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After playing TFC (Team Fortress Classic for those who don't know) for several months, I decided it was time for something new. I had heard a lot about this mod, ''Counter-Strike'', apparently the most popular Half-Life mod on the net. So I downloaded it and tried it out. And, boy, was I blown away.

Now, on to the review...

Graphics: 10
Wow. These graphics are awesome. Everything looks realistic, from a grassy courtyard to a brick path to an Aztec ruins.
And then there's the framerate. Even with 32 players at the same time, the framerate is AMAZING. Of course, this is an internet game, so there's always the possibility of lag...

Gameplay: 9.7
This is the main part of the review. ALL the controls in Counter-Strike are customizable. Want a different button to fire? Go into the menu and change it. Want a button to use voice chat? Go into the menu and change it.
Now, for how the game is played. The players are divided into two teams: the Terrorists (T's) and the Counter-Terrorists (CT's). Every map has an objective for the two teams. On maps with the prefix ''cs'', the CT's must rescue hostages while the T's try to prevent them from doing so. On ''de'' maps, the T's must try to plant a bomb at a certain point while the CT's try to guard it.
Oh yes, and here's another big point of the game: The game is divided into rounds. In each round, if you are killed, YOU STAY KILLED. You don't respawn. This really makes you plan out your attacks.
And there's also the innovative buying system. You start each game with $1000. You get money each round, depending on what happened last round. If you kill opponents, you get a bonus. If you kill hostages, you get a penalty. The trick here is that the only way to get new weapons is to buy them at the start of the round, and better weapons cost more money. So, the better you do, the better weapons you'll get. It's kinda confusing at first, but it'll become second nature when you have experience.

Sound: 10
The sounds are great. There are many different sounds, such as the firing of a gun, or a grenade exploding, or a player groaning as he dies. It really adds to the realism of the game.

Cool little things:

A vast variety of weapons: Pistols, shotguns, name it, they got it. Even a fully automatic gun!

Counter-Strike can also be a socializing place. If you are dead, you can chat with the other dead players. A big plus. The players who are still alive can't see your messages, though...

Bad little things:

As with all internet games: LAG. Doesn't happen as much as with other internet games, though.

The suspicion of cheating. A lot of people have started cheating now, and if you are doing really well, people will accuse you of cheating. If you are cheating, then you've been caught. If you're not, then that just is proof of your skill.

Overall: 10
If you have Half-Life, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! If you don't, GO BUY IT! This game is so popular that Counter-Strike can now be bought from stores without buying Half-Life.

Get it. You will have the most fun playing that you have ever had in your life.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/28/01, Updated 10/28/01

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