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"The Outforce: Space Wars"

I first got The Outforce back in 2001. It is a pretty good game, but it can't really compare to the “Command and Conquer”, “Civilization”, and “Dune” series of Real time strategy games. This is a game where you fight in a futuristic, space environment and the graphics and sound really help in immersing you in the game.

The graphics are pretty good for a 2000 game, and they still look good today. Space looks like a watercolor painting and glows and dims occasionally, providing a sense of immersion in conjunction with the sound. It has a fixed overhead perspective, which works out well for this game.

The sound works out well and helps draw you into the game and the music just sounds really good. This is a combo techno/new age sound track and works well in providing the feeling that you are in a futuristic, space environment.

This game controls really well, but sometimes the really large units will obscure the really small units. The missions work out like this: Build a base of your own and destroy the base of the enemy. Standard RTS fare. The turrets in the game could be blown to the side if they were not destroyed. There is a noticeable lack of a formation key, which really hurts since sometimes the units will obscure one another.

The Story:
The story of The Outforce begins when a space station is missing, and then you are pitted against two sides: the aliens and the robots. The missions gradually get harder as the game progresses, but if you have played an RTS game before this, they shouldn't be too hard; this game has selectable difficulty modes.

This game takes about 10 hours to pass, more or less depending on skill level at playing RTS games. There is tons of replayability, just like in any Real Time Strategy game; the battles will never twice play out the same way. I had fun replaying this game over to try to improve my strategies against the robots/aliens.

Final Recommendation:
If you can find this game for around 10-12 dollars, it is worth picking up. If you are a strategy aficionado, this game will hold your interest and you may quite possibly find yourself addicted and replaying this game over again.

I would give this game an 8/10.

Play: If you like futuristic games or real time strategy games.
Ignore: If you can't stand Real time strategy games or just don't like futuristic games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/17/06

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