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    Monsters Guide by ARedfield

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    Resident Evil 3
    Monsters Guide/Survival Manual
    Copyright A.Redfield 2002
    email: a.redfield@angelfire.com
    This FAQ was written and copyrighted by A.Redfield. Therefore this
    document is private property of A.Redfield. It may be reproduced
    electronically or otherwise as long as it appears completely unaltered
    and containing this and the above copyright statements. This FAQ may
    not be used for profit.
    Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Biohazard, and
    all related persons, places and entities, fictitious or nonfictitious, are
    all copyright Capcom Co., LTD.
    1. Forward
    2. Basics/Briefing
    3. The Weapons
    4. The Health and Ammo
    5. The Monsters
        Drain Deimos
        Brain Sucker
        Hunter Beta
        Hunter Gamma
        Poison Roach
    6. The Bosses
        Nemesis Type 2
        Final Mutation
    7. The Nemesis
    8. Advanced Tactics
    9. Misc. Notes
    10. Credit/Thanks
    1 - Forward
    This is my third Resident Evil FAQ thusfar. I have been writing guides for
    those short, action-oriented minigames that is the bane of every RE player's
    existence. I have never had the inspiration to write those long-winded FAQs
    about the full game; there are already too many of those out there. When
    I found Fourth Survivor in RE2 and played it a couple of times, I knew it
    was my calling. Since then, I have been carved into a hardcore survivor
    by Hunk, Tofu, Mikhail, Carlos and Nicholai. I figured that since I have
    been throwing these little tips here and there about "Survival Tactics", 
    why not collaborate them? This Survival Manual is the result. Enjoy.
    New stuff. Version 1.1, nothing really big. I came back to RE3 after
    like 3 years away and I find that it's still fun, and that I played it
    way too much back then. All this talk about being "carved into this" and
    "survivor that"... blah. Being carved is bad, just ask Tofu and the 
    zombies who have been subjected to the Vincent Merken treatment. So the 
    most important to do is to have fun with it. And get out more, maybe
    visit a real police station or Bar Jack or something. Overplaying
    RE tends to make you pale, you know.
    Adam Redfield
    2 - Basics/Briefing
    Before reading this guide, I advise you to have done one of two things:
    [1] Played a bit of Resident Evil 3 to know what the fuss is about.
    [2] Have read the manual.
    Preferably you've done both. Even though this IS basic training, you still
    need to have a cursory knowledge of the RE world in order to survive past
    your basic undead horror. Naturally, if you are already a battle-hardened
    veteran, skip this section by all means. That said and done, here we go.
    <> Running and Fighting
       You should know when to fight and when to run. If you are in a wide-open
       space with one zombie wandering aimlessly around, resist the urge to 
       splatter its pitiful brains. Just run from it. Also, if you are in a room
       where you know you won't be coming back to, simply ignore the monsters
       in it. You should always pick running over fighting to conserve health
       and ammo. Don't run, however, if there is not enough space or if you will
       be coming back to this area more than one time.
    <> When you have to fight...
       NEVER, I repeat NEVER attempt a war of attrition in RE3. A war of 
       attrition, for those who don't already know, is standing in one place,
       pumping round after round into an oncoming bad dude, hoping to drop him
       before he gets to you. This is a bad idea. For one thing, most of the
       enemies in the game can shrug off anything less than a shotgun shell
       as if it was a mosquito bite. They can take more damage than you.
       Get used to the "stick-and-move" pattern.
    <> When you have to run...
       As JR Kerr says, don't run with your nose into a wall. It slows you down
       and increases the chance of the enemy catching up to you. Practice 
       running until you can run ALONG a wall, not with your nose into it. Also
       learn to bob-and-weave while running, avoiding potential obstacles and
       also throwing chasers off your tail. 
    <> Aiming correctly
       The auto aim in this game is better than in RE2, but in rooms where 
       there are a lot of enemies you may want to switch to manual. The reason
       is that the auto aim will lock on to the closest enemy; and that enemy
       may not be the most immediate threat. The most useful perk about auto
       aim is targeting an enemy that is immediately behind you.
    <> Shooting correctly
       There are three major weapons in the game that are highly range
       dependant: the two shotguns and the grenade launcher. Since part of the
       RE universe is a seemingly persistent lack of ammo, conserving rounds
       is crucial. The shotgun can kill a zombie in one shot at close range.
       Surprisingly, it can also do the same to dogs, Hunters, Drain Deimos...
       etc. Make sure to know which guns are better at close range and which
       are better at long range. The Handgun shouldn't be used as a close range
       weapon, for example.
    <> The Dodge
       A new maneuver in RE3, the dodge is done by tapping R1 or R2 one-half of
       a second before the enemy strikes. This is very hard to do at first, but
       once you get the hang of it, it's invaluable against quick monsters such
       as dogs and Brain Suckers. Jill will duck to her left/right, avoiding
       the attack and repositioning herself at a better vantage point.
    <> The Emergency Escape
       This was adopted from the game Dino Crisis, and only works on zombies.
       When a zombie is near you and almost upon you, hold R1 and mash every other
       button your fingers can find. Jill ducks and shoves, pushing the zombie(s)
       roughly away and giving you some breathing room. This move is unreliable
       and is not nearly as useful as the dodge, but it can spare you some
       damage in certain situations.
    <> Reloading
       NEVER let yourself get caught in a reloading animation. When shooting
       anything, keep count of the rounds left in your gun. As soon as it hits
       zero, tap Circle to access the menu screen to reload. I'm sure all of
       you have at one point pressed X when Jill's got no rounds left, and
       see her digging for the spare clip while the zombie/dog/Hunter/whatever
       is gaining. This is very annoying and often fatal.
    <> Herb Economy
       Always use herbs over sprays. Unlike RE2, when at any given time you will 
       have hundreds of green herbs, RE3 gives you just enough to make it 
       through, with little margin for error. In short, don't take unneccesary 
       hits and conserve your herbs. Always use a Red+Green instead of a 
    3 - The Weapons
    Name : Knife
    Score: 1/10
    Range: Very Close
    There are only three reasons why you would want to use the knife. 
    [1] You are completely (COMPLETELY) out of ammo, in which case you are 
        dead anyway.
    [2] You like to have the satisfaction of dropping bad dudes with a sharpy.
    [3] You are a mad-skills maniac who can stick-move-pop-drop even the
        toughest sacks of crap in the game with but a thought and a thumb motion.
    The knife sucks; it can only hit enemies in range of your arm and it has
    the least damage in the game. Use only against zombies, crows and worms.
    Even rarely at that.
    Name : S.T.A.R.S. Custom M92F (Samurai Edge)
    Score: 3/10
    Range: Mid/Far
    The standard sidearm. It's a reliable weapon as long as you're dealing with
    zombies/dogs and anything lower in the monster hierarchy. It fires one 
    bullet, not scattershot, and is accurate, meaning that none of the monsters
    in the game can dodge a shot if you aim right. The damage ratio is still
    comparably low, though.
    Name : Benelli M3S Shotgun
    Score: 5/10
    Range: Close/Mid
    A pump-action, sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun. In my opinion, the second most
    versatile weapon in the game. The shotgun fires spread-shot, covering
    a wide area. The ammo scatters as it gets farther from the gun, thus
    being able to damage multiple enemies in mid-range. In close range, the
    strength of the shell is concentrated enough to deliver a powerful blow,
    killing zombies in one shot. Aiming up is useful for increasing the damage.
    Name : S&W M629C Magnum
    Score: 8/10
    Range: All
    This looks a lot like the Colt Python .357 from RE1 and plays the part.
    The Magnum is the penultimate handgun, being able to kill practically
    anything with one shot, regardless of range. The only things that aren't
    taken down by a single bullet from this baby are the boss monsters.
    You have to be good at aiming to get 100% delivery, because the Magnum
    ain't nearly as forgiving as the M92F. You can't expect to fire multiple 
    rounds from the Magnum rapidly, because the pistol "jumps" in Jill's hand 
    after each shot.
    Name : HK-P Grenade Launcher
    Score: 9/10
    Range: Close/Mid
    THE most versatile weapon in the game. Can be loaded with FOUR, not three,
    kinds of ammo. Grenades, Flame Rounds, Acid Rounds and the new Freeze
    Rounds. Note that these are in ascending order of strength, with regular
    Grenades being the weakest and Freeze Rounds the strongest. This is the
    weapon you will be using for most boss encounters, since it can adapt
    to exploit any weakness the monster possesses. The only gripes I have
    with this weapon is it's reload speed and slow-travelling bullets. I have
    actually seen Nemesis dodge a grenade before and it's scary. The other
    thing is that in RE2, the regular grenades were more powerful.
    Name : SIGPRO SP2009 
    Score: 3/10
    Range: Mid/Far
    The plastic alloy pistol has basically the same strengths and weaknesses
    of the M92F, and uses the same rounds. This is the sidearm issued to
    the UBCS Corps, and Nicholai's main weapon.
    Name : M4A1 Assault Rifle
    Score: 7/10
    Range: All
    The first of two automatic weapons in this game. Set on full auto, this
    gun can stop anything short of Nemesis in its tracks. It fires a spray
    pattern of constant rounds, and burns through the clip rather quickly.
    When set on manual, a capacitor is used in the gun, firing in three-shot
    bursts. Although this gun shines in its speed of fire and ease of use,
    it has two major drawbacks. Spare clips for this gun are nonexistent
    (except in Easy Mode; you start with two) and each round does less damage
    than a Handgun round, about 2/3. Therefore, 3 AR rounds = 2 Handgun rounds.
    It does hold a lot of ammo but it goes by real quick; 100% = 300 bullets.
    Name : STI Eagle 6.0
    Score: 4/10
    Range: All
    A specialty gun for competitions. Uses the same ammo as the M92F and SIGPRO
    but can use it better. This gun fires quicker, reloads quicker, and has a
    5% chance of scoring a "critical hit". Critical hits work only on zombies
    and dogs; it kills them in one shot. Basically an upgraded handgun; when 
    you get it, use it to replace the old sidearm.
    Name : Western Custom M37
    Score: 6/10
    Range: Close/Mid
    I like to call this gun the "Terminator". This is because this was the
    shotgun used by the Terminator in the movie T2. Watch Jill go and do
    that one-handed reload! Cool! The Western M37 is better than the Benelli
    in terms of speed and accuracy. The damage dished out is still the same,
    but this lever-action shotgun fires and reloads much quicker than the 
    Benelli. The earliest you'll get this is right before the clock tower; use
    it to replace your old shotgun.
    Name : Gatling Gun
    Score: 9/10
    Range: All 
    This murderous weapon is a three-barrel personal mini-gun; it fires high
    caliber bullets at lightning speed. This gun has several drawbacks but can
    be noted for it's ability to take down ANYTHING in the game with sustained 
    fire. The main fault of this weapon is the fact that, like a real Gatling
    Gun, it has to start spinning the barrels for about one second before it
    actually starts firing, making it rather risky using on fast enemies. It's
    still an extremely fun weapon to use, though.
    Name : M66 Rocket Launcher
    Score: 10/10
    Range: Mid/Far
    THE ultimate weapon of RE3. Actually, for any of the RE games. The M66 fires
    a single rocket propelled grenade, enough to decimate all in its path. This
    baby takes down the toughest bad dude in the game, Nemesis, in two shots. It
    takes down anything else in one shot. Actually, there is only ONE drawback 
    to this godlike weapon and that is the draw speed and rate of fire. The 
    recoil on the M66 is even worse than the Magnum's, and hefting the gun to 
    aim it at the bad guy takes another second. Therefore, make sure to let fly 
    before your target gets too close. 
    Name : Jill's Combat Boot
    Score: 11/10!!!
    Range: Very Close
    THIS IS THE BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME! Okay, so not really. The real score is
    around 1 or 2/10, but it still has its uses. Basically, the boot is used 
    when a zombie grabs Jill's ankles or when running over small and annoying 
    creeps like the Slitherworms. It's pretty friggin wicked when Jill pops a 
    zombie in the face, blowing its brains out through the back of its head. 
    Also note that you don't have to be running to squash spiders and roaches 
    and the like, it's just that Jill's foot has to come down on them.
    4 - The Health and Ammo
    Ah, herbs and bullets. The two most essential pick-ups in the history of RE. 
    Without these, you're toast, so let me outline them.
    Name     : Green Herb
    Frequency: Common
    You find these around the place. Using one is good for restoring 1/3 of your
    total health. Mixing two green herbs restores 5/6 of you total health. 
    Mixing three green herbs restores all of your health. These are the 
    "base herbs".
    Name     : Blue Herb
    Frequency: Uncommon
    These can cure poison. Poison is more abundant in this game, so try to pick 
    up a few of these. Mixing a blue herb with any of the above green 
    combinations will add curing poison effect.
    Name     : Pot of Blue Herbs/"Blue Bush"
    Frequency: Rare
    Every once in a while you come upon a bunched-up pile of blue leaves in a 
    pot. You can't pick these up, but they can be used an infinite amount of 
    times tocure poison. Not very useful, actually. There are only three of 
    these in the game.
    Name     : Red Herb
    Frequency: Uncommon
    The Red Herbs can be mixed ONLY with a green herb or a blue-green combo. 
    Red Herbs triple the effect of green herbs, meaning mixing a single 
    red-green combo will heal you completely. Red Herbs cannot be used by 
    Name     : First Aid Spray
    Frequency: Uncommon
    You actually end up with a lot of these in the course of the game. Although 
    they heal all of your health, you shouldn't use them. Why? Because using 
    them lowers your grade in the end of the game. Use only in dire, near-death 
    Name     : Handgun Bullets
    Frequency: Common
    These are the bullets for the M92F/SIGPRO/STI Eagle. You get them in boxes 
    of 15 or 30 rounds. Even though there are much of these, use sparingly.
    Name     : Shotgun Shells
    Frequency: Uncommon
    12-gauge shot shells for the Benelli or Western M37. These get more common 
    as you get farther into the game. When you have enough of these to spare, 
    use the shotgun as your main weapon.
    Name     : Grenade Rounds
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Explosive shells of the HK-P Grenade Launcher. Use very sparingly, as they 
    are few and far between. These are the normal grenades and the weakest of 
    the four types.
    Name     : Flame Rounds
    Frequency: Rare
    Grenades loaded with napalm. These are effective against most forms of 
    normal enemies. Should be saved for tough encounters i.e. Hunter Beta/
    Name     : Acid Rounds
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Grenades containing acidic substances. The second strongest of all the 
    grenade types, and should be saved for bosses. However, they are very 
    effective against all forms of enemies.
    Name     : Freeze Rounds
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Grenades with liquid nitrogen warheads. These are the strongest of all the 
    grenades available, and should be used exclusively for Nemesis. These are 
    quite possibly the best type of ammo other than a rocket.
    Name     : M629C .44 Magnum Rounds
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Ammo for the Magnum. You'll be lucky to find more than one of these in the 
    whole game. Very tough ammo, can drop just about anything.
    Name     : 5.56mm NATO Rounds
    Frequency: Special
    Ammo for the M4A1 Assault Rifle. You only get clips of these in Easy Mode. 
    Each one contains 100%, or 300 rounds.
    Name     : Handgun Bullets E/"Black Taurus"
    Frequency: Special
    These can only be obtained one way: refining it with the Reloading Tool. To 
    get these special rounds, get about 8 Gunpowder A's and refine them all, 
    without mixing any. The eighth time you make ammo, you will be asked if you 
    want to make Special Rounds. Say yes, and you'll get these. They enhance 
    the power of the M92F/SIGPRO Handguns. The sound and kick of the gun 
    changes; it does more damage. If you notice, Brad's gun at the beginning of 
    the game is loaded with these.
    Name     : S.G. Shells E
    Frequency: Special
    These can only be obtained one way: refining it with the Reloading Tool. To 
    get these special rounds, get about 8 Gunpowder B's and refine them all, 
    without mixing any. The eighth time you make ammo, you will be asked if you 
    want to make Special Rounds. Say yes, and you'll get these. They enhance the 
    power of the Benelli/M37. The shells are loaded with explosives and do the 
    damage of a Magnum round. Neato!
    5 - The Monsters
    (L)= Light attack
    (M)= Medium attack
    (H)= Heavy attack
    (D)= Finishing blow
    (P)= Poisoning
    Attacks: Bite(M), Acid(L), Ankle Bite(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 9-13
    Handgun    : 6-8
    H.Gun E    : 4
    Shotgun    : 1~2
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 1~2
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 3%
    Western M37: 1
    Gatling Gun: 3 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    The zombies are your basic monsters, they encompass more than half of the
    creatures you meet during the course of the game. Slow and stupid, they're
    hardly a threat unless encountered in a large groups and you're caught
    without your shotgun. When there are only one or two of them and the leeway
    between them and the walls are acceptable, you can evade them rather easily.
    They can also be juked easily. Otherwise, a few rounds will put them down.
    Attacks: Bite(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 7~8
    Handgun    : 6-9
    H.Gun E    : 4
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 1
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 4%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 2 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Ah, cerberus. The hellhound watchdogs of the RE series. They are 
    essentially the same; fast and agile but dealing out little damage per hit.
    They are almost never encountered alone, there are at least two of them.
    The handgun is good enough to take them out but if there are three or four
    of them hanging around it's better to whip out your shotgun.
    Attacks: Peck(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 1
    Handgun    : 1
    H.Gun E    : 1
    Shotgun    : 1
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 1
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 0.3%
    Western M37: 1
    Gatling Gun: 1
    R. Launcher: 1
    There are a lotta these in RE3 but it's never necessary to fight them. 
    If you can run without snagging they won't be a threat. If they do catch
    you, hit all of the buttons like mad to shake them off, because the pecks
    that they throw at you are fast and can build up the damage.
    Attacks: Claw(L), Grab and Bite(M)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 14-18
    Handgun    : 9
    H.Gun E    : 5
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 2
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 6%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 3 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Drain Deimos replace the Lickers. Personally, I think the Lickers were much
    more dangerous, as that the Drains are horribly slow and can only inflict
    moderate damage at best. They are only a real threat when they leap at you
    or get up on two legs and "run" after you. The leap they only use when you
    are too far away and they need to catch up. Sometimes, though, they will
    actually jump over you and grab you from behind. Use the shotgun on these.
    Attacks: Claw(L), Spawn Roach, Acid(P), Brain Drain(M)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 16-19
    Handgun    : 9
    H.Gun E    : 5
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 2
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 6%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 3 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Basically a spiced-up version of the Drain Deimos. You can see the 
    difference between the two; the Brain Suckers are vomit-green and beefier
    than the Drains. Also, they have the nasty habit of spitting some nasty
    poison mucus at you. Shotgun will do fine in this case. Keep your distance,
    and two or three shells will do it.
    Attacks: Slash(L), Leaping Slash(M), Claw Swipe(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 10
    Handgun    : 11
    H.Gun E    : 7
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 1~2
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 2
       Flame   : 2
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 6%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 4 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Ah, the Hunters are back. Remember the Hunter Alphas from RE1? Well, this
    is it's smaller, weaker cousin. The Hunters are hunched-over reptilian
    monsters with huge rippling arms and claws. Although they look and sound
    almost identical to the Hunter Alphas, this time it only takes two shotgun
    shells to kill them, not FOUR. Still, they have an instant-death attack,
    so use the Magnum or Grenade Launcher.
    Attacks: Slash(L), Leaping Slash(M), Claw Swipe(D), Devour(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 13
    Handgun    : 11
    H.Gun E    : 7
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 2
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 2~3
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 6%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 4 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Shorter and faster than the Betas, the Gammas look like mutated frogs. 
    Indeed they are quicker than the Betas because the never walk, they only
    run. It takes relatively the same amount of ammo to kill them, but don't
    fight them if not necessary, they are extremely dangerous. Hunter Gammas
    can eat you whole if you are 'Caution' or worse.
    Attacks: Bite(M), Acid(P)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 12
    Handgun    : 7
    H.Gun E    : 4
    Shotgun    : 2
    S.G. E     : 1
    Magnum     : 1
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 1
       Flame   : 1
       Acid    : 1
       Freeze  : 1
    M4A1 A.R.  : 5%
    Western M37: 2
    Gatling Gun: 3 secs
    R. Launcher: 1
    Huge, hairy spiders. These have been in every RE game to date, and always
    are identical. They either spit poison or bite you, and are actually rather
    annoying buggers. You never need to fight them, but if you want to, use
    the Shotgun or something better; the Handgun just pisses them off.
    Attacks: Blood Drain(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    You find these slimy horrors in the sewers. They come in groups of 3 or more
    and leap at you in unison. If they connect, they start to drain your blood
    until you shake them off by mashing the controls. They can be killed rather
    easily but it's a waste of ammo; just run.
    Attacks: Bite(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    If you kill a Webspinner with anything less than Flame Rounds then these 
    mini-spiders pop out of the corpse. They can bite your ankles, and this does
    about the same damage as a peck from a Crow. To get rid of them, run them
    over with your boot (yeah!) or just leave the room and come back. Spiders
    can dodge bullets.
    Attacks: Leech(L), Bite(P)
    <Hits To Kill>
    These only appear when a Brain Sucker or Drain Deimos is around. They look
    like mini versions of the Brain Sucker. They have two attacks, they either
    latch onto you, causing minor damage, or they do this weird-looking leaping
    bite that can poison you. Just squish them flat.
    6 - The Bosses
    There aren't many bosses in RE3, unlike RE2. This is definitely to equalize
    the addition of Nemesis, who is like a boss that chases you throughout the
    game. Still, there are those humongoid-monster encounters that eat up a
    major portion of you ammo and herbs. These I like to call boss fights.
    G R A V E D I G G E R
    Attacks: Gore(M), Head Ram(L), Grab and Thrash(H), Eat(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 80+
    Handgun    : 49-53
    H.Gun E    : 31
    Shotgun    : 21
    S.G. E     : 17
    Magnum     : 13
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 24
       Flame   : 22
       Acid    : 11
       Freeze  : 15
    M4A1 A.R.  : 34%
    Western M37: 19
    Gatling Gun: 6-8 secs
    R. Launcher: 3
    You'll know it when you see it. It's a huge worm with four mandibles that
    charge you for some of the worst damage anything in the game can dish out.
    You'll meet this nightmare twice: once on the way back to the Trolley after
    collecting all of the necessary items and once in the Raccoon City Park.
    The first encounter, he comes out of the holes on the walls and it only
    takes one-half the amount of ammo listed to take him down. 
    The second time, he pops out of the ground (look for the trailing dirt) and
    attempts to thrash you into a pulp. Try to lure him into the center area
    by the puddle and don't get yourself cornered. After he pops up, hit him
    with a barrage of ammo and he'll go back underground. Continue this
    pattern until he dies or until you get a little cut-scene where you see
    the lamp posts get loosened. Then, use R2 to shoot out the lamp posts and
    lure him into the electrified water.
    N E M E S I S  T Y P E  II
    Attacks: Whiplash(M), Ankle Whip(L), Backlash(L), Grab and Slam(H)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 70+
    Handgun    : 49-56
    H.Gun E    : 37
    Shotgun    : 23
    S.G. E     : 19
    Magnum     : 17
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 15
       Flame   : 14
       Acid    : 12
       Freeze  : 12
    M4A1 A.R.  : 46%
    Western M37: 22
    Gatling Gun: 8 secs
    R. Launcher: 4 
    You fight the mutated, horribly weakened Nemesis in the garbage dumping
    room. He's wounded pretty bad and can only limp slowly after you, but
    he's still dangerous. This battle is timed, but the clock shouldn't be your
    worry. The trick is to run past him on his right just as he is trying his 
    tentacle whip. As he is delayed from the attack, launch a round into his 
    back and run past him again. Keep repeating this and you will have him down
    in less than a minute. Preferably use the Grenade Launcher with Acid Rounds.
    If he does land a hit on you it could be bad; this is a confined space and
    he can get multiple hits after knocking you down. The pattern seems to be:
    Whiplash/Ankle Whip/Backlash. He repeats this as long as he keeps you in a
    corner. If you actually stand up he'll likely use the Grab and Slam which
    will kill you if you are in Caution. Rule of thumb: Stay as far away as
    NOTE: You can kill him very quickly by using the molten sludge pipes, 
    because they deliver an unholy amount of damage. The problem is positioning
    Nemesis right and then hitting the valve. Give it a shot!
    F I N A L  M U T A T I O N
    Attacks: Acid Scatter(L), Acid Shot(M), Head Ram(L), Bite(M), 
             Tentacle Whip(L), Chew and Throw(H), Reverse Bone Spike(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 140+
    Handgun    : 97-109
    H.Gun E    : 60+
    Shotgun    : 41-49
    S.G. E     : 34
    Magnum     : 21
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 38
       Flame   : 36
       Acid    : 24
       Freeze  : 22
    M4A1 A.R.  : ~70%
    Western M37: 39-47
    Gatling Gun: 7 secs
    R. Launcher: 5
    The final boss of RE3, he can take much much more than he can dish out. 
    Basically all you have to do is keep your distance and continue pumping
    him full of rounds until he drops. At medium to far range most of his 
    attacks can be avoided easily, since the boss itself moves slowly. There
    is a catch to this battle, though, he never can really be "killed" by
    normal means, you have to power up the rail cannon in the room in order
    to finish him off.
    The chamber is a huge room with a stack of machinery in the center and
    the rail cannon off to the right. There are three battery cartridges in
    the room, one right where you came in (1), one on the farthest wall from the 
    entryway (2) and one adjacent to the rail cannon (3). You have to activate
    the batteries in THAT ORDER for the rail gun to start up. Remember, the 
    batteries are not switches, you have to push them in. Once you push in
    battery #1, the Final Mutation appears. Run a safe distance and fire off
    a few shots. Run over to battery #2 and push it in. Stick and move, lure
    the boss away from battery #3 and keep shooting while avoiding the acid.
    When you gain enough distance, push in battery #3. Now the rail gun will 
    start firing it's huge laser at ten second intervals. You have to shoot
    the boss continuously, trying to lure it into the path of the rail cannon
    shots. Once it takes one of those, kiss goodbye! 
    7 - The NEMESIS
    The Nemesis is the ultimate creation of the Umbrella Corporation. A 
    relentless pursuer with an armored hide and lethal tentacle weapons. You
    can think of him as a Mr. X who has eaten about a couple hundred pounds of 
    steroids. He's fast, strong and doesn't let up. You encounter him about
    7 or 8 times in the game, not including the final fights. This chapter is
    included to help you evade, or when the need arises, to take down this
    Attacks: Left-Arm Throw(M), Left-Arm Punch(M), Right-Arm Clothesline(L),
             Rushing Punch(M), Face Spike(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 51.48
    Handgun    : 44.28
    H.Gun E    : 25.19
    Shotgun    : 16.10
    S.G. E     : 12.7
    Magnum     : 11.6
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 12.12
       Flame   : 12.11
       Acid    : 9.6
       Freeze  : 9.6
    M4A1 A.R.  : 27%.22%
    Western M37: 15.9
    Gatling Gun: 7 secs
    R. Launcher: 1.1
    The first number before the period is the shots it takes to drop him 
    temporarily. The number after the period is the shots it takes to "kill"
    This is the Nemesis you encounter before and during the Clock Tower event.
    You know, big dude wearing a black raincoat and gloves. He is actually more
    dangerous in this form than in any other, as that only in this form does
    he possess his instant death attack, the Viral Spike. You see him use it
    on Brad in the RPD Building FMV. Anyway, he walks slowly usually, but get
    too far away from him and he starts dashing. When dashing he can use two
    attacks; the Throw or the Rushing Punch. Generally you should try to keep
    him from running by staying mildly close to him. He is ALWAYS faster than
    you can no matter how much you weave he can track you. Keep at medium
    range and pump him full of hot lead.
    The pattern when fighting Nemesis goes like this:
    1. Get 4 footfalls ahead of him and depress R1. Jill turns around.
    2. Fire for a 1.5 second duration.
    3. Watch him start to swing and move past him on his RIGHT side.
    4. Repeat.
    After this pattern goes by three times, and if you have done it each time
    correctly, Nemesis gets pissed and starts running. Simply evade his rushes
    for about three seconds and he gives up. Start the pattern again.
    If Nemesis ever catches you, this is what happens:
    1. He grabs you and looks at you. He goes "Mrrraahh" and throws you down.
    2. You mash the Square and X buttons frantically to get Jill to her feet.
    3. If you succeed Nemesis begins walking slowly after you.
    4. If Jill is still on the ground, Nemesis grabs her and spikes her. D'oh!
    However, during step 4 if Jill is in yellow Caution or better, you can break
    free of his killing blow by rapidly tapping all the buttons at once. If you
    don't resist, it is a sure death.
    If you knock Nemesis down, the fight ain't over yet. Walk over to him and
    aim down. Pump rounds into his brain until he gets up. He does that 
    frustration roar that we all know and love. He then attacks you with more
    gusto than before. You need to be more careful this time, because his 
    patterns are erratic and you never know when he starts running. Use your
    most powerful weapon to take him down quickly. You know he's dead when he
    goes "Ooorrggh..." and holds his right arm with blood gushing out of his
    shoulder, after which he falls to the ground in defeat. Purple blood gathers
    around his putrid corpse. Collect any briefcases he dropped and move on.
    The MINIMUM requirement for these Nemesis fights is a M92F-E or the Eagle. 
    Only risk using the normal Handgun when you have lots of space to work with. 
    After practicing Nemesis fights for a few days, you'll be able to drop this 
    bad boy with an STI Eagle, sixty rounds and a single green herb.
    You can tell how much Nemesis is hurt by his varying growls:
    "Ruh!"   = That tickles (H.Gun or AR shot)
    "Urgh!   = That pinches (Shotgun)
    "Ughuh!" = That hurts!  (Magnum round)
    Try it yourself! Hear and recognize these sounds!
    Attacks: Rocket(H), Rushing Club(H), Knee Club(M)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 51.48
    Handgun    : 44.28
    H.Gun E    : 25.19
    Shotgun    : 16.10
    S.G. E     : 12.7
    Magnum     : 11.6
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 12.12
       Flame   : 12.11
       Acid    : 9.6
       Freeze  : 9.6
    M4A1 A.R.  : 27%.22%
    Western M37: 15.9
    Gatling Gun: 7 secs
    R. Launcher: 1.1
    Okay, so this isn't really a different form of Nemesis. Three out of the
    8 times you encounter the Nemesis he is carrying the Rocket Launcher
    featured in RE2. Now, instead of running after you, he fires these
    projectiles homed in on your position.
    His Rocket Launcher holds five shots, and your main strategy should be to
    get him firing until he exhausts his ammo. Once his rockets are gone, he
    throws away the empty weapon and comes after you bare-handed. To get him
    to fire a rocket and successfully evade it, follow this:
    1. Run ahead of Nemesis. You will hear his "Mrrraahh" meaning he has readied
       the Launcher. Stop.
    2. Turn to Jill's right/left by ninety degrees. Stop.
    3. You hear the *rachack* of a rocket being loaded. Count one second and run
       two steps forward, while you hear the *whoosh* of the missile.
    4. The rocket misses Jill over her shoulder. Press Square+Down.
    5. You hear another *rachack*. Count one second and run two steps forward.
    6. The second rocket misses the other way. Nemesis is running at you now.
    So you see, Nemesis will usually only fire two rockets in succession. He
    will run after you and try to club you to death and then start releasing
    rockets once more. After you get him to exhaust his ammo, use the strategy
    for the regular Nemesis Type Alpha.
    Attacks: Left-Arm Throw(M), Left-Arm Punch(M), Right-Arm Clothesline(L),
             Rushing Punch(M), Viral Lance(M), Face Spike(D)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 51.48
    Handgun    : 44.28
    H.Gun E    : 25.19
    Shotgun    : 16.10
    S.G. E     : 12.7
    Magnum     : 11.6
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 12.12
       Flame   : 12.11
       Acid    : 9.6
       Freeze  : 9.6
    M4A1 A.R.  : 27%.22%
    Western M37: 15.9
    Gatling Gun: 7 secs
    R. Launcher: 1.1
    You only fight this Nemesis under some special conditions. If in the 
    Cable Car Live Decision you chose "Use The Emergency Brake", AND if Carlos
    appears at the beginning of the fight, then you will have to battle
    Nemesis "1.5".
    At the beginning of the fight Carlos jumps out from some nearby debris and
    begins launching his attack on Nemesis. After a few seconds the Assault 
    Rifle causes Nemesis' Rocket Launcher to backfire and blow up. Nemesis is
    knocked down temporarily, and Carlos passes out. Then the unstoppable
    monster comes back, half-singed by the flame and very very angry.
    Basically, this is Nemesis Alpha with a single new weapon: the Viral Lance.
    Now, if he chooses to, Nemesis can stick out his right hand and throw a
    tentacle out at Jill. He does this quite often, too. To avoid it, give 
    yourself a wide berth and run a loop around Nemesis on his right side. He
    will usually miss. However, the new attack is very quick and sometimes 
    he'll hit you anyway.
    Use the same basic attack pattern as for Nemesis Alpha; and use Flame 
    Rounds. Why Flame and not Acid? For some reason Flame rounds can take him
    out in 8 shots, provided you can shoot straight.
    Attacks: Whiplash(M), Ankle Whip(L), Double Lashing(M), Grab and Slam(H)
             Backlash(L), Tentacle Stab(M), Rush Combo(H), 
             Left-Arm Clothesline(L)
    <Hits To Kill>
    Knife      : 64.49
    Handgun    : 57.42
    H.Gun E    : 36.28
    Shotgun    : 23.17
    S.G. E     : 19.11
    Magnum     : 15.8
    G. Launcher
       Grenades: 18.13
       Flame   : 18.12
       Acid    : 11.7
       Freeze  : 11.6
    M4A1 A.R.  : 35%.28%
    Western M37: 21.15
    Gatling Gun: 7 secs
    R. Launcher: 3.1
    After Nemesis takes that fire bath in the Clock Tower battle, he comes back
    even more mutated and pissed off than before. The flames seemed to have
    burned off most of his clothing save his pants (whew!) and his boots. What
    was under that blackish coat? A mass of writhing tentacles, as it seems.
    He uses these new appendages against you and with them he has much more
    There are the upsides and downsides of Nemesis Type II. Firstly, he doesn't
    have the ability to kill you in one hit anymore, which is a definite plus.
    He cannot move or strike as fast, though he can still run. He also can't
    use the Rocket Launcher any more. The bad news? His new tentacle-attacks
    are more varied and once they hit he can likely score enough damage to put
    you in Danger. He doesn't have to be close to you to hit you; those 
    tendrils can reach across half the friggin' room to knock Jill down. He
    uses the same pattern of attacks, usually: Ankle Whip, Whiplash, Grab and 
    Slam. If he connects with this entire chain you will probably get killed.
    If he gets you in that Grab and Slam lock you can break out of it by
    tapping Square+X like before.
    As with the original boss, don't stray too far from him or he will dash. 
    Keep medium distance and fill his fleshy hide with metal:
    1. Nemesis is walking toward you. You see him stop and begin pulling his
       right arm back, with that "schlook" noise.
    2. You run past him on his LEFT side. He won't grab you.
    3. He has struck with his tentacle where you used to be. Meanwhile you are
       3 or 4 footfalls behind him.
    4. Depress R1 and fire a grenade/bullet/shell/whatever.
    5. He was delayed by the tentacles retracting so that the round hit him in
       the back.
    6. Repeat. 
    Nemesis Type II has more vulnerabilities than before as well. For example,
    if you hit him with a specific kind of rounds enough times in succession, 
    you can knock a part of his body off. Unfortunately, he can grow it back
    the next hime he meets you.
    AMMO TYPE     ------>  Severed Body Part 
    ---------              -----------------
    Flame Rounds           Tentacle
    Acid Rounds            Tentacle
    Freeze Rounds          Left Arm
    M.T. Round             Arm/Tentacle
    Note that these do not happen often and when they do it only happens after
    you knock him down the first time. It can impede his ability to use certain
    attacks such as the Clothesline.
    8 - Advanced Survival Tactics
    These are for seasoned players that want to add a bit of edge to their game.
    Note that these tactics aren't perfect and can use a little tweaking in
    individual cases. Have fun with it!
    <> Arm Wrestling
       If you notice, when you get grabbed by a zombie/Drain Deimos/whatever,
       they keep hurting you for a good while before your character shakes them
       off automatically. The thing is, you can shake them off FASTER if you
       "arm wrestle" with them. By this I mean mashing the D-Pad. The truth is,
       I know that the manual and a lot of the printed guides say to press
       "all the buttons to break free", the only buttons that help you are
       the directionals, Square and X. In truth, you are wasting valuable time
       tapping Triangle, Circle and the shoulder buttons. If you fight with
       D-pad+Square+X, the results are:
       Attack Type                     Fighting Result
       -----------                     ---------------
       Zombie Bite                     Avoid second bite, damage reduced by 1/3
       Crow Peck                       Throw off crows, damage reduced by 1/4
       Drain Deimos Grab               Throw off grab, damage reduced by 1/4
       Brain Sucker Grab               Throw off grab, damage reduced by 1/4
       Slitherworm Bite                Remove worm, mobility returns quicker
       Nemesis Throw                   Get up faster, avoid second grab
       Nemesis Face Spike              Avoid Face Spike
       Nemesis II Grab and Slam        Released before third/fourth/fifth slam
       Nemesis II Ankle Whip           Get up faster
    <> The Combat Roll
       Much like the Dodge but more complicated, the Combat Roll is performed by
       pressing R1+X+Down when the attack is coming from above Jill. She drops
       into a crouch and rolls a short distance away, coming up in a kneel. The
       timing is the same as the Dodge; a half-second before the attack 
       connects. From Jill's kneeling position, she can fire the Handguns and
       the Magnum much faster than normal. This maneuver is invaluable for those
       enemies that just won't go down and require tons of ammo to stop 
       (i.e. Gravedigger). 
    <> The Push/Elbow Shove
       With enemies that CANNOT grab you (Dogs, Hunters etc.) you can sort of
       "push" them out of your way, with some practice. While running at them,
       allow Jill's arm to touch them. The target just sort of slides across the
       ground and makes way for Jill to pass. Why? It probably has something 
       or other to do with the game's collision detection. When attempting
       this, only let Jill's arm brush the enemy's weak side.
    <> Ground-to-Air Fighting
       This skill is used solely for the Hunters and Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker, 
       who have that annoying ability to do a flying leap over you. Remember 
       this: If you knock them down with a powerful blow, like from the Shotgun,
       and if you are not right next to them when they get up they ALWAYS do
       a leaping attack. They also leap at you if you gain enough distance. 
       Aiming up and knocking the Hunter/Drain/Brain out of the air with another
       round doubles the damage. With some practice, this can really save you 
       health and ammo. For example, a Hunter usually takes two grenades to kill
       but if you hit him in the air, it takes only ONE.
    <> Weak Spots
       Every enemy, and I mean EVERY enemy has a weak spot. Usually it's the
       head, but in some cases it's not. If you score a hit in the weak area,
       damage is increased by one-third. To hit heads, you usually have to aim
       up, in the exception of the STI Eagle.
       Enemy             Weak Point
       -----             ----------
       Zombie            Head
       Cerberus          Head
       Drain Deimos      Head
       Brain Sucker      Upper Torso
       Hunter Beta       Lower Torso
       Hunter Gamma      Lower Torso
       Webspinner        Midsection
       Gravedigger       Head
       Nemesis           Head
       Final Boss        Upper Back
       To really test out this theory, I used the Mine Thrower and Shotgun. 
       When the Mine struck an enemy in a certain area, it blew it to kingdom
       come while it took two explosions in another spot.
    <> Shooting and Dodging
       Something crucial that every RE3 gamer should know, you CANNOT dodge 
       while Jill is pumping the lever or grip on the shotgun/grenade launcher.
       You CAN, however, dodge during the recoil animation of the Magnum or 
       other weapons. Therefore, you can wait until the target is very close,
       pull the trigger then tap X quickly to shoot-dodge. This maximizes 
       damage and prevents you from getting caught in an awkward recoil.
       The timing is such that the enemy should be TWO footfalls away and
       taking the step when you fire. Then, the bullet connects as their 
       foot is touching the ground and they are ready to swipe.
    <> Circle-Strafing
       You can only circle-strafe Nemesis. And even then, only in a wide open
       area. However, someone who can circle-strafe well can actually drop
       the bad boy with no damage sustained. This is the abridged version of
       the process:
       1. Nemesis is here. You make sure you have a good-sized "arena" and you
          are not near any walls.
       2. Let Nemesis come at you. You are carrying the STI Eagle 6.0 OR 
       3. Nemesis is two steps away. Let him have two rounds. 
       4. He is ready to swing. Tap R1 lightly to evade the punch, immediately
          after which you tap R1+X to put one round into his side.
       5. He turns and is ready to swing. Tap R1 to evade his punch. Now you
          depress Square+Up/Right on the D-pad for the briefest second.
       6. Now you are standing back where you started. Put two rounds into him.
       7. Repeat, CAREFULLY.
    <> Usable Background Weapons
       Okay, before we get started, one thing... DO NOT stand too close to a
       drum/bomb when you shoot it! It will hurt you BADLY! Now that that's 
       out of the way, there are different ways to make full use of the 
       explosives in the game. The most obvious are the red oil drums or the
       packs of C4 nailed to the walls. There are also more diverse forms, 
       as well:
       Name                 Found At:
       ----                 ---------
       Oil Drum             All over the place
       Bomb                 All over the place
       Hanging Crate        Downtown Construction Site
       Gas Canister         Restaurant (Live Decision)
       Voltage Generator    Substation (Live Decision)
       Steam Pipes          Sales Office
       Oil Lamps            Park Central Courtyard
       Electric Lights      Gravedigger 2nd Battle
       Toxic Waste Pipes    Dead Factory Dumping Room
       Some are harder to use than others. Also, in the case of the exploding
       drums/bombs, the minimum safe distance is 6 walking steps from the
       blast point. The minimum damage range is half that distance. So, if you
       want the explosion to hurt every monster in the area, make sure they're
       at least 4 steps from the drum/bomb.
    <> Juking
       Ever since RE1, juking has been essential to my playing through the game.
       Juking is effectively playing on the monster's attack pattern to fake it
       out and evade it when there's not enough room to run normally.
       Juking Zombies: Wait on one side or a corridor/hall until the zombie
                       is almost grabbing you. Immediately dash to the other
                       side and go around him. He won't have time to react.
       Juking Dogs   : As they are chasing you wait for them to get close and 
                       spring at you. At this point make a sharp turn and the 
                       dog will miss. Now as the dog lands it will try to U-turn
                       to make another pass. AS its turning flank the dog {so 
                       that it can't get to you} until the path is clear and 
                       keep running.
       Juking Drain/
       Brain Deimos  : Bit trickier here. Their attack pattern is erratic but
                       here is one strategy that works most of the time. 
                       Run toward them, and when you're about a step and a 
                       half away, stop. They have noticed you. Press Square+
                       Down. Run forward until they decide to jump. While they
                       are airborne, tap Square+Down and run past them. Most
                       of the time you can just "push" them, though. 
       Juking Hunters: The right side seems to be their weak side, so when you
                       run past them favor their right arm. Otherwise, if
                       you run at a Hunter and play a game of "chicken", you
                       can trick it to jump over you. Run in a beeline 
                       towards the lizard freak and about two feet away from
                       collision, bank left/towards the Hunter's right. For
                       some reason if you do this the Hunter will ALWAYS try
                       it's jump slash and miss.
       Juking Web-
       Spinners      : Run to one side of the hall/room. They will swivel their
                       heads toward you and rush you. Dash to the other side.
                       They can't quick-turn; they have to stop and swivel. So
                       take this time to run past them, making sure to stay
                       away from their heads so they can't bite or spit.
    9 - Miscellaneous Notes
    During the final fight...
    If the Final Mutation ever jumps down from the stack of machinery and
    you end up standing behind it, MOVE! I've seen this crazy move where
    the boss flips over backwards onto Jill and kills her with those ribs
    protruding from its back. This only seems to happen after it jumps down
    from the machinery.
    Cheap Hunter kills...
    Read JR Kerr's Nicholai FAQ... you'll notice that he points out,
    truthfully, that Hunter Betas can't do 180 turns. Poor babies. Use
    this to your advantage; trick them into jumping over you and force
    them into a corner with your player. The Hunter will keep trying
    to jump backwards, but with Jill/Carlos as an obstacle, it can't.
    Feel free to peashoot/knife them to death.
    -> You can make Flame/Acid/Freeze rounds by simply adding the corresponding
       Gunpowder to the regular Grenades. You don't even need the Reloading
       Grenade Rounds + Gunpowder A = Flame Rounds
       Grenade Rounds + Gunpowder B = Acid Rounds
       Grenade Rounds + Gunpowder C = Freeze Rounds
       This is better Gunpowder economy and it saves inventory space in a pinch.
       BTW, thanks KTeoh!
    -> To save ammo early on the game or when you've depleted too much, the
       Handgun becomes a valuable asset. Zombies can be killed in six bullets
       guaranteed, as can dogs. For zombies, shoot them four times to knock them
       down then immediately run over to the corpse and put two rounds into it
       aiming down. For dogs, the first shot should connect as they jump,
       knocking them out of the air. Then keep them down with low shots.
    -> F. Aid Sprays do not penalize you as much in this game. You can use 
       up to 3 without getting a grade dropped. Using four or more will start
       dropping your grade severely, so make sure to keep packing those herbs.
    10 - Credit/Thanks
    For general corrections and input. For the Killing-Prone-Enemies tip
    K TEOH
    For information found in his Weapons and Ammo guide. Great work, so check
    that out... it has more detailed stuff on the Gunpowder and weapon location.
    For the input on the Drum/Bomb locations and the Gravedigger Hits-To-Kill.
    For his Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough. Helped me locate the things I may
    have missed due to chronology of the game.
    For all the work on FAQs and guides and whatnot
    For the great job on the game, once again.
    Justin, Bryan, David all fellow Survivor Horror-ists.
    "It was Raccoon City's last chance, and my last chance. My last escape..."
                        |=RESIDENT EVIL III: NEMESIS=|
                           All likenesses, including
                        all persons, places and entities
                         copyright Capcom Co. LTD 1999
                                   E  N  D

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