"3 and its still THE best"

Ok this is probably one of my very favorite games EVER.
This came out back in 1997 October, I got it that December and I still haven't stopped playing its THAT good. I cant express the love I feel for this game and I cant possibly remember how many hours I've logged into this, and when I got the Battle Tactics and Core Contingency expansion packs I just about died. Battle Tactics adds 50 missions and 4 maps, while Core Contingency is like a mini-sequel. Core Contingency adds 24 awesome missions and 50 units. I don't download unlicensed stuff because it generally can mess the game up. Go to www.cavedog.com and you can setup an account. Then download boneyards and go nuts in their online play. Part 2 will hopefully come out when someone buys the company and then I'll be able to start it all over again. Here is my opinion of the different aspects of the game.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are so cool from the 3d terrain to the explosions,watch a commander blow and you'll know what I mean, plus with the line of sight terrain actually effects where you can fire and move.

Story 10/10
The story if so awesome and epic and the Core Contingency adds to that. I wont say anything but the endings are worth the effort to win. The ending for the Core on Core Contingency is my favorite. And the story is all encompassing around a galaxy for the right to control your own body.

Sound 10/10
Jeez, just click on a unit and it'll hum, fire a laser and it sounds cool, missile ditto, explosions are great. And the soundtrack, first you can pop either CD in a cd player and you have 10 tracks, and i mean these are cool orchestrated tracks that make the game seem even more epic.

Re playability 10/10
I still like playing the single player missions. The last Core mission or last Arm mission in CC(Core Contingency) are both incredibly difficult. With multi player and downloadable units it gets better. And you can experiment with over 200 units if you acquire Battle Tactics and CC. I still play all the time.

Rent or Buy? BUY
My god definitely buy. For $20.00 you can get the commanders pack which includes Battle Tactics,Core Contingency,Original Game, and Strategy guide. So much joy for only 20 bucks!

So go get it, and Ill keep my fingers crossed that they get around to releasing Total Annihilation 2!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/00, Updated 11/21/00

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