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"Don't have time to go to the Firing Range? Buy this game instead."

I remember picking this game up for a friend of was his birthday. I had heard much about this game, and decided to grab a copy myself. Money well spent, but I did not know yet. I popped it into my CD-Drive right when I got home...I installed it, and got to the main screen. This is where it begins.

Sound -10/10- This would probably be the first thing I noticed, even over the graphics. Naturally when I get a gun for the first time in a game, I'll shoot it to see what its like (LOL!). WHOA. The sound was so realistic compared to all the other games I'd played! The reloading sequence was also very clear. You can hear just about everything -- sparks, footsteps (differing with terrain), and many more things. Also, sound is an EXTREMELY vital element. You must hear footsteps to determine location, and gunfights to determine where a fight is, etc...very resourceful. A solid 10.

Graphics -9/10- The graphics are absolutely stunning in this game, but more than that, they are accurate. The graphics and models of the guns are all accurate to their real-life-counterparts, and having used and/or seen all of them in real life, I know. My favorite part, aside from all the explosions, bullet holes, players and obstacles, was the reloading. Oh, the beauty. Not only can you see yourself reloading your beautiful guns OH SO ACCURATELY, but you can see OTHER PLAYERS doing it too. No more of that ''they just stand there'' junk, where only YOU can see yourself reloading. The two things that irks me are the ''see guns through the doors'' thing, like in many games...but since that's in every game, I wont mark it down for that. The other is the fact that sometimes when people lag a bit, they stand there shaking spasmodically...and when you die in midair, you will lay flat, in midair. That bugs me. I'd have to say...a rock hard 9 for the beautiful graphics.

Replay Value - 8/10 - The numerous amount of options in this game make an endless amount of ways to play, including the 4 different scenarios: Escape, Assassination, Bomb/Defuse, and Hostage Rescue. A myriad of awesome weapons, mixed with over HUNDREDS of maps (and more custom made), settings (such as gravity), and scenarios will keep you occupied for a long time. The only problem is this; though there are many ways to play, they all revolve around a basic core, and can get a little ''blase'' after playing too long, on any map.

Control - 8/10 - The controls in this game are will need to learn how to keep your hands all over the keyboard, while using the mouse at the same time O_O. Though they are like this, they are TOTALLY customizable. Heck, you can UNBIND and REBIND all the keys if you want, to do ANYTHING! Even though you must use them all, you get used to becomes a nature, and you usually won't have to think about it once you get used to it. Took me a week.

Story Line - N/A - There is no TRUE Story Line...each map has its own goals, and sometimes comes with a 1-2 sentence background, but that's it. T's vs. CT's...nothing more.

This game is VERY good, I've had it for 4 months and played it every day of summer vacation, and I squeeze 1-3 hours in every day still. Buy this as soon as you can, and have fun. You deserve it, I'm sure. ^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/02, Updated 09/29/02

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