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"No reasons for you to not have this game."

Gameplay - The biggest and most impressive factor in this game is by far the gameplay, bar none. There are three different types of missions: Assassination, Bomb defusal, and Hostage rescue (or CS, DE, and AS for short). Each and every round in this monster is different from the last. No two battles will ever be the same because there are so many maps, weapons, players, and servers, that chance itself wouldn't allow it. You could play it every day and never play with the same person more than once. Each gun takes loads of skill to master; players must be able to control recoil, AND deal damage to the enemy. Each gun has different attributes, so in a way, each gun is a completely different game. Teamwork is what makes this game what it is. If you work with your team and use strategies, the game can be as rewarding an experience as anything else, so lock and load soldier!

Story - Err. This is a very difficult part of the game to explain. Each map has its' own mini story and background info, which explains what happened to get the Counter-Terrorists to respond to the situation. An example would be that hostages were taken in a downtown warehouse, or a bomb was planted near a chemical factory.

Audio/Video- As you know, the Half Life engine is fairly dated when compared to todays standards, but Counter-Strike can hold its' own. It will play on almost any system. Depending on your video cards resolution , the graphics can range from average to stellar. The weapon sounds are very impressive, ranging from the light *pop* of the Schmidt, to the incredibly loud Arctic warefare magnum. In order to keep the action flowing, a multitude of team commands can be given simply by pressing two keys, instead of having to stop and type everything out.

Replayability- This is a game that you will never get tired of playing. New maps come out every day, and you can download custom skins. I have been playing for two years and I'm still not even considering quitting anytime soon.

To buy or to rent? - No brainer here. If you own Half Life (and chances are you do), you can download CS for free from If you don't own Half Life you can buy the Counter-Strike retail version for twenty dollars or less.

Final comments: I'll meet you on the battlefield.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/02, Updated 01/06/02

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