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Reviewed: 08/13/02 | Updated: 08/13/02

This is the best online game out there...

Counter strike, an old game, but I still play it every day, along with many others. This game brings Half-Life to a whole new level. Anyway, this game is about Terrorism really....but I'll get on with the review.

Half-Life: Counter-Strike is the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience, combining all the elements of the Half-Life online universe with new single and multiplayer content. First off, there are two forces in this game; Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. Once you enter a game, you will be able to choose one of them. Terrorists can have many different tasks, such as Planting C4, Escaping, Making Sure Hostages aren't rescued, and whatnot. And Counter Terrorists can defuse bombs, make sure the Terrorists don't escape, and rescue hostages. Either way you choose, it's all fun. You can do training in this, but it isn't very good... It doesn't really tell you that much at all, so I'd recommend learning from a friend or something. Anywho, the big focus of this is it's online play, just like the many others Half-Life mods. That's pretty much it for the game play.

Just like Half-Life, this games controls are horrid, but if you've played Half-Life a lot, and are used to these controls, they aren't much of a pain at all. And more controls = more features. Such as communicating with team mates over the radio, talking to each other with text, ducking, swimming, jumping, and much, much, more.

Even though the controls are horrid, it doesn't make the game any worse. It doesn't take that much time to get used to, keep in mind that there can be 40-50 different controls though.

Very realistic. You can hear the footsteps, gunshots that are realistic, swimming, jumping, the sound of your opponent dying, and much more.

On a bad connection though, this game will lag, and the sounds will mix up. Either way, it's all good.

Ah, such realistic settings... There's dust levels, where you play on a ranch-type place, with the whole area covered by dust, there's dark places, where you can use night vision. There's places to snipe, places to run, and all of it's quality is perfect. So no problem here.

Heh, the big question, ''Is this game replayable''. Well, seeing how you can't really beat this game, it's definitely re-playable. Playing online is just addictive... I've played a session of six and a half hours online once, and I didn't even know that time had passed. Anyway, yes, this game has re-playability, and yes, get this game.

Is it worth the money?
The good thing about this game, it's free for download, as long as you have the original ''Half-Life'' game.

If you have a really bad connection though, don't bother getting this game, as you'll lag too much online. But if you have a decent connection ( 56k+ ), then get it, you won't regret it.

The best part about having the original Half-Life, is that this modification is free.

Get it, now. :P


Gameplay: 20/20
Controls: 10/20
Sound: 20/20
Video: 20/20
Re-Playability: 50/20

Total Score: 120/100.

12/10..hmm..too bad it can't go that high, heh.

All in all, get this game, it's the best online game there is.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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