Review by Flamin Homer

"The Best MOD for Half-Life"

This game is the best modification for Half-Life out there...

Graphics : 9

The Graphics for this game are superb. The weapon models look very realistic. The terrorist and counter-terrorist models look almost exactly like the way they would look in real life. But you have to have a very good video card to be able to enjoy the graphics. Without a good video card the graphics are horrible. Also if you don't like how any of the models look then all you have to do is download some custom skins!

Story : 0

There really isn't a story... You just go out and go kill the other team.

Audio : 8

The sound of the guns are excellent. The explosions sound real. The sound of the people dying sound real too. There is no background music on some maps.

Gameplay : 10

This is one of the reasons why this game is great. When you start you join either the Terrorist force or the Counter-Terrorist force. Your mission is to kill the other team or you could try to complete the objective. The objectives are bomb planting/defusing, hostage rescuing, and protecting a VIP. You could make lots of new friends by playing this game since it is a online game.

Controls : 10

The controls are customizable and easy to learn. There really isn't any flaws in the controls since you can customize them. Moving is easy, aiming is easy (once you mastered it), everything is easy to learn. Aiming will be the biggest problem when you play this game for the first time but you will get better soon.

Replay : 10

One of the reasons why you should get this game. It's an online game so you will have lots of fun. You could play with your friends or with strangers. Or you could go to your local PC Cafe and play with your friends over the LAN. I have been playing Counter-Strike for over a year now and its still very fun for me.

Buy/Rent : BUY!!!

I don't think there is even a way to rent this game. If you already have Half-Life then all you have to do is download it for free. If you don't have Half-Life then all you do is go to a Best Buy and cough up 20 bucks to get this game. Or you could just borrow it from a friend, then install it. Because you don't need to put the CD in to play this game.

Overall : 9/10

Go get this game or you will regret it forever...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/02, Updated 08/26/02

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