      Bullet Size  : 28mm
       Type        : 5.7
       Shots&Max   : 50&100
       Reload Delay: 2.25 secs.
      Handling     : Fair
      Weapon Class : Rate of Fire
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):      Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  8/10                    8/10
           15m     :  8/10                    7/10
           50m     :  7/10                    3/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    ?/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Fabrique Nationale
    Weapons Analysis: When I first started playing CS, this is the first gun I'd
    regularly go out and buy. It has plenty of ammo, have a really insane power and rate
    of fire similar to a machine gun and aims well while strafing. This weapon has one
    problem though, its shaky recoil.
     The FN P90's design makes it obvious that it tries to solve that problem by placing
    the second handle perpendicular to its nozzle. That way, it's supposed to stop
    shaking, enough for you to get a decent shot. But by the time you have, you're
    so low in ammo you have to duck behind cover and reload.
     FN P90 have distinct advantage against players using assault rifles upclose,
    especially the Commando and AK-47 rifles. While the FN P90 lacks the power of
    longer guns, it has more ammo in its magazine(50/Reload) against the 30 or so bullets
    that the rifles have. And since rifles are designed to be fire at a stationary
    position, this submachine gun can out flank rifles anytime.
    Weapon Strategy: When the FN P90 is an exceptional melee weapon of sorts the is
    effective against up to two opponent at a time.
    :---------------------------------------------------------[ f1.3-4 Ingram MAC-10 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 1400
      Ammo Price   : $ 50
       Caliber     : .45 caliber
       Shots&Max   : 30&90
       Reload Delay: 1.25 secs.
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Rate of Fire
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):      Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  9/10                    8/10
           15m     :  8/10                    9/10
           50m     :  7/10                    4/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    1/10
      Learning Curve: Advanced
      Manufactured by:
    Weapon Analysis: The MAC-10 is a pretty decent weapon similar in design with the FN
    P90. It's magazine loading with .45 caliber rating-- which means it has the punching
    power of the H&K pistol. It does have this nasty recoil effect which makes it an
    underdog against my all time fave, the H&K Navy submachine gun. In fact, the sharks
    in my place have a hard time adjusting to the weapon, but maybe it's all
    psychological or something.
     Overall, it's a fairly decent and inexpensive weapon which deals a little better
    damage than the Steyr Tactical but still isn't at par with the FN P90 in terms of
    all-around punching power.
    Weapon Strategy: As the constant MP5 user, I'm almost always victimized by the
    Ingram's better damage at point blank. One thing to remember about this weapon is
    never attempt to use this to spray against multiple enemies, because this gun doesn't
    perform much when rate of fire is concerned. This means if you fired the weapon from
    left to right automatically, the gaps between the bullet holes with be substantially
    wide. Better stick to burst of 3 or more ammo, and to your target's upper body
    :-------------------------------------------------------------[ f1.3-5 H&K UMP45 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 1400
      Ammo Price   : $ 50
       Caliber     : .45 caliber
       Shots&Max   : 25&90
       Reload Delay: at about 1.25 secs.
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Rate of Fire
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):      Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  9/10                    8/10
           15m     :  8/10                    9/10
           50m     :  7/10                    4/10
          100m     :  ?/10                    1/10
      Learning Curve: Advanced
      Manufactured by: Heckler & Koch
    Weapon Analysis:
    Weapon Strategy:
            | If  you're  running  for  cover  from  a  much  more aggrressive |
            | opponent, NEVER run with your backs turned towards the enemy.  I |
            | find that  move  very  idiotic,  since  you  could  do  more  in |
            | protecting  yourself  by switching weapons, and out strafing the |
            | opponent until you frag him.                                     |
    : Section  2.4)  Rifles -primary weapon- ]---------------------------------------]
    Are the safest choice when equipping for the long battle ahead. They are designed for
    far away targets as well as piercing through walls and doors(in an attempt to hit
    someone behind those structures).
    : 2.4a) Assault Rifles ]---------------------------------------------------------]
    Assault rifles have automatic fire, heavy handling, and the reload time of a
    slowpoke. Attempting to strafe while handling this baby is an attempt at vanity, so
    remember to switch to your knife whenever you're reloading and heading for cover.
    :-----------------------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-1 AK-47 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 2500
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : 7.62
       Shots&Max   : 30&90
       Reload Delay: 2 secs
      Handling     : Fair
      Weapon Class : Assault Rifle
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                        8/10
           15m     : 10/10                        6/10
           50m     :  8/10                        6/10
          100m     :  7/10                        4/10
      Learning Curve: Advanced
      Manufactured by:  ?
    Weapon Analysis: This piece of metal is pretty good. Lots of firepower up front and
    is more stabilized than the FN P90. It's quite surprising that it's pretty light and
    handy in those heavy firefights like duck and cover situations.
     The reload time is pretty nasty though, as well as the fact it doesn't carry a
    sniper scope, unlike the other guns available in its class.
    ***Author's Ranting: The AK 47 supposed to be fired from the shoulder, but the
    weapon's "equipped" animation (on CS v. 1.0) shows it being fired from the ways. My
    theory: that contributes to the weapon's ability to be inaccurate against far-away
    Weapon Strategy:
    :-----------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-2 Colt M4A1 Carbine ]
      Unit Price   : $ 3100
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : 5.56
       Shots&Max   : 30&90 
       Reload Delay: 1.75 secs.
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Heavy Assault Rifle
      Sp. Function : supressor
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  9/10                        9/10
           15m     :  9/10                        7/10
           50m     :  7/10                        7/10
          100m     :  6/10                        5/10
      Learning Curve: Beginner
      Manufactured by: Colt
    Weapon Analysis: 
    :---------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-3 Sig SG-550 Commando ]
      Unit Price   : $ 4200
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : armor piercing
       Shots&Max   : 30&90
       Reload Delay: 1.50 secs.
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Heavy Assault Rifle
      Sp. Function : 2x scope
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                        9/10
           15m     : 10/10                        7/10
           50m     :  9/10                        6/10
          100m     :  6/10                        2/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Sig Industries
    Weapon Analysis: This sleek and black weapon is everything you can imagine about
    standard military hardware. It can pierce into almost anything, has fast rate of
    fire, and the kevlar shredding power of the good `ol machine gun. Don't run into any
    one-on-ones with Artic though, 9 out of ten says you're going down.
    Weapon Strategy: This heavy assault weapon stands a very slim chance when used
    against the Artic AWP. Take care to disregard using the sniper's scope when
    necessary... this reduce your strafing speed to a minimum-- easy targets for the
    opposing Artic sniper. The MP5 also out prioritizes this weapon in close quarter
    combat, since this weapon isn't probably designed for that use. With that in mind,
    choose targets that are easy to head shot, backs away from ya and who are in open
    :-------------------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-4 Steyr AUG ]
      Unit Price   : $ ?
      Ammo Price   : ?
      Bullet Size  : ?
       Type        : armor piercing
       Shots&Max   : 30&90
       Reload Delay: 1.80 secs
      Handling     : High
      Weapon Class : Heavy Assault Rifle
      Sp. Function : 2x scope
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  9/10                        8/10
           15m     :  9/10                        8/10
           50m     :  7/10                        7/10
          100m     :  7/10                        4/10
      Learning Curve: Intermediate
      Manufactured by: Steyr
    Weapon Analysis:  This Beta 6.0 addition is a fine rifle that can be used for duck
    and cover situations. Just like the AK-47 it performs extremely well in duck and
    cover situations. It does have a sniper scope though, and that's enough for me to
    like this rifle. A little tip: try firing at regular intervals on sniper scope mode.
    Pretty handy for sniping submachine equipped opponents unseen.
    Weapon Strategy: Unlike the Commando assault rifle, the AUG has very high priority
    against upclose targets. Keep
    : 2.4b) Sniper Rifles ]----------------------------------------------------------]
    This type of weapons serve one purpose only, take in a kill point with as little ammo
    as possible. This feature is evident in the Artic(One-shot dead) and the Steyr
    Scout(Two-shots dead) rifles. But like all sniper rifles, they suffer from "tunnel
    vision syndrome" (can't see at close proximity and at very narrow angles) at 4x scope
     Sometimes you zoom in at the wrong time, at the wrong target, some opponent would
    come out from nowhere with knife in hand getting ready to stick it in you while
    you're still obviously occupied. Or, a submahine gun opponent comes in close strafing
    for his life, firing and chipping away some health points from you. If you're not
    good enough to back up, switch weapons or something, say good bye to your precious,
    expensive rifle.
    :-----------------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-5 Steyr Scout ]
      Unit Price   : $ 2700
      Ammo Price   : ?
      Bullet Size  : .385
       Type        : armor piercing
       Shots&Max   : 10&60
       Reload Delay: 0.75secs
      Handling     : Decent
      Weapon Class : Light Sniper Rifle
      Sp. Function : 2x & 4x scope
      Rate of fire : automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters:  8/10                        7/10
           15m     :  9/10                        8/10
           50m     : 10/10                        8/10
          100m     : 10/10                        9/10
      Learning Curve: Advanced
      Manufactured by: Steyr
    Weapon Analysis:
    Weapon Strategy:
    :-----------------------------------------------[ f1.4-6 AI Artic Warfare Magnum ]
      Unit Price   : $ 4750
      Ammo Price   : ?
       Caliber     : .338 Lapua Magnum
       Shots&Max   : 10&30
       Reload Delay: 2.5 - 3secs.
      Handling     : Low
      Weapon Class : Heavy Sniper Rifle
      Sp. Function : 2x & 4x scope
      Rate of fire : manual
      Accuracy(while standing):       Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                        4/10
           15m     : 10/10                        7/10
           50m     :  9/10                        9/10
          100m     :  9/10                       10/10
      Learning Curve: Super Advance  
      Manufactured by: Accuracy International
    Weapon Analysis:
    :----------------------------------------------------[ f1.4-7 H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper ]
      Unit Price   : $ 5000
      Ammo Price   :   ?
      Bullet Size  : 51mm
       Type        : 7.62
       Shots&Max   : 30&90
       Reload Delay: 1.5 - 2secs.
      Handling     : Fair
      Weapon Class : Automatic Sniper Rifle
      Sp. Function : 2x & 4x scope
      Rate of fire : Automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):      Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                       8/10
           15m     :  9/10                       9/10
           50m     :  8/10                       6/10
          100m     :  7/10                       5/10
    Weapon Analysis: I find the H&K Sniper a strange weapon. It provides the easy
    handling of the Carbine and the Steyr Scout, and the sniper scope capabilities of a
    manual load rifle.
     Extremely accurate while standing, I think it's a little less powerful than the
    Commando. If you can live without the 4x sniper scope, I recommend you pick the
    Commando or the Carbine. If you want the high frag scores, master the Artic.
    Weapon Strategy: Perfect camping weapon when buddied with the AWP. What makes this
    weapon sucks: don't strafe/spray with it, never use this in close skirmishes, and
    always aim for the head. This baby's rate of fire is slow, like 1 round every quarter
    of a second. It's punching power is not as half as bad, just don't aim for the
    kevlar. The slow rate of fire means the lack of 'hit animation'; that slight pause
    opponents are into whenever they are hit by the Commando, Carbine and AUG rifles.
    ***Yeah I know, I still lack one sniper rifle... watch for it next time***
    : Section 2.5) Machine Gun ]-----------------------------------------------------]
    :-----------------------------------------------------[ f1.5-1 FN M249 PARA 5750 ]
      Unit Price   : $ 5750
       Caliber     : ?
       Shots&Max   : 100&200
       Reload Delay: 1.75 - 2.5secs.
      Handling     : Low
      Weapon Class : Machinegun
      Sp. Function : N/A
      Rate of fire : Automatic
      Accuracy(while standing):      Accuracy(while strafing):
            5meters: 10/10                       6/10
           15m     :  9/10                       4/10
           50m     :  7/10                       3/10
          100m     :  3/10                       1/10
    Weapon Analysis:
    Weapon Strategy:
    : Section 2.6) Combat Knife ]-----------------------------------------------------]
       Weapon select 3
       Standard issue weapon
    Weapon Analysis: Using the knife is fairly simple, just get as close as you can to
    your opponent, then rapidly press the fire button, which in my case, MOUSE1. Remember
    to strafe while striking though, your target may have some cover fire lurking around.
    Make this weapon a habit whenever you find yourself rushing out of enemy fire in
    order to reload.
    : Section 2.7) Grenades ]--------------------------------------------------------]
     Weapon select 4
     Grenades have plenty of uses. The perfect crowd control weapon, the best weapon
    against opponents staging an ambush in dark, hard to hit areas and the number reason
    why the CT teams are afraid to storm in and blast every Terrorist faction to
    oblivion. Every person detailed to go guard the exits should be equipped with one,
    and should be trained in throwing, timing and other related skills to use this weapon
    with efficiency.
    :----------------------------------------[ f1.8-3 Concussion "Flashbang" Grenade ]
       Price: $ 250
       Max effective range: 6-8 meters
    Weapon Analysis: The Flashbang grenade provide excellent crowd control cover for any
    purpose. Aside from depriving the opponent a visual field to work with, it is an
    effective diversionary tool to provide ample cover for entrance, blitz, then exit.
    Snipers positioned far from the field of explosion are not affected by the blast at
    all. As the name implies, it "whites out" the screens of every body looking at its
    direction, good up to 5 meters.
    :--------------------------------------------[ f1.8-4 HE(High Explosive) Grenade ]
       Price: $ 300
       Max effective range: 5-6 meters
    Weapon Analysis: The Flashbang grenade provide excellent crowd control cover for any
    purpose. Aside from depriving the opponent a visual field to work with, it is an
    effective diversionary tool to provide ample cover for entrance, blitz, then exit.
    Snipers positioned far from the field of explosion are not affected by the blast at
    :--------------------------------------------[ f1.8-5 SG(Smoke and Gas) Grenade ]
       Price: $ 450
       Max effective range: inf.
    Weapon Analysis:  Now here's the equipment I've been literally dying to get my hands
    into. The Smoke Grenade is the perfect equalizer for Artic Snipers or any kind of
    snipers for that matter. It fogs the target's field of vision long enough for a
    decent escape or tactical strike. In fact, if used properly, all of us MP5 would have
    a field day in the frag charts.
    : Section 2.8) Equipment ]-------------------------------------------------------]
    :-----------------------------------------------------------[ f1.8-1 Kevlar vest ]
       Price: $ 800
       + 100 upper body armor
    Weapon Analysis:  The Kevlar vest provides decent upper torso protection against all
    weapons fire, but not against the Artic Rifle. If attempting close range combat
    against a sniper though, it is advisable to at least wear one.
            |    Using  the flashlight actually makes it harder for anyone who |
            | is using a sniper scope to get a hit, both on LAN & 'Net games.  |
            |                                                                  |
            |   Those  additional  light  sources  actually  brings  down ping |
            | times, I don't know whether  broadband  multiplay  games  suffer |
            | from the same thing.  On our place's LAN, there where cases when |
            | the  mouse  is  harder  to control, it's like the crosshairs are |
            | jumping from one point to another, rather than sliding.          |
    :--------------------------------------------------[ f1.8-2 Kevlar vest + Helmet ]
       Price: $ 1000
       + 100 body & head armor
    Weapon Analysis: The Kevlar vest provides decent upper torso protection against all
    weapons fire, but not against the Artic Rifle. If your an Artic sniper looking for
    long range duels with another of your kind, don't wear one. If attempting close range
    combat against a sniper though, it is advisable to at least wear one.
           | How does Kevlar Armor work? |                                      |
           +=============================+                                      |
           |   It's funny how a piece of cloth could  provide  some  protection |
           | against  a piece of metal propelled many times the speed of sound. |
           | Yes, that's exactly what  kevlar  does, it resists the penetration |
           | of bullets.  Exactly how, you might ask?                           |
           |                                                                    |
           |   The principle behind it is fairly simple,  stop  the  bullet  by |
           | absorbing  the  energy  that  makes  the  bullet move in the first |
           | place.  It's strength is  behind  its  design, it stretches like a |
           | trampolin mat with someone jumping  on  top  of  it.   Instead  of |
           | actually  stopping  the  bullet  like a brick wall, it absorbs the |
           | kinetic energy of a speeding bullet.  No energy, no motion.        |
           |                                                                    |
           |   That's why it still chips  away  health points when it hits you. |
           | Even though the kevlar stops the bullets from punching a hole into |
           | your body, it won't stop a rain of lead from beating the crap  out |
           | of  you.  In real life, you could get bruises and even break a rib |
           | from getting hit with too many bullets at the same time.           |
           |                                                                    |
           |   Shotguns  are "one-shot" killers at 2m or less. Note  that  your |
           | the integrity of your kevlar remains  intact. You  don't die b'coz |
           | of   bullet   wounds, but  the  shotgun  pellets   inflict  severe |
           | concussion and internal damage.                                    |
           |                                                                    |
           |   Damaged kevlar does  more  harm  than  good.  Since kevlar armor |
           | consists of a layer of material which leaves  the  bullet  in  the |
           | vest, the overall strength of the armor is reduced.  Since kevlar, |
           | is  only  4%  elastic(it  stretches  up  to  4/100 its size before |
           | breaking) damage will cause that  number to fall, meaning it would |
           | lose its `trampolin' effect on bullets before being of any use.    |
           |                                                                    |
           |   Armed authorities wearing  kevlar  usually  removes  them  after |
           | being damaged, even though it only got one bullet shot in it.  You |
           | should  refill  your  armor  too  every  respawn,  as long as it's |
           | damaged.                                                           |
    :--------------------------------------[ f1.8-6 Defuse Kit(CT Team Members only) ]
       Price: $ 500
       Use Equipment Hotkey
    Weapon Analysis:  Defuse planted C4 bomb in security area. If successful, the CT
    team wins. A must for all CT members playing "protect the base from C4 attacks"
    maps like cs_dedust.
    :-------------------------------------------------[ f1.8-6 Night Vision Glasses ]
       Price: $ 1200
       Default hotkey "N"
    Weapon Analysis: All-green vision for low visibility scenarios. What's next...
    thermal signiture glasses?
    :---------------------------------------: Article 3. ADVANCE SCENARIO STRATEGIES ]
    :------------------------------: Section 3.a) The Assault Map(cs_assault) Trainer ]
     What should I know about the Assault Map, whether I'm a Terrorist or a CT?
      Secure all exits first, and report in all attempts to get out or in, whether its an
    opponent or not.  Dark, shadowy areas are good places to set up ambushes and sniper
    placements. If you're strapped for cash, this map is a perfect for gun vultures who
    would rather wait out for the fallen to leave their guns behind.:)
      If your team is successful, the cash equivalent of the hostages would be added to
    every team member's account.  Kill the hostages, you get $ 1000 bucks off your cash.
     Why play in the assault map?
      Gameplay is fast and furious in this map, and expect all skirmishes to end withing
    4-3 minutes, with each team having a maximum of ten members each. It's also a good
    map to train all possible skills-- sniping, strafing, movement under heavy enemy
    fire, proper use of grenades, and terrain strategies.
    :-------------------------------------------: a.1) Counter-Terrorists Deployment ]
     Deployment Area:  Just outside  enemy HQ, near counter-strike surveillance van.
     Your Objective :  Rescue three scientists deep within  enemy  headquarters or
    eliminate  all  your opponents with extreme prejudice within the given time.
    :-----------------------------------------------: a.2) --> Terrorists Deployment ]
     Deployment Area: Inside an empty, dilapidated warehouse
     Your Objective :  Prevent your opponents from rescuing the hostage inside your
    security room.
    :----------------------------------------------: a.3) Mission Map 1: CT Deployment ]
      W                                 <== 9
    WWW WW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~W      WWW  <== 8
    ss     ##                      WWW
    ss   >>>>>HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHssss <== 7
    ss   >>>>>HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHssss        Symbol Legend:
    Wh   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <== 6   W    : A wall
    Wh   +-------------------sssshW             >, ^ : Angled Elevation
    sh            HH         ----h<======== 5   H    : Roof, High Area
    Wh   hhhshhh  HH  HH         h              s    : Dark Area, Low Visibility
    Wh   hWWWWWh      HH         h<======== 4
    Wh   hWWWWWh       LHHD----DHW              L : Ladder
    Wh   hhhhhhh        HHHHHHHHHW<======== 3   # : Obstacle, crates
    Wh                  HHHHHHHHvW              v : Air Vent exit
    sh      #           HHHHHHHHHW<======== 2   D : Main Exit, Normally Open
    Wh * HHHHHHH        HHHHHHHHdW              d : Back Exit, Single Bias
    Wh  LHHHHHHH         L      -W<======== 1   * : CT Van
    WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW            W              - : Door/Fence
    	 :     WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.........     h : not so high wall
      e  .  d  .  c  .  b  .  a  .  Coords
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+   0/0
    (a.3-1) Warehouse--> Terrorist HQ (Perimeter: a/1, b/1, a/4, b/4)
      The warehouse was designed to provide the Terrorists as much advantage as they can
    get. Early in the game, a complete counter-terrorist unit can gain early advantage by
    manning the surveillance van; eliminating members of the opponent one by one; and by
    utilizing quick, successive and well planned strike which would chip away the
    scattered terrorist defence.
      Main Exit :  Half opened garage  door fronting elevated bridge, a closed,
                   darkened bridge underpass with a half-opened fence gate.   It
                   has  a  two-level  cargo  container vans on top of each other
                   located at the corner of  its perimeter with a ladder leading
                   up to the roof.  Provides sufficient cover from  sniper  fire
                   from the bridge.  Symbol:  D----D
      Vent Exit : a multi-level vent exit only a crouching person could enter.
                  it  leads  to  a elevated platform inside the building.  Once
                  inside, there is a second  air  vent  right in the middle and
                  above the passage leading to a steel grating just  above  the
                  security area.  Symbol:  v
      Backdoor :  a one-way kitchen door that  opens  with  an  annoying  sound
                  effect  which  telegraphs the location of the activity.  When
                  entering, it is advisable  to  have  some cover fire to drown
                  the noise, and a solid gameplan to strike fast then  get  the
                  hell  out  of  there.   It's  exit leads into a small two-man
                  alley.  Symbol:  d
        Ladder :  Two  ladder  leading  to  the  main  gate  via the red cargo
                  containers, and one just in beside the back exit.  Symbol:  L
        Others :  the warehouse has a two-level roof, with slanted  elevations
                  along   its   perimeter.   Sniper  positions  here  have  the
                  advantage of cover against bridge positioned snipers.
    (a.3-2) Office building--> Perimeter (d/0, d/1)
     This building is strategically located to provide cover fire to four directions: the
    warehouse rooftop, the bridge, the back exits and the main exits of the warehouse.
     CT Van :  Use your "Use Equipment"  key  to  toggle  the  surveillance
               screens  inside  the  van.   You  must  lead  the the rescued
               scientists here to win the game.  It also provides cover from
               enemy  fire  from  the  bridge  exit  and  warehouse rooftop.
               Symbol:  *
     Crates :  Two blue colored  crates  arranged  to  provide  cover  from
    	   incoming  enemy  fire from the back and main exits direction.
    	   Symbol:  #
     Ladder : Exit leading up to the office building roof and down to the
    	  CT van. Symbol: L
    (a.3-3) Bridge--> Area (a/7, b/7, c/7, d/7)
     The bridge has a angled ramp exit going into behind a building fronting the
    warehouse main exit. Perfect view of the of the office building rooftop, a view of
    part of the warehouse rooftop and back exit alleys. Not much cover from enemy fire
    here, except from behind the administration building(Area d/3, d/4) and the dark area
    at the end of the bridge(area 0/6).
    (a.3-4) Administration Building--> Area (d/3, d/4)
     That building behind the blue cargo container box where most counter- terrorists are
    deployed. It provides suitable cover from enemies exiting from the back exit, the
    roof top, and the bridge. It has an elevated perimeter which is inaccessible from the
    ground level, but provides a way out if you ever find yourself stuck on top of the
    blue cargo box. (Which by the way is possible by jumping off the two level red cargo
    containers after climbing the ladder beside it.)
     The tip here is not to jump from the blue box, just run towards the direction of the
    administration building. Jumping will chip away at both your health and armor
    a.3-5) Blue cargo container--> Area (c/4)
      The blue cargo container which lies parallel the red one and creates a small
    corridor leading into the warehouse main entrance.  It hides the people coming from
    and into the main exit, and is the perfect stage for ambush attacks by anyone.
    a.3-6) Red cargo container--> Area (b/4)
      One of the two ways going up the warehouse roof. It's a double decker cargo
    containers on top of each other with a ladder going up to the roof. It is placed
    exactly at the corner of the warehouse's outer perimeter, and provides good postition
    for ambush or get away.
    WWW WW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~W      WWW
    ss     WW               W      WWW      Mission Map 1: Tactical Positions
    Wh   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Wh   +-------------------ss5shW         ~the numbers note possible
    8h     10     14         ----h           locations of players taking the
    Wh   hhhshhh  HH  HH         4           offensive.~
    Wh   hWWWWWh      13    3    h
    Wh11 hWWWWWh       LHHD----DHW
    Wh   hhhhhhh        HHHHHHHHHW
    Wh                  HHHHHH2HvW
    9h      #           HHHHHHHHHW
    Wh * HHHHHHH        HHHHHHHHdW
    Wh  LHHH1HHH         L      -W
    a.4) Outdoors: Counter-Terrorist Map Strategy
     1.) Securing this area as a possible sniper lookout is an advantage. It provides
    visual cover for all three warehouse exits, as well as an elevated field of vision
    which is difficult to match. Unlike the warehouse rooftop & bridge however, this area
    is vulnerable to repeated HE grenade attacks from below, doesn't have offer enough
    room to strafe, and cover from enemy fire in order to reload.
     2.) The vent entrance is a popular option when penetrating the enemy stronghold. It
    has alot of disadvantages though: a) people in the vent can only exit out of it one
    at a time, the rest inside are sitting ducks and the one out of it is in for an
    ambush; b) people can just HE grenade the vent and kill everyone inside; c) rifle
    ammo can rip through the vent from inside the warehouse and kill the anyone in the
     3.) When going inside via the main gate, stick to the sides of the elevated platform
    inside, each spotting snipers from above, the sides and especially in front of you.
     4.) A strategic rifleman position for those who are spraying bullets through the
    warehouse walls. This also provides a good position to stage an ambush against all
    opponents attempting to exit the warehouse via the big garage gate.
     5.)  This dark space just below the bridge is perfect place for snipers who are
    taking out opponents inside the warehouse.  Don't stay in this place too long, it's
    exposed to enemy fire from above-- the red cargo boxes and the warehouse rooftop
    itself. You'll also find out that terrorist grenades from inside the warehouse can
    chip away your health in this position.
     6.) The bridge position is important in so many ways. It's a good position to take
    out snipers and opponents from the back exit alley, the warehouse rooftop, and the
    office building rooftop. It also provides more than enough space to strafe in, unlike
    the office building which is vulnerable to he grenade attacks from below, with no
    other alternative exits but the ladder and jumping off.
     7.) The darkest area in the whole map, perfect for H&K Sniper users or Carbine
    riflemen who thinks they can shoot it out against an Artic on top the warehouse roof.
    Just watchout for the guys coming out the back exit.
     8-9.) Two dark areas with similar conditions like the one near the foot of the
    bridge. The one fronting the blue box can easily toss HE grenades to chip away at
    opponents exiting the warehouse. The one at the backdoor can provide some wide angle
    cover fire at the roof area.
     10.) Either stage an ambush behind the blue box or the little dark area at the side
    of the administration building. Or...
     11.)  Wait it out for some of your team mates to die and go get their guns, or...
     12.) Use any rifle to spray some bullets at the warehouse's back wall, hoping some
    would actually hit your opponents inside. Or...
     13.) Get on top the red cargo box, hold your position for an ambush, or stage the
    ambush at the bottom of the ladder for all upcoming oponents. You're exposed to
    opponents' grenades at this position though. Or...
     14.) Jump off to the blue box and hold your ambush position there. Effective for
    overstaying idiots who are at the end of the bridge.  You could spot snipe the back
    alley and the warehouse rooftop too.
            | Things to remember when attempting to penetrate enemy hq: |      |
            +===========================================================+      |
            | 1) Use HQ grenades to clear  the entry points:  whether it's the |
            |   garage door, the vent, or the back exit.  There's nothing more |
            |   frustrating than ending up in a middle of an ambush.   If  you |
            |   feel  like  doing  a kamikaze, carry an HE, enter via the back |
            |   door under the cover of  rifle  fire, throw them while inside, |
            |   then switch to your knife while you scamper away  towards  the |
            |   garage door.                                                   |
            |                                                                  |
            | 2)  Once  in  a  while, the CT must attempt to enter through the |
            |   front gate...  guns  blazing.   Since  the  Terrorist would be |
            |   scattered monitoring exits, they'd be running around  confused |
            |   when  you and your team suddenly all burst into the front gate,|
            |   taking  the  Terrorist  team  one  by  one.   There's  nothing |
            |   frustrating   than  a good, well-planned  guard duty  gone  to |
            |   waste.                                                         |
            |                                                                  |
            | 3) Always proceed inside  under  the  cover of weapons firing, a |
            |   diversion, or with the attitude of taking as much opponent  as |
            |   you can before they got to you.  Not much good on your scores, |
            |   but helps alot teamwork wise.                                  |
    a.5) Outdoors: Terrorists Map Strategy
     1.) Since Terrorist deployment is so much nearer to the warehouse's three exits,
    move to secure this exits or, armed with an Artic, go outside and take a shot or two
    at a CT before hurrying back inside.
     2.) It would be possible that there would be a few of CTs heading for each exit. Use
    HE and Flashbang grenades at your discretion.
     3.) The warehouse rooftop is an important place to secure. If you're deployment is
    at the 2nd Floor, near the airvent entrance, grab a buddy and head out to the
    rooftop. At the warehouse rooftop, secure the following positions:
       a.) Office Building rooftop above the CT van.
       b.)  Dark areas near the CT van, at the foot of the bridge, and the area
    	   of the administration building.
       c.) The bridge
       d.) Back door alley
      The important thing is that you have a buddy or two to serve as your "guards" when
    some CT attempts to climb on to your location using the red box ladder or the back
    alley ladder. The Office building location is the next important location to secure,
    since it's the most useful spot for the CTs and the hardest fire upon from below.
     4.) Use the red and blue cargo boxes as a  useful cover when you're attempting a
    grenade throwing spree against CTs still in the deployment area. The blue and red
    cargo boxes forces people entering and exiting via the main to "line-up", perfect for
    automatic rifle fire.
     5.) If you're about to frag some sniper stuck in the bridge, switch to your knife,
    arm yourself with an HE, then move in for your kill. If you really care to time your
    weapon firing in between the sniper's reload, you'll win.
     6.) Be careful whenever you're near the CT deployment area. There's alot of shadows
    in there, and their camo match their enviroment to a tee. You could reload your ammo
    in two areas outside: near the red box at the warehouse's corner and the other near
    the the back exit corner.
     7.) Use the dark area below the bridge to stage an ambush. The half-opened fence
    serves as a cover for nasty CTs attempting to sniper their way from outside the front
    a.6) Mission Map 2: Terrosist Team HQ
     Ground Floor:
      +----D-----D-------+            Legend:
      |    |     |   B   |            D-----D  : Half-opened garage door
      |  HH|     |P   B  |____._____             Main exit, Front gate
      |  HH|     |        P        |  HHHH, HH : Cargo container
      |    |     |             ssss|        HH
      |    |     |       |P   +ssss|         P : pillar supporting second
      |____|     |_______|    |ssss|         _   second floor structure
      |ssss|     |sssssss|P   |ssss|     s , s : angled surface leading to
      |ssss|     |sssssss|    |ssss|     -       elevated platform.
      |    |     |   B   |P   +----|         B : boxes, crates
      |L   |     |       |    .____|         L : Ladder
      |B   | HHHH|       |P   |              | : walls
      |B___|____d|_______|____|          . , + : corners
                                             d : swing door, back exit,
     2nd Floor:
                                      =, [] : one person air vent,
                                              crouching position, steel
      +----D-----D+--^^-------+           # : airvent exit from the
      | +---------+  ##       |               outside, rooftop
      | |HH       +--[]--+    |_____     ## : steel grating exit
      | |HH          []  |    |    |          inside security area
      | |            []  |    |ssss|    | } : metal platform w/handrail
      | |            []  |    |ssss|          fronting the other 2nd flr
      | |       #====L===L    |ssss|          with crouching hole into
      | |                |    |ssss|          security area; and ladder
      | |                |    |ssss|          near back exit
      | }            B   |    +----|     ^^ : Sliding door, security
      |L         ________|____.____|          area
      |B     HHHH             |         hhh : (3)Three Hostages
    Updated Hostage Room for cs_assault release version Beta 6.1:
    |              h|    Legend:
    |              h|    +    : corners
    |   +-----------+    |, - : walls
    |              h|    h    : hostages
    |              h|    ^^|^^: sliding doors
    (a.6-a) Main Gate
      1st floor: Half opened garage gate leads into a road up to the back of the
    warehouse. It ends with a blue cargo box on top of a red cargo box.
    (a.6-b) Multi-level 1st floor
     The area at the back of the warehouse is actually lower than the floor surrounding
    the front entrance. There is an angled elevation connecting the two somewhere in the
    middle. If you're standing right in the middle of the road leading to the front gate,
    you'll be seeing a red cargo box, and a bunch of glass on your left. While on your
    right is a box of crates, and an entrance with a red light leading up to the second
    (a.6-c) Red cargo box
      The red cargo box covers the back exit from view, as well as the first thing
    somebody would see up front when entering the garage gate.  It is placed near the
    warehouse corner, but there is enough space for a person to move along its sides
    fronting the warehouse wall. It has an elevated view of the garage gate.
    (a.6-d) The "redlight" corridor
      This is the floor below the concrete 2nd floor accesible via the angled ramp near
    the two crates up front. Not much here, but it provides some cover for those times
    when you need to reload your weapon's ammo.
    (a.6-e) Security area
      The small room that serves as a junction of the steel and concrete platforms. It
    has a sliding automatic door which also serves as an entrance to the room where the
    hostages are.  Beside the sliding door, there are three panels that serve as
    surveillance cameras located outside the warehouse, very similar to what the CTs have
    in their van. If you actually explode an HE here, you could injure some of the
    (a.6-f) Air vent
      Hollow steel tunnel that can be used as CT entrance. It has two levels: with the
    second vent running from above and middle of the first one.  The main vent exits to
    the concrete platform in the 2nd floor. The second one runs into a metal grating that
    can be destroyed by any weapon, and exits through the security area ceiling.
    (a.6-g) Concrete Second floor
      Provides excellent guard position for the air vent and the front gate. It has
    access from the 1st floor via ramp at the end, and the small hole leading to the
    steel platform. If you try to right strafe at the end of the 2ns floor, with the ramp
    just at your left, you can float up until you reach the front of blue cargo box on
    top of the red box.
    (a.6-h) Steel Second floor
     The steel second floor is located parallel to the second floor, and can be accessed
    through a ladder at the back of the warehouse near the red cargo box and the "duck"
    or crouch hole which leads to the security area. It is basically a poorly-lit steel
    platform placed at the opposite side of the warehouse with handles at the side.
      The strategy behind this area is to place yourself in the corner, where the light
    is so poor you can hide in the shadows while guarding the back, front and air vent
    exits. If someone is entering via the air vent and a spotter repoorts it through the
    radio, align yourself with the vent and spray rifle fire into the area. If he exits
    via the security area, use the same strategy. Try not to stay too long in this area
    though, your position is compromised against Artic equipped snipers in the bridge and
    those sneaking in from the back door.
    a.7) Terrorist Map Strategy.
     1.)  Have two persons man the airvent exits: one at the security area  while the
    other at the other exit.  Destroy the grating on the security area airvent exit, so
    you can throw HE grenades inside to flush out your opponent.  One common mistake:
    staying right in front of an open air vent exit. If you can spray some bullets into
    the vent using a rifle, so can your opponent.
     2.) Use grenades and rifle fire to clear the back alley. Time your grenade throwing
    expedition so you won't waste money.
     3.) Have at least two persons manning the front gate. Both could carry Artic rifles;
    or one with a Commando, and the other with an Artic. If someone could spare the cash,
    have that third person throw HEs to the outside from the red cargo box or the crates
    found in the elevated platform.
     4.) If you've got a few, brave men, secure your hq's rooftop. Then clear the Office
    building of snipers, the bridge, and all dark areas. There's a spot at the roof where
    you could buy your ammo too.
     5.) Teach yourself to take the first shot whenever you're deployed near the back or
    front exit, especially if you're armed with an Artic. Both exits provide good covers,
    the back alley and the cargo boxes at front, for you to take out unsuspecting CTs who
    are still buying they're weapons and ammo.
     6.) You don't have enough cash, scavenge for weapons by tailing your teammates on
    guard duty. Get yourself some kevlar and extra ammo for your hand gun.
     7.) If everyone goes out, EVERYBODY MUST GO OUT. CTs are no match if your team held
    these three positions: the red and blue cargo boxes at front, the back alley, and the
    warehouse rooftop.
    a.8) Indoors: Counter-Terrorist Map Strategy
     1.)   Once inside, head out to the hostages.  Even though you can't rescue them
    right now, at least you've got yourself some money.
     2.) Entering through the vent isn't such a bad idea, if you've got the right tools.
    Equip yourself an HE or Flashbang to clear your exit, then switch to your rifle or
    shotgun to take out the enemy. If you plan on being a little more covert, here's what
    imagine 007 gonna do. Sneak up on your opponent and knife your way through him. Oh,
    by the way, look out for that Terrorist on guard at the vent's second tunnel(that's
    above the ladder at the vent's middle).
     3.) The dark, shadowy area above the red cargo box is a perfect place to snipe
    Terrorist scum once you exit the vent via the security area. Equip yourself with a
    Carbine or an Artic for this purpose.
     4.) Provided you finally entered the warehouse, be wary about being a target of a
    crossfire. If you have a buddy with you, never move around in a line, since rifle
    fire can go through both of you at the same time. Avoid grenade attacks by switching
    to your lighter weapons-- the handgun or the combat knife. And stay at the sides to
    protect yourself from enemy fire from above.
     5.) If you're fighting someone at the red box dark area, never fight him from the
    security area, or through that crouch hole at the side of the security area leading
    to the steel platform. Choose between the concrete 2nd and even the first floor as
    your position.
    a.9) Assault Map End Game: Check Mate
      While you have have trained yourself well to expect help from your team mates,
    whenever your up for encounters with another group of opponents, one-on-one duels on
    this maps are very difficult to win. Be a little too careful, you end up with the a
    round in draw and with no cash. Be too aggressive, then you lose the round for your
       To tell you the truth, you don't stand alot of chance  in  beating  more than  one
    opponent, especially if you're playing online on the Net. But if you can stick to a
    principle,  a  strategy  or style to win-- maybe you can strike it rich, at least for
    that particular round.
      Rule number one, and this rule applies to almost all maps, make the A1 Artic the
    weapon of your choice. It doesn't matter that it handles like a cheap car, switching
    to lighter weapons when on the run could solve this. Learning on how and when to fire
    this weapon will teach you a valuable lesson on winning endgames, long-distance
    firefights reduce the odds of you getting fragged, it also teaches you that every
    shot counts.
      Rule number two, scatter your opponents by constantly moving around. Never handle
    more than one enemy at the same direction at the same time. Never stick to one area
    of the map, no matter how comforting that position is. The idea is to frag your
    opponents one at the time, and at least avoid getting yourself in unnecessary
    crossfires. Find elevated positions that will force the opponent to fight you one at
    a time.
     Never attempt to out strafe opponents on end games situations. It's best to choose
    to fight your battles at long distances and with you controlling some advantage in
    elevation(like the warehouse roof). Avoid melees with automatic weapons at any range.
    If you're the remaining CT seek refuge outside, while Terrorists can hide out in the
    warehouse's second floor when still facing multiple opponents.
    :------------------------------------------------: The Dust Map(de_dust) Trainer ]
    What should I know about the Dust Map, whether I'm a Terrorist or a CT?
        The Dust Map is a defuse the C4 bomb scenario that take place in a Mexican ruins
    setting. After spawning in positions neutral to the targets, the Terrorist team must
    proceed and escort a member carrying a C4 bomb to be placed on one of the two
    targets. Primary target is a bunch of crates located at the far exit of an old
    tunnel, an open courtyard marked by a big "X". The secondary target is a fortified
    location similar to the first one; it's where the Counter-Terrorist team is deployed.
    Why play in the de_dust map?
        While the Terrorists are given the advantage here, it's a fun little map where
    you could focus on fragging the opponents rather than finding them. I find this map
    very appealing since both teams could act aggressively in offense; and when that
    happens, you get intense games that would leave you talking about it hours after your
    last game. Very addictive, just hope they add a pop-up help text on the HUD for
    inexperienced CTs who have trouble defusing the darn bomb.
    a.1) --> Counter-Terrorists Deployment
     Deployment Area:  Secondary bomb site, a courtyard adjacent to the primary 
    		   bomb site.
     Your Objective :  Eliminate all Terrorist team members.
    		   A) Prevent Terrorist members from planting C4 bomb in 
    		   either Primary bomb site or Secondary bomb site(your 
    		   deployment area.)
    		   B) Locate and defuse C4 bomb once planted in any of the 
    		   the target crates.
    a.2) --> Terrorists Deployment
     Deployment Area: Far opposite end of de_dust map, open courtyard
     Your Objective : Plant C4 bomb in either primary bomb site, or secondary  bomb
    site(the CT deployment area). Bomb site are marked by spray painted "X"s in the
    middle of the courtyard surrounded by crates.
    a.3) Mission Map 1: CT Deployment
     The Counter-Terrorist Deployment is basically a wide area courtyard that has two
    exits which leads to a) a sniping point with a view fronting the "Bat Cave" exit
    above the tunnel; b) the half-opened wooden door that leads into the primary bomb
    site and c) flanking positions covering the other exit of the deployment area.
       b    A
    ======+ W
          | wwwwwwwwwwwwwAAWW     Legend:
          |           aBB  aW     B: Tall Boxes
    B  1  +===+        b    D     b: Small Boxes
    b     >>>>>           6 D     >: Inclined level, arrow indicates 
    ===-======+             W        direction going up.
    BB 2                   BW     W, w: Wall
    B  wwwwwww+w     wwww+wwW     +: Wall Edge
    Wwwwwww  wa       BBwa  W     =, |: Gutter
    W                  Bw   W     X: Bomb Site
    W  +wwwww               W     1: Under the bridge, going to       
    W  wWWWWw               W        Terrorist Deployment Area
    W  wWWWWw    7          W     2: Counter-Terrorist Sniping
    W 5w b                  W        Point, a)Under the Bridge
    W  wWWWWw w     wwwwwwwww        b) Door to Bomb Site 2
    W  wWWWWw w     wBB     W        c) Archways
    W         w     wB  S   W     D: Big, wooden door, half-way open
    Www  wwwwww     w   3   W     A: Archway Entrance
    W                  bb   W     3: Crates Area, Bomb Site 1, Sniping Point
    W    4      bb   b  X  bW     4: Counter-Terrorist Deplyoment Area
       5: Darkened Corridor, Backdoor to Counter-Terrorist Deployment
       6: Wooden Door, Half way entrance to Bomb Site 2
          Archway Entrance to "Bat Cave", corridors leading to 
    	  Terrorist Deployment Area and Archway Exit fronting
    	  CT Sniping Point 1
       7: Open Courtyard
       a: Ambush Areas
       S: Sniping Point
    3.a) Bomb Site 2
             WB     W 
            WW       W
    	    W        BW               +WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW+
    ========+        BW               w     w      b    W
       b    A         WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW+     +S         bW
    ======+ W            b             S                W
          | wwwwwwwwwwwwwAAWWWWWWWWWWW+     |wwwwwwwwwww+
          |            BB   WA BB         S             W
    B  1  +===+        b    D                B          W       
    b     >>>>>           6 D                   X       W             
    ===-======+             W                b     b    W  
    BB 2                   BW                BB    BB   W  
    Wwwwwww  wA       BBwA  W
    W                  Bw   W  Bomb Site 2, shown here
    W  +wwwww               W  in relation to CT D Area
    W  wWWWWw               W
    W  wWWWWw    7          W  Legend:
    W 5wSb                  W  X: Target Area
    W  wWWWWw w     wwwwwwwww  B: Crates, Big Boxes
    W  wWWWWw w     wBB     W  b: Small Crates
    W         w     wB      W  A: Ambush Area
    Www  wwwwww     w   3   W  S: Sniping Point
    W                  bb   W
    W    4      bb   b  X  bW
    : a.4) Counter-Terrorist Map Strategy ]------------------------------------------]
    Make Camp> Unlike the Assault Map, the Dust map takes care to include a moderately
    fortified CT deployment area that is relatively easy to camp in with, given the
    proper conditions and skills.
    Using the two maps given above, note the two entrances leading outside of the CT
    deployment area. the first one to the left is a dark corridor leading to the CT
    sniping area. The sniping area face the following important areas of responsibility.
    1) Using the map's reference where up is north, the sniping area takes car of tunnel
    area below, where the crates are perfect cover for advancing foes. Take note that
    since the CT sniping is elevated, you'd see the opponent's feet first before they see
    your sweet sniping face.
    2) Also up north is the "Bat Cave's" first exit, with the huge crate in front. In
    here opponents would do two things: they'd either jump and spray at your direction
    automatic rifle fire, or peek and hopefully snipe you with an Artic.
    3) The third hardpoint is the one fronting the second bomb site's double doors.
    Snipers facing this direction should scan the area to the left of this area, because
    this is where the second exit of the Bat Cave is located. Again, opponents will
    either snipe or spray you with ammo in here.
    4) Beyond the double doors (which is half-closed) you see a green crate. That's
    direction you'd look for when spotting enemy snipers residing in that area.
    Another possible camping area is within the CT deployment area as well. At the end of
    the long ramp leading further south of this courtyard, there are numerous crates to
    the west side and at the center. The East side guards against opponents sneaking up
    the dark corridor, and the ramp itself is a good cover for those half-hidden sniping.
    The CT Blitz>
    : Console Commands ]-------------------------------------------------------------]
     Here's a quick list of commands  you can tweak and toggle to enhance your CS gaming
    experience. Obtained from counter-strike.net, maintained by Cliff Davis
    :-------------------------------------------------------------[ Server Options: ]
    mp_limitteams (default 2)
    Maximum number of players that one team can have over the other. To
    entirely disable team limiting, set to 0.
    sv_restartround (default 0 sec)
    Time until the game restarts fresh, or 0 to not restart. This will reset
    all frags, scores, weapons and money to default. Use this to coordinate
    clan matches.
    mp_autokick (default 1)
    Enable automatic team-killer banning and idle client kicking.
    mp_chasecam (default 0)
    Limit observers to chase modes.
    mp_c4timer (default 45 sec)
    C4 timer duration. Minimum of 15, maximum of 90.
    mp_freezetime (default 6 sec)
    The length in seconds of the Freeze period at the beginning of rounds. Set
    to 0 to disable.
    mp_roundtime (default 5 min)
    The maximum length a round can last, in minutes. Minimum of 3, maximum of
    mp_friendlyfire (default 0)
    Set to 1 to enable friendly fire, 0 to disable.
    mp_timelimit (default 0 min)
    Period between map rotations.
    mp_footsteps (default 1)
    Set to 1 to enable footsteps, 0 to disable.
    mp_flashlight (default 1)
    Set to 1 to enable the use of flashlights, 0 to disable.
    sv_sendvelocity (default 0)
    Set to 1 to enable complex server physics and decals ( for low lag
    situations), 0 to disable.
    :---------------------------------------------------------------{ Client Options ]
    rate (default 2500)
    This command controls how much information you recieve from the server you
    are connected to. For a 14.4 connection set your rate to 1500, a 33.6k
    connection should be 3000, a 56k 3500, an ISDN should be 5000, and all
    connections faster than that should be between 5000 and 9999.
    cl_observercrosshair (default 1)
    Set to 1 to enable crosshairs in Observer mode, 0 to disable.
    cl_hidefrags (default 1)
    Set to 1 to hide all frag/death counts on the Scoreboard but your own, 0
    to show.
    hud_centerid (default 0)
    Set to 1 to center auto-ID text on screen, 0 to have auto-ID text in the
    bottom left corner.
    Infokey settings. Type "setinfo" to check the status of all infokey
    settings. To change one, type "setinfo  ".
    +showradar (default)
    Turns radar on.
    Removes radar from your screen.
    Bind this key to toggle NVG when purchased.
    i.e. bind z nightvision
    InfoKey Keynames:
    dm (default 1)
    Set to 1 to display map briefings after loading new levels, 0 to disable.
    ghosts (default 0)
    Set to 1 to see ghosts when in Observer mode, 0 to disable. Disabling
    ghosts can potentially improve lag in high lag situations.
    ah (default 1)
    Set to 1 to enable auto-help, 0 to disable. Auto-help gives the player
    hint messages throughout the game.
    >From the e-mail:
    Serpent Snake of Malaysia e-mailed me about:
    r_netgraph (default 0)
    Here's my evaluation of the command:
    TerraK: " What does command do is run an interactive network ping ratings in
    your HUD. There's stuff like your like how fast your animation is,
    FPS(frames per second) and a graphs that shows realtime network activity in
    a certain direction. Pretty useful for zeroing in on opponents and
    detecting ambushes. Try inputting a numerical number up to 5 for different
    from friends:
    gl_alphamin (number)
    shows/hides particular environ objects... like hanging bridges and ladders.
    model (skin command)
    change player skin for a couple of seconds.
    ***visit the CS website for more console commands and scripting advice.***
    : xiv. The CS Team ]-------------------------------------------------------------]
    Name     : Gooseman
    E-mail   : gooseman@counter-strike.net
    Position : Project leader, Head modeler, Head coder, Head-job
    Name     : cliffe
    E-mail   : cliffe@counter-strike.net
    Position : 2d-graphics, sound effects, QA, PR, game design, etc.
    The Mappers:
    by MacMan
    Zaka zaka@mbnet.fi
    by Jo Bieg
    by TYR
    by KaRRiLLioN
    by Barney (aka Narby)
    by Chris Mair
    by Bluestrike
    by Andrew Aumann
    by Markus
    by N0TH1NG
    by N0TH1NG
    by CryptR
    by Davej (Curtains)
    by Hobbit
    The texture Artists:
    Chris Ashton (aka Macman)
    Ido Magal
    HUD Ammo Sprites:
    Splash and Console 2d Art:
    : FAQ Copyright Stuff ]----------------------------------------------------------]
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way,
    shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a
    freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered
    format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be
    made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc.,
    with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
    Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees or
    associates, etc. of any company, group, business, or association, etc., nor can it be
    used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc.
    or in any other form of printed or electronic media (including mediums not
    specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
    or inclusion), without the express written permission of the author, myself. If you'd
    include an acknowledgement of using this document as a reference in a bibiography
    within your term paper or thesis or homework, fine.
    This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Terraknight. All copyrights and trademarks
    are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
    If you find this file altered in any way; posted in any other website or
    commercial(which means your site hosts ad banner/s other than those provided by the
    company hosting your webpage) publication online without this author's personal
    obvious written consent (like an acknowledgement in this document) please feel free
    to contact this author.
    For all those vultures attempting to make their own FAQ using this document-- all
    information here are exclusively gained from playing Half-Life: Counterstrike on our
    neighborhood LAN, and this author's personal opinions as well as observations. What
    you see here was first seen here, and if you see something similar on other faqs,
    don't patronize rip offs.
    : What's up next in CS FAQ v 3.1? ]----------------------------------------------]
    Dunno... lets just wait and see what's gonna happen in CS next update, k?
    : Acknowledgements ]-------------------------------------------------------------]
     The CS CT&T manual has been posted in numerous websites, old and new alike, and
    has been translated into HTML and several other foriegn languages. With that said,
    I'd like to dedicated this part of the FAQ to the people that made CS the best
    head-to-head, on-network, team gameplay videogame out there.
     I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to the brave men and women contributing to
    the betterment of the Counter-Strike cause: from the game's designers, texture
    mappers, map artists, and the like. 
     The same goes to the numerous guys and gals who are at the helm of Counter-Strike's
    future: the players who spend their vacation and study/work time a like just to
    experience the excellent gaming experience that is Counter-Strike. If not for these
    esteemed souls, this game and this FAQ wouldn't be where it is right now.
     Thanks to the players at my LAN place, Office Plus!: Chiney, the Timawas Robert and
    Lime, Renren, Ninjaboy, L@nce, Dick Israel, Ohoy!, Bakero_Ne, Prime, Buster, R2ro and
    the list goes on... everyone who I've had the pleasure of competing with and against,
    for giving me the skill and imparting me the knowledge used in this FAQ.
    :-------------------------------[ xvi. Post Mortem ]-----------------------------]
          The LAN neighborhood where I rent out the system to play multi-player CS
             games only carry original CS 7.1 add-ons. I don't know where to get
            additional software patches on misc stuff like naked hostages, bloody
               knives et. al. Nor am I interested in acquiring such software,
                           b'coz they're purely aesthetic anyways.
          Flames, comments, suggestions, are most welcome & shall be acknowledged.
             The official Half-Life: CounterStrike webpage--> counter-strike.net
                         CSSkins--> http://skins.counter-strike.net/
                    Anarchy Design--> http://anarchy.counter-strike.net/
                       CSNation--> http://csnation.counter-strike.net/
                     CSClanworld--> http://clanworld.counter-strike.net/
                     Counter-Server--> http://server.counter-strike.net/
            "The Unofficial Counter-Terrorist & Terrorist Training Manual" v 3.0
             for Half-Life: CounterStrike PC game, copyright 2000 by Terraknight
              First published Online on GameFAQs(www.gamefaqs.com) December 2000
               ~"This document's latest revision is always found at GameFAQs"~
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