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    Beginners Guide by ROliveira

    Version: 1.70a | Updated: 05/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          by ROliveira <renatohm99@yahoo.com> - 05/25/2001
     1  - Legal Stuff (READ THIS, IT CHANGED!!)
     2  - Intro
        2.1 - About me
        2.2 - History Review
     3  - About the Game
        3.1 - New Features
        3.2 - Differences Between Light and Heavy
        3.3 - Ranking & Secrets
     4  - About Mercenaries Subgame
     5  - How to Play
        5.1 - Command Conventions
        5.2 - The Use Button
        5.3 - Inventory, Chest & Items
        5.4 - The Use Mode
        5.5 - The Status
        5.6 - Using the Map
        5.7 - Firing the Weapons
     6  - Stuff Profile
        6.1 - Weapons & Ammo
        6.2 - Powders Usage
        6.3 - Healing Items
        6.4 - Supply Items
        6.5 - Game Items
        6.6 - Nemesis Items
     7  - Enemies Profile
     8  - Acknowledgements 
                              1 - Legal Stuff
           Resident Evil (Bio Hazard), Dino Crisis, Street
     Fighter and all related stuff are properties of Capcom Corp., Japan.
     KOF and all related stuff are properties of SNK Corp., Japan.
     Any other trademarks not mentioned here are still acknowledged.
     Everything else that isn't of my own will be in "Acknowledgements".
          If you think you have any credits, please e-mail me. I really
     apologize for anyone I forgot, so contact me for proper credit.
     WANT WITH IT, EXCEPT FOR MAKING PROFIT - but I don't think you
     can make profit with such a scrub guide, anyway. :)
          For those Game magazines (coughEGMcough) and Games centers
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     When it changes, you'll know. THIS MEANS: DO NOT ASK MY PERMISSION
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     It can ONLY be found at:
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     My FAQs are only available for FREE, and only in the above mentioned
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          If you wanna use it for anything other than reading - for
     example, in your own FAQ or web site - please give-me the rightful
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     listed in "Acknowledgements", you are free to use anything written
     here at any time, just give me credit and no profit.
     Best viewed with WordPad and/or simmilars, 640x480 or greater.
          P.S.: I don't know everything. Don't blame ME if anything here
     is wrong! If you have any add-ons, suggestions, etc., E-MAIL me at
                                  2 - Intro
                                2.1 - About me
          I am Brazilian, male, hetero, born 08/19/1979. Please excuse the
     errors, my English is very bad.
          My 1st FAQ was named "GUIDE FOR OROCHI YASHIRO in KOF' 98",
     and is available in the same places this FAQ is:
     GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
     VGStrategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
     Gamers Domain (http://www.gamersd.com)
     PSX Codez (http://www.psxcodez.com)
     Absolute PlayStation (http://www.absolute-playstation.com)
     CheatStop (http://www.cheatstop.com)
     Survival Horror (http://www.survivalhorror.com)
     In these places you will find FAQs for nearly every game that exists,
     no wonder! :)
          Resident Evil (in the U.S., or Bio Hazard, in Japan) is one  of
     the very best games available. It's not as hard as other adventure
     games (like Dino Crisis), or so stupid as some others who have
     tried, w/out success, to achieve the same overall level of RE
     (coughTombRaidercough), and is VERY cool to play. This is possibly my
     favorite series of games and the 2nd best of the series - Code:
     Veronica is unbelievable!! I just played it once, but I wanna beat
     it ASAP (and maybe write something about it) :).
          Why a beginner's FAQ? Because with good direction, you can beat
     this excellent game quite easily. Unlike previous RE games, this one
     REALLY has a difficulty level suited for true newbies to the game.
          This FAQ is the "twin brother" of the "WALKTHROUGH FOR
          Say NO to drugs and to Tomb Raider series :(
          Say yes to Resident Evil series! :D
                                2.2 - History Review
     0.00a - 10/27/1999 - First version, unreleased. Sent to SomaAddict
                          and FireLite for review.
     0.99  - 11/03/1999 - Updated version, unreleased. Sent to
                          Henry LaPierre & Rann Yong for review.
     1.00  - 11/08/1999 - Updated version, unreleased. Removed some
                          unauthorized data - that is why Copyright
     1.00a - 02/25/2000 - 1st release.
     1.10a - 03/20/2000 - Small review, unreleased. Thank you readers!
     1.11a - 05/03/2000 - 2nd release.
     1.50a - 05/11/2000 - 3rd release, added link to VGStrategies
                          and Gamers Domain.
     1.55a - 08/28/2000 - 4th release, added links to PSX Codez and
                          Absolute PlayStation.
     1.60a - 10/25/2000 - 5th release, some minor changes and link to
     1.70a - 05/25/2001 - CHANGED LEGAL STUFF. Added link to S. Horror.
                                 3 - About the game
          Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (RE3) is possibly the very best
     adventure game ever released. As in previous RE games, you can get a
     secret key, to change your costumes (there is even the Dino Crisis
     and RE1 costumes!!). Also, there is a secret game, the Mercenaries
     (subject of another FAQ of mine). Secret subgames are available in RE
     series since the venerable RE1: Director's Cut.
     S.T.A.R.S. - Special Tactics And Rescue Service
     U.B.C.S. - Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
                              3.1 - New Features of RE3
          There are several differences from other RE games, and from
     pretty much any other adventure game at all:
          * Items placement and puzzle solutions are random! That gives
     a boost in challenge (RE2 was far too easy) ;)
          * You don't have to press any button to move in stairs any
     more! This increases playability; however, all monsters can also
     move in stairs now! And, as you are VERY slow in stairs, even
     Zombies can reach you!! However, you can use this to your advantage.
     Be wise! :)
          * New enemies! Hunters are back :(, Lickers and Plants are
     gone :), but 2 new enemies replaced 'em : Drain Deimos and Brain
     Sucker. Tyrant, Mr. X, Birkin and the like are absent, but Nemesis
     and Grave Digger will surely make you miss them... All enemies,
     however were tuned down A LOT, if you compare with RE2 and RE1. But
     as they come in large numbers, you'd better not underestimate them,
     or else you will die. Gremilins, from RE1, are definitely gone. :D
          * New weapons! 2 new ShotGuns :D, 2 new HandGuns :), a new
     Magnum :|, an Assault Rifle :D, and a new Grenade Launcher :D (with
     a new type of ammo :D ). There is also a brand new weapon, the Mine
     Thrower, that's very cool. The Gatling gun from RE2 is back and very
     improved :D; the RE1 rocket launcher is back, but was tuned down A
     LOT :(. The Beretta M92F pistol from RE1 and EX Battle subgame of
     RE2 is back but unchanged. SMG, Grenade Launcher, Spark Shot, Bow
     Gun, Rocket Launcher and VP70 HandGun from RE2 and the RE1's Bazooka
     are gone, as are Flame-Throwers, ShotGuns and Magnums from both RE1
     and RE2 :(. The availability of ammo, Ink Ribbons, Sprays and Herbs
     is huge. There is also a new device, Spray Bag, that carries up to 3
     Sprays at a time! This makes your life easier (but still much harder
     than RE2).
          * Choose your path! This feature is similar to Parasite Eve's.
     The game ending depends of your choices!
          * Powders! When passed in a Mixing Tool, powders and their
     combinations will turn into nearly all type of ammo to your weapons!
          * Interactive scenarios! There are various devices, like
     explosives, acid and steam, that can be used to your advantage - or
     doom, if you aren't careful... Just shoot 'em!
          * Playability was very improved! The map changed: by pressing
     Select in the map, you can now select which area map you will use.
     You can now push your enemies, roll away from them...  Jill is also
     MUCH more resistant to damage, but she'll not carry the lockpick
     with her anymore. :(
          * Last, but not least, sound and graphics are far superior to
     previous RE games. But Code: Veronica is a masterpiece!
                      3.2 - Differences Between Light and Heavy
          There are 2 difficulty levels, or Modes, with several
     differences between them:
          In Light Mode, you start with: AR (100%), Mixing Tool, Play
     Manual A, Play Manual B, Spray Bag (3 Sprays); in the Chest, you
     will find: Ink Ribbon (infinite), M629C (6 Rounds), Magnum Rouds
     (24), M3S (7 Shells), ShotGun Shells (56), M92F (15 Bullets),
     HandGun Bullets (250) 2x AR Clip (100% each) and C.Knife.
          Carlos starts with: AR (100%), Spray Bag (3 Sprays), SigPro
     (15 Bullets) and HandGun Bullets (90); in the Chest, there are:
     Ink Ribbons (infinite) and C. Knife. I'm not sure if he has or not
     AR Clips (I never played Light Mode). :P This level is very VERY
     boring, not only due to this enormous amount of stuff you start
     with. You also start with a 10-item capability in your Inventory,
     your enemies are also easier to kill. However, this is much more
     suited to newbies than the easy mode in RE2, for example. For one
     who has ever beaten ANY of the RE games, it's far too easy - maybe
     easier than RE2 Dual Shock Version Rookie level + infinite ammo... 
          In Heavy Mode you start with: M92F (15 Bullets), Mixing Tool,
     Play Manual A and Play Manual B. In the Chest, there is only the
          Carlos starts with: AR (100%) and a SigPro (15 Bullets); 3 Ink
     Ribbons and the useless C.Knife in Chest.
     All enemies are harder to kill, and your initial capability in
     Inventory is 8. However, when you knock a non-boss Nemesis down, you
     may get items from him: Eagle 6.0 parts A and B, M37 parts A and B,
     Spray Bag (twice) and AR/Infinite Ammo. This MUST be the Mode of play
     of serious RE players (although the game isn't that hard anyway). ;)
           In this FAQ, I will give more info for Heavy. 2 reasons: 1) I
     don't play Light, so I cannot give accurate data :) and 2) if you
     manage to finish the game in Heavy, Light will become no more than a
     boredom. Also, in Light you cannot get the Nemesis Items (see section
     6.6), that are cool.
                              3.3 - Ranking & Secrets
          Rankings/Hidden Secrets:
          You get a Score (not shown) whenever you beat the game. The
     total points you'll get depends on three categories, Herbs (Green,
     Red, Blue), Sprays, and Time Limit used to complete the game. Each
     of the categories has maximum points of 100, which will be total up
     in order to determine the rank/grade. To get the Mercenaries:
     Operation Mad Jackal subgame, you only have to beat the game. The
     Special Key is used to open the Boutique (the closed door near the
     Bar Jack).
          Also, each time you complete the game, you get an epilogue from
     a different character from the RE series. You must play your
     subsequent games from the same save file for this to occur. Rankings
     in parenthesis are for BH3. Unlike RE2, using special weapons and/or
     infinite ammo DOES NOT alter your ranking. I'm not sure if number of
     saves has any influence.
        A (S): Mercenaries + Special Key + 5 Costumes - 270+ pts.
        B (A): Mercenaries + Special Key + 4 Costumes - 230 - 260 pts.
        C (B): Mercenaries + Special Key + 3 Costumes - 180 - 220 pts.
        D (C): Mercenaries + Special Key + 2 Costumes - 120 - 170 pts.
        E (D): Mercenaries + Special Key + 1 Costume  -  50 - 110 pts
        F (E): Mercenaries only                       -  50- pts.
          The costumes you can earn (* - blerghh!; ***** - meowrr!):
     Jill's normal costume ****
     Regina's (from Dino Crisis, your hair also changes!!) *****
     Leather outfit with boots, biker style *****
     Gray pantsuit with red blouse, party time ***
     Police mini-skirt uniform (wow!) *****
     Jill's RE 1 costume ***
          The following list shows the points you can get for each
     category, together with the condition of getting the points:
     Amt of HP healed              Points
     1500 or below                  100
     1700                            90
     1900                            80
     2100                            70
     2300                            60
     2500                            50
     2700                            40
     2900                            30
     3100                            20
     3300                            10
     3300+                            0
     Amt of times used             Points
     0                              100
     1                               90
     2                               80
     3                               70
     4 - 5                           60
     6 - 8                           50
     9 - 12                          40
     13 - 17                         30
     18 - 23                         20
     24 - 30                         10
     31+                              0
     Time used                     Points
     2:29:59 or below               100
     2:30:00 - 2:39:59               90
     2:40:00 - 2:59:59               80
     3:00:00 - 3:29:59               70
     3:30:00 - 4:09:59               60
     4:10:00 - 4:59:59               50
     5:00:00 - 5:59:59               40
     6:00:00 - 7:09:59               30
     7:10:00 - 8:29:59               20
     8:30:00 - 9:59:59               10
     10:00:00+                        0
          Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal subgame will be better
     described below.
                              4 - About Mercenaries
          In this secret subgame, you begin in the Cable Car, and you
     have to return to the very first Save Point in the game. You start
     with some weapons, a certain (and small!) amount of ammo and some
     healing items. The time limit is 2 min.. When you kill an enemy (or
     a group), your time is increased. You have 3 characters to choose:
     Carlos, Nicholai and Mikhail. The amt of time you gain depends on:
     1 - The type of enemy you kill. Zombies add 3 sec., Crows 1 sec.,
     Dogs 4 sec., Drain Deimos 5 sec., Hunters 6 sec., Giant Spider 4
     sec., Sliding Worm (group) 1 sec.. Nemesis Knockdown: 10 sec. (1st)
     and 20 sec. (2nd). If you get in the Bus (near the parking) with
     2min.+ left, you will fight Mutated Nemesis, that will add 120 sec.
     when you KILL it. Dodge adds 1 sec., Dodge then kill varies, Drum
     Blast Kill also varies. If you check the dead guard (where you get
     M3S/Lighter Oil) will add 2sec.. Moreover, if you kill your enemy
     with the C.Knife, your time will be x8 increased!!
     2 - The number of monsters you kill togheter. E.G.: if you kill 1
     Zombie you add 3 sec.; however, if you kill 2 Zombies, you will add
     7 sec. to your time. With an Explosive Drum, several Zombies can be
     killed togheter, adding several sec. to your time (my personal max
     is 92 sec.).
     3 - If you kill an enemy and then kill another BEFORE the "+xxx sec"
     disappears, you will add time as if you killed them simultaneously.
     E.G.: if you kill a Zombie, you add 3 sec. If, with a sec. shot
     you kill other, will add an extra 7 sec.. If you then kill a 3rd
     Zombie, 14 more sec. will add in your timer. It's better than
     killing they all with a single shot, but, unfortunately, you don't
     have too much ammo, so you should be very careful when making it.
     4 - A Survivor adds 20 sec. to your time, and also gives you ammo.
     There are 5 survivors. In order to rescue him/her, you must get
     there with 2min.+(?) time and kill all enemies nearby. Rescuing all
     survivors will add about $1000 to your reward. The UBCS depends on
     who you are playing with. E.G.: if you are playing with Mikhail, #1
     is Nicholai and #2 is Carlos.
     Location         Survivor   Carlos       Mikhail         Nicholai
     Gas Station      Dario      60 Bullets   14 Shells       60 Bullets
     Raccoon Press    Woman      Spray        14 Shells       60 B.T.*
     Rest. Basement   Brad       60 Bullets   12 Rounds       60 Bullets
     El. Substation   Marvin     60 Bullets   Spray           60 Bullets
     Sales Office     UBCS#1     60 Bullets   Spray           60 B.T*
     Bar Jack         UBCS#2     Spray        14 Sp. Shells   60 Bullets
     * - B.T.: Black Taurus Bullets
     Weapon/Items start in Mercenaries Mode:
     Carlos: AR (100%), Eagle 6.0 (15 Bullets), Handgun Bullets (90), 3x
     Mixed Herb (Red/Green/Blue).
     Mikhail: M3S (7 Shells), M629C (6 Rounds), M66 (8 Rockets), Shotgun
     Shells (21), Magnum Rounds (18) and a Mixed Herb (Red/Green/Blue).
     Nicholai: SigPro (15 Bullets), C.Knife, Blue Herb and 3x Spray.
          Every time you beat the subgame (or die), you gain a certain
     amount of money. The bigger the time, the bigger the cash. You can
     then buy the following items (description in Section 6.1):
          *Infinite AR      $2000
          *Infinite Gatling $3000
          *Infinite M66     $4000
          *Infinite Ammo    $9999
          These add-ons are available in the normal game only, both for
     Jill and Carlos. Except by Infinite Ammo (for all weapons), all
     items are in the Chest. Also, these items are only available in the
     Mode you beat the game (unavailable for New Game).
          Henry LaPierre (see "Acknowledgements") says that, after
     extensive testing (2 days only in Mercenaries!) he realizes that the
     ranking is semi-random also... :(
                                   5 - How to Play
          There is nothing really new in RE3 about playability. In
     Mercenaries you can't use the Chests (a.k.a. Magic Boxes).
                             5.1 - Command Conventions
          I always play using the type-B controller mode, because it's
     the one I am more used to. I learned to play RE1 in type-A. From
     RE1 to RE2, type-A was changed to type-C. I'm also used to play with
     Auto Aim ON. I won't give details in what I'm not sure.
          Begin playing RE3 in Light Mode to learn how to play, as ammo
     is available in huge quantities and you can kill enemies easier.
          The control is based as if you were controlling from above, and
     are based on the character, unlike side-scrolling fighting games. If
     you can play GoldenEye easily, you won't have problems here.
     FL FO FR  up-left=front-left      up           up-right=front-right
               (Move to left)          (move front) (Move to Right)    
     LE NE RI  left                    NEUTRAL      right
               (rotate counter-clockwise)            (rotate clockwise)
     BL BA BR  down-left=back-left     down         down-right=back-right
                                       (move back)                     
     In Action Mode (actual game)
     CH        - The character you're playing with
     Run       - Run Button - Square-button
     Move      - Run forward - FO + Run
     Retreat   - Retreat - BA
     TB        - Turn Back - tap BA + Run
     Aim       - Aim Mode -hold R1 or R2 button
     Use       - Use Button - X-button
     Map       - Map Button - Triangle-button
     Inventory - Inventory Mode - Start-button
     Chest     - Chest Mode - Use in a Chest
     Options   - Options - Select-button
     In Fire Mode
     Use       - Fire
     FO        - Aim up / Head Shot (if close enough)
     BA        - Aim down / Floor Shot (if close enough)
     Change    - Change Target - L1-button (Auto-Aim only)
     In Options, Inventory, Use or Chest Mode
     Use       - Accept or Select or Next
     Run       - Cancel
     FO        - Move cursor up
     BA        - Move cursor down
     RI        - Move cursor to the right
     LE        - Move cursor to the left
     Use       - Use Mode - Use in items (Inventory/Chest)
     File      - File Mode - Use in "File" box in Inventory
     In File Mode
     Use       - Exit or Add to File (when highlighting "Exit")
     Run       - Cancel or Add to File (anytime)
     RI        - Next Page
     LE        - Previous Page
     In Map Mode
     Map       - Exit
     Use       - Zoom or Full Screen (toggle)
     Run       - Exit to Inventory
     FO        - Move view to the top
     BA        - Move view to the bottom
     RI        - Move view to the right
     LE        - Move view to the left
          If you are not used to playing Adventure games, it seems to be
     VERY hard, but with some experience you'll see that the controls are
     quite easy and dependable.
          Always play using Run. It's safer and better.
          To push an object, place CH in the opposite side (if you want
     an object to move back, place CH in the front of it) and Move.
          If you don't want to watch the scenes, Select-button will
     finish them. Sometimes it won't work, so try out and see when it
                                  5.2 - The Use Button
          The Use Button (X) is, by far, the most important in the game.
          It's named "Use", because it will do almost everything: from
     pick up items to weapon fire, this is the button.
          * Use Mode - highlight an item in Inventory (read more details
     in Section 5.3) and press Use. The Use Mode is better described in
     Section 5.4.
          * Pick Up - to pick up an item, place you CH close/over (and
     facing to) the item. When you pick an item in the floor, your CH
     will bend down first. When the CH reaches the item, you enter the
     Inventory. A picture of the item will appear in the Display. In the
     Comments screen, there will be a question like, for example:
          "Do you want the *Lighter*"
                             Yes   No
          The word between * is written in green (w/out the *). Place the
     cursor over Yes to accept or No to reject the item. If you don't
     have any free space to carry items, the message will be:
          "You can't carry any more items."
          * Open doors - Place your character near (and facing to) the
     door and press Use. Some doors are locked and require a specific key
     (or the Lockpick) to open. Gates operate the same way.
          * Climb or descend ladders or elevators - Place your CH the
     same way you would to open a door (or inside the elevator) and press
     Use. There will be a question:
          "Do you want to climb (descend) the ladder?"
                                              Yes   No
          "Do you want to operate the elevator?"
                                        Yes   No
          Select Yes to accept or No to cancel.
          In the Hospital elevator, you must first close the door, then
     select the floor you want to go.
          * Activate switches/machines - place your CH the same way you
     would to open a door, and press Use. VERY often, there are several
     choices. Select the one you desire and press Use.
          * Activate switches/machines that require a specific item -
     place your CH the same way you would to open a door, then go to
     Inventory and Use the item. More on this in Section 5.4. As a
     shortcut, highlight the item and press the Use button twice.
          * Fire Weapons - press Use in Aim Mode. More in Section 5.7
          * Escape/get up - some enemies can hold you to make damage, and
     Nemesis can knock you down. Press Use (and all other buttons!)
     quickly to escape/get up ASAP, so you can take less (or no) damage.
          * Chest - open it like a door. See next section.
                            5.3 - Inventory, Chest & Items
          When you activate your inventory, your screen changes to the
     Inventory Mode. In the inventory will be almost everything you need
     in any RE game.
          On the top of the screen, there is the Character Bar. Here you
     can see the CH you're currently using, your status, the weapon you
     are currently equipped with, etc.
          On the left corner of the Character Bar, you will see a picture
     of your CH, and his/her name below.
          In the middle of the Character Bar, you will see a box named
     "Status". This is so essential to your gameplay that there will be
     an entire section for it in this FAQ, Section 5.4. Watch it.
          On the right of the Status, you will see a box named "Equip".
     It shows the weapon you are currently using. If it's empty, it means
     that you aren't equipped with any weapon at all. Pay attention,
     because it's pretty disappointing when you get in a perfect firing
     position (or you are in danger) and THEN you realize that there's no
     weapon ready at all...
          On the right corner, there will be 4 boxes: "Item", "File",
     "Map" and "Exit". Use selects them, and Map goes to Map Mode.
          Under Character Bar, there will be 3 big boxes: Display on the
     left, Comments on bottom left and Items on the right. Item Box
     selects Items, File Box activates File Mode, Map Box activates Map
     Mode and Exit button returns to action.
     * Items: the most used (and default) one. The Items Area is divided
       in several small boxes, each one with an Item in it (more on this
       in Section 5.5.). To use an item, place the cursor on it, then
       press Use.
     * Map: very important, both in actual RE3 and even more in
       Mercenaries. More in Section 5.6.
     * File: if you like to know what is happening, and not only believe
       in what the others (e.g. FAQ authors) tell you, take a look here.
       When you enter in File, Display will be full of boxes, each with a
       small image of a File Item (a fax, a book and the like). When you
       place the cursor over a File Item, it's name will appear in the
       Display. Place the cursor on a File Item, and press Use. The
       screen turns black, with one (or two) arrows in the left and/or
       right sides, and/or the word "Exit".  You will see the image of
       the File Item in the background, full sized. Press RI to the next
       page, LE for previous. When in the last page, an Exit box will
       appear. Select it and press Use to return to Inventory Mode. Run
       will always exit of File Mode.
     * Exit: return to game.
          You can't carry more than 8 (or 10, after you get a backpack
     from Carlos) items at a time (Heavy Mode). You'll find TONS of items
     in the game, so you need to keep them in some place. A specific room
     would not be good, because you'd have to walk a lot to get/drop off
     your stuff (like in Parasite Eve II). Moreover, sometimes you get in
     an area that you cannot return to later. That's why you have a
     "Chest" in the game (looks like a big box).
          The Chests (a.k.a. Magic Boxes) will keep the items for you.
     Any item guarded in a Chest will be available in all Chests - that's
     why some people call it a "Magic Box"... Chests are usually (but not
     always) togheter with a "Save Point". In a Save Point (actually, a
     typewriter) you can save your progress. More in Section 5.4.When you
     "activate" a Chest, you enter in Chest Mode, that resembles the
     Inventory Mode, but there are some big and important differences.
          In Chest, you can't access the Map. Display and Comments are
     replaced by the Chest Area, that looks like the Items Area. Chest
     also replaces CH's Picture and Status boxes. Equip and Exit are the
     only remaining, plus Items Area. Also, in the right side of Chest
     Area, you can see a scrollbar. Weapons and ammo items are indicated
     by red squares, normal items in blue, and two brackets indicate the
     item box you are currently viewing.
          A Chest Area item box is much wider than an Items Area box, so
     there's only one box per line. This big box also contains the name
     of the item. The item picture is exactly like the IA's, so read
     Section 5.5 for more details. You can only make 2 things with a
     Chest item:
          * Trade - trade a Chest item or blank space for an item in the
     Items Area. You will first have to select an Items Area item and
     press Use. Then, the line of Chest you are currently looking at will
     be highlighted. Use FO to go up or BA to go down. When you find the
     item you want to trade with - or a blank space - press Use again.
          * Combine - only ammo items, Ink Ribbons and Spray Bag + Spray.
     Trade the one you are carrying with the one in the Chest, and the
     box previously occupied by the item in the Chest will be blank.
          The placement of the items in the Chest is very subjective. I
     usually place Items this way:
          * Ink Ribbons - 1st box (in Heavy Mode, this box is occupied by
     a C.Knife when you first use the Chest).
          * Health Items - under the Ink Ribbons.
          * Mixing Tool - 1st box over the Ink Ribbons.
          * Weapons - over the Mixing Tool.
          * Ammo - 1st box under respective weapon.
          * Powders - over the weapons.
          * Other items - over the Powders.
          As I have been doing it this way since RE1, it's 2nd nature to
     me. I can find anything I need easily, and whenever I get something,
     it will quickly find it's place in the Chest. There are 4 different
     types of ammo for Grenade Launcher. One goes in the weapon, and the
     others go one under the other. Same for different types of ammo for
     HandGuns/ShotGuns, and when you have over 250 rounds of a specific
     weapon, as there is not possible to have piles of ammo with more
     than 250 rounds.
          TIP: When you are playing the normal game, walk ONLY with the
     * 1 weapon and its ammo (Section 6.1)
     * 1 Mixed Herb Green + Red or Green + Red + Blue (Section 6.3).
       Spray/Spray Box are crap! ;)
     * 1 Green Herb or Mixed Herb Green + Blue (Section 6.3)
     * Required Game Items (Section 6.5) and/or blank spaces
          If you are close to an area boss, your weapon should be the
     most powerful you have; carry as many Mixed Herbs Green + Red or
     Green + Red + Blue as possible, and good luck!
                                   5.4 - The Use Mode
          The Use Mode is the most important thing in the gameplay. By
     mastering Use Mode, you will make nearly everything in the game.
     Items should be divided in some basic classes, to make it easier to
     understand the Use Mode. These classes are: Weapons, Ammo, Healing,
     Misc. The Use box and use capabilities depend on the class of
     the item. To call Use Box, press Use in a highlighted item. The Use
     Box will appear under the Equip Box. To close the Use Box, press
     Run. The Use Box has 3 smaller boxes in it: Use/Equip, Combine and
     Check. Press FO to go up, BA to go down, Use to confirm, Run to
          * Use - the top and default. Uses a specific item. To use some
     items, you have to be in the correct place AND position. The Healing
     items can be used this way ONLY. You will be warned if the selected
     item cannot be used now, with an alert in Comments.
          * Equip (Weapons only) - replaces Use. This is to equip (arm)
     yourself with the selected weapon. If you choose Equip on a weapon
     that you are already equipped with, you will de-select the weapon,
     and will be unarmed. That's pretty dangerous, so pay attention.
          * Combine - middle box. Use to reload a Weapon or a Spray Bag,
     to mix Herbs or Powders, to combine two or more piles of ammo/Ink
     Ribbons in a single... This is a essential part of the Use Mode, and
     the best way to reload a Weapon. More on combinations in Chapter 6.
     To combine 2 items, click Use over one, select Combine and press use
     again. There will be a red box on it, and a smaller green cursor will
     appear. Place the green cursor on the second item and press Use. If
     it's an invalid combination, a sound alert will tell you. Run cancels
     and returns to the Use Mode.
           * Check - bottom box. It will show a big picture of the item
     in Display, and a brief description of it will appear in Comments.
     Seems useless, but it is the only way to obtain S.T.A.R.S. Card Brad
     (Section 6.5). A small arrow in the bottom of Comments means that
     there's more info on that item. Press Use again to see the next
     screen. Run button will cancel and return to Use Mode.
                                 5.5 - The Status
          The Status Box is in Character Bar. It shows the amount of life
     you have. The wave shows the amount of energy you have, and if you
     are poisoned or not. The color and height of the wave varies with
     your Status, and the way your CH walks also does.
          * Fine (green): 51% - 100%
          You are OK. Normal height of the wave, and you walk normally.
          * Caution (yellow): 21% - 50%
                    (orange): 11% - 20%
          Caution means that you are hurt. Yellow indicates low damage,
     and orange medium damage. Your CH will walk with a hand in the
     belly area, thus your speed doesn't change, and the height of the
     wave diminishes: yellow is medium, but orange is low. Heal ASAP if
     you are in orange Caution, or you may die.
          * Danger (red): 1%  - 10%
          Really means Danger. The wave will be so low that it's more a
     line than a wave. You took high damage, so your CH will walk
     painfully and slowly (if you are equipped with a long weapon, your
     CH will use it as a support). This means that you are almost dead.
          * Poison or Virus (purple) - same height as Fine, but the wave
     has more peaks. The wave height doesn't change and the only way to
     know that your energy is low is the way you walk. You walk like in
     Caution, except when you take high damage and walks like Danger. 
     Poison is healed by a Blue Herb, Blue Bush or any Mixed Herb with a
     Blue Herb. If you don't heal Poison, you will slowly take damage,
     and can even die, so heal yourself ASAP. Virus can only be healed by
     Carlos in normal game.
          Unfortunately, Status isn't dependable :(. You may sometimes
     take several hits, and still be Fine. Or a single Nemesis blow will
     kill you if you are in yellow Caution. The tip here is to always
     stay in Fine status. Don't mind to use a  Mixed Herb or a Spray if
     you are in orange Caution or Danger. If you are in yellow Caution
     and are not fighting Nemesis, try to use a Green Herb only. Fight
     Nemesis only if you are in Fine status. More on healing items in
     Section 6.3.
                                5.6 - Using the Map
          By pressing the Map button or pressing Use button on the Map
     box in IM, you activate the Map. Maps of the area you are can be
     found in some places. If you don't have the Maps of the area you are
     currently, the Map will only show where you are and where you have
     been. Places that you must go to will flash in blue, with the name
     in white.
          In Map, there are 2 ways to view: Zoom and Full Screen. Toggle
     with the Use button. You are the red arrow, and the vertix points
     to where you are looking.
          * Full - all the map fits in the screen. It shows the entire
     "Area" (not stage, level or the like, as RE is different from other
     games). When an Area has several floors, 1 or 2 small green arrows
     on the bottom and/or top of the map.
          * Zoom - a small view, with a cross pointing at you in the
     center of the screen. You can move the cross (and the point you are
     viewing) using the directional pad. There are four arrows in the
     vertices of the cross. 1 or 2 missing means that you are in the end
     of the map in this (these) directions.
          It's noteworthy that the map doesn't turn. Near the bottom
     right corner, there's a scale and a cross indicating the direction.
          The map is truly important when you don't know where to go. Use
     it to find out, or you may waste your time, ammo and life.
                              5.7 - Firing the Weapons
          Be always equipped with a (fully) loaded weapon. It's
     disgusting to be hit (or die) because you weren't ready to fight. To
     Fire, hold Aim Mode button (usually R1) and press Use.
          Make sure you fire in the correct direction. If you miss, the
     recovery lag may be long enough for an enemy - Nemesis, in the worst
     case - to smother you. If you hit anything hazardous - explosives,
     steam, acid and the like - you may hit a monster. Just remember that
     these things may hurt YOU also, if you are close enough. They may
     kill you instantly, so be careful. You can't walk in Aim Mode.
          Sometimes you have to aim up or down to hit your enemy (or
     enemies). Press FO or BA, respectively. Pointing up at an enemy near
     you and shooting will usually end up with a Head Shot. Although
     there is a great danger, it usually is worth the damage, because
     Head Shots kill your enemy (or enemies) faster or instantly. E.G.:
     you are with the M3S, normal ammo, and a grop of 4 Zombies is
     attacking you, a most usual situation. Wait until they are up close
     and shoot. If you point straight, you might kill 2 and 2 will fall
     but not die. If you point down, NONE of them might die, and all
     would crawl and chew your feet. If you point up, ALL will die, and
     you save a lot of ammo. Get used to make it.
          Change Target (L1) will point at another monster, or correct
     the aim if the target has moved. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very
     well if your enemy is behind you. Release Aim-button, TB and hold
     Aim-button again should be more effective.
          When using a weapon make pretty sure you know the amount of
     ammo you have. Firing when the weapon is empty will reload it, but
     that takes a lot of time, and sometimes means death - yours, not of
     the enemy. Reload the weapon in Inventory, when you're invincible
     (see Section 5.4).
                                6 - Stuff Profile
          You will find lots of things in the game. Knowing what they are
     and how to use them is essential in the game. As there is a VERY
     wide variety of items, I divided this chapter in 6 parts.
                               6.1 - Weapons & Ammo
          They are extremely important in the game. Always use a suited
     weapon, or you may run out of ammo - and/or die.
          This part is just a small description based in my experience.
     If you have comments and/or corrections, feel free to e-mail me.
     Some of the weapons are available only in Heavy Mode.
          Capital letters indicates when several weapons use the same
     type of ammo, and this type is described in parenthesis after the
     weapons. The normal amount of ammo for each Ammo item follows. Data
     for Heavy Mode; in Light Mode, ammo is twice the amount shown. The
     parenthesis in the side of the weapon indicates the max. amount of
     ammo that it carries. Remember that in Light Mode, you will also
     find an M92F, an M3S and an M629C in the Chest, not only in the
     listed places.
          NOTE: I should mention Combat Knife here, but as it really
     sucks, I won't. :P Just bear in mind that you'd better not use it if
     you want to live...
          * Beretta M92F (15) - A small, black semiautomatic pistol with
     yellow inserts. This is the current U.S. military sidearm, and was
     created by Beretta, Italy, that has been making weapons since 1592.
     (Personally, I don't like Berettas, because I find the Glocks like,
     for example, the G34/G35 from Dino Crisis, and G17/G18 from Syphon
     Filter, are far better). This is an old friend of RE players, being
     with us in RE1, Extreme Battle in RE2: Dual Shock Version and RE3.
          This is the weapon you start with (Heavy Mode), and its ammo is
     the easiest to find. This weapon has very low power, a big recovery
     lag, so use it only to save ammo of other weapons or:
     * Kill Zombies or Crows, if there are not too many of them, and you
     are in a safe distance;
     * Kill Dogs, but be very careful though, as they come in trios now;
     * You don't have other weapons and/or ammo (uh-oh...).
          * SigPro SP2009 (15) - Created by the Swiss weapons maker
     SIG-Sauer, it is a very popular and reliable weapon, well-known for
     durability and smoothness of work. This is its debut in RE series.
          Carlos (in normal game) and Nicholai (in Mercenaries) have it.
     It's a little faster than the Beretta, and should be used the same
     way though. If you are playing with Nicholai, however, use it only
     in explosive barrels or to save hostages, else you will quickly run
     out of ammo. For Carlos, it is useless, as you have a lot of ammo for
     the AR.
          * STI Eagle 6.0 (15) - It is a very fast and powerful pistol,
     here in IPSC-like style. First time in RE games.
          Carlos (in Mercenaries) has it. In Heavy only, parts A and B of
     this gun are Nemesis Items. Refer to section 6.6 for more info. The
     very best and coolest of the HandGuns. Much faster than the others -
     faster than the normal VP70 in the hands of Leon with changed
     costumes in RE2! But the best is that it will sometimes blow off a
     Zombie's (or a Dog's) head! It happens randomly, like KOF98 Critical
     Hit. Use it as you would use the other HandGuns, but don't fear any
     large number of Zombies (if you have ammo, of course) anymore.
     Excellent to kill Dogs and Crows also. Maybe Spiders, no sure...
          *(HandGun Bullets - small red box - 30) - default ammo, for all
     HandGuns. About 6 shots are required to waste a Zombie (with M92F).
     This is the most easily found ammo in the game.
          *(Black Taurus Bullets - small white box - varies) - special
     ammo, unavailable for Eagle 6.0. :[ There are only 2 ways to obtain
     this ammo: 1) with Powders - read section 6.2 for more details. 2)
     in the Mercenaries subgame, playing with Nicholai, you obtain this
     ammo when you rescue the Woman in Raccoon Press Office and Mikhail
     in Bar Jack. It is harder to obtain, but it doubles the power of the
     M92F shots, making it at least as powerful as the Eagle 6.0 (but no
     critical hits).
          * Benelli M3S (7) - Made by Benelli of Italy. First time in
     the RE games, though we have always had shotguns in the series.
          Mikhail (Mercenaries) has it, and it is the 1st firearm you
     find in normal game. It fires several lead pellets in a single shot.
     It is an area effect weapon, because the pellets spread instead of
     flying tightly grouped. It's good because you can hit several
     enemies at a time but bad because it has low power and precision at
     long ranges. Close in, however, it can really hurt. A Head Shot
     will blow the head of one Zombie - or, if they are close enough from
     the others, many of them will lose the head. I usually kill 3 or 4
     with a single shot, although my record is 5. Excellent against
     Crows, because it kills several with one shot, and wastes Dogs also.
     Against Hunters, you'd better be careful, because recovery lag is
     big. Drain Deimos can be killed with 2 clean shots. This is one of
     the most useful weapons in the game.
          * Western Custom M37 (6) - Did you watch "Terminator 2"? It's
     the very same shotgun (lever action) used by Schwarzenegger in that
     movie! New and very cool weapon!
          I only found it using Nemesis Items (see Section 6.6). MUCH
     faster than the M3S, but has the same uses overall. Only that you
     must not fear if your enemies are too close, even Drain Deimos.
          *(ShotGun Shells - olive-green box - 7) - default ammo for
     ShotGuns. Red shells. Easily found in the game, making the
     ShotGuns a very good all-round weapon to play the game.
          *(Special Shells - white box - varies) - special ammo, not
     available for M37. :[ It has awesome power and these blue shells
     can only be obtained: 1) with Powders - read Section 6.3 for more
     info; 2) in the Mercenaries subgame, when you rescue Carlos in Bar
     Jack. It is so powerful, that you will walk a step back when you
     fire your M3S with these Shells! It kills Hunters in a single clean
     shot!! However, it is hard to obtain, so use wisely.
          * Heckler & Koch (HK) Grenade Launcher (250) - Made by the
     famous HK of Germany. The idea is old, and the weapon style is long
     known in RE games, although this specific one is new.
          It is found either in the S.T.A.R.S. office or in the Sub
     Station in the normal game. It's faster than the M79 of RE2. It has
     4 different types of ammo. The impact power varies, but all are
     capable of killing any monster, except Nemesis and Digger, in a
     single shot. There are only 2 bad things about the HK: 1) it's
     relatively slow, so don't use if your enemy is too close (it's
     important against Nemesis); 2) the range is not that good. But with
     some practice, these aren't enough to be a hassle, so use it always!
     The availability and area effect of the ammo types is different. Max
     amount of ammo that can be carried in the weapon is 250, although it
     is not very easy to have all these of a single type.
          Ammo boxes usually carry 6 rounds (10+ if they are made using
     Powders). They are small green packs, with a coloured tamp to
     distinguish them.
          *(Grenade - Gray) - the default and easiest to obtain. A small
     explosion when it hits, can hit several enemies but usually hits
     only one. Widely found, but you'd best save them to make other brands
     of ammo (read Section 6.3). Least powerful ammo for the HK.
          *(Flame - Red) - has better area effect, and can hit up to 3x.
     It's something rare. Head shots to waste Nemesis. More powerful than
          *(Acid - Yellow) - small area effect, but devastating. Very
     good against Digger. It's very scarce, so use wisely. More powerful
     than Flame, but hits only once.
          *(Ice - Blue) - new and cool (no kidding) ammo!  It freezes the
     enemy. Excellent area effect, and wastes Nemesis: a single shot may
     hit him up to 4 times, allowing you to fire again before he can
     recover! However, it's REALLY scarce - usually, the only true way to
     have this ammo is making it (see Section 6.2). Also, its only benefit
     about area effect is that it can hit several times, because the area
     power really sucks. Best ammo for the HK.
          * Smith & Wesson (S&W) M692C - The Magnum, in .44 Magnum cal..
     Magnums have always been in RE series, but this is a new one.
          Available with Mikhail in Mercenaries; in the normal game, it
     will be found either in the Sub Station or in the S.T.A.R.S. office,
     depends on where you found the HK. It is the most powerful of
     the normal weapons, even more than the HK!! A Head Shot
     (default, if you are in the same height level) will almost always
     kill a  Zombie, sometimes taking the head out. This is the best
     weapon to hunt (hehehe) Hunters (both breeds) and Drain
     Deimos/Brain Sucker - 1 shot will do the trick. The bigger handicap
     in this weapon: recovery time is big. It also excels against
     Nemesis and Digger.
          *(Magnum Rounds - bright clip - 6) - possibly the most scarce
     of all ammo types:[. It has 6 jacketed hollow point (JHP) Rounds,
     or 24 if you make them with Powders (Section 6.3). In the
     Mercenaries subgame, when you play with Mikhail, Brad Vickers, in
     the Restaurant Basement, will give you 12 Rounds. It has a VERY
     small piercing capability, and I only saw it working when I blasted
     away an Explosive Drum... In the normal game, I'm only aware of 2
     places with this ammo: 1) in the Park, in the corpse near the locked
     gate and 2) in the Disused Plant Communications Room (where you get
     the Radar), in a locker beside the door.
          * Mine Thrower (6) - New weapon! An experimental Umbrella
     weapon, fires guided projectiles.
          I only found it in the corpse near the big table, in the Clock
     Tower, Heavy Mode. Shoots projectiles that look like darts, and they
     are heat seeking. Shoots faster than an M3S. I'm not aware of the
     possibility to make this ammo using Powders. Good weapon for general
     uses. A good thing is that its ammo will have a 3 sec. delay before
     it explodes. When it explodes, it will delay Nemesis A LOT, allowing
     you to shoot before he reacts. 2 Mines can be followed with 2
     Rockets or about 3 M629C/HK shots, allowing you to waste him fast.
          *(Mines - white box with red details - 6) - scarce. Has heat
     seeking capability. Save your ammo for the last boss, as a
     combination of Mines and Magnum/Rockets/Ice wastes the final boss
     MUCH faster and safer.
          * AR (100%) - An M4A1 Assault Rifle 5.56 NATO cal.. Newbie in
     RE series, although its uses are like the SMG in RE2.
          Carried by Carlos in both normal game or Mercenaries subgame;
     if you are (a newbie) playing in Light Mode, you start with this
     weapon. It has an average rate of fire, and is a good weapon to kill
     any enemy but Nemesis and Digger. It has 2 modes of fire: Auto and
     Manual. When you choose Manual, the maximum number of rounds fired
     without stoppages is 5. In Auto, it fires in full auto. Ammo really
     takes long to finish, so use at will.
          *(Clip - ?? - 100%) - the only way I ever saw ammo for this was
     watching (not playing!!!) Light games, so I don't know what ammo
     looks like. 100% means 300 shots! Use at will!!
          * Gatling (infinite) - A three-barreled, electrically operated
     machine gun. Back from RE2.
          As long as I know, this is a secret weapon that can only be
     bought in Mercenaries. It has a devastating rate of fire, and can
     hit almost anyone in the screen (except those who are very high up
     on the screen). You cannot point it up or down, but it may slow
     Nemesis a lot. Excellent against large groups of enemies. The BIG
     handicap of this weapon is that it takes too long to begin firing,
     and also takes very long to stop. Should be used carefully against
     Nemesis, or he will hit you before you start firing. It should never
     be used against Digger, or you won't hit it at all.
          *(???) -  I've never seen ammo for this weapon.
          * M66 Rocket Launcher (4 or 8) - Back from RE1, and also known
     to many old actions movie fans.
          Available with Mikhail and near to the end of the normal game.
     The more powerful weapon in the whole game, capable of killing any
     enemy with a single shot, except Nemesis and Digger. It will knock
     Nemesis down with one shot, and a 2nd shot will kill him. Against
     Digger, it seems that 2 shots are enough. I do not know how much are
     required to kill the last boss, however. There are some BIG problems
     with this weapon: 1) you can't point up, so jumping Hunters can't be
     hit; 2) as it is a very heavy weapon, it takes long to aim and to
     put down and 3) it will only hit a single enemy. This, plus the long
     point time and the fact that ammo is VERY scarce makes this a crap
     weapon against groups of enemies.
          *(???) -  I've never seen ammo for this weapon.
                                6.2 - Powders Usage
          This is a big update in Adventure games. Gunpowders are red (or
     yellow) labeled flasks, and by combinations of them you can make
     nearly all type of ammo you need. All data is approximated only, as
     it varies. In Light Mode, double the amount of ammo made.
          You start the game with a Mixing Tool. Powder A is red, and
     Powder B is yellow. Combine them (Section 5.4) and you have Powder C
     (blue). When you pass (Combine) a Powder (or combinations) with
     Mixing Tool you have it turned in ammo. The combinations that I know
     are (observe the order of combination) listed below.
          NOTE: the more Jill uses the Mixing Tool to make ammo, the more
     proficient she gets at creating those particular types of ammo. This
     will over time allow Jill to create special, more powerful ammo (for 
     HandGun and ShotGun). The first 7 times Jill creates one of these
     particular types of ammunition, it will be of  the normal variety.
     On the 8th+ creation of the same type of ammunition, they will be of
     a more powerful variety under your approval (you are asked if you
     want so). Also, on some attempts, Jill will make more than a normal
     amount of ammo, due to her skill at using the Mixing Tool as well.
     Ammo made from combinations of same type Powder only count as one
     use, if you wanna make special ammo.
     Powder A + B     : Powder C
     Powder            Ammo
     Powder A         :  15 HandGun Bullets
     Powder A + A     :  35 HandGun Bullets
     Powder A + A + A :  55 HandGun Bullets
     Powder B + B + A :  60 HandGun Bullets
     Powder B         :   7 ShotGun Shells
     Powder B + B     :  18 ShotGun Shells
     Powder A + A + B :  20 ShotGun Shells
     Powder B + B + B :  30 ShotGun Shells
     Powder C         :  10 Grenade Rounds
     Powder A + C     :  10 Flame Rounds
     Powder B + C     :  10 Acid Rounds
     Powder C + C     :  10 Ice Rounds
     Powder C + C + C :  24 Magnum Bullets
          When combined, these gunpowder types and Grenade Rounds form
     the following types of ammunition:
     Grenade Rounds + A         :  6 Flame Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + A + A     : 12 Flame Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + A + A + A : 18 Flame Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + B         :  6 Acid Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + B + B     : 12 Acid Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + B + B + B : 18 Acid Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + C         :  6 Ice Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + C + C     : 12 Ice Rounds
     Grenade Rounds + C + C + C : 18 Ice Rounds
          As you can see, the best thing to do is make Magnum ammo (even
     more in Light, because there will be 48 rounds!!). Powder A is VERY
     easily found, but Powder B is much more scarce. My suggestion is to
     save Powder Bs you find, but Powder As should be no problem to turn
     into HandGun bullets. Only be sure to save 3, so you can make Magnum
     ammo. However, if ammo is short, don't try to save Powders and die:
     make ammo whenever you feel you need it. With some practice,
     however, you will easily be capable of using the correct ammo
     against the correct enemy, so ammo won't be a hassle in RE3.
                              6.3 - Healing Items
          No matter how good a player you are and/or the weapons you are
     using, you will sometimes be hit and need to heal. Even good players
     die, sometimes in places they know very well and being well armed.
          There are two classes of Healing items: Sprays and Herbs.
          *First Aid Spray - usually named only Spray, gives 100% Health.
     Can be used just once and don't have Poison healing capabilities.
     Sprays remain unchanged since RE1, and can be easily found in RE3.
     Use only:
          * when you are in orange Caution/Danger;
          * when you are in yellow Caution and is fighting against
     Nemesis, Digger and Hunters (large groups of enemies too).
          When you reach a certain amount of skill, you will see that
     it's quite easy to beat the game WITHOUT using any Sprays.
          Spray Bag is used the same way as a Spray. The only difference
     is that it can carry up to 3 Sprays at a time, and can be
     "reloaded"! Spray Bags are new in RE series. You start with one in
     Light (both Jill and Carlos), and in Heavy  they are Nemesis Items
     #3 and #6 (read Section 6.6). As you get more experienced with the
     game, you'll notice that Sprays and Spray Bags suck, as they
     decrease your ranking A LOT.
          *Herbs - very versatile small plants, with various and useful
     capabilities. Herbs can be mixed in various ways, to combine their
     action. Red Herbs cannot be used alone.
     Combinations                           Effects
     Blue Herb                            : Heal Poison 
     Green Herb                           :  25% Health
     Green Herb + Green Herb              :  50% Health
     Green Herb + Green Herb + Green Herb : 100% Health
     Green Herb + Red Herb                : 100% Health
     Green Herb + Blue Herb               :  25% Health + Heal Poison
     Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb  :  50% Health + Heal Poison
     Green Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb    : 100% Health + Heal Poison
          In some places, you will find the Blue Bush, that cannot be
     removed. The Blue Bush is like an infinite amount of Blue Herbs. If
     you can find one when you are Poison, use it and save yourself a
     Blue Herb! Also, I've heard from a friend that a Green + Red + Blue
     gives you momentary invincibility. Except by Blue Bushes, all herbs
     can only be used once.
          TIP: to save herbs, use a Green + Green herb if you are in any
     condition better than Danger. Of course, if you are Poisoned, use a
     Blue Herb/Bush before.
                                 6.4 - Supply Items
          These items have semi-random locations, but are not hidden;
     this way they are easy to find.
          *Ink Ribbons - the only way you can save without beating the
     game is by using the Typewriters available in the Save Points. But
     you cannot use them without Ink Ribbons. In RE3, Ink Ribbons are
     very usual and easy to find (unlike RE1...). In Light Mode, you
     have infinite Ink Ribbons in the Chest, and in RE3 they're usually
     found in Save Points, near the Typewriters, in piles of 3. 
          *Ammo - read section 6.1: Weapons & Ammo
          *Powders - read Section 6.2: Powders Usage
          *Healing - read section 6.3: Healing Items
                                  6.5 - Game Items
          They are required to beat the game, and their location is fixed.
          When there is a /, it means that the location depends on the
     choices you make during the game. If an item is in one place, its
     "complement" is in the other. Weapons locations are in Section 6.1.
          *Mixing Tool - read Section 6.2. Jill starts with it.
          *Keys - in RE3, nearly all keys can only be used once, so
     searching for keys should be the most time consuming factor in the
     game... :( Usually, just open a door (while you are with the correct
     key in your Inventory) to unlock it. Discard when useless (you will
     be asked if you want so).
     *Storehouse - Storehouse Office, only opens the Storehouse door
     *S.T.A.R.S. - Raccoon P.D. Evidence Room, only opens the  S.T.A.R.S.
      Office door
     *Re-use - Clock Tower Bedroom/Chapel, opens the Study Room door.
      Combine with Chronos Key to get New Chronos Key
     *Panel - complement of Re-use Key, only activates ladder to get
      in Clock Tower Mechanical Room
     *Chronos - Music Box Puzzle in Clock Tower Mechanical Room. Only to
      to combine with Re-use Key to form New Chronos Key
     *New Chronos - only opens Clock Tower Closet door
     *Park Gate - Raccoon Park Security Center, only opens the Park gate
     *Room 402 - Reference (Data) Room in Hospital, only opens the Room
      402 door (Carlos)
     *Shed - on body on Northeastern Path, Raccoon Park. Only opens the
      Shed door
     *Padlock -  Strategy Room in Shed in Raccoon Park, only unlocks the
      padlocked gate before Disused Plant
     *Control Room - Off-Duty Room of Disused Plant, opens the Control
      Room. Pass it in the printing machine at the Water Testing Room to
      get the Labeled Key
     *Labeled - use only in the gun locker, to get the M66
          * Lighter Fluid - Basement Bottle Storage Room, only to fill
            Lighter (combine them)
          * Lighter - Bar Jack. Although very useful in RE2, it is
            almost useless in RE1 and 3. Use it to light ropes on fire
            (Northern Alley) and light the fireplace (Park Shed). Discard
            when useless
          * Lockpick - S.T.A.R.S. Office. Very important in all RE games.
            But in this game (and in CODE: Veronica) you have to find it.
            It opens some locked doors and desks. Just open the door, and
            if the Lockpick is required, you will use it automatically or
            under request
          * S.T.A.R.S. Card Brad - on Brad after he's killed by the
            Nemesis in P.D. (Check the Card Case). As long as I know,
            only operates the computer in RCPD Main Hall, and input the
            code of locker containing the S.T.A.R.S. Key
          * S.T.A.R.S. Card Jill - RCPD Conference Room. Same as
            S.T.A.R.S. Card Brad.
          * Crowbar - Grill 13 Restaurant. It is in a locker, and you need
            the Lockpick to open it. Only opens entrance to Restaurant
          * Jewels - RCPD Evidence Room (Sapphire) and on Body in Basement
            Grill 13 Restaurant/Raccoon Press Office 3F (Emerald). Used
            to activate the machine to get access to City Hall Grounds
          * Trolley (Cable Car) Items - here you find the Wrench (more
     below). To activate it, you need to place 3 items in the rear panel:
     *Jumper Cables - Parking Garage, on a mini-van
     *Fuse - Room A of El. Substation
     *Machine Oil - this is not an item, but a combination of M. Oil
      Canister (Stagla Gas Station) and M. Oil Additive (Pharmaceutical
      Sales Office Medical Storage Room)
          * Wrench - Cable Car. Used to get the Hose (below) and open the
            door to reach Gas Station Cabinet. Discard after doing both
          * Hose - in alley South of crashed #33 Midtown Bus. Use it in
            the place on fire, near the gate you opened by burning down
            the ropes in the gate. There is a hydrant in the wall, with a
            red light, Use the Hose there to reach Pharmaceutical Company
            Sales Office
          * Six Sided Hex Crank - Shopping Street Storeroom. Use to open
            G. Station Cabinet. It brokens in your hands, then you have
            to use the Wrench to open the door
          * Square Crank - in alley before Pharmaceutical Company Sales
            Office. Use in the panel behind Bar Jack, where you descended
            the stairs and saw Brad escaping, to get some Grenade Rounds
          * Bronze Book - on statue in City Hall Grounds. Take it, place
            in fountain across from Raccon Theater. This is the only way
            to get Bronze Compass
          * Bronze Compass - at fountain across from Raccoon Theater.
            Place it in the same statue where you cot the Book from, to
            get Battery
          * Battery - in base of statue at City Hall Grounds. Place in
            the elevator to reach SubStation.
          * Silver Gear - Clock Tower Mechanical Room. Combine with Gold
            Gear to form Cogwheel
          * Gold Gear - puzzle in Clock Tower Closet. Combine with S.Gear,
            and you have Cogwheel
          * Cogwheel - combination of Silver Gear + Golden Gear. Place it
            in the panel near the Chest in Mechanical room to activate
            the Clock
          * Tape Recorder - Raccoon Hospital Doctor's Office. Activate the
            elevator panel and use the Recorder to activate the elevator
          * Vaccine Base - Hospital Study, Basement Level 3. Use to switch
            on machine puzzle to get Red Vaccine
          * Red Vaccine - Hospital Study, Basement Level 3. Combine with
            Blue Vaccine to form Virus Vaccine
          * Blue Vaccine - safe in Room 402 of Raccoon Hospital. Combine
            with Red Vaccine to form Virus Vaccine.
          * Virus Vaccine - use on Jill to heal Virus
          Jill Again
          * Red Pipe - Raccoon Park Shed. Used to break the wall after
            you burn the wood in the fireplace with the Lighter
          * MO Disc - Disused Plant Control Room. Used to open the door to
            Waste Processing Room
          * Water Sample - Disused Plant Sewage Monitor Room. Use to
            activate Water Analisys puzzle
          * Umbrella Card Key - Disused Plant Waste processing Room,
            after you kill Nemesis. Get from worker. Used to open the
            door to accesss the Control Room Tower, and to activate the
            elevator in Power Supply Room, to have access to the weapons
            room and the locker with the M66
          * Radar - in the Control Room Tower in Disused Plant. Shows the
            current position of the nuke heading to Raccoon City and time
            remaining for the impact
                              6.6 - Nemesis Items
          When you kill Nemesis in Heavy Mode, he gives you an Item. To
     get all them, kill him in the places listed below. He appears more
     times though, but in these occasions he gives you nothing when
     finished/knocked down. Parts A and B of Eagle 6.0 and M37 can only
     (as I know) be obtained this way. Combine them (see 5.4) to have
     these weapons, with maximum ammo. The items you obtain are below.
          Item#1 - Eagle Parts A
          Item#2 - Eagle Parts B
          Item#3 - Spray Bag
          Item#4 - M37 Parts A
          Item#5 - M37 Parts B
          Item#6 - Spray Bag
          Item#7 - AR/Infinite Ammo (depends on the special items that
                   you have bought in the Mercenaries subgame)
          To get all items, you must finish Nemesis whenever you find
     him - but that's not easy without infinite ammo.
          The numbers below are the places where he appears and, if
     defeated, will give you an item. * mark those I find better, but
     sometimes not the fastest. # indicates the best choices when you
     DON'T want to fight him.
     NOTE: Knockdown - he lays down WITHOUT purple blood in the floor
           Finish - he lays down WITH purple blood in the floor
     1a. When you reach the RCPD for the 1st time and choose to stay and
     *   fight (1st choice) (you can just get the Card Case from Brad's
         body and escape)
     1b. When you reach the RCPD for the 1st time and choose escape (2nd
     #   choice), but this way you won't get all items
     2.  When getting out of S.T.A.R.S. Office with the Lockpick and go
         downstairs, he breaks the window (near the Save Point)
     3a. If you go to Restaurant before Press Office 3F and open the
         Basement entrance, and stay and hide (2nd choice), he is
         knocked down
     3b. If you go to Press Office 3F before Restaurant, and stay and
         hide (2nd choice), he is knocked down
     3d. If you go to Press Office 3F before Restaurant, and choose to
         escape (1st choice), and return there before you get the
     *   Emerald, Nemesis will still be there. Finish him and get the
         item (doing so you can get 2 Red Herbs)
     3e. If you go to Restaurant before Press Office 3F, and choose to
         escape (1st choice), and return there before you get the
         Emerald, Nemesis will still be there. Finish him and get the
         item (no good)
     3f. If you don't finish him off in the Restaurant or Press Office
     #   3F, he appears in the road before City Hall (easier to escape)
     4a. If you go to SubStation before you get the M. Oil Additive and
     *   choose to run out the back door (1st choice). Make sure you get
     #   the weapon in the locker 1st. Try to reach the elevator and he
         will try to catch you, then you can smother him. (you have
         more space to fight or escape)
     4b. If you get the M. Oil Additive or start the generator in the
         SubStation, he appears near the Sales Office (in the place
         where you doused the fire with the Hose)
     5.  When you go to the Cable Car with all items required, he appears
         in the bifurcation near the Gas Station
     6a. After you get the Chronos Key, try to return inside the Clock
     *   Tower. Choose to electrocute him (2nd choice), he is knocked
         down. Just remember that he will get up and chase you if you
         don't return and finish him off (you can get more items)
     6b  After you get Chronos Key, try to return inside the Clock Tower.
     #   Choose to shine the light in his eyes. Then, after you play with
         Carlos and give the Virus Vaccine to Jill, he appears in the
         Atrium, jumping down from the 2nd floor in Clock Tower (this way
         you only get 6 items, but won't have to fight/ignore him with
         Carlos. You will also be able to fisnish with the last part of
         the Clock Tower without the need to fight/ignore Nemesis).
     7a. Dance Room: he comes running through the broken window next to
         the Clock Tower Dining Room, if you finished him off in the
         outer balcony and NOT knocked him down with Carlos (before you
         give the Virus Vaccine to Jill).
     7b. Crashing through the Clock Tower Dining Room door, if you
         finished him off in the outer balcony and knocked him down with
         Carlos (before you give the Virus Vaccine to Jill)
                               7 - Enemies Profile
          As I said before, all enemies are weak and easy to kill - even
     more when you compare with RE1! However, they usually come in groups
     with 3 (Hunters and Dogs) or more monsters of the same breed. I will
     give a subjective description of them, so if you have any correction
     or add on, please e-mail me. I will also describe the best ways to
     kill an enemy. All enemies (except by Nemesis Final and Grappler)
     may be found in the Mercenaries subgame. All data here is for Heavy
     Mode. In Light, your life will be easier!! Ah, when I say "weapon",
     forget about C.Knife! ;)
          TIP: if you are not sure that a knocked down enemy is still
     alive, TB and Aim (with Auto Aim on). Your CH will aim to the
     direction of the fallen enemy if it's alive yet. Dead enemies have a
     blood pool under it.
          * Crows - present in all 3 games, they are basically the same
     in all. They always come in large groups (7 or more). Crows are big
     and black birds.
          They are very fast, so when they appear (usually breaking
     glasses), run away and kill them later. They hit your head. Although
     their attack is pretty low damaging, lots of them can cause big
     hurt, so beware. They can fly quite high, so sometimes you will need
     a Head Shot to hit 'em. They can also land and walk, requiring a
     Floor Shot to kill.
          A single shot of any weapon will kill a Crow, but as they come
     in large groups, any weapon without area effect will require several
     shots to kill them all, so you'd better have a fast and/or area gun
     in your hands. ShotGuns are great against Crows, because they can
     kill several, even if they're not tightly grouped. HandGuns will
     also do and still save ammo of other weapons. Gatling is excellent,
     but remember that crows flying very high will not be hit. Also, due
     to the delay of startup, you'd better be far away before firing. AR
     is the best weapon against them, but you really won't need so much.
          * Sliding Worm - a new enemy, much like the Snakes of RE1. They
     come in groups, usually coming more when you kill some. Unlike other
     enemies, they may respawn, that is, if you return to an area where
     you killed all them, they may appear again. Look like snakes, and
     become reddish as they suck your blood.
          They jump and grab you, then suck your blood for a while,
     before returning to the floor. They are fast but can be easily
     avoided. A single shot will kill, and they are really low powered.
     However, as they come in large groups, many of them may grab you at
     the same time, so be careful, specially if you are in orange
     Caution or Danger.
          Most like Crows; area effect weapons (coughShotGunscough) are
     better. However, it's quite easy to avoid 'em, so train to save your
     ammo. You have bigger worries.
          * Baby Spiders - always with us, these annoying enemies come in
     really large groups and sometimes respawn. When you kill Giant
     Spiders, usually some Babies will come out. They look like big bugs.
          Babies jump at you, and are always in large numbers. You can
     smash them by running, or get out the room. If they came from a Giant
     Spider they will disappear. The less powerful and resistant of the
          Kill as Worms.
          * Zombies/Naked Zombies - the trademark of RE series, they are
     back. They are REALLY disfigured people, some are naked.
          The only type of enemy that really improved. They can run now,
     and although even their run is slow, on the stairs they are faster
     than you, so beware. Zombies come usually in groups of 3 or 5, but
     larger groups occur quite often. They can attack you in several
     ways: if you are far away, they can spit acid or jump, grab and bite
     your feet. You will get free from the latter by destroying its head.
     If they come too close, they will grab you, both from your back or
     your front. You must push them away to get free. A push may knock
     down several Zombies, so you can use this at your advantage, against
     large groups. Just be wise and careful. Some Zombies who are laying
     in the ground are not dead (observe the blood pool), and can either
     crawl and grab your feet or get up and attack again, so make it sure
     that the Zombie is really dead. Zombie attacks are pretty weak, and
     several are required to take you out of Fine, but don't
     underestimate them, because they always appear in large groups. Just
     be careful, and you can easily pass through several without any
     damage and without using your weapons. Avoid Floor Shots against
     standing Zombies: you may rip their legs off, and they will crawl
     and chew your feet if you don't kill them. Naked Zombies are the
     very same, but they are completely naked. They are much more
     resistant than normal Zombies... :(
          Any weapon can easily kill a single Zombie. However, get used
     to killing Zombies (specially if there are many) with HandGuns
     (Eagle 6.0 when possible) or ShotGuns (M37 if possible). With
     ShotGuns, train and try to hit 3 or more Zombies with a single Head
     Shot, so you can really save your ammo. Gatling is perfect against
     large groups, as it will hit all Zombies in front of you, mo matter
     if they are standing or on the floor (sometimes even beside you!).
     Just find a safe position to fire. AR works nearly the same way,
     only that you need to make a Floor Shot to hit floored Zombies.
     M629C is possibly the best (and coolest) weapon to kill Zombies
     with, but only if you have lots of ammo and wanna have fun. However,
     if they are Naked Zombies, they can easily survive a near ShotGun
     Shell. :( So, do not use HandGuns nor the AR, or you will have a
     hard time to kill them. Due to the random critical hit, Eagle 6.0 is
     a good choice. ShotGuns should only be used to hit Head Shots, or
     you will spend too much ammo. The M629C/HK are the best options to
     kill them.
          * Zombie Dogs - downpowered from both RE1 and 2, they are well
     known foes of RE players. Disfigured Dobermanns.
          They can jump to attack you. They can run to reach you, but
     they are really SLOW, if compared to RE1 and 2. However, they don't
     come in pairs anymore. They now come in trios, so watch out. If you
     are hit by one, each of the other Dogs will probably bite you before
     you can move, so you will take 3 or 4 bites before you can move.
     Their attack is stronger than Zombie's, so beware.
          Area effect weapons are best. 2 well placed ShotGun shells kill
     all of the trio. The HK kills one in a single shot, sometimes
     blowing its head off. If you only have a HandGun, you should hit a
     shot to knock it. While it's floored, shoot. Most of times, you can
     kill a Dog with a HandGun this way without being hurt. Automatics
     excel here, but you don't need so much firepower. The M629C blows
     off a Dog's head.
          * Giant Spiders - they are basically unchanged from RE2, and
     are always present in RE games. Really oversized yellow spiders.
          They can run and bite you, both from the floor or walls. They
     can also spit. They are easy to avoid, and usually come in trios.
     Usually, they release several Baby Spiders when they die. Spider
     attacks may Poison you, and are capable of changing your Fine into
     yellow Caution in a single hit, so check Status often.
          You'd better not use HandGuns here, or you should have problems
     with Babies. They are much stronger and tougher than Zombies, so
     kill fast if you don't wanna run. ShotGuns are an excellent choice,
     and 1 or 2 good (close) shots may kill. Gatling and AR should also
     prove useful. If you choose the HK, use Flame rounds, as it will
     most probably kill Babies also. A single M629C/HK shot (direct hit)
     may kill a Spider, but a bad shot will just rip some legs off, and
     it will remain alive. :(
          * Hunters Beta/Gamma - they are back from RE1 :(, and were,
     fortunately, tuned down a lot, as they can't kill in a single Head
     Attack anymore. :) As a balance, they now come in trios. Humanoid 
     dark monsters with Katana (Samurai sword) like white claws and teeth
     are Hunter Beta. Hunter Gamma has a frog-like head. Hunter gamma has
     all the dangerous features of normal Hunters, and if they get close
     enough, they can swallow you instantly, which means Game Over!!!
          They are annoying and dangerous enemies. They can jump and hit
     your head, or get down and hit your legs. They are very fast, smart
     monsters that can easily kill you if you don't kill them ASAP, so do
     not underestimate them, or you will die. If you knock one down but
     don't kill it, it will roll sidewards in the ground and quickly get
     up, usually jumping just after recovery. Hard to avoid, specially if
     all 3 are alive and standing. Powerful enough to kill you with a
     single head hit if you are in Caution or to take you out of 100%
     Fine to orange Caution with a single head hit. Moreover, if a Hunter
     Gamma is allowed to get too close, it may swallow you, beware!!
          You'd better use the M629C/HK to kill Hunters. The only
     other weapon I recommend is the AR, because others are too slow
     and/or weak to make the job. A single M629C/HK shot will waste one
     Hunter. Don't try to shhot it while it's on the floor, because they
     get up quickly. If they jump, a Head Shot may do the trick. If they
     are running far away, the M629C will almost surely miss, because
     they are smaller then Zombies, so if they're not up close, use the
     AR/HK instead of the M629C. The HK also hits when they are up close
     and try to jump. If you have Special Shells, the M3S is also good.
          * Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker - new in RE games, but is sort of a
     mix of Licker with Plant (Brain Sucker), both from RE2. Looks like a
     bigger Hunter with 6 legs (Drain Deimos). I am not sure if there are
     big differences between them, it seems that Brain Sucker is able to
     Poison you.
          Wow. This is a versatile monster. Can climb walls, grab, run,
     spit... It's as tough and powerful as a Hunter. 2 is the usual group
     size, but sometimes there are groups of 3. If both are close and one
     grabs you, you are in big danger, so kill them quickly. If it is on
     a wall, it is pretty easy to avoid, but beware, it runs very fast.
     It seems that Brain Suckers (coloured breed) can Poison you.
          Kill it as a Hunter. There are 3 good differences: 1) it can't
     jump (seems that Drain Deimos can); 2) when it runs using 2 legs it
     is taller than a Hunter, allowing a clean hit for the M629C and 3)
     it takes awhile to get up. The M629C/HK kill with a single shot,
     and Automatics are also good here. If they are crowling, point your
     Magnum down to hit'em. Because it takes longer to get up, a well
     used ShotGun will do the trick (specially M3S with Special Shells).
          * Grave Digger - a boss enemy, appears only twice in the game,
     but is pretty annoying both times. 1st time in RE games, this is like
     a really giant earthworm with 4 enormous teeth.
          It disappears in the ground just to re-appear close to you. It
     bites you, and 2 clean hits are enough to turn 100% Fine in Caution.
     Can quickly kill you, because most attacks hit twice. Not so easy to
     avoid, but you can attract it to some place, get out and shoot it.
          In the first appearance, in the Sewers, don't kill it. In the
     Park, however, you must kill it because it is the area boss. Use
     only powerful weapons, to make it fast. The M629C/HK (preferably
     loaded with Acid/Ice ammo) are the best choices. Other weapons don't
     have the single hit power required, as Digger appears and disappears
     the same way: very quickly. With M66, 2 Rockets are enough.
          * Nemesis - THE enemy. New in RE series, looks like a giant
     Zombie wearing a coat and boots, and can say S.T.A.R.S.!
          The most versatile enemy in the game. He can attack you in
     every way possible:
          *Grappler: he can punch you, grab and throw away or grab you
     from the floor and press your neck.
          *Rocketeer: with an RE2 R.Launcher in the shoulder, can hit you
     with a rocket at any distance, or hit you with the weapon itself if
     close enough.
          *Mutated: with several tentacles, can hit you from very far
     away, or grab you by your legs, bump you twice on the floor then
     throw you far away.
          *Final: looks like the last boss of A-history of RE2. Gigantic,
     with several tentacles, he can spit acid very far or hit with his
     tentacles. Can climb high places to avoid M66 shots. Also, he sprays
     acid everywhere from its body, so beware.
          Grappler and Rocketeer may either walk or run. Mutated always
     runs, and final moves slowly. But, being very big, he will quickly
     reach you. When Nemesis runs, it is MUCH faster than you, making it
     hard to avoid him. If you are playing Heavy Mode, any non-boss
     Nemesis will give you something when killed. Except by the Final,
     all them can be knocked down, and this is the right time to escape.
     He is THE most powerful enemy in the game, and can kill you fast.
     Make it pretty sure you are always Fine when you fight him.
          Use only the toughest weapons against him. Head Shots using
     the M629C/HK with the Flame ammo waste him. Normal or Floor Shots
     with the Ice ammo won't give him any chance to react. The
     M.Thrower, combined with M629C or M66 excels against him. The M66
     will knock him down with a single shot, and a 2nd shot will kill
     him. I don't really know how many shots are required to kill the
     Final, so make it sure you wrestle him with the very best stuff
     that you have, as you won't use anything else afterwards...
                                 8 - Acknowledgements
          1  - Capcom Corp (http://capcom.co.jp)
          Capcom is the top softhouse. Street Fighter was the first true
     fighting game, Megaman (Rockman) is one of the top action games
     since its intro for the NES/Famicom and the Resident Evil series is
     by far the very best and well balanced Adventure game ever made. And
     it REALLY rocks!
          2 -  GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
               VGStrategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
               Gamers Domain (http://www.gamersd.com)
               PSX Codez (http://www.psxcodez.com)
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               Survival Horror (http://www.survivalhorror.com)
          For publishing tons of FAQs, including this one. Find here the
     answer for that question you didn't find in any other place, in or
     out the net! My FAQs are only available for FREE, and only in the
     above mentioned sites. If you got'em anyway or anywhere else, e-mail
     me ASAP!
          3  - Local Games Centers
          I don't have money to own a PlayStation, so I couldn't play any
     RE games without 'em! Thanks to Virtual Games (arcades/videogames
     center) and Lucky Video (videos/videogames center). Thanks to lots
     of games centers all around. If possible, the next time you go to
     the games center, don't forget to kick and/or spit at any of Tomb
     Raider series games (if there aren't any of them in the games
     center, it's a good one!). :)
          4  - Anna Paula (@}-`-,---)
          Who? My girlfriend! She gives me all the love support I need. 
          5  - Friends
          Friends are among the best things you may have in life! Thanks
     to all those who helped me when I was a newbie, and those who help
     me today, as an average player. Some names (no order in particular):
     Rafael, Bruno, Junior, Max, Jean and Leandro. I'm building a site
     about firearms and ammo, in Portuguese (our official language,
     rather than Spanish), with my bud Marlon.
          6  - You, the reader
          I hope I could help you! Thanks for your patience and
     confidence to read this FAQ, and thanks for your kind e-mails!
          7  - FAQ Authors
          Those guys that spend hours to put on the net almost all info
     we need! All these listed below also revised mine. Their guides and
     walkthroughs are so complete that discouraged me to write one (if I
     do, that will be a speed guide)! Make it pretty sure you read all of
     them! I doubt that you guys mentioned below will ever need to use
     anything from this crap FAQ, but if you do, you have my permission
     to use it - just give me the righful credit, and no profit, OK?
     NOTE: the game has 1 name in the U.S. and another in Japan. The
     names listed here will be based in the U.S. name (RE).
          SomaAddict & FireFlite  - valentin@nearmiss.com
          "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis FAQ"
          Henry LaPierre - freeza@ix.netcom.comfor
          "Biohazard 3 - Last Escape - A Walkthrough"
          Rann Yong - ranns@email.com
          "RESIDENT EVIL 3 -- NEMESIS FAQ/Walkthrough"
          If you think your name should be listed here, please e-mail me.
          Thanks for reading!
          This doc Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 Renato Oliveira, solely.

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