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Reviewed: 05/23/03 | Updated: 05/23/03

"Lock and Load"

Counterstrike- Quite possibly the most played game on the planet. The most popular online game on earth, it has a wide array of maps and guns, and takes a good amount of skill to play. This game is the multiplayer version of the popular one player game Half-Life, both made from VaLvE. It revolutionized game play for the American gamer.

Game play- (10/10) This game is extremely fun. You can team up on line with your friends and be either a T or a CT (counter-terrorists or terrorist). You have many different scenarios through thousands of levels, including defusing bombs and rescuing hostages. You have minutes (normally) to take down as many of the enemy team as possible, using a wide variety of guns. The guns consist of high quality sniper rifles, called AWP's, pistols, shotguns, sub machine guns, rifles, and machine guns. You can also use popular equipment like HE grenades and flash bang grenades. Overall, with all the sneaking around and battles you will haev, this game is the first game ever to overpass the fun of Goldeneye.

Story- (9/10) No real story here. There are several scenarios you must stand by. The main two are hostage rescue and bomb diffusion. Bomb Diffusion is where the terrorists, up to 16 on a team, plant a bomb, and the CT's must try not to get killed while defusing the bomb. Normally, the game ends before the bomb can be defused, because one team has eliminated the other by gun fire. Hostage rescue is the much harder scenario, where counter terrorists try to get past to guarding terrorists, safely get the hostages, and lead them through the map to safety.

Graphics (10/10) - This depends on what video card you have. The G-Force 4 is one of the best, being very crisp. Graphics, at their best, are very good, clear, and bright, making it easy to see. All the objects are to scale, so nothing is impossible.

Maps/Levels- (10/10) this game has many levels, called maps. They vary from the local wall mart, to a desert, to Aztec lands. There are trains, schools, and a new huge level being constructed, called de_Staples Center, said to be an exact replica. There is also a level, de_ratz, where the player is shrunk down 100 times, and plays in someone’s kitchen. You can also play levels that are small, like a level on a tennis court where you toss grenades over a net, and you can drive tanks- overall, great levels.

Sound- (10/10) excellent sound effects and communication methods. The gun sounds are very realistic and differ between guns. Communication is very good. There are default commands, you can type what you want to say, or you can use a microphone and type verbally. This way teamwork can be developed, so people create clans, groups of people all working for one name.

Play Time- (10/10) You can play infinite. It never gets old. And, it does not cost extra. There are many servers online you can play on, and normally the servers are fairly full. You also have time to play different kinds of games, like 4 on 4 or 16 on 16, depending on what you feel like playing. Online there is not heavy profanity, shall we say, and all the games are fairly short so there is no games that last forever.

Controls (10/10)- The controls are excellent on default. You can use a joystick, or alter any key to fit your needs, so the player will be comfortable. The mouse and the keyboard can both be used.

Special Features- There are quite a few special features in this game. You are able to take a screen shot and any random time in the game, to show to your friends or opponents. You can also use spray-paint on the wall to leave messages to those on your team.

Normal Game (Not Online)- LAN Games are also very fun. You can obtain POD bots, so you can play with robots, and you can practice your skills without people talking. Also, you are able to play quicker because there are no connections needed. LAN games also help to improve your skills.

Weapon Selection- This game has a fairly decent weapon selection, though I’m not rating t. You have rifles such as the Bullpup, a Counter Terrorist Only gun, and the AK-47, a terrorist only gun. This strikes rivalry between the two sides, both wanting to get these excellent guns. There is a single machine gun, the Para, which is excellent (but expensive)

Overall- One of the top 5 best games ever, up there with Goldeneye and Final Fantasy. So really, this game takes the cake. This game is fun, has good graphics, good playtime, good replay, and is very social for a video game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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