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"This game keeps you getting back for more!"

Counter-Strike is a First Person Shooter for the PC, which you play over the internet against other human opponents and it's a game that you'll get for free when you have bought Half-Life. It is a game that is very addictive and keeps on being improved on.

The reason that Counter-Strike is very addictive is easy to explain. It is that the fact that you keep wanting to play more after you've been killed. In the beginning you might wonder why people make such a fuzz about this game, but once you've killed a person you keep getting back for more, because of the satisfaction you'll get for finally killing someone.

In Counter-Strike there are two teams: the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The terrorists are the "bad" guys and their mission is to bombard a place or to keep hostages or even to kill a VIP. On any of the official maps, any of these three are their main objectives.

The counter-terrorists are the "good" guys and you could even refer to them as the police or a SWAT force. Their mission is to prevent the terrorists to bombard a place by protecting it, to save the hostages if there are any or to escort or to escort a VIP safely to the helicopter in order for him to escape. On any of the official maps these are their main objectives.

Of course there are easier ways to win a round than following any of these main objectives and that is when every terrorist has been killed by the counter-terrorist, which results in a win for the counter-terrorists and vice versa.

Another way to win a round is one that takes the most time to achieve, which is by running out of time on the map. Every map has a time limit and when you run out of time, depending on which map you're playing on, the counter-terrorist or the terrorists have won.

If you're playing on a de_ map, which is a demolition map, the counter-terrorist will win when the time is up, because they have successfully protected the area and the terrorist weren't able to bombard the place.

If it's a cs_ map, which is a hostage map, the terrorists will win when the time is up, because the counter-terrorists weren't able to save the hostages.

If it is an as_ map, which is an assassination map, the terrorists will win when the time is up, because the counter-terrorists weren't able to protect the VIP by escorting him to the helicopter.

Once you've been killed in battle you won't respawn immediately, but you must wait until the round has ended. For beginners this might seem stupid, since they're most likely to be killed very early, but once you've mastered some skills, the waiting become less annoying if you end up dying.

The handling for each weapon is very different and the recoil of each weapon is something you should get used to. This is also why this is a hard game for beginners, because other FPS have very different recoil or no to very little recoil, while some of the most powerful weapons (AK-47, M4a1) have very much recoil.

While these three types or map are the official maps, there are all kinds of other types of unofficial maps and gameplay modes in Counter-Strike these days. There are aim_ maps where there focus is to improve your aim, by shooting at each other from great distances.

Another very fun type of map are kz_ maps, which stands for kreedz, the creator of these maps. These maps however are very different than the other maps, because the goal of these maps is not on shooting or winning. The only thing you do on these maps is climbing to reach the end of the level. This may sound dull, but it is a fun game that exists in Counter-Strike and is gaining popularity over the years.

When you're looking for more variety, but not that extreme as kz_ maps, then there are gameplay mods that exists in counter-strike. Two of the most popular gameplay mods are game servers with a Warcraft 3 Mod or Super Hero mod. In these mods, you'll play the same game, with the same objectives, but the only difference is that you'll have super-natural powers. These mods also are gaining very much popularity, especially the Warcraft 3 mod.

Another mod that is currently gaining some popularity are Capture the Flag mods and Team Death Match mods, within Counter-Strike. These are quite fun mods to play as, but trying to find servers that have these mods at the moment is very hard, but they're gaining in popularity, so maybe in a few years they might be as popular a the other mods that are currently available.

Audio/Video 7/10
The audio and video aren't that impressive by these days standards, but at the time it was released, these were very nice.

I never heard a real AK-47 being shot with or a M4a1, so I can't say that the sounds in this game are as realistic as if they were being shot in real life. By comparing these sounds with other games however, I must say that they sound very credible and realistic compared with what we've seen in movies and other games.

The video hasn't improved very much since it has been released, which means that if you're playing this game until this day, you are playing a game on a five year old software, which is very outdated. The graphics don't look very realistic and some special effects like an explosion of a grenade or a the smoke of a smoke grenade, don't look/sound very realistic, by these days standards.

Replayability 10/10
This game is very popular and that is mainly because if it's replayability. You can play any of these game modes an infinite number of times and you will still not get tired of what this game has to offer. This game is over 5 years old now, but still this is one of the most played games over the internet.

Final Comments
This is a very addictive game and once you've tried it, you'll love it. This game isn't that expensive nowadays, so buying this game will definitely not regret you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/05

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