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"One of the best expansion packs in a while."

Icewind dale is one of those rare games I could play forever and still not get bored of. I absolutely love the Infinity Engine games like this and Baldur's Gate, but there are some very large differences between them. Don't come into Icewind Dale expecting a deep storyline and compelling character interactions. Instead, Icewind Dale focuses on the battle aspect of RPGs, and does so brilliantly. It takes the best of the original Icewind Dale and adds more on, enough to make it feel like a whole new game.

Graphics: 9/10
I absolutely loved the backgrounds. Most areas looked unique and interesting, and there is lots of detail put into almost everything. Your characters and enemies are moderately detailed, but the animations can look repetitive after a while. The spell effects are nice, but they should be better. One of the best parts of this expansion is that the resolution has been increased to 800x600, which makes everything much more pretty.

Sound: 10/10
It's an Infinity Engine game, what do you expect? The music is perfect, although much of it is recycled from the Baldurs Gate games, I really could care less. The voices are excellent also.

Gameplay: 8/10
This is where I think most people are split as to whether this game is good or bad. People that play RPGs for great stories and compelling characters will be disapointed, but people who like fighting will love this game. All your characters are created by you, and the options are endless. You can have all fighters, or mages, or even all thiefs. The amount of detail you can put in your party is unheard of. This expansion adds several new character classes and abilities, as well as some tweaks to the engine that are welcome. The gameplay focuses on battle, with very few quests that cannot be solved by the swing of a sword. I still enjoyed it very much, though, and recommend this game to anyone interested in a solid RPG on the pc. However, if you want a more accessible RPG I suggest you look at Diablo 2 first, as I would rate it slightly higher.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/26/04

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