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"Come one! Just five more minutes!"

Bored? Competitive? Mad? Well I've got the solution for you! It is a game called Counterstrike. You are obviously considering it, because you are looking at reviews. I think just about anybody with a good Cable Modem that likes First Person Shooters would like this game.

Story- N/A
The story didn't get a review, because there is no more to the story than a group of Terrorists trying to set a bomb, and the Counter Terrorists trying to disarm it, or the Terrorists with hostages, and the CTs (Counter Terrorists) trying to rescue them. When playing an RPG, the game would be bad without a good story, and you would be less motivated to play it. However, in Counter Strike, YOU can make the story.

Gameplay- 10/10
The gameplay is 'Off the Hook' in Counterstrike. You see through your character's eyes, and take the roll of a real-life Terrorist or Counter Terrorist. Each game takes place in a 'server' which is like a chat room with guns. When you connect to the server, no matter which team you are on, you get a pistol and a knife. You start off with about $800.00, but that can only buy you a new and better pistol. When your team wins, you gain money. When you lose, you gain money, but not as much.

Online Gameplay- 10/10
Counterstrike is mainly an online game, although it can be played as a training mode. There are some things you might want to keep young children away from, though. There is blood, explosions, and a LOT of cursing. Some servers have devices to filter cursing, but they end up not letting you say words like 'radio', which I remember particularly from one server. There are also administrators who come in to keep people from cheating or stop fights.
Probably my favorite element of the online gaming is having clans. Clans are groups of people who take a liking to each other, or others' skills, and recruit them to put a special tag by their name proving their skill. Clans try to be on the same team, and sometimes have clan wars against other clans. I was in three of them- SoD, Godsmack, and Greenberet. You can change your name while you are alive.

Flaws- N/A
With freedom comes responsibility, and with the freedom of playing in a server, the responsibility is not taking a sledge hammer to your computer because of these flaws:
Lag- My least favorite of all. It just makes your reaction time slower, and others' reaction times higher. It is always someone who comes in with a high ping then screws it up for everyone.
Hackers- Hackers are people who think that the rules don't apply to them, and that they can cheat, making it unfair to everybody. Some of the hacks are Aimbot (which gets automatic headshots), Wallhack (which lets you see/go through walls), and Ballhack (which puts a big, fat, green dot right over someone's head so you can see them from a mile away.
Campers- I must admit, everyone (including myself) takes their turn at camping once or another in their life. Camping is where people get a gun, preferable an AWP (a sniper rifle that gets almost always 1-hit kills), and hides somewhere high up or in the shadows to shoot you. They call themselves 'Snipers', but a sniper tends to move a couple of centimeters here and there.

I have played in a server with all of the flaws listed above, and I must say that it is not fun. People like that help to take a good day, and turn it upside down.

Rent/Buy- (Buy)/Rent
Buy this game quickly. You won't regret it. Many of my friends play/played it, and most of us loved it. In fact, some of us were addicted to it. It is a really good game. Actually, I wish I could play it now. I uninstalled it because of space and lag.

I have played many games in my life, and I will stand by this statement, ''Buy it NOW!'' I played it for a couple years, and I will admit that it is one of my Top 10 games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/20/03, Updated 01/20/03

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