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Reviewed: 03/03/01 | Updated: 03/03/01

An absolutely stunning game, with few drawbacks.

Graphics - 10/10 - The graphics in this game are flawless, even if you have a really crappy video card. Pretty much everything looks real (in a polygonal way) including the guns, buildings, characters, even bullet holes! Lets say, I shoot a window, out comes bits and pieces of glass lying on the floor! Plus, there's not too much blood, considering the fact that it is as real as it can be, and the fact that your kids can play it without becoming violent. The guns are amazing, and look like the real things. The smoke grenades and the others, are pretty sweet too. The suits, uniforms, everything is real basically. Overall, the graphics in this game are fantastic

Gameplay - 9/10 - What makes this game so fun, is it as real as it can be. And I DO mean REAL! The guns, are based off of well, REAL GUNS named the same things. I can imagine the people down there in Valve must have had quite a time asking for permission to use the gun names in the game. Another thing is, there are many guns, and they act like they do in real life, speed-shooting wise and power-wise. Ok, lets get off the guns. What I'm saying is, this game is as real as it can get, and I'll never regret it. It feels like you're training for the Navy Seals here! There is also a feature in it, where if you are successful in winning a mission or accomplishing your goal, your team receives money which you can buy equipment, ammo, and weapons with! Very impressive and that feature rocks! Anyway, lets get to the small drawbacks. First, everytime you die, you stay dead that entire round until one team wins...which sucks because there are alot of campers in Counter-Strike. So being THAT real gets kind of boring after a while. Second and last, it's hard to see what's around you. Like a sniper or just a regular player sneaking up. The uniforms are so realistic, they blend in with the backgrounds so it's hard to see the person (depending on what areas they are and the color of the suits). Overall this has some awesome gameplay!

Sounds - 10/10 - The sounds in this game are rather impressive. The sounds of the bullets and guns are all unique and what's around you seems like you, in real life, are being surrounded by them! So, basically it's sound coordinated if you want to find where the footstep sounds are coming from. Basically the sounds in this game is as stunning as the rest of the game. Realistic and flawless. 'Nuff said.

Storyline - 10/10 - Really there is no main storyline, like most online action games. But, there is a considerable amount of importancy in the ''little things''. These include the missions. On certain maps, as a Terrorist, your mission is to plant a bomb, assasainate a player, or escape from the counter-terrorists, and preventing the counter-terrorists from rescuing hostages. As a Counter-Terrorist, your job is to do the exact opposite things. Defuse a bomb, prevent the Terrorists from assassinating a okay, prevent the Terrorists from escaping your base, and try rescuing hostages from the Terrorists. These are very important in the game, and basically the main storylines in the game. By the way, last thing, the more you are successful, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more things you can buy that you've earned! Overall, the storyline in this game is amazing!

Replayability - 10/10 - Ok, the most important factor in this is...You can ALWAYS replay it! It's a multiplayer game, it never gets old (or at least, shouldn't), because you can't beat it. Basically, you can play it forever and ever and ever and ever!

Buy or Rent - Well, I'm not too sure you can rent this game anywhere, but if you can, buy it anyway! If you know somewhere who lets you rent this (highly unlikely I'm sure) then go for it! See what you think of this incredible game. If you buy it, good for you! You shouldn't ever regret it. Let me get to the point, BUY IT!


Overall, this game is the most insanely fascinating, awesome, amazing, and incredible games I've ever played. And if you're into action games, you'll like it even more. Buy this game, while you have the time and you'll never be bored again. I guarantee it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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