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"Bang for your buck!"

Counter Strike - Bang!
Half Life boasts a mod that became a game of its own very quickly. And this isn't surprising because of its excellent qualities and attributes I will explain later on. Counter Strike is more realistic, for one thing and encourages teamwork and spirit between players. This is what makes Counter Strike stands out more than Quake III or Unreal Tournament, and basically any FPS out there, for a while.

This game is sort of like chess. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. And it takes training, a lot of training. However, training the game itself is actually a very fun and interesting experience! There's little to learn in this game. But once you go in-depth, you must learn the nuts and bolts of the guns. Basically, you are suppose to kill, kill and kill. It's a world between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, your job? Choose one side and eliminate the other.


No, it doesn't sound as sadistic as it look, because there's no real violence in it. A little blood spilling here and there, but not the entire head totally dislocated from the neck. Besides, there's an option, which can disable this for little kids to play. However, I think this render the game unable to play. I'm not too sure about that though.

Bam! Bam! Ra-tatatatatata!
So you're happily playing your FF series, tapping your feet away with the BGM and blam! You come to Counter-Strike and complain there's no BGM. If you have that complaint in your mind, then you must be the biggest fool in the world. However, read on the next few sentences and you'll be enlightened. It's extremely obvious why there isn't any BGM in Counter-Strike. Because, it's so realistic, you need to hear for those footsteps. Of course, you can ignore it. But it plays a part between determining your life and death.

Crafty players will buy headphones and walk sneakily in suspicious areas, while the careless would just stumble in and get rained with 7.62 bullets. Also, each gun has a different sound fired when the trigger is pulled. And all of them are recognizable by a veteran Counter Strike player. Also, radio commands are clear, and not muffled at all to enable top-notch teamwork playing. The only downpart is the small dialogue between Counter Terrorists and hostages, I can't make up most of them but it doesn't affect the game a bit. Well, unless you have a soft spot for hostages, that is.

Everything is pleasant to the eyes, although 70% of this depends entirely on your video card capablities. Personally, I'm running on a one, yes, ONE MB video card and everything looks okay. I would be lying if I say the graphics is fabulous on my monitor screen, but I'm sure it will look better than this lego-style CS on mine. Anyway, each gun has their own looks, and you should be able to differentiate between them in no time. However, no game is perfect and there are some minor flaws in between Counter-Strike on the graphical department.

One irritating giltch is called clipping. This may happen on terrible video cards. In this case, mine. A part of your body, let's say your leg, will poke through the wall sometimes if you stand too close to it. This is annoying and an opposing player can just aim at that area and fire as if there's no tomorrow. Needless to say, you're toast if a gun with high caliber bullets is fired straight at you. However, despite of that, many other attributes of the game cover that small flaw. There are also small gaps with shadows overlapping the area, creating a camper's paradise. A smart, and maybe cunning player can just sit squat there. Basically, you can see the others but others will have difficulty spotting you. This is an art, a technique that will rack high your kills, and maybe increase the amount of people loathing you if you overdo it.

i am t3h 133t h@x0Rz!1!11!!
Online games has their ups and downs. You have fun torturing real, living breathing people, and they have fun while cheating. There are many methods of cheating, but they all fall under the 3 categories. One of them is called Wallhacking. This is basically having heat-seeking eyes. For the unenlightned, it's the ability to see through walls as if they were a pane of glass. It's one of the more harmless cheats, but once the game goes down to a one on one, this cheat comes in handy. But bottomline, it's a cheat, and only losers do that.

Another type of hacking is using an Aimbot. Aimbot is a pretty unique bot, so to speak. Let's say the enemy is to the left of you. You swing your mouse to the right, equipped with an AK-47 and pull the trigger as if there's no tommorrow. Needless to say, all the bullets will magically fly to the target's head like a Pasty bullet. Aimbots normally get headshots, so if someone is getting a headshot frenzy for what seems like eternity, better keep an eye on him.

The last kind of hacking is actually the miscellancous parts. You have those speedhacks, where you dash like lightning. People often mistake this for a person lagging. So, think before you accuse, and don't blame others for calling you a n00b in return for your wrong assumption. Someone lagging terribly may be frozen in his com, and thus his com moves a little slower. And once it picks speed, he suddenly moves like three to four steps in a blink of an eye. I experienced that before, a lot of times.

So, pizza or another round?
No matter whether you're winning or clinging on the hall of shame status, you'll definitely want to get another round of killing-frezy. One round basically lasts a maximum of 4 minutes. Average games get it done before 2 minutes. Where's the kick? Besides, there are so many tactics to master, and so many people to frag. Unless, you're running on a dial-up, and on an ancient video card. Hence, maybe you would consider a maths tution over this boring, point-click-I-die situation. It gets a little bit boring after a while. Besides, with all those 1337 h@x0rZ out there, you couldn't be sure of who's really the skilled ones. Online games are meeting their unfortunate fate, but they will regain their true glory one day! Mwhahahahaha!

Summary of the Pros and Cons
+ Realism
+ Easy to learn, difficult to master - Promises challenge
- Cheaters, and those sore losers out there
- Rich gamers who can afford a 64MB Video Card, or rather a poor me who can't afford one.

Buy Or Rent?: BUY
If you were a great fan of FPS and loves realistic games, I would urge you to get this. It's very realistic as many gun facts and laws of physics are applied here. Even if you don't give a flying baboon butt about education, it would be fun thrashing your cousin over and over again. What's there to lose? You gain experience, you thrash people. Life goes on, and that's a never-ending cycle.

Gameplay: 9/10
Realism promises replayability. Skills promises challenge.
Graphics: 8/10
Entirely depends on the video card. But it scores an above average, that's for sure.
Audio: 8/10
Replayability: 10/10

+Final Results+

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/07/02, Updated 04/24/03

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