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"Easily the best Half-Life Mod out there!!!"

Half-Life: Counterstrike is one of the greatest online games I've ever played. Its incredibly addicting and tons of fun. I can't see why anybody would'nt love this game because its basically got it all. So lets get right into it so you can see what I mean and then decide if its your kinda game.

Gameplay- 8/10: The gameplay in Half-Life: Counterstrike is something not to be found in most online games of its kind. Its very addicting and never seems to get old. I personally have friends who claim to stay up all night drinking beer and playing counterstrike. Yes kids its that much fun! The controls in the game are easily navigatable and won't frustrate you to the point where you wont want to continue.

Storyline-(No rating): I'll be frank, counterstrike has no plot. But what the hell are you thinking? You want a great game with a plot go get the original Half-Life. What kind of an online game has a plot? Yeah, damn straight!! The gameplay and graphics value outdue the need for a plot. Trust me!

Graphics and Sound- 9/10: The counterstrike graphics are excellent. You'll love getting in realistic crossfires, sniping enemies from afar, and taking them out in sneak attacks with your knife. The sound is much of the same that you would find in all half-life games. To a certain degree it depends on your computer but it should still sound great on almost any system.

So will I want to play it again?- 10/10: This game is one of the most addictive online games out there. Its something you'll come back to again and again for sure. I can't see why you would'nt, I honestly can't! Its just plain a great game.

Counter-strike vs. other online games- (No rating): Sure there are other online games that MIGHT come close to half-life: cs but they certainly are'nt FPS games. The only other great online FPS game that might compare is Unreal Tournament. As for all other games, I suggest you wait and get this one for now. Especially if you like First Person Shooter games alot, like I do. Thats about all I have to say on that subject so...

Overall-9/10: Basically counter-strike is the ultimate online FPS. It just plain kicks ass!! If your not 100% satisfied with the game after playing for about 20 minutes tops then something must be seriously wrong with you. This mod ownz all. Thanks for your time!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/01, Updated 08/12/01

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