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"It's worth it!"

First of all, I would like to say that half-life is one of the best games in video game history. The popularity is simply huge, i repeat HUGE! It is even more played than quake 3 arena and unreal tournament together. That was probably due to the fact there was tons of mods created for it. One of the best of them is counterstrike. Now I'm not so sure who created it but this guy's a genius.(his name was gooseman i think) Ever since it was first released, half-life's multiplayer was a huge success. Great team base game play and awesome realistic feel, especially the gun's sounds(submachine guns sounds terrific) makes this one a winner. Sierra released a retail version of this mod a year later for some reason. I think it was for financial purposes or something like that. If you already played it, don't expect a lot from the retail version. I think the weapons' names have changed from the original version. Graphics are still the same. They could have worked at least a little bit on them before it could be re-released. It uses the same old 3d engine from half-life. It looks a little bit dated compared to recent games like quake 3 arena. But the animations are nice and lightning effects are great. They're generally easy on the eyes. The sounds are great. The environment sounds like the real thing. You can practically hear all the stuff that surrounds you, including the beautiful firing sound from afar. Finding your enemy with sound plays an important factor in gameplay. Nothing much to say about the music tough. I don't even think that there is one. Even if there is one, i would have turn it off so i could improve my cpu's performance in an online game. It's just something to add a little depth in gameplay, but it's nothing important. Gameplay, like-wise, is simply the best in any multiplayer game. In each game, they are 2 teams. One is terrorist and the other is counter-terrorist. It plays in in rounds and the counter-terrorists must stop the terrorists from acheiving their objectives or vice-versa. Goals such as: setting a bomb, rescue hostages, eliminate a certain person, etc. Each time you kill one of your adversaries or as time pass by, you gain money to buy equipments and weapons. It involves a lot of strategy and this is something that every gamer should experience. The retail version comes with a few extras. Absolute redemption, ricochet, opposing force ctf, fire arms, half-lfe death match, team fortress classic and a few others mods are here. I suggest that you should download counterstrike right from the net. I called Sierra tech support and they reported that the retail version needed some bug fixing and they should finish it once the next patch will be released. Otherwise, this is a great game. It's your duty as a gamer to possess it.

Graphics/visuals 7/10: It still can't keep up with the new games. But on the other hand, great animations and lightning effects makes it easy on the eyes.

Story: Well, this game is strictly made for multiplay, so there is no story to be found here. It's basically police after robbers.

Gameplay/playability 9/10: Like I said before, they are some problems when playing online with the retail version. But it's not much of an issue since game play is that great. This is based on team play, so it's a pretty good occasion to join a clan.

Sound/audio 9/10: Clear and crisp. You can hear the beautiful firing sound from afar. The creators of counterstrike definetly did their job. Did I mentionned the submachine gun sounded terrific?

Replay value/lasting appeal 10/10: You'll be fragging the hell out of your friends until ''Counterstrike 2'' or ''team fortress 2'' is gonna come out. You will easily find tons of players on the net. You could always download other mods to experience other types of gameplay. Firearms sounds great.

Overall 8/10: Counterstrike will make a serious impact in your social life. Be prepared to spend most of the nights fragging other people with your butt stuck on the chair.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/20/01, Updated 06/20/01

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