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"Perfection doesn't get better!"

Counter-strike, the most played Halflife mod is by far the best mod there is for halflife and in my opinion is the best mod ever!

Game Features (7.5/10)
The mod doesn't really come with too many options except a pointless training mission that get you familiar with some of the objectives you persue during the game. You can go on the chatlines and talk to other cs players and get tips, find a clan or get some technical help. But the part that pretty much every cs player cares about most is of course multiplayer. You connect to a server and play against other players online. There are many ways you can play once your on a server and you can choose 1 of the very many guns to use. You have complete control of what you do from here. Completely an objective or killing all your oppenents. It's really great how much freedom you get in the game. But seeing the only really good part is the online part game features only receives a 7.5 out of 10.

Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are fairly good for me but it really depends what kind of video card you have. If it's really good the graphics will be VERY VERY good. No squares or any stuff like that it's all just crystal clear. All of the animations in the game like gun fire, reload, and player movements are all clear even for me and I have a bad video card. This means that up close things like really blocky but from a fair distance it's not noticable and really doesn't affect how fun the game is. And if you forget about the video card and look at all the skins, maps and guns you'll notice how detailed that they all are. You can d/l custom skins with even more detail and it really makes the game more realistic and better. 9 for graphics because no matter what kind of video card they are still good.

Controls (9.1/10)
The controls are pretty much perfect. They are fairly hard to learn but once u know them they are very easy and quite convenient. You can customize them if you don't like them which makes a big difference. 9.1 because they are easy and if you don't like the way the are default you can customize them to your liking.

Sound (9/10)
The sounds in the game are quite realistic and detailed. The footsteps sound realistic, the guns are all realistic at first. Of course you can d/l custom sounds that may be futuristic or something like that. The dying sounds are not only funny but realistic as well. They all blend very well and comment the game well. 9 out of 10 for the sound.

Gameplay (10/10)
This is the most important part of the game and makes the game so amazing. You can join 1 of 2 teams and try to either complete a mission, kill people or just socialize and have some fun! No matter which way you play it's fun. You have a choice of so many different things and that freedom makes it better. You choose the server, you choose the map, you choose the team, you choose the skin, you choose the gun, you choose the route, you choose EVERYTHING. Your main objective is to kill the other team or rescue hostages/plant bombs. The task seems fairly easy but it's certainly not. It requires skill, patience, knowledge and other things I'm not even sure of. It is also more than likely the most realistic FPS I've ever played and it brings an element of realisism I've never seen or experienced. Perfect 10 out of 10 for the gameplay becuase it's fun, you get so many options and the realism.

Difficulty (10/10)
Whether you are an experience player or a newbie that has no idea the game is always hard and is actually impossible to beat because it never ends until our minds are too advanced for the game. There is always someone better than you and you will have to learn how to use the weapons, learn the maps and learn tactics to stay alive. 10/10 because it always brings a challenge no matter how good you are at the game.

Fun Factor (10/10)
I've played this game for about 5-7 months and I have never been bored of it. It is always fun to play and has perfect replay value because it's different everytime. By far the best online FPS in the world!! 10/10 Fun.


Game Features : 7.5
Multiplayer is pretty all it has but it's still good.

Graphics : 9
Great detail in everything. Basically depends on your video card.

Controls : 9.1
Fairly hard to learn but easy after a while. Customizable anyways.

Sound : 9
Mostly very realistic and comments the game very well.

Gameplay : 10
AMAZING! Realistic, fun and you control everything. Perfection!

Difficulty : 10
It's actually impossible to beat because we'll always play it until our minds are too advanced.

Fun Factor : 10
Always Fun, Infinite replay value.

Overall : 10
Perfection doesn't get better!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/22/01, Updated 08/22/01

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