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"After one decade its still fun!"

This game is excellent for those of you who get bored easily. I play from time to time and to save this game is worth it.

Score 8 Alright the graphics are pretty good for a game thats tem years old. he graphics on this game can be compared with the DS Lite, its clear, clean, and almost perfect. The game has great robots and awesome looking commanders. I would have liked it if the nuclear blast made by a commander would be a little clearer, and a bit longer. Also their are some options in this game that let you adjust the brightness of the game (a must in my opinion). The game has many lands in which your hordes of Peewees or Slashers can fighting in. Their are many water maps, where ships can be used to transport your army across clear blue seas. Or would you prefer your air force bombing your enemy bases? I also like playing Skirmish mode where I can have a few allies on my side, it fews just like a Mult.Player game! I like it when I construct around one hundred Peewees and Flashes and send them into enemy lines, its like fireworks!

Score 6 Sure the Graphics are great but I think the sound should have been a little better. The music gets a little annoying afer a few hours of playing, and you get annoyed by the fighting sounds happening when your Guardians defend your base after hours and hours of continuous offensive attacks made by the enemy. The sound sets the game off a little bit but it still makes the game a little nicer to play. Also you can add in your own custom sound track, which would make the game sound a lot nicer.

Game play
Score 9 The game play is amazing you choose which side you want to be on, the Core or the Arm, the Core look like they are a few hundred years behind on the technology and they rely on energy consuming lasers, but they are fun to play with. The Arm is a little more advance and uses a little less energy, the are a little weaker to, since most of the Arm forces have less armor, but they are a little faster. Starters should use Arm forces to get use to the game. Their are 25 official game levels you can play in. 25 for each side, which means if you like switching once in a while you can play 50 levels. Their are maps in which you can find loads of metal for your machines to run on, and some maps where the metal is scarce. It depends on the wind speed if you want to use solar power or wind powered power stations. The game provides with other forms of energy like Nuclear powered stations. You have to use Metal and Energy to build, repair, and capture robots and other buildings. The game can be set to settings, Easy, medium, and hard, or very hard. In which case you can be outnumbered in no time by surrounding forces. Their are also patches or mods that can make game play a lot more fun when you've done everything. When I am bored I like to create teams of robots. Around a few Peewees and one roach, the Peewees would breach a base and the roach would explode next to a Nuclear Power plant, if the blast was strong enough to destroy the Plant, it would have destroyed everything close to it.

Score 7 The game is Ten years old, and most of the sites dedicated for Mult.Player have closed down. But if you've done everything and are really bored you may want to download a program on the Internet that lets you play with a few people (around 3-11 people on some sites) it really fun to beat really good players, examine their plays, or get owned by a number of people. Mult.Player opened a new field of testing, and playing to people who may want to have some more fun.

Overall Score?
8 This game is old but has is still great for wasting time, or having fun. Like when the power goes out at your house, you can play this on your laptop or when your Internet is down and your other Mult.Player games are down with it. You can play this to pass time. Or if your bored and want to experience a game thats worth 1000 comment you can have some fun and test and few mods, or create some maps of your own, or even play the bad guy and bomb your allies base! The Graphics were beyond this games time, and are still pretty good today, and the sound is not so bad you can add your own custom track and play that music if you wanted. The game play is great and will make you play for hours without no end.The possibilities are endless. Rent the game see if you like it and buy it and I know your if like games were you build your own army and conquer your opponents you'll like this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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