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"Fantastically addictive with many people, even in 2008"

This game is great. Seriously, we've been having fantastic fun at my school with our 20-player deathmatches. even those who we'd normally call awful at games are starting to play like pros.

- Have no impact on gameplay whatsoever, so I shan't put forth any rating. I doesn't matter if they're good or bad, they're irrelevant.

SOUND 7/10
- Now here's something; useful sound. In a match, you need to hear what's going on. You don't sit there listening to background music, you don't sit there with your iPod in, you sit there carefully listening for footsteps, command calls, gunshots, I've even been hiding behind boxes and heard a terrorist come and plant a bomb for me to defuse seconds later.

- As long as you have other people to play with, you will never get bored. Winning is fun, dying is fun, just hope that you aren't playing with irritating/childish people who are likely to shout "OOOOWNED!" every time they get a lucky headshot. Make sure you play for fun, because that's what makes a game... fun.

- Truly fantastic. Living (sort of) proof that graphics do not make a game good. It is outstanding gameplay that makes a game good. You will spend hours learning the maps, finding a weapon combination that is right for you, learning all the techniques, and this is all perfectly executed. You will love the feel of sneaking up on an enemy and getting him with your knife, you will love the feel of popping up behind some boxes in front of a guy holding a sub machine gun and then taking him out with your pistol. You will love the feel of sending command calls to your elite team. You will love the feel of sniping someone about to plant a bomb. And most of all, you will love the fact that these are people you can communicate with. This is an incredible game even seven years after release.

- If you buy games for graphics, don't buy this. Go and buy Winnie the Pooh's Magical HD Adventure. If you buy a game for it's incredible content and gameplay, buy Counter Strike. It is one of the best multiplayer First Person Shooters I have ever played, but do be warned; it's not much fun to play by yourself. I f you are at a school or an office, somewhere you can have LAN matches regularly, then this is most certainly a game for you and your friends. Just don't cheat, that's no fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/12/08

Game Release: Half-Life: Counter-Strike (US, 11/08/00)

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