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"Hey look! UT and Rainbow Six had a kid!"

Hey look! It's my first review! Anyways, I'll start with how I found this game. Today I got up and played Unreal: Gold like usual(I know what you're thinking and I play UG because there's less darkside on it than UT but back to Counterstrike) and I killed like 40 people without dying. And I said to myself, ''Hey, looks like it's a good gamin day''. So I grabbed my friend by his hair and drug him down to our local computer gaming LAN and started playing UT. After a while, I noticed that a majority of the people there were playing that wacky Counterstrike game. Now you must know that everyone who comes within a 10 ft. radius of CS loves it, so I decided to try it out. Well, I just might go back there tomorrow...

Gameplay 6/10
A ha! A bad point! This is were the game falls. You're either a cool terrorist or a rent-a-cop, I mean counter terrorist. You and your buddies go through and try to kill the other team like all FPSs. There's some alternate objectives, like blowing up a target with some handy dandy C4, or saving a few Nazi look-a-like hostages. Then you go back and buy your underpriced weapons and ammo. Then you do it again. And again. And again. Yes this game is horribly repetitive. But don't get me wrong, it's a fun type of repetitive. The only bad thing about that is that when you die, you have to wait for the game to end to respawn. Now let's see...Ah! The speed at which you run is lame! It's like you have 2 prosthetic legs made out of cotton or something. If you even bothered to walk you might get down a hall in 5 min. To give u an idea of how fast you run in CS, you run as fast as you walk in UT set on classic. Thank God the levels are small. The game is supposed to be very mortal, in which a few shots kill people. NOT true. You might as well use that pistol instead of that MP5. Also, when you get shot you are stunned for a second(which I guess is resonable), but if you get shot repeatedly, you can't move. So you just sit there and die. Now that's annoying. Something else that's annoying is the times when you get stuck. You're just sitting there, smashing the keys and listening to the gunshots off in the distance and crying. This is definitely a mutiplayer game. Is there even a single player game? Hey I only played it for like 2 hours. Hmmmm, This game strangely reminds me of Rainbow Six...

Story ??/??
What the? It's a FPS. Why are you even looking here? Go to the next section. Jeez...

Video 9/10
Top Notch. The usual for these new age games. Lots of details on the guns. OK detail on the characters. Point off for the backgrounds. Next section.

Audio 8/10
Audio? What audio? OK there was audio. But not much. Really just the basic narrator voice telling you when to start, and who won. The gunshots are great, but manila. No background music. Don't get me wrong though. The games got great sound. Just don't expect to buy the soundtrack.

Replay 10/10
It's a FPS. Of course you can play it again. With no real single player game, it's hard to rate this. But you'll really wanna play it again. I'm playing it right now. Aren't you?

Buy or Rent ??/??
Neither. D/L it or get a good friend to burn it. Whatever you do, don't rent it. You'll just end up buying the retail.

All in All
Good game. Fun times. You'll laugh at the poor people who shoot you 30 times with a machine gun and you shoot them once with a pistol and kill them. You'll learn not to trust your back stabbing teammates. You'll cry when you get stuck somewhere and someone walks up and kills you slowly with a knife. You'll tell everyone that you came in a 10 ft. radius of this game and loved it. If the designers used some of their graphics effort on gameplay, I'd be giving this game a 9. I might even go back and play it tomorrow. Nah...I'll just sleep all day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/10/01, Updated 09/10/01

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