Review by Mystical Raider

Reviewed: 05/21/02 | Updated: 05/21/02

You can rethink it if you want to get this game or not...

First of all, this game is not the best among the best... it has quite a lot of weak points, but also, quite a lot of good points.

No, Counter-Strike doesn't have the best graphics of all... you need a very good graphic card if you want the game to be wonderful but with only an ordinary one, you will see pixels all over the walls, bridges, players and guns if examined closely. Of course you're thinking, ''so? I'm not going to examine the walls!'' Think again if so. The graphics affects a lot though it is just a little to you... while playing you might just spot some here and there and then get attracted. Kaboom, you're dead. An enemy with a knife had just chop your head of while you were pondering on the question, ''what is this square thingy doing here?''

you'll understand what i mean when you get this game, for now, just think of what i said.

but, no matter what, there's always something to replace the pixels... the guns are pretty cool, the wires shoot sparks when you shoot it, the explosions of the hand grenade and the other effects made by weapons... all are good.

AUDIO: 10/10
Yes, the sounds are pretty good if your stereo is set on the very loud mode. But of course, it is your call to on it loud or soft. Nothing much to comment about the sounds, since all you would here in the battlefield would be your commander's orders, gunfire, death sounds and... nothing much to it, as you can see.

GAMEPLAY: ???/10
there is no gameplay. you just walk, shoot, camp, run, then die. nothing much about the gameplay either.

Practically, this game is just like what I mentioned about the gameplay... run, shoot, die. nothing much. But why give it a seven? of course... you still want to replay this game AFTER EVERY ROUND, which is 3 minutes approximately. quite boring. After playing for a few weeks, this game would be very boring and not fun. Why, you ask? Doing the same thing will just, well, make you bored. But again, it's your call to continue the game after 10 rounds or quit the crap.

The best of Counter-Strike, the multiplayer mode gives you the option to play with friends online/lan. yes, it's pretty fun when your friend and you team up, and it's also a good way to make you happy. if you shoot your friend, you would be happy to see that your practice and skills aren't wasted. if you are shot, well, there isn't much to say about it... eitherways, you would still enjoy your time most when playing multiplayer.

Not a bad game, you see... get it if you want to, but don't if you hate the negative points that I just stated above. If you already have it, you shouldn't even be reading this review.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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