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"One of the greatest FPS games out there!"

So, you want to know about an FPS game? Here it is! Half-Life: Counter-Strike is one of the greatest FPS game. If you like FPS games, like Doom, Quake, or Unreal, you'll probably want this more!

I rated this game a 6 in graphics because it runs on the old Half-Life engine. The game is not ugly, just average. Actually, if you run a 3D accelerated video card, the game looks great, weapons are a lot more realistic, and the gameplay is much smoother. The upside to this is that you can play it with no 3D acceleration whatsoever. Half-Life has a Software video mode feature that allows you to choose whether you want 3D acceleration, or let the CPU do the work in Software mode.

The sounds of the game are marvelous! Perfectly modeled gunfire sounds aren't just that. Radio voice sounds are realistic, instead of that usual grunt-scream radio on some games. Hostage voices are realistic. C4 bomb clicks make you nervous as if you were the one going to explode. Your character even automatically shouts ''Hostage down!'' if you see a hostage killed! You can even play custom WAV sounds with the ''speak'' command. Thanks to Half-Life, it even allows you to play an audio CD in game.

Story(N/A to 10)
Since this is a multi player online game, there is really no rating for the story factor. It really matters on what map you are playing on. Some maps are just simple deathmatch maps where there is no story at all to a setting where a bunch of terrorists escaping a train wreck, counter-terrorists rescuing hostages, terrorists planning a bombing, or a VIP wanting to be assassinated by Terrorists..

Gameplay is superb. Near-perfect physics for this game make it a winner. Real weapon handling, the game slows you down if you have bigger weapons, realistic falling damage, realistic accuracy and recoil for all the guns. Even if you are only playing with bots, you'll never want to quit. What can I say? It's great!

Get it now!
If you like FPS games, this is the way to go. There are two ways you can get this. First, get the Half-Life game, go to to download the installer. Second, you can get it from the standalone Counter-Strike package, or Half-Life platinum pack. Price is around $20. The first method is recommended for broadband users since CS retail has the weapon names changed (due to copyright laws) and half the maps are missing. If you have CS retail, don't worry, there are a lot of patches around to help, and you can download them from

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/01/01, Updated 02/05/03

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