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""I never thought online gaming would be this good!""

“To tell the truth I never thought online multiplayer games would be this good.” Counterstrike is a modification of one of the best selling PC games to date; Half-life. Released in 1998 this game has sold millions of copies worldwide. Counter-Strike is by far the best First Person Shooter game on the PC.

Game Features -6.5/10
This downloadable mod comes with a basic training mission that tells you how to play and familiarizes you with the controls. You can also customize your player by giving him/her a name and a customizable spray which is kind of like a tag.
This game also comes with dozens of maps or stages which can be played online. Many other maps can be downloaded or created depending on what you want to play. This game also has chat rooms in which you can enter and chat with other Counter-Strike players. The only useful feature is the online play which is why I give it 6.5/10

This game has some pretty good graphics for a game that was released in 1998. But the graphics largely depends on your video card; if you have a decent video card in you computers then you have nothing to worry about. This game has crystal clear graphics and smooth animations. To improve the graphics you can download skins for your in-game models or weapons. These skin packs will greatly improve the graphics or player and weapons but will not affect the graphics of the environment. The graphics are good or bad depending on whether or not you have a good video card. The graphics are pretty good so I give them 8/10

This is by far the most important and remarkable part of the game. Before you can start playing you have to choose one of two teams; the terrorists and counter-terrorists. Upon selecting a team you will be asked to select one of four player models. The main objectives of the game are to kill the other team or rescue hostages/plant the bomb. This task seems easy but it requires patience, stealth, and skill. This game really takes a lot of time to get used to. One of the greatest things in this game is the freedom players are allowed to have. You have opportunity to select a variety of different weapons characters and routes. You can even chat by typing or by microphone to players online and make alliances. This game has millions of player so it is hard to get bored of playing one person. Game play is fun and addictive this game will have you hooked for years which is why I give game play 10/10

The sounds in this game are not only clear but they are crucial to your survival. You have to listen carefully to footsteps especially if you are the only one left on you teams. A lot of the time you have to move stealthily to prevent being detected. The gun sound are also on point, they actually sound like the real weapons. You can also use microphones to communicate with other player on you team. But sometimes the microphone transmissions can be a little fuzzy. Sound earns a respective 9/10

The controls take some getting used to, but once you familiarize yourself you will find that they are not as complicated as you thought. There are a lot of buttons to get used to. The controls can be complicated and frustrating at times, but once you get used to them you wont have a problem. The keyboard can be a little confusing at time so that is why controls would receive 7/10.


The difficulty of this game is sometimes unbearable. There are many things that you have to master to become a real pro in this game. Fist of all you have to learn to shoot with bursts of fire instead of just keep shooting and expecting a kill. If you spray there is a small percentage that any of your bullets will hit the target. You also have to be stealthy because one false move and you can easily be detected by your footsteps. The damage in this game is very realistic, you can’t get shot twenty times and still expect live.
But there are some servers that you can play in against fellow beginners too. Don’t expect to master this game in two weeks; it will take time to get used to. If you don’t like a challenge then stay away from this game! 10/10.

Fun Factor/Lasting Appeal-10/10

This game is one of the most fun games I have ever played in my life! This game will and I repeat WILL have you hooked on for a long time. There is a lot of freedom as to what you have done in the game. Another reason why this game is fun is because it is fully customizable. You can customize everything from you name, spray, controls and even the different skins you can download. This game has been out for over five years and people are still playing worldwide. The game will last for months to years. 10/10

Overall/Recommendation- 9.8

Counter-strike provides and excellent gaming experience. Despite its almost useless features this game makes up for it in the gameplay area. This game is a must have! If you do not have this game now I highly recommend that you purchase it or download it. But be warned it is a long download. You can easily obtain it from any game store for about twenty to thirty-five dollars. But once you get it you will be happy you have. Counter-strike earns an overall of 9.8

Closing Comments

As I said before “I never thought online games would be this good”. This game provides a great gaming experience and it does have infinite replay value. I warn you it will be hard to put down. “See you on the battlefield

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/19/03, Updated 06/19/03

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