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    Walkthrough by Qu_Marsh

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    Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 04:26:27 EDT
    by Fritz Fraundorf (erggibbon@aol.com)
    After the introduction, turn to your right and take the path leading
    towards the monastery (brown building).  Look at the sign to your left
    and take the noose.  Step back, turn around, and go back down the path
    to the forest.  Continue straight to Port Foozle.
    Look at the speaker controls and push the green button to set it to
    "That's the Spirit!"  Step back, wait until the speaker is on, then
    zoom in on the freezer and take the can of Mead Light.  Head to the
    docks, look at the crane, and put the six pack ring on it.  Use the
    crane to catch the fish, then take the lantern.
    Go to the pawn shop (directly across from the docks) and use the lantern
    on the door.  Antharia Jack will let you in.  Take a cigar from the
    box, then watch while Jack tries to repair the lantern.  After you're
    kicked out, head all the way down the street to the barrel.  Look
    at the Talk To Me Grand Inquisitors and use the cigar on the one
    out of the box.  Zoom back out and get into the barrel (don't try to
    move or you'll get caught).  Jack will be captured by the Inquisition.
    Go back to Jack's shop, enter, and take the lantern from the
    counter.  Head back into the woods and take the trail leading to the
    well (it's the one you haven't been down).  Use your rope on the well,
    then climb down.  Insert Disc 2.
    When you get to the bottom of the well, Y'Gael will give you your
    spellbook.  Look in the bucket to the right and take the subway token,
    then cast the Rezrov spell on the door to open it.  Head down the
    stairs to the Crossroads.
    The first order of business is to open the glass case to your right
    and take the hammer.  Close it again, then smash the glass with the
    hammer.  Take the sword and map.  Spin around and look for a small
    metal object on the ground.  It's a totem.  Look at it, then take it.
    To the right of the stairs is the umbrella tree, but you won't be able
    to do anything there for a while.  Instead, turn left and walk forward,
    then turn left again and head forward to a door.  Use the sword to cut
    through the bushes and enter the door.
    You're at the Dungeon Master's house (the guy in the lantern).  Open
    up the toolshed and take the Throck scroll and the shovel.  Continue
    down the path to the house.  Harry, the security system, won't let
    you in.  Head right from the house to the teleportation system.  Put
    your map in and teleport back to the Crossroads.  Cross the bridge,
    then turn right and go up the door labeled "In Magic We Trust."  Use
    Rezrov to open it and pass through. 
    Look at the pillar to your left.  Spin the top and middle dials left
    once, and the bottom dial left twice.  Continue to the next pillar.
    Spin the top dial right once and the bottom dial right five times.
    On the final pillar, spin the top dial left three times and the
    middle dial right once.  Go through the window and into G.U.E. Tech.
    You can't do a whole lot here right now, so just turn around and
    go out the door.  You're now on the other side of the gap.  Turn
    around again and go up the steps.  The university isn't here in
    this normal space-time.  Use the shovel on the dirt to your right
    to dig up a Kendall scroll.  Then put the map into the teleportation
    station (to the left) and go back to the Crossroads.
    Cross the bridge to the door of the Great Underground Subway.  Look
    at the slot and put the subway token in.  Head down into the subway
    and look at the board on the wall.  Cast Kendall on it to simplify
    it, then push the button for Hades.  Turn around and step onto the
    subway platform.
    Go down the subway tunnel to your right.  There is a skeleton sitting
    on the bench; look at it.  Read the books, then take the lottery
    ticket in the skeleton's hands.  Open up your inventory (right-click)
    and put the lottery ticket in your Frobozz Magic Viewer.  To solve
    the lottery puzzle, follow these directions:
    ULUULULLDLLDLDDRDDRRURUULU.  You then get a 500 Zorkmid bill.
    Continue down the subway tunnel into Hades and use the teleportation
    station to go back to G.U.E. Tech.  Go down the stairs and click on
    the window (on the pillar) to get into the university proper.  In
    the university, turn left and go up to the vending machines.  Put
    your 500 Zorkmid bill in the change machine (between the first and
    second vending machines).  Take the coins.  Go back out the front
    door and teleport to Hades.
    At Hades, go into the subway tunnel and push the button for Flood
    Control Dam #3.  Get on the subway.  There should be a brief
    cutscene with Antharia Jack, then you arrive at the dam.  Look at
    the machine to your left.  Right-click to get into your inventory
    screen, click on the Zorkmid bag to get a Zorkmid, and put it in
    the machine.  Take the letter opener.
    Zoom in on the vent in the middle of the tunnel and cast Throck
    on the small piece of moss.  Take the Moss of Marellon.  Cross
    the subway tunnel to the dam.  Look at the book to the left
    of the dam, open it, and take the Golgatem scroll.  Then look at
    the dam controls.  You can push the buttons to open and close the
    dam, but there is no way to solve the puzzle noramlly, so you
    have to cheat a little.  Cast Rezrov on the closed gate to open
    it, then push the blue and yellow buttons to blow the dam.
    After the cutscene, punch the Monastery button and take the subway
    (if you want, you can cast Golgatem on the dam to make a bridge
    over the river, but it doesn't seem to have any purpose).  You
    can't do anything here yet, so just pop your map into the
    teleportation station and go to G.U.E. Tech.
    G.U.E. TECH
    Read all the messages on the bulletin board if you want (Mike's
    Pants?), then walk up to the hallway entrance.  The hallway is
    infinite, so don't bother going down it.  Instead, look up at
    the sign over the hall (it's really hard to see).  Cast Igram
    (turn purple things invisible) on the word "Infinite", so the
    sign just reads "Corridor."
    Walk into the "Corridor."  Listen to Belboz's message, then
    continue to the main hall.  Look at lockers to your right,
    and note the position of the locker that turns the cursor
    yellow when you pass over it (it's the second locker in the
    middle row) -- that's Dalboz's locker.  Go down each hall and
    listen to Belboz's messges about the artifacts you need to
    return magic to the Empire.
    Go back to the vending machines at the lobby.  Look at the
    white vending machine.  Get a Zorkmid from your bag (an easy
    way is to just press F9) and put it in the slot.  Open the
    Sandwitch slot (on the right) and take the ice cream bar
    for an Obidil scroll.  The Obidil scroll is soggy, so you
    can't use it just yet.
    Look at the candy vending machine (the one on the right).
    Get a Zorkmid and put it in the slot.  Press 8 for the Zork
    Rocks.  The candy won't come out; the machine is stuck.
    Zoom back out, then zoom in on the hole at the bottom of
    the machine.  Use the PermaSuck vacuum on it.  After you've
    attached the vacuum, look at it and flip the switch.  Open
    up the vacuum and take the Zork Rocks out.
    Save your game, then look at the middle vending machine.
    Put the Zork Rocks in cup space at the bottom (under the
    nozzle).  Get a Zorkmid, put in the slot, and press the
    button for Slam Classic.  The Zork Rocks have been armed!
    Grab the Rocks and run back to the lockers.  Put the
    package in Dalboz's locker, then wait in an adjoining
    corridor for the explosion.  You shouldn't have any
    trouble doing it in time.
    After the Zork Rocks blow, look in Dalboz's locker and
    take the ID card.  Go back to the candy vending machine.
    Put a Zorkmid in and press button 11 (matching the candy
    wrapper at the lockers).  Mir Yannick's locker will open
    (yeah, this is a pretty obscure puzzle).  Go back to the
    lockers and look in Yannick's locker.  Take the Prozork
    pill.  Read the books, then turn around and use Dalboz's
    ID card on the slot in front of the big door.  It opens.
    Pass through into the Spell Lab.
    Zoom in on the bridge guardian (who's been turned
    invisible with the Igram spell).  Use your sword on the ropes of
    the bridge.  The bridge will fall, taking the guardian with it.
    Cast Golgatem on the opposite ledge to make a new bridge (if
    you didn't blow up Flood Control Dam #3, there wouldn't be any
    water here, and you couldn't cast the spell).
    Cross the bridge and look in the crate to your right.  Take a
    blank spell scroll.  Put the blank scroll in the following
    machines: Origination (middle, left side), Modification
    (middle, right side), Replication (front, right side),
    Interpretation (back, left side), and finally
    Transmogrification (front, left side).  Then put the scroll
    on the spell checker at the far end of the hall to get the
    Beburtt spell.  While you're at the spell checker, also put it
    in the Obidil scroll to get it added to your spellbook.
    You're done here, so cross the bridge to the handy teleportation
    station and go to the Crossroads.  Return to the umbrella
    tree (remember it?) -- it's next to the stairs from the well.
    Cast Igram on the umbrella tree to reveal a spell scroll, then
    use Beburtt.  Get the Zimdor scroll.  It's regulated, so you
    can only use it once.  Now walk or teleport to the Dungeon
    Master's Lair.  Be sure to get the Griff totem if you haven't
    Look for the snapdragons on the path to the house.  Zoom in
    on it and give it your Prozork pill to put it sleep.  Use your
    sword on it and get it.  Head around to the side of the house
    (from the front door, turn right and walk forward, then turn
    left a little bit and step forward).  You should be at a
    close-up of a plant. Cast Throck on the plant, then put the
    snapdragon on it.  Whack the plant with your hammer and you'll
    get a piece of a scroll.  Not only is it only half a scroll,
    it's backwards.
    Go up to the front of the house, where old Harry the house
    alarm is.  Once you're as close to the house as you can get,
    look at the ashtray on the left and put your cigar in it to
    put Harry's right arm out of commission.  Look at the birdbath
    to your right and pour the Mead Light in it, then use the Zimdor
    scroll on the Mead Light to triple it.  Harry's other arm will
    take the Mead Light and fall unconscious, allowing you to enter
    the house (and sparing you from his annoying singing!).
    Enter the house.  Listen to all the messages on the phone (right
    in front of you, on the table), then open up the window screen
    above it to see the walking castle.  After Dalboz is done
    talking, open the screen again and use Obidil on the castle.
    Inside the castle, look up at the chandelier and take the
    Narwile scroll.
    Back in the Dalboz's house, look at the plants next to the
    doorway and take the red mug.  Read all the books (there are
    three), then take the hotbugs, Hungus Lard, and Flathedia
    fudge (the fudge is sitting on the tree stump).  Pop back
    outside and look at the beehive.  Put the Hungus Lard in
    to make the bees leave.  Get your lard back, use the sword
    on the beehive, and take the honeycomb.
    Go back in the house and look at the Chia Processor (the
    twisted-looking tree to the left of the door).  Put the
    Hungus Lard, Quelbee honeycomb, Flathedia fudge, Moss of
    Marellon, cocoa mug, and hotbugs in the processor.  You
    will get the Yastard spell.
    Go through the blue door to Dalboz's room.  Look at the
    window and take the other half of the Snavig scroll.
    You still can't put it together, however, because the
    scroll is backwards.  Read Dalboz's diary if you want,
    then step through the mirror in the corner of the room.
    Everything is in reverse here.  Open up your inventory
    and put one half of the Snavig scroll on the Frobozz
    Magic Viewer.  Then pick up the other half of the scroll
    and use it on the one in the viewer to assemble them.
    Return to the normal version of the room (use the mirror
    again) and open up the cabinet next to the bed.  Use
    the Narwile spell to open the time tunnel, then go to
    your inventory screen.  Cast Yastard on the totem of the
    Griff to send it through the time tunnel.  You're at the
    White House.
    There's not a whole lot you can do here as the Griff.
    Turn right and walk forward.  The time tunnel leading
    back is here.  Pick up the Glorf spell scroll on the side
    of the house.  Open the house's mailbox and take the
    letter.  Put in the Frobozz Magic Viewer and use the
    spell scroll on it.  Put the letter back in the mailbox,
    close it, and put the flag up.  Then take the time
    tunnel back to Dalboz's House.
    First, teleport back to the Spell Lab and use the Snavig
    scroll on the spell checker to add it your spellbook.
    Then go to Hades.  Look at the phone on the pedestal
    and pick up the receiver.  You can solve the puzzle on
    your own, or just press 8, 2, 8, 9, 5.  Charon will then
    come to pick you up.  Give him two Zorkmids.
    Once you've crossed the Styx, talk to the Hades Beast,
    who won't let you by.  Look at the mailbox next to the
    gate of Hades and open it.  Take the letter and put it on
    your magic viewer, then use the letter opener on it.  You
    then get the final spell, Glorf.
    Go back to Charon, but don't click on him or you'll ride
    back.  Instead, cast the Snavig spell on him to turn
    yourself into a clone of him.  Go talk to the Hades Beast
    and it (they?) will leave.  Take the Charon punch card
    and the gate will open.  Go through.  Turn left and take
    the Brog totem at your feet.  After the flashback ends,
    use Narwile on the time tunnel to open it.  Go to your
    inventory and cast Yastard on the Griff's totem to send him
    through the time tunnel.
    Fly to the claw-shaped "island" to your left.  Tweak the
    spine on the right to make the dragon's body rise up.
    Fly to there and zoom in on the box (in the middle of the
    debris; it's kind of hard to see).  Take both items, then
    fly to your left and get the air pump.  Fly back to the
    body, and, from there, fly to the dragon's nose (straight
    Spin around and look at the nose.  Put the inflatable
    sailor (blue) in one nostril and the life raft (red) in
    the other.  Use the air pump on both, then zoom out.  The
    dragon will surface.  Fly inside its mouth.
    Walk forward, then look up and take the Coconut of Quendor
    from the dragon's tonsils.  Zoom back around and wait
    around until Sneffle (the guy in the dragon) throws you a
    rope.  Take it, then spin around and take the dragon's
    gold tooth as well.
    Look up at the dragon's nostrils.  Find the life raft (it's
    probably on the right) and put the Coconut of Quendor
    in.  Fly out of the dragon's mouth (you can't leave with
    the Coconut in your inventory), then turn around and
    look at the top of the dragon's head.  Use the rope to tie
    the inflatable sailor and the life raft together.
    Fly back inside and save your game.  Look up at the inflatable
    sailor and use the gold tooth on it.  Immediately look
    back down and fly out the dragon's mouth before it sinks and
    kills you.  Look at the life raft (which has landed in the
    water) and take it.  The walking castle will appear and you
    will automatically go inside.  Put the Coconut of Quendor
    on the red platform, then go back through the time tunnel
    to the present.
    Charon will not let you leave Hades once you've passed
    through the gates, but temp workers can still leave.  So
    cast Snavig on the Hades Beast to turn into it/them, then
    go talk to Charon again to leave.  Wait until you've returned
    to normal, then use your map on the teleportation station and
    go to the Dungeon Master's Lair.  Go to the time tunnel in
    Dalboz's room, and, this time, send the Brog through.
    Back at the White House, turn right and head down the path.
    Talk to the Flickering Torch, then take it.  Go back to the
    House and break in (getting a board in the process).  Head
    down the stairs and take an egg.  Go back up the stairs
    and look at the cooking pot near the door.  Put the egg in
    and light the pot with the torch.  Wait until the egg turns
    a gold color, then take it.
    Descend the stairs again.  If you want, you can eat the pile
    of rocks near the steps, but it doesn't seem important.  Throw
    the egg at the stalactite in the distance (there's a beam of
    light nearby).  Some rocks will fall down, making a pathway.
    Cross them to the puzzle containing the Skull of Yoruk.  You
    can shuffle the chess pieces around all you like, but it won't
    do any good.  Just smash up the puzzle with the board and take
    the Skull.  The walking castle will show up again.  Put the
    Skull on the platform to the left and take the time tunnel
    Go to the Crossroads and take the dragon stairs back up to
    the well.  Look up.  DON'T climb up the rope, but instead cast
    Glorf on it.  You'll get the rope.  You can now finally
    access the Monastery.  Teleport there and go to your inventory.
    Combine the sword and the rope, then use it on the grate above
    you.  Climb up the rope.
    First, save your game in case you mess up.  Look at the panel close
    to you and set the Totemizer machine to "To Hall of Inquistion." 
    Now look at the three dials on the middle of the machine (further
    down the room).  Turn the dial on the right.  The yellow light
    should go off.  Go the control panel on the far end of the room
    and flip the switch.  After a lengthy (but cool) trip through
    the Totemizer, you will hopefully end up on the other side of the
    The doors next to you lead back to the Totemizer machine, should
    you wish to leave the Monastery for some reason.  Look in the
    bin near you and take the totem of Lucy Flathead.  After the
    flashback, cross the room and go out the doors.  You're now on
    the other side of the fence you saw in Port Foozle at the start
    of the game.  Push the red button to your left, then take the
    MIDDLE Omega Hammer.
    Go back inside and look at the "Closing the Time Tunnels" exhibit.
    Move the lever on the right to the bottom (two clicks), then push
    the red button.  The robot's hammer will break.  Replace it with
    the Omega Hammer and press the red button again.  The boards will
    break.  Cast Narwile on the time tunnel, then use Yastard to send
    Lucy through the time tunnel.
    Turn around and enter the pub (Antharia Jack's store in the present).
    Walk up to the bar, then turn around and look at the table.  Get
    the four cards.  Go over to the dartboard on the side of the room
    and use the 4-card on it to get an extra hole.  Go back to the
    table and put in the equation 5 / 1 - 3 = 2.  You will then be
    taken to the back room to play Strip Grue, Fire, Water against
    Antharia Jack.  Just keep playing until you win the Cube of
    Foundation (I don't think you can lose, but you might want to save
    your game first anyway).  The walking castle shows up again.  Store
    the Cube of Foundation in the last slot and return to the present
    -- where you are captured by the Inquistion.
    Take the Totemization notice to your left, then look at the grate
    to your right.  Click on it until Jack gives you a scroll.  Use
    the letter opener on the two screws in the corner of the grate to
    open it.  Take the Lexdom scroll (create lock and key) and use it
    on the door.  Look down and slide the Totemization notice under
    the door.  Look back up and use the letter opener on the lock to
    knock the key on it.  Slide the notice back into the cell and
    take the key.  Use the key on the lock.  Leave the cell, save your
    game, and head to the machine to your left.  Use the buttons to
    input 31AB on the dials, then push the big button to free Antharia
    Jack.  Jack will give you your stuff back, then the walking castle
    will come and you will be taken to Port Foozle.
    Pop inside the castle and take the three artifacts, then head for
    the radio tower.  Stop at the guard's tent and zoom in.  Go to
    your inventory and use the Booznik scroll on your spellbook to
    reverse all your spells, then cast your new Vorzer (Rezrov
    reversed) spell on the tent to close it.  If you want, stick
    around in front of the tent for a while for a little easter egg...
    Save your game (in case you click in the wrong place), then walk
    towards the tower.  Use Margi (turn invisible things purple) on
    the upper-right of the tower.  Don't click if the cursor is the
    movement arrow or you'll die.  Back up, look at the end of
    the cord, and pull the plug.  Use your sword on the fence to
    cut through.
    At the radio tower, look at the plate underneath the tower.  Open
    it up, put the Skull of Yoruk inside, and close it again.  Start
    climbing until you pause at a hole.  Zoom in on the hole and put
    the Cube of Foundation inside, then start climbing again until
    you reach the top.  Look at the scales and put the Coconut of
    Quendor in.  When you get Dalboz's lantern as a cursor, put it
    on the other side of the scales.  Try to cast Maxov -- Yannik is
    talking too loud.  Look up and use the sword on the wires.  When
    you get control again, cast Maxov.  You win!

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