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"A good expansion for a very good game"

Icewind Dale is a very good game, I liked it a lot, it's fun to play with it's easy to use controls and engaging battle system. I liked it and the other forgotten realms games better than any other Role Playing Games(with the exception of Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2 on the Sega Dreamcast) on any game platform. So when I finished the game for the third time, I can't help but to crave some more Icewind Dale goodness so I went out and purchased Heart of Winter, the expansion to Icewind Dale and hope that it won't disappoint.

Icewind Dale Heart of Winter is the expansion of Icewind Dale, an isometric RPG developed by Black Isle using Bioware's Infinity engine first seen on Baldur's Gate. I like Icewind Dale more than Baldur's Gate because it's more action-packed as it focuses more on dungeon exploring/adventuring than an overland quest. So is the expansion good? well it has all the gameplay mechanics of Icewind Dale and the new additions like new spells, regions to explore, new weapons and armors, enemies, customization options, and it now supports 800x600 resolution. The storyline is the same old good versus evil routine, it is a direct connection to the storyline of IceWind Dale. You can access the expansion by choosing it in the main menu or go inside the previously locked door in kuldahar if you are currently playing an IWD saved game. Nothing has changed in the game, create your character(s), interact with NPCs, Hack and Slash enemies, explore the regions, rest, and collection weapons. The graphics hasn't change, it's still looks like IWD but with new animations and now supports 800x600 resolution, it's much more clearer the the standard 640x480 resolution but seems kinda smaller. The music and sound is the same and great as ever with some new voices, sound effects, and well-orchestrated music to set-up the mood. It's still as fun as IWD with new spells to learn and experiment with, some are very useful, new enemies to kill, new side-quests to lengthen gameplay, and new weapons to tinker around with. My only gripes is that the expansion is too short in my opinion, it's an expansion so it's understandable but for those who like this game so much will want some more. There are no new features like say NPCs to accompany your party as oppose to the created characters, just new stuff and places to go but that isn't much of a complain since the game is good as is.

Overall it's a good expansion but it just feel short, no major complains though. Adding some new features wouldn't hurt but it's okay, the game good even without new features. Definitely recommended for fans of Icewind Dale or the Advance Dungeons and Dragons PC games, it's not a disappointment but it's far from excellent either. But if you're tight on budget right now, you can stay away from it, it's the same old Icewind Dale with some new stuff.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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