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"Wow... I payed $30 for this?"

The game has some good points, but all in all, I'd say that unless you play it nonstop, you're never going to pick it up and never gonna have fun, as you'll spend much of the game dead.

Graphics: 6/10
All the levels are seamless, and a good deal are actually rather pretty to look at. The terroristscounter-terrorists don't look too bad either. They look pretty much like the special forces guys in Half-life and Opposing Force, which look fairly realistic. There are three or four models for each team, but before you get used to it, the two teams will look very much the same and you won't know exactly who to shoot at.

Sound: 9/10
No background music, but you'll only be alive for about 30 seconds until you give what life you have up for the game, so it's not so much loss. There are some well-placed MIDIs and MP3s though, for example in CS_Italy (a map) there's some opera playing in the background. Some sources indicate that you'll be able to listen to MP3s of your own choosing in the next patch, which would be nice. (On a side note, you could already listen to a CD, but it would only play the first track over and over again)

The bullets flying and grenades exploding sound somewhat realistic, though thankfully far quieter.

Overall Atmosphere: 9/10
The premise of the game being that you're fighting for your life and the lives of hostagesVIPsvaluable chemicals, the background music-less state is all right with me. You've got the sounds of being shot at as enough background. Oh, and the aforementioned MIDI only plays at one part in the map, where the terrorists start out, so you'll have the relaxing music for all of fifteen seconds. Sorry, I was just really impressed by that map.

Control: 10/10
No complaints here. You can move with any number of things, I choose the mouse for easy scrolling and viewing. It's the same engine as half-life, which is widely recognized as one of the best to ever grace the market.

Gameplay: 3/10
If you're reading this review, chances are that you don't have the game yet, so for a few weeks at least, you'll be spending about 70% of your time dead or dying, usually inexplicably. If you play it nonstop, you'll be fine in a few weeks. If you don't... well I've had the game for four months, and even though I kick [backside] at regular half-life multiplayer, I still [inhale] at this.

As a n00b (as the other players will affectionately call you) your only real chance at actually getting kills is sniping, which is labelled ''camping'' and therefore ''cheating'' even though Valve and Sierra decided to create the sniper rifles in the first place.

Which leads into another aspect of gameplay, your fellow players. They'll all spend a good amount of time complaining that everyone, including you who will have zero kills to thirty deaths, is cheating. Cheating falls into two categories: camping, or using the weapons that the designers put in the game, and is a skill in and of itself or hacking. Yes, it is possible and I'm told rather easy to hack the game, though I haven't tried or seen it myself. Just so you know, you'll see dozens accused of the following:
-Wall-hacking, or using a hack to be able to see through walls.
-Aimbotting, or using a hack to always get a head shot, thus and auto-kill.
-Using a hack to bypass the usual period of 5 or more seconds in which no one can move.

The server admins, who will be helpful to the extent that they'll use the ''admin slap'' command to kill whoever is accused of ''camping,'' no matter what weapon you're using and where you're standing, will usually tell everyone to ''shut up; he's not hacking'' to which everyone will scoff and continue to complain.

Finally, when you die, you're out for the entire round, unlike some other, better HL mods (*Cough* TFC *cough* Half-life *cough* DMC *cough* Wanted *cough* firearms *cough*) in which you simply respawn immediately. This can be bothersome when you're new, because you will usually be the first one to go down, or near the top of the list.

Replayability: 10/10
It's not really a play-through kind of game. It's completely multiplayer, so every game is in theory different.

Buy or rent: Buy...
Half life and download the TFC patch. I think you can also get this one free, but no one told me that and I ended up buying it and getting gouged, although it did come with a delightful little 1-player mod called ''redemption'' which I'd suggest you also check out.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/18/02, Updated 01/18/02

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