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"Another let down"

Well here I am writing yet another review, this time I am reviewing the game ice wind dale, heart of winter. This is an expantion pack for the game ice wind dale as you may know, well if you are reading this guide you probably know actually. Anyway this game is slightly more interesting then the regular campaign. Not so much with the story but with the setting, still I found this game very dull and boring overall and while I found it started off nice with the barbarian camp and all, I found it quickly went the other way and turned into ice wind dale, the first game. I will not go into specific detail on why I did not like this game. But I must say that I do regret buying this, I got it in a 2 pack with ice wind dale and I do not think it was worth it.

Graphics: Once again this is the most strong point of the game, it looks exactly the same as the first game but that is not a bad thing seeing as how the first game had a nice crisp feel to it.

Story: Boring, to be honest I stopped listening after the first couple sequences, maybe it gets better towards the end of the game, I stopped around third of the way through the game.

Audio: The music in this game was done alright, the voice acting, or what voice acting there was, was a bit lacking in my opinion.

Game play: I found this to be yet another dungeon crawl, very disappointing. After the barbarian camp, which was a fun area the game quickly turned into exactly what the first game was, which was probably what the developers were trying to do. Maybe these games just are not my thing but I at least expect to have a bit of fun when I buy a game and play it. I can not say this game was a complete waste of time. The barbarian camp is very fun. Something else I did not like was the way you gathered your party members, I like to adventure and find a group as I go along. I was hoping this would be changed but I guess I was wrong.

Overall I cant say I would recommend this game to anyone, unless you liked the first game, then by all means go ahead and buy this game.
Overall score: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/28/08

Game Release: Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter (US, 02/19/01)

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