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"$10 for a 10 Year old game = Awesome gameplay for a very long time."

All I can say is WOW. CS or Counter-Strike started of as a Half Life Mod and went through its first beta stages in June 18th 1999. During that time, the game has become a Phenomenon reaching 10000 members in 2 weeks.

Enough of the intro, lets get on with the review:

Game play (10/10):
Even though this game is based off the Half-life engine, the game play is one of the main reasons why so many players would like to play Counter-Strike. This game will get you using your Fast reaction, fast reflexes and of course, Common Sense. Players have all these weapons of choice that they can choose from such as the popular M4A1 & AK-47. There are 2 teams in counter-strike. The Terrorists team (Baddies) and the Counter-Terrorist (Good Dudes). Each team will have a significant role to play in every map. In the game there are lots of map modes but there are 3 default map modes whereas in of the map modes, the terrorist have to plant the bomb and detonate their targets and the Counter-Terrorists have to defuse the bomb (de_maps) or the Counter-Terrorists have to rescue the hostages from the evil Terrorist (cs_maps). There is also another one where the Counter-Terrorists have to escort an Important Witness or the "V.I.P" to safety without getting him executed. My favorite mode is the de_maps. But importantly why this game is so great is the ability make play on heaps of mods for CS. CS is already mod to Half Life but you can also play mods for cs such as the legendary surfing mod where you surf on ramps and do some tricks or finish a level in surfing. Another great mod is the All-time favorite Zombie Mod, surviving against the rampaging zombies will have you running for your life. Other mods features, Death match, Gun Game, Death run, Paintball Mod, Soccer, NFL and even Dodge ball. Most players would usually play on the mods instead of the normal modes of CS.

Graphics (7/10):
Counter-Strike is a really old game from the 90s, you really wouldn't expect to be up to standard with the current games on the market like the Call of Duty 4 & 5. Counter-Strike is based of the Half life engine which is the Goldsrc orginally used to run Quake. However most people would rather play a game because of its graphics and plus, people with bad computers like me wouldn't have a choice to play some of the newer games released, so Counter-Strike is a great option for slow PC Users.

Plot (???/10):
There isn't a plot but there can be overview of why like the Terrorists are planting the bomb at a sight.

Sound: (8/10):
Most of the guns used sounds realistic but if you mainly play on a mod server, there can be some sounds that could make the game more enjoyable. Like the quake kill audio (Double Kill, Multi-Kill etc). The good thing about CS is that it adds music while your loading your game into a server and so that could keep you entertain until your game gets loaded.

Overall (9/10):
This game is worth $10 US from Steam. This is the biggest bargain you could get from playing one of the most popular game. This game is updated frequently so that you get the best performance and game play. This game is so good that it'll get you addicted once you get on a server making. This game can take time off your studies so keep a schedule handy. The only bad thing about this game is that the graphics are a bit old and out of date but that's why we have Counter-Strike: Source.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/09

Game Release: Half-Life: Counter-Strike (US, 11/08/00)

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