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"Best Half Life game since the original!"

This has to be the best game out of the Half Life series. The only drawback is that it's multi-player only. I mean come on, I can understand the fact that its an expansion pack, but come on. I have just recently bought this game, installed it the day I got it and was sucked in from there on out. This game has amazing graphics (well, duh, it was built on the ''Game of the Year's'' engine). It is so realistic, that when I first played it, I thought I was going to puke. The thing that I like about it better than the original Half Life is the fact that it has realistic weapons. Not snarks and Egon Guns. Instead of those, it has Benilli's and MP5's. Very Cool. And now for my ''broken down review''

Gameplay-10/10-This game is not the company that made it's descison. Its your own. The controls are very customizable, thousands of combos. It is also very fun. With many varying missions and settings. E.G:Hostage Rescue, Escape, and Assassinaton.

Story-Ummm...there really is no story here. It's kind of a ''diary'' game if you ask me. You tell/make/do the story. It only comes out like you want it to. That is another thing I like about this game. It's very flexible.

Audio and Video-10/10-If you read the main part of my review, you would notice what I said about the graphics. If you didn't, I said that since they were built on the Game of the Year's engine, they did it again. In other words, the graphics are fabulous. The audio is also awesome. From the realistic booms of the shotgun to the shouts of the radio commands, it's all good here.

Replayability-10/10-This is the good part, once you win, you can basically just blow it off and attempt to do it again. Thats whats good, there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want, there are no hard objectives or dumb scientists that get in your way.

Rent or buy-Well, uh, duh, buy it. Last time I checked, they dont rent out computer games. If you are too poor to buy it, ''borrow it'' from a friend. I promise you, once you stick that game in your CD-ROM drive, there is no turning back. Even if it didn't get the best reviews in the world (which it did), I would still buy it. If you buy it and don't like it, return it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. It is my first and I hope you think its good. Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/18/01, Updated 07/18/01

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