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Reviewed: 11/22/02 | Updated: 11/22/02

Everything is great. Almost

Counterstrike is a mod off the extremely popular series Half-Life. The game features realistic Special Forces against well-armed terrorists in a different situation every game. Quick communication and acute accuracy are required to play, and if you lack either of the skills, you will be annihilated. Unfortunately the game is Internet Only and lacks a single player game that would have been an enjoyably event for anyone. The game will lag over a 56k modem. So if you own a narrowband hookup your best bet is not to buy the game, but to play it at a friends house or an internet cafe. The game has one major flaw: Those who play it.

Graphics: 9
From the Sniper Rifles (there’s four) to the Desert Eagle to the player models: This game looks great. Maps don’t have jagged edges and gun explosions look good. Player models move realistically and time has obviously been spent doing extra work on how they move. Sky textures are realistic and some maps even feature REAL TIME CLOUDS. Gun switching animations are fluent and the detail in every gun is great. Unfortunately for you, great graphics cause slowdown, especially with more than 6 people playing. If you don’t have a cable modem there are going to be issues.

Sound: 9
There isn’t much music itself in Counterstrike, but what you get is good. An in-game microphone is supported so you can give commands to your team or taunt the other when you belt a round into their forehead. I think that in-game music would weigh down the tactical member-to-member communication by drowning it out. There are a few well-placed midis but not anything to scream ‘OH MY GOD THE MUSIC.’ The gun shot sounds are scarily realistic (at least for the few weapons that I have used in real life). And most of the time you can clearly hear your members.

Gameplay: 7
In concept this game is a great idea. The speed of gunmen is accurate. And the recoil of guns is extremely accurate. I also think the ‘you only get one life per game’ rule makes things much more realistic and fun. And the team based don’t-let-your-teammates-die or you’re screwed aspect makes the game very realistic. That is the only reason this section did not get a four. But before you start calling me an idiot and e-mailing obscenities at me, listen to this: you might ignore it, but you know that the Counterstrike community is notorious for being asses. People will flame you. People will hack the game. And last but not least, people will kick you for being better than them. The first one of my ‘problems’ is if you do better than people in counterstrike they will hate you. Counterstrike is their god. Do not do better than them at Counterstrike. First they will call you a three letter synonym for non-heterosexual. Then they will talk about your mom. All in all, a bunch of twelve year olds don’t make an ideal FPS community. My second point is, people love the Counterstrike god so much, they are willing to do anything to win it’s approval. People cheat, and you can recognize it most of the time. Don’t whine or complain about it though. Just A) Leave the server or if it’s your server or your local friends server in that case: B) boot him. I know that this may sound hippo critic but I have been booted for getting too many kills. If I get more than two head shots in a game, people consider me a ‘1337 HAXORZ’ and whine until I get booted. Despite that, the game is a great way to have fun amongst friends. If you have a local server the game is great. Against friends the game is amazing. Online the game has it’s faults, but if you can find a nice server, remember the name and don’t let it go.

Fun Factor: 10
If you discard the fact that the CS community is filled with people that have the tendency to act like anus heads, the game is great. Period.

Should you buy or rent this game?
In my opinion, neither play it at an internet café. If there are none playing the game in your area, buy it. If not for the LAN play only, to play friends online. Otherwise, pass it up because there aren’t many computer software.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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