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"A great game worth playing"

Ok first off just to start things off I like to play allot of first person shooters but this, by far is the best one I’V ever played. It is very fun and addicting but there are a few down points like the community isn’t very good in some places. I will go in-depth about certain things that most people probably wouldn’t but I want to because I think it will help you.

Basics 9/10: Counter-Strike is a multi-player only mod of the game Half-Life if you have Half-Life or Counter-Strike retail or any of the other mod retails available (such as Day of Defeat) you can play any of the mods for Half-Life. The online play is completely free if you have the game but a lot of people rent servers from companies to host their own servers, you can also host one from your own computer. There is no one player for Counter-Strike besides the tutorial available. So I give the basics of the game a 9/10 due to the fact that there isn’t a 1p mode, but they are making one you can buy called Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

Sound: The sound in counter-strike is very good there are so many sounds you could play for a year and never hear all of them. But, there is no music in this game at all which is a downside to some people but this game really wouldn’t work with music anyway because you need to hear what’s going on.

Game play Modes 10/10: I will list all the game play modes and tell you what they are.
Hostage maps(CS): The CT’s must rescue the hostages from the terrorists who have them in a area and get them to a rescue point.

Bomb Maps(DE): Terrorists must get to a bombsite and plant a bomb some levels have multiple bomb sites and the CT’s must defuse the bomb if the T’s plant it.

Assasination(AS): Very few of these maps are played but the CT’s have a VIP who can only use the starting gun for the CT’s and gets 200 armor and he must make it to a escape point while the T’s must kill him.

FY(not sure what it stands for): there are weapons on the ground at your spawn and you pick them up and shoot your enimy

Escape: No one plays these maps because they were said to be unbalanced.

Graphics 10/10: The graphics are amazing especially since this game was made in 1999. The textures are very good. You need a decent video card to run it but it runs fine on a G-Force 2. All the designs are smooth and it looks really good.

On-Line Community 6/10: This is the kicker that really kind of hurts CS, it is sometimes hard to find a server that is “newbie friendly” because most will just yell at you call you a “noob” and kick you. There are good servers though and its starting to get a lot better which put it up to a 6. There are also A LOT I mean A LOT of whiners in CS every time some people get killed they try to find and excuse or say someone is cheating and that brings me to my next point. Cheating is a big deal in Counter-Strike or so most people thing since there are cheats or “hacks” as people call them in the game people thing anyone that gets a lucky shot or is good is cheating so therefore the admins ban him just because he’s good that’s a major turn-down because there only maybe 1,000 people out of 100,000 that have ever even used cheats once. The online-community is getting better and stronger anti-cheats are being made so this will probably deserve to be higher because it truly is getting better and more friendly so a 6/10 for this one.

Price 10/10: Simply put this game is now cheap so get it while it is cheap it costs about 25$ with unlimited free internet play so definitely cheap.

Comparison: There really isn’t any in my opinion no game really plays like this expert the rainbow 6 series which is the only game really at all both are good games.

Other games to get: Probably the rainbow 6 series because it’s the only other series that’s kind of like this game.

Difficulty10/10: This game is hard to pick up and hard to learn its best to have a friend who can teach you the ropes or it will be a very slow, but very rewarding learning process, you can become good at the game but there are so many small things you can master to become better.

Fun Factor 10/10: All my w00ts are belong to this. Its awesome fun if you buy this game and get into it don’t expect to do anything for a while, its that good if you like it not much more to say there you like it or you don’t.

Buy or not? Defiantly buy this game is well worth the money I paid $25 for this game and have played it for well over 100 hours its easy to do and well worth the small price.

Conclusion: This game is great minus its small flaws and there are some with the steam switch and all but it will all be worked out and everyone will be happy again.

Final Words: Well that’s my review its my first one iv done so it might not be that good and hope you enjoyed reading It any got some help from it. So overall it gets a 8/10 for not being perfect but I think it will be a 9/10 eventually once steam gets better and the community gets more friendly.

If you wish to contact me for some reason e-mail OR if you want me to be sure to get it e-mail hotmail account because outlook express is being weird lately lol

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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