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    Insta Making Guide by GLost

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Eve-Online Insta (Bookmark) Guide
    By General Lilost
    Revision 1.2, 2006-09-08
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    [00] Revisions
    [01] Main Idea
    [02] Basic How-To
    [03] The Directional Limitation
    [04] Graphical Example
    [05] Setup for Insta Making
    [06] Gate Instas
    [07] Station Instas
    [08] Can (Cannister) Mining Instas
    [09] Insta Naming
    [10] Advanced Techniques
    [11] Thanks!
    [12] Contact, Copyright, Limitations
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    <<<<<  [00] Revisions  >>>>>
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    v1.2     2006-09-80   Doh. Another critical update to Gate Jumping.
             *Changed the gate jumps distance to 13k or whatever is appropriate
                for the gate type you are working with
             *Tried to use more lists instead of blocks of text.
    v1.1     2006-06-05   Critical Update to Gate Jumping and Station Jumping
             *Changed the gate jump distance from 15k to 10k to account for 5k
                radius of gates
             *Put warning not to make instas to jump to the inside of the station
             *More specific reccomendation on insta folders
             *Recommended maneuverable, and not just fast ships for setting instas
             *Changed mining setup method to use a can for range-finding
             *Various grammar/text updates
    v1.0     2006-04-11   Guide Created
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    <<<<<  [01] Main Idea  >>>>>
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    Normally when you warp to some place, the closest you can get is 15k. For
    example with a gate you have to warp within 15k and then fly until you are in
    range of the gate to jump. An insta (short for instant) is a specialized
    bookmark that you can use to fly directly to a location such as a gate and skip
    the extra flying. Similarly, with an insta you can warp directly to a station
    and dock immediately without needing to approach the station. You can also mine
    with very little sub-warp flying necessary by warping directly between your
    mining can and a station with a pair of instas.
    Overall, using instas you can significantly reduce the total travel/game time
    necessary to accomplish many different travel related activities. In addition,
    if you are flying in dangerous space, instas make you a harder target since you
    do not have 15k of sub-warp flying to do after every warp.
    The slower your ship is, the more you will benefit from instas. In this guide, I
    will explain the three major insta situations that are mentioned in the
    paragraph above: gate jumping, station docking, and mining/hauling.
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    <<<<<  [02] Basic How-To  >>>>>
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    The basic idea is to make a bookmark in space 10~15k *past* the location that
    you actually want to warp to. Then when you warp to the bookmark, you land right
    on top of the location you want to be. For example, fly 10~15k (depending on the
    type of gate) past a gate and set a bookmark. Next time you warp to the
    bookmark, you will land right on top of the gate and be able to jump
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    <<<<<  [03] The Directional Limitation  >>>>>
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    The direction of your warp will make a big difference. For example if you make
    an insta that jumps from one point to a gate, and then use the same insta from a
    point on the opposite side of the gate... you will end up about 15k before the
    insta... and about 30k away from the gate!
    This means that when you make an insta, it will only work from one specific
    point to another specific point. More correctly, it will only work from one
    specific direction to a specific point. That is, as long as your starting points
    are more or less lined up, you can warp from any of those points to an insta
    along that line.
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    <<<<<  [04] Graphical Example  >>>>>
    <<<<<                          >>>>>
    Here is a simple drawing to explain the basic idea and the main limitation of
    instas. A mono-space font is necessary to see it correctly. You will also need
    to stretch your window until the line of stars at the top and bottom of the
    example fit on one line.
    Point B
                              Point A       Gate --10~15k-- Insta       Point E
        Point C
                              Point D
                                                             Point F
    * The Insta is designed to warp from Point A to the gate.
    * Warping from either of the points B or C to the Insta will also land you
      very close to the gate and probably put you in jump range.
    * Warping from Point E will land you about 30k away from the gate and double
      your sub-warp flying time!! Don't do that :)
    * Warping from places like Point F will land you off to the side and more than
      15k away from the gate. Also not recommended.
    * Warping from places like Point D will get you closer to the gate than 15k,
      and may or may not be close enough to be within jump range immediately.
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    <<<<<  [05] Setup for Insta Making  >>>>>
    <<<<<                               >>>>>
    There are two basic things you will want for insta making: a fast and agile
    ship and a
    well setup bookmarks section in the People & Places interface.
    Fast and Maneuverable ship:
    Whatever works. A cheap shuttle will work fine. The faster your ship, the faster
    you can get your instas setup. Be careful that your ship can speed up, slow
    down, and turn quickly though. Otherwise you might spend a lot of time
    backtracking if you miss the target position.
    Bookmarks Section:
    * Open the People & Places interface in Eve.
    * Go to the places tab.
    * Click on the Create Folder button at the bottom to create a new folder and
      call it "Instas" (or whatever you like).
    * Now when you are out in space, you can go to the same place and click on the
      Add Bookmark button to create a bookmark wherever you currently are in space.
    * Keep the Places tab open while you are making instas so that you can be ready
      to click the Add Bookmark button whenever you need to.
    * Sort your list of places by jump distance. This will always put the instas
      in your current system at the top of the list.
    My preference on folders is to create a a separate folder for stations, gates,
    and asteroid belts. This allows me to access the right insta quickly while in
    space. Some people prefer to organize the folders by regions. If you plan to
    have hundreds or thousands of instas, it would probably be a good idea to
    separate them by both destination type and region.
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    <<<<<  [06] Gate Instas  >>>>>
    <<<<<                    >>>>>
    Knowing the information above, you have enough to make whatever instas you need.
    However, I'll explain how to do a few techniques for anyone who wants more
    The easiest technique for gates is the following:
    * Pick a starting point (station, another gate, or whatever).
    * Warp toward the gate for which you want to make an insta.
    * When you come out of warp, fly just past the gate and then correct your course
      back so that your source location, the gate, and your ship are lined up.
    * Continue flying until your overview shows that you are about 12k from the
    * When you are a little more than 12k away from the gate, click the Add Bookmark
      button in the People & Places / Places interface as mentioned in the [05]
      Setup section above.
    * Now you have an insta from any location in the direction that you came from to
      the gate!
    Note: The tactical overlay can be very useful for watching your distance from
      the gate when creating instas. However, it is mostly useful only if the gate
      is in the circular plane of the tactical overview.
    The reason for making the insta 12k from the gate instead of 15k is the radius
    of the jump gate. The jump gate has about a 3k (depending on the type of gate)
    bubble around it that is counted as zero-distance. So to arrive at the center
    of the bubble, you need to jump to a point 12k past the bubble
    (3k radius + 12k space).
    If anyone knows the specific radius of different types of gates, please let
    me know in game or by e-mail so I can update the guide.
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    <<<<<  [07] Station Instas  >>>>>
    <<<<<                       >>>>>
    Station instas are much easier than gate instas because your target location is
    so huge!
    Center of Station Instas (sometimes instant / almost instant instas):
    (Thanks and credit to Fraszoid, CEO of Miner Guide to the Galaxy, who wrote the
    Eve Mining Guide, also at GameFAQs)
    If you fly over or under the middle of the station (stay as close as possible to
    the surface of the station), you can set an insta there. This will allow you to
    warp directly to the station from any direction. The only issue is that in many
    cases you will come out of warp very close, but not quite within docking range.
    The error is worst when flying from a gate below/above the station to an insta
    that is at the bottom/top, respectively, of the station. However, being able to
    use one insta from any location can still be a big time saver.
    Station Instas (instant instas):
    If you need to warp within docking range every time, then you will need to set
    up a directional insta in almost exactly the same way as the gate insta. Just
    fly to the opposite side of the station from the direction that you want to
    come from. Set your insta there, and it should allow you to jump within docking
    range from the proper direction.
    As before with the gate instas, it is important make sure the source location,
    the station, and your ship are more or less lined up.
    Also similar to the gates, the stations have a zero-distance bubble around them.
    It depends on the type of station but I believe all are more than 10k.
    Because of the large zero-distance bubble around stations, you have more
    flexibility for setting an insta in one side of the station that can handle
    about 180 degrees of incoming directions. In most cases, you can setup one or
    two instas that will cover docking with the station from any direction.
    Danger!:::::Be careful to setup your instas so you do *not* land inside the body
    of the station. There is a chance that after you land inside, you will be
    thrown away from the station at a very high speed. In a highly manueverable
    ship, it is not a problem since it will slow down and stop quickly. However in
    a ship like an industrial or barge, you will fly faster than you thought
    possible and then spend the next 10 minutes approaching the base from a long
    distance. If that happens to you, just warp back to your source and warp
    back. It will be faster. It is better to avoid the situation in the first place
    by making your insta to arrive very close to, rather than inside the station.
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    <<<<<  [08] Can (Cannister) Mining Instas  >>>>>
    <<<<<                                      >>>>>
    Various forms of can mining can be profitable in Eve. If you setup instas for
    your can mining, it can become even more profitable! You will save a
    significant amount of time from needing to fly around at sub-warp speeds to get
    in position / pick up ore from your can. The instas in this section will be
    useful both for your mining ship and for your industrial transport. There is a
    small amount of time involved in setting it up and it is quite inflexible, so
    it's probably only worth it for a mining operation or a belt that you will be
    mining often.
    The mining technique is just a combination of the gate insta and the station
    insta (or two gate instas if you are transporting out of the system). The
    only trick is how to create an insta exactly to your can (since the can has a
    much smaller margin for error than the gate).
    Outline of setting up mining instas:
    * Get to the asteroid belt that you want to mine.
    * Find the specific location that you want to mine from. Unless you have a
      special reason, I recommend you pick a spot with the most valuable asteroids
      in range, but not right next to any asteroids (can cause problems with
      warping). Remember that after setting up this insta, you will lose some or
      most of the benefit of insta mining if you move away from the original spot.
    * Here is the (small) trick. Drop a can, but do not use it for anything. You
      can create and then drag a random bookmark to your can for this purpose (do
      not put anything valuable in the can).
    * Now line up the can and the source location (station or gate or whatever)
      that you will be coming from.
    * Fly 14~15k in a line away from the can and your source location and set
      an insta.
    * You are almost ready. Warp to your source location and then warp back to
      your new insta.
    * Assuming you landed around where you want to be, stop your ship, start
      mining, and drop your mining can in this spot.
    * Now any time you jump from your source location, you won't just be close to
      the can, you will generally land right on top of it (close enough to open
      the container is all that counts).
    * Make your station or gate insta as described in the appropriate section,
      but with the asteroid belt as the source location.
    Now you are ready to do mining with virtually zero sub-warp speed flying
    involved. I never calculated the impact on time, but assuming you use this
    spot many times, your profitability has just increased, and your frustration
    with slow hauling has hopefully decreased.
    Note: Using a tractor beam works well for large group mining, but if you want
      to run back and forth for a specific location, instas are better.
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    <<<<<  [09] Insta Naming  >>>>>
    <<<<<                     >>>>>
    I've never picked up an insta-packs on escrow, so I'm not sure how "the pros"
    name their instas. However, here is a decent technique you can take from me.
    There are a few considerations for naming instas:
    * Directionality
      This is critical. It is important to know not only where your insta goes,
      but also where it comes from. If you only write the destination, it will
      be easier than documenting both the source and destination, but you will
      quickly end up with a lot of instas that you can't trust and that will
      waste your time instead of saving it.
    * Ease of access
      Unless you want to keep the People & Places window open all the time, you
      should use the method of right-click in empty space and select your
      location from the warp-to menu. In speed critical situations (like someone
      chasing you), you will want to leave people and places open since you can
      visually scan the list and click on the location faster than you can use
      the right-click menu.
    * Limited name length
      You can write a very long name, but you won't be able to see the whole
      thing on the right-click warp-to menu.
    Some Examples (that I will explain below)
    (First, some examples that I will explain below)
    G_Ma<<G_Ba,Ag S*
      This means target of Gate Maiah, source can be Gate Barira, Gate Aghesi,
      or any Station.
      This means target of Gate Amarr, source can be any Gate or Station in
      the system.
      This means target of Gate Penirgman, source of the station at planet 8,
      moon 10.
    Format You Can Use
    [Target Type Identifier]_[2~4 Characters of Destination]
    <<[Source Type Identifier]_[2~4 Characters of Source] [...list multiple sources]
    Basic Type Identifiers:
    G = Gate
    S = Station
    A = Asteroid Belt
    Short syntax for Identifying Stations:
    [planet number].[moon number] [Optional 2~4 Characters of Station if there are
    multiple stations at that location]
    * Use a * to indicate if you can use the insta to approach from any Gate,
      Station, or Belt. It is easy to see and only takes 2 characters to indicate
      a lot of objects.
    * If there is only one station at a planet, you can omit the moon numbers to
      save space.
    * Put the destination first because there will always only be one destination
      and possibly multiple sources. It is also a good idea because you will be
      usually be looking for the destination first rather than source.
    * Don't include things like the system or region in the name. That is kept in
      the people and places interface where you can sort to search for particular
    * When you are in a system, all of the bookmarks in that system will be
      highlighted green in the People and Places interface, thus quickly
      identifying useable bookmarks for you. Finally, the right-click warp-to menu
      also will only include bookmarks in your current system. Again, don't waste
      text space on system/region.
    <<<<<                            >>>>>
    <<<<<  [10] Advanced Techniques  >>>>>
    <<<<<                            >>>>>
    I'm not that advanced yet, so I don't know! However, if you have some
    interesting techniques, let me know and I will add them with credit for the
    technique. I assume there must be some good combat applications of instas
    (ambushes and so forth, but...?).
    <<<<<                >>>>>
    <<<<<  [11] Thanks!  >>>>>
    <<<<<                >>>>>
    Big thanks go out to CCP for the great player driven game. Even though I wrote
    this guide, I still wish you would find some way to let active players get
    around the need for instas.
    Thanks to in-game Alexandria Dionne (now CEO and co-founder of M.M.P.) for
    inviting me to mining when I was a total newbie, and helping me with equipment
    and information to do it right. Particularly thanks for giving me the basics of
    instas and saving me time from the beginning.
    Thanks to Fraszoid, CEO and Founder of Miner Guide to the Galaxy, for the
    GameFAQs Mining Guide and the great Corp!
    ( http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/eve_online_exodus_mining.txt )
    <<<<<                                        >>>>>
    <<<<<  [12] Contact, Copyright, Limitations  >>>>>
    <<<<<                                        >>>>>
    Copyright 2006 J Nieri
    Eve In-Game: General Lilost
    Only for use at:
    I am sure there are many ways the guide could be improved. Please send feedback
    or additions!

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