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"Should I buy a MP5 or a.. AHH!!! enemy attacking!!!"

You looking for a good First Person Shooter? You come to the right review to make you buy this game. Counter-strike was made in 2000 and from then to now they only had 5 patchs!!! Another one is going to be released officially but for now it's beta for broadband users. 56k+CS=lag heaven. You pretty much need broadband to have smooth game of CS or else everyone will call you a lagger n00b. I feel sorry for all the people who is stuck with 56k. Anyways continue with the review!! wait this is the review....

Gameplay:9/10, Gameplay was great since you use a keyboard and a mouse aiming and moving at the same time is very easy. I personnaly hate FPS's on consoles since you either face your friends on one TV with split screen so if your friends know the map well they know exactly where you are. Lag is a bad thing for 56k since you usually can get up to 1000 ping unless you go on a very close server such as your next door neighbor. Controls are easy to learn plus you can customize it how you wanted it. Recoil will set you back if you just hold down the mouse long to shoot. Burst-fire and sniping skills will help you a whole lot than just rapid fire. If you don't got broadband then you will have hard time since CS is only for online no offline games. Unless you download podbot which will give you robots to play against. Bad thing is there are hackers sometimes online so if you can head shot hackers without getting shot then you have skills. Loads of maps and different guns plus you can change how you character looks like by downloading different ''skins''. Well either you are a terroist in CS or a counter-terroists. Different maps means different objectives. Some are rescuing hostages and bomb and bomb diffusal.

Graphics:8/10, Very good graphics overall. Since this is a FPS game and it requires lots of movement so the area around you won't be as detailed. Sometimes you can find 1337 talk around you. I certaintly found a banner in it saying ''Who's j00 daddy'' which means ''Who's your daddy'' for people who don't understand 1337 very well. The guns are very detailed but the hand holding them looks like a wooden hand but that shouldn't bother you. Sometimes when I think it looked like an enemy is really your team mate that's why lots of people turn of friendly fire. One time my a team mate of mine ran up I saw a dark figure I thought it was the enemy so we both fired at it wasting one whole clip on it while it turned out to be a friend!! Good graphics for lots of action.

Sound:9/10, Great sounds. Gun fire sometimes sound weird but most of the time they sound perfect. The grenades you throw sound very authentic. You can even talk to each other with a microphone but it'll lag the game. There are premade radio commands which get annoying after a while and most people don't use them. No music on background unless I got a defective copy which i probably didn't. I think you can add music on an mp3 folder i'm not sure or just use your own cd player and not slow down the game!.

Controls:10/10. As I said you can customize controls and they are very responsive. You can change your mouse sensitivity from taking forever to respond all the way to the most responsive thing ever.

Final words: If you got Broadband internet plus a good computer and like FPS then buy this game now unless you already have it. It only cost 30 bucks right now or if you have regular half life then you can download the mod for free from

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/06/03, Updated 03/06/03

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